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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 29, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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abuse cases reporting. this is critically important for our kids. that has to be the focus. >> bill: the best to you and everybody in tennessee. thank you for coming on and telling your story. here is neil. >> neil: we are following a lot of developments. right now, the president of the united states where crowds are going to hear from trump about the economy and our energy independence. something that he said would be in jeopardy if joe biden becomes president. when he toured that a facility in odessa, we will carry it live for you. welcome everybody, i am neil cavuto, and this is "your world." a lot of shouting going on with some of the richest people on the planet. more of that in a second. the president who now is saying it is not for me.
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hey could all go away. david right now in midland, texas, with more of what the president plans to say. >> good afternoon. president trump on his way. he is going to be here to give a speech after he gives out to her. it feels like a campaign rally. president trump will take the stage in about 20 minutes. at the permian basin is suffering tremendously. many people out of work. normally moving at a fast clip are sitting still and collecting dust. earlier this morning i had a chance to take a tour with a local ceo of one of the oil rigs that has been sitting there for several months. oil prices for a very brief period traded in the negative. a very scary for many people appear to the president will count his plan to ease regulation on oil apartments. the ceo is based in tulsa. he has 41 rigs across texas and
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oklahoma. he said he's laid out more than 300 people in a matter of a couple of weeks. >> i've been in the industry for 47 years now. i had my own company for 40 years. this is my seventh cycle downturn that i've seen. this is probably the worst one i've seen so far. >> a fund-raiser where he just left about a 30 minute drive, democrats say that presidents fund-raiser may be in play. this november as our purple state. they are confident texas is going to stay ruby red. someone who will not be here, congressman louie gohmert. he was supposed to be on air force one. if you are near the president are expected to fly on air force one, you get a test, no exception. he tested positive this morning. he has rarely seen with a mask around capitol hill. he was walking the halls yesterday before and after a hearing with the attorney general bill barr.
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a spokeswoman for the attorney general told me yesterday or today that the attorney general will actually be tested as a precaution. he told local news station in texas, he's going to quarantine for ten days. he believes that a mask as a personal freedom decision. we have some video of the motorcade. it dozens and dozens of cars lined up along the local highway here. it takes about ten or 15 minutes from downtown midland to get down here. cell phone service is spotty. he takes the stage in about 25 minutes after he takes a tour of that energy oil rig appeared at the main thing today is easing restrictions on permits and deregulation making oil and gas permits a lot easier. that is welcome news for many people in the crowd here today, neil. >> neil: good luck putting up with the heat. there's not much that parties can agree on when it comes to stimulus and all that.
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here is where they were united. democrats and republicans going after for the richest guys on the planet. today, we had the ceos of amazon all getting a grilling by republicans and democrats alike. you don't often see that. both parties have problems with all of these guys. it was reflected front and center in some fiery testimony. gillian turner following all of it. >> according to sources here on capitol hill, this epic monster hearing was about two years in the making. and it kicked off to a fiery start. he went straight to the heart of the issue. the conservatives have been wanting to grill these big tech ceos for a long time. take a listen. >> we all think that free market is great. we think competition is great. what is not great is censoring people. censoring conservatives and trying to impact elections. if it doesn't end, there has to
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be consequences. there has to be consequences. >> all four of the ceos have faced criticisms for being biased against conservatives. mark zuckerberg, apple's tim cook and amazon's jeff bezos. mark zuckerberg pushed back hard on that accusation. take a listen. >> our goal is to offer a platform for all ideas. we have distinguished ourselves as one of the companies that defends free expression the mo most. we do not want to become the arbiters of truth. i think that would be a bad position for us to be in and not what we should be doing. >> in a really fiery exchange just a few moments ago, he pushed really hard against the ceo of google. he put them on the firing line. is google going to help joe biden in the 2020 election?
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he hemmed and hawed and try to not answer the question for a moment. eventually he did say you have my commitment. we will not try and help joe biden win the 2020 election. it was a great moment. >> neil: and a lot of fiery moments of that. thank you very, very much. just to put it in perspective before we get to our next story, if you take the combined net worth of jeff bozos for the facebook ceo mark zuckerberg, a couple billion h for tim cook. you are talking almost $300 billion. it is the gdp of a lot of countries all being inquired on the hill today. all the stocks are racing. i wonder if the market is thinking all of this is kabuki theater and nothing is going to come about. we just don't know, the dow advanced. technology had a big lot to do with that.
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in the meantime, the area of agreement stops when it comes to going after tech titans between the parties. because when it comes to more stimulus being designed by the party, they are miles apart or should i say trillions of dollars apart. even within each party, there are differences. but more so among republicans. chad following that drama. >> good afternoon. they are at a standoff right now. the good news is that that they are talking. the secretary of the treasury and the white house chief of staff mark meadows. they are in with house speaker nancy pelosi right now. but this is something that mark meadows said just a few minutes ago going into the meeting. "they are more entrenched and they were just a week ago. i'm not optimistic that we will reach any kind of a comprehensive deal. now, there's a lot of dissension. there's a lot of dissonance on the republican side of the aisle. listen to republican
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senator john kennedy of louisiana. >> i didn't know it was in the bill. i told you that myself. i'm embarrassed about it. this is supposed to be a coronavirus bill. >> chuck schumer is underscoring the g.o.p. division. >> they can't even get their act together to produce a halfway legitimate legislative proposal. we all witnessed 1.5 weeks of infighting on the republican side of the country careened toward several cliffs created by republican delay. >> senate republicans balk at the plan put forth by mitch mcconnell. that is the dissonance. lindsey graham, the republican senator from south carolina says that he's going to try to write his own bill with democrats and republicans. listen. >> we are not going to get every democrat to vote for the senate. a lot of republicans won't vote for it.
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i think close to half of the conference will find a reason not to vote for any more packages. we are at war. speak out this bill is going to need democratic votes to pass. there's a reason why they are spending so much time with the speaker of the house. they have to have those democratic votes despite what he said a few minutes ago. if they are going to pass a bill, it's probably going to be a unique combination of democrats and republicans coming together. there is a little bit of chatter here about trying to do a bridge bill, an interim bill because of these on employment benefits which expire at the end of the week. that is something that marco rubio has advocated that meadows said that it doesn't seem like the democrats are there and would be willing to do that. back to you. >> neil: all right, thank you, my friend, very, very much. we are getting word right now that vice president pence is saying that the president will be making his rnc speech in charlotte, north carolina, after
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all. do you know the republicans have bifurcated their planned convention with a big part of it supposedly going to jacksonville florida. the president next those plans with the rise in cases they are. john roberts reporting right now and again. this is coming from the vice president that the president will make the rnc speech in charlotte, north carolina, after all. we will keep track of that. keeping track of these fast-moving developments on stimulus measure, first with the republican senator of ohio coming up. senator, very good to see you first off. i know that i'm hitting you you with this, senator. the president will make his speech in charlotte after all. what do you think of this? >> i think it is great. i saw yesterday in the press conference, he hinted at it. i think that conventions are important. it is good that he's going to
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charlotte. i don't think there'll be a lot of people there. from what i understand, it is more of a made-for-tv moment. good for fox news. >> let me ask you about the stimulus measure. the president might touch on it. they will be speaking soon. he's not a fan of what republicans are kicking around regarding stimulus. and i'm wondering what has got his goat. you know what the issue is for him? how much of a problem that could be for republicans? >> i think he's supportive. i got out of a meeting with secretary mnuchin and chief of staff mark meadows. he's coming up with a compromise between republicans and democrats. we have to have a compromise because it takes safety votes in the senate. the houses controlled by the democrats. this is got to be a matter of as we did last time, finding common ground. i think the proposal that mitch mcconnell put out
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yesterday is a good start. it addresses a lot of issues that democrats and republicans alike think are important. $2400 for a couple. this is the stimulus checks that have gone out once before. that is very popular among democrats. it also has a lot of hope for the schools. it is comparable to what the democrats put in their proposal. the proposal itself is more than three times as big. on the school funny part, republicans are right up there. there's a lot in there to like. there's also provisions in there to make sure that we don't go off the cliff in terms of the $600 unemployment insurance. there is an extra $600 put in by the federal government on top of the state benefit. most people believe that is creating a disincentive to work because you are paying roughly 68% of the people more on unemployment insurance than they can make it their work. i think there's also a sense that there needs to be something that continues but at a lesser level. that is what the republican
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proposal has. it is 70% of your wagers would be covered which is better than what the states generally have. most states, and it's around 50%. at some less >> neil: one of the issues that you would be waiting around for that to be resolved. this could put people in limbo. is it your sense that the $600 weekly benefit scheduled to stop at the end of this week will indeed stop? from there on, it might be $200. i know mitt romney has talked about taking it down by $200 every 30 days until this is all resolved. where are you on this? >> i think there needs to be a lessening of the 600. it is not good for anybody. it is not good for the workers who are not reconnecting with their businesses because in some cases, lower income folks, the bottom 20% can make twice as much on unemployment insurance as they can going back to work. i hear a lot from small businesses and from nonprofits.
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yesterday, i heard from someone who helps the development. they can get their workers back. i think we need to lower it to a number that gives people help during this tough time because unemployment is still relatively high. some businesses have not reopened because of covid-19. we need to provide to help. i do think that money is being spent. that's not bad for the economy. it can't be so much that it creates that disincentive. we talk about my idea of saying if it's going to be at that level, then let's be sure to have a return to work bonus so that an individual can take some of that federal benefit with them back to work for a period of time. we think that would help to also deal with this issue of not creating an incentive to get people back to work. >> neil: all right, senator, we will watch it closely as the drama unfolds. the state of ohio. bob casey of pennsylvania joins us right now. senator, very good to have you.
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how important do you think this unemployment benefit issue is going to be? are you in the camp with democrats of get the $600 weekly checks coming right through the end of the year? >> yes. i think the house made the right determination on that. i know there has been a narrative. that somehow there is a disincentive here. a respected think tank studied this and found no evidence. i have in my hand here, washington senator for equitable growth says lack of opportunities to work is not a disincentive to work. it is not keeping unemployment levels high. the main problem we got here, is we've got the worst public health crisis in a hundred years and the worst economy in about 75 years. i live in a state in the great recession even the bad recession of the early '80s.
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unemployment even at 11%. we have been at 13% two months in a row. unemployment is still a huge problem. there are lots of ways to continue to jump-start the economy. wiping out these unemployment benefits is not the way to do that. when you remove two-thirds of it, you are harming a lot of people who have had a real tough time in this downturn. >> neil: senator, the president is in texas. he will be speaking there very soon. he's talking about energy independence. he said this in the past as well that if joe biden gets elected, you can kiss all of that goodbye as well as the markets, the economy, and all of that. when you hear that, what you think of that? >> [laughs] when the president says that i have lots of doubts. that's an understatement for a moment. the argument that he has been making against joe biden on
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energy is full of holes. everyone knows that joe biden has an epa administrator who's going to be enforcing the environmental laws. but he is also going to be investing in the energy strategies, clean energy strategies that will not only create a lot of jobs and move our energy portfolio forward, but will also at the same time be consistent with the challenges we faced on keeping the environment clean and making sure we are dealing with climate change. which we can't continue to ignore. i think the president has been searching for an argument against joe biden and having real trouble. >> neil: real quickly, you've heard about the dustup over the way senator biden sneaks out republican of his man cave, takes a speech, takes questions and disappears again. he says that might be playing it safe. it will guarantee that he loses.
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what do you take and make of that strategy? >> i think you know the state of pennsylvania pretty well. you know that a region that i live in, northeastern pennsylvania. people are not buying that. these are parts of the state the northeast on the southwest where the president did extraordinarily well even among democrats last time. it's not working this time. because people know joe biden, his character, his decency. they are hearing more and more as the weeks go by now. even his fourth week about an economic plan. people are hearing that. they are watching his speeches when he talks about the economy with great detail. and then taking questions. i don't think it is really working. i realize the president keeps going back to it. i think what people are looking for in the middle of this pandemic are a lot of people are dying and have been sick. 151,000 people are dead.
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40% of them in nursing homes, which we should address in this next bill. they want a leader who is going to give them a game plan for how to deal with the virus and how to create and retain jobs. joe biden is doing that. he put out ideas of how to deal with this pandemic in january. if the president listen to his outline of strategy then, we would be in better shape. that is what people are looking for. >> neil: okay. i thought you were going to give us a fox news alert and go to the president. that is not what i heard. always good having you. continued good health. at the beautiful state of pennsylvania. they are all beautiful. pennsylvania is such a great state. we have a lot more coming up for you. you have the corner of wall and broad. i told you about the stimulus fighting back and forth. in the president plans to talk about the wind that thought is back right now and the economy's
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back. the energy independence we have. can energy independence go a little too far? can prices drag so low that it boomerangs on us? maybe the president touches on that in the lone star state after this.l- ve a serious chronic medical condition. at aetna, we're always here to help you focus on your health. because it's always time for care.
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>> neil: we will be hearing from the president of the united states very shortly. at this the 16th visited to the lone star state amid some polls that show things could be very competitive they are. too early to say for sure. i read state that turns purple. it is anyone's guess. excellent reporter, writer, commentator. you know, i watch and follow all of these. it is a much more competitive rates than it should be in texas. texas has demographically changed as well. and i'm wondering if it will be as tough a fight for republicans as some of these indicators right now. it is essentially a draw. >> the numbers certainly suggest that texas is becoming a purple state. i remember sitting down several months ago. he told me at the time that texas was fast becoming a purple state if it wasn't one already.
1:25 pm
this is a legitimate concern for republicans. it is why you see president trump continuing to visit the state. at this point, texas does have the ability to change the electoral map completely. >> neil: what happened? it would seem to me that when, you know, governors there were trying to attract companies to move particularly from high tax states like california, that they got what they wished. companies did relocate. with them, they relocated a very diverse worker base that is joy in the lower taxes and everything else. but it is also a wider, more democratic field of workers, right? >> and not just companies. you have had many different families from the west coast basically transplant to texas to flee high taxes and the ridiculous price of homes et cetera.
1:26 pm
i remember living in los angeles for a semi. the lady said that she was planning to move to texas, because she could no longer afford her mortgage in california. there is a very real concern among west coast people that they can't afford to live there anymore. if they moving to texas and turning the state blue. >> neil: be careful what you wish for. let me get a better sense of what could be in states like this. they had the unexpected spike in cases in the hurricane to deal with. but a lot of them are getting angry, impatient. suits back and forth again. the governor whether he opened things too soon and shut them down too fast and bars and when they ended karaoke at 9:00 p.m., that was the deciding moment. what happened? >> the governor is really doing what he really needs to be doing. which is reintroducing certain regulations to help curve the spread of the coronavirus.
1:27 pm
that criticism has been very unfair up to this point. because when he reopened as early as he did, there was nothing in the numbers to suggest that he shouldn't have done that. and now, we're seeing this "second wave" and that is reintroducing itself. we are going back into a semi shut down state which is what he did in the first place. i don't see anything wrong with that. he's doing what he should have been doing. and that is that. >> neil: you know the president is going to keep talking energy in texas. he seemed flabbergasted a couple of weeks ago when he was hearing about these polls. they seemed to be fake. it would be just very unusual for a state that has benefited from his policies to make this energy independent and fracking for him to be in the tight race that he's in. he's not buying that. is the energy issue a dominant one? or is it still the coronavirus
1:28 pm
and how he seems to be handling it? >> certainly in states such as texas and pennsylvania where you have a really large industry president. i really do think that the trump administrations work rolling back regulations is a very compelling issue. these are blue-collar workers who depend on these energy related jobs. the more that trump can do to tell them that he is on their side and working to rollback these regulations that often crippled the energy industry is a winning factor. >> neil: all right, very good catching up with you. thank you very, very much. it looks like the president is ready to take the podium they are. and this is an opportunity for him to do a little bit of crowing about the economic comeback and the comeback that we've seen since the slow reopening of the country bumps and all that have got a lot more people returning to work. about 8 million plus the president will be noting over
1:29 pm
the last couple of months. the president of the united states. [cheers and applause] >> president trump: thank you. wealthier four months ago. he will be up there soon. come on, sit down, please. and i really am thrilled to be here in texas with the extraordinary men and women of eco-energy. [cheers and applause] >> president trump: the hardworking citizens of the united states of america. now, the number one energy superpower anywhere in the world. congratulations. [applause] >> president trump: we are here today to celebrate the incredible achievement. we are also here to send a clear
1:30 pm
message to the zealots, the radicals, and extremists trying to shut down your industry. producers. that won't happen to this nation again. [cheers and applause] a long time to be indic ended. we will never let anyone put american energy out of business. which is what they would like to do. [applause] we will never again be reliance on hostile foreign suppliers. we will defend your jobs. we will defend the lone star state. i love this state. and we will defend americans newfound energy independence. before going any further, i want to provide you with a brief update on our battle against the china virus. our hearts are with the people of texas.
1:31 pm
we love our people. we love our country. state-wide of them mother% of patients testing positive has stabilized. and the number of new cases has begun to substantially decline. but texans must remain vigilant to protect our seniors. my administration has deployed personal protective equipment and rapid point-of-care testing systems to every medicare and medicaid certified nursing home in your state. no matter where you go, they have it. hospitals are receiving 500 cases of antiviral treatment, rimmed is a beer. it has been very, very successful. enough to treat 3,200 patients. under my administration's operation warp speed, we are developing vaccines in record time. earlier this week, a promising vaccine entered the final stage of clinical trials long ahead of
1:32 pm
schedule before following very quickly behind. we have some of the greatest companies and labs in the world doing this. this is the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed. [applause] together, we will end the plague from china. we will defeat the virus. i want to thank everyone at double eagle energy for hosting us today including cofounders. two great young smart people. cody campbell and john sellars. thank you, cody. thank you, john. good job. thanks also to secretary david bernhardt. david, thank you. energy secretary in texas. he really kept him very busy. where is dan? you have been kept very busy, very busy.
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a great senator, and a great friend of mine, senator ted cruz. dad, thank you. he's out there fighting for you. i want to tell you. thank you, ted. representatives -- these are friends of mine. they are warriors. jodey arrington and mike conaway. thank you, fellows. thank you. thank you. great job. a very, very special man in a very special talent in governor greg abbott. thank you, thank you greg. great job you are doing. and he's working hard. and you are doing a fantastic job. our people are working together. you're getting everything you need. good. thank you for doing such a good job. thank you also dan patrick, your lieutenant governor. no better team in the country. thank you. midland county judge terry johnson.
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thank you, terry. thank you. your former governor, a great man, a friend of mine, secretary of energy, rick perry. nobody did a better job than my rick. thank you, rick. and we have so many other distinguished guests and local leaders. and we just want to thank you all for being here. thank you all very much. a great honor. thank you very much for being here. under the last administration, america's energy industry was under relentless and unceasing attack. you know that. but the day i took the oath of office, we ended the war on american energy. and we stopped the far left assault on american energy workers. now, the assault, you have seen what is going on. if you come again. i have a very strong feeling you're not going to have to worry about it. if you do, you are in big, big trouble. i withdrew from the one-sided energy destroying paris climate
1:35 pm
accord. it was a disaster. because there is billions of dollars. it would've made us a noncompetitive nation. we canceled the obama administration's job crushing clean power plan. you know all about that. [applause] i approved the keystone xl and the dakota access pipelines immediately upon assuming office. we opened up alaska to energy exploration. and that moratorium and reopen the public lands and offshore areas to oil and gas exploration. that is where david has done such a great job. thanks, david. we unlocked the full energy potential of texas and new mexico. and new mexico, we are proud that we have been here. we are proud to help. you have been fantastic. a lot of jobs. since my election, oil and gas
1:36 pm
production has more than doubled. [cheers and applause] under the trump administration, the united states has increased oil production by 3.1 million barrels per day. that is some number. there's never been anything like that never appeared for the first time in nearly 70 years, we have become a net energy exporter. [cheers and applause] the united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas on the face of the earth. to ensure we maintain this dominant position long into the future, we will never lose this position. my administration is announcing today that export authorizations for american liquefied natural gas can now be extended through the year, 2050.
1:37 pm
[cheers and applause] mr. governor, as that long enough? okay, 2050. that seems like a long time. [laughs] he said let's make it longer. at the same time, we are strongly protecting our environment. air pollution is down significantly since i took office. other countries are polluting the world's air and oceans, we will never cease to be a leader in protecting our natural environments. that is what has happened. people don't know that about us. we love our environment. under my administration, the united states will continue to have among the cleanest air and cleanest water anywhere on earth. and that is what we have. thanks to our pro-american energy policies, we are also taking jobs in factories away from countries with poor environmental standards such as china, and bringing jobs back to america where they belong. [applause]
1:38 pm
before the invisible enemy struck our shores, we created 800,000 new energy jobs. one-third of them in texas. that was just the new jobs. add onto that millions of other jobs. after that china virus structure, we implemented historic economic relief. when oil crashed, i got saudi arabia, russia, and others to cut nearly 10 million barrels a day and got opec and mexico to agree to the deal. and hence, we are okay now. we are back. we are back. and i will tell you, and i can tell you that i spoke with dan, and greg. i spoke with senator ted cruz. i spoke with a lot of people. and we were very close to losing a very powerful great industry. and we did a job. we did a great job altogether working together.
1:39 pm
a job like i think nobody could have done. and now, we are back. we are going to keep expanding. you will see. and it's happening. but we really did. we did a great job. i want to thank frankly saudi arabia, russia, i want to thank mexico, and i want to thank opec plus. that's opec plus a lot of other countries. but they all came together, and they did a job for the industry. we appreciate every body's health. this action stabilized world oil prices that had been in a free fall, and saved millions of energy jobs. frankly, it saved her industry. four months ago, people were very concerned about that industry. and now, it's just going to be a question of how fast will you put people on through the paycheck protection program? we provided over $1 billion in emergency aid to keep texas energy workers on the payroll. we kept them all on the payroll.
1:40 pm
we opened up 30 million barrels of space and strategic petroleum reserve, allowing american companies to store surplus oil to be sold at a later time. and we filled up our 75 million barrels in the strategic reserve. and danny, you have done a fantastic job on that. thank you very much. [applause] i only wish she bought it when the oil was selling for a $0. they paid you $37 in addition. you get a barrel plus $37. i said why didn't you make that deal? they would've loved that. but you did well. thank you very much. today, i'm taking another bold action to support energy jobs in texas. in a few moments, i will sign four critical apartments granting approval to vital pipeline and railway infrastructure on our nation's border. that is a big deal. this will include two permits
1:41 pm
allowing the export of texas crude to mexico. a giant victory for the workers of this state that you have been after for many years, right? you have been after that one for many years. i said what do i know about it? if you want to do it, it is okay with me. and we are doing it. so that has been a long time in the making. we are joined today by some of the incredible patriots of the texas oil and gas industry who are benefiting from america's energy boom. josh was born and raised right here. where is josh? thank you, josh. after spending a few years away at school, josh came back home to west texas. josh's dad worked on the oil rigs. josh worked on the oil rigs. and he hopes his three children will work one day doing the same kind of incredible work and looking for the wonderful opportunities in american energy. it josh, thank you very much.
1:42 pm
congratulate your family. you are going to have a great future. thank you, i appreciate it. [applause] ryan welch spent five years in the army supporting our victory in the gulf war. then -- hello, brian. thank you, brian. then he became an energy worker. did you make them right move, brian? you better believe it. with over 25 years of experience, brian is a senior pumper with double eagle energy. or do they treat you well? they better. i will come back and see those guys. just like thousands of other veterans who work in this industry, brian has made america safer with his service, and now, he's helping keep us secure by maintaining american energy independence, which we have. thank you very much, brian. good job. to brian and every veteran who works in the american energy
1:43 pm
sector, we salute your noble service, and we thank you very much. we thank you very much, everybody. thank you. while my administration is fighting for workers like you, the radical left -- have you ever heard of the radical left, brian? you don't want to hear about them. if you don't want to know about them. as fighting to abolish american energy, destroy the oil and gas industries and wipe out your jobs. washington democrats have embraced representative alexandria conseil court is $300 billion green new deal disaster. i've added the fourth word. it is a disaster, which would ban oil and gas leasing on all federal lands. by the way, there would be no fracking. let me ask you, mr. governor. how do you think that works in texas? no fracking, no drilling, no oil. is that okay? i don't think biden will do too well in texas. he's already written it off.
1:44 pm
no fracking. that's part of its platform. if these far left politicians ever get into power, they will demolish not only your industry, but the entire u.s. economy. their stated agenda includes rejoining the paris climate accord, spending billions and billions of dollars in order to make us noncompetitive. and seeking an even higher level of restrictions men dating net zero carbon emissions which frankly is impossible. for all new homes, offices, and buildings by 2030. if you ever did it, it would cost so much that your home would be valueless. this would cause the cost of construction to skyrocket and effectively end the use of natural gas and homes. because it would be an impossible situation. they are asking for things just so you understand that are impossible. i don't know. i haven't checked recently.
1:45 pm
what have they done with cows? remember, there were going to be no more cows and cattle. i think they might have left that one off the manifesto. it will be back. their platform calls for mandating zero carbon emissions from power plants by 2035. in other words, no drilling, no fracking, no coal, no shale, no gas, no oil. otherwise, they would be very good for the industry, i think. you've got to be careful, you know. people don't take it seriously. if they got in, you will have no more energy coming out of the great state of texas, out of new mexico, out of anywhere. oklahoma, north dakota. name them. pennsylvania. pennsylvania does a lot. people don't realize that. a lot. it would throw pennsylvania, ohio, so many other places. you don't realize how big it is. they want to have no fracking, no nothing. the policies required to implement this extreme agenda
1:46 pm
that would mean the death of american prosperity and the end of the american middle class. it would mean i think even worse than that. it would destroy our country. i used to say we would become another venezuela. the same ideology. you would become another venezuela. venezuela used to be one of the richest in the world per capita. and one of the richest in the world among the largest oil reserves. now, they don't have water. they don't have medicine. they don't have food. they've got a lot of oil, but is it doesn't seem to matter. they don't have anything. that can happen to us. all you have to do is look at portland. look at the agitators. look at the anarchists in portland. and our people have done a great job in protecting our courthouse. i told my people, a little while ago. if they don't solve that problem locally very soon, we are going to send in the national guard and get us solved very quickly
1:47 pm
just like we did in minneapolis and just like we will do in another place. [applause] they want to solve their problem. they have a very short time to do it. if they will either solve their problem or we send in the national guard. the u.s. energy industry would grind to a halt. every single energy producing state would be plunged into a depression. 2 million jobs would vanish overnight in just the state of texas alone. and i think the numbers probably, greg, a lot higher than 2 million. millions more would disappear in new mexico and ohio, and colorado, and pennsylvania. by opposing these punishing restrictions and beyond restrictions, the washington radical left crazy democrats would also send countless american jobs, ficus trees, industries to china and to other foreign polluting states. they want us to take care of our air.
1:48 pm
china doesn't take care of its air. in all fairness, and you doesn't take care of its air. russia doesn't take care of its air, but we do. not on my watch, it's not going to happen. i can tell you that. because as long as i am president, we will always put america first. it is very simple. very simple. for years and years, we put other countries first. we now put america first. as we have seen in cities and towns across our nation, it is not just texas oil that the radical democrats want to destroy. they want to destroy our country. these people are sick. they are sick. and you better get used to hearing it, because they have some real problems. they don't love our country. in any way, shape, or form, they don't love our country. there is no respect for the american way of life. if there is no way of life ever in history that has been like
1:49 pm
the great american way of life. there is no respect, but there is by you. 95% of our people. our people love our country. and our people love our anthem. and they love our flag. remember that. [applause] the radical left wants to tear down everything in its way. and in its place, they want power for themselves. they want power. hard to believe, power. if they want to uproot and demolish every american value. they want to wipe away every trace of religion from national life. they want to indoctrinate our children, defined our police, abolish the suburbs, incite riots, and leave every city at the mercy of the radical left. that is not going to happen. that is not going to happen. by the way, i just ended the rule on suburbs. you know the suburbs, people
1:50 pm
fight all of their lives to get into the suburbs and have a beautiful home. there will be no more low-income housing forced into the suburbs. i abandoned and took away and just rescinded the rule. it has been going on for years. i have seen for years. it has been for suburbia. we rescinded the rule three days ago. enjoy your life, ladies and gentlemen. enjoy your life. [applause] the proud people of texas will never bow, neil, or surrender to the left wing mob. you will always stand tall and strong for america. everyone here today carries the legacy of some of the toughest, fiercest, and most determine people ever to walk the face of the earth. your ancestors, you know that. you know that. generations of texas oil workers before you gave every last bit
1:51 pm
of sweat, heart, and great that they had to build up this country. they left our country. they loved our country so much they couldn't breathe. they are proud and devotion raise up america's cities, power our factories, propel our industries, sustain our families, supply our military. and america rise into the strongest, wealthiest, and greatest nation in the world has ever known. we are now at the strongest point militarily we have ever been. where is ted? he was a big leader in this. stand up, ted. ted cruz, john. [applause] and our son attend our house approved $2.5 trillion to rebuild entirely the united states military. it is now at a point that it is the strongest it has ever been.
1:52 pm
a lot of the equipment is still coming in. brand-new planes and missiles and everything you can think of. i want to thank you, ted. you are one of the real leaders. and john, too. you are well represented. we have the greatest equipment on earth. we have equipment that i can't even tell you about. you don't want to know about it, frankly. and hopefully, we never have to use it. now, it is your turn to help lead our nation to even greater heights. today, we give thanks for each and every one of you. and we are telling the washington politicians trying to abolish american energy, don't mess with texas. [cheers and applause] and i just want to finish by saying i've had a great relationship with your leaders, with their politicians, with all of the people in texas. we've had great success.
1:53 pm
we had a great victory. not only did we win, we won quickly and easily. we are leading what we had even four years ago. i will never let you down. i will never let texas down. your governor and you lieutenant governor and your senators, they know that very well. thank you very much. great job. god bless you and the great state of texas. god bless you. god bless you. [cheers and applause] so on behalf of every american energy worker, i will now sign these very important permits that your governor and your senators have been after me for a long time to sign. and they have been after a lot of other presidents to sign them, but they were never able to get it done. but we got it done. and we got it done for a great state, texas. thank you very much, everybody.
1:54 pm
>> neil: all right, listening as the president of the united states is in texas talking about energy there an approval for pipelines and infrastructure along the southern border which had been stymied in the past on her past administrations. this is something that the president is saying is near and dear to his heart. he wanted to remind texas in his 16th appearance that the president of the united states is looking out for them and saying that all of this goes if joe biden comes in because he's not a fan of fossil fuel and traditional energy. the president says that kind of stuff, you can kind of kiss goodbye. he said much the same about the market round that we had. of course, the comeback and 8 million jobs since, america has slowly reopened. some spikes in cases. muchnor abbott they are with of this -- we might be over the worst of it.
1:55 pm
that is what they hope in the long star state. you know, tom, when i see these polls that show in spite of all of that and the energy, you know, full-court press that would benefit texas. he's in the fight of his life. how serious is that fight? a lot of people look at it and say that it would be very, very tough for joe biden to pull it off or would it? >> well, the poll certainly suggests that texas is competitive and more competitive than the trump folks want. we are in the thick of the coronavirus crisis that is on the minds of all folks. he's not getting great marks on that. there's really no campaign that's going on. trump folks say when they have an opportunity to defy joe biden, they do very, very well. eventually, there will be more engagement in the campaign. there are still a lot more registered republicans in texas than democrats.
1:56 pm
and even when you have the phenomenon who turned out a ton of democrats a couple of years ago, ted cruz won that race. i think the republicans feel pretty good about texas. if he loses texas, he's going to lose big. he will lose a lot of other states. not so much texas, but more in the upper midwest. this is where the race is going to be won or lost. >> neil: if you have to take a lot of your resources and put them into a state in the past would pick up. is that the case? does it hurt republicans even if they can maintain it that it will be a fight? >> sure, absolutely. the map certainly has been expanded. he's fighting in texas. he's got to fight a little bit in georgia. he's fighting in places like florida. he's fighting in ohio and iowa. these are states he won. ohio an example or iowa, he won
1:57 pm
pretty handily. they are a lot closer. yes, they are going to be playing defense and more states than they did before. and that is going to create challenges for his campaign for sure. >> neil: all right, tom, thank you very, very much. surely, you might have been hearing a lot of this. it is a familiar theme the president comes back to. texas, this is the energy sort of comeback that i orchestrated. it all goes if that other guy gets in. look at the markets. that other guy comes in, the comeback to the economy that started before the virus that is now resuming with the reopening in the 8 million new jobs to the economy since this low clumsy reopening. why do you make of that and the theme that he will keep pounding? this all goes if i go. >> i think it was an effective, very effective speech from an economic standpoint.
1:58 pm
of course, he can always quibble like he did in texas. why does he need to be there if there's not competitive? i think donald trump really does have a shot if he can pound the economic message that he pounded today in texas home and pennsylvania and other states where there is fracking. he can narrow the gap. the reason why is because joe biden's campaign has embraced plenty of left-wing solutions to economic issues. it is not just the riots in the streets that the democratic mayors are almost embracing and pacifying. it is really pathetic. it is this economic agenda. >> neil: real quickly, charlie. what is this notion that the stimulus bill is looking like a tough or hauled in the president or republicans thought? they are down a price tag which is huge. i'm just wondering, where is this going?
1:59 pm
>> they may just pass one aspect of it. that is the unemployment insurance extension. nancy pelosi holds a lot of cards. why does she want to give mitch mcconnell anything including liability for businesses that want to open? she knows that she hasn't -- if they don't extend unemployment insurance and benefits, the public really wants that. it's why the whole fight they had over the payroll tax materialized. he knew it read it first. if there was no way that that was going to get through nancy pelosi. she is putting up a fight on a lot of different issues. i think they are just gonna do the unemployment stuff and call it a day. >> neil: you could be right. i appreciate it. that unemployment stuff is referring to is what to do about the $600 per week unemployment in a fit that ends at the end of this week. various talks that they are going to keep it going. it might be $200 in the
2:00 pm
beginning. mitt romney has come up with a plan. how about we cut it by $200 to make it $400 and revisit every 30 days? republicans don't want to give up that fight, because they realize it could boomerang on them. >> hello, everyone, i'm jesse watters along with juan williams, dana perino and katie pavlich. this is "the five." president trump wrapping up his speech in the all-important state of texas. trump talking about energy independence and going after joe biden for embracing far left policies, take a look. >> president trump: i don't think biden will do too well in texas. he's already written it off, he's got no fracking. if these far left politicians ever get into power they will de


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