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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  July 31, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> melissa: thank you to everyone on our couch today, and everybody at home on their couch watching us. we appreciate it. have a great weekend. now, he was julie banderas in today for harris faulkner. ♪ >> we are awaiting remarks and president trump as he meets with leaders of the white house, the president unleashing on protesters and democratic leaders in portland, oregon. this is "outnumbered overtime." good afternoon to you. i'm julie banderas and for harris faulkner today. president trump's meeting coming just one day after he threatened to send the national guard to portland if local officials there don't and violent protests at the federal courthouse. the president also hitting joe biden, accusing him of cowering to the radical left and wanting to cut police funding. chief white house correspondent john roberts joins us now. john, first of all, we
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understand that the president will be meeting with the leadership of the national association, so we want to get that first, of police organizations. he spoke just moments ago. do we have that yet? >> i don't believe we have it yet. they are just keeping it up. the event was almost an hour long, so they are queuing it up right now to the question and answer, which i believe will be short. but the president was in with a number of members of the national association of police organization leadership, including from the florida police benevolent association. he was on "fox & friends" this morning talking about the reason why those police organizations are endorsing president trump this year. in 2008 and 2012 those organizations endorsed president obama and joe biden. so, that's a big blow to president -- to vice president biden, in his reelection. we are told we are just 60 seconds away now from it. here point, that you said coming into this, the president saying joe biden wants to defend police. in his interview with
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chris wallace a couple weeks ago, the president was fact-checked on that. joe biden has never really come out to say that he wants to defund the police. he was asking a question and answer session whether some of that money might be diverted somewhere else, and he said yes, but he has never come right out and said he wants to defund the police. we are also likely to hear from the president again as he is about to depart the white house. headed for florida. he may stop and talk to reporters on the way out. julie? >> julie: all right, john roberts, thank you so much. again, the president meeting with the national association of police organizations leadership. we will listen to that as they have no endorsed him last month after backing joe biden for vp 2018 and 2012. let's listen to the president. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> president trump: i think the democrats don't care about the people of our country. i really don't. i tell my people, the democrats do not care about the people of our country. they don't want to do what we should be doing for the people
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of our country, whether it's unemployment or anything else. all they care about is the election. and they're going to lose the election. you see what's going on with the polls right now. i guess we just got one over 50%. rasmussen came out. you see what's going on. the people get it. the democrats are playing for november 3rd, and we are playing for the good of the people. it is a disgrace that they are not negotiating, but they are only looking to play a political game. i happen to think it's about political game. i think it hurts them. >> reporter: [inaudible] are you willing to spell out exactly what you want right now? >> president trump: i'll tell you what i want. i want our people to be able to live, and live well, because it wasn't their fault that china brought in this pandemic, that china brought in this plague. it's china's fault. you want to know the truth? china should be paying for it. maybe they will. you will watch. what else? >> reporter: mr. president, we
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heard yesterday your frustrations about how counting ballots -- why are you sending more energy against the resources and the funding that they want to be able to secure this election for all americans? >> president trump: peter, you know nothing about my energy. you know nothing about what i'm doing. listen, you know nothing about what i do. nbc, i just told you about the false report nbc put out the other night about the mayor of portland, and this is the kind of stuff you get. you will see what happens. it's common sense. everyone knows mail-in ballots are a disaster. you just have to take a look at the last recent -- take a look at new york city, they are still counting your ballots. do you know that? they had a race, a small race by comparison. by comparison, tiny. it is so messed up, they have no idea. there are ballots missing. thousands and thousands of ballots are missing. they think they're going to send hundreds of millions of ballots
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all over the united states, and it's going to come out? you won't know the election results for weeks, months, maybe years after. maybe you'll never know the election result. that's what i'm concerned with. it'll be fixed, it will be rigged. people ought to get smart. i just hope our republican voters, the people that are for you, are going to do what they have to do. absentee ballots are great, because absentee ballots, you have to go through a process to get them, and it's actually a great thing. absentee ballots. i'm going to be voting absentee. an absentee ballot is one thing. a universal mail-in ballot is a disaster. these governors are going to send out millions of ballots, they don't even know where they're sending them. i already have friends who have got ballots for their son who died seven years ago, you don't even want to talk about it. but the media knows this. actually, "the washington post" wrote a great article, of all groups. a week ago, "the washington post" wrote a great article that this is a disaster. this is going to be the greatest election disaster in history.
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by the way, you guys like to talk about russia and china and other places, they'll be able to forge ballots. they will forge them, do whatever they have to do. people should go and they should vote, or do an absentee ballot. say it? >> reporter: the military predominantly votes by mail absentee. >> president trump: you didn't understand me. i said absentee ballots are actually very good thing. absentee ballots are secure and they are very good. but universal mail-in ballots are a disaster you're going to see an election -- and we are going to do very well in the election -- nobody wants that date more than me. i think we should move it up. move it up. but you're not prepared for what they are doing, and they are using covid. you know, they are using the china virus. china must be very happy about it, because they hit us with a virus and how they screw up and election like you will never see. you watch what happens. i don't think you'll ever give me any statements. "i guess trump was right."
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for the people know i'm right. watch what happens. new york city has a little election, we just talked -- they're never going to have the results of that election. never. never the correct result. they will probably not something at some point, but when did that take place? five, six weeks ago? absentee ballots, great. going to the polls, great. if you do universal mail-ins with millions and millions of ballots, you are never going to know what the real result of an election is. it's going to be a very, very sad day for our country. go ahead. >> reporter: why not commit resources -- >> president trump: we are putting in all the resources you can. as a couple of the radical left people said, you know, to actually agree with me, they said no matter what you do we are not prepared for this. they're not prepared for an onslaught of millions of ballots pouring in. they are not prepared. they are not prepared.
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you watch. they're not going to announce anything on november 3rd. they're not going to announce it on the fourth or the fifth or the sixth. it'll go on forever. people should go -- you know, they voted during world war i, they voted during world war ii. they went to the polls, they voted. they went to their booth and they voted proudly. but now with covid they don't want to vote. this will be catastrophic for our nation. you'll see it. i'm always right about things like this. i guess i must be, or i wouldn't be sitting here. yes, jennifer, go ahead. do you want something? please come in the back. >> reporter: [inaudible] >> president trump: i want to write and focus on this election. i don't have the same at about that. i'll have a statement about that soon. i heard they did the delay in hong kong and we will have a statement about that. okay, thank you very much, everybody. thank you very much.
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>> julie: and there we have it, there is the president. basically he was making comments from this police event after the national association of police organization endorsed him last month. much of the conversation obviously lead toward the voting and what he called would be a disaster, universal mail-in votes, those ballots, he believed could potentially be the worst election problem in history. he talked about absentee ballots being a great thing, and also people heading to the polls. we got chief white house correspondent john roberts live again with us. john, he is very, very adamant that absentee ballots are the way to go, but that the universal mail-ins could potentially be a disaster. maybe we could outline for our viewers the difference. there is a very big difference between these two methods of voting. >> there is, but the way it's being applied is actually very similar except in a couple of cases.
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what has happened is, because of coronavirus disease, governors of a number of states have pushed to expand mail-in absentee voting to come in many cases, have what is called "no excuse absentee voting." usually you have to say you're going to be out of town or out of the country, or whatever is the president, as the president says he always has to vote by absentee ballot because he's here in washington, d.c. they are expanding the idea of absentee ballot so people can request an absentee ballot and it'll be sent to them, but they don't have to have a particular excuse. in some states, like california, they are looking at the voter rolls and just automatically mailing out ballots to everybody who is on the voter roll. that's where the president says you get into problems, because there are a lot of people who might be on those voter rolls are no longer live in the state, who might be deceased, but ballots are still going out to them, as well. he says that is where the potential for fraud and voting irregularities really pops up here. what the president is pointing
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to, as well, his problems with the mail system, because of coronavirus disease. the male is slower than it has been. he points to new york's congressional district, the 12th congressional district, which is carolyn maloney's district. they had a primary election back on june 23rd. we are nowhere close to knowing who won that, and they are saying now that as many as 20% of the ballots in that primary may be thrown out. and in the brooklyn part of that district, as many as 28% of those ballots may be thrown out. the president is pointing to new york's 12th congressional district and saying it's a microcosm for what could happen across the country. the other thing the president was talking about, as well, were negotiations for a phase four coronavirus relief bill. at the daily briefing this morning, the chief of staff mark meadows came out to talk about where they were with the negotiations. he spent a long time with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer yesterday. he'll also be speaking with him tomorrow. he says the white house put four offers on the table, all rejected.
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one of the offers they put on the table was for martha mcsally's proposal of a 1-week extension in the $600 enhanced on appointment insurance, which they say nancy nancy pelosi and chuck schumer rejected. we will see where it goes over the weekend. >> julie: john roberts, live at the white house. thank you, john. a more peaceful night in portland last night as oregon state police took over for federal agents guarding the federal courthouse that has been a flash point for violent demonstrations. william la jeunesse is live in portland with more on what's going on there now. hi, william. >> julie, what we don't know is if last night was the exception or the rule. basically, portland, are they moving on? or are the criminal types going to be emerge this weekend when it's easier to conceal their behavior from police? basically, over the last -- this is the brought
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longest running protestafter th. they also hijacked that original message against racism and police violence prayed last night, entirely different. police themselves, black men and women stepped into challenge the rioters, speakers urged peace, and the majority went home on their own by midnight. >> i'm out here to protect people's civil liberties, to support the black lives matter movement, and lgbtq, every movement that needs to be out here, that needs to be protect protected. >> the cleanup of the adjacent park also helped. police there confiscated a number of weapons, a sledgehammer, chains, walkie-talkies, a metal bat. police have also stepped up patrols, and the protesters stayed off the fence last night also. there was no tear gas or pepper spray. the secretary dhs chad wolf and
10:14 am
its local for doing the right thing. >> after over 60 days, they have decided to step up and do their job. unfortunately, within the 60 days, we have over 240 dhs law enforcement officers injured because of the criminal and violent activity every night. >> as to the timeline, windows this fence come down, when will the federal agents actually leave? officials say that will be dependent on the conditions overall, when they are convinced this is a new portland. back to you, julie. >> julie: william la jeunesse, thank you very much. former president obama stepping up his criticism of president trump as he returns to the national spotlight. what that could mean for democrats in 2020. plus, president trump facing pushback from all sides after suggesting the election should be delayed over concerns about mail-in voting. trump campaign spokesman hogan gidley weighs in next. ♪ three thousand dollars.
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>> this white house is focused on making sure that our election is not riddled with voting fraud, and that the timetable is not hung up. >> julie: white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany today after president trump appeared to walk back his comments on delaying the election. but he did say that he doesn't want to wait months for the results, and warning mail-in voting would lead to big problems, as senate majority leader mitch mcconnell dismissed the president's suggestion. watch. >> never in the history of the country, through wars, depressions, and the civil war, have we ever not had a federally scheduled election on time. we will find a way to do that
10:20 am
again this november 3rd. >> julie: let's bring in hogan gidley, national press secretary for the trump campaign. thank you for coming on. what do you make, first of all, of the bipartisan pushback when it came to the president's very forcefully coming out yet again earlier today talking about how universal mail-in pluralists could be a disaster? >> universal mail-in's are a disaster. the president has been very clear about that. the data shows that it is rife with all types of ways to cheat. it has a potential for fraud that i think would shock any american, and you see this time and time again, report after report. in new jersey, recently 20 of the dash 20%, rather, the mail-in ballots were thrown away, thrown out, because they couldn't be counted. here in california, for example, 100,000 votes still not counted over in that part of the country. there was even one story where someone's cat received a ballot to vote. i understand a lot of viewers
10:21 am
may like the cat enough and want them to vote, but this cat has another problem. it was also dead for ten years. it is pretty clear the government as a systemic problem issuing votes across the country because the american people deserve each individual vote to count on its own. you can't have fraud, you can't have cheating, and the president has been very clear about that. we want this election to be free, fair, and we believe that that is free and fair, he will win this election easily. >> julie: was the president serious when he said he wanted to possibly delay the election? >> he wasn't talking about saving the election in totality. he is pointing out of the democrats themselves were the ones who often accuse us of so many things on the right, doing the things they themselves are actually engaged in. that's not forget the democrats who say the president was engaged with russia to try and undermine the election. it was actually the democrats who used foreign assets and a
10:22 am
fake phony steele dossier. here, for example, ten states already filed federal lawsuits to push back the time you can receive a ballot. they are trying to extend the deadline for people to vote, and they are accusing the right of trying to change the timeline for an election. it's just absolutely ridiculous. >> julie: let's switch gears for a second. we've learned the trump campaign is pulling some ads in key battleground states as they fine-tune their strategy. a leading ad firm basically tracking and tweeting this. "with no tv scheduled books today, the president's offer for the time being." joe biden's running ads in six big battleground states this week, including florida and pennsylvania. is this about the president's sinking poll numbers, or are we just re-strategize and? >> this is just one of those inside the beltway stories that only political pundits and the
10:23 am
mainstream media actually care about, when it only signifies how ridiculous they could be in this town. joe biden pulled 75% of his ads for facebook, 42% from google. here at our campaign, we are running on issues that matter to the american people. what we have seen here, we just want to retool, take a look, and refocus on some things here. we want to tell the story to the american people. don't worry, we'll be back explaining how terrible joe biden has been to the country for the last 50 years, with failure after failure, hurting the american worker and making it america's streets less safe. >> julie: hogan gidley, great to see you. thank you very much. lawmakers question america's top health officials on how coronavirus will affect the school year. now just weeks away. >> do you think that schools should safely reopen this fall
10:24 am
with in-person learning? >> yes, i think it's important to realize that it's in the public health's best interest of k-12 students to get bac back to face-to-face learning. ♪ ♪ ♪ we see you. doing your part by looking out...for all of us. and though you may have lost sight of your own well-being, aetna never did. by setting up virtual monitoring for chronic patients, 24-hour telemedicine visits, and mental health resources for everyone.
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>> we cannot test our way out of this or any of a pandemic. testing does not replace personal responsibility. it does not substitute for avoiding crowded indoor spaces or washing hands wearing a mask. a negative test does not mean that you won't be positive tomorrow. a negative test is not substitute for avoiding crowds or wearing masks or protecting the vulnerable with your actio actions. >> julie: for secretary admiral they are testifying during a house hearing on the coronavirus. he appeared alongside dr. anthony fauci and cdc director robert redfield. this, as the u.s. nears 4.5 million confirmed cases,
10:29 am
that the death tolls are passing 150,000. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel live on capitol hill. hi, mike. >> fireworks in a wooden ohio republican congressman jim jordan went after dr. anthony fauci about whether recent political protests are dangerous in this cove in 19 era. >> i'm not going to opine on limiting anything. i'm just going to tell you -- >> you opine on a lot of things, dr. fauci. this is something that directly impact the spread of the virus, and enactin i'm asking her posin the protest. >> i'm telling you what is the danger. you can make your own conclusion about that. >> this hearing comes as there is heated debate in this country about reopening schools and businesses. the subcommittee has been hearing from some of the top public health experts. they warned it's unclear how long the pandemic will last, and covid-19 activity will likely continue for some time.
10:30 am
dr. fauci expressed cautious optimism that, by late fall, early winter, they will be a vaccine that is safe and effective. >> americans will be able to get it. i don't think everybody will get it immediately in the beginning. it'll probably be phased in, and that's why we have the committees to do the prioritization of who should get it first. >> maryland congressman jamie raskin went after a drug therapy president trump is supported. >> is covid-19 a question mark >> no. >> should people take a hydroxy clerk and as a cure for covid-19 >> the overwhelming cumulative evidence of properly conducted randomized controlled trials indicate no therapeutic efficacy for hydroxychloroquine. >> he said the surges due to state's inadequate shutdowns, that some did it well and others
10:31 am
did not. julie? >> julie: mike emanuel, thank you very much. we are tracking hurricane isaias as it slowly moves toward the u.s. east coast. the category 1 storm already bringing major flooding and wind damage to parts of the caribbean and it could script the florida coast this weekend. keeping an eye on it for you. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is now live with the latest. hi, rick. >> say it with me, isaias. >> julie: isaias. okay, i got it. >> isaias. >> julie: that would be really appreciated. [laughs] >> that's exec and how it is spelled. isaias. names get contributed to by all the different countries, and the basin that storms impacted, this is one of spanish origin. isaias is the name. it centered in the southern promise, to the west of turks and caicos and cuba. the upper level winds are pretty
10:32 am
disruptive and that's why we don't predict real significant strength from the storm as we move over in time. in fact, it was a category 1 storm with 80-mile-an-hour winds. those are down to 75 miles an hour. these are our hurricane models, all of them in really good agreement from this general direction. you'll notice almost the entire way it is really close to the u.s. coastline, that's why everyone from florida through georgia, south carolina, north carolina needs to be watching this really carefully. that said, the worst side of the storm is off toward the east, generally. i think we will be talking about the better side of the storm, at least across places like florida. the worst side after the right of that storm, so we are probably going to be watching tropical storm fay wars winds across the coast of florida, stay out of the ocean if you can. we will most actually see some rain, as well. then he moved forward in, you probably get the closest impact across parts of north carolina
10:33 am
where we might see direct landfall. that puts us toward tuesday morning, if we see that maybe monday night into tuesday morning. maybe some impact across parts of new york and in toward new england, as well, by the time we get toward wednesday. we will have the storm around for a while. that said, it is moving pretty quickly, so it will be a storm we talking about for we can have half, two weeks. not that kind of a storm. in the short term, the eric and going right through the bahamas, and we had hurricane dorian last year that really destroyed so much of the northern bahamas. unfortunately they've got a storm right there, as well. across the coastline, we will continue to watch it. in florida all the way through the carolinas, pay attention. stu and we definitely will. isaias. i see "isaiah," but i will go with isaias. [laughs] thank you, rick reichmuth. >> you bet. >> julie: it looked more like a campaign rally for joe biden, former president obama going after his successor in ways he
10:34 am
hasn't before. at, of all places, the funeral of the late john lewis. did he cross a line, like his critics say? ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> there are those in power who are doing their darndest to discourage people from voting, by closing polling locations and targeting minorities and students with restrictive i.d. laws, and attacking our voting rights with surgical precision, even undermining the postal service in the run-up to an election. >> julie: barack obama laying into president trump at the funeral of congressman john lewis and what was perhaps his most explicit political speech since leaving office. the former president hitting his successor on everything from that his handling of the black lives matter protests to his
10:39 am
criticism of male and voting. it was a dramatic return to the political fray, if you will come before a former president who has made a conscious effort to avoid becoming a foil for president trump. but some conservatives slamming obama for using a funeral to mount a divisive political speech. watch. >> step aside, al sharpton. you've got a competitor and barack obama, using a house of worship, using a funeral to raise a democratic campaign speech. >> julie: with me now is fox's politics editor chris stirewalt. thank you for coming on. as always, great to see you. >> happy friday. >> julie: was congress in luis' funeral the appropriate time and place for former president obama to lay into president trump? what did you make of obama's remarks? >> well, i mean, i know john lewis would have loved it. he would have thought that was awesome, because that was the
10:40 am
cause of his life. so i think criticisms from republicans on this one fall a little flat, because obviously it's not disrespectful to lewis if lewis would have loved it. i guarantee you, lewis would have loved it. whether or not that is an issue, or these are issues that obama can take beyond that space, i don't know. doubtful. certainly within that space he had the audience -- he had the right message for the right audience at the right time, i'm sure. >> julie: yeah. as you know, former president obama didn't exactly rush to endorse joe biden right out the gate when biden was up against olives that come with a huge field of other democratic presidential contenders. it leads me to wonder, first of all, about obama's true support of biden behind the scenes. could they be risks with obama getting more involved in the 2020 race? >> well, you have to remember, the reason obama didn't more forcefully support biden from the beginning was, number one, it would have been inappropriate
10:41 am
to do so. george w. bush as a former president didn't get involved on the republican -- it just is not done. it would be inappropriate. number two, it might not have helped biden. if it would have looked like obama was trying to ram through his former vice president as a democratic nominee, it would've caused a backlash on the far left. i think what obama did with tactical and not a reflection of a lack of his affection for joe biden. that having been said, obama right now is one of the most popular national figures, everest dominic most recent poll had a mid 60s for favorable ratings, since his inauguration. americans like barack obama. they might not like him so much, though, if the barack obama we saw an showing pulpit thumping at the lewis funeral were to go beyond that space.
10:42 am
remember, we like former politicians when the accent is on the former. when they get in the space and they are seen as mixing it up politically, they lose that sort of goodwill thing. obama has to step back and he has to have her out there as a well-liked noncontroversial figure, or substantially, if you want to do the most to get his former in the white house. >> julie: if you put the two together, you can see the vice president and the president but you don't necessarily see it. you know what i'm saying. you will be reminded he's the vice president because obama is the master at giving speeches. i want to move on to joe biden. he held virtual fund-raiser with rumored vp candidate congresswoman karen bass last night. this is as speculation is growing over who he will choose as his running mate. what will be here? he said he will pick a vp the first week of august.
10:43 am
that may not necessarily happen. it would take a little longer. how important is it to get that vp name out there? how important is the spec? >> what's important right now, it is to gain attention and raise money. biden is getting the stuff he wants out of that. he is milking this sucker for all that it's worth, and they've got to pay their way to be on the short-list and get the attention, which is what they are doing. when he delivers the announcement, whether it's a surprise or not, the whole goal is to ramp up attention so going into the convention it seems like there is energy and momentum there. >> julie: chris stirewalt, that's all the time we have. good to see you as always, though. thank you. have a great weekend. >> you bet. >> a2 and a half hour struggle turning into a huge surprise for a young man and his friends out on a nighttime fishing trip. this is incredible video. you've got to stay tuned to watch it. ♪ your va benefits can help yo save $3000 a year by refinancing now at newday usa.
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>> julie: former 2020 candidate bernie sanders now trying to get his supporters in line, as he plans to back the democratic party platform at the convention next month. but hundreds of sanders delegates are pledging to reject it, unless it includes medicare for all. jacqui heinrich is live with
10:48 am
this one. hi, jackie. >> hi, julie. despite weeks of collaboration between the sanders and biden camps, this week put a spotlight on lingering tensions, and sanders, biden's one-time rival, is setting an example trying to galvanize progressive support for biden. sanders plans to vote for the party platform even though it rejects medicare for all, and said building on the affordable care act. more than 300 sanders delegates pledged to vote it down and protest, but sanders is taking wins on pratt dominic climate change, criminal justice reform, and educational agreements. >> if we get everything you wanted, obviously we didn't, but if these task force agreements are implemented, joe biden would become the most progressive president in the united states since franklin delano roosevelt. that's no small thing. >> while sanders sees compromise as a way to keep his policies alive, some progressive see joe biden as a threat to
10:49 am
progress despite the trump campaign position that biden is controlled by the far left. it boiled over amid progressive push to block corporate money and lobbyists from the dnc. former sanders campaign press secretary beyond a joy grade treated in part, "this is perhaps my most firm litmus test. i see lots of folks who talk about concerns and not give a fig." another flash point reports that former governor john kasich, a frequent trump critic, was tapped to speak at the dnc. former sanders campaign manager jeff weaver. >> obviously there are progressives who are unhappy that we will have a republican speaking at the democratic convention. on the other hand, there are people who understand that this is a demonstration of the fact that joe biden's coalition is very big. his electoral coalition. >> weaver tells fox at the end of the day that this 2020
10:50 am
election cycle is much more corroborative, collaborative than in 2016 against hillary clinton. julie? >> julie: jacqui heinrich, thank you so much. >> open that mouth. oh! >> julie: yikes. you are looking at an 8-foot long bull shark caught by a 21-year-old fishermen off the coast of long island here in new york. it is shark season, everyone, and the sharks are making sure we know it. sightings are up across coastal states in the northeast, ten have been spotted so far, in nassau county and new york alone. laura ingle is live at lido beach in new york now with more. laura, that is not what i would want to find at any time on the beach. >> right, absolutely, julie. you know, these new shark sightings have led to beefed up patrol, and you've got that added on to the pandemic
10:51 am
concerns here we've got social distancing on the beach and it all leads up to one hectic week, which is what we have had here as beachgoers and swimmers look off into the distance and wonder if it is safe to go back into the water. you talked about that tremendous catch, no better proof of the danger of what lies beneath than with that group of college buddies reeled into saturday's ago right here at nickerson beach after they pulled in eight long dominic foot long bull shark to shore before releasing into the water. >> we were on to a bull shark, and it's a longtime battle against that thing for two and a half hours. >> did you know right away what you had? >> i did not. we were playing a guessing game of what it was during the fight. >> and what were the gases? >> everything from atlantic sturgeon two -- what else? thresher shark. >> and the winner was bull shark. the town of hempstead isn't
10:52 am
taking any chances. the city debuting a new shark patrol this week. helicopters have been seen buzzing low and hugging the coastline with boats and jet ski splashing close to the water's edge with specialized teams of police and lifeguards watching for any signs of dangers lurking below. as you mentioned, there have been ten sightings this week along the south shore of long island. so i believe to be the aggressive bull sharks. a lot of the sightings chemistry on wednesday dominic prompting beachgoers to only go into the water to your ankles. check out this action off the coast of alaska. that happened this week. fisherman snagging a shark while out fishing for salmon and getting quite the surprise. they have been 13 shark attacks in the united states this year, two of them fatal. one in california and the first ever deadly shark attack in maine on monday by a great whi
10:53 am
white. as we take a look at these shark sightings happening, we've got maine and massachusetts also seeing an uptick, which is leading local officials in some jurisdictions to also say to only go in the water up to your ankles. julie? >> julie: all right, laura ingle. thank you very much. we will have much more on this with a marine biology professor, dr. chris lowe heads a group of scientists that are using drones to study sharks. this is something you need to hear the next time you had to the beach. what they are learning about one of the world's most fearsome predators and the risk they pose to humans. stay right there. ♪ how they gonna pay for this? they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident. cut! is that good? no you were talking about allstate and... i just... when i... accident forgiveness from allstate. click or call for a quote today. balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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robinwithout the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. >> julie: swimmers in the northeast forced out of the water after numerous shark sightings and one deadly attack by a great white in maine. my next guest head up a new study on sharks using drones and robots. tell us, what have you learned so far? >> well, the project was funded by the state of california to
10:58 am
study what sharks are doing along our coasts and get that information out to lifeguards and beach goers. we are using drones and underwater robots and tagging to figure out why are they at this beach. do they pose a risk to people? >> julie: how likely is it for a shark to swim near shore. laura ingraham said the advice is don't go deeper into your ankles and what distance from the beach should swimmers be most cautious? >> every beach is different. that's what we want to impress on people. you might experience different species of sharks. in southern california our beaches are nurseries for white sharks. they give birth and the babies use our beaches. they can be 50 feet off the shore line in water 3 feet deep.
10:59 am
they are between 5 and 9 feet long. they are still juveniles. we think they do that because it's a safe place for them. that puts them in close proximity to people. uses drones we can see where and when they are close to people and what are they doing is this ignoring them, coming at them oh avoiding them? >> julie: how worried should we be about attacks? >> well, so far when we found from hundreds of hours of video that the juvenile white sharks among people all the time. they seem to completely ignore people. we are halfway through the project. most of the people out there don't know the sharks are there. but we can see hem from the air. their behavior is pretty much ignoring people. >> julie: well, still be
11:00 am
cautious. dr. lowe, thank you very much. the next time you go to the beach keep your eyes out. that's the most important thing. have an on-looker on the beach. the "daily briefing with dana perino" starts right now. >> dana: the battle over the handling of the coronavirus is heating up on capitol hill. lawmakers grilling the top health shalls. i am dana perino and this is the daily briefing. >> i don't judge one crowd versus another crowd. when you for a crowd and not wearing a mask -- >> it's a simple question. should we limit the protests? >> i am not going to opine on limiting anything. >> this impacts the spread of the virus. i am asking


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