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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  August 3, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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back to the florida coast and bringing that capability back to america. >> he said he was excited to go home and see his son's brand-new puppy while daddy was in orbit. >> dana: that sounds like a good trade. thank you, phil. thank you for joining us. i am dana perino and i will see you on "the five." tomorrow i have an interview with dr. jill biden right here on "the daily briefing." it's going to be great. john roberts, to you. >> looking forward to that. can believe, 1975 the last splashdown. the other question is what is it about these pandemic puppies? >> dana: it's making america great, all the puppies. >> john: thanks, dana. see you on "the five." good afternoon, i am john roberts in her bill hemmer. coronavirus fully funding. both sides digging in, treasury secretary steve mnuchin and
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white house chief of staff mark meadows. democrats and republicans still at odds over several key issues including the $600 jobless benefits that expired last week. meanwhile, president trump says he's considering taking executive action if the two sides cannot reach a deal. congressional correspondent chad pergram reporting live from capitol hill and chad come attacks have been going on for a couple hours now. any idea where we stand? >> they started about 1:00 eastern and any time they are in there for a while, it's probably a good sign, the fact that people weren't coming out and trashing the other side. it's notable that president trump is not been directly engaged in these talks. he has deputized the secretary of the treasury stephen nguyen and mark meadows, white house chief of staff. the president and some epic blowups with house speaker nancy pelosi over infrastructure and other meetings of the white house last year. that is who is in the meeting today here on capitol hill.
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listen to the president. >> the fact that i'm not over there with crazy nancy, chuck schumer wants more than anybody and i would say nancy pelosi would be second, they want to bail out cities and states that have done a bad job over a long period of time. >> the biggest issue as you say in these talks is the extension of the $600 of extra unemployment benefits which expired last week. here is the speaker of the house. >> the number, the $600, is related more to the unemployment rate, if the unemployment goes down, then that number can go down but it doesn't go down, you're not saying to the american people infections, more deaths, more unemployment, more hunger, now we're going to cut your benefit. >> may be what you have there is some wiggle room, unemployment report comes on friday. if the jobless numbers are better, it may be tougher for democrats to push for $600 each week. republicans continue to argue
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for lower figure. there is concern that some unemployed persons could make more staying home then going back to work, john. >> john: chad, the ministrations is that there's no deal it may take executive action and the president this afternoon in the availability said he's got lots of power when it comes to executive orders. >> it's unclear what they might be able to do, possibly a moratorium on evictions. that is something that would be on the table. keep in mind they are limited in terms of spending. congress has to appropriate money. you might remember with the border wall fight, they moved about $10 billion around from three different accounts. they just can't generate tens of billions of dollars of new money and drop it out of the air. that has to come from congress. that's pretty clear in the constitution, john. >> john: expecting senate republicans to try to put democrats on the spot this week? >> that's right, expect a series of votes were republicans are going to engineer plans that say look, are you opposed to $200 a week? $400 a week? get democrats on the spot trying
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to block them. the reason is republicans can't coalesce around their own plan. this was something that was put out last week by the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. it fell dead and what republicans are trying to do right now since there is dissension on their side of the islands to turn it around on the democrats, john. >> john: chad, will keep watching from up there on capitol hill. chad, thanks so much. stay with us. caroline is bracing for impact as tropical storm isaias urges along the east coast. forecasters with the national hurricane center say they expect the storm to strengthened back into a hurricane before making landfall. rick leventhal reporting live from atlantic beach north carolina. you are going to get just about a direct hit in the next 24 hours. >> we certainly could. the red flags are flying, wanting people to stay out of the water and they seem to be heeding the warnings. it's not that bad right now. the wind is not blowing too hard and it's not raining yet but there are dark clouds on the horizon and you can see how rough the surf is and how few people there are out here with
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hurricane warnings and watches in effect up and down the coast of the carolinas. some states of emergency declared in southern coastal counties and couldn't including brunswick and knew him over. they are expecting he hurricane winds. storm surge of three to 5 feet. we can tell you there's already been a mandatory evacuation of ocracoke island. that was hit hard by dorian last year. we can also tell you camp lejeune to the south of us sent nonessential person's home about an hour ago. the biggest concerns, as usual, storm surge, heavy rain, flash flooding, possible trees down and power lines down. that could happen later tonight into tomorrow morning. this storm didn't do much damage down in florida, john. we were down there waiting for it and it kind of stayed off the coastline. it did lash some florida counties with heavy wind, some rains but not the kind of flooding that they were most
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concerned about. the other big concern is coronavirus where cases have been surging. they open some shelters that they had to keep people separated and provide them with masks. they did that. but right now with the storm strengthening on its way to the carolina coast line, we do expect that south carolina where we have crew stationed and appear in north carolina, we could see a stronger storm than we saw down to the south there in florida, john. >> john: isaias was tracking of the florida coast. the entire coast of florida, we called the dry side of the storm but it looks like it can make landfall somewhere between myrtle beach and you. that would put you on what you call the dirty side of the storm. what is the big worry? storm surge or rain? >> it is both. if the rains are as heavy as they are predicting, six, eight, 10 inches of rain, that will definitely cause some localized street flooding in flash flooding particularly in these low-lying areas. the storm surge could swap a lot of areas. people have been tying down boats and moving boats. not seeing a lot of boarding up
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here because it's just a cat 1 but as far as the waters concern, he could do some damage. they are encouraging people to stay indoors, don't go to the shelters. just kind of bet down the hatches and wait it out. >> john: i won't say stay dry because i know you won't but stay safe. rick leventhal, thanks. president trump setting a deadline of september 1540 company to buy ticked off from its chinese owner after threatening to ban it completely. microsoft completel consideringe social media apps and execs have been in talk with the white house. the trump administration officials have raised concern about the app sharing data with the chinese government. essentially spying on americans. kristin fisher lie from the white house for us this afternoon. hi. >> president trump just gave tiktok and its parent company based in beijing this ultimatum. he said sell to microsoft or another acceptable american company by september 15 or you're going to be shut down and
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banned in the united states. this afternoon president trump confirmed he had spoken with microsoft ceo and that he's encouraging the company to go ahead and pursue this deal. >> i don't mind if, whether it's microsoft or somebody else, big company, seat cure company, very american company buy it. probably easier to buy the whole thing than buy 30% of it. how do you do 30%, who was going to get the name? the name and the brand is hot. >> the trump administration has been sounding the alarm about tiktok for some time now. you have since yesterday secretary of state mike pompeo accusing the company of harvesting the data of millions of american users and then feeding it directly to the chinese government. he is worried about the facial recognition patterns, addresses, phone numbers and friends of american users getting into the hands, getting too much of that data into the chinese government. president trump on friday said
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he'd be banning tiktok in the u.s. outright. clearly he has soften on that stance just a little bit by giving microsoft the green light to go forward, and the company now says that it's "fully appreciates the importance of addressing the president's concerns. it's committed to acquiring tiktok subject to a complete security review and providing proper up a economic benefits to the united states including the u.s. treasury." this is something president trump wants. he says if you are going to cut a deal, the u.s. should benefit as well. >> john: it doesn't sound like everybody at the white house is on board with this idea of microsoft buying tiktok. >> not quite yet, not surprising. white house trade peter navarro notoriously hawkish on china that he came in front of the cameras and expressed concerns he has about microsoft simply being a little bit too closely with the chinese government. listen here. >> one of the few surviving
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search engines from america in china is bing. if you are in china doing a skype call, they are listening in. is microsoft going to be compromised? would it be useful to have a rule if you sell it, maybe microsoft could divest its chinese holdings. >> pretty strong words from the trade advisor on a big american company and a lot of different guardrails being put in place by the trump administration for microsoft if this deal were to go forward. john, the good news for tiktok and microsoft if they want this deal is that they now have a few more weeks to sift through the details. >> john: we'll keep watching. kristin fisher at the white house, as always, thanks. republicans already scaling back their plans for a convention. now there are questions about media coverage and reports that journalists could be excluded.
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rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will respond later on in the hour. still no word on joe biden's running mate after he said he'd make a decision this week. our monday political panel will weigh in. late stage testing of a possible antibody therapy for coronavirus beginning in some nursing homes. the doctor explains what it could all mean. stay with us. r insurance so you only pay for what you need? given my unique lifestyle, that'd be perfect! let me grab a pen and some paper. know what? i'm gonna switch now. just need my desk... my chair... and my phone. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ here's your iced coffee! ♪
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nancy pelosi, house speaker nancy pelosi and the senate minority leader chuck schumer were just speaking moments ago after emerging from their meetings with the secretary of the treasury steven mnuchin and mark meadows, white house chief of staff. i don't know what they said unfortunately because i couldn't hear it but we will redirect the tape and play it for you. clearly no deal was reached, otherwise they would still be there taking questions. there has been difficulty in trying to put together a deal. the white house believes democrats don't want to make a deal. we will see where it goes. lawmakers in new york state meantime holding a hearing on the response to coronavirus in long-term care facilities. the virus has killed more than 6300 nursing home patients in the state since march. that's higher than the total number of deaths in all but nine states. aishah hasnie with the latest. >> that number could be even
12:16 pm
bigger, state legislators just wrapped up grilling the state's health commissioner. some of them feel frustrated over what they are calling the data. it's the first day of a two day hearing basically looking into why governor cuomo allowed more than 4,500 patients who were sick with covid-19 to be admitted or readmitted into the nursing homes. governor says he was simply following guidelines from federal agencies like the cdc and that he reverse the order on may 10. tragically more than 6,000 people died, and some families blamed the governor. >> i don't understand why governor cuomo would admit infected patients to the nursing homes when they were away from their families for over six weeks. my dad didn't stand a chance. he had every underlying condition. >> some state legislators are upset that the state still doesn't have an accurate number of nursing home residents who died after they were
12:17 pm
hospitalized. it could escalate the numbers. things got heated. >> none of us are trying to castigate y'all here for the very difficult work that had to be done. but he seems to me that patting ourselves on the bank for victories is a little bit far-fetched considering we have still more deaths than anybody else in the country. >> of course this is very emotional for thousands of families who've been watching all day. unfortunately doesn't look like there's going to be any accountability. several state legislators have made clear that this hearing is all about trying to perhaps change state policies to prevent this from happening ever again. >> john: aishah hasnie for us to new york. thank you. before we go to the doctor, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer said again they will meet tomorrow. nancy pelosi said it was productive. schumer says there appears to be
12:18 pm
at something to -- 's doctor, wanted to talk about the late stage trials with a new drug in nursing homes. it is a monoclonal antibody. what does it do and how hopeful is it that it could be a treatment. >> this is definitely going to be a great tool to bridge the gap while we await a vaccine. what eli lilly is doing is they've taken 2400 participants in nursing homes, long-term health care facilities, and what they are going to do as they have what's called treatment trucks, mobile vans that will go to the nursing home and provide iv antibiotic infusions either prophylactically or sometimes preventative way to help the patient in case they come into contact with coronavirus may be from an employee working in the nursing home or from a family
12:19 pm
member that may be visiting. it's important because if you recall, antibodies help block and prevent a virus from entering the cells to prevent infection. hopefully it can help protect you and save your life so you don't end up in the hospital in the icu on a ventilator. it's a vital tool, very important treatment modality. it's not new. we have been using it for cancer, ebola, rabies. very important, very helpful. there's other companies like regeneron who are also conducting studies doing the same sort of testing for these monoclonal antibodies which so far has been shown to have some promising preliminary results. >> john: lots of great news. big news over the weekend, dr. birx on the coronavirus task force, the president's chief advisor on coronavirus response saying that we are in a new phase of this virus. it's much more widespread than it was earlier this year. the president didn't like that
12:20 pm
too much. he called what she said pathetic. is it true that this is far more widespread than it was and that we are in a new phase? >> in certain areas of the country we are seeing spikes. certain areas. in new york, we have combated the virus here and in other states as well and we are seeing is this virus rippling through rural communities. that is as a result of congregation, crowds, social gatherings, parties. it's that type of behavior that exacerbates the community transmission of covid-19. we know how to fight the disease. we know how to combated. it's a matter of having a concerted effort to comply with the guidelines that the cdc put forth. that's what helps prevent new transmission and keep the number of hospitalizations down in the number of icu admissions down as well. we can do it. we have to follow the simple preventative measures and that will help us hopefully avoid
12:21 pm
that projected 20,000 additional deaths by the end of august. >> john: wear a mask and avoid large gatherings. dr. janette nesheiwat, great to see you. >> thank you, john. >> john: a federal judge whose son was killed of shooting in her home speaking out for the first time since the attack. as joe biden mulls his pick for vice president, the trump campaign says it wants more debates and wants them sooner. the political panel weighs in just ahead. is a friendly neighb. they'll be coming by to ask simple questions that inform how billions in federal funds are spent on local services every year for the next decade. time is running out. shape your future. start here at yea, that look of pure terror..., no, the smile... ...and that second right before the first tear comes... ...what?! pizza on a bagel-we can all agree with that. do you want a hug?
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we're finally back, and can't wait until you are too. buy now and get two days free at the parks. restrictions apply. ♪ >> john: police in chicago reporting at least 33 people were shocked over the weekend, nine of them were killed, including a 9-year-old boy. police also confirmed 150 people were shot and killed across the city in the month of july.
12:26 pm
a total of more than 570 people were shot in that same time, at least 58 of them juveniles. garrett tenney reporting live from chicago. those numbers are staggering. >> yeah, they really are. it's important to remember the behind those numbers are people with names and families and stories, stories that ended early, particularly for those 58 kids who've lost their lives to gun violence so far this year in chicago. the latest is 9-year-old janari ricks. he was an honor roll student who played basketball and dreamed of playing in the nba. he asked his mom if you could go outside to play with friends and an hour later, he was hit in the chest by a stray bullet when a man started shooting. a community activist rushed janari ricks' mom to the hospital and said he won't ever forget the agony she was in. >> the stepfather came up to me and said get to the hospital. i said what's going on. i said get her to the hospital.
12:27 pm
it was her child. what can i say to her? what can i tell her? you can't bring the child back. for 8 minutes coming down to the hospital i had to hear screaming. because a mother can't let a 9-year-old go outside to play. >> today police announced that they arrested a suspect thanks to tips from the community. chicago's top cop says that kind of cooperation is what can help turn things around in the city. >> if the community police relationship. the community willing to come forward and give information to help the police solve this crime. without the community, we can't do our jobs. we can't. we need the community to help crimes. >> it's no secret to police that right now in those communities hit hardest by the violence, there's almost a complete lack of trust for anyone wearing a
12:28 pm
badge. they are hoping that this particular case will serve as an example and will provide hope for those communities showing what can happen when they decide to work with police. >> john: it's amazing. you can send your 9-year-old son out to play and he gets shot. garrett tenney for us in chicago. thanks. >> i think you need to judge joe biden by the people he surrounded himself with. every step of the campaign, every mile marker of the campaign, he has coun ko kowtow. he's an empty vessel of the radical left. >> bill stepian, the president's new campaign manager. let's bring in the panel. mo ellison, marc thiessen, both are fox news contributor's. mo, let's start with you.
12:29 pm
joe biden was expected to make his decision and it's been pushed off until at least next week. what is the hold up. >> i don't know that there's much of a hold up. in recent history, most major party nominees including both candidates last time picks their nominees, their running mates just before their convention. it gives him another week before he has to out there. joe biden is deliberate. he wants to make the right choice. the talk about when he does it is less relevant and who it is. we will know it soon enough. >> john: marc you have some ideas on why the delay in hood might be. >> it is a delay because joe biden said he would announce it this week and he's not. they have had to backtrack. the most likely reason is there was a lot of buzz that it was going to be representative karen bass. and it turns out that she's a
12:30 pm
pro-castro socialist who travel to cuba multiple times to visit the castro regime as part of a far left student group that would travel to cuba to support the castro revolution. she prays fidel castro after he died and said his death was a loss to the cuban people. most people pick a vice president to help them win a swing state. i've never seen someone pick a vice president to help them lose a swing state like florida. there is no way you're going to win florida with karen bass on the ticket. >> john: even congressman james clyburn of south carolina said the process has become "messier" than it should be. >> look, first of all, joe biden said he would make his decision this week. he might still be making his decision just waiting to announce it until next week. i do think having all of this out there, starting to come out now, it's not a bad thing for
12:31 pm
the party. just as it wasn't four years ago for the republican party. people put out this information. let's see how the potential candidate deals with it. i would rather see how they deal with it before they become the selection then find out about it and have them deal with it not well after their selection. so i'm not worried about the back and forth. >> john: let me move on if i could to another topic because time is short. joe lockhart said that joe biden should not debate president trump saying "biden will undoubtedly take heat for republicans in the media for skipping the debates but it worth the risk trying to debate someone incapable of telling the truth is an impossible contest to win." the idea, are they laying the groundwork for biden to bail out of the debates? >> that would be a huge power move on biden's part, wouldn't it? of course they are. they are looking for a pretext to get out of the debates because he's doing well in the basement. the less he talks, the better he does in the polls and the
12:32 pm
conventional wisdom has been that it some point he's going to have to come out of the basement debate and discussed an end maybe that's not true. maybe they think they are doing great. right now and why risk it? and joe biden handle six hours mano a mano with donald trump? >> john: just a couple seconds left. would biden pull out of the debate? >> noel. his campaign is committed to three debates, just as every other presidential candidate has. i would be shocked if they did anything other than that. joe biden is anxious to go toe-to-toe with the president. you be anxious to go toe-to-toe with the president because this is an opportunity for people to judge the two of them side-by-side. that's what joe needs to do, give voters the opportunity. there are voters out there nervous about donald trump and d to be able to show them three times in prime time with the --
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it something -- >> john: gentlemen, we've got to -- we've got to wrap it. we're going to get cut off. we will keep watching to see if there's any change. thanks for joining us today. we'll be right back. functional safe drivers save 40%! safe drivers save 40%!!! that's safe drivers save 40%. it is, that's safe drivers save 40%. - he's right there. - it's him! safe drivers do save 40%. click or call for a quote today. little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight
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you can trust. >> tech: so if you have auto glass damage, stay safe with safelite. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> john: teachers across the country raising concerns about reopening schools during the height of the pandemic. in chicago the teachers union protesting against the city's plan to allow some in person learning. grady trembled with fox news business has got more for us. grady, hi. >> john, the school district is proposing online and in person classes at least to start the school year but teachers gathered in large numbers today taking to the streets and sidewalks, clogging the road in front of city hall to make it clear that they don't feel safe or comfortable returning to the classroom just yet. the chicago teachers union putting forward their demands to start the school year. they wanted to be 100% remote.
12:38 pm
they also want free computers for all students and internet access for students. i asked a teacher whether those requests are realistic with just about a month to go before school starts. >> it is possible. talk about educating our children, it's the biggest priority we have. it should be the biggest priority we have in our country, in our city, educating our students and making sure there is not achievement gap. sticker on the other hand, many parents want and in some cases need their kids to go back to school so there's parents can gk to work that i talk to a mom in the chicago suburbs. her kids will be going back to school all virtually. she asked her kids which they preferred, online or in person? >> both kids right away, we want to go back to school. no doubt. no questions asked. we want to see our classroom and see her teacher and our friends. we need instruction from the teacher. we need to know the teacher.
12:39 pm
>> the chicago teachers union hasn't said yet whether a strike is on the table, but two other teachers unions in illinois say that a strike is an option. john. >> john: grady, thanks so much. let's bring in dr. ben carson, secretary of housing and urban development. good to see you. let me ask you, as a doctor, do teachers have legitimate concerns? the data shows nearly one in four of them have some sort of existing medical condition that could make them highly susceptible to coronavirus. >> we have learned a lot about this virus obviously. we need to use real science, not science fiction. that means those people who are vulnerable, more elderly or who have comorbidities, obviously we can use them in a remote setting.
12:40 pm
the vast majority of schoolteachers are young people. they should be able to handle this quite well. you have to realize the data shows this. 99 plus percent of the people who die from coronavirus are those who are elderly and have comorbidities. so why should we allow that to rule us when we know that it's detrimental to keep kids out of school. the socialization process is a very important part of education and a good education is the most important tool when it comes to being a self-sufficient adult. >> john: there seems to be a consensus that remote learning doesn't have the same effect as in person learning. the governor of california a few minutes ago said that the number of cases is beginning to decrease and the number of hospitalizations is beginning to decrease and the number of people in icu is beginning to decrease. does that portend hope for you that maybe some of these school districts like
12:41 pm
los angeles county, like san diego may be able to infect open within person learning? >> you know, where there is a will, there's a way. again, we've learned a lot about personal hygiene, about mask wearing, about social distancing. very importantly we need to teach our young people who are not in very great danger that they should assume that the thee an asymptomatic carrier, particularly when they are around an elderly person or vulnerable person. if we change that type of attitude, we will conquer this very quickly. >> john: i want to ask you about something dr. birx said over the weekend and the president's response. she said that we are in a new phase of the virus, the prevalence of the virus is much more widespread than it has been in the past. the president ripped her on twitter, calling it a pathetic response to some bait he believes nancy pelosi held out and that she bit on.
12:42 pm
what dr. birx said, it's true, is it not? >> the virus is changing, no question about it. the demographics of what's happening, all of it is changing, no question about it. we have to change with it and continue to change with it. i think perhaps the president was reacting to the fact he thought she might've been reacting to the speaker. >> john: i want to ask you about something else because we recently of the end of july hit the one-year anniversary of the foster youth independence program at hud which gives vouchers to people aging out of the system. you've doled out $5.6 million to 680 individuals to transition them to independence. what's going to happen with the program the next 12 months? >> it's going to continue to expand. it has been expanding consistently since we started. a little over a year ago, young
12:43 pm
people came to me and they give us their plight. about 20,000 of them aged out of foster care every year. about a quarter of them and up homeless within four years and then even greater number are inadequately housed and they wind up in precarious situations. by giving them a voucher, and providing wraparound services which include educational services, counseling, financial literacy, health care, a whole host of things, they can go on to become self-sufficient adult who will be contribute and members of society. >> john: we will keep watching that program grow. got to spend some quality time with you back in 2016 in icu every once in a while and it's good to spend some time with you this afternoon. thank you so much dr. ben carson. president trump taking on nevada's governor evers of the state pave the way to send every voter there a mail-in ballot. it could we see some legal action? republicans have already canceled their big party and
12:44 pm
florida now there is where the media might not get to cover president trump's renomination in charlotte. the rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel joins s&s took on next ed. if your child doesn't seem themself at times, they may not be hydrated enough. wabba wabba! all new, plant powered creative roots gives kids the hydration they need, with the fruit flavors they love, and 1 gram of sugar. find new creative roots in the kids' juice aisle. come on in, we're open. ♪ all we do is hand you the bag. simple. done. we adapt and we change. you know, you just figure it out.
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>> john: republicans are set to renominate president trump at
12:49 pm
their convention in a few weeks but there's a chance that no media will be there in charlotte to cover it. convention spokesperson said that the events in north carolina will be closed to press because of covid restrictions. but an official with the republican national committee says they are still working things out. here to set the record straight for us this afternoon, rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. ronna, good to see you. well myself and my colleagues be able to go to charlotte to cover it? >> we are so excited to nominate our president, renominate him and we want the whole world to see it. a lot of this has been false reporting. we are dealing with overly restrictive guidelines being put forward by governor cooper in north carolina where very few people are allowed inside rooms. we have been grappling with how do we get the delegates in the room let alone the press. that's why we are working it out. of course we are going to make sure that this is broadcast to the world because we are so excited not only to renominate our president but to reelect
12:50 pm
him. >> john: it is one thing to broadcast it to the world. you can have a small group from c-span do it. what about broader media coverage? wilmore journalist be let in? maybe not as much as a typical year but will you allow them in? >> you have to ask governor cooper it out. the restrictions on us are part of the reason why we had to leave north carolina. he wouldn't work with us on anything. it's been a real challenge to manage getting 336 delegates into a room. we have to get the delegates and because we have to nominate our president. we want the press there but it's not an rnc decision. it said governor cooper of north carolina decision that is limiting how many people we can have in a room. >> john: i will leave it as yet to be determined asterisk. something happened in nevada in the last couple days. they passed a bill saying that they will mail out ballots to
12:51 pm
everybody on the voter rolls. the governor did this over the objections of the secretary of state. the president stating in an illegal late-night coup, impossible for republicans to win the state, the post office see you in court!" the traffic >> we are going to look at legal challenges. what the governor has done is essentially change the rules of the game in the fourth quarter with the players in the field. they don't have the system to support it. they aren't sending absentee request form to their voters which is one part of voter identification. they are sending live ballots. they are saying that you can put two ballots in an envelope. they are saying that if your ballot is not postmarked we will still count it even if it comes in three days after election day.
12:52 pm
democrats are trying to sow chaos in our election process. they are doing it across the country. we don't have results in new york 41 days after the primary. 21% of the ballots in paterson, new jersey, had to be thrown away. they don't want to just defund the police and create anarchy. they want to sow chaos in our election process and it's frightening and everyone should be paying attention to what democrats are systematically doing to destroy election integrity. >> john: would you be okay, ms. mcdaniel, if the ballots were sent out on the requested basis? if you had early mail-in voting by ballot request? >> having voters ask for an absentee ballot which every state already has a system to do is much more reasonable. it's part of the verification. to send live ballots out whether a voter has asked for it not leaves room for fraud. beyond that, why are they calling an emergency session to change election loss this close
12:53 pm
to an election? we are 90 days away. this is not something we should be having in our democracy in these uncertain times and i think the governor and the legislature in nevada are causing a lot of problems. we are seeing it in new york. the system is not ready for this mail-in ballots. the infrastructure is not fair. we deserve to know who our victory is on november 3rd and democrats are trying to draw the process out which is going to hurt our country in the long run. >> john: would you bet legal action, yes or no in the case of nevada? >> we will be looking at legal action. >> john: ronna mcdaniel, chairwoman of the rnc, good to talk to you. thanks. enjoy the rain heading our way. a resurrection 20 years in the making. construction beginning on a church destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. a live report coming up next. taking entresto, it may lead to a world of possibilities. entresto helped people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant;
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it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto.
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>> construction beginning again on the st. nicholas
12:58 pm
greek orthodox church. the only one that was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. the church's new archbishop holding an event today to bless the site. lauren green reporting live in new york city. speak out hey, john. they are calling it the resurrection at a time when the city in the country it needed it. new york governor andrew cuomo standing with the new greek orthodox to commemorate construction resuming. the archbishop blessing the site. and they will continue the work that began several years ago. it is a symbol that the city and the country will rise stronger than before. just like you did after the 9/11 attacks. >> now was not the time to worry about the current circumstance. now is the time to rally together to find our strength,
12:59 pm
to find our solidarity, and to say we are going to build back better and brighter and stronger together. >> nearly 20 years ago, it stood in the shadows of the world trade center with the only house of worship destroyed when the towers collapsed after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. controversies over financing and accusations of mishandling of funds, the newly installed archbishop vowed that finishing construction would be his highest priority. the new church will offer spiritual strength to those of all people and cultures. >> it is open as a sign of love, not age. a sign of reconciliation, not of prejudice. and the scion of the ideals that exist in this great american nation. >> st. nicholas is expected to
1:00 pm
open next year on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. back to you. >> jon: great to have some good news there. lauren four is in new york city. i'm john roberts and for bill hemmer all week. "your world" with neil cavuto starts now. >> neil: thank you, john very, very much. we are following developments on capitol hill. throughout much of the country, they were moving. what we are looking at right now is the rush to get another stimulus measure attached to the coronavirus done, but the calendar is working against both republicans and democrats. the meetings are going on. sometimes they last a long time, but the and very brilliant lean miles and trillions of dollars apart. i'm no good no good if you know, very you. let's get right to it. whereas i stand right now, not only on the package but what they're going to do about


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