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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 4, 2020 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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have called him a real rising star in the democrats. calling of the defunded movement that is something that really needs to be looked at when you wipe away the anticrime unit. it's just about calling it what it is. great to have you on the program, i will have you back. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: we have a heated show coming up, jill biden, former seconsecond lady and wife of the presumptive democratic nominee. hello, everyone paid i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." if there lighthouse moments ago defending president trump after he said in an interview that he's done everything he can to control the coronavirus. as a number of confirmed cases and deaths continue to rise in the united states. all of this also comes as the white house and democratic lawmakers hit a stalemate in negotiations over the next round
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of coronavirus relief. kristin fisher is reporting live from the white house, she has an update for us. kristin? >> during that extensive interview with axios' jonathan swan, president trump acknowledge that about 1,000 americans are dying every day due to covid-19 and listen to how he responded when he was pressed about that number. >> they are dying, that's true and it is what it is. but that doesn't mean we aren't doing everything we can. it's under control as much as you can control it. >> during that briefing that just wrapped up by the white house press secretary, he was asked again if the administration is doing everything that it can to keep that number down, to keep the death rate down and she said yes. it one idea that the president has repeatedly shot down is the idea of a nationwide lockdown and its jumping back into the conversation that to back out of
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the president of the minneapolis reserve bank said the only way to bounce back is to go into lockdown for a month-6 weeks. asked if this was something being discussed by the administration, here's what she said. >> no matter how bad it gets, you don't think there's any way that president trump would look at that? >> no, the president is not considering a national lockdown. what he is encouraging his mitigation efforts like wearing a mask which is patriotic, like social distancing and engaging in these really common sense safe measures to safely reopen and avoid the health consequences of a lockdown. >> dana, the other big news at the white house today is that national security advisor robert o'brien is back at work, he has been cleared after he tested positive for the coronavirus about a week ago but he is now back to her work and now we have
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another briefing, this one from president trump hi himself, setr 5:30 this evening. >> dana: president trump is pushing for schools to reopen but it's getting some pushback from teachers. jeff paul has these details. jeff? >> some teachers and staff feel simply that it's not safe not only for themselves but also the students they are around on a daily basis to go back to school quite yet. some of those teachers voicing their concerns not only vocally but also through protest and marches. dr. anthony found she essentially saying that schools are allowed to reopen but it needs to be done with caution and safety needs to be a priority. tens of thousands of students have resumed in-person school this weekend more are expected to in the coming weeks. some schools are getting parents the stay-at-home virtual option while others are pushing for a hybrid approach mixing in-person and online but in some cities
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there are outright delays. in georgia, atlanta public schools just announced its first day will be pushed back two weeks later than was initially scheduled pay part of the reason is to give teachers and families more time to prepare for virtual instruction. in other parts of the state, some parents are at odds with what exactly to do with their child. >> honestly for all of us, we want in person, we want everything to go back to normal but right now because of the spike, i think there is disappointment all around, it's just kind of where we are. >> in san diego, the disagreement over when to reopen spills over into a so-called motor march, teachers there are calling for safer school reopening plans. the union doesn't want in person school to resume until there is a decline in covid cases for at least two weeks in that particular area, they want the districts to have the ability to test students. here in texas governor greg
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abbott does want in-person school to resume but he's willing to make some exceptions if there are outbreaks in particular areas throughout the state. dana? >> dana: all right, thank you. fox extreme weather alert, a deadly tropical store making its way up the east coast east coast, unleashing tornadoes, drenching rain, and damaging winds. we have team fox coverage. greg leventhal live in windsor north carolina, there was a tornado that tore through the city today? >> yeah, and it touched down right here, dana, right through this house when the storm hit, they are all shaken up but they are okay and they are among the lucky ones. less than a half mile this way, is a mobile home park where at least ten homes were completely demolished. the aerials are just horrible. the people's possessions were strewn about, at least 20 people
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hurt, at least two fatalities confirmed and at least one person missing and they are searching for that missing person. in the meantime we can show you some drone footage of the ryan home here. the family was inside, many of them were sleeping, they got an amber alert that told them to take cover and within a minute the house started shaking and they just jumped to the floor, they were sheltering each other and trying to ride this thing out, dana, it is a miracle that more people weren't hurt and weren't killed, this entire neighborhood is littered with downed power lines and they have a long cleanup ahead of them. >> dana: rick, so glad you are there to tell us the story. the pictures are unbelievable, wish everybody well for us. live in the fox weather center with this update, adam? >> dana, as rick was saying, tornadoes have become a big problem with the system, these are all the tornado reports. running all the way up the coast and we still see a big area where there is a tornado watch in place. the ingredients are there
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including all across long island and stretching up into new england. those couple of pink boxes you see, one in massachusetts, one on long island are currently tornado warnings on the ground, this is something that's going to be continuing in the next couple of hours as we track the system moving its way toward the north. no longer running exactly along the coastline, we are going to be running through upstate new york, eventually across new england and up into canada. it moves quickly, that's going to be happening overnight but as it moves it's dropping a lot of rain, rain is still going to be one of the main concerns with this, flooding, everything highlighted in those green boxes are flood watches and warnings. here's the movement of the system bringing the very heavy rain. as we said, moving up into canada by the time we get into the overnight hours. dana, likely by midnight this system is completely out of here but we are not out of the woods for at least a couple more hou hours. >> dana: everybody be vigilant. thank you, adam. next we will head to washington where lawmakers are still struggling to get some thing done to help millions of americans.
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touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. >> dana: fox news alert, talks happening this afternoon on capitol hill over the next round of coronavirus release but despite the discussions, there seems to be very little in the way of progress way let's bring in chief white house correspondent john roberts, i know you're hosting the 3:00
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today so howdy neighbor, i should say. i think it's pretty incredible that a congressional deadline is moving away slower than the deadline for citizens of the country, whose rents are due, whose bills are due when they are still bickering, there's still some agreement on another round of $1200 checks for people up to a certain income level, $100 billion for schools and money for hospitals but other than that, are these sides is still very far apart? >> don't forget the deadline for americans who need this money and need the stimulus payments, the unemployment insurance, the eviction protection was on friday so the congressional deadline is way past what the personal deadline is for most americans and you know, it could be said that when you're negotiating in congress yo you t a better deal that 12:01:00 a.m. then you had 11:59:00 p.m. but they are so far past that deadline. we are expecting evictions to
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begin to increase, unless there is some sort of eviction protection and even though there is some sense that a little bit of progress is being made on a couple of the big issues and the biggest sticking point, the biggest two sticking points really are on the extension of the enhanced unemployment insurance and payments to states are still miles apart on the whole thing. they've been meeting since 12 12:45. steven mnuchin and mark meadows. >> dana: things can happen pretty quickly, we know, the president has a press conference at 5:30. >> hold on a second, we are talking about washington in election year 2020, what's moving quickly other than the hands of time? >> dana: i hear you but i'd say if they have a little bit of an agreement, somebody is going to cave and i imagine that the republicans hope it's not them but right now the democrats seem to be holding lots of cards and nancy pelosi is holding firm. the other issue is -- >> they certainly believe they are holding a lot of cards.
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>> dana: the other issue that could be dealt with in this bill as well is election security and the money for it in the president talking about mail and voting on his concerns about it, take a listen to what he said. >> because of the china virus we are supposed to stay home, send millions of ballots all over the country, millions and millions, you can have a case where this election won't be decided on the evening of november 3rd. this election could be decided two months later. >> dana: he also had a tweet, we won't read the whole thing but basically saying vote by mail and absentee voting in florida is safe and secure, tried and true. this is a big issue, john. >> john: don't forget, the system florida is now a safe, tried and true after a big legal challenge by the g.o.p. and all the republicans there in florida who wanted to make sure the democrats didn't get the changes they wanted, the president said that his tried and true, the system in colorado which is
11:16 am
going on for a while now and certainly has a lot of verification checks and balances, but what the president is really against is this idea like in california and some other states, nevada now after the governor signed that bill, just sending out millions and millions of mail-in ballots to people on the voter rolls when those voter rules may not be up-to-date, lengthy delays look at what's going on in new york's 12 congressional district, i judge has said that all those ballots are not postmarked it in time, have to be counted so there is yet another argument to the president is saying, what's going on in new york is a microcosm of what can happen across the country but he does believe in the voting system in florida and now that it's fixed. >> dana: coming up at 3:00, you have karl rove, some good election talks to be had there, you also had the superintendent of miami public schools, parents are desperate to know what's
11:17 am
going to happen. >> john: the super superintendent of miami is going to be joining us, he wanted to go to a five day a week in person learning but they are going to be going with 100% online learning as of august the 31st. he still got a plan to maybe get some students in the schools by october the 5th but we will talk to him about the science regarding children and whether or not they can transmit the virus. and whether or not that's factoring into their decision as well as a fairly significant reduction in the number of cases in florida and maybe that portends some good news for getting kids back in the classroom and then we will talk about the philosophy, particularly with younger children, does distance-learning work or do they have to be in the classroom and whether we are going to lose an entire generation of children to a lack of education. >> dana: hopefully not, especially not your two little ones, i know you're anxious to find out what's going to happen with them as well. john roberts, we will see you at
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3:00. thank you. >> dana: minutes away, my interview with dr. jill biden but a couple members of the squad are fighting for their political lives including one who spot is up for grabs tonight. ♪
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♪ >> dana: an enormous explosion rocking the capital of lebanon, beirut. witnesses say it's so powerful it shattered a windows miles away. following this breaking story from tel aviv. what happened? >> security sources say at least ten people are dead and dozens injured after this explosion in the lebanese capital. it did take place in the port city of beirut. there are numerous claims about what exactly happened but
11:24 am
according to local media as it relates to the because of the blast, this has to do with highly explosive material, also being echoed by lebanon's interior minister who went on state television specifically reporting the presence of something called sodium nitrate. to give you an idea of how large the blast was, images showed broken glass and splintered billions across the city, people are reportedly buried under the rubble still in some areas. wounds from the debris caught by the explosion, new images online showing people being treated in the parking lot of one of the largest hospitals in beirut. the lebanese red cross has put out a desperate call for donations. a second video we've got end of this blast showing a different angle, such a large blast that you had people in cyprus feeling the aftershock of what happened. as for the regional security
11:25 am
implication despite ongoing tension, an an israeli officials denying to fox news that israel had anything to do with this explosion, it could not come at a worse time for the country of lebanon, the civilians there are dealing with rolling blackouts and a dire economic situation. there are hungry people in the capital of beirut and now there are bodies in the streets following this explosion in the port city of beirut. dana? >> dana: we will stay in touch with you as that story develops. thank you. they've dominated the headlines with their comments on far left proposals but to call members of the squad are fighting for their political lives. chad pergram is on the hill with a look at both of those races. chad? >> two of the four members of the squad to face primary challenges today and next week. rashida tlaib in michigan today and ilhan omar in minnesota next week, the first two female muslim members of the house of representatives. let's start with rashida tlaib here. she is a freshman who won a full term in the fall of 2018 but
11:26 am
something few people are aware of, detroit city council president brandon jones won a special election on the same day two years ago to finish the unexpired term of the late democratic representative john conyers. jones served in congress for a few weeks before rashida tlaib took office last year. the congresswoman made headlines on her first day in the house, she warned that the house would impeach the president and used a profane name for mr. trumpian turned to minnesota, another member of the squad, ilhan omar is. she represents the district where george floyd was killed on memorial day and another primary today for a democratic member, he faces a challenge from progressive corey bush. dana? >> dana: will be watching all of those races, think of for the
11:27 am
update. with the nfl season just weeks away, the coronavirus is putting america's most popular sport in jeopardy. todd has the details, todd? >> at least when you're a browns fan, you get a little bit of good news. one of the star wide receivers in the game, odell beckham jr. is not expected to opt out of the season but this despite comments in "the wall street journal" magazine from an interview conducted before he reported to cleveland browns training camp and saw the facilities were set up. stating "cohorobviously with everything going on, it doesn't make sense why we are trying to do this, we are not ready for football season." more than 40 players have opted not to play in the nfl this year because of covid. baseball, the virus taking its toll on the st. louis cardinals. the number of positive tests now at 13. the redbirds sat this week against the tigers postponed. the team will stay quarantined
11:28 am
in milwaukee with a tentative plan to resume play against the cubs on friday in st. louis. for the first team dealing with an outbreak in its young season, the miami marlins, their ceo derek jeter speaking to the media about what happened. >> what it boils down to on this particular was guys were around each other, they got relaxed and let their guard down. >> derek jeter adding that the 18 marlins players with covid are either mildly symptomatically or a symptomatically at the marlins has not played since july 26th in philadelphia. back to you. >> dana: thanks for a mission. take care. up next, dr. jill biden joins me.
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we know you're alwayst at univethere for them.x, that's why our advisors are always here for you. learn more at >> dana: my next guest spent years as second lady of the united states, she is married to the presumptive democratic nominee for president and is one
11:34 am
of his key advisors. she joined me now. thank you so much, your book was a wonderful read and i'm grateful to have you on the show. i want to talk about some news while we also talk about your book. last week, former white house press secretary joe lockhart, he works for bill clinton, he's a democrat, supportive of your husband, said "whatever you do, don't debate trump." wondering if you can settle this for us, with the vice president debate donald trump this fall? >> come yes, you well. i think they've already, i think there's three debates that they decided on. so yeah, he will be there. >> dana: do you think it's unhelpful for other democrats to suggest that joe biden shouldn't debate the president? >> no, i didn't even realize he had written the article. joe will make up his own mind. >> dana: all right. your book, "where the light enters," such an expression of love for family and you are fiercely protective of all of
11:35 am
them including your husband. one of the things president trump and his campaign has questioned is your husband's cognitive ability. listen to this and let's get your reaction. >> i say he's not competent to be president. to be president you have to be sharp and tough and so many other things. he doesn't even come out of his basement. >> dana: what do you think about that about that characterization? >> you know, joe is anything but that characterization. we've been campaigning, we've been listening to the experts, the scientist and the doctors and they have told us, stay home and be safe. and i think donald trump is really about joe's age. i think there's two or three years difference. surprising that he would say joe wouldn't be up to it and made those comments. >> dana: there is another attack that they have tried and
11:36 am
this one seems to be having a little more of an effect. with some persuadable voters and that is that your husband will be a tool for the left, the president's campaign manager said joe biden is an empty vessel of the radical left. your husband has said he would be the most progressive president and i wonder how see joe biden fitting into the democratic party as it is in 2020. >> you know, joe is a moderate and that doesn't mean that his ideas aren't progressive and bold and forward-thinking. but he is not someone who is left, he's not someone who is right, he's a moderate and that's what he's always been. >> dana: do you think he's more moderate in tone then maybe in policy? some of the policies he's embraced during this primary and in conversations with bernie sanders, they are a lot more progressive even than during the obama years. >> you know, i think joe has a
11:37 am
really strong vision of where he wants to take this country and he has a strategy and a plan. and whether it's on climate change or education or the economy, joe knows where he's going and what he wants to do. >> dana: as second lady and his champion since you met all those many years ago, you have been his champion. one of the things that's been consistent in the campaign's enthusiasm has been low for joe biden's candidacy. donald trump's enthusiasm numbers amongst republicans are quite high, what can you say to democrats or even persuadable voters that should change their mind and get them more excited to want to vote for joe biden? >> you know, dana, that's not what i see. for the last two years people were coming up to me constantly at the grocery store or on the street and saying jill, your husband has to run, he has to run, we have to change the direction of this country. and i have to tell you, a lot of those people were republicans
11:38 am
and they were saying, you know, i don't like the way the country is moving, we want change and we think your husband can be that change. so i don't see that, i see a lot of enthusiasm among republicans, of course democrats, and independence. >> dana: we will keep an eye on those numbers. the big decision your husband is making this week or next is choosing vice president. in the book you write about how compatible you and joe biden were with the obama's. you had a great friendship. is that something that your husband is looking for in a vice president? and how do you weigh in or not on decisions like this? >> you know, joe and barack have a bit of a relationship as do michelle and i and i think americans admire that about our administration so going forth when joe chooses a woman, and i know, dana, you've got to be
11:39 am
happy about that. he wants someone who shares his values, just like he and barack shared the same values. when joe and i talk, we've been married 43 years this year, and we are one another's best friends. he relies on the end i rely on him and it's partnership. and you know, it's just what married couples do, right? >> dana: are you close to a decision? >> we are close. he's close. he's got to make the final decision. >> dana: hopefully we can get them on here to tell us more about it. you have a phd in education, you've been an advocate for education, children, you've taught at community college, you taught all those years you were second lady. do you think it's best for kids to be in classrooms this fall with safety precautions and would you advise against teachers unions from striking?
11:40 am
>> i think first and foremost, we have to listen to the doctors, the scientists, the experts and listen to what they are saying. every day, dana, i am getting deluge with emails and phone calls of people saying what we do, what we do? parents and educators and we have to listen to it when it's going to be safe, not just for the teachers who are really dying to get back to the classroom but for america's children. we must keep them safe. and that has to be our priority and so that's what i think. you know, joe has a plan to get our schools back on track and get the pandemic under control and make sure that we create equity, you know? so many places in this country, in rural areas especially don't have broadband so there's not...
11:41 am
>> dana: i come from wyoming, i know it's a problem and concern that the administration has been working on. i want to talk about a moment in 2003 that you write about in your book when advisors to your husband came to your house and were trying to convince him to run for president against george w. bush and his reelection and you write about being at the pool at the house, listening to this and you said you were fuming and tell us what you did to send a message. >> i went upstairs and i made sure that they knew that i wasn't supporting the idea. >> dana: i have it right here, you got a sharpie and you drew "no" on your stomach in big letters and they marched through the room in your bikini and they got the message. you write very movingly about the loss of beau, your son and how that grief helped find you to other women and i wonder if your thoughts about anything you
11:42 am
might want to achieve if you were to become first lady, if any of the programs you have in mind have been changed by your experience. >> well, you know, one of the ways, dana, that i think someone, a mother copes with the death, the loss of a child is to find a purpose. so that's what joe and i both sought to do. so our son beau died of brain cancer. so many american families have suffered with cancer or know someone who is suffering from cancer. it's not a democratic issue, it's not a republican issue, it's really a human issue and so i think going forward, no matter what the outcome of the election, joe and i will continue to fight against cancer as we know it and that will be, you know, one of the major initiatives that i will be
11:43 am
involved with. >> dana: you also read about your faith in the book and how you hope to be able to get back some of your faith after this and certainly we pray for that as well for you. do you think that candidates children should be off-limits in a campaign? >> you know, i wrote about my faith because when beau died, you know, i believed so strongly that he was going to live and when he died i did lose my faith and it was really in south carolina, we were on the campaign trail last summer and a woman came up to me, we were in the front pew and she came up to me, put her hand on me and said "jill, i want to be your prayer partner" and i had never heard of a prayer partner. but to this day, dana, it's a year later, we still keep in contact, we pray together.
11:44 am
she sends me emails and text all the time and so she did help me, after all these years, it's been five years since we lost our son and she did help me recover my faith. and for that i am forever grateful. and i feel like so many people prayed for me and for joe and for our son beau and i feel that now i owe that to all of those people who are dealing with loss, look at how many people during this pandemic are dealing with loss. >> dana: and i think that power of prayer speaks and of course it's not a partisan issue at all. i want to ask you about this, it took you five times before you said yes to mary joe biden. what was it, on the fifth time that was the key to winning your heart? >> well, you know, he did ask me
11:45 am
five times but you have to remember, joe had lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident and so i love the boys so much, i knew that this marriage had to be forever. they had already lost one mother, they couldn't lose another mother through divorce. and i had to make absolutely sure that our marriage was going to be till death do us part. and it has been paid it's been 43 years. >> dana: i was thinking, if there's any guys out there, just keep at it, she might say yes eventually if you keep asking. jill biden, what makes you most proud of america? >> oh, my gosh, there's so much that makes me so proud. i have to say our military families, are just amazing in their resilience and the fortitude and the lives that they live and you know, moving from one place to another so i guess our military makes us
11:46 am
proud. >> dana: okay and i have to ask you. during this pandemic, i know you've been staying close to home, following the rules. a lot of people wonder, you write in the book about how you became a marathon runner, how are you keeping fit during a pandemic? >> you know, dana, and bacon to exercise, not just for your body but for your head, i think it creates balance and calm. so i am a runner, i pay, i -- >> dana: if you take peloton you have to tell me, what's your go to class? >> i love the intervals class, you are writing and you can do some weights as well. i think that's especially important for women, they do weight-bearing exercise. >> dana: my mom is all about that, she's been telling me even in the pandemic out in denver. your book is a wonderful read and we look forward to having
11:47 am
you again soon, thank you. >> thanks, dana, thanks for having me. >> dana: take care. ben shapiro is next. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ oh, oh, (announcer)®! ♪ once-weekly ozempic® is helping many people with type 2 diabetes like emily lower their blood sugar. a majority of adults who took ozempic® reached an a1c under 7 and maintained it. here's your a1c. oh! my a1c is under 7! (announcer) and you may lose weight. adults who took ozempic® lost on average up to 12 pounds. i lost almost 12 pounds! oh! (announcer) for those also with known heart disease, ozempic® lowers the risk of major cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke, or death. it lowers the risk. oh! and i only have to take it once a week. oh! ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) ozempic® is not for people
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>> dana: well, you heard it just now from dr. jill biden, her husband close to making a decision on who his running mate will be and there are more than a dozen possibilities. here on "the daily briefing," we are taking a closer look at all of them. today we are focusing on massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. douglas kennedy has more. >> dana, it is difficult to find anybody who would be more pleasing to the progressive left then elizabeth warren. it's also difficult to find anybody who's gotten under joe biden's skin more than elizabeth warren. >> i find it outrageous, such a
11:53 am
statement. maybe you can tell me. >> in 2005, then-senator joe biden confronts a witness in front of the senate judiciary committee. that witness, then college professor and future political rival elizabeth warren. >the fiery exchange was over a bankruptcy law it was a precursor to many battles that would emerge between the pro-business biden and the antibusiness warrior warren. >> why is it that everyone else on the stage think it's more important to protect billionaires than it is to invest in at an entire generation of americans? >> they disagreed on monetary policy, college tuition and most recently on medicare for all which is exactly what makes warren an attractive vice presidential pig. one who could most reassure the democratic party's progressive left that president biden would
11:54 am
not ignore them. >> i'm not willing to give up and let a handful of monopolies dominate our economy and our democracy. >> warren was born in 1949 in oklahoma city. her mother, a homemaker. her father, a u.s. army flight instructor. she was a teacher, then a law school professor, where she gained expertise in bankruptcy litigation. in the 2000s, she became a leading voice for consumer protection, excepting a congressional oversight position for the bank bailout in 2008. >> there is nobody in this country who got rich on his own. nobody. >> in 2011, a cell phone video of her lamenting tax policy went viral and propelled her to winning a senate seat in massachusetts. since then, she has trolled president trump on twitter, has shredded bank presidents on capitol hill and may have single-handedly ended mike
11:55 am
bloomberg's presidential ambitions with this exchange. >> a billionaire who calls women "fat broad's" and "horse-based lesbiams." >> her may major political misstep, claiming on job applications to be african-american and doubling down on the asportation. >> i know that i have made mistakes, i am sorry for harm i have caused. >> but obviously, dana, it's all about turning out the bass this year, it's hard to think of anyone who could do that better than elizabeth warren. from here, back to you. >> dana: interesting. a good trip down memory lane. i want to bring in ben shapiro, author of a new book that's out, "how to destroy america in three easy steps." except we don't want to destroy
11:56 am
america. wright, ben? what you think about this idea that elizabeth warren is in the mix for a possible vice presidential choice? i'm skeptical. >> yeah, i think that's a fair bit of misdirection. she does check the box as a woman of color. she doesn't check any of the boxes. here's the problem, she doesn't take any of the boxes. what biden wants to be portrayed to the american public is somebody who is pretty moderate, doesn't actually want to provide fodder for the trump campaign to paint him as a jewel of the radical left. he'd be feeding directly into that by picking elizabeth warren who is so radically left that she dumped her own original perspective of american health care in order to embrace medicare for all which was the thing that ended her presidential campaign. they don't tend to get along personally, it she called him a liar, he called her a liar right back. he doesn't need her and she really makes his ticket less compelling as far as the return to normalcy ticket.
11:57 am
she has pledged transformational change up and down and that is precisely the opposite of the image that biden wants to put out there. >> dana: not only that but i do think, not a small technical detail, she is from massachusetts, she's a senator, not up for reelection so if she were to be put on the ticket the republican governor of massachusetts would have an opportunity there and with the senate so close between republicans and democrats, that's another reason i'm skeptic. >> that makes perfect sense to me. i think she's really being put out there, floated out there but in reality this thing is probably down to the kamala harris and susan rice. >> dana: that's interesting, too. i think susan rice makes a better chief of staff then vice president but i will say that for what i have to debate tucker carlson coming up soon. in your book you talk about lots of things, culture, history, philosophy of the united states and i just wonder if you could take your thoughts in writing
11:58 am
that book and watching the summer and what's happening in cities across america with violence going up, i think i have a little chart i can put up on the screen for everybody, with the murder rate in minneapolis at 95%, chicago 52%, new orleans 44%, you can see it all there. when you were writing this book, i mean, it's almost as if, i'm not saying it was prophetic but it's kind of worry some. >> and i were wrote the book you can sense there's all these underlying tensions simmering underneath a really good economy and a prosperous country and then it all just busted out into the open after covid and the george floyd killing. you're seeing a deep divide in the american psyche over what america ought to be. there are people who would like the country to say together, we see americans largely as still brothers, people who share a large philosophy rooted in the declaration of independence, people who share a common culture that values entrepreneurship and adventure
11:59 am
and tolerance of other people's rights and the second group of people see america as innately evil, the founding principles of the united states as a lie and wish to see all of the institutions of american society brought and so we can build new utopia. there's a reason nicole jones cheered online, the reason that you're seeing right now, a mentality has spread in the country that america is fundamentally a very bad place and either americans are going to make up your mind that that's wrong or they're going to cave to a group of people who believe america needs to be destroyed from within under place was on the better. >> and we have 40 seconds and i know you can do this, you talk about in your book three ways you can destroy america, what are the three ways we can save it? >> you need to reacquaint yourself with american history, all the dark spots and all the glories, and yourself a belief in, that america is an adventure and that's what you're guaranteed and you really do have to have gratitude for a
12:00 pm
country that has provided the most prosperity, most freedom and most tolerance in the history of the world. >> dana: i knew you could do it and it wasn't even at 1.5 speed. ben shapiro, thank you. thank you for joining us, everyone. john roberts, i'm going to get over to you. i know you have karl rove coming up. >> john: we do, good old friend of yours. great interview with dr. jill biden today. fox news alert, we are waiting for an update from north carolina's governor, and a mobile home park in the state, we will monitor the governor's announcement and bring you the latest. the storm now barreling up the east coast, forecasters are warning a possible life-threatening flooding in some cities. a full report on all that in just a minute. john roberts in for bill hemmer this afternoon, top white house officials back on capitol hill today for talks on another coronavirus relief bill. president trump saying


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