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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  August 6, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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joy you get from those wonderful animals. good luck, paul, with your business. thank you for joining us. i am dana perino. see you on "the five" and in the meantime john roberts get on your horse and ride. >> john: ronald reagan said something about the outside of the horse is good for the inside of the person. >> dana: i love that you can quote that. >> john: my daughter wants to learn to ride. that will cost a fortune. see you tonight at 5. john roberts in for bill hemmer. president trump in ohio. he will speak in about 15 minutes time at whirlpool. geraldo rivera interviewed the president today on his radio show. and peter doocy is covering the biden camp from delaware.
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today live in ohio. >> wave your hand when i need to talk. i am not hearing anything. i am not hearing programming. >> john: we have a problem with garrett. let's go to the biden camp. joe biden said president trump is visiting ohio. team coverage with peter doocy and the president has a fundraiser in ohio tonight. >> i can hear you, john. the vp from his delaware house is doing whatever he can to tailor a message to voters in ohio he might not get to visit before the election. this is what the campaign put out about trump's visit: donald trump will need to answer to ohio about his failed
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leadership and his horrific mismanagement of this crisis that has too many workers out of a job and unable to make ends meet." joe biden sits at home today to work on a convention speech and figure out who he wants as a running mate. including kamala harris, who our crews caught up with on capitol hill. >> what do you know? >> no more than i do. >> biden said kamala harris is contention and doesn't hold grudges. no hard feelings about the first democratic debate when she surprised him with a take down of his record on race relations. from a final decision for who he wants to put a heart beat away from the presidency, biden said he will know shortly.
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>> this is ahead of time, as a matter of fact. most vice-presidents nominees are announced a day or two before the convention. i have gone through it. every woman i interviewed is qualified. i narrowed it down. >> the point about not announcing until a day or two before the convention. the democratic convention was supposed to be a month ago. that hasn't stopped the money from flowing into both campaigns. now the biden campaign trails the trump campaign by only $6 million. >> john: a lot of money going around. peter doocy, thanks. let's bring in geraldo rivera. live at the virus testing site for the president's fundraiser tonight.
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the president said in his coronavirus test the governor of ohio mike dewine tested positive so he has to stay away from the president? >> for sure. they are being careful who gets close to the president. the irony is governor mike dewine an ally of the president has been prudent in terms of his personal behavior. stayed away from crowds. doesn't go close to reporters, but he has 23 grandchildren. if i was going to speculate, maybe the governor, the positive contest is confirmed, contracted it in his very large family. the president this morning talked to me for 45 minutes on my radio show. he talked about a lot of things. he referenced what peter doocy reported earlier. he thought that the former vice-president joe biden could
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not run and hide. as he runs for president he has to emerge and do tough interviews like the president endured on my microphone this morning. i asked the president and this testing site leading into the fundraiser is testimony to what i will say. i asked the president if the entire presidency and reelection efforts were based on the coronavirus sponse? in other words, is the coronavirus response why he will be elected or not elected? is he going in a real way put the governor of the tests, is this a referendum on his presidency? here's his answer. >> no, i don't. i think it's a referendum on everything. nobody has done what i have done
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in the first 3.5 years. space force and rebuilding the military and building the wall. the wall will be completed toward the end of the year. 500 miles of wall which is amazing. nobody thought that would be possible. >> john, he has had a rocky road with the press. not getting any breaking news. good thing about talking to him so long you got to the real donald trump. even my wife a staunch democrat said he sounded normal. from her that's a high compliment. >> john: the president had little doubt he would win the reelection but the coronavirus and the economy going down and unemployment and trying to get back into it and his response changed the equation for the president. >> it definitely has. i asked him if he goes out on quiet nights looking out at the rotunda from the oval office and
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howl at the moon because of the missed chance of being so successful and then having the pandemic hit. he said he didn't think he made missteps at the beginning but said it was a learning process for him and for everyone. >> john: the president is about exactly where he was in 2016 when it comes to the polling numbers in ohio. down about 2.5. he won it in 2016 by 8 points. perhaps he can turn it around. geraldo rivera in cleveland at the testing site. back to garrett. we don't need to wave at him. he can hear us now. >> john, great to be with you. president trump touring the factory here preparing to hear his remarks in 15 minutes thment is about the president highlighting his administration's efforts to boost american manufacturing. this whirlpool plant is one of the largest machine production plants in the world.
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the company has been able to expand production and jobs over the past 2 years thanks to the president upholding a 50% tariff on washing machines coming in from other countries and that forced other washing machine manufacturing to open plants in united states. >> low cost washing machines were trying to put whirlpool out of business. we brought it back. you know that. we have brought it back. >> the president is expected to sign a long anticipated executive order that aims to reduce america's reliance on overseas drug manufacturers tick china.
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-- particularly china. they will use the defense production act to purchase essential drugs from u.s. manufactures exclusively. and this is president trump's first visit to ohio since he kicked off his reelection campaign. it comes at a time when the polls are tightening in ohio which the president won in 2016 by 8 points. >> john: glad we could hear each other. the commission on presidential debates responding on trump's request to add an additional debate. the statement read in part: and states send out mail-in ballots before the first debate.
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the commission said it's happy with the schedule as it is beginning on september 29th and happy with 3 debates. the president's request for a 4th debate earlier in september was denied. more covid-19 relief talks today. will there be a deal or will president trump take executive action? i will speak to a teacher preparing to return to school tomorrow and she said it's so unsafe she wrote her own obituary and posted it on facebook. and japan, marking 75 years since a bomb levelled hiroshima. now. just need my desk... 'h my chair... and my phone.
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♪ sofi is helping me get my money right. ♪ >> ♪ >> the reason our negotiation with the white house are so ariduous, they don't see the needs out there. they want to get away with as little as possible so that the right wingpeople who don't want to spend any government money won't be angry with them. >> john: top democrats accusing republicans of nickel and diming coronavirus relief for struggling americans. the white house said republicans made more concessions than democrats but they are trillion dollars apart. and president trump suggesting that he might take executive action including eviction protects and unemployment
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extensions and payroll tax cuts. the president tweeted i notified my staff to continue to work on an executive order. mark said if no deal by tomorrow the president will put the trigger on it. do you think he could? >> he can do anything he wants. whether it's legal or not, that's up to the court. there are three sides. the democrats passed a 3 trillion dollars bill in may. and republicans offered a one trillion dollars bill and never passed it through the senate. then the president is saying if you can't come together, i will do this through an executive order. it puts pressure on the democrats to say maybe we need to make a deal. otherwise the president will do what he wants. whether he will do it, we will have to wait and see.
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it's not friday yet. >> john: i asked because nancy pelosi came out firmly and said the power of the purse rests with the house. but it is possible because the president faced legal challenges before he writes up an executive order to transfer funds from one place to unemployment insurance enhancement and top collecting payroll taxes. i dare you to take me to court. >> well, they will take him to court. but he did this with repurposing funds from the defense department to build the wall on the southern border and the courts went along with some of that. there is a 100 billion dollars of real money not spent yet. there is should talk about in the earlier coronavirus relief bill, there is the possibility he could take money they already tapped for coronavirus relief and use that for extended
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federal benefits or for other purposes as well. >> john: we should point out the way he started this, it's the 75th anniversary of the bombing of hiroshima. the first time a nuclear bomb was used in wartime. you wrote a bock about this. countdown 1945. hiroshima wanted to end the war but his generals would not let him and wanted to keep going. >> one issue would the japanese have surrendered if we had not gone ahead and dropped that terrible bomb. 135,000 people killed in hiroshima either from the original blast or from radiation sickness. they dropped the first bomb 75 years ago today on hiroshima. august 6, 1945. silence from the japanese government. three days later the u.s.
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dropped a second more powerful bomb on another japanese city. the military government still did not want to surround. -- surrender. it took the emperor to go over their heads and deliver a radio address saying our country will be obliterated and we need to stand down, that led to the end of world war ii. >> john: the u.s. has been criticized for dropping bombs. but the war would have ended but at what cost compared to the cost of the dropping the bomb? >> no, the choice was not drop the bomb or do nothing. the choice was drop the bomb or invade japan. the estimate there would be half a million u.s. casualties and a million japanese casualties.
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>> john: see you tomorrow before fox news sunday. good to see you. president trump in battleground ohio today. he will speak any minute now. social media companies pulled his post about the virus. how much do we know? dr. mark siegel next. into a smaller life? are your asthma treatments just not enough? then see what could open up for you with fasenra. it is not a steroid or inhaler. it is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. it's an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. nearly 7 out of 10 adults with asthma may have elevated eosinophils. fasenra is designed to target and remove eosinophils,
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buy now and get two days free at the parks. restrictions apply. >> ♪ >> john: we wait to hear from president trump and that's not him at the whirlpool factory in ohio. his campaign pushing back from silicone valley's bias against
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the president posts. live from the white house. >> the white house said for months that big-tech is targeting president trump. picking on president trump and other conservative voices. specifically this is the first time facebook has taken down a video. this was from the president's facebook page. that is significant. twitter has been flagging posts for months. they froze the trump campaign twitter site until they took down the video. this surrounds some comments that president trump made on this network on fox and friends yesterday morning. they said the president had misinformation about kids contracting covid-19. facebook said this video has false claims. and twitter wrote something similar. the tweet is in violation of the twitter rules on covid-19
12:25 pm
misinformation. the president was asked about this on the south lawn today and gave a short answer. >> read the newspapers or the medical reports. >> he said read the medical reports, but experts agree that children do contract covid-19 but it doesn't mean they are close to being immune. you look at studies across the world. in many cases children are hospitalized and passed away. the word that got trump in trouble was saying children were close to immune. twitter and facebook pledgeing to verify boasts from both campaigning. >> john: david, let's find it is that children or are not. dr. mark siegel. you heard the president say that
12:26 pm
children are almost immune. what is the real deal? >> well, i can't interpret what he meant. children under the age of 5 who get covid-19 were found in a study last week to have more of the virus in their noses than adults do. the issue is about immunity. one of the explanations for why kids may have milder cases is they may have cross-immunity bringing from other coronaviruses they are exposed. the other theory is that children have stronger immune systems. that doesn't mean they can't spread covid-19. >> john: dr. marc siegel, do you
12:27 pm
get the sense that the president trusts his experts or trusts his gut? >> i think both. john, that's a tough question. he trusts his experts, but he also goes day-to-day with that. he has top experts there. he is not afraid to disagree with one of his experts and not afraid to look at it from an economic point of view and collateral damage. but it's a mistake to think he is angry at this expert and is not listening. they all way in. deborah birx is a good example. he had a tiff with her but he gets reports from her all the time. >> john: we look at the cases in the united states continuing at a fairly high rate. now we see germany and france begining to have renewed problems. numbers far lower in germany.
12:28 pm
900 per day. france is higher. 3300. indication this is really hard. you are playing whack a mole with it. >> you said that exactly right. a lot has to do with travel. we are using a 1918 model. how did we control the spanish flu in 1918? we closed everything and cut down on travel. in st. louis they would not let you on a street car. now we have planes. you end up with travelers going from one place to the next. what works is the physical distancing and the masks and the hygiene and protecting our most vulnerable keeping them away from those who are spreading it. many areas of this country are not complying with that. that's why we have emerging hot spots in the south and the west
12:29 pm
and that's happening with the schools reopening. >> john: if we had 95% mask compliance, a person said that's like shutting down the country again in terms of effects. president trump jumping on new comments that joe biden made about the african-american community. plus new york's attorney general taking on the nra and trying to shut the group down. more than a dozen arrests after that devastating explosion in lebanon's capital. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> john: the bottom of the hour headlines. lebanese judge said 16 people are under arrest in connection with the blast that levelled beirut. all workers at the city's port. lefevele
12:34 pm
leveled. new york's attorney general wants to dismantle the nra accusing them of funneling million dollars into the pockets of executives for personal use. the nra calls the accusations baseless. voters in minneapolis won't decide whether to disband the police department. it was supposed to be on a ballot but the commission wants to review the proposal. president trump at the whirlpool washing machine factory in a. -- in ohio. let's listen. >> on the question of foreign trade previous leaders were guided by a shameless policy of capitulation, submission and retreat. you watched politicians let foreign nations steal our jobs, loot our factories and plunder
12:35 pm
the crown jewels of the u.s. economy. washington stood by. in the case of your industry and company, the wholesale dumping of low cost products to drive you out of business so they could give us products at double and triple the price. we didn't let that happen, did we. >> [cheers and applause]. >> for 8 years, whirlpool begged the obama administration and biden administration who did nothing to protect the nation from the foreign dumping of
12:36 pm
products in our country. they didn't care. for 8 years under the obama administration, american factory workers received broken promises and lost job. the last administration tied america up and kater indicatord to the special industries. the suffering of our workers was met with cruel betrayal and callous indifference. in 2013 the u.s. international trade commission find your competitors from korea and other countries get of dumping washers into the u.s. market and ordered them to pay duties as high as
12:37 pm
75%. but rather than do that, they relocated production to another country. a country called china. have you ever heard of it? the last administration did nothings that a kept dumping washers into the u.s. market with impunity. the obama and biden administration were a joke and they were happy to let china win. your jobs disappear and your factory to close. you know what it was like. i came through today and everybody was out there. tremendous crowds waving and cheering. i said i must have done it right. because you have people that were really, really something. >> [cheers and applause]. >> 4 or 5 years ago this place was a disaster. in 2017 whirlpool once more your
12:38 pm
foreign competitors moved their factories to prevent a level play field and to avoid liability. shifting production to thailand and vietnam. i like their leaders with you do they take advantage of the united states. not so much anymore. this time, there was one big difference. instead of an administration that sold out american workers and sold your company out and could not have cared less for you, you finally had a president who stood up for the american worker. on january 23, 2018, at my desk in the oval office i signed the order to oppose a 50% tariff on all foreign-made washing machines. >> [cheers and applause]. >> as a result, whirlpool's 9
12:39 pm
factories across the united states were soon thriving like never before. investing in new products and new infrastructure and hundreds of new american jobs. i just took a tour. i wanted a couple of those machines for myself. but i just didn't know if it would be appropriate to ask. they are beautiful. that include thousands of new jobs across the ohio supply chain from here in clyde and greenville. all over. your company became a shining example from a company that was down-and-out. it became a shining example of what tough trade policies and smart tariffs with bring jobs and prosperity to communities like this all over ohio.
12:40 pm
michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania and plenty of other state. they doing great. the plague came if and now they are opening. and it looks like i am right about the v, because the numbers are coming in strong. it should have never happened. china should have never let it happen. defending your jobs in whirlpool i did what i promised in 2016. as a candidate i stood in a metal processing facility in pittsburgh, pennsylvania to outline my plan for an american first trade policy. it was even a better job than i told you. i am one politician that says i will do this and then we do better. we produced more than i promised
12:41 pm
and the wall is being built. it will be finished very soon. >> [cheers and applause]. >> in my speech, i warned that our politicians have pursued a policy of globalization. moving our jobs, wealth and factories overseas. i explained that globalization -- these are the globalists. i don't like the globalists and they don't like me either. globalization made the financial elite who donate to politicians very wealthy but left millions of workers with nothing but poverty and heart ache and our towns and cities with empty factories and plants. for years, later, we made extraordinary progress in reversing the dangerous tide of globalism. over a period of 4 to 5 years this took place. think of it, 4 to 5 years, what we have done is a miracle.
12:42 pm
now it's getting even better because we took official steps. when you do these steps you have to go through procedures. it's not like boom, i will just sign it. it goes out for 90 days of review and then 120 days and are in. we are doing it with the fda. getting vaccines approved in days nobody thought possible. it would take years and years and we are doing it in months. under my administration we are fighting for main street and not wall street. we rejected globalism and embraced patriotism. in june in 2016 i made 7 big promises to american workers. many politicians before me promised change on the campaign trail only to back down in the face of corporate and international pressure. like jerusalem, they all
12:43 pm
promised jerusalem for years and years. i did it. they didn't do it. they didn't do it. i did it. >> [cheers and applause]. >> moved the embassy to jerusalem making jerusalem the capital of israel. they all talked about it. they talked and talked and then they got into office and didn't do it. i understand why. the pressure was enormous, on me too. i just didn't take the phone calls. leaders would call up from other countries. i said i will call them back in a few days. then i just signed all of the papers and got it done and then i called them back. they said i was calling about israel and jerusalem but you have already done it. i said that's right. they said oh, okay. hey, i wish you got me earlier. >> [laughing]. >> i didn't back down from my promises and i kept every single one. first i promised to withdraw the
12:44 pm
united states from the last administration's disastrous assault on u.s. workers, the trans-pacific partnership would have been a disaster especially for the automatic industry. -- automobile industry. it would have put it out of business. i kept that promise and cancelled that. i pledged to appoint the toughest and smartest negotiators to defend american jobs with bob and all of his people. they were fantastic. i would use every legal tool to fight back against unfair trade. i did and i found some that nobody knew it. some were very old. they had a lot of dust on them. not been used for decades and decades. things you could never get passed today. 4th, i labeled china
12:45 pm
a currency manipulator. we cracked down on china. 6th, i protected american jobs and stopped china and many other countries' abuses under section 232 of the trade expansion act of 1962, in section 301 of the trade act of 1974. as your president. >> john: president trump at the whirlpool factory going over his record about bringing manufacturing back from overseas to the united states. he promised it in pittsburgh in 2016. he made good on those promises. we will hear the biden campaign and facebook banning adds from a pro-trump super pac. what is that about? for so with s i felt gross. people were afraid i was contagious.
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>> ♪ >> john: breaking this hour. facebook is banning a pro-trump group or repeated false claims. ed, reporting live. >> this is the committee to defend the president and they said they are a repeat offender of misinformation on facebook. as of august 10th, they won't be allowed to have advertisements or pay for them across that platform for 90 days. that puts it november 1st, right before the election here. facebook said third party fact checkers said they were repeat offenders. a google search one post said former vice-president joe biden said he would bring in an
12:51 pm
african-american vice-president and not an hispanic vice-president. that was false. there is a tide turning in facebook where there is scrutiny on conservative voices going forward. they got a lot of complaints about this group upon the fact checkers went through it. this comes on the heels of the trump campaign having a video removed off the same platform. >> john: right. it will up the ante with the war between the president and social media. coming up next the commission on presidential debates says it will be 3 and they will start on september 29th. what will the president do to get a 4th debate earlier? we will find out coming up. ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i'm what they dream of.
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since you're heading off to dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220.
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brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> ♪ >> john: the commission on presidential debates rejecting president trump's request for an additional earlier debate. let's bring if a former
12:56 pm
baltimore mayor. the president's argument was that because millions of these mail-in ballots will be going out in september, both candidates would benefit from a head-to-head during september when votes might be cast. is that not a valid argument? >> the commission heard his valid argument and thought differently. i think it's fair. the trump campaign is in a downward spiral. they are seeing the numbers. they are seeing their low turnout. he is desperate and hoping by pushing the debate off, he might gain and ground. that's a decision for the commission. >> john: he didn't want to push the debate off. he wanted one added earlier. would that not benefit joe biden seeing him good to head against
12:57 pm
president trump? >> sorry i meant he wanted to have it earlier. to try to make up ground. i think the voters of this country have seen enough. they have seen the way the president has mishandled the coronavirus and i think they know whom they will vote for. i don't think there are many polls showing people being undecided. it's a matter of making sure we do everything we can to ensure that people make it to the polls. >> john: i think there are still a lot of undecided voters out there. joe biden said something in an interview at the national association of black journalists that raised a lot of eyebrows. let me play it for. >> you unlike the african-american community the latino community is incredibly diverse with different attitudes. you go to florida you find
12:58 pm
a different attitude about immigration than in arizona. >> john: your reaction and is that going to have any impact on african-american voters? >> first, when you take a statement like that out of context, it's easy for that to be click bait. what vice-president biden was saying is unlike with the latino community where you have huge pockets, huge communities who have been republican and stayed republican, the african-american compand by in large is very loyal and has been well served by the democratic party. i don't think you can find pockets of african-american democrats and whether or not, that's what vice-president biden was saying. for the president to try to
12:59 pm
twist it, to say something else, is again, desperate and unfair. >> john: some people think it speaks to the idea that the democratic party takes the deaf african-american vote for granted. >> he didn't say that. >> john: people suggested that the democratic party does that. the vice-presidential announcement do we expect it next week who is your money riding on? >> i am not betting. i hope and expect it to come out next week. we talk about some people saying that the democratic party takes advantage or does not really pay attention to the african-american vote. at least the democratic party isn't doing dirty tricks to suppress the vote and get additional candidates to divide
1:00 pm
the vote. african-americans don't have to worry about with the democratic party. >> john: i am john roberts in for bill hemmer. "your world with neil cavuto" is next. >> neil: thank you very much. we are monitoring the president. he is still speaking in ohio. he has been ripping his predecessor with his economic performance compared to the president's. a couple of quick clarifications. he said he inherited a mess and jobs were bleeding. to get all of our facts right. the president can crow about how the economy was chugging along before the virus and coming back. for


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