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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 10, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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jillian: it is monday, august 10th. this is a fox news alert. overnight, chaos erupts in chicago over a police involved shooting, reports of shots fired at officers and looting across the city. todd: more mayhem in portland, police declaring a riot as attorney general bill barr condemns the recent unrest in an exclusive fox news interview. >> anyone with eyes can see what's happening. they see the violence. yet, you hear about peaceful
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demonstrators. it's a lie. the american people are being told a lie by the media. ♪ todd: you are watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm todd pyros. jilliantodd piro.jillian: i'm . chaos in chicago overnight, crowds clash with police as looters ransacked stores across the city. [crowd noises] todd: looters mobbing upscale stores as officers try to keep them at bay. jillian: the unrest began after a man was shot by police. officers say the suspect opened fire first during a chase. police returned fire, striking the man. todd: this comes on the heels of a violent weekend in the
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city, 35 people shot, three killed. jillian: attorney general bill barr blasting the unrest across major u.s. cities in an exclusive fox news interview. todd: marianne rafferty joins us live. >> reporter: after two months of protests across the city, attorney general bill barr says the groups are interested in a communist or socialist revolution. this was the scene in seattle. you can see protesters tram martin luther king a u.s. -- trampling a u.s. fire. a woman tries to put it out and she was acosted by a large crowd, saved when police officers intervened. other protesters scream at bystanders, apparently angry that this man is hugging a woman. >> [bleep] >> reporter: ag barr says protesters like this want chaos, not change.
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>> it's a new form of urban guerrilla warfare. they go into the demonstrations which are exercising first amendment activity and they insinuate themselves in there to shield themselves. that's where they swim. and what they do is they hijack these demonstrations and they provoke violence. >> reporter: and in portland sunday marked the 74th day of unrest with a crowd of protesters descending on the police union building in north portland that was set on fire saturday. police pushed back rioters, causing them to scatter, not before they threw objects and exploded a large fire work. police responded by firing crowd control munitions. ag barr weighing in on the motives behind the violence saying it's always been about bringing down the president. >> they were trying to impeach him from day one. they have done everything they can. they've shredded the norms of our system. it's the husban lust for power y
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weren't expecting trump's victory and it outrages them. >> reporter: in colorado, pro-police demonstrators clashed with black lives matter protesters that appeared to be antifa during a back the blue rally. three people were arrested. barr slamming the media for portraying the protests at peaceful. >> i've been appalled about this violence. it's happening on the streets. anyone with eyes can see what's happening. they see the violence. they don't see it on the national news, you don't see it on the networks, the other cable stations, yet you hear about petitionful demonstrators. -- peaceful demonstrators. it's a lie. the american people are being told a lie by the media. >> reporter: and amid all the non-stop protests and chaos around the country, a vote to defund the seattle police is set for today. jillian, todd. todd: marianne, thank you. jillian: acting homeland security secretary ken
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cuccinelli said the blame game changed in portland after democrats once faulted federal agents for stoking violence, listen. >> the truth has overcome the narrative. the blame game has changed as things went on. there was a point where the portland mayor said we caused the violence and it was quickly pointed out that the violence was going on for five weeks before we added officers from outside of portland and so they changed the narrative to everything was getting better until we showed up and then it was we're the source and of course when the state police finally came in to police that area which the locals wouldn't and you've seen the last six nights in a row riots declared by the local police with no federal facilities involved. very sad. todd: take a look at this, a fox news alert now, fire ripping through rachael ray's home in upstate new york overnight. firefighters say the celebrity chef was inside when it started.
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ray, her husband and dog are all safe. she's been filming episodes of her talk show in the kitchen during the pandemic. no word on what started the fire or how bad the damage is. jillian: senator lindsey graham claiming the fbi deceived the senate intelligence committee on their knowledge of the steele dossier. >> the fbi did what they did to the fisa court. they misled the hell out of them. they said that there's no evidence from the subsource to suggest that steele fabricated anything in the dossier. actually, the subsource said it was all bar talk, hearsay, speculation, and conjecture. they completely misrepresented to the senate intel committee in 2018 what the subsource had told the fbi in 2017. that is a new crime, a different crime. jillian: graham said he's going to write a thrower the fbi director and ask him who gave the briefing in 2018. coming up later this hour, former florida attorney general,
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pam bondi, will be here to weigh in. todd: democrat backlash growing as president trump takes executive action on covid-19 relief. jillian: this following weeks of failed negotiations on capitol hill. caroline shibley joins us live in washington with the war of words over the president's order. caroline. >> reporter: good morning, todd and jillian. if the president can get these four things down, it sounds great. critics in congress say he doesn't have the authority to bypass them and the states don't have the money to help fund the unemployment benefits. take a look at what he signed. technically one executive order and three memoranda. there are $400 per week in supplemental unemployment payments, an extension of student loan relief through december 31, a study of protections from evictions and a payroll tax holiday through the end of the year. tens of millions of people have been getting extra unemployment benefits of $600 a month. that stopped 10 days ago. congress was hoping to having new in place by then but couldn't come up with a deal to extend. house democrats passed a $3
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trillion bill almost three months ago. >> one of the problems with those executive orders, they do much less than meets the eye. but the bigger problem is what they leave out. i am urging the president and my republican colleagues in the senate to sit down and meet with us. we made an offer to meet them halfway. >> reporter: here's another problem. the president suspended the payroll tax and talked about making that permanent if he's reelected. critics point out it funds social security and medicare. some have said they'll go to court to block him. >> i would say if the democrats want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits to hard-working americans that are out of a job because of covid, they're going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> reporter: about that $400 a week unemployment benefit, states would have to pay 100 of it. some governors say they simply don't have the cash. jillian and todd, back to you. jillian: caroline, thank you.
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todd: now to another fox news alert, china claiming they're applying sanctions against u.s. officials including senators ted cruz and marco rubio starting today, over the u.s. imposing sanctions on hong kong and chinese officials accused of curtailing political freedoms. overnight, this is a big deal, hong kong police arresting media tycoon jimmy lai under suspicion of colluding with foreign forces, the highest profile of a new national security law china imposed on the city back in june. lai has been a pro-democracy figure in hong kong. we'll keep you posted. robert o'brien warning of chinese hackers trying to tamper with this year's presidential election. >> they would like the president to lose and china like russia, like iran, have engaged in cyber attacks and phishing with respect to our election require
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infrastructure. we're taking steps to counter it. there will be severe consequences. todd: they also released a report last week saying russia was trying to interfere as well. o'brien saying the trump administration has made it clear to china and russia not to infiltrate the election. jillian: president trump denying a new york times report, claiming he contacted south dakota's governor about being added to mount rushmore. the president calling it fake news in a tweet saying he, quote, never suggested it although based on all of the many things accomplished during the first three and-a-half years, perhaps more than any other presidency, sounds like a good idea to me. president trump celebrated independence day at the federal monument earlier this summer. the lead singer of rascal flats looking to help americans struggling amid the pandemic. ♪ what hurts the most. ♪ was being so close. jillian: he took to instagram
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to offer jobs with his moving company. he says in part, if you're in columbus or cincinnati, oh, of yow or nashville -- ohio or nashville tennessee, i own a company called black tie moving. if you don't have a job, we'll hire you. he will join "fox & friends" today to talk about getting americans back to work. todd: we all need to be rolling in the same direction, coming together as a country and a helping one another. that's a great example of it. time now, 11 minutes after the hour. more shark sightings at long island beaches, it's almost like the sharks live in the ocean. we're going to confirm that. the red flag restrictions now in place. jillian: and one week until the dnc and joe biden still hasn't announced his vp pick. progressives are pushing karen n bass. tezlyn figaro says biden knows who he's choosing and guess what, it's not her. she's live with her prediction, next. ♪ the final countdown.
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todd: welcome back. hope you're having a great monday so far. we are just one week away from the dnc and joe biden still hasn't announced his vp. jillian: he says it's coming soon. in the meantime, more than 300 progressive dnc delegates are urging him to pick california congresswoman karen bass. is bass really the one to watch? political analyst, tezlyn figaro, joins us live now. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. jillian: so who is she? what do you know about her? and why do you think she's not the one? >> well, what i do know is that for progressives, they continue to keep begging and begging like an ex lover that just can't figure out that love doesn't live there anymore. joe biden knows exactly who he is picking, it won't be karen bass. she's a great woman. no point going into her
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background, she won't be selected. it's between susan rice and kamala harris. progressive understand that begging and screaming on twitter, it won't happen. i would love denzel washington to be single and show up at my door with bended knee. he's not showing up. the relationship is over with. progressives need to focus on what they need to do going forward. todd: you have an amazing way with words that always puts a smile on our face and is also insightful. another southern california democrat, maxine waters, said this about the eventual nominee. take a listen. >> based on everything that i know and understand, and the help that he has already gotten from the black community, he can't go home without a black woman being vp. we're going to have a black woman vp. todd: i know you agree request ultimately her -- with
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ultimately her conclusion, but is the way she gets there correct? >> looks like there's difference of opinion between maxine waters and jim clyburn who said it's totally fine for him not to pick a black woman as vp for the same reason that she said he could. jim clyburn believes since he has the black vote locked up and no matter what folks will vote for joe biden, he doesn't necessarily have to pick a vp. this will come down to if joe biden is going to remain loyal to the base that has obviously carried him over the top or is he going to just continue to do whatever it is he wants to do and going based upon his history, i wouldn't be surprised if he does the latter and just does what he wants to do but apparently it is between senator harris and susan rice. i think he'll be moving forward with her. we'll see. the establishment, the older generation is certainly bickering back and forth on who they think should be the person. other folks are saying it's not just about a black vp, it's also about policy. i'm one of those folks that are about policy.
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symbolism is great, policy is better. we'll see how we move forward with this. he should announce and stop playing games. he's certainly not making a decision in the next 24 hours. it was made weeks and weeks ago and so let's move forward so we can get to the next step in this process. jillian: before we let you go, kind of big picture here. you mentioned in in-party bickering if you will, i think that was your word. a lot of the party is pushing the progressive agenda. what do you think that says about the party as a whole and the fact there's so much bickering. >> i don't think it says anything about the party, except democrats are going to democrat. progressives are wasting unnecessary energy begging someone that doesn't want to deal with you and your progressive issues. why not focus on 2024, focus on candidates. i've never been one -- i'm an independent voter. i've never been someone that wants to be somewhere that someone doesn't want to see me.
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you're either riding with biden or you're not. they're taking bernie sanders along for the ride, the to progressive, he's buckled up. it's either buckle up or shut up. i think democrats made it clear even if you look at the dnc convention and those who will be speaking that either you're with them and their current policies or you're not and they really are not taking anything, the progressives are saying, into consideration. because they simply don't have to because bernie sanders conceded and folded and that was all they needed in order to move forward and that's just the reality of where we are. jillian: i know you're busy waiting for denzel to show up at your door. thanks, tezlyn. good to see you. grandmas for trump, weekly rallies are taking kansas by storm thanks to three patriotic grandmas. plus -- todd: how lucky is she, a lightning strike sent debris
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. a state of emergency declared in one county after a strong earthquake rattles north carolina. aftershocks now expected for the next few days. the 5.1 quake buckling roads and damaging buildings. it's the strongest one to hit the state in more than 100 years. it was felt in jury and tennessee. -- in virginia and tennessee. food and other items were thrown from shelves at grocery stores. no reports or any major injuries. todd: let's go to adam klotz for a look at the weather. in local news, when there's an earthquake, they go to the meteorologist. i never understood that. is the meteorologist supposed to
2:24 am
predict the earthquake? why do they do that? >> we never know when those are coming. i don't know why we do that. i'm not an expert. i don't know. todd: i never understood. >> me neither guys. what we know about is the forecast, we're talking about big storms, some warm temperatures across the country also. early this morning, spots in the 60s and 70s. that is all going to fuel evidence. ly more big storms before the day is over, particularly in the upper midwest, the great lakes region, still a little bit of heavy activity happening right now. i think through wichita, chicago, all areas we'll pay attention to and the heat continues. these are heat advisories. i'm going to leave you with the forecasted highs on the day, temperatures again guys jumping into the 90s, some spots in the triple digits. another hot one across the country. todd, those are the things i do know. any earthquakes on the way, i have no idea. todd: you do a great job with that. i'm not asking you to do more.
2:25 am
i like you just the way you are. >> appreciate it. jillian: thanks, adam. todd: jillian, so happy right now with that talk. a woman comes inches away from getting hit by debris from a lightning strike, this is terrifying. a close call, all caught on camera [sound of light thing] todd: sarah barty stepping outside the moment lightning strikes a tree. she said one step closer and i would have been seriously injured. no one else was injured, thank goodness. jillian: red flag warnings in effect after more shark sightings off the coast of beachs in new york. four sharks were caught over the weekend by fishermen including one in the town of hempstead. this comes as shark week officially kicks off. todd: the one on the tv, not like shark week in the ocean, not like they know it's shark week, and they'll make a big appearance. they're there all the time, according to my sources.
2:26 am
jillian: they may know. todd: 25 minutes after the hour. democrats blasting the president's executive orders on covid stimulus, calling them unconges tuesdayal. matt -- unconge unconstitutiona. mattie duppler breaks it down. jillian: a mascot tries to have fun with fans. you don't want to miss it. ♪ liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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jillian: good morning. welcome back. tiktok is expected to file filea lawsuit against the trump administration over the president's ban of the app. todd: cheryl cheryl fro casonee with more. >> tiktok is planning to challenge president trump's executive order in court, that banned the company from operating in the united states. the federal suit may be filed as soon as tomorrow. and the suit is reportedly going to argue the eo is unconstitutional and the charge that tiktok is a national security list is baseless. earlier, carrie frederick said on "fox & friends" first that tiktok is a security risk. >> we cannot have communist regimes one phone call away from
2:41 am
directly or indirectly controlling platforms where americans exchange information. >> over the weekend, there were reports that twitter may be interested in tiktok's u.s. operations. microsoft also in discussions to do the same. and i it looks like at this point microsoft is the stronger of the two bidders going for tiktok. we'll keep you posted. todd: as you know, this is the part of the show where i act like an old man. the ford mustang, the electric version is going to pump optional engine noise into the cabin? huh? >> let's listen and you guys can decide. play it. [engine sounds] jillian: that's like piercing to me. >> that's a computer noise. this is a new -- it looks cool. t thithis is the new electric
2:42 am
mustang. it's the opposite of what an electric vehicle should be is what people are say. are saying. it's an optional engine noise that is broadcast in the inside of the car. if you need the loud car noise, that's what you get. it has a screen inside the car like a tesla. it will be about $44,000. as for the fake engine noise, what they're saying they're doing at ford is trying to get people the quote, unquote, mustang spear yedges. it's up to you -- experience. you can turn it off if you want. jillian: okay. thanks, cheryl. everyone's awake now. todd: time you now, 42 minutes after the hour. new documents reveal the fbi misled the senate on the steele dossier. pam bondi calls it a miscarriage of justice. she is next. hike!
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>> i cannot wait to tell you what's coming up in 15 minutes. i think i will. we're following the top political stories, from president trump extending coronavirus relief through a series of executive orders because congress couldn't do anything. there's critics of the president. we'll go over that and we'll talk about the constitutionality of it all. we get reaction from the white house, from kayleigh mcenany, up early to talk about all this, what the president has on tap after joe biden's worst week in the last two weeks and congressman michael walsh will be with us, the former green beret war fighter, now a congressman from florida, wants to make sure that susan rice is not the next vice presidential tom knee with joe biden because of her track record and what he has personally to do with that and chairwoman ronna mcdaniel, the rnc, will talk about the 10 states that joe biden is currently leading in that donald trump won in 2016.
2:47 am
also on deck, the economy with charles payne. dan bongino about urban warfare in america and what the attorney general said over the weekend, ben domenech on where we're at in this process and jake steinfeld is standing up for the fitness work, he's here to talk about that and a brand-new dlaing could make you hell -- dlaing could make you healthier. and we share a mission to get americans back to work. don't miss a minute of "fox & friends." we have a written quiz. please have a number two pencil ready. back to you guys, who are already dressed. the fbi, they misled the hell out of them. they said that there's no evidence that steele fabricated anything in the dossier. actually, the subsource said it was all bar talk, hearsay, speculation. so they completely misrepresented to the senate.
2:48 am
todd: senator lindsey graham demanding accountability after he says a newly released document shows the fbi lied to the senate intel committee about the steele dossier. graham says the fbi said there was no reason to doubt the controversial report back in 2018. jillian: knowing what we know now, could criminal charges be coming? here to react is former florida attorney general, pam bondi. good to see you this morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning, jillian, thanks. jillian: what do you think? what do you see coming? >> i hopefully see some indictments coming. this, what lindsey graham said is so important, because we have known this steele dossier was crucial in spying on the trump campaign and frankly the president-elect at the time of the united states. we know it's lies. the american people know it was based on lies. when you go to get a fisa warrant, it's one of the most important things you can do, and to obtain that warrant to spy on
2:49 am
other americans even more importantly the president of the united states, you have to swear under oath that when you speak to a judge, a court, that those representations that you're using to spy are true. here we all know that they were based on false testimony. we talked about that many times. but what senator graham is so upset about is they continued -- they basically doubled down in 2018 when they testified again in the senate intelligence hearing. and by then, christopher wray was in charge. so that's pretty frightening and what senator graham wants to know, christopher wray, who testified that all these things were true as recent as 2018 under i oath in a senate intelligence hearing. we now know all this information was false and they used that to obtain warrants and these people have got to be all removed from the fbi, if they haven't been
2:50 am
already, and more importantly, they have to be held accountable for their actions. if they're going to do this to the president of the united states, what would they do to an ordinary citizen every day. todd: i want to switch gears to the executive orders. a number of democrats blasting them as unconstitutional. take a listen. >> in fact, what the president did is unconstitutional slop. >> it's most likely, as even republican senators have said, unconstitutional. >> unconstitutional slop. unconstitutional slop. >> that said, i believe what he is trying to do is unconstitutional. todd: pam, are they correct? >> [ laughter ] no. and nancy pelosi's not a lawyer, nor should she try to play one on tv anymore. under the staff ford act, the unemployment benefits which benefit so many americans, it's very legal, how the president did it. you can -- under the hurricane, for instance, if you have a disaster, like in florida we
2:51 am
often have, the president can use funds to help individuals. here, there were other needs like fema disaster, here every state experienced an unprecedented disaster, based on the virus brought to us by china. so they had every right, our government, our president, to do this because congress couldn't act. they could not get their act together. they were trying to use liberal policies, using this as leverage against the american people who needed money now to stay -- our businesses to stay afloat, americans to not get kicked out of their apartments, our economy to keep running and get back on track. if congress wasn't going to act, president trump was. he did so by four very good executive orders this weekend. todd: pam, it's going to be fascinating to see if they ultimately follow up in the courts or if they say look, this is all blouse tear bluster, we'o make a big complaint in the media and not do anything.
2:52 am
we shall see. pam bondi, we appreciate your time this morning. jillian: cancel culture taking aim at u.s. history. todd: cabot phillips joins us on that, he's coming up next. ♪ . . y find the world is new, again.
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2:56 am
liberals don't like what they see and not alone. next guest says a concerted effort to revise history to fit the modern social justice narrative works of fiction in our education system. why he says cancel culture is distorting american history. thanks for joining us. explain that. >> thanks so much for having me on. one of the things we have been covering at leadership campus reform is the complete change what's been taught to our students. not just what's been taught but our curriculum. fundamental reshaping of our education system to institutionalize indoctrination. now teaching people that our country is not something to be proud of but evil. teaching people in the curriculum that our history is something that should not make them proud of our country. started with removing american exceptionalism from our classes. teaching of america is great. oivesdz people because there are negative parts of our history.
2:57 am
moving from there to american exceptionalism. doesn't make people comfortable because it doesn't fit the narrative. where are the academics that defend. this where are the politicians calling for the integrity of our educational system. terrified to. first line of push back lead to them being called a racist or bigot. they don't want that. they are terrified into silence and submission that's why they are not pushing back on this. make no mistake about it what is taught in our classrooms is going to manifest itself in the polls and elections and entire generation moving forward in ourflation. jillian: "times" magazine the 1619 project. can you explain what this is? you talk about it in your op-ed. >> this is a work of fiction that's masquerading as history "new york times" now teaching that the real founding of america was in 1619 when supposedly the first slaves were brought over here. the real founding of america the
2:58 am
reason the country was started was to defend slavery it you completely not true. debunked by every leading historian. because it came from the left and in the "new york times" we are giving them the power today indicate our children. this is being institutionalized in the classroom. k through 12 schools around the country allowing the "new york times" to dictate their curriculum even though it's been completely debunked. because of the lack of a accountability with reshaping of our history. we have seen these outrage moms being able to change our history and remove statues and remove names of things. now seeing the same people. whoever is the most outraged and say they're the most upset the most in line the most woke they are able to define what is going on in our classrooms and what's being taught. that's why open embraced acceptance of 1619 project in class. we began for years on college campuses and now it's working its way down to current
2:59 am
generations. jillian: cabot phillips, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, guys. rob: three grand mass holding a weekly really to support patism and the president. will they meet every saturday to hold the personal flag on interstate energy kansas. the group slowly growing each week, now over 100 come out to show their support. todd: all right. kansas city royals mascot trying to make the best of the pandemic like we all are. he has a different take. take a look he is roaming the stands those aren't real fans. he has a food sign. delivering snacks to the cardboard spectators. slugger tries to give one of the cutouts of the fan as jersey makeover. >> that's one of the -- i want to get i think the experience is awesome i would imagine you
3:00 am
would rather go as yourself. remember, set your dvr for 4:00 a.m. weekday morning for "fox & friends first." jillian: back here tomorrow 4:00 a.m. fox and friends starts right now. have a good day . >> is it legal? >> well, you know, i will leave that up to the attorney. >> if the democrats want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits, they are going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> newly declassified documents that could indicate fresh criminality. >> somebody needs to go jail for this. this is a second lie. this is a second crime. >> the whether a they


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