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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  August 10, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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remember, set your dvr for 4:00 a.m. weekday morning for "fox & friends first." jillian: back here tomorrow 4:00 a.m. fox and friends starts right now. have a good day . >> is it legal? >> well, you know, i will leave that up to the attorney. >> if the democrats want to challenge us in court and hold up unemployment benefits, they are going to have a lot of explaining to do. >> newly declassified documents that could indicate fresh criminality. >> somebody needs to go jail for this. this is a second lie. this is a second crime. >> the whether a they said was
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china would prefer joe biden. whether they do, that's their conclusion that they would prefer joe biden. >> 64 final round. california kid is the new star in the game of gulf. >> oh, boy. >> good morning, everybody. it is august 10th, 2020. and we start with a fox news alert. you are looking at chicago illinois. chaos in the windy city overnight. crowds clashing with police as looters target stores across the city overnight, ainsley. ainsley: that's right, steve. and todd piro joins us live with what sparked the unrest in the windy city. todd? >> steve, ainsley and brian, good morning. hundreds of people mobbing chicago's magnificent mile smashing windows and fighting with officers.
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crowds hitting several luxury stores for hours. transit to the downtown city area has been suspended. no word on any arrests or injuries. all this unrest coming hours after a man was shot by police on the city's south side. officers say he offered fire during a chase. forcing them to fire back. angry crowds throwing objects at officers and spraying one with mace. the deputy police chief blamed this man for stirring up the crowds. >> officer shot the man again even with he told them i'm down. >> suspect was brought to a local hospital. no word right now on his condition. administrative duties. this all comes on the heals of a violent weekend in the city. at least 35 people shot. three people killed. steve, anxiously and brian, back to you. >> thanks, todd. it's amazing what's going on. because this started off with george floyd and the way he died
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and what it means for race in america. and now it's just turned tout flat out seems to be a war against america and american cities in particular. in fact, i look at this one call from this black protester in portland who says we are struggling to have our voices heard it. happened so much that the things that we care about get hijacked get put on the back burner. that's exactly what's happening. what i thought was really amazing when the attorney general sat down with mark levin he sees the whole comprehensive look at what is happening in our cities and he sees warfare. listen. >> they were trying to impeach him from day one. they have shredded the norms of our system. and i think it's because of the desire for power. in the old days you could have friends across the aisle, you know, politics was part of your life, but it wasn't all-consuming. i think what's hand is that the left wing has really withdrawn
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and pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded our society since our founding. i think the left really represents rousseaun revolutionary senator believes in tearing down the system. they believe in complete political victory. they are not interested in compromise. brian: it could be political victory i don't know what platform is anti-american from taking down the statues to destroying our institutions to not having a job. and not even representing racial unrest. it's called american unrest amongst americans it, seems. add to that the defunding of the police which is rampant in over 25 major cities. steve: you know, brian, when he started he was talking about how the black lives matter protests devolved into riots. but it was antifa, he said, that was behind all of that.
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and what they did was they would hijack a peaceful protest. and he also said to mark levin last night and he said that is what they have done, they have hijacked this particular movement and moment in america but, at the same time he says that the media are buying in to that and they established a narrative, ainsley, where they just say, you know, it's -- we don't know what they are talking about. these are peaceful protesters. but as we know, they are not all peaceful protesters. ainsley: yes. he said if you watch most of the networks they are going to say these are peaceful protesters he said they are not telling the truth. these are really riots that are organized antifa. like you said use the word hijack, steve. they are hijacking these demonstrations and they are provoking violence. he gave an interesting analogy that i thought was worth repeating. he said being like a official when he talks about the guerrilla warfare. being like a fish, swimming in the ocean the way a guerrilla moves through the people.
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hides out among the people fish nut ocean shrouds themselves in first amendment activity go. into demonstrations, field themselves and that's where they swim. brian: if you look at the 60's with the racial unrest. if you want to know what the issues were and how to solve them, you sit down and listen to james baldwin. you look at martin luther king jr. you talk to malcolm x and they sit down and meet the press and sit down with the news stars of that day and say this is exactly what's wrong with america and this is how i want to fix it. there is nobody to talk to on the other side. because it's been swamped by shirtless skateboarders who evidently are getting paid direct deposit from antifa. so let's talk about 2020 and what it means for our future. i thought it was pretty interesting. hard not to like dr. jill biden. will america got a chance to meet her over the last 8 years. very impressive. amazing, because, when it comes down to meet with the press. she is able to do what her
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husband can't. that's meet with the press face to face. here is what is going in to the vice president's pick. it will be his. >> do you see yourself as someone who will be an advisor to the president? >> it's a marriage. and you listen to one another. you talk things out with one another. >> have you weighed in on how think would be a good vice president for him and who might not be so great? >> you know, we have talked about the different women candidates, but it's got to be joe's decision, who he feelst most comfortable with, who shares his values. and that's what he has always said, that he and barack had. brian: he hemmed himself, in i'm going to pick a woman. a woman of color. and here are the finalists. and there you go. we have the same people talking about michael walls to susan rice to kamala harris on down. we will see who he gels with best and see if he kamala harris
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a frenkted family. this reporter sits down one-on-one with joe biden and does a one-on-one interview with jill biden but does one with joe biden from what location? steve: what's interesting is, and there you see the back of rita braver's head. she is an excellent reporter. she is talking to joe biden, it looks like on a laptop or on an ipad whereas she was actually in the same room with dr. jill biden, which is curious because and i think somebody from the campaign yesterday said to peter doocy who i understand over the weekend was named the next vice presidential nominee by joe biden when he was out on the bike trail. he said somebody from the campaign said, you know, it's interesting that joe biden can go to church and take selfies, and go on bike rides and things like that, but he cannot appear in public and he does not appear, ainsley, as well, to members of the press often in
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person. ainsley: i thought he was going to pick a woman but apparently he picked your son-in-law. your son who is going to be vice president he said it's you. steve: i got news for you, peter doocy is not 35 yet so he cannot be vice president and that's the video right there. ainsley: so they also interviewed her -- that was peter out trying to get an interview with him. who is going to be the vice president. if you missed that you should go back and miss it. i picked my candidate and it's you. and he keeps driving on or riding on. right. she also talked about losing their son and that pulls at everyone's heart strings if you are a parent and you have lost someone. i understand that's understandably utmost horrific things you could ever go through. when they asked her about hunter biden and some of the accusations against him and allegations against burisma told we already lost a child. that's worse than that we will get through this as a couple. rita asked her about the allegations about some of the women about him getting too
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close to them. she said he made them feel uncomfortable and realized and aware of it so he keeps his distance now. brian: most important thing to bring up hunter biden is an adult he made the decisions and millions of dollars. maybe they can get the best therapy possible to get them through this time. maybe hunter biden should sit sit down and explain investments in air force 2 in china a and hedge fund. ainsley: said it's not fair to go after our kids. brian: the kid is 40 and very much involved in what the president was doing in his last couple of years. meanwhile, nancy pelosi was brought this question. it looks like according to the director of national intelligence that russia prefers president trump to win the election and that china prefers joe biden to win the election. so to show nancy pelosi show how tough nancy pelosi would be on n
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would be on china this is what she said. >> i take no -- i take no criticism-out chinese, what they said was china would prefer joe biden, whether they do, that's their conclusion that they would prefer joe biden. brian: right. she says joe biden, of course china would prefer that look at what the president has done along with secretary of state mike pompeo to china. they are stopping them every way they can possible as they steam roll hong kong in comes sanctions. take over the south china sea, in comes the seventh fleet go. after tijuana we send our health and human secretary over there sanctioning individual people. what did will will joe biden do, what did barack obama do. leave off the car go section of air force 1. will will that's what china sees is weakness. wife wungtsd they want more of that steve. [. steve: on friday night said if joe biden wins, china would own our country. meanwhile, let's talk a little
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bit about what the president did on friday night. and that was he signed an executive order. you know, if you have been paying attention to what's going on on capitol hill, the democrats and republicans in the white house could not get together on an extension of the unemployment benefits. they ran out the supplemental 600 bucks you got extra from the federal government ran out last week. and so rather than have people go without and there are so many people who are still really really hurting given the pandemic. the president did what he could do. and he signed an executive order. i know there are people on both sides of the aisle who are saying does he have the authority to do that? well, apparently he is tapping money, $44 billion from the national disaster relief fund usually used for hurricanes or wildfires. he said this is a national problem. i'm going to use it does chuck schumer think he can do this? here is what he said yesterday on abc. >> the president's executive
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orders described in one word could be paltry. the event that the country club is just what trump does a big show but it doesn't do anything. as the american people look at these executive orders, they will see they don't come close to doing the job. >> well, county president do this? is it legal? is it legal? >> well, you know, i will leave that up to the attorneys. it doesn't do the job. steve: it does sound like and that's what you heard a lot of. it's not legal over the weekend. but, for chuck schumer to say that, and ultimately ainsley his point was it's paltry because the democrats want at least a trillion dollars to bail out the states. part of the money the president would extend in this temporary unemployment benefit that would run through december, past the election, is the states would have to pony up $100.
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as all sides realize, the states are in financial troubles, although mr. mnuchin said yesterday that there would be some flexibility on whether or not, ainsley, the states would have to contribute the extra 100 bucks. ainsley: the president wants states to contribute 25% and federal government 75% of that $400 per week as we talked about last week a lot. remember friday the $600 was exexpiring. no americans would get that $600. president said let's give it to them until we can come to an agreement at least for the next week and democrats said no. the democrats say they want $3 trillion but yet they didn't want to give that $600 to those individuals in need. isn't this about the people? people out there not working. we are worried about some people not being able to pay their bills. hear about all of those stories. by the grace of god people have their jobs. a lot of people can't afford their bills right now and they
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are worried. it's been a very odd and stressful summer for so many families so the president is saying let's continue this until december 6th. and democrats are pushing back on it. brian: at least for three weeks the 600 and maybe get a deal in between. student loan payments no interests until 12/31. immediate more money to spend tore pay bills. and the supplemental unemployment he will give 300. the states will give 100. this is, bottom line is, bracket the whole thing. it's unconstitutional. how dare he do that. you have two sides who can't come to a deal. they meet countless hours. they walk out and just yell at each other and demean each other. the president of the united states goes enough. i'm going to do. this because i don't want to it be a bystander because congress is not doing their job. people want to criticize the president. at least is he throwing a life preserver out there. it might not be the best life preserver. it might be constitutionally challenged. in the end he is taking action.
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what did both sides do over the weekend? nothing. this creates additional leverage for them to take action. the president would love to take these four things and say we don't need them anymore. get to work and come up with a deal. jillian is always at work. she has been at work on air since 4:00 in the morning. what else do you have for us, jillian? jillian: good morning. let's start off with a threat. i don't know if you heard this a fire ripped through rachael ray's home in upstate new york. the celebrate chef was inside when it started. ray, her husband and dog bella are all safe. she has been filming episodes of her talk show in the kitchen during the pandemic. no word on what started the fire or the extent of damage. the united states marking a grim milestone with more than 5 million cases of coronavirus as the nation nears 163,000 deaths. texas setting new records as it battles a surge in covid-19 cases the state's pot of rate
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topping. the surpassing 500,000 cases statewide. will the seattle city council voting on first steps to defund the police. among the proposals firing 100 officers there are also plans to cut several units within the department and slash the police chief's salary. defund the police protesters faced off ideas. counter protesters want money cut to be used for housing, social services and public safety for the black community. a 23-year-old shocks the world's golf collin winning the pga worldship after a stunning final round. >> wow, wow. jillian: eagle putt giving him the lead for good. shot under 6 to win on sunday first major. lucky to take his trophy home in
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one piece. [cheers and applause] >> oh, boy. [laughter] jillian: oh, man. the lid fell off the jug just as he lifted it, thankfully, it was not broken. good thing. ainsley: beautiful trophy. steve: i have a feeling from now on they are going to take that thing on there because that's embarrassing. ainsley: warn the next person who wins don't shake it. ainsley: we watched it. family loved it. jillian, thank you very much. it is 6:18 here in the east. one week away from the democratic national convention and still no word on who will be joe biden's running mate. but our next guest says if biden picks karen bass, it will cost him a key state in november. that story coming up. ♪ ♪ the waiting is the hardest part ♪ ♪r
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xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone. ainsley: well with the democratic convention one week away presumptive nominee joe biden still mum the word on who is going to be his running mate. last week more than 300 dnc delegates and members signed a letter urging him to choose congresswoman bass. there's her picture. saying this she is the best choice among vice presidential candidates under consideration to help unify our party and move our nation forward. joining us now to react is commentary writer for "the washington examiner" tiana lowe. good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. >> what do you think if he does choose congresswoman bass? this is the congresswoman who recently in 2016 referred to castro as. [speaking spanish] i don't know if the voters in florida are going to joe biden
3:24 am
was losing among latinos in the primary to bernie sanders except in florida because of that extremely diverse cuban anti-communist latino population. only two democrats have only one the presidency by losing florida. most recently bill clinton in the 1992 spoiler election. i mean, if democrats all they have to do is not throw the selection and not make it a referendum on joe biden. will choosing karen bass give the trump campaign in kind donation. ainsley: showed clip from jill biden when asked who he would pick as vice president. someone is he comfortable with and shares his values and that's what he always had with barack. if she is sympathizing with castro, those are her values or once were, at least, what does that say about joe biden? >> so joe biden won the entire
3:25 am
primary by bucking the party base that has moved increasingly far to the left. he rejected medicare for all. he rejected the green new deal. and now aoc is on his climate change panel, stephanie kelton who is a believer in the monetary theory on economic panel. these are increasingly left wing decisions. the more he does this and allows the trump campaign to define who is he and quite frankly making it quite easy by not leaving his basement. why is jill doing all these in person interviews and he is not? so choosing someone like karen bass who is a democratic establishment referred to as a compromised candidate, frankly it's nuts. no other way to describe it than that. ainsley: what do you think about his time being? one week away from the dnc is that a mistake or really rally his base and get more excitement and people watch on television? >> so this is sort of the fun house mirror version of the clinton primary. she actually clinched the
3:26 am
nomination relatively late and joe biden did so relatively early because joe biden is not as unlikeable as hillary clinton. it might be a benefit of him to give all the oppo research about candidates coming out now, but he did really box himself in by saying he would only choose a woman and now increasingly the pressure is on to choose a woman of color and predominantly a black woman. unfortunately given the political reality, there are no black governors in the country and only one black woman senator kamala harris. this really that paper this rows down his options and means it sort of turned into this intersectional catfight of susan rice and kamala harris and karen bass dumping on each other leaving him with very few good options. not that late in terms of the historical scope of this. think about it. he will be older on inauguration day than ronald reagan, our oldest president ever on his last day in office. this is not a great position for the front runner of the race. ainsley: tiana lowe with the washington examiner.
3:27 am
latest headline is biden's vp choice can only hurt him at this point. tee anna, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. one year since epstein's death in a new york city jail. dr. baden was hired by the family to investigate his death. he says there are still questions that need to be answered. is he going to join us next. a lot of healthy foods are very acidic and they're actually pulling out the minerals from the enamel. i like to recommend pronamel to my patients. pronamel will help push the minerals back into the enamel, to keep the enamel strong. i know it works. and i hear nothing but great things from my patients that have switched to it.
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♪ steve: one year ago today billionaire sex offender jeffrey epstein died while in federal custody in new york city. >> fox news alert. jeffrey epstein was not checked on for several hours leading up to his apparent suicide. >> jeffrey epstein at age 66 is now dead. >> jeffrey epstein found dead in apparent suicide. >> epstein was not checked on for several hours leading to his apparent suicide inside the metropolitan correctional center in manhattan. even though he should have been, according to mcc's normal operations. steve: fox news contributor and forensic pathologist hired by the epstein family dr. michael biden joins us now from new york. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. steve: you know, there are a lot of people who think it was not suicide and, in fact, you were on this program and you made it
3:32 am
very clear after you examined the body and looked at the evidence, you said the evidence points to murder. >> right. right, steve. the injuries to the neck, the three fractures in the neck are much more typical of a strangulation than of a suicidal hanging. and we still don't know, a year later, position of jeffrey epstein's body was. weighs hanging? was he on the ground? the noose found next to him made from a sheet. sheet. [audio distorted] the ligature mark on the neck. steve: and dr. baden -- >> we don't know what the d.n.a.
3:33 am
was on that noose. she should have had d.n.a. a long time ago did. it match epstein or somebody else? we don't know if the door of the cell was locked or unlocked. steve: right. and that's because of the guards who were supposedly keeping an eye on him apparently were the video camera wasn't on for some reason, was the door open? what is going on with the guards right now? i know there is a federal investigation. >> well, they were arrested and charged federally because they won't say what the condition of epstein or the cell was when they found them. that's bizarre why the guards wouldn't tell anybody. they are now awaiting federal trial and can get up to 15 years for not saying that the findings
3:34 am
were when they found the body. they were supposed to go to trial back in march. but because of the coronavirus, still pending, and they won't say what jeffrey epstein's body was when they found the body and then moved it around. steve: doesn't that seem a little fishy to you, dr. baden? >> i do this work for the state jail, prisoning the past 30 years, and guards sometimes fall asleep on the job. they get minor punishment for it. for a guard to risk being sent to jail for not explaining what was going on at the time that they weren't [inaudible] is bizarre. just doesn't make sense. steve: and that's why we are
3:35 am
looking into it one year after jeffrey epstein died in that jail. dr. michael baden. we thank you very much for joining us live today. thank you, sir. all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, attorney general bill barr says he is trying to change the culture at the department of justice. >> one thing i want to get back to is not using criminal justice system as a political tool. i think it has been in the past. steve: dan bongino says barr is absolutely right and dan is next.
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the russia gate thing was an instance of that used as a weapon. and what i want to do is make it clear that we will indict people only when satisfied with the standards of the department has been met. we believe a crime has been committed by this person and we have proof beyond a reasonable doubt to prove it. ainsley: that's our attorney general bill barr on with mark levin yesterday. let's bring on dan bongino, former secret service agent and seat service officer. what was he talking about not using the political justice system as a political tool? >> well, i think barr has been president trump's finest appointment. i don't think there is any question amongst a lot of folks throughout that are reasonable not the tds infected folks. but he is right. ainsley, if we are going to use one standard of justice, which i absolutely believe barr believes in and i think all sane people agree, then let's do that and that standard of justice should be well, what have we prosecuted
3:41 am
people for before? and that's been for lying. obviously you have had the roger stone case, the george papadopoulos case and for financial machinations like paul manafort with his dealings over with foreign governments and some money exchanged. let's apply that standard also to people who were in the obama orbit not because they were in the obama or bi orbit but that's standard. we know people have lied under oath. people have lied in front of the fisa court to get warrants to engage in political spying. we know there was financial wheeling and dealing in order to launder or clean the money that was used to pay fusion gps and run through couple different people first. so i would expect that those investigations would happen, too. and we'll get to the bottom of that my general point here the take away that's a great standard and bill barr is right. because you work for the obama administration shouldn't be a shield either. that's what i'm saying. you know, bill barr is not republican attorney general.
3:42 am
he is the attorney general. brian: so let's stwoich another area of your expertise and the raush investigation and what led into the mueller probe and why this matters not only to find out what happened in 2016 because it's a problem but because joe biden is running for president and what did he know? senator lindsey graham sat down on maria's show yesterday and said what he knowsment one avenue is what they learned from sally yates and the other is what they're finding out about the steele dossier and the subsource. listen. they told the senate intel committee everything is fine. somebody needs to go to jail for this. this is a second lie. this is a second crime. they lied to the fisa court they got rebuked by the fisa court putting all fisa applications the person who briefed the senate intel committee had to be part of crossfire hurricane. why would you keep telling a lie. if they told a truth to the senate intel committee in 2018, the dossier is not reliable it.
3:43 am
would expose the crime they committed to the fisa court. brian: dan, just for the audience, not for you outside. the reason is the subsource, who was dicey at best, went to russia but worked for the brookings institute the big russian named going to blow the name. knew what donald trump was up to which was a lie. will knew about it. what lindsey graham was saying the fbi knew about it. the steele dossier was made up. the subsource made it up barr talked and briefed the committee how bad the dossier was and most liely authentic that person is believed to be andy mccabe. what's the significance? >> if you missed baltimore's show you missed out on not one but two enormous interviews. he had on stephan halper's under
3:44 am
study launched a nuke yesterday. everyone else will bury it. why is what happened with this fbi briefing important? there is a couple of reasons. in february of 2018 when this briefing happened, it's now a year after the fbi categorically knows the information they used to spy on trump is fake. they have interviewed the source was. they are like b.s., it's barr talk, it's nonsense. it's not true. it's unfair rumor. everybody tracking me here. this is important. why is that particular date important? you say it's a year after? , yeah, that's bad enough. but, brian. wherwhen was christopher wray appointed the fbi directors. put down third or fourth fbi director in fbi history? he was appointed august -- sworn in august 2nd of 2017. so this is the guy assigned to clean up the mess and seven months later he sends the fbi to capitol hill to brief senate
3:45 am
committee on a source they know is garbage and credible. brian: andy mccabe accounting director and didn't do the briefing. >> wait, i'm not done. it gets worse. yeah, bill barr is on the job a month after this. so that should say to you something. bill barr had already promised that he wasn't going to irntsd fear with the collusion investigation. so, guys, everybody figure this out. why does the fbi under christopher wray send someone up to the senate to lie about a source and insist he was validated when he wasn't? because they wanted to keep bill barr out of looking in their fridge rarity. that's why. they wanted to keep the special counsel investigation going. they knew bill barr would figure out this whole thing was bogus. do you have any idea what a huge story this is? the fbi lied to keep bill barr from seeing what was really going on underneath the covers. and it was ugly.
3:46 am
they did it under christopher wray, the third or fourth worst fbi director in human history. this guy has got to go. there is no excuse to keeping this guy on board anymore. is he sterile. steve: christopher wray can say somebody has got to go to jail but nobody is going to jail any time soon. john durham working on a report some suggesting october surprise durham report comes out and reveals exactly the extent to which the obama-biden administration was involved in this. >> i don't think there is any doubt john durham has information that's going to be extremely damaging to not only obama folks who have been hiding their role in this forever notably john brennan but also to media people, steve, who were knowingly involved in this. in other words, who knew the information was fake and printed
3:47 am
it anyway. it's going to be extremely damaging to a lot of people's credibility who are going to look back in shame on their role on this. >> if there is an october surprise that means before the debates, before the last two debates there is one in september. >> answer questions. why not, ain'tly? why if you are in the obama administration do you get a pass for all of this. we answer questions three or four years and defend ourselves. i'm sorry you know he have got to go. still answering questions today uncovered the scandal. had the guts to answer this honest have any i was ride. it's in the book. read it. we are the bad guys? how are we honest reporting people who got it right how are we the bad guys? ainsley: dan, thanks some for joining us. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: you are welcome. president trump signing four executive orders for the covid-19 relief after negotiations failed on capitol hill. so why does it mean for your wallet? charles payne is here to break it all down next. ♪
3:48 am
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brian: president trump signing four executive orders fast tracking relief to americans as democrats are in a stalemate. >> democrats are uno. obstructing all of it. we are going to provide relief to the american worker. brian: among the things the president wrote into law saturday $400 per week for unemployment. extension of student loan relief to december 31st. protection from evictions we think stress it. tax holiday for some workers who make under $100,000 to the end of the year. host of charles payne. we all agree this isn't yellow light but is this the next best thing? >> absolutely. i was going to say the clock is ticking but we already struck midnight for a whole lot of folks particularly with money
3:53 am
ethics period two weeks ago or a week and a half ago. you know, brian, it's really crazy that it has to have come to all of this where the president has been forced to do these executive orders and, listen, obviously, this is just touching on some of the issues brought about when you shut down an entire economy. and it keeps shutting parts of it down and even when it's reopened it's not fully reopened. i'm not sure, congress, i read, where some folks are talking about going to court. do you really go to court to stop people from getting extra money so they can pay their bills. to say stop them from being evicted from their homes or do you really finally negotiate in good faith? the parties were far apart from the very beginning. you can sense this was going to happen. it's a shame because it's a slow motion train wreck and we knew it. we saw it. we saw the cavalier attitude. really, the un -- the kind of negotiating that wasn't done in good faith. when you start at 3.4 trillion, that's not good faith. when you throw out 70% of what
3:54 am
somebody is earning during a pandemic that's not going to work. they started so far apart. president trump did whatever he could do because obviously he couldn't help the states out. you know, the congress does control the purse. there is no doubt about that. there are existing programs that the president is trying to dip into that he wants to be able to help the american public. brian: charles, he wants to help. issuing executive orders. he would rather not do that what's he supposed to do spend the weekend wallow and wonder if they are going to get something down the line. there is no hope with these negotiations. flint firefighters union do deals every day. additional leverage to spur action on both sides so he can toss out these executive orders. it's so clear. >> it's so clear and it's also obvious that, you know, the swiftness of the initial efforts by the federal government spearheaded by president trump by the federal reserve, worked wonders. you compare the great recession to what happened here and by the way, this is a much more dire
3:55 am
economic back drop. and it's been absolutely remarkable. but all based on swiftness. it was all based on everyone working together. all the ohrs rolling in the same direction. now all of a sudden typical politics maybe it's an election year, i don't know why but to me it's maddening why the president had to do this but he had to do this. >> republicans don't want to sign off on any more spending. you will not get many to sign off on a trillion let alone go half way and have 2 trillion. that's an issue. when it comes to evictions. you have to ask banks to back off the landlords. not just ask the land lords to back off the tenants. they are not bad people they have banks asking for loan money bank. >> there is no doubt about it. a lot of banks did that banks they could see the trending that ultimately they would rather get paid than have to go through the process of evictions. particularly with the dynamics
3:56 am
of commercial real estate the way they are changing so rapidly. last thing you want to do is evict a tenant who happens to be in trouble. brian: especially in new york city. most of making money. i don't know if you checked your schedule today they will need to you wear that same outfit at 2:00. by the way you dressed exactly like your book cover on both sides of your shoulders which has never been done on cable television. if i don't buy your book now i never will. fantastic. good job, charles. >> you got it, thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead over the next two hours, rny woman ronna mcdaniel here live and congressman michael waltz from florida. don't move ♪ clock is ticking ♪ all you have to do is take a second hand on mine ♪ the clock is ticking ♪ so stay ♪ to support your energy. so you can take care of what matters most.
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they get that no two people are alike and customize your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. what do you think? i don't see it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ steve: chaos in the windy city overnight. todd: hundreds of people mob fighting with officers. >> president trump's executive order to extend covid relief. >> these are allusions. it was unconstitutional flop. >> joe biden still o mum the wod on vic running mate. >> leaving him with very few good options.
4:01 am
>> will simply exist to tear down joe biden is there equivalence of that on the left tearing down trump. >> there really isn't. >> i think the people who want to experiment with different voting rights now are playing with fire and greasily irresponsible. ♪ ainsley: we begin with a fox news alert. you are looking live at chicago as the city is waking up after another night of chaos. urge. brian: return looters overnight. steve: what sparked the unrest in the windy city. todd? todd: hundreds of people mobbing the magnificent mile smashing windows and fighting with officers. [shouting] todd: crowds hitting several luxury stores for hours. some rioters reportedly shot at police. although no officer was hit. a tesla dealership also hit by
4:02 am
looting and, get, this public transit to the city's downtown area has been suspended. no word on any arrests or injuries. this unrest coming hours after a man was shot by police on the city's south side. officers say he opened fire during a chase, forcing them to fire back. angry crowds throwing objects at officers and spraying one with mace. the deputy police chief blamed this man for stirring up the crowds. >> officer shot the man again even when he told them i'm down. >> a suspect was brought to a local hospital. no word on his condition. the officers involved in that shooting have been placed on administrative duties. this all comes on the heels of a high vent weekend in the city. at least 35 people shot. three people killed. steve, ainsley and brian, back to you. ainsley: all right. thank you so much, todd. bill barr was on with mark levin yesterday. obviously bill barr attorney general, mark asked him about mail-in voting. this is what he said.
4:03 am
>> the idea that you without any request from the voter would mail out your voting list to all these thousands and thousands of ballots is scary. because most of those mailings go to a lot of addresses where the people no longer live. they could easily create a situation where there is going to be a contested election. and people have to have confidence in the outcome or we're going to have real problems in this country. and i think the people who want to experiment with different ways of voting right now, which are predictably, you know, can predictably create problems of integrity are playing with fire and grossly irresponsible. ainsley: i think if everyone had a chance to do mail-in voting if you trusted the system, it would be a good thing especially during covid. but the only way to really ensure that your vote is being heard and getting counted a lot of people mistrust either the
4:04 am
post office or mistrust the system or maybe they fall under the rules they were able to do this if you look at new york state primary 403,000 ballots were mailed in only 319,000 uncounted. that is almost 100,000 were rejected. 21% of those mail-in ballots could not be counted. and then when you hear the attorney general talk about these ballots being mailed to people who no longer live at that address or heard in the past people no longer alive getting these ballots, do you trust the system? someone is living there? how do we know they are not taking those ballots and voting for the person that they already voted for and then they vote twice? >> the biggest difference and if i could steal dan bongino's line. pay attention, people. the biggest difference is that if you are somebody that needs an absentee ballot or because of the coronavirus have to vote remote, request it. that means you have the address verified. you went out of your way this is
4:05 am
my intention. ainsley: you are actually alive. brian: if you just go do what nevada did and give everybody a ballot and go wait a second. do i go to the polls? i do not go to the polls? i do vote there or am i going to go to the polls, vote remotely on my ballot, mail it in and then when you go to the voter rolls and show up at the boils did i vote already not register yeffet. should i vote twice? are you going to be able to account the difference? you are creating more chaos in the system if you flood the i don't know with these ballots. what ainsley just went over. we are screwin screwing it up ne primaries. what makes you think we are going to get it november 3rd. at least go through the system that says i request the ballot and there might be more requests than usual as opposed to blanket. steve: right. well, what the attorney general has said is predominantly mail-in voting. if you did it that way, it is for the most part not secure. and what he has cited in the
4:06 am
past is around the stimulus checks. where everybody got 1200 bucks. something like 20% of the stimulus checks were misdirected. did not wind up in the right hands and, ainsley, to your point a moment ago, about dead people, $1 billion of stimulus money went to people who could not cash the check because they are dead. ainsley: i know. steve: meanwhile, let's move on and talk a little bit about the parlor game that is who will joe biden's vice president be? we are coming up on the convention and the conventional wisdom is that he would know and then they will announce his late as possible. peter doocy was on the trail chasing joe biden over the weekend. he was rehoboth he said. mr. vice president have you selected a running mate? and he said yes. which is the headline. and then peter asked and who is it? and he joked it's you. actually.
4:07 am
right now, we have got a list, ainsley, of the people -- peter is not on the list. we don't think. he has not been vetted by his mother nor me. but who is currently on the short list for possible biden picks? ainsley? ainsley: it's kamala harris, susan rice, karen bass, elizabeth warren, value demings, and gretchen whitmer. we are expecting him to announce this week considering the dnc starts next week. and whether or not that will hurt him, i don't know. it could do what happened with john mccain, remember when he announced sarah palin and everyone watched the convention and they loved her speech? this is what tiana lowe said. she is with the washington examiner and she wrote an article about this. listen. >> he really did box himself in by saying he would only choose a woman and now increasingly the pressure is on for him to choose a woman of color and
4:08 am
predominantly a black woman. unfortunately live given the political reality there are no black governors in the country and only one black senator kamala harris. this really narrows down his options and means it has sort of turned into this intersectional catfight of susan rice and kamala harris and karen bass dumping off on each other leaving him with few options. brian: that's true. why would you box yourself. in showing bad leadership. one of the things that hurt joe biden more than anythin --john h palin and he didn't know her well. blew up his candidacy. why wouldn't he do everything he can to get the widest swath possible. i was only picked because the vice president picked himself in to picking a running mate. look who is left. elizabeth warren, no way because if she is named, then, guess what? the republican governor puts another republican in the senate seat for the remainder of her term. that's not going to happen.
4:09 am
value demings at a time which the democratic party is against the cops doing the most they can defund and emasculate them. not going to pick an excop or sheriff. gretchen whitmer has been controversial governor of michigan her crack down was popular until they realized the coronavirus was coming back just as strong. doesn't make any sense. karen bass th oppo search for democrats horrendous. hard to imagine him getting a strong case for her. susan rice, we are going to talk to michael waltz shortly what she did with benghazi recommending libya and then saying that bergdahl served with honor and distinction. and kamala harris mayor of san francisco and mentor rejected turned down. wait, hold out for your attorney general. so best of luck, joe. steve: yeah, and you know, historically, and you know sarah palin was mentioned when she was
4:10 am
unveiled, we figured out during the program who it was. because we were tracking the tail number on a jet that was traveling from alaska to where joran mccain was that day so we figured out that it was going to be her. but this, during coronavirus is all different because we do not expect when joe biden announces the person that that person will actually be at his side because of coronavirus everything is virtual just like this telecast. all right. meanwhile, 7:10 here in the east. democrat backlash growing this morning after president trump signed an executive order on covid-19 relief. ainsley? ainsley: the president taking action following weeks of failed negotiations on capitol hill. brian: yes. saturday was kind of electric. gillian turner is live at the white house with a war of woshedz words over the it the's orders. >> good morning brian, ainsley and steve. before the inches was dry on those executive orders that
4:11 am
president trump signed on saturday. democrat critic particulars on capitol hill took him to task. they claim this is all just another example of president trump trying to do an end run around congress. take a listen. >> what the president did is i agree with the republican senator who said it was unconstitutional flop. he says he is going to do the payroll tax, what he is doing is undermining social security and medicare. so, these are allusions. >> senate minority leader chuck schumer called the executive orders a gimmick. given. >> those executive orders do much less than meets the eye. the bigger problem is what they leave out. >> president trump isn't backing down over the weekend he said elements of his plan, like the payroll tax cut makes so much sense that in the long-term they may stick. >> it's going to a certain time
4:12 am
as you know and we will take it out until the end of the year and then i'm going to make a decision as to number one an extension and number two, making it permanent and no reimbursement. >> the president's team says the ball is firmly in democrats' court going forward. >> i have told the speaker and senator schumer any time they have a new proposal i'm willing to listen. >> despite the team here at the white house saying this morning they remain confident in the executive orders they believe they are a huge victory for the president but also for the american people. they are going to be forced to stay on defense a little bit throughout today. that's because in order for these executive orders to actually get implemented and help the american people, they need some buy in from state officials. it's not going to be an automatic in here. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: that is such a good point. all right, gillian, thank you so much for joining us from the south lawn.
4:13 am
meanwhile, it is 7:12 here in the east and jillian joins us with the headlines. jillian: the other jillian that's right. rioters blocking streets with dumpsters setting them on fire as the city sees more than 70 nights of unrest. more than 200 protesters marching to the police union building as officers tried breaking up the crowd. at least nine people were arrested. three officers were hurt. all are expected to be okay. now to this. three top level ministers resigning in just 24 hours amid a wave of violent protest proten lebanon. ♪ [chanting] police firing tear gas at demonstrators calling for the entire government to step down over the handling of last week's explosion. more than 200 people were killed. president trump and other world leaders say they will send medical supplies and $300 million in aid to beirut.
4:14 am
america's got talent judge simon cowell speaking out since breaking his back. music mogul good advice if you buy electric trail bike read the instructions. i have broken my back. thanking the medical staff in los angeles. he will miss the first two live shows of america's got talent to recover. wow, college football is up in the air after just a few weeks before the first games commissioners of the power five conferences meeting overnight about whether to cancel the season due to the pandemic no. decision has been made. buff the big 10 is leaning towards pushing its season back towards spring this comes as the mid-american conference cancels fall sports season. those had your headlines. back to you. brian: they can play pros they can play college. come on, guys.
4:15 am
ainsley: a "the washington post" reporter under fire for a tweet about executive orders under president trump and obama. the growing backlash online coming up next. ♪ ♪ going to rock the boat ♪ shaking my head like a billy goat ♪ going to rock the boat. ♪ managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease... but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems. ketoacidosis is a serious side effect that may be fatal. a rare, but life-threatening bacterial infection in the skin of the perineum could occur. stop taking jardiance and call your doctor right away if you have symptoms of this bacterial infection, ketoacidosis, or an allergic reaction
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simon pagenaud takes the lead at the indy 500! coming to the green flag, racing at daytona. they're off... in the kentucky derby. rory mcllroy is a two time champion at east lake. he scores! stanley cup champions! touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. steve: well, a "the washington post" reporter is under fire for tweeting about executive orders under president trump and president obama. colby itcowicz tweeted let's pond dered the motsd most played out question of the last four years could you imagine if obama it broke up a stalemate by signing an executive order and saying it was so. after the president signed an
4:20 am
executive order on friday. how funny is this? this is hilarious. media reporter for the hill joe concha. joe, i remember when barack obama was president and he was talking about how he couldn't get congress to help him he said, look, i got a pen and i got a phone. and that's how we wound up with the dreamers president obama signed 276 executive orders. president bush george w. bush signed 291. donald trump has signed 180. these are things presidents do particularly in a time when things are polarized and congress isn't doing at least what the president deems is the right thing at that time. so to have a reporter at one of the top newspapers in the world either have, i don't know, willingly deceitful type of tweet that she put out there or he. or have patent poor memory loss
4:21 am
like this only something brought on by tds which is trump derangemenderangesyndrome if yor psychiatrist. steve: indeed. another media outlet the "new york times" had this big exclusive that apparently donald trump who this that event out in south dakota under mount rushmore, he actually wanted to figure out whether or not they could put his face up on the mountain. here's the quote from the "times" and last year a white house aide reached out to the governor's office with a question according to a republican official familiar with the conversation, what's the process to add additional presidents to mount rushmore? the president then tweeted, joe, never suggested it, although based on the many things accomplished during the first three and a half years, perhaps more than any other presidency, sounds like a good idea to me. you got to wonder where that story came from via at "new york times." i mean, where does that stuff
4:22 am
happen? >> right. well, it's through anonymous sources, right? and that's something the anonymous source neems to know everything. love to meet this guy or gal. feed negative things about the president to the press. the president also, he may have said. this right? and it may have been joking. he does have the sense of humor. he does love to troll the press. we have seen that people put out on twitter shows him being president not just in 2020, 2024 or 2052. he has actually tweeted this out. it's all trolling no. way a first term president would ever suggest he should be put on mount rushmore in any serious capacity. couple polls that came out that relate to both these stories came out from gallup and the knight foundation nonpartisan. 54% of americans, okay, majority, believe that reporters misrepresent the facts. gallup also finds in the same poll 84% of americans say media
4:23 am
is to blame for the u.s. political divide, 86% believe there is bias in the media. so, when you hear about oh, there is no bias against this president. it's just reporters pursuing facts, these polls are disturbing to have those sort of numbers that high. er with, at one point, let me just read this to you real quick. most americans have lost confidence in the media to deliver news. chief program officer. this is corrosive for our democracy he is he says. that's all you have to say about this. this is dangerous times in terms of people just not knowing where to get the truth anymore, steve. steve: and that is so accurate on its nose right there, joe. because when i went to journalism school reporters just gave facts, things that they knew for sure. but today it's hard to tell which -- in somebody's report which part is the fact and which part is the reporter's opinion?
4:24 am
and that's the thing. opinion is the civil that gets s you viral. that brings attention to them that used to be the cardinal rule don't make yourself the story. they love to be the story. it's not about emmys it's can i get on jimmy kimmel. never see them more happy about themselves than going on shows like that. the opinion aspect has taken over this business over facts. got to go. got yen yoga today at the local park. this is something that really should do wonders not just for my physical specimen but also for my mental yo aqueue at acui. steve: as your local park they are still picking up chainsaws. >> thank you we have our power back on.
4:25 am
steve: good to have you. it is 7:24 in the east. new op-ed wonders if it is killing free speech. so is there a way to stop the movement? ben domenech from the federalist sounds off on that coming up next. ♪ ♪ from prom dresses... soccer practices... ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b. let's help protect them together. because missing menb vaccination could mean missing out on a whole lot more. ask your doctor if your teen is missing meningitis b vaccination.
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brian: time for news by the numbers. the fbi running more than 52,000 background checks in the state. guns and rifles aplenty. next $1.5 million. that's how much a gold and diamond face crusted mask cost. making for a private buyer. i believe it's ainsley earhardt. most expensive mask fitted with top rated n 99 filters. finally 4, that's how many bases this error cost the los angeles angels. popping out of joe adele's glove and over the wall initially called a home run before being changed to an error. the angels lost to the rangers 7
4:30 am
to 2. ainsley. thank you, brian, the cancel culture movement going so far that now even less proclaimed liberal professor, one of the ones in seattle questioning if cancel culture is killing free speech. here to kick off week long series ben domenech. >> good to be with you. ainsley: thanks for coming on. the seattle times published an article the headline is our cancel culture killing free speech getting the attention of a liberal author. you know j.k. rowling and some other liberal individuals have spoken out against cancel culture. how do you feel about it? >> well, i think one of the things that we need to understand and that your viewers should understand in this week long series that you are having is that cancel culture should be understood properly not as just a trend that's happening online or something that people are ungeajed in in a casual manner. it's much more akin to a religion. it has sins.
4:31 am
it has commandments. it has trials by fire. it has burning at the stake. what it doesn't have is forgiveness or grace. any kind of human emotion that would understand that people can make mistakes or say things you disagree with and that doesn't mean that you need to hate and destroy them. you mentioned the fact that this was written in a seattle paper by a university of washington professor. i just interviewed on the federalist radio hour our radio show katie her zog who is a writer in seattle who herself was canceled after a focus basically she wrote a feature piece that paid attention to people who had transitioned and then regretted it. for that her name was smeared all over the place. there was graffiti and signs put up in seattle calling her all manner of terrible things just for reporting something a trend that was happening in the country. and what we are seeing right now is cancel culture drifting out of the media environment and into the realm where normal
4:32 am
people are being affected by it. small business owners and the like. people who don't putt up the right sticker or express the right emotion are canceled in the sense of the group of people banding together and deciding together online that they are going to destroy someone who they don't like. ainsley: what do you expect out of this election? a lot of people are even afraid that they will be canceled if they admit that they're voting for one candidate over another depending on who they are around at the party or on the street or working out at the gym with, i guess can't do that anymore. >> emily at the cato institute has done significant research on this. u gov polling shows the fact is there is a vast majority of people who are worried about expressing their beliefs, particularly people who are conservative or republican because they fear for their careers, they fear for what would happen if they said who they were voting for or who they were support it's. i expect that trend to only continue and grow. i think we are in a period of
4:33 am
moral panic where people are focused in different directions. they are looking for someone to hate, someone to blame. they are acting out frustration in current moment in ways that are frankly unamerican and opposed to the idea of free speech and free thought. ains so where do we go from here? how does it this all end? >> i think where we go from here we need peep to stand up and enough people to reject the mob. it's amazing what power comes from show thawing are not going to just bend the knee to the demands of these woke cancel culture people who feel like they have enormous power in this current moment to marshal the forces online and the corporate power and authority to try to achieve their ends. i think what takes that power back is standing up to them and having enough people around you who will stand up to them and say we are going to buy your product even if people say that you are someone who should be canceled. we are going to defy the mob in every little way that we can.
4:34 am
ainsley: brave people to reject the mob. a lot of people i have talked. to say i'm sure you have too, ben, in our line of work, are too scared to stand up to their bosses or too scared to stand up to some of their friends, fear of being fired. fear of their company going under. we will see how this all plays out for our country. thanks so much, ben, for coming on. >> great to be with you. ainsley: good to have you. we are one week away from the dnc and two weeks from the rnc. how will the two events be different? we will ask rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel when she joins us live next coming up. ♪ ♪
4:35 am
4:36 am
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4:38 am
brian: the convention countdown in final stretch. the dnc kicking off one week from today. followed by the rnc a week later. how will these two very
4:39 am
different events take place? what are we expecting to see? here with more rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel. how much are you going to be looking at the dnc to see what to do? >> well, we already know what's going to happen with the dnc. they are going to hide biden as much as possible. brian: he is not going. >> policies. >> they are going to highlight the policies that the democratic party. raise taxes on 82% of americans. open borders. defund the police. let's embrace china. let's embrace cuba. the things that democrats are proposing will bankrupt this country and take news a totally different radical direction. and the president is going to lay out a very different positive vision for america that will keep the america we know and love, the land of opportunity in place for every american. steve: okay, so, you know, historically the conventions have just been great big tv shows anyway. they will continue to be tv shows there won't be all the
4:40 am
reporters and all the delegates and stuff like that. but the question now is, ronna, where will the president, because you don't know exactly what joe biden is going to do. but you know all about the president's plans. where will he be giving his acceptance speech? >> oh, i'm not going to go there yet. i think that's going to be up to the president to announce that. what i will say. steve: give us a hint. come on a tiny little hint? >> there is history being made that we're going to nominate him on monday, which has never happened before. usually the president is nominated later in the week. we will nominate the president and vice president in charlotte. which is going to be very exciting with the smaller group of delegates. but, you know, this is president trump. there is going to be some surprises. and i am not going to steal his thunder. let me tell you that. ainsley: democrats do not want him standing in the white house in the background. how do you feel about that? >> here is my personal opinion. if joe biden can live in his basement, the president has every right to talk in front of his house which is the white
4:41 am
house. brian: other big thing is how people are going to be voting and the president pushing back everywhere he again against mail-in voting. do you think we should make dissemination there is a difference between requesting to vote through the mail as opposed to the blanketing an entire state with ballots they didn't request with addresses that can't be verified. do you make that same distinction andy accurately portray your school of thought there? >> >> absolutely. and the president has expressed that as well there have been vetted systems with absentee voting. part of the verification is actually requesting the ballot so that you know it is going to the person it sin tended to go to instead of this mass mailing sending ballots out to addresses that haven't been verified to voters who haven't been verified. the way i view it is it's like having a wedding for 100 guests and having 100,000 people show up. the systems are not prepared for this deluge of mail-in ballots.
4:42 am
they don't have the counting machines and personnel. that's why it took six weeks to get results in new york. could you imagine we have an election day and it takes two to three months to get the results what that would do to this country as when we are as divided as we are. >> we have a dry run. it was one state. it was florida. and we couldn't handle one state. can you imagine if it was 12 or 13? >> this is all coming from the democrats. the president is saying keep the systems in place that have worked. we need to have surety in our elections. democrats are saying mass mail ballots. let's not verify the voters. get rid of voter identification. get rid of signature verification. let's have ballot harvesting which has nothing to do with coronavirus. this is a huge problem. and democrats are purposefully trying to create chaos in our election process heading into november. all right. she is the rnc chairwoman and she joins us live from our location that features the white house, so maybe that's a hint that the president will do his speech from the white house.
4:43 am
stay tuned for that. ronna, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. all right. it is let's see. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. jillian joins us with the news. jillian: good morning, and we begin with this. today marks one year since jeffrey epstein was found dead in his new york jail cell while awaiting trial ton sex trafficking charges. it was ruled a homicide. forensic pathologist dr. michael biden was hired by epstein's family to investigate. he joined us earlier and says many questions remain unanswered. >> we still don't know a year later what the position of jeffrey epstein's body was. we don't know yet what the dna was on that news. we don't know if the door was of his cell was locked or unlocked. jillian: epstein's associate ghislaine maxwell was arrested earlier this year and pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking
4:44 am
charges. a teacher's union lawsuit heads to court today as students start the school year online. the orange county cheemp's union in florida sued the district to extend virtual learning. more than 200 students will begin online classes today before heading back to in person learning later this month. the teacher's union citing coronavirus concerns in the lawsuit. demanding the names of schools with covid-19 cases and outbreaks be made public. a bench clearing brawl prak breaks out on the diamond after a batter gets hit by a pitch. watch this. >> this is not a good idea. this is not a good idea. will will he sprinted towardth dugout and this is not good, folks. >> man, the oakland a's shoving match with the houston astros. the fight having after oakland was hit in the back. no word on punishment for either team. safe to say the astros though
4:45 am
aren't beloved. brian: not yet. ainsley: thank you, jillian. hate that they were fighting there hand it over to adam klotz he has the forecast for you on this monday. hey, adam. adam: good morning, guys. tracking a couple things stretching across the country one is heat and other is storms we have been seeing. that's going to continue. particularly in the upper midwest and northern plains. a spot we are going to be playing close attention to as we could see a chance for severe weather as we are talking about possibly a couple of isolated tornadoes but mostly big thunderstorms, winds up to 60 miles per hour. some hail and heavy downpours. otherwise, the story continues to be extreme heat. we have a couple areas with advisories from the mississippi delta and back up into new england. widespread temperatures. once again running up into the 90's. the middle 90's and some cases triple digits especially across the southern portions of the country. toss it back out to you. we are still in the middle of summer. and it's feeling like it pretty much from sea to shining sea.
4:46 am
back out to you. steve: it is, indeed. adam, thank you very much. speak sea to shining sea. the new season of american built is premiering on fox nation. it's a series that looks at amazing architecture and things that have never been built before. like how exactly did they build the gateway arch in st. louis where they started in two different places and they hoped they wound up together up at the top or the chrysler building or george washington bridge or lincoln tunnel or what had been known as the harris county dome stadium which eventually became known as the astrodome. >> with a 35-million-dollar price tag, the dome had to host more than just basic games. baseball games it. need to be hospitable to football and other sports in the future as well. the solution two moveable field stand sections revolved to change the diamond into a
4:47 am
rectangle. >> the old conversion is what made it possible to have a baseball game in the afternoon and then have a football game there at night with a few hours in between. >> and so the dome became home of two football teams the nfl's houston oilers and the university of houston. steve: that's right. as i said a moment ago ainsley and brian, initially when they started building it they called it the harris county dome stadium. but then they decided to rename the professional team the colt 45. they renamed them the astros. and so they divided to call it the astrodome. and, also, brian, you will love this bit of trivia, you may already know this. it is the first venue in the world that had arrested official turf. so they installed it inside. and what do they call that fake grass in there? at the home of the astros? ainsley: astro turf.
4:48 am
steve: astro turf. there you go. brian: colt 45 wouldn't allowinged today or ak-47ss. meanwhile, if you want to get fox nation now is the time to do it if you sign up for a two year membership you get sean hannity's book for free live free or die. gregg jarrett also loves sean's book. still closed because of covid-19. what will it look like when they reopen. all of these people unhealthy because they can't work out? jake steinfeld body by jake says they will come back stronger than ever. we will talk to him next. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> months into the pandemic gyms and fitness centers remain closed restricted across the country. as covid-19 changed gyms as we know it. so many of you out there no place to work out. here to talk about it one of the best in the first bodies by jake own jake steinfeld. chairman of the governor's fitness councils. jake, welcome. >> brian. it's always great to be here. man. first and foremost to everybody who is at home.
4:53 am
it's been awesome to be able to talk to you by instagram and official body by jake with our towel and chair exercises since this pandemic hit. you talk about gyms and i wanted to say gym owners are the most diligent people that i happen to know. they are making their fitness centers. they are prepared for people to come back. we want to see people come back. but, until that moment happens, you have to move your body. you have to keep your body moving. brian: they are dying. these gym owners are dying. they have small margins anyway and they can't do anything because these politicians won't let them. what's your message? >> well, listen, my message is. this don't quit, keep up the fight, right? keep the places clean. and it's a matter of people coming in and i mow the percentages are very low when people are in those fitness centers. they are very low. so just be smart. and people are being smart. and the bought line is like we have to be diligent. and when you are diligent, great things happen. same thing with exercise.
4:54 am
same thing with nutrition. because that's that downward spiral. we talk about the upward spiral. you want to make sure people are exercising and we always said at official body by jake. we always talk about the towel and chair exercises can you do in your home, in a park. anywhere. as long as you keeping your body moving and nutrition. so important, brian. you know that. brian: that brings up a couple of things, when kids can't get to school. you put gyms in 36 states. junior high schools and grammar schools. get people working out for the first time. fighting obesity because their kids are too heavy. you took action on it working with governors, it's a win-win for everyone. those schools are shuttered. you don't get to it. jake, you were very concerned about putting your names on things. means so much in fitness. you have been at the forefront since the 1970s. been doing this for 40 years. last two years have you been telling me about something have you been working on. tell us about don't quit. >> this is it right here, guys. this is it. it's -- it is a daily complete nutrition shake.
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the most common side effects are pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. shingrix protects. ♪ muck. >> chaos in chicago overnight. >> people mobbing chicago's magnificent mile, smashing windows and fighting with officers. >> some rioters reportly shot at police. >> backlash growing after president trump signed that executive order on covid-19 relief. >> is it legal? >> well, you know, i'll leave that up to the attorneys. >> do you really go to court to stop people from getting extra money? do you really finally negotiate in good faith? >> have you weighed in on who you think would be a good vice president for him? >> we've talked about the different women. it's got to be joe's decision. >> why is joe doing all these
5:01 am
in-person interviews, and he is not. >> i think the left is paring down the system. they're interested in political victory. they're not interested in compromise. >> the lead singer of rascal flatts taking to instagram, he says in part: i own a company called black tie moving. you don't have a job, we will hire you. ♪ brian: we begin with a fox news alert. chicago waking up after a night of chaos. steve: crowds clashing with police as looters ransack stores across the city overnight. todd piro with what sparked the unrest. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of people mobbing chicago's magnificent mile, smashing windows and fighting with officers. take a look. [background sounds]
5:02 am
>> reporter: crowds hitting several luxury stores for hours, some rioters reportedly shot at police although no officers were hit. a he's -- tesla dealership also hit. no word on any arrests or injuries. the unrest coming hours after a man was shot by police on the city's south side. officers say he opened fire during a chase, forcing them to fire back. angry crowds throwing objects at officers and spraying them with mace. the deputy police chief blaming this man for stirring up the crowds. >> the officer shot the man again even when he told them, i'm down. >> reporter: the suspect was brought to a local hospital. no word on his condition. the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative duties. this all comes on the heels of a violent weekend in the city, at least 35 people shot, 3 people culled. back to you with. ainsley: thank you, todd. hate that.
5:03 am
many of us have been to the magnificent mile. beautiful area. all right, thanks so much. so bill barr, our attorney general, was on with mark levin yesterday, and mark asked him a myriad of questions including questions about the riots, questions about why this is happening in our country, and bill barr said, you know, that they were not expecting trump to win the election and it outrages them. listen to the rest of it. >> they were trying to impeach if day one. they've shredded the norms of our system. and i think it's because of the desire for power. in the old days, you could have friends across the aisle, you know? politics was part of your life, but it wasn't all-consuming. i think what's happened is that the left wing has really withdrawn and pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded our society since our founding. i think the left really
5:04 am
represents a revolutionary party that believes in towering down the system -- tower thing down the system. and they're interested in complete political victory. they're not interested in compromise. ainsley: he said they're essentially the bolsheviks, and there's a political, radical view of becoming a communist party. he also compared -- he talked about the urban guerrilla warfare, this is a new form of that, because the left has a lust for power, he says. being like a fish swimming in the ocean the way a gorilla moves through the people, hides out among the fish in the ocean, shrouds themselves in first amendment activity, and then they hijack the demonstrations and provoke violation. brian: they did, because the african-americans who wanted justice e in society to reevaluate our systems and see how we can make it better like we've done all through america, we started out with slavery, fought to get rid of it, in the
5:05 am
'60s, the civil rights revolution, you could sit down and talk to malcolm x and james baldwin and martin luther king jr., you debated, things were healthy. what you have right now is them painting fists, socialist fists, the symbol of socialism and communism on the street. you're taking down statues, ripping down our past, demanding that people -- not so much confederate statues, they're making people like tammy duckworth say, wait a second, i want to have a discussion on george washington statues in america x. that's why he says it's urban guerrilla warfare because they're not trying to make better, they're trying to destroy what america is. and by democrats not saying anything, they might as well be agreeing with all of it, because you cannot get them to comment on the unrest in portland, in seattle, in chicago, in new york, in albuquerque, steve.
5:06 am
steve: well, you know, one of the other things that bill barr is in charge of is the fbi. and we do know that he has appointed john durham to look into the origins of cross item fire hurricane, and we're hoping that that department of justice report by him is done, you know, it would be great if it were coming out by the end of the summer as we have heard. however, sounds like the senate wants some information, they want to make it public pretty quickly. we just got a news flash, senate homeland security chairman ron johnson has issued his first subpoena as part of the committee's review into the origins of the russia probe. he issued it to fbi director, christopher wray. the subpoena does not compel wray's testimony, but instead demands all the records related to crossfire hurricane, and according to the subpoena, mr. wray must produce all the documents by august 20th at 5 p.m. so buckle in, it's going to be the a bumpy ride, a become by
5:07 am
end -- bumpy end to the summer. meanwhile, we do expect perhaps this week joe biden will be announcing his pick for vice president. we haven't seen him out much, he's been hiding in his basement. this is, essentially, the same strategy that they had with hillary clinton four years ago, keep her away from the press as much as you can and with the pandemic, it's been very effective. jill biden, joe's wife, dr. jill biden, was on with rita braver yesterday, and she did an in-person interview with rita at it looks like one of their homes and talked a little bit about what joe is looking for in a vice presidential pick. >> do you see yourself as someone who will be an adviser to the president? >> it's a marriage, and you listen to one another, you talk things out with one another. >> have you weighed in on who you think would be a good vice president for him and and who might -- >> you know, we've talked about
5:08 am
the different women candidates, but it's got to be joe's decision, who he feels most comfortable with, who shares his values. and that's what he's always said, that he and barack had that. ainsley: what's interesting is rita braver also interviewed joe bodienen, as you can see there -- joe biden. he's down in the basement, he's at home, yet his wife is out in public doing these interviews. what's the reason for that? many people have different philosophies or different ideas about what might be happening. i do know it's been heard over and over how much people do like dr. jill biden, and it's smart for her to get in front of the camera. she talked about the loss of her son, how they handled the hunter biden controversy, and she said, hey, we got through the death of a child, we can get through anything together as a couple. but, brian, you pointed out some
5:09 am
good points at the beginning of the show, you said he should be fair game because he was given this position through his father's connection. brian: yeah. he got his private business launched, and ivanka trump, no one's back off her. she's an adult working for the trump administration. as they debate this vice presidential nominee, among the critic es about the way they're doing it is david axlerod. since you named the finalists, everybody wants the job, so all the dems are dumping opposition research on other democrats. ronna mcdaniel was saying things like, thanks. will be. listen. >> already know what's going to happen, they're going to hide biden as much as possible and highlight the policies that the democrat party has embraced; the green new deal, raising taxes on 82% of americans, open borders, defund the police, let's embrace china and cuba. the things the democrats are proposing will bankrupt this
5:10 am
country and take us in a radical direction. brian: and you have susan rice, a lot of people think she's not worthy. elizabeth warren, if she leaves, a republican governor will put a republican there, they're not going to want that. will factfect, perhaps -- will affect, perhaps, the balance of the senate. democrats don't like cops, val demings is a former cop. karen bass and that link to cuba is going to be a problem. kamala harris has a mentor tell her don't take the job -- ainsley: gretchen whitmer, her husband allegedly tried to put a vote -- brian: yeah, and the infections are back in michigan. steve: and one other thing ronna said to us when asked about the differences between the dnc and rnc, she did say something donald trump was going to do, the first night, monday night,
5:11 am
that is when he's going to give his big speech. is so stay tuned. 8:10 here in the new york city area. anti-government protests turning deadly in beirut. demonstrators now clashing with police. one officer killed. the violence coming less than a week after that massive explosion that rocked the city. ainsley: trey yingst joins us live from beirut as france's president calling on world leaders to help that city that's in crisis is. hey, or trey. >> reporter: brian, ainsley, steve, good morning. there is immense pressure on the lebanese government following that blast last tuesday that killed more than 200 people. in the past 24 hours alone, we've seen three munster resign, and there are the -- ministers resign, and there are local reports indicating the prime minister is considering stepping down. over the weekend there were violent clashes erupt aring across the city. one officer was killed, dozens of protesters injured. take a look at the scene just last night. clashes are erupting again in beirut as these demonstrators
5:12 am
are calling for top local government officials to resign. they say they want answers for that explosion last tuesday that left more than 150 people dead. these clashes are unraveling very quickly. demonstrators are throwing stones and fireworks at security forces. one of the demonstrators has been injured. yesterday we saw 250 people injured, many of them by live ammunition. we had to get up against a wall here. if thaw start using live ammunition, i don't want us standing here. just a few hundred feet away, there were search and rescue teams who do continue searching through the rubble for survivors from the explosion. there are more than 100 people still missing. we do know that yesterday there was an international donor call that took place with president trump, french president emmanuel macron and a number of other
5:13 am
world leader. president trump reportedly stressed the need for an independent and transparent investigation into the cause of the blast. there are many ngos and international bodies concerned that handing money directly to the lebanese government would be liking having the fox guarding the henhouse. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: trey, thanks so much. the big challenge is it's a coalition government, so if you're mad at the government, you're mad at a a faction of everybody represented in lebanon. so it's going to be complicated, and the guys with the big guns are hezbollah, and they play a role. meanwhile, coming up joe biden set to announce his running mate any day now, and susan rice is still high on that list. but congressman michael walz says, quote: choosing her would be dangerous for america, and it's personal. he tells us why next. not even our competitor's best battery
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5:18 am
♪ ♪ >> i think he's got some very good choices, and i also think he needs to take whatever time he needs to make the choice. he has to have somebody that would be ready to be our president. brian: wow. so good to see her again. 2016 candidate hillary clinton giving her two cents on joe biden's vp search, this as susan rice reportedly emerges as one of the top contenders for the spot. she sold her netflix stock over the weekend. our next guest says she would be, quote, dangerous for america. joining us now is florida congressman michael walz, and he says it's personal n. what way is susan rice, with all her foreign policy experience, dangers? >> i was fighting terrorism from africa to afghanistan all over the world, and i was on the
5:19 am
front lines of susan rice's poor judgment, bad policy. she would be bad for our military and dangerous for this country. i had to lead the search for bowe bergdahl where men died looking for him. he abandoned his unit. and then to see susan rice declaring him a hero who served with honor and distinction after all of that was just a slap in the face for me, and it was a slap in the face for everyone who was out there looking for him. but bigger picture, you know, she had, she had a broader issue of tying our hands with restrictive r.o.e., of refusing to call a terrorist a terrorist, calling them an extremist instead, and year after year of cutting the military's budget. she would move our foreign policy backwards, not forwards. brian: and where do you stand on the iranian deal? she's one to have architects of
5:20 am
that. >> let's walk around the world. he was responsible for the worst of the obama/biden foreign policy. russia on the march, china on the march, the iran deal, embracing cuba, embracing venezuela, ignoring north korea and their missile and nuclear programs. there was just issue after issue. i think at the end of the day, brian, she, biden, obama, they see america as a big part of the problem, not a part of the solution. brian: right. >> so it was pull back and apologize. we cannot have that with the kind of threats that we're facing around the world: all of the issues that we are now dealing with, with china trying to become a world power, again, russia invading crimea, ukraine, all of those issues were born under her and the obama administration. brian: right. >> and now we've takenning four years to try to dig out of that hole. brian: she pushed president obama to do the olympia thing, and there was no -- after
5:21 am
gadhafi was taken out, there was no plan. and as of right now, the russians are in there setting up their missile defense system inside tripoli. unbelievable. >> let's not forget benghazi and that debacle and in syria, the worst civil war ever with isis 2.0. it would just be a total debacle to have her as vice president. and, again, a slap in the face. brian: the opposition research was just done. the senate committee, chaired by senator ron johnson, has subpoenaed the fbi director, christopher wray, for all the documents that michael horowitz had, the inspector general, and beyond. it has to do with the transition of power expect russia investigation. and the russia investigation. they want to see all the documents. michael, why is it taking so long? what's going on here? >> i don't understand why there hasn't been accountability for these agents that abused the fisa process. you know, brian, that's the
5:22 am
heart of our democracy, is that's e the process that allows the u.s. government to turn its powers on its u.s. citizens. but in the transition, that is also such a fragile time for our republic. i was in the bush transition to obama, and president bush said roll out the red carpet -- brian: i know. >> -- we're a nation at war x. then to come to find out that susan rice, biden and others were obstructing and not giving information and investigating an incoming president and his administration using the powers of the fbi, there is a lot to answer for. this should have been done a long time ago, and every document should be handed over. brian and, by the way, not only did you guys clear the way, president bush was talking to future president obama about t.a.r.p., about bailing out the car industry, wanted to make sure they were on the same page. that's a big difference. that's called class and putting america first. michael, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian brian the u.s. top thing 5
5:23 am
million total covid-19 case as a new report says, sadly, nearly 1,000 children tested positive last month. how will this impact is push to safely reopen schools? we'll discuss it. ♪ ♪
5:24 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ concentration - in we suppohectic times .oments, and focus to win the day. unlike ordinary memory supplements... neuriva's clinically proven ingredients fuel 5 indicators of brain performance. take the neuriva challenge with our money-back guarantee! ♪
5:27 am
muckainsley: the u.s. surpassin5 million coronavirus cases as texas records its highest seven-day positivity e rate since the pandemic began for that state. and as the nation wrestles with reopening schools in the fall, a new report finds more than 97. ,000 children tested positive for covid-19 in the last two weeks of july. so let's bring in texas e.r. doctor and global outreach doctors board member, dr. natasha. good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: could you tell us why these numbers are up in texas? >> so we're not entirely sure. we've seen this wave hit texas pretty hard, and we're holding study right now. we've seen a slow decreases in hospitals, but our death counts are still up there, our hospitals are still at, like, 80 plus percent capacity in our big cities, and we're about five weeks after fourth of july weekend, so we're wondering if we might see another bump right
5:28 am
now. we're really hoping that we're not going to, and we're really hoping this wave sweeps through texas soon and we'll be over it but we're not seeing signs of that right now. ainsley: we're all worried about sending our kids back to school, what is that going to look like for our country, for our elderly grandparents and things like that. 97,000 kids test9 positive? that was such a shock to me because e heard kids really don't get it. do you have details about that percentage of kids that did get it? are they all doing okay? >> i don't know about the mortality and morbidity in that group right now. you know, that was just in two weeks. so about 100,000 new cases in pediatrics just in two weeks, and i can guarantee that number is actually much higher. we don't really test kids that often. they usually have very mild symptoms, but they're still shedding this virus, so that is going to artificially be low no
5:29 am
matter how good we are about testing right now. so that's what we're worried about right now, is sending these kids to schools and sending them home. it's not the kids so much we're concerned about, obviously, we are, but it's the grandparents, the parents, then the parents go to work, who they're spreading this to. ainsley: we're just going to have to be extremely careful because most americans want the kids back in school, but we want to do it safely. it is true though when the kids get it, they don't have the -- you said, it's just minimal side effects, right? if they even see those at all? >> well, the vast majority of them. so the likelihood of death and the likelihood of critical illness is lower, but it's possible. i mean, a 7-year-old just died in georgia with no medical problems. we hear about this and we see it all the time. kids get sick, they get multisystem inflammatory system, they can get ill from this, the likely hood is just lower -- likelihood is just lower. they're not immune to it. but the risk is obviously lower
5:30 am
than a parent or grandparent whose risk is exponentially greater. ainsley: we interviewed the president last week and hear about the vaccine, he says he thinks -- i'm paraphrasing him, but something to the effect he thinks it might be sooner than the end of the year. what are your friends in the medical world saying about the vaccine? >> well, you know, we know it's coming out. i think our biggest concern is are people actually going to get the vaccine. we've had a lot of resistance towards vaccinations historically over the last five years in america, and right now there's just a lot of, there's been a lot of pushback with public health initiatives right now, so we're concerned if we rush this to get it out there, are we actually going to get enough people vaccinated to have it work which it can do tremendous things. but right now i think the push should be on the vaccine, of course, but on prevention. we have the pcr test, we have the antibody test, but we need better rapid, at-home testing available where someone can just
5:31 am
take it like a pregnancy test. and we have the technology for it, we just need to push for it and lower our restrictions on different testing methods and not set the bar so high so that we can really control this. our best armor for this is prevention right now. ainsley: right, right. we're all trying to do our part. dr. kathuria, thank you so much. it's 8:31 here on the east coast. democrats pledging a new fight for president trump, calling his executive orders up constitutional. white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany is here to respond to that live next. ♪ ♪ z and mike. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings.
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steve: democrat backlash growing this morning after president trump signed that executive order on covid-19 last week. ainsley: the president taking action following weeks of failed negotiations on the hill. brian: all right. gillian turner's live at the white house with the or -- the war of words over the president's orders. >> reporter: the ink was not even yet dry on president trump's coronavirus relief executive order, and his critics pounced over the weekend. democratic lawmakers said it's just another example of the president trying to make an end run around the congress. take a listen. >> what the president did is, i agree with the republican senator, it was unconstitutional slop. he what he's doing is undermining social security and medicare. so these are illusions. >> reporter: senate minority leader chuck schumer, his and his team called the executive orders a gimmick. take a listen. >> one of the problems with
5:37 am
those executive orders, they do much less than meets the eye. but the bigger problem is what they leave out. >> reporter: now, president trump is not back down, he says certain elements of his plan like the payroll tax cut, for example, make so much sense to the american people that they might stick over the long term. >> it's going to -- we'll take it out until the end of the year x then i'm going to make an extension as to, number one, or -- a decision as to, number one, an extension. >> reporter: chris wallace asked treasury secretary steve mnuchin yesterday if he would consider a proposal from democrats, he said, absolutely, anytime. maybe a deal is forthcoming this week. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: gillian turner live just south of the white house, thank you very much.
5:38 am
meanwhile, let's bring in caylee kayleigh mcenany, white house press sec taxer she's on the north lawn. good morning to you. >> good to join you, steve. steve: okay. so when the president signed that executive order, does he really intend to implement those things, or is this just another one of those negotiation tactics that donald trump is famous for? >> oh, he most certainly intends to implement the four executive orders pertaining to unemployment insurance, student loans, the payroll tax holiday and evictions. the american people need relief and, you know, chuck schumer, it's funny listening to him there talk about these executive orders as not being enough, well, what have democrats put forward? precisely nothing except rejecting at least on two occasions a $600 kleenex e tension of unemployment -- clean extension of unemployment insurance. president trump has acted in the american people's best interests. ainsley: there was violence and looting in chicago, we're seeing that actually on the magnificent mile, riots in portland, what's
5:39 am
the president going to do about that today? >> yeah, so the president has put in place operation legend which has so far succeeded in arresting 250 individuals and charging 250 individuals across the country per talk abouting to -- pertaining to civil unrest. but what has been so interesting to see in portland is finally, it took 70 nights, but finally you have the liberal portland mayor wheeler say saying that if you lock police officers in a building, intend to trap them in there, use an accelerant to commit arson, you are committing attempted murder. it took a full 70 days for the liberal mayor to acknowledge that's an unacceptable status quo and these aren't just peaceful demonstrations as he tried to show when he walked among these rioters. brian: so one of the big stories around the world remains covid-19 and the surge back in melbourne, it's coming back in germany and spain, coming back a little bit in south korea and
5:40 am
japan. but not like it is here. and it goes back to testing. now, when you see the cdc evidently is coming up with a saliva test, what can you tell us about that? and do you agree with some who say if these labs can't get a test back to an american citizen in less than three days, they shouldn't get paid for it because they're useless? >> i'll leave it to the president about that specific of provision, but what i would say is this: dr. birx and our team here have been hard at work to do pool testing, to reduce the testing turn-around time, and we have seen some success there. we in the united states have been number one in testing in the entire world by a long shot, more than 65 million tests comparing that number to india to around 18 million. we've done extraordinary work, and when you talk about new tests, brian,ing like a saliva test, we have more than a hundred emergency use authors exploring even more testing capability above the abbott test and the rapid turn-around test
5:41 am
and the other tests that are currently available on the commercial market. steve: you know, kayleigh, something i was reading yesterday trying to catch up after a week away with, i'm shocked at the number of people who are getting into fights over masks. i mean, there was some guy who punched, i think, a 75-year-old guy, partially disabled vet, in the jaw and broke his jaw because the guy said, hey, you know, your girlfriend isn't wearing a mask. where does the president stand on encouraging people -- don't get into a fight about it. either they're going to wear a mask or they're not. >> yeah, no one should be fight over this. what we should be doing is doing what is patriotic which is when you can't socially distance, wear a mask. i was with the president last week when he wore a mask when he couldn't socially distance. he's done it several times. that's where he stands, it's the right thing to do. if you're standing close to someone and no one should be
5:42 am
fighting over it, nevertheless. ainsley: what's the deal on the rapid test because i know some friends who stood in line for a long time, they had to travel to get in line to get these tests, i know some other people -- there are only, like, three clinicses on long island who are doing this. people want the rapid test to know if they need to go back to work or if they need to quarantine. what's the latest on getting more rapid tests out there so people don't have to wait in long lines? >> yes, it's important. the end rapid tests are available throughout the nation, but we have prioritized making sure they get to places where we have vulnerable communities like our nursing homes where we've pushed a lot of the testing to protect america's seniors. but there is even in our testing system as it currently stands excess testing capacity because some of the tests that do take a few days are not fully being utilized. there's excess capacity in the system is, but you're right that surginged rapid test where we can is important, specifically in our nursing homes.
5:43 am
brian: so china has sanctioned, in the response to our sanctioning some of our lawmakers, they've sanctioned 11 of ours including marco rubio, ted cruz, tom cotton, pat toomey and we have also another congressman from south jersey of no trump officials. what's your reaction to china's reaction to our sanctioning of them? >> yeah. china stands on notice because this president has been unmistakeable in standing up to china. you've seen him with the phase two china deal, pushing that deal through like no other president could or has in history. he's taken action, sanctioning against the abusive treatment of the uighurs, no longer recognizing hong kong's autonomous status because of chinese intervention. so this president stood up mistakeable. china may try to get him back as noted, but this president has stood firm against china, and he'll continue to. steve: all right. kayleast, thank you very much for joining used today. >> thank you, guys. steve steve you bet.
5:44 am
all right. 17 minutes before the top of the hour, and jillian joins us with the latest news. >> reporter: today the seattle city council is expecting to vote on defunding police. this comes after council members unanimously approved to cut the force by up to 100 officers in a preliminary vote last week. hundreds of demonstrators hitting seattle's streets ahead of today's vote. some backing men and women in blue, others calling to defund the department. a former ceo wants out of prison because it's, quote, torture. douglas hodge says life behind bars during a pandemic violates u.n. guidelines. he wants to serve the remainder of his sentence at home. hodge pleaded guilty last fall to paying more than $850,000 in bribes to get his kids into usc and georgetown. a woman comes inches away from getting hut by debris from a lightning strike in a terrifying close call caught on
5:45 am
camera. watch this. [background sounds] >> reporter: can you believe that? stepping outside the moment lightning strikes a tree right near her home in louisiana. he says if she was one step closer, she would have been seriously injured. thankfully, no one else was hurt: mike tyson takes on a shark in a historic underwater fight. check it out. >> the undisputed heavyweight champion of the sharks. >> reporter: rumble on the reef on night one of shark week. the boxer didn't throw any fists, instead immobilizing the shark but grabbing its mouth. tyson said he's never been so scared. brian: he evidently threw up before every dive, he was that
5:46 am
nervous. >> reporter: i can't imagine. ainsley: thank you, gillian. adam's got the forecast for you. adam: hey, guys, tracking a few weather stories, one is the possibility for severe weather in the midwest, northern illinois near chicago, all areas where you could see severe weather before the day is over, otherwise just extreme heat. we've got advisories in the mississippi delta, up into new england. some of these areas daytime highs are going to be 90 degreeses, 95 degrees, but when you add in that humidity, those temperatures instead are going to be feeling like 105, in some cases 110 degrees. it is still feeling like summer out there today. back out to you. brian brian and that often happens in august, according to reports. adam: yes, it does. brian: thank you very much. [laughter] still ahead, you know him and love him as the lead singer of rascal flatts. now gary wants you to join his team. he joins us live with his push to get americans back to work
5:47 am
next. but first, with permission granted by ainsley and steve, i'd like to go to sandra smith to find out what's on her show. sandra: good morning to you. chaos in chicago where widespread looting and riots are broken out. a live report coming up. plus, some florida schools opening today as total covid-19 cases surpass 5 million. with an uptick now seen in children, what we're learning there, what it means for schools reopening, and college football. will there be a season at all? and it's decision time for joe biden. he could announce his vp pick as soon as this week. we begin a brand new week from america's newsroom. thanks for joining us. we'll see you top of the hour. . ...and new adventures. you hope the more you give the less they'll miss. but even if your teen was vaccinated against meningitis in the past... they may be missing vaccination for meningitis b.
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♪ ♪ ♪ steve: well, you know him as the lead sing iser of rascal flatts, and now he is hiring. country star gary he vats is promising jobs at his moving
5:52 am
company to anybody who's in need in the cities of columbus or cincinnati, ohio, or nashville. and that is where gary joins us right now. gary, good morning to you. >> how are you, steve? steve: i'm doing okay, thank you very much. where'd you get this idea? >> you know, it actually started a couple years ago. i hate moving, and so ended up, a buddy of mine that owned the moving company had moved and said it was such a great experience that i ended up buying half the company. that's just i -- just kind of how it worked out, and it's been incredible. steve: well, and just the fact that, you know, in that industry you're always looking for people. >> right. steve: so given the pandemic, and i i know that nashville has been impacted where you are as well. you are open to giving anybody a job in those three towns if they need a job, if they've lost their job or if they're military or if thaw just want extra
5:53 am
money, right in. >> right, exactly. i mean, i think, you know, you see everything on the news all the time about, you know, the unemployment numbers are who really knows what it is, so, you know, ever since i made that post about that, you know, we've had hundreds of calls and all of that stuff. of course, most people are wanting an office job with. the manual labor part they're not looking forward to, but, yeah, there's just no reason why you can't have a job in columbus, cincinnati, cleveland, nashville, because we will hire you. and especially for our military that are coming back from overseas, being in a combat situation, trying to get reintroduced into civilian life, we've got you covered. it's such a team effort, and it's such -- we have awe becausing employee ares. -- amazing employees. we need to get people back to work, and we want to be that for everybody and supply that need. steve: well, you know, i think there are a lot of people
5:54 am
particularly in the big cities who are going i don't want to live in a big city anymore, but they've got to wait until the pandemic's over before they can move to someplace where the quality of life is a little different than what they're experiencing now. what you're talking about is not just a job, but an opportunity. because the sky will be the limit, ultimately, if they do a good job with your company, who knows where they might wind up. >> yeah, truly. i mean, start out here and that's really what we want to do is start you off, you know, if you start off as a mover or a driver, you know, it's all about moving up to the point where, hopefully, you know, you learn it, you know what's happening, start your own franchise, start your own branch of black tie moving, yeah. steve: yeah. now, it is called black tie moving. do you have to wear a black tie when you're moving? >> yeah, steve, that's a prerequisite. when you come in for interviews, you have to have a black tie, if
5:55 am
not, we'll provide one for you. not. it's kind of just a different, you know, it's a different level of moving. like i said, the reason i ever got involved was they had moved me, and i loved it so much, it was such a great experience, that, i mean, i was in, 100%. steve: i bet. and the reaction has been just off the chart, right? >> it really has, yeah. really has. we've hired some, and we're still looking. so anybody with, you know, with experience preferably, but if not, that's great. but, yeah, we're looking for movers and we're looking for drivers, and we've got a place for you. steve: all right. so if people would like more information, get out your pencil, for more information, here's the phone number, right down there, 615-337-9750. that's 615-337-9750. gary, are you looking for anybody to join the band while
5:56 am
we're at it? laugh. >> well, i'm looking for some venues to open back up so we can go play. [laughter] steve: we will all be happy when that happens. gary, thank you very much. >> thank you. appreciate it. steve: you bet. we're ten tenning aside, back in about two minutes. >> tech: at safelite, we're committed to taking care of you
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♪ >> how appropriate rascal flatts singing us out. set your dvr from 6:00 to 9:00 in case you miss the show. >> sandra: a city on edge. riots overnight in chicago after police shot a suspect during a chase. looters smashing store windows along the magnificent mile shopping district. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. major cities were rocked by another violent weekend. protestors demand drastic changes in policing in se


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