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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 11, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> sean: a couple program notes. we'll get the reaction from vice president mike pence on the show tomorrow night., thank you for making my book number one. let not your heart be troubled. the great laura ingraham is standing by live. good to see you. >> laura: thank you, sean. i was interested in hearing the president's reaction to kamala harris and what he thinks she is going to add to the ticket. i think we have a preview of what's the story. it's going to be fun, a different campaign, should be more campaigning, actual campaigning. >> sean: the record -- >> laura: yeah, yeah. >> sean: this is the most -- you and i have been doing this a long time. i'm 33 years in radio, and this is my 25th year of fox. the most radical ticket of a
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political party in our lifetime by far, and they went hard-core quadruple down on, well radicalism. going to be interesting to see the american people's reaction. >> laura: this ticket is too left-wing for reverend wright sean. they've moved way beyond -- way beyond. fantastic show. i'm going to get to it. all right, take care. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." another busy news night, you know what happened. ari fleischer, mollie hemingway standing by to weigh in on biden's picking of kamala harris for vp. harmeet dhillon is here. check this out, she worked near kamala for two decades in san francisco legal circles and she has the behind-the-scenes a scoop that everyone in this country needs to hear tonight. plus, the media's reaction to the kamala harris pick by biden suggested he now has totally wrapped up the black vote, no need to even talk about the
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black vote, but is that the case? we speak to some very interesting voices who say not so fast. and my "angle" will come a little later in the show. i'm going to reveal the truth about covid in the red versus blue states. but first, joe biden's announcement of kamala harris as vp, well, it contains a telling tidbit. this is what he said in the written statement, "i decided kamala harris is the best person to help me take this fight to donald trump and mike pence, and then to lead this nation starting in january 2021." wait, wait, to lead this nation? wasn't that you, supposed to be on the top of the ticket doing all that meeting for us, joe? you know, that whole presidency thing? come on, man. joe even understands that he's not going to be running the show if he wins in november. >> it has to be demonstrated
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that whomever i pick is two things: one, is capable of being president, because i am an old guy, okay? [laughter] no, but i'm serious. >> laura: well, now that we know who will really be taking the reins in a biden administration, let's take a look at what she'll do if they are elected. today, "the new york times" went the absurd route of touting a senator as a "moderate," of course, the opposite is the case. for starters, her position on illegal border crossings. >> i believe if someone crosses over the border illegally, it is illegal, you would decriminalize it. >> i would not make it a crime punishable by jail. >> laura: of course not! come on in! and what about taxpayer-funded health care for all those new undocumented democrats? >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants?
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[applause] >> laura: don't you love the hand raise questions? don't you love those? what about abortion? >> we are going to put in place and require that states that have a history of passing legislation that is designed to prevent or limit a woman's access to reproductive health care, that those laws have to come before my department of justice for a review. >> laura: that's called preclearance. that means partial birth abortions, green list under president harris. and she loves socialized medicine. >> you think limiting private insurance would be a socialist idea? >> no, okay, so my -- i strongly believe that we need to have medicare for all. >> do you think that socialist or not, medicare for all? >> no, it is about providing health care to all people. >> laura: that worked out well for california, what they are
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trying out there. and did i mention that kamala also wants to take your guns away? >> upon being elected, i will give the united states congress 100 days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable gun safety laws. and if they fail to do it, that i will take executive action. >> laura: reasonable gun safety, a little -- here come the guns. the times also called her pragmatic. we say that's fraudulent. tulsi gabbard exposed kamala as a phony on criminal justice. >> senator harris says she's proud of her record as a prosecutor and she'll be a prosecutor president. she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana charges. >> i am proud of making a decision to not just make fancy speeches or be in a legislative body and give speeches on the floor. >> the people who suffered under your reign as prosecutor, you owe them an apology.
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>> laura: tulsi gabbard just took her apart, do you remember that debate? furthermore, senator harris basically accused joe biden of being a racist on national tv. >> that's hurtful, to hear you talk about the reputation of two united states senators who built their reputations and career on the segregation of race. you also work with them to oppose busing, and you know there was a little girl in california who was part of a second class to integrate her public schools, and she was bused to school every day. and that little girl was me. >> laura: that was the it moment. well, after that, she very publicly suggested biden was guilty of sexually assaulting tara reade. >> somebody who has the relationship with vice president biden, what message would you give to the women who feel like their space has been invaded?
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>> i would believe them, and i respect them being able to tell their story. >> do you believe the vice president should enter this race? >> he's going to have to make that decision for himself. >> laura: marinate in all of that for a moment, okay? promoting all of these past senators like robert byrd's friendship, and implicitly -- at the very least implicit -- she was saying he's guilty of sexual assault, but now all of a sudden she's willing to work with him? a segregationist and a sex criminal? it's a good question. maybe somebody in the lame stream media will have the courage to ask about it. but given all these issues, i have no doubt that the biden campaign looked far and wide for a better option than harris, but i guess there wasn't. wasn't anyone. susan rice had way too much baggage, and no election experience.
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former obama advisor david axelrod said tonight biden actually clicked best with governor whitmer, but she's not a woman of color, and runs michigan like a tin-pot dictatorship. and the other candidates were political small fries without any type of experience or name recognition that you'd want in a vp. of course, biden's big mistake of course was narrowing his options by limiting his choice on the basis of skin color. and on planet earth, that used to be called bias, or even racism. uh, using color as a metric? well, that's what he decided to do. as someone running for the nation's highest office, biden is morally obligated to pick the best person to take his place in the event of a tragedy. regardless of race or gender or ethnicity, any of it. but he never even tried to do that. how cynical. instead, he viewed the whole thing is a box checking exercise for the woke crowd.
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he should have made his choice just on merit, but now he is stuck with harris. the bottom line: she ran for president not so long ago and had a golden opportunity to present herself to liberal voters and the democrat party. but they rejected her in the most comprehensive manner possible, making it absolutely clear that they didn't regard her as worthy of serving as president. now, in a desperate effort to please the hard left, biden has rejected the judgment of his own party's voters and placed harris in line to have all of the power that democrats thought she shouldn't have. but at least we know one thing, kamala, she's a great gal. >> she is authentic. she is someone who has a zest for life. >> vibrant energy, obviously. >> she is good with crowds. >> we saw her at those sorority events, historically black colleges.
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♪ [laughter] >> smoked? >> i have. and i inhaled. [laughter] >> laura: joining me now is mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," ari fleischer, former white house press secretary both fox news contributors. and someone who worked alongside kamala harris in san francisco harmeet dhillon. mollie, to you first. given everything i just laid out, was this the wise pick for the biden campaign, especially those swing state voters in the states that we've all been talking about these last several months? >> i think there's a reason why republicans seem a little more excited by this pick than democrats do tonight.
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there is a very good argument to make that joe biden messed up with this pick. he should have picked someone who would help get back those voters that were lost in 2016 when hillary clinton ran, and faking someone who was a centrist or a moderate would've made sense, and instead, he made a decision to go for a far left california democrat, and i think this will be a moment where they -- where people look back on what happened to the biden campaign and say this was not a good decision for him. >> laura: ari fleischer "the new york times" in november of last year, when she dropped out, wrote the most lacerating piece on her campaign, about her sister got involved, and it was a disaster, people quitting, i mean, it was just brutal. what about this pick, given the fact that the voters themselves thought she wasn't ready to lead, but now, biden is basically saying, well, january she's ready to lead, folks. >> yeah, the brutal result came at the hands of democratic primary voters. she found no constituency, no base, she wasn't exciting to anybody.
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frankly, when i watch her and i listen to her, she just comes across so fake. almost everything she does is so calculated and fake. remember her attack on joe biden for biden being segregation a list? she made it so personal about her as a little girl. either she was faking the attack on biden or faking her support for biden now, it can't be both otherwise you wouldn't served someone you thought was a segregationist and wanted to keep you at home and off a bus. so much she has done is being an empty suit with two left sleeves, and i don't think this is a pick that will go over well in the long term. >> laura: the idea of kamala harris of a moderate harmeet, i laughed out loud. i'm in minneapolis, ilhan omar they are rewarding her for the great rioting that took place in the district that she hasn't talked about -- that's a separate piece of news. you worked alongside her in legal circles in san francisco
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tell me about her reputation there. >> sure. she started out in a promising way, she ran against her boss for district attorney, and she was the tough on crime prosecutor. she immediately betrayed those promises when she came into office, refused to prosecute cop killers with the death penalty and triple murderers, was only harsh on frankly people of color, african-americans and other people being prosecuted for petty drug crimes, really fell under her boot. she was trying to create a record for running for a higher office, and she's done that with the help of powerful alliances with powerful men throughout her career. a poster in a major civil rights case, she had to ultimately settle it after national pressure. her reputation in california as a prosecutor, you talk to defense attorneys and other prosecutors, it was a bad reputation, always eyes on the next prize, always looking for the next gig, really a poor
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record, and as soon as she came into decision to run for president, boy, did she flip-flop, as ari has pointed out in a twitter threat on this issue. she has reversed positions on everything from drugs to criminal justice to felons being able to vote, including from prison. so it's been absolutely crazy and, you know, her legacy as a prosecutor is a terrible one and i say that talking to many of my democrat friends. that's what we can expect in office that she will say what she needs to do. >> laura: let's go to mollie. kamala's conduct during the kavanaugh hearings, mollie wrote a book about this whole topic. this was shameful, let's look. >> have you had any discussion with anyone ever about bob mueller -- >> i've never had a discussion about bob mueller, used to work in the administration with bob mueller. >> did you talk with them?
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>> you asked me that, i need to know who works there. >> i think you can answer my question without me giving you a list of all employees at the law firm. >> well, actually, i can't -- >> why not? >> because i don't know who works there. >> okay, i'll move on. >> laura: mollie, she was actually praised for this empty line of questioning. there were so many pauses, and i found it so transparent. mollie, you're the expert here. >> she was trying to set a perjury trap, and only because brett kavanaugh was prepared for such perjury traps did he not fall into it. that was what she did as a ringleader in the anti-kavanaugh effort, they try to destroy his life. she came out against him, did 3400 facebook ads about him interrupted the proceedings the moment they started, part of the circus where people were getting
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arrested and whatnot, and it did not stop even after he was confirmed. a year later she tried to get him impeached, she's been calling for investigations, so a lot of people remember democratic efforts against kavanaugh as one of the low points in recent political history, and kamala harris was a big ringleader of that effort. >> laura: oh, yeah, and the hedge funds. when we think of hedge funders, ari, you run around new york circles a lot, and the hedge funders seem very excited about this. she is wall street's favorite candidate, as well. watch. oh, sorry, cnbc is reporting called the pick, harris was a perfect pick. texting great choice, and a similar statement, john henes partner at corporate restructuring, vice president biden's first decision is perfect, et cetera, et cetera.
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what is that all about, ari? this sounds a little clinton-esque, or maybe obama-esque here. >> laura, let me remind you of the island of manhattan where i was born, 85-15 democrat in every presidential election, 85% democrat, 15% republican overwhelmingly democrat, even wall street wall street is. democrats increasingly have become the party of the rich and republicans are becoming the party of the working class blue-collar people, especially under donald trump. i think two political things are going to happen now that harris is named. one, this race is going to tighten up even more. the reason is because biden naming her reminds people that biden exists. he is so much better off hiding in his bunker and not making any news than he is making news. secondly, i just question whether or not this is going to boost african-american turnout at all. i don't think it will. she's just not that historically exciting to african-americans
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certainly wasn't during the primary, and that was one of the biggest reasons biden picked her. i don't see it. >> laura: harmeet, she shares something with you. she is indian-american, and also of jamaican dissent. a lot of people just say african-american, but i'm getting all these texts, wait a second, i'm indian -- people who like the fact that she is in indian-american. but what about that, harmeet? >> yeah, i think this is going to be a little brutal, but the reputation she has in the indian-american community if she is indian-american at an indian-american fund-raiser and that's it. she forgets her heritage and every other way, and the case i mentioned was for a plaintiff who she didn't care about that guy from india and his background, and so, i think it's going to be not get a lot of votes for them. she is a shape shifter and it's all about what room she is in she's going to pander to that room, but she doesn't have any true roots.
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>> laura: and, mollie, another thing, people are saying you have to give her a break because she has a woman and it's a first, she's a woman of color so that's a first, and first of all, geraldine ferraro was the first woman on a ticket, and we had an african-american president who was one of the best political, you know operators, campaigners, i should say, in all of politics, okay so people were comparing her to obama today, and it's like what? he was unbelievable on the campaign trail, he wowed everyone. i never agreed with him much but he was an incredible politician, how is she, playing to 12 people at the old folks home, mollie? >> there is a saying about her that she wears well for the first 15 minutes on people kind of get tired of her. she is charismatic and have is an interesting way about her
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but it does grow old. the big issue for her is going to be her liberal political stances. the media will try to roll out that she was, as you said, and moderate, pragmatist, but she has the fourth most liberal voting record, so radical on abortion. she's actually try to imprison pro-lifers and journalists who do work exposing what is happening in abortion clinics. she was the ringleader of the kavanaugh situation, she had a role to play in the jussie smollett race hoax that was so damaging in chicago. she's got really difficult positions that will come up, and i'm sure the trump campaign is happy to talk about each and every one of them. >> laura: ari, before we wrap here, only 59% -- in one of the recent polls -- said that biden would last, 15% said -- would finish his first term, only 15% would finish his first term in office, and he seems to almost a telegraph in some of these offhand comments. so this is really -- we should treat her, then, since they are treating her -- as a presidential candidate, almost.
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given the fact he is not doing any real interviews. >> yeah, look, if joe biden wins he will be older on his first day then ronald reagan was on his last day. if joe biden wins, he'll be 82 when he would be serving a second term, so let's forget a second term, that's not even in the cards if he gets a first term. so the question is, how healthy is he? and he's really not answering the question, not releasing the medical information the way candidates previously have to answer all of these questions, and the press certainly isn't banging him on these issues. the first time, really, a vice presidential selection of consequence, because the chances of that person becoming president do move up when you have joe biden being at the top of the ticket, and there really are issues about joe biden and how he's doing. >> laura: well, harmeet, we know kamala harris is silicon valley's favorite, so
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it's interesting when she came out in favor of banning president trump on twitter. >> we have donald trump, who has 65 million twitter followers and is using that platform as the president of the united states to openly intimidate witnesses to threaten witnesses, to obstruct justice, and he and his account should be taken down. >> laura: harmeet, this is pretty relevant now, right, since her former spokesman is now deciding what tweets should be taken down at twitter working at twitter. what? >> it should run -- it should send a chill down the spine of every first amendment activist as mollie mentioned, she would love to throw journalists in jail, black people in jail people in twitter jail, i guess. if that's what you want, the government telling you what you can think and say, then kamala harris is the president for you, and president i think is what they are really looking for, because joe biden does not
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look like he can make it to election day, much less through four years. >> laura: no, but he biked for 25 yards without a helmet and a mask on, so he's totally up to the job. panel, great to see you all tonight. thanks so much. >> it should make our country proud that there will be representation at the highest office that represents who we are as a diverse people. >> one of the things we must realize is that black women have arrived. >> black women in particular women in general are ready to get information for this woman. biden just ensured that he will have maximum turnout from african-americans. >> laura: apparently no one is more excited about the biden-harris ticket than joy reid, but is she right that that will actually unify the black vote? here to respond is cynthia garrett, founder of cynthia garrett ministries and author of "i choose victory," and a conservative commentator whose new film will be released on
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video-on-demand in september and also with me, horace cooper project 21 cochair, author of "how trump is making black america great again." african-american turnout especially among women. your response? >> yeah, she actually -- [laughs] this is a tough one, laura, you know why. first of all, i am a woman, i believe in the sisterhood of the traveling pants, i want to support women, i'm a black woman, this is a great day that my nieces can look at another black woman and go "wow, i can do that too," but that is where the comparisons stop for me. it's where the line is drawn. i just don't believe in any of this woman's policies or politics. so for joy reid to say -- and i think her quote was there will be a wall of black women lined up to support this candidate -- is almost as bad and offensive as biden saying if you don't
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vote for me, you ain't black because here's the reality, laura, i mean -- women african-american women have a lot of faith, okay? my heart is ministry, you know that, i started in tv, my love's ministry. i am a unifier, i am a healer, but in reality, if you are a christian and you really are trying to live your life in accordance with your faith, then your voting habits change, and that is how this hippy chick looked up and went, oh, my goodness, how did i get to be a conservative voting republican? so when i look at kamala harris she just doesn't line up on anything i believe in. her stand on education completely ignores the fact -- these constituents of black people that she is supposed to have overwhelmingly want school choice. christians, african-american christian women, don't wholesale believe in abortion. there is just one thing after the next that i just -- you
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know, i'm happy to see a black woman not be invisible. i just wish it was a different black woman. >> laura: i understand. horace, the last poll for i believe done during the primary season, kamala harris polled lower than elizabeth warren among black voters, okay, this was toward the end of november 2019. they just leapfrogged over bernie and warren because of race, because he had to pick -- a woman of color. leapfrogged over -- i don't -- what about -- we are going to get all of these black votes, when she polled so low, and why was she polling so low? >> black americans are increasingly demonstrating that they are centrist, they are more moderates, and one of the reasons that joe biden ended up getting selected -- nominated --
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was because in south carolina, a large number of black americans said, hey, let's look around here, who can we pick from, and they picked with the guy that at the time, they perceived to be the moderate. guess what? he has rejected all of that and he has picked a running mate that for many black americans is going to be a problem. she -- you have to apologize to far left wack jobs, when you look at her platform. the issue here is all voters black, white, or brown, they are looking for who is going to improve employment? who is going to put more money in their checking account? it doesn't matter whether you're republican or democrat, and the issue we see here is there doesn't appear to be any selection made for a running
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mate to send that signal, that centrist signal, and the selection, i think black voters are going to be far more critical to the outcome of the election then we've seen in a while. >> laura: all right kamala harris, also, she was quick to condemn the hate crime against jussie smollett that turned out to be, of course, totally fake. here is how she reacted when a reporter confronted her about it. >> would you like to make an amendment to your original sentiment? >> which tweet? what tweet? >> about saying it is a modern-day lynching, jussie smollett. >> i think the facts are still unfolding, and it's something we should all take seriously. >> laura: why couldn't she just say that she jumped the gun? >> because it's difficult in this world of identity politics to make -- to say you made an honest mistake. it kind of takes away from the narrative that they try to push behind these racial incidents. identity politics is what biden is up to here, he wanted to get a woman and now he has gotten kind of a two-fer, someone who
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is a woman it also supposedly african-american. if you're going to play identity politics, two can play at that game. it's been pointed out her mom's asian/indian, and i want to point out that african-american -- in the american context -- generally means having a direct relationship to the experiences of slavery and segregation and jim crow and so on. interestingly, kamala harris's father, donald, a stanford professor, wrote an article in the jamaican magazine several years ago, claiming, in fact sort of boasting, that he was descended from the largest slave owner, one of the largest in jamaica, a fellow named hamilton brown. the reason this is interesting is because there has been this effort in the democratic party and on the left to eradicate all connections to the slave plantation. the point i'm trying to make as kamala harris seems to be decided less from the legacy of
11:30 pm
let's say, frederick douglass that she is from the legacy of the plantation itself. >> laura: wow. that is fascinating, and i know a lot of people haven't heard that before, dinesh, and cynthia, look, it is, in many ways, for a lot of people exciting. a woman of color, and we want all people of all colors and ethnicities to do their best and be their best, regardless of race and have no barriers -- we all want that. everyone wants that. that's a great thing. but, what about this? what about this idea that because she is a woman of color she has to get the black vote and if you don't vote for her you are voting against your self-interest? you heard what dinesh just said about her own ancestry. i mean i haven't personally verified that, but you know. >> laura, that's what bothers me about the mob mentality that we are employing against each other as people of color.
11:31 pm
you know, look them in my own personal social circles, you deal with a lot of abuse if you don't agree with everyone else and i just don't understand that, because intelligence would want you to celebrate that other people think independently and think intelligently for themselves, and so, i just can't embrace that kamala harris's blackness and femaleness is going to erase my dislike of joe biden as a candidate. he is a racist from the early '70s. you guys have covered it, you can read congressional records from 1974, words out of his own mouth about busing and integration, and the relationship that he had with james oliver eastland disgusts me to this day because that is the man that led -- that was with mcclellan, who destroyed my father's banking empire, who black people are so proud of, my dad -- there is a film "the banker" that celebrates my
11:32 pm
father, the first black man to own white banks in america, and guess what, it was mcclellan and eastland and those guys who helped put biden where he is today, who went after him because he was a black man who owned banks in texas and was trying to help. >> laura: all right, a lot to digest there, but, boy, we are going to have a time to do all of that. cynthia, dinesh, horace thank you so much. and have lockdown-loving blue states handled covid as well as freedom-loving red states? my "angle" on that, stay there. are you sick and tired of looking and feeling heavy? probioslim promotes healthy digestion and helps you lose weight.
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♪ >> laura: and now blue states versus red states, a covid report card that's the focus of tonight "angle." last week, we show you economic and health data proving that
11:38 pm
while the covid pandemic was one of the worst events in american history, the response to it by president trump and most g.o.p.m officeholders has been effective. the u.s. leads on testing, i death rate is roughly similar to western europe's, and our economy is doing much better than eurozone countries including germany. that's why investors are more bullish on the future of america.bu now despite trump and the g.o.p. is objectively successfulov handling of covid, joe biden and the dems insist and wasn't and that they would have somehow done better. biden tweeted today, "i promise you, if i'm elected, i won't waste any time getting this virus under control, i'll call dr. fauci and ask them to stay on, i'm bringing together top experts and leaders from bothop parties to chart a path forward. wait a second, is that his plan? have fauci and a panel of expert cronies around the country? even though dr. fauci recently said he didn't think more lock downs were necessaryau
11:39 pm
necessarily, you know that in his heart of hearts, i don't think k he really meant it, and besides, fauci has already come up with other ways to make your thlife more miserable. >> it should be universal wearing of masks, possible social distancing, avoiding crowds. theoretically, you should protect surfaces. if you have goggles or an eye shield, you should use it, but if you really want to be complete, you should probablyy use it if you can. >> laura: travel in a space suit, my friends. now -- if that wasn't horrifying enough -- we already have a pretty good idea of how much worse things would have been under total democrat-control. as the "angle" has pointed ou before, the u.s.'s covid situation would look better if it weren't for the bad performances in a few major blue states. and if our trump-hating media hadn't smeared the early use of hydroxychloroquine, well, forget about it.
11:40 pm
we really, really, really be in trouble. my friends, the red states versus the blue states, what happened between the two? now, there are 24 states with democrat governors, okay? we also decided we are going to give credit, by the way, two democrats from maryland, it's really a republic -- governor larry hogan has criticized trump's actions on the virus. we put the district of columbia in the democrats camp. that gives team blue roughly 184.8 million people, and on the other side, team red has a18 population of 143.4 million people, okay? now both sides have a mixture of urban states and rural states and from all major regions of the country. the most heavily populated state in the country, california, and
11:41 pm
a democratic governor.nd but the next two largest states texas and florida, have republican governors. for five months, officials on both sides have had a chance to adopt their own policies and address the virus. the blue states have generally favored stricter lockdowns and have basked in the glow of favorable press coverage. the red states have been more willing to trust their own people, a position for whichta they have been hammered. t >> that's how we arrived at this situation where you have mostly republican lead states like florida, like texas, reopened too quickly. >> everything you warned was going to happen has happened. >> death so bad, they are piling up the bodies and refrigerated trucks. >> you play politics with this virus and you lost. >> they were in denial, and denialh is not a strategy. >> laura: let's forget all of this rhetoric for a moment and just look at the facts. worldometer has extensive covid data at the state and national level so we can see which works better. number one, the red states have
11:42 pm
sufferedmb 53,209 deaths, or a rate of 371 deaths per million. this figure of course represents a terrible tragedy. the blue states have suffered 109,750, or 594 deaths per million, a 60% higher death rate then in red states. here's another way to look at it. last week we compared the u.s. performance to six countries in western europe. if we rank those six countries along with the red states and the blue states by deaths per million, you have a chart that looks like this. i should also note that new jersey and new york both have death rates twice as high as belgium. the second highest reported death rate in the world according to worldometer. now, let's be clear, every death is a tragedy, and this terrible
11:43 pm
horrific pain caused by covid-19 will hunt all of us, this country, individual families for many years. every day we pray for a cure. looking at this data, it is simply impossible to conclude that turning the country over to biden and harris will mean that we are going to have a safer healthier society? these aggressive lockdowns for the most part have not worked as well as the g.o.p. policy of trusting americans, giving them some guidance, but trusting them to do the right thing. president trump couldn't stop the blue states from abusing these lockdowns, but what he could do, and what he did, was to limit the resulting economic harm by allowing the rest of the country flexibility to manage the virus in a much more -- it's a generally more balanced and effective way. now imagine if we had followed the advice from all of the biden supporters that you see on tv all day long. millions more americans would be out of work.
11:44 pm
every school in the country -- every school would be closed this fall. no one could go to church, you bet no sports, forget about those, and as you see from the data, would almost certainly have more deaths. president trump and his trust in the american people's belief in liberty saved us from this fate but it's not over. the democrats and their allies are still hoping forth a nationl lockdown. >> you cannot consider opening in most states in the country now because of their transmission rate is way too high. >> do you think it's time for another shutdown, whether nationally or perhaps in certain pockets around the country? >> i do think in certain areas you probably do need to look at doing that. >> that's what we end up having to do in order to try to regain some sense of control. when the flu comes in and when colds come in, people are largely indoors, i think that's what we need to do.
11:45 pm
>> laura: can you hear this? are you listening to this? if they were in charge, we would be endlessly going in and out of lockdown. like what's happening now in new zealand. after supposedly eradicating covid weeks ago, the government is dragging its largest city back into lockdown over a massive outbreak of, wait for it, four cases, all of which are in the same family. crazy. don't think the democrats aren't gog to pull the same stunt here, they will. especially in the run-up to the election. liberal governors see -- they see the real estate numbers. commercial and residential, they know people are leaving and they know that people will flee these cities and states to places where their freedoms are respected, where criminals are punished, and where business is actually encouraged, kids can go to school.l. theys give people a choice leaving blue states, go to red states. theyta would rather be free to
11:46 pm
make their own decisions and not be bossed around by the type of incompetent administrators running blue states, right now running blue states economies into the ground. g if these political pathogens take the white house and impose national restrictions, no one -- except, of course, the rich and powerful -- will be able to escape. and all you suburban women out there, remember this: voting for president trump, it doesn't mean oru like everything he's ever said or tweeted or done. it's a vote for your family your kids, your community, your freedom, and, by the way, it's also a vote for your precovid way of life. and that's the "angle." now, still ahead, we were the only show to bring you the in-depth reporting on the unsolved assassination of black trump supporter bernell trammell. well, we have an important update on that case for you next. important update on that case for you
11:47 pm
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♪ >> laura: late last monthau bernell trammell was assassinated in broad daylight in front of a store in milwaukee, wisconsin. it was possibly done for his political views, but after hearing about this heinous crime on "the ingraham angle,"
11:52 pm
anonymous donors came forward to offer a $20,000 reward for information about mr. trammell's killers. joining me now is someone who helped us bring the story to life andrew hitt, republican party of wisconsin chairman. andrew, our elected leaders inin wisconsin still essentially silent tonight? i mean black lives matter, but blm did not show up for this man, who was, by the way supported blm and had pro-blm signs and liked trump, kind of an interesting combo there, but he was an interesting guy in the community, but apparently his life didn't matter to a lot of people.ti >> well, you know, we still have not heard from any democrat leaders here in wisconsin, we have not heard yet from mayor barrett, we have not heard from governor tony evers, you know, the crime rate in milwaukee is going through the roof right now, homicides are going up, they don't have the
11:53 pm
resources that they need. meanwhile, i guess barrett and evers are still on summer vacation. >> laura: yeah, they're up north hanging out at the lakes right? this is how milwaukee pd captain described trammell's murder. "this was an execution, walk up behind someone, approach from the back, fire several rounds in his direction, killing him, and walking away. it's an execution-style homicide." andrew, these brazen acts of violence, in this case against an african-american supporter of trump, do you think this was politically motivated, just in your gut, gut instinct? >> we look at this, we look at how the mpd captain describes it, the office of violence prevention has described it as a public assassination. what we know is that this didn't happen in the heat of a moment as part of an argument. what we know is there is a leven of premeditation here.
11:54 pm
i mean we see the still photos c he is creeping down this alley way, he creeps up behind him fires shots into trammell and kills him, this isn't something that just happens, this was an execution-style homicide that was premeditated. i think this, you know, makes it more likely that this is politically motivated. >> laura: yeah, and we have video we will put up again online of the person of interest, or suspect -- not a person of interest, a suspect -- in the case. we still don't have any information. $20,000 reward tonight. thank you to all of those anonymous donors. when we come back, i'm here in minneapolis, and final thoughts about what we saw, which was shocking yesterday. ert? ert? forebrain, from the harvard-educated experts at force factor, contains key ingredients to help boost memory, learning, clarity, focus, and more! rush to walmart and find forebrain, our #1 brain booster, in the vitamin aisle.
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call healthmarkets now. call the number on your screen call this number now. >> laura: just so people understand where we are, the nightclub of both your restaurant was where the officer charged with murder and floyd
12:00 am
both worked as security? >> yes, they both worked as security and we crossed paths with them fairly regularly because it was in the same building on the weekends -- nothing more than -- we didn't know them. >> laura: did you ever see th did you ever see them together or separately just going and it out? r. >> laura: that was one of the unexpected revelations we learned while here in minneapolis, that was on east lake street, just devastated by the riots, a lot of heart ache. there's a lot of promise in minneapolis, it's a wonderful state, minnesota, i come here every year, lake minnetonka -- come on! give some vacation time to minnesota when you can get a vacation, but let's get some better political leadership. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the important details of this big news day, and i will be watching every moment. shannon bream. >> shannon: thank you so much, laura. we begin tonight with violent protest and crime spikes continue across cities in america.


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