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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 18, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> whenever we look to this white house for leadership what we get instead is chaos, and vision and the total and utter lack of empathy. >> we this country in a bold new direction. we have a president who is leading us down the path to authoritarianism. this election is the most important in the modern history of this country. >> joe biden can restore the
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soul of america. >> he understands rejection and he knows resilience. barack obama leaned on joe for his strength and decency and you can too. >> the future of our planet is at stake. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. he is clearly in over his head. >> biden -- they sold of your dreams and gave away your jobs, now you have a president who is fighting for you. >> there you have it. attacks on donald from dominating night one of the democratic national convention. thank you for joining us. >> the two our virtual event taking on the telephone like format with the presumptive nominee joe biden only making one appearance. >> griff jenkins in wilmington, delaware with all the highlights.
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>> it is in history books, the first virtual convention, no delegates cheering, no packed hallways but yet they did it with celebrities. some republicans and the face of progressivism, bernie sanders painted a dark picture of the future under a second term of donald trump. >> we have a president who is not only incapable of addressing these crazies but is leading us down the path of authoritarianism. nero fiddled while rome burned. trump golfed. while joe and i disagree on the best path to get universal coverage he has a plan that will greatly expand health care and cut the cost of prescription drugs. joe will move us forward. >> reporter: the night belonged to the former first lady
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michelle obama in prepared remarks delivered and recorded before, harris was picked as running mate. is what she had to say. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. he has had more than enough time to prove that he can do the job but he is clearly in over his head. going high is the only thing that works. when we go though, when we use the same tactics of degrading and dehumanizing others we just become part of the ugly noise that is drowning out everything else. we have got to vote for joe biden like our lives depend on it. >> reporter: racial injustice was a big issue addressed head on after eva along gloria interested in james cliburn on it, and george floyd's brother,
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and the coronavirus itself. that is why they had the virtual convention. governors at the center of the crisis from new york to michigan talked about it. >> the symptom, not the illness, covid-19 is just a metaphor. donald trump did not create the initial division. the division created trump. he only made it worse. >> we listen to medical experts, we planned, a lot of work from autoworkers and too little from the white house. joe biden and kamala harris will lead by example. >> reporter: tonight the theme is leadership matters. and see making a short appearance with senator schumer. doctor jill biden, interesting to see what she says. an interesting keynote will be delivered from 17 rising stars
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in a democrat party including stacy abrams. todd: lots to unravel here. jillian: michelle obama wraps up the show, political analyst britt hume says she was effective but voters need to be wary of her words. >> very good speaker. for someone who doesn't like politics she certainly is good at it but a noteworthy factor that we are talking about the hostile and broad themes, not specifics of what she said which was laced with distortions and exaggerations but that is what we expect of political rhetoric, that is the way you do it. todd: the danger of rhetoric is one thing but judge janine says what democrats want is anarchy. >> the american people need to understand this is the most important election in your life. if you want any economic
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prosperity, any peace for your family you've got to make sure you don't let the democrats in office and not just the president, the senate, the house and everything else because these are socialist funded candidates. they want anarchy. shannon: the first night of the convention is supposed to be about unity as john kasich tried to win over independents and anti-trump republicans. >> america is at the crossroads, the stakes in this election are greater than any in modern times. i am a lifelong republican but that attachment hold second-place to my responsibility in normal times something like this would probably never happen but these are not normal times. we are being taken down the wrong road by a president who has pitted one against the other. >> the unusual endorsements, good morning. >> reporter: several well-known republicans declaring their
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support for joe biden including former ohio governor john kasich who ran unsuccessfully for the republican presidential nomination in 2016. in his address to the dnc urging independent voters and undecided republicans to abandon trump, attempting to reassure them the former vice president will not cave to the far left. >> there are republicans and independents a couldn't imagine crossing over to support a democrat. they fear joe may turn sharp left and leave them behind. i don't believe that because i know the measure of a man. reasonable, faithful, respectful and no one pushes joe around. >> in their rebuttal republicans say it is clear why members of their own party are pledging support for 2 biden. >> susan molinari and john kasich are being used as ponds. it is a sad -- and desperate
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reach for relevance, they failed, they didn't have a voice in the republican party, nobody wanted him so he didn't even come to the convention. shannon: the president's son eric choosing to cross party lines. >> little fluffy messages, washed up republicans that got 0% of the vote, and bitter my father beat them so badly, no specificity to anything. >> reporter: donald trump during a speech monday in ohio. >> biden is just the trojan horse for socialism. a trojan horse. he has no clue but the people around him are tough and smart but we disagree very strongly, they are mean and angry. >> earlier in minnesota he made sure to differentiate himself
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from his opponent. >> we will revitalize police departments, protect religious liberty, defend the lives of our beautiful unborn children, appoint conservative judges, uphold free-speech on college campuses, safeguard the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. >> reporter: the president will take part in disaster recovery briefing in iowa before heading to arizona on border security. todd: party loyalty is put to the test, sarah palin blasted the idea of true republicans supporting what she calls the most radical democratic ticket in us history. >> it is a shame because two different parties have two completely different platforms and for those who would claim
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they are republicans meaning inherently they support the platform, that being free enterprise, work ethic and expectation for reward for work ethic and the sanctity of life, for these republicans to be suggesting if not outright supporting the platform so completely opposite that would be supporting a ticket that is the most radically liberal ticket in the history of the us is a shame. >> sarah palin made headlines offering advice to kamala harris telling her to trust no one knew. shannon: oh 101-year-old world war ii veteran takes another step toward completing his nationwide mission is to me walton meeting with george governor brian come, walton is
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on his no regrets toward the goal of meeting all 50 governors. camp is number 34. a local fifth-grade class raised $1,500 to help them make that trip in april of 2019, sydney and other world war ii veterans met donald trump in the oval office. todd: joe biden's character praised on night one of the dnc. >> an adopted son of south carolina. >> his wisdom and his decency can bring us together. >> he is a profoundly decent man. shannon: biden's policies were barely mentioned. there is two reasons for that, live to explain next.
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>> he is a profoundly decent man guided by faith. >> joe supports raising the minimum wage to build our crumbling infrastructure and fight the threat of climate change. shannon: many democrats speaking during night one of the dnc praised joe biden's character but stop short of talking about his policy. >> they think he is a likable guy but is that a reason to vote for him? liz peak is here to weigh in. member the old wendy's commercial, where's the beef? better yet, why was there so little policy discussion at last night's dnc? >> like that line from my fair lady, when one englishman speaks all other englishmen despise them. when joe biden gets into specific policies a lot of other democrats will say wait a minute, that is not what i signed on for. now talk about policy. hilarious that meg whitman said
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something about joe has an economic plan, what is that economic plan? we didn't hear about jobs or taxes or how he will recently the economy. it was really an empty performance, a lot of talk about empathy. empathy is nice but doesn't create jobs and that is what we saw during the eight years of the obama biden administration, lack of focus on policy and job creation which is why when he left office obama was not a terribly popular president and that is why biden is way behind trump in terms of how people view his economic policy. >> we will go ahead and pull up this graphic that will scroll through the democrats platform and while people at home can take a look i'm curious european of this. michelle obama by all accounts
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was pretty effective in her speech but one thing people are criticizing, it was taped earlier than kamala harris was announced the vice president of candidate, no mention of kamala harris at all? >> i listened to it very carefully. there was barely a mention of joe biden. everyone expected that michelle obama would weigh in on how well she knew joe biden, what an effective vice president it was for her husband, what role you played - administration, it was remarkably devoid of personal reminiscences or specifics about the role joe did play and i found myself thinking i get that you don't like donald trump and one of the reasons they don't talk policy is most democrats,
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56% is true are voting against donald trump and not for joe biden but more specifically maybe this is why barack obama did not come out and endorse joe biden or give him any support early in the primaries when it would have been helpful for biden. kind of came away thinking that joe biden was a playful and supportive vice president but what did he do? republicans are going to ask that over and over. and 40 years of public life what did joe biden accomplish and why didn't michelle obama talk about that. >> a fascinating discussion, thank you for being with us this morning. time, 18 after the hour. a man dragged from his truck and beaten by a mob near the federal courthouse in portland. >> oscar odom says this is what the feds were sent to porton --
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>> welcome back. disturbing video out of portland, writers relentlessly beating a man and woman near the courthouse. shannon: the city enters its fifth week of protests. >> portland police investigating a terrific incident during the black lives matter protest but appears to have started with a mob, rioters tackling a woman before they were able to speed away.
1:23 am
but as the crowd chases the car the couple crashes, rioters beating him and tell him until he is bloodied. the video you are about to see is extremely graphic. >> eventually knocked the man unconscious, drew fernandez tells fox news the driver was possibly trying to defend the transgender woman with the protesters turned on him.
1:24 am
>> this was extremely violent but sometimes i forget i'm walking the streets of an american city. it feels like you are walking in a third world country. >> portland's district attorney is investigating the video, really statement saying assaults will not be tolerated in our community. the truck driver is expected to be okay. no arrests have been made but a horrific incident unfolding in portland. >> so disturbing, thank you. let's bring in retired nypd detective doctor oscar odom. there is more of it online. as you site was kicked unconscious, his head was beating -- bleeding from the back. you can hear someone say roll them on his side because he has blood coming out of his mouth. hard to believe this is america. >> most definitely. i think the men and women in blue for doing such a great job under trying and chaotic times
1:25 am
but former president abraham lincoln said america will not be destroyed from the outside. with this lawlessness by different political leaders in different states this is what is happening to people with so much chaos and as stated earlier it is like living in a third world country, there is no law and order, the united states constitution which serves as a benchmark for the law of the united states tells us this behavior should not be tolerated but it seems they are not paying attention to what is going on, like they don't see it, a blind man could see the crime that is taking place, how the shootings are up, the murders are up, the robberies are up in this type of chaos is uncalled for and shouldn't have never happened. >> is this the last straw for portland? will federal law enforcement be finally welcomed in portland or are leaders in portland okay with just having this continue night after night and escalating like we are seeing on our screen right now?
1:26 am
>> i hope they are not. they need to be on the frontlines and needs to be out there. put on uniform and not have them in uniform but go out and speak to the people and let's see what happens so they can see it front and because they are doing a lot of monday morning quarterbacking connection nothing happens to them, being injured in the street and they should re-sign from their position because there is no way you should let this happen to your people and they are letting it happen. it is being documented. shannon: let's talk about new york city because there has been back and forth between bill diblasio, the president is threatening to send in federal agents and bill diblasio can't stop what is going on here, donald trump says law and order, if new york city's mayor cannot do it we will.
1:27 am
>> the nypd is the largest and best police department in the world, they are capable of handling the situation and putting everything back in order. but you must and handcuff them, take the handcuffs off of them and let them do law and order, but do police work and they will do it correctly. the incident that started this did not happen with nypd. it happened someplace else and came back to blame law enforcement across the country for incident that law enforcement officers across the country spoke out against and being handcuffed and can't do the job, like not having anticrime units, brooklyn, shootings up 100%. and handcuff the police officers and let them be police officers and by taking handcuffs off they will do the right thing and follow procedures and make the proper arrested you won't have this chaos or people complaining.
1:28 am
it's being hijacked by those who are not taxpaying citizens and are not doing anything. abraham lincoln said america would not be destroyed from the outside. >> we will continue to follow it as we know you will, thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> time is 27 minutes after the are, joe k success joe biden is moderate enough by joe biden pitching is a progressive. our political panel on deck with information.
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since you're heading off to school, i got you this brita. dad... i just got a zerowater. but we've always used brita. it's two stage-filter... doesn't compare to zerowater's 5-stage. this meter shows how much stuff, or dissolved solids, gets left behind. our tap water is 220. brita? 110... seriously? but zerowater- let me guess. zero? yup, that's how i know it is the purest-tasting water. i need to find the receipt for that. oh yeah, you do. >> i'm sure there are republicans and independents who couldn't imagine crossing over to support a democrat, they feared joe may turn a sharp left and leave them behind. i don't believe that. i know the measure of a man. >> together we have moved this
1:32 am
country double new direction. our movement continues and is getting stronger every day. many of the ideas we fought for that just a few years ago were considered radical are now mainstream. todd: republican john kasich endorsing joe biden as a moderate candidate as bernie sanders insisted biden wins is a win for progressives. what kind of candidate is biden really? great to have you here. you heard john kasich and sanders. what message is the american public to believe? >> the democratic party is a big tent party his ideals are big enough to encompass everyone in the political spectrum. the guy in georgia, gun toting second amendment pro-life small government fiscal conservative democrat who believes universal healthcare educating our youth.
1:33 am
we have a big enough tent in the democratic party we don't have that small idea,. .democrats, southern conservative democrats believe in workers rights, union rights should not be giving away all our resources to the one%. biden is articulating a return to normalcy where we can have disagreements that move the nation forward. >> you heard the big 10's argument from a lot of democrats. what is your response? >> lack of identity, joe biden is terrible at middle class which he wants to repeal donald trump's tax cuts, 82% of american citizens that we kill so many jobs, hurt the pocketbook of the american public, he supports aoc's green new deal which will killed 10 million energy jobs and he is in the back pocket of china over the american middle class worker. the wto helps 3.4 million jobs in the united states alone.
1:34 am
just yesterday or the day before he did an interview with free college for everyone but couldn't find a way to pay for it. it's all about big left-wing ideas but no way to back them up and no support for the men's the american worker is the person who will suffer. >> we have 3 nights to figure out what the focus of the convention is going to be and i'm sure we will get into that over the next 3 days. a lot of the focus was on the michelle obama speech, she said donald trump has had more than enough time to do his job in the white house but didn't biden have eight years? what is biden going to do the getting? what we get dennis president that he wasn't able to do in his eight years as vp? >> it is like when the backup quarterback 6 over the starting position, you can find the
1:35 am
executed strategies, one thing to be a supporting cast of president obama but now will be biden's vision of government, how can we bring middle-class jobs, how can we not be at the whims of the one% working to turn apart minimum-wage jobs, health care for working people. how can he be joe from scranton working on the rustbelt with upper midwest industrial jobs and how do we bring those back to america and not have them outsourced to other parts of the world, joe biden is able to circulate that strategy by return to normalcy, how we build back better and that is what american people are seeing and hearing at this convention. >> i don't want to get into a quarterbacking discussion. that the jillian issue. i want to get into the biden specific -- he's got 15 more years, would he create change? >> that starting to process. there were the 8 years under obama but what about the 15 year
1:36 am
history where he's been on the wrong side of every decision that has ever been made. the african americans should be appalled by him. he supported bill clinton's prime bill which incarcerated more african american males than anyone else in the united states. by the way joe from scranton wants to bankrupt scranton by any sort of energy job in the rustbelt, he will have a hard time in states that are important like pennsylvania, ohio and michigan, explaining his policies. >> was to set the matter what i said, the president won't it 15 years, he will get 4 to 8, more likely four and one final note does who is going to be in scranton today, donald trump. obviously that something to watch, we will discuss that tomorrow. thank you so much. shannon: democrats slamming donald trump over his resistance to mail in voting and changes
1:37 am
the postal service at of the election. >> their purpose is to frighten people from voting, don't pay attention to this care tactics because that's a victory for them. >> during this president's term the unthinkable has become normal. he's tried to prevent people from voting. undermined the u.s. postal service. >> house republicans say democrats are making up a crisis, the president telling "fox and friends" he's trying to fix things. >> it has been run horribly and we are going to make it good. what am i supposed to do? letter continues to run badly? making the post office great again. >> is the postmaster general agree to testify before the house oversight committee. todd: jussie smollett's attorney saying cook county attorney mishandled the case calling it a latent attempt to take down fox and his client being used as a pond, the report on kim fox and
1:38 am
the timing of the recharging of jussie smollett reveals the political electoral motivation of his cohorts, report saying fox and numbers of her office abused their discretion but the actions were not criminal. >> reporter: a group of parents suing gavin newsom to reopen schools claiming the governor's order is unconstitutional, taking kids out of the classroom would cause long-term damage. >> we are suffering here, profoundly dangerous behaviors we never saw when they were in school. todd: lifelong negative affects that can continue if schools remain closed. kids need social interaction. jillian: 90% will attend school virtually this fall. the fcc releasing its fall football schedule overnight
1:39 am
kicking off septra 26, playing 10 conference games players will start their regular practice schedule this week with safety restrictions. the apps coach says the program has administered 900 since june were three players tested positive. todd: the national zoo is officially on baby panda watch. a giant panda could give birth any day, and ultra sound, the baby is kicking. >> the 22-year-old has given birth to 3 cubs since 2005, all three live in china as part of an agreement with the zoo. it is 39 after the hour. a message of unity on night one of the dnc. >> we can only succeed if we move forward together. todd: who hit the mark? who missed the mark? justin grades the speakers coming up next.
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jillian: first night of the dnc in the books, some of the biggest names of spoken so how did they do? todd: grades from the biggest moments. let's listen to congressman jim cliburn on the country coming together. >> we can only succeed if we move forward together. we will need a president who sees unifying people as a requirement of the job. a president who understands the true meaning of community. >> you gave mister clyburn in a, why? >> it is the democratic convention, the first night is about speaking to your base. it has been said that elections
1:44 am
are won by two groups, anger or hope, clyburn is the hope group, focuses on the future, the democratic computer who views the crisis at the feet of donald trump, it is a decent opening salvo. jillian: you and others will recall a couple months ago we were hearing a different tune from andrew cuomo when it came to the covid-19 response and how the president was helping out in new york and everything he was doing in his efforts so that has changed. listen to what he said last night. >> this is a man-made threat by our own negligence which americans learned a critical lesson. how vulnerable we are when we are divided and how many lives can be lost when our government is incompetent. shannon: a hard time listening to him because new york was so hard-hit and the numbers of deaths in new york and the nursing home situation is tragic and people are frustrated when they hear that.
1:45 am
>> absolutely right so the other route, the root of anger and the problem with this approach is what you say. americans do not view new york as the shining example of how to correctly handle the pandemic. it was a horror show in new york, a tragedy. things have changed, 90% down on where they were but americans don't view it as a success story and cuomo is saying american management, elected officials need to be held accountable yet it is not all trump's fault in the eyes of american voters, 68% view congress unfavorably and congress very much has a role to share, americans you congress as dithering while small businesses close, schools open in a haphazard fashion and support for americans is slipping away.
1:46 am
jillian: does he need to take more accountability? >> i think so. new york is just not an example of how this is supposed to be handled. he did the regular press conferences viewed by democrat voters as successful but the rest watch in dismay as tragedy after tragedy and problem after problem happened. it was a brutal couple of months for new york. americans don't view it with disdain but incompetence and hardly view it as let's take what happened in new york and transfer it to the rest of america. todd: bernie wanted this to be his convention. it is not but bernie speaking to his base anyway. >> let me take this opportunity
1:47 am
to say a word to the millions of people who supported my campaign that our movement continues and is getting stronger every day. many of the ideas we thought for that just a few years ago were considered radical are now mainstream. todd: you gave this a see, why? >> how much firewood do they burn? bernie is all about bernie, he is very angry, he is always very angry but most importantly he does actually channel a very real and valid anger from a lot of democrat voters who felt their elected officials were not responding to their needs, that anger propelled donald trump to the presidency. the difference is bernie's agenda and policies are not mainstream. they are out of step with mainstream american voters and
1:48 am
him taking a stand and speaking to those as being mainstream makes voters queasy. is this what biden is going to be? shannon: a lot of questions. we really appreciate it. todd: michelle obama going low, slamming the president for what she call sewing division. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. if we have hope of ending this chaos we've got to vote for joe biden. todd: haven't democrats been staring division over the past four years? jillian: doctor alvina king with us live next. guys, are you tired
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>> you know i hate politics. let me be as clear as i can. donald trump is the wrong president for our country. if we had any hope of ending this chaos we have got to vote for joe biden like our lives depend on it. >> michelle obama making an appeal that seemed to be more anti-trump than pro biden. the theme was unity. did she strike the right tone? joining the his fox news contributor doctor alvina king, thank you for being here. >> so glad to join you. jillian: a lot of people giving her good reviews. i'm curious what you thought of it, she didn't mention much about joe biden. it seemed very anti-donald
1:53 am
trump. >> mrs. obama has to give you her very best in identity politics to scare the heck out of you and i agree, we are telling everyone to vote. the president reminding people to send absentee ballots, go to the polls, socially distance and voted vote early so if you create chaos and scare people you're going to give them the answer and she is doing an excellent job at that. we are seeing identity politics at its best. she was compelling, she didn't say about biden or harris. i remind people don't be fooled by pretty brown faces. we are dealing with identity politics. jillian: did you want her to say
1:54 am
anything about kamala harris? this was recorded before harris was vp pick but did you want to hear anything about her? >> i am wondering what any of those who are speaking, none of them are running for office. it is going to be there strategies to attack donald trump is doing a really good job, getting people checks, money, payroll tax cuts, things he is helping a lot, doing his best to find actions to covid-19 because nothing regular won't work, very irregular, it is appropriate what the president is doing, slam donald trump, say that he divides but donald trump saying we don't worship government, we worship god, praying in the white house, thoughts and prayers when people come together to pray is very unifying, prayer does design -
1:55 am
biden admitted in one of his books, my faith is not in god, it is an culture. these are culture people with a culture war. jillian: you heard from bernie sanders and john kasich. did that message of unity resonate? >> don't be fooled and repented tears and shock and fear. we believe in god, we want -- donald trump doing a good job getting us together. let's come together. jillian: good to see you. have a great day.
1:56 am
todd: bill mcgurn and david webb breakdown nice one of the dnc and the president defense of the st. louis couple charged with holding guns outside their homes as protesters storm their neighborhood and they are returning the favor. we will tell you how when "fox and friends" returns.
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>> whenever we look to this white house for some leadership was we get instead is chaos, division and a total and utter lack of empathy. >> we have moved this country in a bold new direction. we have a president who is leading us down a path to authoritarianism. this election is the most important in the modern history of this country. >> joe biden is america tough. joe biden can restore the soul of america. >> he understands redemption and he knows resilience. barack obama leaned on joe for his strength and decency and you can too. >> the future of our planet is at stake. >> donald trump is the wrong president for our country. he is clearly in over his head.


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