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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 18, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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♪ [applause] >> laura: they kept plaguing the music over joe biden when he spoke about four seconds. it is tough. that is all the time we have tonight shannon bream and fox news at night takes it all from here. >> i do love that song, laura. >> we kick it off tonight, thank you, nate two at the democrats virtual convention wrapping a time ago and joe biden is officially the party nominee. speakers tonight for bill clinton and john kerry, sally yates and casting the election as a chance to get rid of president trump as the trump campaign says the accusations or distortions have the president's actual record. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez cleaning up shortly after she spoke and confused by the short
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speech, no worries and was not referring to the comments about organization and racial injustice. alexandria ocasio-cortez by the second nomination of socialist senator bernie sanders, not joe biden. what was that all about? we will explain details coming up. the democrats to explain away during a democratic national convention hall as the delegates from the convention room and not endorsed by nominee joe biden. but anti-semitic and anti-lgbtq by women's marked organizer said the democratic party is absolutely her party and tonight's event. hello and welcome to "fox news @ night" i am shannon bream and we began with bret baier. night two ended with dr. dr. joe jail biden and covid shut down the campaign trail but i remember going to the last event that the former
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vice president was holding there in a couple of women ahead of me and jill biden spoke for her has been and turned around and said i wish he was running. a strong speech by her, she is very likable, very relatable and definitely plays the soccer side of what he now brings to this ticket. >> 100%, and she has described herself as an introvert, but that was really well done as far as hitting the marks, doing a walk into the classroom, talking about being a teacher and also the sound of empty classrooms referencing covid-19. i think one of the things that democrats did well tonight was message throughout the speakers talking about covid-19 specifically of the leadership overall. joe biden obviously teed up the relationship with joe biden and why she thinks he should be president. >> laura: okay, the left not happy and the progressive wing of the party, alexandria
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ocasio-cortez only about 60 seconds tonight. and some attention by not nominating joe biden but seconding the nomination of someone else. here is a bit of what she had to say. >> thank you to everyone here today endeavoring towards a better more just future. a movement striving to recognize and repair the lens of racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia. to propose and rebuild reimagined systems at the immigration and foreign policy to from the violence and xenophobia, i hereby second the nomination of senator bernard sanders of vermont. >> shannon: okay, that got a little bit of attention so let me throw up that tweet she throughout. no worries, convention rules with roll call for everyone that passes the delegate threshold. i was asked to second the nomination for sanders roll call. my deepest congratulations to
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joe biden, let's go win in november. but a whole bunch of things that has to be remedied, homicidal homophobia, xenophobia, we know where she stands. she will continue on these issues. >> sure, and it was a signal that was sent by her speech, even though it was short. remember bernie sanders when he spoke listed a whole bunch of things that he said joe biden has come the progressive way and that he believes the movement has won. bernie sanders words. alexandria ocasio-cortez said we have to continue to push. but big, bold change, but most of the convention so far is not about that. it is about moderation come about making deals, relationships over five decades that joe biden hand. there is a lot of republicans who have been chumming up. so it's a much different than 60
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seconds with aoc. >> shannon: tonight we saw general powell and highlights, the relationship between biden and late senator john mccain and we have a little bit of that to play but talking about their relationship and again commit is the second night in a row we sell prominent republicans weret least one time republicans brought into the conversation for keswick and some of the left have complained why are you getting so much time to john kasich when we want more aoc? that highlight of the biden and kane relationship was touching. >> the reason they are doing that is the joe biden was, at least. i don't know if he will be who we as if elected president, but this video was very powerful, voiced first by cindy mccain, the wife of the late senator john mccain. the relationship was very close. they traveled around the world together. and they dealt with foreign policy issues. and negotiations on different
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items when he was best president and also senator before that. but this is joe biden and the biden camp i think is trying to use the 47 years of washington as an asset, not a liability. i think next week you will see the trump administration in the trump campaign say he is a creature of the swamp. he is just a vessel for whatever it is going to be, the left. >> shannon: yeah, and on fox for former president clinton speaking tonight, he has been in and out of favor with the party and issues that he has had to deal with personally. but tonight they said, they want him on the stage and he was there. stayed to listen, this is his 11th consecutive convention speaking to an bill clinton has been a part of this party, d really since the me too movement, he's been ostracized a bit. i had tammy duckworth on and i
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asked about some articles saying that he shouldn't be speaking. and senator duckworth said the democrats have a big tent. this is a former president. he delivered the lines welcome i made the case against donald trump, but i think the party is dealing with a reaction to bill clinton, the extra activities. >> shannon: all right, thank you for being up with us, and we will see you for social report x p.m. monday through friday. for the second straight day president trump hit a road to out message the democrats during their convention which in his opinion has not been very persuasivpersuasive. >> i thought that was not the best television i have ever watched, brutally actually. no, the ratings were very bad. i think we will do great. thursday night i'm doing it live like michelle obama.
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>> shannon: white house correspondent john roberts tracking the president's latest road trip, hey, john. >> hi shannon president trump moved with joe biden's campaign strategy of staying at home, the president winging his way through two important battleground states in a big endorsement. >> joe biden has nothing but red brick. president trump has accomplishments. >> in the battleground state of arizona today, president trump picking up his second endorsement for the national border control -- patrol council and soft on illegal immigration. >> we will unleash illegal immigration like the world has never seen. biden plan is the most radical and extreme i'm a reckless, dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put forward by a major party candidates. it must be defeated, and it will be defeated on november 3rd. speak with the president won arizona by 3.5 points in 2016 te
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democrats see an opportunity to flip the state. joe biden currently leading by two points in the real clear politics average. the president suggesting today biden doesn't have the stamina for the grand canyon state. >> 122 degrees in this place. this is like a test. you think joe biden could do this? i don't know. >> taking questions before this afternoon's events, president trump knew nothing about the bipartisan senate intelligence report that found extensive contacts between 2016 trump campaign and russian operatives. >> i don't know anything about it. i didn't read it. >> in contact with the trump campaign and according to the report constantine and associate of paul manafort described as a russian intelligence officer. the investigation found he may have been directly connected to the russian government hacking leak operations during the 2016 election. while the president said he didn't know anything about the report, he did note it found no
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coordinated conspiracy with the russian government. >> i did seen -- see senator rubio had absolutely nothing to do with it. >> on the way to arizona president trump drop down in iowa when it's a few swing states where he leads. the president signing a declaration yesterday in the wake of last week's devastating storm. >> it was done in record time. and we are in support of the federal government. we will rebuild even stronger and fantastic stay in a short period of time. >> president trump began with a proclamation marking the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. in is a surprise move he pardoned the women's suffrage leader susan b. anthony who in 1873 convicted of voting illegally by all-male jury. it was a part in the previous 27 presidents never managed to get around to. shannon. >> shannon: john roberts at the white house, thank you, jo john.
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the former president bill clinton addressing the dnc tonight as his complicated relationship with his fellow democrats in his own tarnished legacy take center stage. key congressional mike emanuel takes a look for us tonight, good evening, mike. >> for democrats in the 2020 election cycle the relationship with former president bill clinton is complicated to say the least. >> our party is united and often a very different choice, a go to work president. >> bill -- bill clinton spoke in support of joe biden tonight. it was a much different scene eight years ago when he tried launching the democratic nominee. >> i want barack obama to be the next president of the united states and i proudly nominate him to be the stand bear of the democratic party. >> his former rock star status in the democratic party take a hit with me too movement with
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jeffrey epstein and his behavior years ago. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> today's democrats not eager to rush to mr. clinton's defense. listen, i will let bill clinton defend himself and i will be listening, but i will tell you that we have a lot of work to do in the country. >> mr. clinton tweeted his support of a running mate a week ago. this is a terrific choice and kamala harris will be a great partner angie she and joe biden make a strong team. that the democratic party has moved far to the left on the clinton era like crime, trade and welfare. >> it will be a comeback kid. >> it's not the same party that embraced him in the 1970s and still is still former president who made the case for the list president you would like to be. >> not shift the blame, concentrate and do not distract, unite and not divided. our choices joe biden. >> mr. clinton has taken a hit
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after his wife last to president trump four years ago. pray recorded which guaranteed to organizers to keep them tight on time when shannon. >> shannon: it seems to be working across the board, keeping everybody moving on the schedule, all right, mike, thank you. in the hot seat in front of the senate the judiciary into the investigators, former acting attorney general sally yates in the spotlight tonight and the democratic national convention. let's talk about what she had to say and another take away with democratic senate and former clinton advisor, richard goodstein. senior advisor steve cortez, great to have you both with us, gentlemen. >> think it. >> hello, shannon. >> shannon: let's start with what sally yates had to say tonight. >> from the moment president trump took office, he/she used his position to benefit himself rather than our country. he has trampled the rule of law,
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trying to weaponize era justice department to attack his enemies and friends. >> shannon: steve, your response. >> my response is a member of the obama doj to tell us rule of law abused end of the trump administration is the absolute height of arrogance. they obama doj weaponize the national security apparatus of the united states to target opposition campaign, then the incoming transition presidency of the united states and it continued for some of the holdovers people like kleinsmith, the first i hope of many indictments. the first of many guilty pleas dirty cop, dirty obama fbi low year from the text messages said he was part of the resistance. they actually continue to undermine this president while he was the sitting president of the united states. furthermore, this is important, we now know joe biden was aware of all of this, that he was
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present at that terrible januare meeting with the entire cast of derelicts who decided they would undermine the incoming president. it is hard to for me to exaggerate how sub consequential ideas and it was a coup attempt. >> shannon: okay, the same day we get a bipartisan report from this and talking about the origins of the russian investigation and the probe, they attempt by russia to connect with people in the trump campaign. but here is what senator marco rubio that republican had to say about it, he says we cannot say without hesitation that the committee found absolutely no evidence that then candidate donald trump or his campaign colluded with the russian government to meddle in the 2016 election. richard, that sounds pretty definitive. >> so here is what we know by virtue of the release of this senate republican led senate committee report. one, we know the campaign chairman, paul manafort for
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donald trump met more than once with a russian spy and gave him polling data that was secret so the russians could decide how they wanted to go without influencing the 2016 election. two we know ford, don jr. and jared met with two intelligencen trump tower canadians trying to steer the trump campaign thed three we know that roger stone rained on wikileaks through met area to steal emails from hillary clinton and to publicize them which the trump campaign did using stolen goods. so call it what you want, that is what exactly happened. so many notion that the trump campaign with a trump white house has been putting up there is a hoax here is absolutely blown out o out of te water. >> richard -- it is absolutely a hoax, and you don't have to, okay. >> shannon: hold on a second,
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this was a bipartisan investigation. and they do say the trump campaign because of inexperience was a good target for a number of these rations because people didn't know what they were dealing with. but they found no collisions between them and this is a bipartisan report but steve i will give you a chance to respond to what richard said in the documents. >> i can't wait people like richard are still trying to perpetrate this hoax on the american people. it is reprehensible and by the baby don't have to rely on the senate committee but let's talk about the mueller report and as terrible as his team was completely biased, jaded and tilted against us clinesmith, by the way the man i mention convicted pled guilty, clinesmith was part of his team. as that is his team lies, mueller was unable to find any evidence at all and any coordination of any collusion. not only did he say the trump campaign, he went further -- yes he did come he went further and said no american at all tried to coordinate with the russians
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regarding the 2016 campaign. that is the conclusion of the mueller report. it is not inefficient. no american coordinated with them. >> shannon: gentlemen, he did say that but listen to some people remember clinesmith -- >> that is not true. stay when he modified an email. this was the inspector general found that he actually modified an email to say the exact opposite of what the original intention of an email. that was used in some part to get warrants to spy on members of the trump campaign commenters who are veiled them, richard, these are from -- if we say we respect general mueller, these are their findings. >> imagine if ronald reagan was president and his campaign chairman that with russian spies and cavemen secret poll data. think if obama had done that. every republican in the world would be calling for his head,
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forgetting impeachment. they would look to basically have his head. so this thing about carter page and clinesmith, that was well after the campaign was over. look, i understand, this report was devastating for the trump team. i understand trying to obfuscate, but it was devastating. richard, didn't know american coordinated, yes or no? did the meal or team determined that no american coordinated with a russians? >> no. >> shannon: we are out of tim time. >> no, you are lying to the american people. mueller said no american at all coordinated with the russian people. >> shannon: gentlemen, we've got to go, we've got to go. yes, come back gentlemen both of you. thank you. one analyst thinks common democrats run the risk of eliminate team focus on the issue of race. live next
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>> shannon: the swing state of pennsylvania help push thing candidate donald trump over the over the hump years ago. and now, the fight for the support of that key voting bloc in battleground pennsylvania is on. correspondent bryan llenas bryan llenas from harrisburg, pennsylvania, tonight, hey. >> shannon good evening if president trump will win pennsylvania again committee needs to have ruled voters show up in a big way and perhaps larger numbers than 2016 to offset expected democratic gains with black voters and suburban voters. >> i have not got any documentation or heard anything on anything on social media, anything in the mail. >> 38-year-old dairy farmer jason naylor said that the 18 campaign has not reached out even though he any other stomach
9:25 pm
other young farmers in pennsylvania are open to hearins message. >> the newer generation, we will listen. we will hear what they have to say, you know if they come up with a plan we feel safe with committee absolutely may flip a few farmers around here. ruled counties in pennsylvania overwhelmingly voted for president trump in 2016 with an upset win 544,000 votes. in november he will need those voters to show up again. >> i think it is clear at this point that donald trump would win the rural vote that the question is by how much? one of the things particularly in the agricultural community and farmers is a concern of balance, terrorists commit concern about trade. >> randy is a soybean and corn farmer. >> i don't think the trade deal was necessary, no, totally know. we had a pretty good thing going and half a pirate beans went overseas to china. right now, brazil is taken over. >> but he has voting for biden
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not because of tariffs but because he doesn't like the presidents character. >> it is more against trump. >> naylor a trump supporter while terrorists hold stomach hurt the covid-19 shutdown of restaurants, hurt more, he blams democrats for that. >> with the resident could open up a little bit more, and work to prices will go up. >> naylor blames the economic war on democratic tom wolf for shutting down the local economy and he does president trump. shannon. >> shannon: bryan llenas in pennsylvania, thank you. the democratic national convention this week leaving plenty of racial story lines in an attempt to make their case to social justice voters. but wall street journalists, numbness jason said playing the race card should proceed with caution. he writes this commit is possible the decision by mr. booker and miss harris to book so much on racial issues it was put off with to would be
9:27 pm
supporters. fox news contributor, good to have you tonight. >> good evening, shannon, good morning. >> shannon: good morning now on the east coast. i will read a little bar of what jason said. he talked about president obama did such a good job writing this needle on the ash stomach this issue on racism. appealing to the humanity of whites would get him further than a guilt trip on them. do you think there is a difference on this strategy this time around that will work? >> well with former president obama, yeah, his first term, he did not play the race card because there was such a small field. he didn't have to use that card, so to speak with harris and cory booker, it was a huge field during the democratic primary. that was their way, i would say commit to distinguish themselves to get black voter support.
9:28 pm
but clearly, they are plan did not work, it failed, but again with president obama he did not want to alienate the white voter support. so he could not win with only black voters. he was trying to unify everyone. but we all know how that turned out because he was on the opposite and make of all kinds of racial issues come up and down throughout his term which is a shame because he really could have made a big difference for the country. >> shannon: let's talk about where we are, democrats prioritize racial justice and we have heard a lot about that topic tonight and last night as well. why it matters, joe biden's white is marginal for president trump and msnbc news poll is race relations. 24-point spread in favor of joe biden. they have to show black voters that they are listening to the voices and the party. i know that you will not be a supporter of joe biden and you are a supporter of the president but that is quite a gap.
9:29 pm
do you think he can close it in any substantial significant way that can sway the vote? >> look, i would say this, shannon. black voters are not all that thrilled with democrat politicians. they have been, i think, chipping off over the years now. when you look at president trump and what he has been able to deliver for all americans, but especially for black voters before the virus, we had record low unemployment. we had the opportunity and disadvantaged areas. black voter support is anywhere from likely black voter support according to the report, 30% to 40%. those numbers are huge. americans especially black americans that care about jobs, that care about law and order and security command this is what the democrat party is up against. that is why we will keep hearing about the race card. they are desperate. >> shannon: that is quite a number and we will see if it pans out, november 3rd and
9:30 pm
beyond, however long it takes to figure out the next president is. thank you for being up early or late with us, good to see you. >> thanks, shannon. he went as the dnc wants the country, they are giving president trump a second term tt would be disastrous. the president goes on an all-out battle ground glitch. will read today's highlights in the top ten.
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>> shannon: the host of virtual speeches for most of the first two nights the democratic national convention got down to official business tonight. mike tobin chose us live, good evening, mike. >> good evening comanche and in that business is complete. joe biden is the nominee and the race is on and the gloves are off. covid change the roll call across america with representatives weighing in from 57 states and territories. >> florida cast 57 votes for sanders in 192 votes for our next president joe biden.
9:35 pm
indiana passed two votes for my friend bernie sanders and 86 votes for the next president, joe biden. >> iming down lack wyoming cast four of votes for joe biden. >> joe biden watch the whole thing sitting in the library of the new high school, no balloon drop his kids burst into the room with streamers. thank you from the bottom of my heart, he said and i will see thursday. the roll call was heavy with landmarks and the symbolism and familiar faces that you saw the parents of matthew shepard speak for wyoming, fred, the father of a child killed in the park in florida, english, spanish, native american languages and illinois, a site where president lincoln with a house divided speech with terri sewell casting votes from the edmund pettus bridge. and of course we are loaded by shots at the current president. bill clinton weighed in and said
9:36 pm
the oval office should be a command center instead a storm center. john kerry weighed in and said the president goes overseas, it is a -- shannon bac back to yield. >> shannon: . >> shannon: mike tobin live in milwaukee, thank you. and the effects of the pandemic, detail has been one of the hardest hit sectors. that makes the leader of the economic recovery a huge issue. in battleground ohio white house correspondent kevin corke live in columbus tonight, good evening, kevin. >> good evening, shannon on national and international security at the convention, the economic security will likely top the list of most important items come november for most voters out there and that is especially true right here in columbus, ohio, where there are a number of retail giants that call for city, the capital of the buckeye state home. among them bath and body works, vfw, big lots, victoria's secret
9:37 pm
and by the way that the letter is owned by l brands in the parent company of victoria's secret announced to lay off 150 employees at its corporate headquarters right here in columbus making the selection of the right candidates this fall says former president bill clinton all the more important as the country tries to regain its economic footing. >> joe biden wants to build a recovery for suited to our changing world. better for young people, better for families working and raising their kids. better for people to make me wince. better for farmers, tired with collateral damage and trade wars. better for workers caring for the sick and the elderly and people with disabilities. better because of the living wage. >> as you well know, president clinton at the time presided over a very robust economy, something that president trump could certainly argue he did as well before the
9:38 pm
covid-19 pandemic hits. and just a little bit of perspective, shannon, this year alone 26 major retailers including neiman marcus, filed for bankruptcy protection and that is on top of 17 others that did so back in 2019. so the economy is still the main issue in the buckeye state. and i imagine around much of the country, shannon. >> shannon: i bet you are right, kevin corke live in ohio, thank you. so for analysis from the pain all night to go at the democratic national convention. stick around oh...i'm scratching like crazy. you've got some allergic itch with skin inflammation. apoquel can work on that itch in as little as 4 hours, whether it's a new or chronic problem. and apoquel's treated over 8 million dogs. nice. and...the talking dog thing? is it bothering you? no...itching like a dog is bothering me. until dogs can speak for themselves, you have to. when allergic itch is a problem, ask for apoquel. apoquel is for the control of itch associated with
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by the keynote speakers. all pros and cons for tonight's panel, fox news contributor, leslie marshall, charlie hurt's, good to have you. >> thanks, shannon, good to see you. >> shannon: we had each of you pick a moment that was important
9:43 pm
or stood out to you for a moment. katie's picks former secretary john kerry. >> before donald trump, we used to talk about americans and exceptionalism. the only thing exceptional about the incoherent trumped foreign policy is that it has made our nation more isolated than ever before. joe biden knows we aren't exceptional because the bluster we are, we are exceptional because we do exceptional thin things. >> shannon: katie i know from your reaction after the speech that you had some issues with it. what did you think? >> first of all, president obama didn't believe in american exceptionalism and he said we are exceptional like the greeks are exceptional. the idea that john kerry gave that speech in every single line he said was full of falsehood analyze needs to be addressed because it's about foreign policy and one of the most things to protect the american
9:44 pm
homeland from enemies. to say the united states is now isolated just isn't true. the united states is convinced countries, allies in europe, while bay is bad for business in china is a major threat. we've been able to push off iran major ueep deal with saudi arabia coming here in the next couple of months right along with that. this idea that the president has some help at the united states and a position i in a less peaceful world and we are isolated just isn't the case. when it comes to the china issue, we didn't hear anything from john kerry about the threat from china as a result of what they are doing at the university's and spying going on, not to mention the outbreak of covid-19 across the world. this idea he was saying the president isn't engaged in american exceptionalism just isn't true. spain went okay, let's go on to leslie's picked tonight the top democrats and the senate, chuck schumer. here is what he said.
9:45 pm
>> millions of jobs, 170,000 americans have died from covid and donald trump says it is what it is. the president should never say it is what it is. america, donald trump has quit on you. >> shannon: leslie, i have to be honest most of what i have heard the last few nights how terrible donald trump is an they will make that against the opposing party but what about the rest of the message, what the plan is, something hopeful or inspirational? why did you pick this from the democratic senate? >> i picked this because the number one reason that most democrats are going to vote for joe biden in november, it's not the economy, it's not health care, it's not even covid although that is a referendum on the covid pandemic. it is more of a referendum on donald trump. they want to make donald trump a one-term president. when i heard senator schumer say that and then i heard later jack
9:46 pm
lanza security guard in the elevator said obama/joe biden, "he really saw me. that is what i sense that fellow democrats wants. they want to be seen and they want to be heard. they have fears with covid, they have fears with unemployment and lack of unity in the country and they have fears about racial injustice. they feel like the sky is falling and they want the assurance that somebody is going to hold it up, somebody is going to have their back. somebody isn't going to quit on them. that is why i picked this. >> shannon: charlie, let's go to you congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez left very angry that she only got 60 seconds, but here is part of those 60 seconds. >> thank you to everyone here today endeavoring towards a better, more just future committee movement striving to recognize and repair the wounds of racial injustice, colonization, misogyny and homophobia and to propose and
9:47 pm
build reimagined systems of immigration and foreign policy that turn away from the violence and xenophobia. i hereby second the nomination as senator bernard sanders of vermont. >> shannon: charlie, why your pick? >> i'm not exactly sure what she was saying right there. but i do think it is interesting that the left is probably justified in being upset about that short amount of time that she got. she got a smidgen of the time that say john kasich a republican from ohio got last night during the convention. let this effort to paper over these past differences where all the energy in the democratic party is on the left and what joe biden represents right now, it is a real and a tall order. i think leslie is right. the democrats are mostly motivated by their disdain for
9:48 pm
donald trump, their hatred of donald trump. it is sort of a blinding, raging hatred for him that doesn't usually work very well in a election. the problem is, you have people like aoc and bernie sanders who actually really do, they really do stand for things. they really do believe things. it's not, it is totally crazy, but they believe in things. that is the animated part of the party. but trying to fit joe biden under that content is contained at the impossible. and i think there is a striking moment last night when michelle obama gave what i think is so far the probably been the most unifying speech, not most unifying, but the most high high-profile speech the last two nights where she took a dig at bernie sanders and aoc about how this is not a time to waste our time with people who can't get elected to anything. that was a real dig at people like aoc and all of her ideas.
9:49 pm
>> shannon: well, she has found herself elected and a number of people back in the primaries and seated incumbents this time around. the squad is growing and probably will continue to grow after the election this fall. the parties have a lot to manage there with that wing and with those who would say that joe biden is truly moderate. he is not going to pull the country to the super far left if he gets elected to come although there are those helping him to put together his plan to say we hope he cancels him in that way. night two in the books, leslie, charlie, katie, thank you for being up with us. >> thank you. >> shannon: okay mailbox conspiracy. we are fact-checking the democrat claim about the postal service. what you need to know. we have investigated awesome internet.
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>> shannon: breaking tonight, the attorney general from 14 states are suing somewhere in motion well before the postmaster arrived in june. the state ags claim that changes "undermine the postal service's ability to provide consistent and timely service. but there is much more to the story tonight. rick leventhal is back checking recent credit claims about the postal service.
9:54 pm
speak a good evening, shannon. you might be surprised to learn the obama administration remove more than 12,000 mailboxes during his time in office. hundreds of them without following the appropriate process according to an inspector general report. as where the famous photo of mail boxes piled up in wisconsin, usa today reports that the boxes were not part of some voter suppression scheme, they ran a facility that contracts for the postal service for repainting and replacing old boxes and they have been there for at least a year. other photos showing mailboxes on trucks have generated similar conspiracy theories drawing retweets from prominent democrats including susan rice, saying, what the heck, over an image from portland. the usps says this is standard practice, an annual event were fewer people are mailing letters, they remove after 90 days notice to the community. still in this environment with all the scrutiny and potential pressure on the postal service to handle an unprecedented load
9:55 pm
of ballots this fall, the usps says there will now be a pause on the changes leading up to the election. post office hours will stay the same. processing equipment and collection boxes remain where they are. no facilities will close. over time will be approved as needed. but president trump reiterated his concerns about relying on the u.s. mail to handle such a critical task this november. >> the democrats want to make it a political issue. it's not a political issue. it's really about getting correct, you can't have millions of millions ballots sent all over the place sent to people who are dead, sent the dogs, cats, who sent everywhere -- this is a serious situation. this is in games. you have to get it right. i just want to get it right. win, lose, or draw. i think we are going to win. win, lose or draw come i think we will get it right. >> an agency which will neve has never been tested like ever
9:56 pm
before. >> shannon: rick leventhal live for us out west beer thank you so much for the most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spend the evening with us. two nights of dancing in the books. we'll be here to cover night three. good night now from washington. i'm shannon bream. with us.
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brett and martha will take it from here. let not your heart be troubled. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington, our special coverage of the democrat national i'm bret baier. >> and i am martha maccallum. the role of it's not like any roll call we've seen in american history. >> bret: additionally each state delegation is called on and they announced to a tax cheering arena how many delegates they are pledging for the nominee. covid-19 has thrown that all out the window. >> martha: joe biden is being formally nominated by video clips.


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