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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  August 19, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> set your dvr for 6:00 a.m. eastern every morning so you never miss a minute. thanks for watching us. >> that's the intrepid in the background with the space shuttle. >> i would like both. >> see you tomorrow. >> we were bringing people together. we were bringing people together like never before. success was bringing everyone together and we got hit with the china virus. we were bringing people today. >> sandra: democrats spend their convention attacking president trump for the second night in a row. tonight democrats set to make history when senator kamala harris becomes the first woman of color officially nominated to a major party presidential ticket. good morning, everyone. we've made it to midweek, trace, good morning. >> i'm trace gallagher. last night's speeches featured
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bill clinton and alexandria ocasio-cortez. she used her 60 seconds to talk about the progressive policy platform but never mentioned joe biden by name. clinton and other speakers used their time to make the case against a second term for president trump. >> in this job interview the difference is stark. you know what donald trump will do with four more years, blame, bully and belittle. you know what joe biden will do, build back better. >> from the moment president trump took office he has used his position to benefit himself rather than our country. he has trampled the rule of law trying to weaponize our justice department to attack his enemies and protect his friends. >> donald trump has divided our country, diminished our greatness and demeaned everything that this statue represents. america, donald trump has quit on you. >> sandra: team fox coverage. john roberts at the white house.
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we begin with jackie heinrich live in wilmington, delaware, this morning. we mentioned ocasio-cortez. what has been the reaction to her speech last night? >> yeah, sandra, dr. jill biden stole the show but not before alexandria ocasio-cortez raised some eyebrows reading the nomination for vermont senator bernie sanders prompting some to wonder why she wasn't up there endorsing joe biden instead. she clarified later that rules require roll call and nominations for every candidate who passes the threshold and extended her deepest congratulations to biden but her speech did make a nod to progressive policy platforms left behind by the broader democrat party including medicare for all and free higher education. >> in a time when millions of people in the united states are looking for deep systemic solutions to our crises of mass
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evictions, unemployment and lack of healthcare, i second the nomination of senator bernard sanders of vermont. >> the keynote addresses from the former second lady, dr. jill biden, a big contrast with the dark picture of the nation michelle obama last night. biden showed why joe biden's many brushes with tragedy have given him the resilience to lead the country through the epic crisis and pandemic. she talked about the experience of shaping her life and his and translate to their roles in the white house. she focused on leadership. >> never imagined at the age of 26 i would be asking myself how do you make a broken family whole? how do you make a broken family
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whole? the same way you make a nation whole, with love and understanding. >> republican senator offered her support for biden and gave a story of their friendship. another appeal across the aisle and also an effort to broaden the party's base ahead of the election. sandra. >> sandra: jackie heinrich kicking things off this morning. >> trace: president trump was in two battleground states on tuesday. the president visiting cedar rapids, iowa where he offered federal support for areas hit hard by last week's destructive storm. afterward, the president headed to yuma, arizona where he took shots at joe biden's stance on immigration. >> president trump: the biden plan would unleash a flood of illegal immigration like the wormed -- world has never seen. biden's plan is the most radical, dangerous and deadly immigration plan ever put
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forward by a major party candidate. it must be defeated and it will be defeated on november 3rd. >> trace: the chief white house correspondent john roberts live on the north lawn. what can you tell us about the president's message on the campaign trail? >> good morning. speaker after speaker hammers president trump. the president is on the road drawing sharp contrasts with joe biden. first and foremost among them the president is out there crisscrossing the country. the biden campaign has a stay at home strategy. unofficial twitter account kayleigh mcenany tweeted president donald trump has traveled to four states, 6,596 miles, sleepy joe biden has traversed an undisclosed number of steps through his basement. we're wondering if show got to 6,596 steps in today?
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in arizona the president picked up another big endorsement from the national border patrol council. the second time it endorsed him. the president slammed joe biden for being soft on illegal immigration. listen here. >> president trump: joe biden is the puppet of the radical left wing movement that seeks the complete elimination of america's borders and boundaries. they want to take the wall down. they don't want to have borders. they want to have sanctuary cities. lots of bad things they want following orders from his boss. i guess his new boss is bernie sanders. >> the president trying to get out in front of democratic criticism in cost cutting measures in the post office. he is trying to fix problems at the postal service and the fact they're hemorrhaging money making deliveries for online retailers. mark meadows said this morning the fact that democrats will vote on an emergency spending
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bill for the post office this weekend may bode well for getting agreement on a so-called skinny bill of coronavirus relief. listen to what he said this morning. >> if she is willing to do that let's add in the things we can agree upon. perhaps funding for schools, ppp, maybe even the stimulus check, although i don't know we could get an agreement on that. let's add four or five of those things. i do know i have had a number of conversations with democrats over the last couple of weeks. those private conversations have gone extremely well and so if that's indicative of what speaker pelosi might bring to the floor i'm encouraged. >> president trump is off the campaign trail but at 5:00 he will hold a question and answer briefing. that is a sharp contrast with joe biden who hasn't any questions of the media since he nominated kamala harris to be his running mate. >> trace: john roberts live at
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the white house. john, thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile police in portland declared another riot overnight after a fire set inside a government building there. officers using crowd control to break up protests in the downtown area. that has seen nearly 12 straight weeks of unrest. meanwhile police identifying 25-year-old mr. love as a suspect in the brutal beating of a truck driver caught on camera over the weekend. a warning for viewers. this video is graphic. the driver pulled from his truck and beaten unconscious during a riot sunday night. investigating trying to locate love and say that they have probable cause for his arrest. speakers during the first two nights of the democratic national convention stay away from the issue of violence in portland and other u.s. cities. let's bring in byron york, do you find that shocking, byron? >> there was a real disconnect
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between what is going on in portland and other cities and what you were hearing from the democratic national convention. remember, it is not just portland where they have nightly riots. there is portland, seattle, minneapolis, chicago, new york and other cities that have had enormous spikes in violent crime just really, really big spikes in violent crime and all of them are governed by progressive democrats. and so this is not a point of pride for progressive democrats. in fact, some of these leaders have seemed to side with the forces of disorder against the forces of order in the person of their own police departments. so this is something that you will hear a lot from republicans next week, but apparently not at all from democrats. >> sandra: we will ask both sides xochitl hinojosa h*in coming up and ronna mcdaniel to also react to that.
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drew hernandez is the person who filmed what we have all seen for several days now play out when that man was dragged and beaten in the street. here he is talking about what he saw and what his takeaway was from it. >> i've seen a lot of crazy stuff especially in portland but what i witnessed this particular night literally was in my professional opinion based upon what i saw and what they did from beginning to end in context was literally a borderline execution. >> sandra: no focus on that by the democrats last night, byron. you are predicting this will come up next week when the republican convention is underway. will it hurt democrats to not acknowledge at least what we've seen so far this week at the convention of what we're seeing playing out in our streets? >> it depends on whether republicans and president trump can skillfully make use of this.
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remember, this disorder in portland was supposed to stop when department of homeland security officials, law enforcement officials left the city. remember, they were there to protect the federal courthouse there, which was being attacked on a daily basis and the mayor of portland and the governor of oregon all blamed the federal law enforcement for the violence and said if it weren't there and if it had not been sent there by president trump it would end. well, they left and it hasn't ended. so here again this is something that republicans -- they're saying it right now but they will have the spotlight next week during the convention to make that case. >> sandra: i want to play for you what we did here from a lot of the speakers from the convention. a lot of the focus has been on joe biden's character and him being a good person. listen. >> faced with a president of cowardice joe biden is a man of proven courage. >> donald trump has divided our
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country, diminished our greatness. we need a president with dignity and integrity. >> a man with a vision to take responsibility not just blame. >> joe will restore honesty, decency and trust to the white house. >> he is a decent, compassionate man. >> sandra: so you heard a lot of that last night and i can't help but ask you about what we saw and heard from alexandria ocasio-cortez in her one-minute delivery she didn't even mention joe biden by name. the "new york post" takes it on this morning aoc you joe. she had her moment and didn't say joe biden's name. >> remember bernie sanders got 1,000 delegates last night. that's not nothing. there are a lot of people who supported bernie sanders in this and she made it clear that she was pushing her agenda, the green new deal, enormous taxes, federal spending, she was pushing her agenda to use her
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60 plus seconds. she got a few more than that, to do this. so this was another example of the way this split has not fully healed. four years ago we talked about it as the bernie/hillary split. now the bernie/biden split. it's still a split. >> sandra: fair enough. byron york, what was it you titled your piece this morning in the "washington examiner"? i had it in front of me. the sad telethon night two. >> one commentator -- yeah. you know, one commentator called it the sad telethon and -- last night started with attack and attack. it improved enormously with the arrival of jill biden and a video of joe biden and the enormous loss he suffered when his wife and infant daughter
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were killed in 1972. he and jill building a life and tragedy striking again in 2015 when his 46-year-old son beau died and he got up again. this is a very human story and she told it very well. in her live remarks there was one name you did not hear at all, trump. it was not an attack trump, it was a talk about biden night. >> sandra: she earned a lot of praise for her moment last night as well. great of you to be here this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you, sandra. >> trace: more colleges pulling the plug on in-person learning at covid-19 cases spike on campus. michigan state university and notre dame becoming the latest colleges to suspend in-person classes. notre dame students returned to classes in south bend, indiana, earlier this month.
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the surge in cases forced their hand. >> the objective of these temporary restrictions is to contain the spread of the virus so we can get back to in-person instruction. if these steps are not successful, we will have to send students home. our contact tracing analysis indicates most infections are coming from off-campus gatherings. students infected at those gatherings pass it on to others who in turn passed the virus on to a further group resulting in the positive cases we've seen. >> there are nearly 5 1/2 million confirmed coronavirus cases in the united states with more than 171,000 deaths. >> sandra: a massive fire erupts at a plant in texas. what investigators believe sparked the inferno, plus this. >> i support joe biden because beginning on day one he will restore america with leadership and moral authority and a president who knows that america is strongest when, as
6:16 am
he has said, we lead both by the power of our example and the example of our power. >> sandra: former secretary of state colin powell becoming the latest prominent republican to throw his support for joe biden. is it a concern for the trump campaign? we'll get reaction from ronna mcdaniel to that and night two of the dnc and a preview of next week next. groovin, and golden. it's about getting more than health insurance and a partner who listens and acts. humana calls it human care. it's talking to a doctor from your couch, or helping you find a cheaper prescription before you ask. it's helping you fix the rugs so you don't fall, and keeping you social, online or off. it's getting to know you, so you can be your healthiest. that's our superpower. that's human care. from humana.
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>> trace: let's look at live pictures of massive fires burning at an industrial plant in grand prairie texas just outside the dallas. it started after a power line fell onto a sheet of plastic overnight. firefighters believe the fire could burn until tomorrow and warned that the heat could bring down more power lines on surrounding roads. power company has cut electricity to the area as a precaution there. we'll keep you updated on this. so far no injuries have been reported. >> i support joe biden for the presidency of the united states because those values still define him and we need to restore those values to the white house. >> our country needs a commander-in-chief who takes care of our troops the same way
6:21 am
he would his only family. with joe biden that doesn't need teaching. >> sandra: colin powell praising joe biden's character last night. cindy mccain the widow of senator john mccain recalled biden's decades long friendship. powell joined four other republicans in doing so. ronna mcdaniel is the rnc chairwoman and here to react this morning. we appreciate it. does this concern the trump campaign? >> not at all. colin powell hasn't been a republican since the early 2,000s. didn't support our previous nominees. this isn't surprising. this group of never trumpers have left the republican party. it is frustrating to see them embrace socialism and a candidate who will raise taxes on 82% of american households. who is saying let's give free healthcare to people who come
6:22 am
here illegally and abandoning the principles of our party, deregulation, cutting taxes, strengthening the military all things that donald trump stands for. >> sandra: more from cindy mccain and her praise for joe biden last night. >> even if a deal seemed out of reach it was always joe who tried to cross the aisle. with a style of legislating and leadership that you don't find much anymore. >> sandra: that is something that the republican party fears may resonate with voters. >> you know, i think last night was about joe biden of 2004 or 2008. and they aren't talking about the joe biden 2020 who has embraced aoc and bernie sanders, the joe biden who has said we'll kill every energy job in this country. the joe biden who is embracing the green new deal and last night said we'll give free four-year college to everybody. what does that mean?
6:23 am
your taxes will go through the roof and he will bankrupt this country as he is a bridge to socialism. they aren't highlighting the policies he is running on. they're talking about what a good guy he is. he is not a good guy raising taxes on 82% of american households. >> sandra: what do you think about that when you watch we're going into night three of the democratic convention and there hasn't been a whole lot of policy focus. it has been a lot of attacks on president trump. i want to put this up here, the latest abc polls showing the enthusiasm gap between trump and biden. do you mainly support trump or mainly oppose biden? those that support president trump 74% to those that oppose biden 24%. those that support joe biden, 41%, those that oppose donald trump 56%. how does that translate to votes for your candidate, ronna? >> to only have 41% of people
6:24 am
supporting their candidate is really dismal. the fact that he is hiding in his basement. he won't take tough questions. and they are running a campaign of fiction. last night i thought this is fiction plus and fantasy we're seeing from the democrats. there is no policy being put forward to the american people. they aren't telling you your taxes are going to go up under joe biden. it will cost you more to drive a car and heat your house and he will destroy the american economy. these are things that are not being put forward if they have the hollywood screenwriters and actresses and actors and elites saying what we should envision for america but not truthful about the true policies. >> sandra: this is an op-ed taking on kamala harris on policing policies. tonight is her big night. will the real kamala harris real stand up?
6:25 am
she can't answer a simple question of defunding the police. you could easily mistake her replacement for one of those progressives she once mocked as out of touch. so again we have the dnc coming up in just a few moments, ronna. what is your expectation for kamala and how do republicans focus their attacks with her now on the stage? >> there has been no better attack dog on joe biden than kamala harris. i mean, she called him a racist and called him sexist. so it is going to be interested to see her shift tonight to embrace the candidate that she criticized so forcefully during the primaries. i do think it has been noticeable but the democrats haven't talked about the violence, the protests, all that we're seeing across this country that is incredibly fearful, creating a lot of fear for many americans as they see what is happening in portland. democrats calling for defundrad
6:26 am
has pulled kamala and joe so far to the extreme. the real star of the convention last night even though she only had 60 seconds was aoc. she is the leader of the democrat party. >> sandra: she didn't say that with those words, there are some who suggest she was insinuating that by her attacks on joe biden on those debate stages. we will see and again dnc coming up with their reaction in a moment, ronna. a big week for you guys next week for the republican convention. appreciate your time this morning. >> thank you. >> trace: california declaring a state of emergency. fire crews struggling to contain and facing dozens of wildfires during a record heat wave. kamala harris set to make history tonight as the third woman and first woman of color on a major party's tickets for vice president. we'll look back at the last woman nominated for that job.
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>> sandra: it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top stories. portland police declaring a riot overnight. police identified is subject in a vicious attack on the truck
6:32 am
driver sunday night. >> trace: the university of notre dame moving classes online eight days into the semester after 146 students and staff member tested positive for coronavirus. this comes one day after the university of north carolina chapel hill made a similar announcement. >> sandra: day three of the democratic national convention. kamala harris expected to accept her nomination for vice president tonight. becoming the first woman of color to be nominated for a national office by a major political party. >> trace: more on the democratic convention with marie harf, the executive director of serve america pac and fox news contributor. we know the aoc nomination of bernie sanders was nothing more than symbolic. it was confusing to people and nbc news. they tweeted out she did not endorse joe biden, which she was furious about and responded saying the following quoting here, this is completely
6:33 am
unacceptable, disappointing and appalling the dnc shared the procedural purpose of my remarks well in advance. it was routine. how does the headline like this happen with that prior knowledge? she is a conduit to younger voters. if younger voters get the perception she is not on joe biden's team it hurts the biden campaign. >> yes, trace. aoc did exactly what the biden campaign asked her to do as part of this convention. as you mentioned it was a procedure that was necessary under democratic party rules and i actually think she did a good job in 60 seconds of outlining her philosophy of governing and leading. so i do think that nbc news holds a ton of responsibility for this mess-up here. all of the news outlets knew it was procedural. they didn't correct it until a tweet at 1:00 a.m. it does a disservice to people, trace, these convention rules are
6:34 am
arcane and we're all doing conventions in different ways this year. nbc perpetrated a caricature of aoc that wasn't true based on what she did last night. >> trace: 60 seconds, it was more like 95 seconds. she had a bit more than 60 seconds. interesting, because the kam mraint for the past couple days from the left and from younger trending publications like rolling stone is that this whole convention is aimed at swaying moderates and disillusioned republicans. in fact, the youth movement sun rise movement founder wrote this, the dnc bent over backward yesterday to give a platform to republicans and moderates. they should at least give the same, if not more effort, to welcome progressives. do you feel like that they should be kind of leaning more toward progressives or is that a fair assessment? >> i think they're trying to do
6:35 am
both, trace, in this convention. aoc on her own by the way has been campaigning for joe biden and telling people to vote for him. you've heard from bernie sanders, we'll hear tonight from elizabeth warren who is also from the left wing of the party. we're doing both, though, under the theory that in order to win this election joe biden needs to coalesce all the parts of the democratic party and you hear left wing voices saying vote for joe biden. also bring in independents, bring in some of those obama/trump voters who left the democratic party to vote for donald trump but who have come back to the party in the 2018 mid-terms and who people like colin powell or john kasich could help come back. you see a lot of diverse voices. >> trace: democrats are complaining that aoc are not getting enough time and the republicans are saying give her all the time in the world. give her as much time as she
6:36 am
wants. other progressives. listen to the president yesterday in yuma, arizonaened i will get your response. >> president trump: these people are sick and we have to make sure the radical left socialist and beyond -- this is beyond socialism. this is beyond socialism. that it doesn't happen or we will indeed have venezuela on steroids. so we can't do it. most important election, november 3rd, get out and vote. joe biden is the puppet of the radical left wing movement. >> trace: the theme, the more progressives speak the better off republicans are. final thoughts quickly. >> look, republicans are going to obsess so much over aoc sometime she will be in the senate or white house if they keep this up. she put forward a message of racial justice, an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy. i would love for people to watch her speech and think about what they don't agree with. we may disagree about policies
6:37 am
for how to get there she is talking about healthcare for all, economy that works for everyone. these are not radical ideas. joe biden is going to have -- donald trump is going to have a very hard time pinning radicalism on joe biden. it is just not there, trace. >> trace: always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, trace. >> sandra: fox news alert now. california declaring a state of emergency with dozens of wildfires burning across the state. a record setting west coast heat wave combined with high winds and low humidity is draining resources there. jeff paul is live with the latest. >> as many as 30 major wildfires burning throughout the state of california. some are now combining with each other forming larger complex fires that are threatening even more homes and even forcing more people to evacuate. now some of the worst fires right now are burning in
6:38 am
northern california in napa wine country just outside the bay area. tens of thousands of acres are burned so far. crews are working around the clock to contain the fires but they're still burning out of control. several homes have already been destroyed and due to the dry, hot conditions with no relief in sight, fire crews say they are preparing for a long battle ahead. >> unfortunately probably will likely see additional structures destroyed. we're seeing a lot of extreme fire behavior, rapids rates of spread and explosive growth. >> the heat not only taxing on the fires but also proving to stress the power grid. officials have warned of rolling black-outs due to increased energy use but so far it seems as though californians have started to back off their use of energy. we haven't seen the major rolling black-outs like -- that were threatened to many people in california.
6:39 am
we've heard of some power outages due to the increased heat overloading the power grid. >> sandra: jeff paul from los angeles for us. thank you. >> trace: democratic convention speakers blasting president trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic while avoiding any mention of the rise of violent crime in american cities. will that message resonate? karl rove is next. the postmaster general now backing down suspending cuts to the postal service until after the election. we'll have new reaction from the white house straight ahead. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy.
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>> sandra: democrats this week blasting the trump administration's response to the coronavirus outbreak but none of them have mentioned the rising crime and unrest in major u.s. cities across the country. here is bill clinton last night slamming president trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. >> how did donald trump respond?
6:44 am
first he said the virus was under control and would soon disappear. when it didn't, he was on tv every day bragging what a great job he was doing. at a time like this the oval office should be a command center. instead it is a storm center. it is only chaos. just one thing never changes, his determination to deny responsibility and shift the blame. the buck never stops there. >> sandra: let's bring in karl rove former white house deputy chief of staff and fox news contributor. i know you have so many really interesting takeaways from what we've seen the last couple of nights. some good, some bad, some to learn from when it comes to the rnc this week. when you look at that messaging and they are really hitting the president and his team on the coronavirus response, but where was the talk about policing, the defund the police movement in america, the violence in our major cities happening across the country? where was that last night?
6:45 am
>> nowhere and has been nowhere since the violence broke out. we have two issues here. let me say something first about covid. they have focused on that every single time. you saw it in michelle obama's comments. you saw it in bill clinton's comments. i suspect we'll see it in kamala harris. we've seen it in a lot of the comments made even during the roll call more than half of the states issuing the roll call. a nurse in nebraska. more than half of the states mentioned it in their remarks. the weakness for the democrats is joe biden, when asked by joy reid three weeks ago what would you differently. he said six items and every one donald trump had already done. this is not necessarily durable for the next 70 days. but yeah, they had good message discipline but they aren't talking about something that is bothering a lot of americans. i found one instance in four
6:46 am
words joe biden condemned violence but you never hear him speaking when we see the courthouse in portland being assaulted, arson being done, the rage in chicago on the miracle mile. he is strangely silent on this. i think it's because the democrats understand for them to condemn this violence would really alienate a significant element or could endanger their support the democratic left. >> sandra: you wonder if it will hurt them in the end. i'm sure you'll tell me to expect a lot of that from the republican convention next week. but perhaps this is a message that will work for democrats. look at the fox news polling on americans thinking on whether or not the virus is under control, karl. those that think it is completely under control is in the single digits, 7% those that think it is not at all under control is nearly 50% now, karl. perhaps they see it as a winning message for them to
6:47 am
beat donald trump. >> you know what? i think people look at covid differently than they look at, say, for example, the economy or healthcare or the environment. they don't think that donald trump brought this on and so the question is does the president's rhetoric on the plague match what people's perceptions are. today they don't. he is at least trying to do something and he has done things. and for joe biden again i go back to that joy reid interview. it was jaw dropping. let's use the -- we ought to invoke the defense production act. the president did so 30 times. we ought to appoint somebody to be in charge of distribution and production of the vaccines. that happened in may and he is speaking in july and doesn't seem to be aware that the president pointed the head of the army materials command to make certain we have enough capacity to produce a evacuee
6:48 am
and had a national science panel to go through the ethical questions who gets the vaccine first? again, at some point this is going to be prosecuted between the two candidates. it may be in a debate. can you see donald trump saying what you told joy reid you wanted to do six things and every one of those things i had already done. besides that you opposed me on china and said it was a mistake for me to impose a ban on china. we'll see how it plays out. not necessarily -- a winner last night and the night before. not necessarily a winner. >> sandra: as always i wish i had more time with you, karl. see you again soon. thank you so much. >> trace: notre dame among several colleges suspending in-person classes as cases surge. what is being blamed for the spikes there and in other colleges? dr. marc siegel joins us with that next. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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>> sandra: wuhan, china appears to be moving on from the coronavirus pandemic. it shows thousands packing into a water pack over the weekends. crowds standing shoulder to shoulder at some points at an electronic music festival. most without masks. the entire province was locked down you'll remember for 76 days this spring. china claims wuhan hasn't had a confirmed case since may. >> trace: we're seeing a spike in coronavirus cases among young adults as students return to college campuses across the u.s. notre dame, chapel hill reverting to remote-only learning after a spike in cases. michigan state says they'll start their semester fully remote. let's bring in dr. marc siegel. a fox news contributor. dr. siegel. always good to see you. why are these colleges so surprised? we knew they would go back on
6:54 am
campus, get together off-campus parties and spread the coronavirus. why is there this surprise across the country? >> actually, it's because people are partyinging not social distancing. notre dame had a 19% positivity rate on their testing this week and they tested over 11,000 students. they had 147 positive cases so they had trouble and they went to online. i want to do a comparison between duke in durham and chapel hill. unc had positive cases because of the partying and the lack of social distancing. they had a go-to online. that's a lot of cases when you consider the whole state of north carolina only had about 550 new cases yesterday. look at duke.
6:55 am
duke had 11 cases. duke has a compact. you have to sign that says wear a mask, social distancing, no gatherings. duke is testing a lot of people, 6,000 people and they have had a much better result so far. university of north carolina filled their quarantine center in one week. it is a difference in technique. >> trace: the president of cornell said better to have the students on campus than off campus. for many universities closing the campus to under graduates is not the safest options. college students may not adhere to public health guidelines because many colleges students will gather on and around campuses whether classes are in person or online. either you stay on campus and know who is positive and you don't know who is positive when you don't. >> completely agree with that. it's smart. a built-in quarantine situation
6:56 am
on campus. if students are off campus they roam around the country taking no precautions. you said at the outset young people are spreading this right now. if you're in the university you can quarantine the whole university setting. cornell, same idea. i'm in agreement with that. >> trace: the whole thing the danger of kids going back to their hometowns after going to college for a couple of weeks. good to see you. thank you, sir. >> sandra: a historic night ahead for the third night of the democratic convention. senator kamala harris will officially accept her party's nomination for vice president. we'll have a preview of the big night ahead coming up. >> tech: just leave your keys on the dash and we'll replace your windshield with safe, no-contact service. >> tech: schedule at >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> joe biden is now the democraticnominee. >> police declare a riot after several fires were set downtown. >> stay back. >> wildfires rapidly spread in northern california overnight. the governor declaring a statewide emergency. wildfires near napa nearly
7:01 am
tripling in size torching more than 32,000 acres. >> sandra: those stories and more in a moment. first it is official, joe biden formally securing the democratic nomination setting him up to challenge president trump for the white house in november. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." we're moving along here. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. joe biden clinching the nomination on night two of the democratic convention. big names stepping into the spotlight last night making the case for biden. >> faced with a president of cowardice, joe biden is a man of proven courage. >> nobody will be a president we'll be proud to salute. >> america deserves a president who is looked up to, not laughed at. >> at a time like this, the oval office should be a command center. instead it's a storm center. there is only chaos. >> we just need leadership worthy of our nation.
7:02 am
worthy of you, leadership to reimagine what our nation will be. that's joe. he and kamala will work as hard as you do every day to make this nation better. >> trace: mike tobin in wisconsin where trump backers are holding a rally today. bryan yenis in . >> sandra: kamala harris gets ready to accept the nomination for vice president. quite a lineup tonight, griff. >> it sure is, sandra and trace. good morning. they're indeed bringing out the democratic party star power tonight. vice presidential nominee kamala harris accepting the nomination tonight. see what she has to say. you also have several other headliners that include house speaker nancy pelosi along with former secretary of state hillary clinton.
7:03 am
closing the night. former president barack obama. expect him to blast the current administration before making the case for joe biden. we'll see what he has to say. >> sandra: last night's big speecher was dr. jill biden. what is she saying this morning? >> last night she had such an emotional, compassionate case she made for her husband's presidency. but this morning she was asked on the morning programs about her husband's mental sharpness and ability to serve as president. here is some of what dr. jill biden had to say. >> i see joe every single day and he is writing speeches, he is being briefed, he is making phone calls. i don't see any of that. joe is totally engaged and, you know joe, he loves it. i guess he is the consummate
7:04 am
politician. >> an interesting moment last night. many wonders what alexandria ocasio-cortez would say and shocked when she made no mention of biden's name and nominated bernie sanders and later clarified in a tweet saying it was a procedural vote and asked by the convention organizers to second sanders nomination because he had passed the delegate threshold to do so. but perhaps it was a telling moment of just how far the democrat party's positions have shifted since biden first ran for president in 1988. finally, a lot of people talking about what a hit those delegate videos were. the virtual nationwide delegate videos from 57 different places ranging from a beach in american samoa to a bridge in alabama to the shores of rhode island where a state representative nominated joe biden next to a chef holding a plate of calamari.
7:05 am
it was an interesting time we're in. >> sandra: i know you are a big fan of that appetizer. great reporting. >> trace: the political battle in wisconsin intensifies. president trump and surrogates are flooding the state with a counter voice to the democratic convention based in milwaukee. mike tobin is live in west bend, wisconsin. bikers for trump are getting ready to hold a big rally. mike. >> trace, the tradition of taking a down week and remaining silent while the opposition holds their convention is being disregarded. trump or a surrogate has been in wisconsin every day of the democrats' convention. on the first day trump came to oshkosh and did an event in an airplane hanger there. it was limited to 500 people but democrats said the event was irresponsible and feed the president's ego. eric trump came to milwaukee yesterday, the vice president
7:06 am
today in janesville, wisconsin. bikers for trump will come to the fairground in west bend, wisconsin. they held trump rallies at the big sturgis biker rally that came under fire. chris cox says they're a pro-active group. the first time they've shown up to oppose anything. they want to make a visual and show support for trump. oppose defunding the police. many of them are veterans and joined by former governor scott walker. cox tells me they aren't looking for a conflict and a good chance they won't get one. when democrats say they're not coming to wisconsin they're not. the only presence we see downtown are the pro-lifeers who are demonstrating. >> mike tobin, thank you. >> sandra: human trials are underway now for a coronavirus vaccine but scientists are worried. not enough minorities are signing up to test the vaccine. they make up more than half of all people testing positive for covid-19 and so far only a small percentage are among the
7:07 am
volunteers in clinical trials. researchers are worried it could delay an approval for a vaccine. >> trace: postmaster general says he will wait to make changes. he said the postal service is ready today to handle whatever volume of election mail it receives this fall to avoid even the appearance of any impact on the election mail, i'm suspending these initiatives until after the election is concluded. the sudden reversal comes as more than 20 states announce they would be suing to stop those changes. >> sandra: fox news alert from portland. a manhunt intensifies for the suspect in the brutal beating of a truck driver sunday night caught on surveillance video. the following images are graphic.
7:08 am
that driver was pulled from his truck and then beaten violently until one man kicks him in the head leaving him unconscious. police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old marquise love. dan springer is live in so*elt with what we're learning there. >> sandra, another riot declared in portland last night with a new target hit by arsonists and a manhunt suspected of the vicious assault sunday night. police are trying to find 25-year-old marquise love for two days. so far he has managed to avoid capture. portland police tell us they're working with his parents in hopes of getting him to turn himself in. he used to work as a private security guard and regular at a black lives matter protest. criminal history is a domestic assault in 2017. the victim is 40-year-old adam
7:09 am
haner. we've been in contact with his brother. he is at home recovering. last night portland police declared another riot downtown when arsonists tried to set a county building on fire. they smashed windows and doors and used lighter fluid as an accelerate. some in the crowd set dumpsters on fire. in a statement the chair said quote this is the heart of our county where people in our community come to get married, get their passports and celebrate their cultural traditions and diversity. now it just joins a list of buildings damaged during 83 nights of anarchy in portland. sandra. >> sandra: that manhunt continues. dan springer, thank you. >> trace: critics pouncing on congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez for not mentioning joe biden in her dnc speech. how the congresswoman is now firing back. plus convention speakers looking to draw a stark
7:10 am
compareson between president trump and joe biden. is that resonating? this as former rivals become allies echoing conventions past. >> i move senator barack obama of illinois be selected by this convention by acclamation as the nominee of the democratic party for president of the united states. [cheering and applause] ur arm ae veterans. when i think of the veteran out there that needs to refi his home, he may want to purchase, we can help them and provide that financial solution for they and their families. it's a great rewarding feeling. everybody in the company, they have that deference and that respect and that love for the veteran that makes this company so unique. you can adjust youriggest sacomfort on both sides...eep your sleep number setting..
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>> trace: andrew cuomo under fire for writing a book on his state's handling of the coronavirus. new york suffered the highest death toll in the nation during the pandemic and he was widely criticized for ordering nursing homes to accept covid-19 patients from hospitals. a policy later reversed. the book is titled "american crisis." it comes out in october. >> sandra: democrats making it official last night formally nominating joe biden for president in a roll call vote. this as convention speakers work to draw a contrast between joe biden and president donald trump on both policy and personality. here to talk about it dnc communications director xochitl hinojosa. we had ronna here from the rnc
7:15 am
earlier and ask you about some of the things she had to say in a moment. when it came to the balance last night of policy talk versus personality, is your party happy with the way the last two nights have come across? >> our party is very happy with the way things have come across so far and the whole theme of our convention is focused on unity. uniting america. we want to make sure regardless of who you voted for in 2016, that you come out and vote and that's why you'll see throughout our program you have folks part of the democratic party, folks who have never been part of the democratic party. a number of republican leaders out there speaking out against trump and you have the stories of american people who have been impacted by trump. at the same time focused on joe biden's steady leadership. so you will see that throughout the four nights. tonight is also a night that we're really excited about. you will have barack obama and
7:16 am
kamala harris, a number of stories focused on climate change, immigration and gun violence and we're excited about tonight as well. >> sandra: kamala harris, her big night tonight. jason riley in the "wall street journal" is asking this question. will the real kamala harris please stand up? once a tough on crime prosecutor now she can't answer a simple question about defunding the police. will she talk about that growing movement tonight on her big night? will there be any mention of the violence in american cities across this country? >> well first of all, the campaign has been very clear when it comes to defunding the police. they do not support defunding the police and i don't know how many times we have to say this on this network or others. that's the case. what you will hear from kamala harris is you will hear that she will be a steady leader and ready to lead on day one. and a joe biden/kamala harris presidency is one that will
7:17 am
lift people up, unite our country, and make sure that with the unrest happening all across this country that we're doing everything we can to bring people together. we are about inclusion, not exclusion. that's what you will see in our program over these four nights versus next week you'll see divisiveness and chaos, that's what we expect from republicans next week. >> sandra: you'll talk about the fact you have police retiring in record numbers across the country, a drop in morale that is harmful to people who don't feel safe in some of our streets. is that a guarantee we'll hear about that tonight? because that's been missing from the last couple of nights. >> i actually point to the conversation that joe biden had on racial justice. you had someone from law enforcement involved in the program from houston where he talks about a lot of the cops that are out there and the police officers, your law enforcement are good people and he talked a little bit about
7:18 am
joe biden's steady leadership. at the same time we need to make sure we're providing law enforcement the tools they need and the training they need in order to do their jobs. right now the trump administration hasn't done that. >> sandra: as you have seen from the trump camp they continue to make the charge that the radical left is in charge, not joe biden. here is the trump 2020 communications director on that. this is a campaign statement someone should have explained to joe biden that he is now the official nominee of the democratic party meaning his supervisors from the radical left are now formally in charge. i say that in the context of throw the "new york post" cover up on the screen. if you haven't seen it yet it's aoc yeah joe. socialist fire brand doesn't even mention biden in speech. she spoke for a minute and never mentioned joe biden by name. is this a sign of division within your own party? >> the republican party wishes
7:19 am
we were divided. we are more unified than ever and it scares them. what you just heard from ronna mcdaniel that our program is based on fiction and fantasy. is she saying that the woman from arizona, kristin that spoke earlier this week and that her father dying from covid because he was a trump supporter, is she saying that is fiction, the man on our program with als who was scared about his health insurance, was she saying that is fiction? >> sandra: let me direct the question something that she pointed out to us in that conversation. i'll play the sound bite for you. but she said her observation looking at the last couple of nights is that your party is focusing on the joe biden of 2004 not the joe biden of today. listen. >> last night was about joe biden of 2004 or 2008 and they are not talking about the joe
7:20 am
biden 2020 who has embraced aoc and bernie sanders. your taxes are going to go through the roof and he is going to bankrupt this country as he is a bridge to socialism. and they are not highlighting the policies he is running on. they are talking about what a good guy he is. he is not a good guy when he is raising taxes on 82% of american households. >> sandra: fair criticism? >> ronna mcdaniel right now is terrified because there are folks from her party speaking at our convention and that shows the unity. on one night you had bernie sanders who is making the case for joe biden. you will have elizabeth warren and barack obama, michelle obama and then you also have republicans, you saw cindy mccain yesterday in that video, you also saw john kasich and you saw colin powell. you are seeing this -- the country coming together around joe biden. i would love to pose the question to ronna mcdonall how will you bring the country
7:21 am
together? will your program look like that? they have only divided our country. i think they're running scared because they're falling in the polls right now. >> sandra: how does tonight go? >> we're excited about tonight. again you have kamala harris, you have a number of different speakers like nancy pelosi. we'll make sure we're lifting people up. our theme for tonight is a more perfect union. you'll see more unity and we're excited about that. >> sandra: xochitl hinojosa thank you for coming on. hope to have you back soon. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: big changes coming to the university of notre dame amid a spike in coronavirus cases. what the university is now doing. plus senator kamala harris entering the record books to become the first african-american and indian american woman to accept the nomination for vice president on a major ticket. a look at other female trailblazers still ahead. >> what real leadership looks
7:22 am
like is joe biden. to speak up sometimes telling us the stuff we don't necessarily want to hear but we need to know. joe biden is about real leadership in our country and i'm honored to be with you, joe. hi, i'm pat and i'm 75 years old.
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>> sandra: the bottom of the hour. police searching for the man seen in this video punching a worker that was sweeping debris in downtown chicago. the attack happened for apparently no reason. the suspect ran off. >> trace: dozens of raging wildfires in california. the state tries to avoid a another day of rolling black-outs. >> sandra: the university of notre dame and other universities cancelling in-person classes after coronavirus hits campus. >> trace: the battle for pennsylvania is on. president trump they say will win it again by winning rural
7:28 am
counties but democrats say joe biden is ready to flip the state to blue. we're live in redding, pennsylvania, with more. >> trace, good morning. redding, pennsylvania, is one of the poorest small cities in america. redding is in burks county. in 2012 mitt romney won the county by just 1,000 votes. in 2016 president trump won burks county by 18,000 votes. democrats believe they have to boost hispanic and black voter turnout in the state's urban centers in order to make some of these communities -- these counties competitive closer in order to close the gap against president trump. now black voter turnout was down in 2016. the naacp in pennsylvania believes that vice presidential nominee kamala harris will help turnout. they don't think it will be enough. they've launched a get out the vote campaign. >> here in pennsylvania this is
7:29 am
probably the first real serious broad effort under an umbrella such as wake up black vote to get out the black vote. we're taking a look at the numbers in the past election and we are absolutely aggressively looking to increase those numbers by no less than 50 to 75%. >> president trump won pennsylvania in 2016 by just 44,000 votes and he did it by winning rural counties in the state by larger margins than expected. he flipped many counties, blue collar communities. republicans believe the president has even more enthusiasm in those communities this time around. we visited farmers yesterday in central pennsylvania and spoke to jason, a 38-year-old dairy farmer and trump supporter. still he says he and his younger farmer friends would be open to listening to biden's campaign. so far he says the biden campaign hasn't done much outreach in his community. >> the newer generation, we
7:30 am
will listen. we will hear what they have to say. we will take into what they say into our considerations for our decisions in november. if they come up with a plan we feel safe with they may flip a few farmers around here. >> reading, pennsylvania is now a majority latino community and leaders say that mail-in bal >> trace: brayan, thank you. >> sandra: kamala harris on the verge of history about to become the first woman of color and first south asian woman to accept the nomination of vice president on a major party ticket. more on the history of female leaders in our country. >> joe biden had the audacity to choose a black woman to be his running mate. >> senator kamala harris has been a lot of firsts, first black and da and california
7:31 am
attorney general. the first black woman california elected to the senate. now stands to become the first black and south asian vice president. but she is not the first black woman to appear on the presidential ticket. in 1952 the progressive party had a vp nominee. 32 years before another woman was nominated. >> my name is geraldine ferraro. >> she studied law at night before becoming the first woman elected to congress from queens. occasionally breaking with her party, her slogan was finally a tough democrat. she served three teams before joining the 1984 ticket with walter mondale. >> by choosing a woman to run for our nation's second highest office, you send a powerful signal to all americans. >> but they lost to ronald reagan and george h.w. bush beginning a 24 year wait for the next woman to get that far.
7:32 am
sarah palin was the first female and youngest ever governor alaska when she was mccain's running mate. the first republican female v.p. nominee. she often made headlines. >> i love those hockey moms. the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull, lipstick. >> after barack obama and joe biden won the election, palin found a home at fox news alongside the trailblazer before her. >> they are sharing the screen for the first time ever. >> ferraro died in 2011 of blood cancer. palin offered advice to harris. out the shoot, trust no one knew. harris said. be sure about your answer, sir. isn't afraid to go toe-to-toe. >> that little girl was me. >> despite that icy exchange
7:33 am
joe biden's heart led him to harris. >> i know how much beau respected kamala and her work and that mattered a lot to me. >> sandra: thanks to jackie for that. so many moments feel like yesterday but a really neat look back at some of those key moments for women in presidential politics in this country. >> in the early years geraldine ferrario talked about how surprised she was when she was chosen. >> sandra: tonight is a big night for kamala harris. >> trace: massive fire burning at industrial plant in grand prairie, texas outside of dallas. it started after a power line fell onto a sheet of plastic overnight. firefighters believe the fire could burn until tomorrow. the problem is not necessarily evacuations or the smoke, they are worried that there is not
7:34 am
enough foam in the fire department to put this thing out which is why it could burn for several days. we mentioned it was started by a power line coming down and the big worry here is that as those power lines continue to fall it could be dominoes and those lines could fall for a half mile or three quarter of a mile. a lot of power being out to some areas in that town. we'll keep an eye on this as we get live pictures coming in from grand prairie, texas. >> sandra: we'll keep watching that. a story that rocked the sports world nearly 30 years ago, the murder of michael jordan's father. an update on one of the men convicted in that killing. joe biden last night turning his attention to healthcare. the reforms that he is calling for and how they could impact the race for the white house. >> i'm going to protect you like i tried to protect my own family, my own family. i promise you that. >> tech: at safelite, we're committed to taking care of you
7:35 am
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>> sandra: north carolina officials granting parole to one of the two men convicted in the 1993 murder of michael jordan's father. he was 17 years old when he and another teenager shot james jordan on a highway and stole his car. he will now be released three years from now. michael jordan has so far declined to comment. >> we'll make sure we don't lose. we'll provide a medicare-like option as a public option. any state where there is -- qualify for medicaid and the state hasn't provided it you automatically be enrolled. >> trace: joe biden pledging to revamp the nation's healthcare system strengthening the affordable care act and rolling out a public option. here to talk about is the host of bull and bears david asman. good to see you. you heard joe biden talking about how he wants to build on the affordable care act. bring back the individual
7:40 am
mandate that president trump got rid of. what does it look like cost-wise today david in today's economy? >> by today's standards we've been spending trillions on covid relief so this is a really unusual period of time to compare it with anything. but we've gone through some of the numbers and joe biden himself went through some of the numbers of medicare for all, which is what a lot of people in his party would prefer right now and the cost of that is $30 to $40 trillion over 10 years. here is what joe biden said about that in a debate with other democratic rivals back in february. he said that the plan medicare for all would cost more than the entire federal budget that we spend now. i think he was right at 30 to 40 trillion over 10 years it is the entire federal budget. the reason i bring medicare for all up. he was followed last night by a strong advocate of medicare for all so while he is saying one thing, other members of the party are saying something else.
7:41 am
until that issue is locked in and again, the question really is given joe biden's state right now, would he hold the line on not going for medicare for all? a lot of people think he wouldn't. >> trace: the big concern. all the progressives saying joe biden will definitely go to the left and building this well, they are staying moderate. the chamber of commerce echoed what you were saying. a medicare buyin or public option is bad for business. inject uncertainty and impose direct threats to the nation's healthcare system. not just cost-wise as you mentioned the trillions, as just bad for the healthcare system overall. >> that's the -- i mentioned the cost which is almost unattainable on a regular basis without a huge middle class tax hike like they have in england to pay for their socialized medical system. the tax adds 40% to everything
7:42 am
they buy. that's what we would have to do here. the average person, middle class people would pay for it. you are right and so is the chamber. the quality of healthcare. spend a week in a hospital in england, a public hospital in england. i had to spend a month there once, my wife was sick in england. it was awful. this was the best medical care that you could receive in england at the time for her particular problem. and even so, it was filthy. there was one person to clean the whole place for the entire month that we were there. one guy with a mop and bucket. the medical care was compassionate enough but they didn't have the equipment. the system is broke even with all the money they pay. so the quality of healthcare would decline dramatically in this country from where it is now even for those who are on medicare or medicaid. >> trace: you talk about how far the party has gone to the left. the biden plan would also allow illegal immigrants to buy into a public option. it would allow them to buy in
7:43 am
not subsidize it. if you go back affordable care act it did not allow illegal immigrants to buy in. there is a dramatic shift on its own. >> the point is that everything is a right from the socialist perspective of bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez and the people who i think now are the major energy and push in the democratic party. you look at housing is a right, education is a right, food care is a right. if everything is a right, you owe everything to the government and then you have no rights, trace. that's the point. that's the problem with socialism as wonderful as it sounds. everything is free, healthcare, housing, food, etc., etc., education, but if everything is a right, you end up with no rights because you owe the government everything. and that is the fatal flaw of socialism. >> trace: i have to go, david. i'm curious if you think as you look at the landscape here with coronavirus and healthcare, does it give joe biden an
7:44 am
opening to talk about healthcare? >> of course it does. and frankly, the obama/biden administration had their own problem with a virus back in 2014 with ebola. and they were seen as totally failing that until it turned around after about a year. so it still early days, as much as we've gone through with all the deaths and tragedy in this country and the whole world, this is a different kind of virus because of the fact that it was spread pretty much intentionally by china when they closed down their own country but allowed it to spread in europe and it came here to the united states. so it is a different kind of virus but it does provide an opening for biden to say because we're in the midst of the same kind of crisis he was in with ebola in 2014, it still a very tender spot with president trump despite everything he has done to try to combat it.
7:45 am
great to see you. >> sandra: democrats making room for some republicans at the democratic national convention supporting joe biden for president. kellyanne conway with brand-new reaction from the white house to that. plus former president bill clinton making an appearance last night but his role as a leading democrat cut back. howie kurtz ahead on his take why clinton has become a mere footnote for the party he once led. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed.
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so we collaborate ♪ ocean spray works with nature every day to farm in a sustainable way >> sandra: fox news alert now. victims of joseph deangelo, the golden state killer addressing him in court for first time. their testimony powerful and emotional. >> the devil can keep you company in your prison cell as he gnaws away at whatever soul you have left.
7:50 am
>> he truly is an evil monster with no soul. >> it is unconceivable that such a creature exists in this world. may he rot in hell. >> he pled guilty to 13 counts of first degree murder in june for crimes committed decades ago. he will be sentenced to life in prison without parole. >> sandra: the former first lady still drawing a lot of praise from the media with her speech on night one of the democratic convention. in contrast to the featured speaker last night. our own howie kurtz writing a fox news op-ed titled bill clinton, once the dominant democrat, now a footnote at convention. those who like the clinton presidency and despised it said he was a great communicator even when he went on appeared on as he did with so many state of the union address. that man didn't show up tuesday night. howard kurtz is a fox news
7:51 am
media analyst and host of "media buzz". they didn't let bill clinton go on and on last night, howie, why? >> especially since he was on tape. it was a greatly diminished performance by bill clinton. no trace of the old arkansas charm. lackluster, not much emotion. the speech delivered by anybody. he is 74 sitting on a couch, no crowd energy to feed off. the reason that clinton was relegated to five early in the evening his old brand is out of step with the liberal party and his past misconduct with other women making him a liability in the me too world. hillary has yet to speak for this couple that dominated democratic politics for a quarter century. >> sandra: you wrote a lot about the shining moment, michelle obama. had a lot of praise. you write she seizes the moment.
7:52 am
she proved herself a talented political performer connecting what she described as the pain in the country to her husband handing the reins to someone with a total lack of empathy who doesn't understand that blaok lives matter. she seized the moment even in a taped address and didn't let go of what felt like the night's only authentic moment. does she have a lasting impression on the week and the party going forward? >> well certainly her goal was to fire up black voters to turn out as they did for her husband. they loved it at msnbc. rachel maddow said her heart went to her leg. it was a better show last night but it contrasted monday night with i guess the technical term is sort of weird telethon, disjointed, awkward, jumping from a politician to average
7:53 am
people. i love average people but they aren't always compelling television. it seemed to bounce around without much theme. michelle obama had enough time to make a case. a lot of speeches were a few sentences. i think she was the stand-out monday night. >> sandra: we'll see what lessons might be learned by republicans for the week to come with their convention. tonight is a big night. we'll see kamala harris? do you think it brings excite t to the virtual convention? >> sure. she is a new face but a crucial moment for kamala harris. most of the media are gushing over her she has been pounded by the right as a radical socialist. president trump as angie and mad woman and words to that effect. she has a chance tonight to
7:54 am
connect with the audience not just to define herself in terms of policy but as a person. will people be comfortable seeing her for the next four years, a heartbeat away as the cliche goes and so i think also she has to balance that with praising joe biden. that's her primary role on the ticket. a lot riding for her as the number two on her speech tonight. kind of a reintroduction to the public. >> sandra: your expectations next week for the rnc. >> well, it's a different kind of thing. the president is so well-known. he will participate every single night. maybe they'll learn some lessons. it is hard to put on a virtual convention with no balloons and cheering and so forth. but i think we'll see a very different look and different message from the democrats this week. >> sandra: great to see you this morning. thanks so much. >> trace: coverage, live pictures out of grand prairie,
7:55 am
texas, a plastics plant. it started because a power line fell down, hit a sheet of plastic and it went up in flames. plastic burns very hot and they don't have enough foam to put it out. the dark smoke that could be toxic. they're worried about people in nearby areas because they're telling them to stay indoors. it is notable they have not called for any kind of evacuations yet. that is still possibly in the process here. this thing again could burn for days and the other concern is because the power lines are in the way, they feel like power lines could burn for more than a half mile, maybe 3/4 mile and that would knock power out to some of the nearby neighborhoods. this is just outside of dallas, texas, also a big concern. you talk about evacuation, they are letting workers in a nearby building stay inside that building for now because they don't believe there is a threat
7:56 am
there. the fire is being blown the other way so as you see the fire here, there are some workers about three blocks away that are still on site. we'll keep our eyes on the grand prairie fire as it continues. >> sandra: we'll keep watching it. kamala harris facing a crucial challenge tonight with the biggest speech of her career. can she convince voters to support joe biden? former president barack obama also speaking tonight. so what else can we expect on the big night at the dnc convention? bret baier will be joining us at the top of the hour. ar. with their va streamline refi, there is no income verification, no appraisal, no out of pocket costs and no va paperwork for you. you can start the process right over the phone. refi now and cut $3000 a year off your mortgage payments. loans can close in as little as 30 days.
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>> sandra: all right. the trump campaign in full re action mode this morning now the joe biden is the official nomineival as democrats prepare more speeches tonight. welcome back to "america's newsroom," hour three, i'm sandra smith. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher. the trump team coming out swinging blasting the democratic national convention and new nominee saying in part quoting someone should have explained that biden will give taxpayer funded healthcare to illegal aliens and award them work permits so they can compete with americans for jobs. the president also doubling down on his warning that former
8:01 am
v.p. will be a puppet of the radical left. his son echoing those sentiments on fox earlier. >> they want to get rid of your first amendment, your second amendment. they are an incredibly radical party. this is not the party of jfk or not the party of bill clinton. you see them last night on the screen, aoc. these people are crazy, some of their policies are crazy and would literally destroy this country. >> sandra: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live with more. john, good morning. >> good morning. we'll hear more from the president this afternoon at 5:30, one of the question/answer session briefings. this morning we heard from the white house chief of staff mark meadows responding to the scathing attack the former secretary of state and presidential candidate john kerry launched at the president last night. listen here. >> when you look at john kerry talking about foreign policy and how he made iran supposedly a safe nation not a single american believes that.
8:02 am
this is the only president who actually went after a terrorist and took him out. we saw that just a few days ago with historic deal between the uae and israel. something that only john kerry would hope for. >> while president trump did order solomony taken out president obama ordered osama bin laden be taken out. the trump campaign responded to the nomination roll call last night. you had one quote from tim mur tao and another. when they were counting the delegates somebody should have been totaling the $4 trillion in new taxes. the president drawing contrast with the biden campaign in terms of mobility. the president traveling across the country again yesterday, iowa and arizona between monday and tuesday logging a total of more than 6500 miles.
8:03 am
yesterday sepg his second endorsement from the national border patrol council and contrasting his policies on secure borders and illegal immigration with those of joe biden. listen here. >> president trump: joe biden is the puppet of the radical left wing movement that seeks the complete elimination of america's borders and boundaries. they want to take the wall down. they don't want to have borders. they want to have sanctuary cities. lots of bad things they want. following orders from his boss, i guess his new boss is bernie sanders. >> the president is taking the day off of campaigning today. he is here at the white house all day. again a briefing tonight at 5:30. tomorrow a real in your face move by president trump. he will be traveling to joe biden's hometown of scranton, pennsylvania, to have a campaign event there on the very day, sandra, that joe biden accepts his party's nomination. that's trolling.
8:04 am
>> sandra: or counter messaging. >> no, it's trolling. >> trace: democrats set to make history tonight at the convention. senator kamala harris will become the first woman of color officially nominated to a major party presidential ticket. tonight she faces the biggest challenge of her political life, convincing americans that she deserves their vote for vp. jackie heinrich live in wilmington, delaware. >> trace, good morning. big names tonight include the 2016 democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton, also the country's first black president barack obama. he will lead into the historic moment when senator kamala harris accepts her nomination as the first black and south asian woman to be named vice presidential nominee. harris has talked about her nomination breaking barriers and what it says about the direction joe biden wants to take the country in. >> i'm the only black woman in
8:05 am
the united states senate. the only one. and only the second in the history of the united states senate. and so when we look again at how far we have to go, we have a lot of work to do. and by joe asking me to be his running mate, he has pushed forward something that might have otherwise taken decades. >> this morning dr. jill biden talked about what harris brings to the ticket. a former prosecutor and attorney general she made a name for herself with her tough questioning during the confirmation hearings for supreme court justice bret cavanaugh and expected to bring that to the debate stage when she faces vice president mike pence. >> kamala was both of our choices because i admire strong women and kamala is fierce and strong and she is tough. she will be a good debater and
8:06 am
more than that, she will be a good partner for joe. that's what he needs, a partner to help him govern. >> we expect barack obama to echo the message of unity, the national committee said america is not going back to before donald trump because for too many people it wasn't good enough. as he leads us out of crisis joe biden will help build back better. he will have a historic partner in these efforts, the first female vice president. the last time hillary clinton spoke at the democratic national convention she was leading in the polls and struggled with the results of that race. we'll see what she has to say tonight. trace. >> trace: live in wilmington, thank you. the democratic national convention doesn't seem to be getting a lot of love from tv viewers as we learn the ratings
8:07 am
for the first night are down compared to the 2016 opening festivities plunging 28% according to the hollywood reporter and worst for the three broadcast networks who saw their viewership drop by 40%. >> sandra: kamala harris prepares for the biggest speech she has ever given. bret baier joins us now. great coverage last night. here we go into night three and it is kamala harris's big night. what are the expectations? >> i think there is a bit of a tight rope that the democrats are walking here. they don't really want to upset progressives in their party but they also have sent a signal to moderates and disaffected republicans that we're the party for you. and you've seen this in coverage so far, "politico" had a piece today. left outraged by aoc's bit role at democratic convention.
8:08 am
people may say they don't have a place to go and the unifying is the guy that lives behind me, donald trump. they do want to fire up the base of the democratic party. that is kamala harris's challenge and one of the reasons to be able to do that outreach. but it is a bit of a tight rope in the speech and the message it sends. >> sandra: and when you say reaching out to progressives you acknowledge alexandria ocasio-cortez. i know you guys talked about it last night. what a moment that was for her minute to have that spotlight and not even mention joe biden by name. >> that's right. she later said that was her role, to nominate bernie sanders in the official role in the democratic convention. but what she talked about was big sweeping systemic change and that is not the messaging that we've heard from the democrats and some of these
8:09 am
speakers including republicans. you had john mccain's video, cindy mccain, colin powell, bill clinton, john kerry. this is not forecasting the future. they did have some up and coming rising stars like virtual speed dating seeing the 17 rising democratic stars. but i would be interested to see how it works tonight. i think it will be more of a hat tip to the left. >> sandra: as far as expectations for barack obama and what we'll hear from him, he is expected to counter the president's vote by mail criticism. a highly-anticipated speech. his spokesperson katie hill is saying this to manage expectations, president obama will highlight the cynical moves to discourage americans from voting and make a pointed case that democracy itself is on the line along with the chance to create a better version of it. after obviously a very praised
8:10 am
performance of michelle obama on the first night, how much expectation and anticipation is building for the former president's speech? >> i think a lot. a figure well respected in the democratic party and seen him raise a lot of money for joe biden and do videos. this speech really probably will fit the type of going after president trump and that role especially on getting people out to vote will probably point to the mail-in vote comments that president trump has made. i will say that the postal service controversy has really fizzled with the news about the postmaster general, about what is happening on capitol hill. it seems like that has pretty much fallen apart. democrats are continuing to talk about it as if it is the biggest thing going. >> sandra: interesting you say that. we'll follow up with kellyanne conway on that. we'll see you again tonight. thank you. trace. >> trace: the governor of texas is taking a stand against calls
8:11 am
to defund police. >> any city that defunds police departments will have its property tax revenue frozen at the current level. >> trace: how those cities are responding to that proposal. a manhunt intensifies for the suspect in a brutal beating of a truck driver in portland who police believe is behind that attack. democrats ramping up attacks on president trump as the third day of the convention gets underway. kellyanne conway reacts to that next. >> they aren't highlighting the policies he is running on. they're talking about what a good guy he is. he is not a good guy raising taxes on 82% of american households. $3000 a yearave with one call to newday usa. our team is standing by right now to take your call. and from start to finish, you can do it all without ever leaving the house. with our va streamline refi,
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>> trace: fox news alert. seven shootings if three hours. more bloodshed during a violent summer in new york city. a shooter opened fire on four men in queens. one of them is in critical condition. bullets flew in harlem sending two men to the -- >> sandra: lawmakers in texas, the state's governor is proposing freezing property tax rates at current level in any
8:16 am
city that slashes money for police departments. >> cities that endanger residents by reducing law enforcement should not then be able to turn around and go back and get more property tax dollars from those same residents whose lives the city just endangered. >> sandra: last week the city of austin announced it would cut $150 million from its police force. more than a third of its current budget. >> trace: more chaos in portland after protesting set fire to a government building. investigators say they identified a suspect in the brutal beating of a driver who crashed his truck on sunday night. dan springer live for us in our northwest newsroom with more on all this. >> we've seen many buildings targeted by protestors in portland over the last 83 neither. they seem to have a connection to the criminal justice system until last night. arsonists tried to burn down the county building, the place
8:17 am
where people go for social services and building permits. some in the crowd of around 200 smashed windows and threw burning debris into the lobby using lighter fluid to spread the flames. we saw large dumpsters set on fire in the middle of the street. anything they can do to provoke a response from portland police. this hard core group seems to thrive on the officers. the commissioner said in a statement the lobby where the first same-sex marriage in oregon took place and where millions of pieces of personal protective equipment are being distributed to help our community was damaged. portland police are search are for 25-year-old marquise love the suspect in the brutal attack sunday night. he was a regular attender. he was working as a private security guard and dj and has a criminal history that includes a case of domestic abuse in 2017. police tell us they're working
8:18 am
with his parents in hopes of getting him to turn himself in. the good news in this the victim 40-year-old adam, who lives outside of portland is recovering at his home. gofundme page set up for him is now over $101,000. >> trace: dan springer live in seattle. dan, thank you. back to breaking news now. texas, outside of dallas, a plastic plant burning now for hours and we're told it could burn for days. what's happening here is the plastic is on fire. you see the power lines on the upper left-hand side? right now live. where you saw power lines. one of thoefs power lines fell and hit a piece of plastic and what ignited the fire. now the fire department says they're worried. the plastic burns so hot that they have to use foam. you can see the white foam on the ground there. the problem is they don't have enough foam to put the fire out, which is why it could burn for days. the other concern is toxic
8:19 am
smoke. there have been no evacuations in the surrounding neighborhoods but they're telling people to stay inside. we'll keep you up to speed on this as the fire continues to burn in grand prairie, texas. >> today we're a country divided and a president doing everything in his power to keep us that way. >> we've been deeply concerned about the current path continuing to follow that path will have terrible consequences for america's soul. >> donald trump has no clue how to run a business, let alone an economy. for me the choice is simple. i'm with joe. >> sandra: those are a few of the republicans who spoke at the democratic national convention over the past few days coming out in support of joe biden. reaction now from the white house with kellyanne conway counsel to the president. what is the president's reaction this morning to seeing the sight of multiple republicans that made speeches last night in support of joe
8:20 am
biden against president trump? >> i think it's basically shrug shoulder more than raised eyebrows. i respect secretary powell deeply. he hasn't supported a republican nominee for president since 2004. the president he served george w. bush. he endorsed barack obama in 2008 so against john mccain. let's remind ourselves. i think the question is what are the rank and file republicans do? are they sticking with president trump? very high approval ratings in the republican party. i saw even the latest cnn poll shows a migration from biden to president trump among men, among independents and 35 to 64-year-olds. a very important group age-wise. many of them have children who are trying to get back to school safely and many of them have elderly relatives they're worried about. also when i hear some of the messaging it doesn't surprise me but i don't understand why joe biden, who has been in washington for 47 years, has so many people from the swamp
8:21 am
trying to lift him up and show how he is the outsider, the guy that you need to run the white house. he has the experience. i hear the name donald trump more than i hear the name joe biden at joe biden's convention. that tells you all you need to know. the most remarkable part of the evening, joe biden seems like a very nice person. i thought the most remarkable part of the evening was aoc making her one-minute count by nominating bernie sanders for president. aoc, bernie, elizabeth warren, they've got a lot of power over the platform and they will have a ton of power over a biden presidency. >> sandra: to be clear it's been reported as a lack of endorsement on her part for joe biden. she has asked for clarification from other news outlets this morning, not us, saying that wasn't the case. she didn't mention joe biden's name last night but she does support joe biden, she put that out there this morning.
8:22 am
how does president trump seize on that. whether ocasio-cortez, the message from bernie sanders the other night. the president's heading to biden's hometown. counter messaging all week. how is he adapting and changing his messaging going into next week? >> you've seen him do in three or four states this week and pennsylvania tomorrow. next week is our time to show through the american people what i call the rpi, the real people impact. but for donald trump and mike pence being in this white house these people would not have jobs, they would not have the ppp money they needed to keep their small business thriving. they would not have blood plasma to help mitigate the coronavirus on the way to eradicating and the vaccines being developed. the president will also talk
8:23 am
about the vision for the future. why four more years is needed to continue and expand upon the economic successes, his role as the healthcare president, what he has done on trade deals with china, with korea, with mexico, with canada. >> sandra: you bring that up. it became a big moment last night when the former secretary of state john kerry called the president's foreign policy a blooper reel with -- >> when this president goes overseas it's a bloomer reel. he breaks up with our allies and writes love letters to dictators. america deserves a president who is looked up to, not laughed at. >> sandra: how is the president responding to that? >> this one is so easy. john kerry reminds us that loser are never winners. he lost to president bush as a democratic nominee in 2004 and
8:24 am
has since presided over secretary of state some of the worst deals, iran, jcpoa. john kerry and joe biden never had the courage to take out all baghdadi or go to north korea and denuclearize it. north korea was going to be the biggest president trump had to face. he took it seriously he tried to denuclearize the area. they never did a uae/israeli deal. the first deal of its time in 26 years an arab country and israel where they exchange embassy and ambassadors and also to benefit the people of those regions to have security, to have trade, for example and other assets, exchange. this is the president who is transforming our role across the world because he is for peace and prosperity. john kerry also was caught on the phone you'll remember
8:25 am
earlier this year saying i think i may have to step in and be the nominee. it was in february. he was worried about joe biden's performance. the idea that the people are vouching for joe biden is folly. they've known him for years and he had to get through 26 other democrats to become the nominee. they didn't want him. >> sandra: you are responding to their attacks on the president's foreign policy. we'll hear more from the president coming up on that this week and next week. i want to ask you about the coronavirus response from the administration. it is coming up at the democrat convention this week. the latest nbc/"wall street journal" reporting. those that answered successful 36%, unsecond cessful 61%. most americans see a very big problem on our hands when it comes to the handling of the virus. how does the president cater
8:26 am
his message to voters who are still living in this pandemic, who still have college kids getting sent home because there is the spread of this disease? notre dame having to shut its doors for in-class learning. what is the message from the president as he begins the convention next week to those who are still greatly feeling the effects economically and more from this virus? >> sure. the president is also retaking the podium in the press briefing room to talk about this every chance he gets. he'll do that today at 5:00. until we have vaccines, until we totally eradicated the virus we're trying to mitigate the effects of this crisis. this president has surged trillion of dollars to the states and 80 million americans. >> sandra: i'm short on time. bring it to today. the universities michigan, unc chapel hill. they started school and then
8:27 am
they quickly saw the spread of this virus, clusters popping up. what is the president specifically saying about that? >> the president will address that today if asked. the schools are warning the students to please pay attention to what the cdc and our doctors and president have said time and again. wear masks socially distance. they are at parties having nothing to do with the curriculum. have doctors have said if you take the modest steps we'll prevent the spread of this. at the same time, this president just a week ago here with the vice president had a forum talking about safely reopening our schools, including the college campuses. 100% of our 75 million students kindergarten through college left school between the first and third weeks of march. many of them are lockdown and want to return. they also have to listen to local and state guidelines. the president continues to talk about it. until we have a vaccines we
8:28 am
won't eradicate the virus and we're trying to mitigate it. we need a package with school choice now. additional money for ppp, that is helping people to get back on their feet economically. it is so important the president is providing information to the public, not confrontation with the press in these brief briefings so he can also take the tough questions from the press. one last thing i didn't hear joe biden, kamala harris or anybody talk about this virus for months while we were here around the clock. if they have idea. >> sandra: it is on biden's website. >> it's not much of a plan. we've done 70 million tests and testing in nursing homes and on campuses if they want. testing is available, point of care tests. longer tests. so -- i read his plan and it
8:29 am
doesn't make any sense. >> sandra: we're out of time. thanks, kellyanne. >> trace: the unrest across america seems to be going unnoticed at the democratic national convention. why some say this is a big mistake for the biden campaign. martha maccallum will join us live next. >> tech: when you've got auto glass damage...
8:30 am
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8:31 am
his work does not capture the full measure of joe biden. folks don't just feel like they know joe the politician, they feel like they know the person. when joe sticks up for the little guy, we hear the young boy who used to stand in front of the mirror, determined to vanquish a debilitating stutter. when joe talks to autoworkers, whose livelihoods he helped save, we hear the son of a man who once lost his job. when joe talks about hope and opportunity for our children, we hear the father who rode the rails home every night so he could be there to tuck his kids into bed. when joe talks to gold star families, who have lost a hero, we hear another father of an american veteran, somebody whose faith has been tested, and who knows who to lean on to find the light. a resilient, and loyal, and humble servant. and through his life, he has never once forgotten the values and the moral fiber that made him who he is. the best part is he's nowhere close to finished.
8:32 am
i'm joe biden and i approve this message. tide power pods one up the cleaning power of liquid. can it one up whatever they're doing? for sure. seriously? one up the power of liquid, one up the toughest stains. any further questions? uh uh! one up the power of liquid with tide power pods.
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book direct at ♪ >> trace: tade lines at the bottom of the air. notre dame had to call off in person classes, the campus was only open for nine days and 150 people caught the difference. michigan state is also going online only and warning students who plan to live on campus to stay home instead. >> sandra: asteroid the size of a car made the closest fly by of earth scientists have ever seen. if it had hit our planet we never would have seen it come according to astronomers who say they didn't spot it until it passed. it came less than 2,000 miles from earth. not far at all in terms of space. >> trace: rioters in portland set a building on fire.
8:35 am
the building was not a symbol of government power but office that stores covid-19 supplies and was the site of oregon's first gay marriage. portland just one of the city's plagued by violence this summer. president trump picked up the issue regularly calling for law and order. at the democratic national convention violence is met with silence. let's bring in the anchor of the story martha maccallum. great to see you. it is interesting to see that when the federal agents were at the courthouse in portland there was non-stop coverage by all the major media outlets, democrats kept talking bit. federal agents left, violence escalate i had. now nobody talks about it. it hasn't made its way into the democratic national convention. i want to put up michael goodwin. the biden mistake within the mistake is the silence on the violence epidemic. it puts a special obligation on biden and his party to find solutions. you can't solve a problem you
8:36 am
don't acknowledge. the failure to address the urban bloodshed is a major miss. your thoughts? >> it may be. it comes down to what voters across the country are feeling and their own experiences with this violence. you drive around our cities in new york, d.c. where i am right now. all across the country in cincinnati, kansas city, portland, you see boarded up windows. i think americans know in the deepest part of their gut that that is not normal. that's a frightening situation. and it's not the way we want to live in this country. you can choose to ignore it and not talk about it but it is something that i think a lot of voters across the country are feeling at a visceral level. we'll see when it comes time to vote whether or not they feel like it is being addressed by democrats or republicans in a stronger way. i think pretending it is not happening is not a good move. i do think there is a reluctance to do so. it is related to other issues
8:37 am
that this ticket wants to focus on more clearly. >> trace: you think it would come up. joe biden says i'm not in favor of defunding the police. i'm in favor of reallocating resources and stuff but people keep saying joe biden is in favor of defunding the police. you would think in the context of that they would want to bring this out and address this subject. >> you would. we'll hear from former president obama tonight as well who is in a unique and perfect position to speak about this issue, about what is going on across the country and the difference between peaceful protests and tearing things down and ruining people's businesses that have been there for 30 years. i spoke last night with the head of black lives matter greater new york tried to get him to answer the question is it okay for people to loot, to break the windows, to take things as we heard from a chicago blm leader who said it's just reparation, you can take what you want. this is not something that goes
8:38 am
unnoticed by the people across this country. they are disturbed about it from everything we see and hear. so i think pretending that it is not happening is not going to be a successful strategy, trace. >> trace: moving forward tonight the big focus is on women voters, the poll says women voters are breaking toward biden in large numbers, 59% versus 35%. suburban women even higher, 69%, 27%. the polster said the convention has become a reinforcing event. part of the goal will be to introduce kamala harris to a national audience and rally the party faithful. they aren't looking for new information but reaffirmation of the party. >> trace: those are big numbers. 42% gain -- gulf between president trump and president biden with suburban women voters. and i think that's something
8:39 am
that the republicans have to look at very closely and try to get their arms around. i think that the issue of facing our cities will be one of them you try to press those voters with and pull them over to their side. i thought it was striking kamala harris did an interview and she said that understanding that women have many priorities and all of them must be acknowledged is going to be a priority for the biden administration. not very specific. very, very broad. i think women care about a lot of issues including the economy. >> trace: we should point out for correction notre dame is only closing for two weeks. you have inside knowledge on that. appreciate that. >> two weeks, that's all. lockdown everybody in the dorm rooms for two weeks and then they'll be back at it. thank you, trace. >> sandra: a suspected terror attack after a man plowed his car into a group of drivers in cars and motorcycles. police in germany say an iraqi
8:40 am
born man targeted other drivers on a highway last night. the suspect shouted and may also suffer from mental health issues. >> trace: teenager in florida is accusing former dnc chair debbie waser man schultz of shoving her outside a polling location in broward county. she was handing out cards to support primary challengeber of wasserman schultz. she filed a report with police but won't press charges. >> sandra: chicago police are asking for the public's help in identifying the man who sucker punched a maintenance worker in an unprovoked attack. it was caught on video in broad daylight in july. the victim was sweeping the sidewalk. the suspect ran. >> trace: california declaring a state of emergency with dozens of wildfires burning across the state. a record setting west coast
8:41 am
heat wave fighting the flames a big time challenge and prompting rolling black-outs. >> sandra: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez showing support for bernie sanders but not mentioning joe biden by name during her convention speech last night. does that snub signify that 2016 rift in the democratic party has never actually healed? we'll discuss. ♪ attention veteran homeowners: record low mortgage rates have dropped even lower. at newday, veterans can shortcut the refinance process and save $250 a month. $3000 dollars a year. with the va streamline refi at newday, there's no appraisal, no income verification,
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>> in a time when millions of people in the united states are looking for deep, systemic solutions to our crises of mass evictions, unemployment and
8:46 am
lack of healthcare and out of a love for all people, i hear by second the nomination of senator bernard sanders of vermont for president. >> trace: alexandria ocasio-cortez facing fallout after she nominated bernie sanders for president last night. critics slamming her for snubbing joe biden during her brief convention speech. let's bring in a biden surrogate. i know it was symbolic, zach, this nomination of bernie sanders but very confusing. nbc news was confused. tweeted out a headline. "new york post" wrote this in her socialist address she spoke about sanders movement to repair the wounds of racial injustice and other things and not once addressed biden who will be crowned the party's nominee. this cannot, zach, be the message that the biden campaign was hoping for. >> as you noted, it is
8:47 am
procedural and i understand it could have been confusing for some people but not without precedent. even on the republican side with bush and reagan and some others this exact same thing has happened. i actually think it was a good thing that early on the biden camp recognized the need to partner with senator sanders and his team who received a number of votes during the primary and gave them an opportunity not just to speak but have their delegates cast their votes. this was exactly that. the dnc specifically asked alexandria ocasio-cortez to do this. it was what it was intended to be and a good show of unity to have her and others have the opportunity to say these things. >> trace: when you look at the whole thing in totality you have the whole thing on remote, zoom thing, unconventional convention. maybe a little clarity would have been in order so it could have been cleared with everybody. there is an effort, zach, if you will to paint kamala harris
8:48 am
as a moderate. she may have been when she was california attorney general at one time. much more of a moderate. the top cop in california. now she says ice agents are the equivalent of the kkk, marc thiessen writes this. if harris were a moderate progressive would be up in arms over her choice. leftists understand to win in november they must be able to peel away reluctant trump voters in key swing states uncomfortable with the leftward lurch of today's democratic party. they need to believe the this administration will be reasonable so they can give themselves permission to defect and vote democrats into power. your thoughts on that? >> as i'm sure you know over half of all democratic voters are moderate and conservative. the democratic party nominated joe biden. had an opportunity for senator sanders and a number of other people that believed in medicare for all, green new deal and other policies that the vice president did not as
8:49 am
describe to. i think his selection of kamala harris shows it is a unity-based ticket. based in california we've seen her in a lot of different roles. when she was an attorney general she had elements that were tough on crime. she meets whatever moment she is presented with and adds a lot to the ticket. >> trace: good to see you, sir, thank you. >> thank you. >> sandra: republican john kasich throwing his support to joe biden, another former governor is warning biden that he is going to regret it. awesome internet.
8:50 am
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>> sandra: joe biden may want to change his phone number now that john kasich has it that from chris christie who says former governor john kasich can be exhausting in reaction to kasich speaking in support of biden and christie called him a back stabber and untruthful. >> trace: breaking news now in grand prairie, texas, industrial plant. they make plastic bags. it's burning very hot right there. the concern is that because it burns so hot it needs a lot of foam. they don't have a lot of foam. they're telling residents this fire could burn for days. it was sparked by a power line falling on a plastic material and that ignited. and the other concern is aside from the toxic smoke you can see there and people being told to stay indoors, though no evacuations, the other concern is that there are power lines near this fire and they're
8:55 am
worried the fire could burn up to a half mile of power lines and that would be a problem for the neighboring areas because that would mean that power would be out for a few days until they can get this whole thing repaired. right now no word of any injuries but they're concerned about people in nearby neighborhoods. we'll keep you up to speed on this as we get more information on "america's newsroom." >> sandra: we'll keep watching that, trace. meanwhile a town in switzerland getting a sweet surprise last weekend. what caused it to snow cocoa? that's next. ta-da!
8:56 am
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>> sandra: we will end on a sweet note, a swiss town transforms into a chocolate wonderland, residence and alton, switzerland, reporting chocolate snow in parts of the town last weekend. but the sweet surprise was not the work of mother nature, caused by a defect in the ventilation system of a nearby chocolate factory. trace, i don't know if i would have a problem with that. open the windows. >> trace: it's of child stream with a little bit of a caveat that chocolate is going from the sky, but there might be some exhaust. >> sandra: a white house briefing at the white house,
9:00 am
coronavirus briefing at 5:00 p.m., a lot more throughout the day and coverage tonight of the dnc night three. >> trace: great show, past mus. great to see you. >> sandra: we will be back tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> harris: we begin here, after delegates nominated joe biden to the top of the 2020 ticket. >> i am pleased to announce that vice president joe biden has officially been nominated by the democratic party as our candidate for president of the united states dates. he is hereby invited to deliver an acceptance speech. >> thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart. and i will see you on thursday. bill and joe biden along with his wife had jill celebrating after gaining enough delegates


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