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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 21, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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about that -- our allies around the world, other world leaders laugh at president trump, that they don't take them seriously, that he has alienated our friends and befriended our enemies. he went through and ticked off a lot of accomplishments. he talked about moving our embassy in israel to jerusalem, and how he was told that was going to be such a disaster, that it was going to set off a war. instead he said we just did it. he talked about golan heights, how evangelical christians really stood up and applauded that move, and you heard cheering from the audience there, as well. we heard a lot of themes that he's going to hit this week, and a very enthusiastic president trump. that does it for us here on "outnumbered." here's harris. >> harris: all right, melissa, thank you very much. of course, president trump hitting back after joe biden's blistering dnc speech where he ripped into the presidency of
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donald j. trump. a back and forth and that speech, more than an hour long. we covered all of it for you here on fox news. this is "outnumbered overtime." coming up, the rnc chairwoman, ronna mcdaniel. a lot to get to this hour. of course, the big speech you just saw. two conservative group in virginia, after biden's speech accepting the democratic nomination for president last night, when he went after president trump -- what he called his failures. here is the president, in just the last hour, hitting back. >> the democrats held the darkest, and greece, and gloomiest convention in history. they spent four straight days attacking america, as racist, and horrible country, that must be redeemed. where joe biden sees american darkness, i see american greatness. >> harris: the president's
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comments coming in response to this, from joe biden. >> the current president's "american darkness" for much too long. too much anger, too much fear, too much division. it's time for us, for we the people, to come together. make no mistake, united, we can and will overcome this season of darkness in america. >> harris: kristin fisher's life at the white house. kristin, that was remarkable, how many points the president went into in front of that conservative group. >> yeah, he really spent the first few minutes of that speech responding to joe biden's big address last night. president trump says it is not so much what joe biden said last night, it is what he did not say. >> he didn't talk about law enforcement. he didn't talk about bringing
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safety to democrat-run cities that are totally out of control, and they have no clue. china was never mentioned it any way, shape, or form. china will own our country if he gets elected. they will own our country. we are not going to let that happen. [applause] >> now, the other big take away from president trump, in terms of how he is reacting to the final night of the dnc, we are seeing an evolution of sorts from president trump -- excuse me, i believe you have a better, more important guest than me. harris, i'm going to toss it back to you. >> harris: all right, kristin fisher. thank you very much. meanwhile, chris wallace calling biden speech a game changer in this race. watch this, and then we'll get to our guest. >> i thought it was an enormously effective speech. remember, donald trump has been talking for months about joe biden as mentally soft.
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i guess he was reading from a teleprompter and a prepared speech, but i thought he blew a hole, a big hole, in that characterization. donald trump is going to have to run against a candidate, not a caricature. >> harris: i want to bring in now ronna mcdaniel, republican national committee chairman. respect and love to kristin fisher, but really wanted to get to you right away. i was taking notes for the better part of an hour there, the president kicked off some accomplishments, and they were . headed up the republican national committee now, it was the president's response to joe biden what you expected to see? >> i think the democrat convention was a masterpiece in fiction. they got hollywood screenwriters and actresses to paint a picture of america that wasn't real, and they used rhetoric, but they didn't talk about policy.
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you saw the president today layout on issue after issue the things he has accomplished in the white house on foreign policy. he was the one, when syria crossed that redline, he took action. he was the one who took out soleimani. he is the one who has taken on isis. issue after issue. he is the one who cut taxes to the lowest in employment level for african-americans and hispanics and asian-americans. joe biden went on tv and spewed fiction, and a really dark picture of america, based on a pandemic. that is something that should be bringing us all together, united, helping the president does his best. as a democrat after democrat try and politicize a time of crisis in our country was really shameful, and i think the president is looking forward to his rebuttal. >> harris: i'm going to ask my team, ronna -- please be patient with us, because we are turning all this around, all the material from the president. the president said, echoing what you just said, where biden sees american darkness, i see
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greatness." if we have that, let's roll that, guys. if we do, they will. >> it's time to reject the anger and the hate of the democrat party. we have the biggest election coming up of our lifetime. the biggest part of last night speech is what joe biden didn't talk about. he didn't talk about law enforcement. he didn't talk about bringing safety to democrat-run cities that are totally out of control, and they have no clue. china was never mentioned in any way, shape, or form. china will own our country if he gets elected. >> harris: ronna, did the president managed to kind of hit back in the same style that joe biden did last night? joe biden was not overly animated, and by some reports, one of the better speeches he has given publicly. did the president feel maybe the necessity to come back? how did he do? >> i think the president did a great speech today, and i think
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you will continue to see and build upon that. i think the president, since the fourth of july, being in front of mount rushmore, has really celebrated the greatness of america. as you've seen democrats consistently talk about how they need to transform this country, how it is not the great america we know, not speaking out as cities are being rioted and looted, not speaking out when people are being attacked, like we saw this week in portland. joe biden has been silent as our country has been under siege in these democrat-run cities, and the president is saying, "we live in the greatest nation on earth. we should celebrate that. we don't get transform it, we need to work together, unite, to continue to see that opportunity for every american." joe biden isn't giving a hopeful vision. everything about him is grim and dim, and the president is completely aspirational. >> harris: real quickly -- and i do want to do the rnc look-ahead for next week, because i understand the president is somebody will see a
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lot of during that process. but i want to talk about schools reopening, covid-19, and with the message there will be coming from the president. if, in fact, you know. with all those accomplishments he listed, and didn't catch and release of illegals in america, so on and so forth, that sort of top-down look at where we are, dealing with five plus million cases of coronavirus right now, was not something we got from president trump. that was something that we got from joe biden last night, him specifically hitting those issues. >> well, you'll hear the president talk about that next week, as well. we know that, because of his decisive action shutting off travel from china and europe, ramping up testing with partnerships with private entities, the u.s. has passed any country in terms of our testing, and the president is saying, "we need to balance health and safety, do the things i'm saying, wear masks, social distance, use common sense to me to get this virus, but we also have to open our economy and open our schools." joe biden and the democrats have
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a very different stance. it is that everything needs to be shut down forever, we can't open up, and that's just not tenable. you will hear about that more next week. >> harris: just to further this point, then we will move on. when you see the cases going up in areas where they are now testing children, and it's that positivity rate that is not where we wanted to be, when you look at georgia and some other areas that have had to go virtual, do you envision the president telling the nation next week exactly what we need to do at this point that fits the vision you just laid out? more specifically than has been so far. >> yeah, i don't know if that will happen during the convention. the president is obviously giving daily briefings. it is a challenge for a lot of families right now, and i'm in this situation, too. our kids are going to school virtually, and you have two coparents that work. there's a lot of angst out there, and it's being decided at the state level, and some cases the local level. the president said if you're in a hot spot you'll take different
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measures than in a rural area. it shouldn't be a one-size-fits-all approach. the democrats have a one country approach. nothing can be open, and they are not looking at it even down to the county level. the president is doing it exactly the right way. >> harris: i didn't know if maybe there was a special schools night, that sort of thing. real quickly, enumerate the highlights you think people need to watch for. >> the main thing is going to be it's going to be about real people. it won't be about hollywood, which we saw so much yesterday. the actors from hollywood who aren't dealing with this crisis at the same level. i'm sorry, they're not at the same level as average americans. my kids go to public school. my guess is many of their kids don't. these are things that real americans are dealing with, and -- >> harris: in all fairness, the president's doesn't, either. but okay. >> my kids go to school in hollywood is telling us how to live our lives. they started that convention that way, and this is about real people. how this administration and their policies have made lives
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better, and how people are looking forward to the next four years, and with the vision is for the next four years. this is about america, not about hollywood. excuse me? >> harris: will we see the president at the convention every day? >> yes, you will tell you when, because everybody is got to tune in. >> harris: you are teasing us now! me get it. >> it's tv, harris! >> harris: [laughs] i know. you'd think i'd know. ronna mcdaniel, chairwoman of the rnc. thank you very much. good to see you today. >> thank you. >> harris: rolling blackouts are plaguing california, along with deadly wildfires and a very dangerous heat wave. now california's democratic leaders are facing criticism over the management of the state's power grid. plus, the postmaster general was under heavy scrutiny today in front of senate lawmakers as they questioned him on changes to the postal service ahead of the election.
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what he told congress, and what comes next in the battle over universal mail-in voting. keep watching. >> i want to ensure this committee and the american public that the postal service is fully capable and committed to delivering the nation's election mail securely and on time. ♪ i like liberty mutual.
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>> moving forward, having negative impact on the election, there is no changes in any policies with regard to election for the 220 election. i promise you, we are not making any changes until after the election.
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>> harris: postmaster general louis dejoy. he and the trump administration are facing accusations of sabotaging the u.s. postal service ahead of the november election. dejoy pushed back, calling those claims a false narrative. tomorrow, house lawmakers will vote on that u.s. postal service funding before getting their chance to question dejoy on monday. and just the past hour, we watched the president again saying that widespread universal mail and voting -- he made that distinction, he tried to explain to the audience he was talking with that that's what he meant, and that it would lead to fraud, according to him. watch. >> in nevada, harvesting is allowed. so they will go all over the world and get people to sign them. "hey, used to be here." they will harvest them and dropped thousands of them on a table just before the election." >> harris: congressional
10:18 am
correspondent chad pergram is live on capitol hill. >> hey there. first of all, there is no evidence of that happening in nevada with the vote harvesting. that's not legal here. during the hearing today, louis dejoy told senators he thought that voting by mail was okay. he made that perfectly clear. he did say voters should try and get their ballots in early. you have a lot of senators concerned about slowdowns in service. let's start with gary peters of michigan. >> they've written to me about skipping doses of a medication, and their small businesses losing customers or having to lay off employees. all because of the changes that you've directed. >> dejoy testified it was his "sacred duty" to make your votes could cast ballots by mail. he didn't anticipate any issues this fall. dejoy said the postal service has enough money to get through the election. still, the house of representatives votes on a bill to infuse the service with $25 billion.
10:19 am
the governmental affairs committee chair, ron johnson, accused democrats of engineering a campaign issue. >> looking to separate the fact from the fiction, and there's a lot of false narratives being ginned up by democrats on the left or right now. >> during the hearing, dejoy indicated the postal service is going to send out a letter to all households indicating how they can go about voting by mail. kind of explaining the process here. if they did that, that would be 161 million extra pieces of mail infuse into the bloodstream. harris? >> harris: that's a lot. we heard a lot of promises from the postmaster general about november, and now we will hopefully see what happens next in terms of funding for it. he said he needs money for the covid restrictions, so on and so forth, that they are reacting to. chad pergram, thank you very much. i want to bring in republican, rissman mark green of tennessee, who will get a chance to question the postmaster general
10:20 am
dejoy when he appears before the house oversight committee, and that's on monday. good to see you today. i want to start with kind of where you want to see this go. we do have a vote on funding from the house tomorrow. what do you think we will see on monday that was different from what we saw today? >> i think the goal for us is to make sure the truth gets out there, and that we refute some of these accusations from the left. you look at the need for cash, that question, during the covid crisis they've made an extra $2.8 billion in package deliveries and have enough cash on hand to operate through august of next year. so much so that the $10 billion loan in the cares act isn't even needed until next fall. this assertion that we've got to quickly get them cash to set up a voting system for elections in november, it is just a false narrative. i want to just make sure we are correcting the record. >> harris: so, let me follow up on that.
10:21 am
because the record didn't have before it, today, that i knew about, and actual ask for cash from the postmaster general. he said they need that funding to reimburse for over all the covid things they've had to reply to. no other business has kept up their load of what they've needed to do, or agency, the way they have without an infusion of cash. can they get through november? he said, "we are going to do our job, so of course." but does he need that cash reimbursement? the answer is yes. >> according to us, the information we are getting, they have enough cash on hand for their operational cash flow. just looking at their cash flow statement, to function until august of 2021. this 25 -- they already have a loan of $10 billion that they haven't even asked for. i'm not sure that they've got to have money to make the november elections be pulled off. >> harris: he just said reimbursement for covid. let's move on. last night president trump told
10:22 am
sean hannity he would send law enforcement to polling places to prevent fraud. watch. >> we are going to have everything. we're going to have sheriffs, we are going to have law enforcement, we are going to have hopefully u.s. attorneys, and we are going to have everybody. attorney general's. >> harris: what is your reaction to that? >> i think we absolutely have to be prepared to ensure that every citizen gets an opportunity to vote. in philadelphia, a few years ago, there were people blocking polling stations. that shouldn't happen. when you add in the layer of tension that we have this year, which, by the way, you've done a fantastic job reporting on, that could create some problems for the election situation. so yeah, we've got to have law enforcement standing by ready to go to make sure people have access to the polling station. i support that. >> harris: one of the things
10:23 am
the president has said is, if you can do other certain activities, you should be able to vote in person. so much a part of what they are. it could include people wearing masks. the science shows that, do you think the president should speak on that issue? will they also be tasked with making sure those places are covid safe? >> i don't think we need sincerely nee need to send additional -- >> harris: that's where the violence has broken out, like in retail. that's what i'm asking, when you talk about safety. >> i don't think it's necessary just for that, but i think the violence needs to be prevented. they need to do intelligence, get inside these organizations, particularly like antifa, that are setting up these anarchist-type riots. that kind of stuff. they need to be doing that right
10:24 am
now. >> harris: do we know that's happening at polling places? is there any until the public should know? >> there's been none to date. none so far, at least. a lot of primaries have happen, we had one here in tennessee. there were no issues related either to the covid, people wear their masks, but there's been no violence at all. >> harris: representative green bringing us that good news today. again, always great to have you on the program. thank you, good to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: with california in crisis, literally parts of the state on fire, critics are taking aim at the state's renewable energy policy. they say it's making a bad situation worse there. plus, we are getting an update from portland, oregon, as police have arrested the suspect in a brutal beating that was caught on tape. how law enforcement is responding to the chaos, while
10:25 am
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>> harris: california dealing with dozens of wildfires and a triple digit heat wave. critics say the state's reliance on renewable energy is making things worse. president trump tweeted this. "democrats have made rolling blackouts, forcing americans in the dark. democrats are unable to keep up with energy to ban." william la jeunesse is live at a power substation in santa monica, which is the place to be out there, to get some answers. >> l, harris, it's been about 100 degrees all week. of course, peak demand around 5:00 is an issue. one reason why is because of these aggressive green energy mandates, mandated or put down by california, and now some would argue it's paying the price with these rolling blackouts by forcing utilities
10:30 am
to adopt -- or drop, rather -- coal, nuclear, natural gas in favor of renewables. now it doesn't have the capacity to meet demand. denying thousands electricity. that means air conditioning. risking the lives of those who have to stay home, because of covid-19. >> you can't run a 21st century economy that's the fifth-largest on the planet with wind and solar. >> the problem is that california shut down dozens of gas plants that provide power when renewables can't, basically, when the sun goes down in the wind does not blow. nor did it buy enough battery power to store clean energy, a failure that left it powerless this week to keep the lights on. >> so, when we are thinking about that, they are two ways to go. one is the gas powered plant, but the emerging battery storage. we are going to need both for a
10:31 am
while. >> governor gavin newsom blamed bad planning on what he called a gap as utilities transition from gas to green energy. >> we fail to predict and plan these shortages, and that is simply unacceptable. >> so, california gets about a third of its energy from renewables and up to 25% from out-of-state. that's a problem, because, basically, the heat wave is affected everyone around the west and has sapped energy supplies. while green advocates promise lower utility bills, that has not been the case as their energy rates are among the highest in the country. obviously the take away from any is this green energy deal that is being proposed by some in congress, it doesn't make sense right now until green energy is ready for prime time, without the relative backup. back to you. >> harris: wow. that one piece of transparency from the governor, "we failed to predict and plan."
10:32 am
wow. okay, william la jeunesse, good to see you. thank you. fox news alert now, portland, oregon, police have arrested a suspect in that brutal beating caught on video. it shows a man being dragged from his truck. you've seen it. it happened sunday night. he was attacked in the middle of the street. meanwhile, police declared an unlawful assembly last night as protesters faced off with officers outside an i.c.e. building. the nightly demonstrate shall be in the fourth month. we aren't even counting by dez anymore. by months, sadly. police declaring riots more than 17 times since all of this began. president trump weighing in on the situation, saying they are dodging the issue. >> look at portman. they are anarchists. they don't want to talk about police, because it's a losing subject for them. they want to defund the police. they want to abolish police. democrat run cities are a
10:33 am
disaster. >> harris: let's check in on seattle and the west. dan? the latest? >> harris, you mentioned the 17 nights of riots being declared. before i get to the arrests, i want to talk about just what these police officers are dealing with in portland. they also said in their timeline that they have been hit with projectile thrown at them 55 nights out of the 84 nights of protests there. and they have had 44 nights with fires that were set in the city of portland during these protests. meantime, after four days in hiding, 25-year-old marquis love turned himself in this morning as though mike at an attorney's office in portland. he was in the multnomah county detention center just after 8:30 this morning. he's facing three charges. all felonies. assault 2, coition, and another class c felony of rioting. a brutal attack on a truck driver sunday night, just blocks away from the black lives matter protest. love was quickly identified and easily identified from several different videos that popped up
10:34 am
on social media. police say he is the one who delivered that roundhouse kick to 40-year-old adam haner's head that knocked him unconscious. the vicious attack was universally condemned the portland officials. love used to work as a private security guard before getting fired in march. he also had a job as a dj. he was a regular at the demonstrations in portland while, yesterday, on social media, he reportedly defended his attack, saying he was going after a racist. he also asked for money in that post. the victim said he is not a racist and was only trying to stop a robbery and assault of a transgender woman. last night, protesters gathered for the 85th straight night of demonstrations in portland. it was less violent than it has been, but police did declare an unlawful assembly and made three arrests outside the immigration and customs enforcement building. the crowd was down to about 100 people, but several through projectiles at officers and started some fires. if convicted on the assault charge, marquis love could receive up to a 10-year sentence, but it also carries a
10:35 am
mandatory minimum of almost six years behind bars. harris? >> harris: dan springer, thank you very much. while joe biden's acceptance speech of the democratic presidential nomination is getting a lot of praise from some, others are saying he created only a low bar last night, and now he cannot hide anymore. the power panel will debate. plus, missing in action at the dnc, the violence rocking america's biggest cities. we just saw a reporting on this. the political fallout for democrats failing to address rising crime. >> it's the unspoken thing in the room right now. what none of them have said -- i've been waiting all week -- none of them have denounced the violence in these cities. none of the people who have been killed have been acknowledged by these democrats. ♪
10:36 am
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10:40 am
acceptance speech last night. however, a new york post op ed says now that he has cleared the "low bar" of not stumbling through it, he can't go back into hiding. michael goodman wrote this. "the enormous promises he made about defeating the killer virus, creating jobs, combating climate change, removing the stain of racism, and uniting the nation, will mean nothing if he continues to shrink from public view." meanwhile, president trump took a jab at joe biden's whereabouts. you cite just a few minutes ago. >> he left seven decades ago. [laughter] and he still calls it his home. and his real home is a place he never leaves anymore. [laughter] [cheers and applause] he never leaves. he never leaves the outskirts of that state. you'd think he would go a little bit, you know, not that far.
10:41 am
never leaves. [laughter] >> harris: real quickly, because people are pretty animated to see the president they are making those jokes, the council for national policy, the cnp, is the group he was talking about. they are a group "the new york times" has called the most powerful conservatives in the country. marc thiessen, former speechwriter for president george w. bush, is here. marie harf, executive director of serve americ serve america p. both fox news contributor's. marc, it will come to you first. according to the post, don't go back into hiding now they have laid the ground of what you want to do, joe biden. >> marc: oh, absolutely. let's give credit where credit is due. biden's speech was pretty effective. he didn't stumble, he was competent, confident. it was boilerplate, but boilerplate is suing to a lot of americans right now who have trump exhaustion. there was a low bar, but trump has kind of set the low bar, because he keeps making fun of joe biden's mental capacity and calling him "slow joe" in all the rest of it.
10:42 am
when he strings a couple send this together and doesn't stumble over them, it's, like, huge victory. he's got to stop doing that, because he's going to set the same low bar for him in the debates. if he puts together a few sentences, all the sudden people are relieved and think he can be president even if his ideas are terrible. >> harris: marie? >> marie: well, marc is right. i've been saying this for a while. i don't understand why the trump team is setting such a low bar, because joe biden was really good last night. he did not just "barely" get over that bar. it was a forceful, powerful speech that many people across the aisle have said was a very good one. maybe the best of his whole career. we have to figure out how to campaign in a covid world. the reason joe biden can't do normal campaign events, democrats argued, is because of president trump's failure to set in place a policy to get this virus under control. we can actually do quite a lot
10:43 am
from our basements. i am broadcasting for a national tv show for my basement. so, joe biden can figure out how to reach voters, whether it's interviews, whether it's doing outreach through other avenues, like sitting down with cardi b. they are going to have to be creative, that is true, but you can reach a lot of people virtually right now, and voters don't necessarily want in-person events, because they are also scared of this virus. >> harris: okay, we got it. we'll move on to this. marc, you have an op-ed in "the washington post" today, and an excerpt reading, "if you are a working-class obama-trump voter, watching this week's convention, you heard a lot about gun violence, racial justice, and climate change, but not much directed at you. the message you heard was democrats are not interested in your support." why did you write that? >> marc: because that is essentially what the convention saw. the convention was an exercise in base mobilization. they want to try and energize younger voters and
10:44 am
african-american voters who have low enthusiasm for the biden-harris ticket. what they did not do was do anything to try and win back the working-class voters who voted twice for barack obama and joe biden but switched to trump in 2015. the reason donald trump is president today is because one-third of the 700 counties voted twice for obama and biden switched to trump. there was nothing in joe biden speech directed at them. he didn't mention china, or the unfair trade practices that are stealing all of their jobs. he didn't mention the outsourcing that he presided over during eight years in the white house. he didn't mention the opioid epidemic, or the death of -- he tried to blame donald trump for all these job losses, and we lost 200,000 manufacturing jobs under obama-biden in these voters remember it. >> harris: let's get marie in
10:45 am
for a quick rebuttal. marie? >> marie: joe biden said last night very clearly, he is running as a democrat but he will be president for all americans. he talked at length about his face, his conservative catholic faith, in many ways. there were numerous segments on it last night. throughout this week, we also heard from numerous republican voters and republican leaders who said they voted for donald trump in 2016 but they are voting for joe biden now. last night, there was -- i think he is in his 90s, a world war ii veteran named ed who said, "i'm a lifelong republican, and i'm voting for joe biden." that was that outreach, that i don't know how mark maxey and i missed it this week. >> marc: that wasn't working-class, that was two suburban republicans. >> marie: it absolutely was, marc. >> marc: nothing about any of the issues they care about. >> harris: thank you for the debate on this. i got in von, we'll come back. >> marc: [laughs] >> harris: judgment day for a hollywood couple caught in the college of mission scandal. remember, this is going on today. there are live at as sentences for lori bannon under her
10:46 am
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10:50 am
boston. molly? >> hello, here is. it is sentencing day for the most recognized will couple, the actress lori loughlin and her husband 20 mossimo giannulli. the judge excepted his deal, so that means that he will be headed for prison. here are those accepted terms, five months in prison, $250,000 fine, 250 hours of community service plus probation. his attorney requested the judge recommend the bureau of prisons to serve his time at the prison at lompoc, santa barbara county. lori loughlin will see her fate confirmed in the next hour, slated for 2:30. her deal calls for two months behind bars. via videoconference this morning, the judge delivered a scathing scolding to giannulli, a famous fashion designer now convicted on one conspiracy count, noting he is an informed, smart businessman, not someone "stealing bread to feed your family." "you have no excuse for your crime, and that makes it all the more blameworthy."y clear get ts
10:51 am
of because my daughter, my wife, and others. i take full responsibility for my conduct." the couple shelled out half a million dollars to facilitate bribes to the ringleader, creating phony athletic profiles to get their two daughters into the university of southern california as crewmembers, though neither teen was ever a rower. it was giannulli who sent those pictures of both girls on ergo maters to beef up their fake credentials. so far, other defendants have been sentenced. pace dominic facing giannulli is excited to report to prison. the actual facility has yet to be in a bye the bureau of prisons, but he is expected to report on november 19th. harris? >> harris: molly line, a full report from boston. good to see you, thank you. democrats at their national convention failed to address violent crime hitting major u.s. cities. will it come back to haunt them at the ballot box? ♪ ta-da!
10:52 am
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>> the biggest part of last night's speech was what joe biden didn't talk about. he didn't talk about law enforcement. he didn't talk about bringing safety to democrat run cities. >> president trump and others repeatedly pointing out the democrats at their convention and failed to address city struggling with a massive spike in violent crime. 21 people including a 9-year-old boy were hurt wednesday in shootings across chicago. is the third time in four days that more than 20 people have been shot in that city. and on that same day in new york city, ten people were reportedly shot, nine more than on that same day last year. and in portland, oregon, protesters gather for the 85th consecutive night and what police declared an unlawful assembly. of course, we got a full report from that earlier this hour.
10:57 am
let's talk the politics of it all. fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. you really can't even get to a point now where it makes sense not to speak up in some degree about these things because they are specific to democrat led cities. they just are some of these events right now. >> obviously, it's not a good story for democrats. they don't want to talk about it. that didn't. >> they say they want to solve a problem >> they said they want to get elected. this is politics copies or conventions. this is not next week is not like donald trump is going to do a mea culpa about the mistakes he made, not going to talk about global warming and a host of issues that democrats will think how dare you ignore this. this is political theater. has its value in the sense that this is what the parties are
10:58 am
going to put forward as the things that matter to them, but is not going to be connected to the reality because that's our job, not their job. >> you know it's interesting about what you just said and we haven't seen the republican national convention today, we got a good picture of what it will look like but how far are politically would it go for an incumbent president to say these are the areas where i know i need to work on or if you say they just want to win and i had to laugh at that because that is so true. but did that work in politics, that level of transparency? >> i feel confident we are not going to risk finding out this year. but sometimes, taking ownership of mistakes, you mentioned gavin newsom talk about the mistakes they made in california can be truly effective because when things go wrong and there were problems, voters can respond if a person maturely comes forward and says i did things wrong, i
10:59 am
wish i could've done this better and that's what we are working on and that's what leadership does, it finds that space in between political just intended to win. biden was working very hard to not say anything objectionable. his whole goal was to be an unobjectionable candidate. pretty shallow, positive, inclusive. he's not going to go deep on detail. that's what politicians want to do. sometimes gifted exceptional politicians are able to get real and talk about stuff that is hard and talk about ways that they wish they could have been better than voters can like them forward but usually, they track towards being bland or even self laudatory. >> we have just a few seconds. since joe biden isn't sitting down yet for interviews, i would imagine he might want to hit some of those final points of how you clean up these issues in democrat led cities and maybe get a little practice with that,
11:00 am
but that's just me. chris stirewalt. >> i will give up my spot next week. >> never. you're a star and they are on fire. good to see you. have a great weekend, thank you so much for joining, everybody. it's been a busy afternoon and that continues, "the daily briefing" now. >> former vice president joe biden taking aim at president trump in a searing acceptance speech a president trump waste no time at firing back. i'm john roberts in for dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." joe biden now the official democratic white house nominee accusing the president of failing the american people. >> our current president has failed in his most basic duty to the nation. he's failed to


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