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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 21, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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restaurants are going to have to wear these cones of shame as the state is locked down with 19 cases. >> tucker: politicians become more powerful great to see you. have a great weekend, see you monday. ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity, countdown to the election, on tammy bruce in for sean. after four very long days, the democratic national convention has finally, mercifully come to an end. joe biden capped off the week with a forgettable speech, short on policy details but full of negative platitudes about president trump in the state of our country. president trump responded, take a look at this. >> joe biden grimly declared a season of american darkness and
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yet look at what we have accomplished. now we are doing it again. where joe biden sees american darkness, i see american greatness. we've seen heroic doctors and nurses racing and action to we've seen first responders helping strangers in need. we've seen the passage of historic legislation to say 50 million american jobs. we mobilized american industry like never before. it's time to reject the anger and hate of the democrat party, we have the biggest election coming up of our lifetime. >> tammy: president trump also fiercely criticized what joe biden conveniently left out of his remarks, watch this. >> the biggest part of last night's speech was what joe biden didn't talk about. he didn't talk about law enforcement. he didn't talk about bringing safety to democrat run the
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cities that are totally out of control and have no clue. china was never mentioned in any way, shape, or form. china will own our country if he gets elected, they will own our country. and were not going to let that happen. >> tammy: what a difference in attitude. biden was so short on details because the radical democratic agenda is downright frightening. as former governor chris christie remarked, it scares that the bejesus out of people. >> you didn't hear any specifics and the reason for that is his specifics would scare the bejesus out of america and he knows it. it's a crazy left wing liberal agenda that he has been captive of now and he gave into an order to get the nomination and he will pursue a few selected. >> tammy: joining us now with reaction as american
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conservative union chairman matt schlapp and fox news contributor charlie hurt. thank you so much for joining me tonight. it is nice at the convention is over even though president trump got this really nice bump during the convention which was interesting -- let me start with you. he talked about their lack of willingness to talk about policy details, isn't it possible they have been promising both the left and their so-called pragmatic moderates the same thing? that they are both in charge and they can't talk about details because it would offend or frighten part of their own base? >> that's exactly right. if you look at this socialist manifesto that bernie sanders and aoc negotiated with biden, it's the most extreme policy document that we've ever seen in politics. if it got the sunshine that it deserves, people would be appalled. chris christie said it would
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scare the bejesus out of people, they aren't into bejesus at all. if you look at what policies would do for economic recovery, you can't raise taxes on everybody in the country and also say you're going to bring the economy back, you can't say you're going to take all of those obama era regulations that trump has taken off with the economy to stop domestic energy production to allow small businesses to prosper. if you put those all on the economy, there's no way we are going to have a recovery because america won't become competitive again. if america isn't competitive, that helps china and our economic adversaries overseas. how about this? does it make any sense to make nuns pay for abortions in this country? can't we have some kind of zone of first amendment freedom to practice your religion or to not practice your religion? what is wrong with these radicalized socialist democrats? i think if the american people know more, they will vote for donald trump.
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>> tammy: this is not unknown to the american people. this is the obama-biden administration which not so long ago, we know what they did. biden has been in for 47 years in government, we know the difference donald trump has brought forward. we know what has happened now with china and the china virus. do you really think the american people can be gas lift in this way? they don't want answers or don't want specifics, how long can joe biden get away with this? >> i have a hard time thinking american voters are not on to this. voters are very smart, much smarter than washington politicians ever give them credit for being. it's a strange gambit that joe biden is trying to play here. on the one hand he's talking about how racist america is, how awful america is, how unfair america is, and on the other
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hand, he has to acknowledge which you pointed out, he's been part of the problem in washington for 40 years. he's never done anything to fix any of it. in eight of those years, he was the number two guy in the white house. whatever it is he's attacking donald trump four, he has to take some credit for that himself, which is why really all of this is political, it's all nonsense. barack obama on the night that he spoke said he blamed donald trump for 170,000 deaths in america because of the wuhan plague i thought to myself wow, barack obama doesn't want joe biden to win, because he would never say that if you wanted a politician to win. and then joe biden turns around and says it himself. it's such a nasty line of attack and it's so hopeless and so dishonest. i think the american people realize that, there's no doubt
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in my mind that the american people realize how dishonest that is. >> tammy: it's dishonest and i think it can be confusing. if you think america is racist, you're talking about the country being a pits that cannot be saved, what is it exactly that is worth saving? he seems to be contradicting himself about the nation. >> this is the problem with systemic racism, it's a term they throw out there but it's an indictment of the entire american experience because what the systematic racism means -- you know this. it means i can't choose to be virtuous in my treatment of other human beings because the system is so bad that i'm just going to get caught up in the rottenness of the system so that a young black man or person of color can't rise above their problems in life because the system is so rotten, it makes people of color not try as they should and not feel hope, it makes white people feel like no
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matter what they do, they are rotten and they stink. that's exactly the opposite of what america believes. >> tammy: what you're doing is condemning everyone immediately that there is no hope. gone is the hope and change dynamic of barack obama. with joe biden, everything is already lost. americans reject this, it's not the american way that's not how we ensure our future. it's an interesting way to put it, we'll see. thank you for joining me, matt schlapp, charlie hurt i appreciate it. unlike joe biden, president trump will actually visit another state during his convention. on monday as the rnc formally kicks off, the president will head north to north carolina to visit local farmers. joining us now with the preview, is rnc chairwoman
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ronna mcdaniel, welcome aboard. thanks for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> you been busy and steady, a great voice during this process. there are different messages clearly, everything is lost, america is a escape, you can't make any difference for it, it's done and you got president trump who is reminding us about the american ideal about what we want for the future, about the power of the american sensibility. what will the approach of the president be? >> donald trump was in wisconsin, the state where joe biden has his convention and he never showed up to and president trump continues to travel this country and bring messages of hope and talk about the greatness of america. at our convention, you're going
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to see this aspirational message, the president is going to put forward a plan for the next four years. he's going to talk about how his policies have directly affected real people. it's going to be the american story, not the hollywood script and fiction that was put forward by the democrats last week. >> tammy: what i do love about him and one of the many reasons why he won in 2016 was we saw him fall in love with the country through the campaign. i don't know what he saw at the beginning of the campaign but when he began to meet us, he realized the potential in who we were and we were worth saving. we recognize that as well even though we've been told for a number of years prior through the obama-biden administration that we weren't worth saving. recognizing the value and importance of the states versus an overarching federal response, would you agree with that?
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>> absolutely, the president loves this country but more importantly he loves the people of this country and he ran because of those people who didn't have a voice in washington, who didn't have lobbyists, who want the elite from the coasts, he ran for the farmer, for that blue collar worker on line in michigan. he ran for the everyday man who didn't have a voice in washington and he said you deserve better, you deserve better from your politicians, i'm going to drain the swamp and do things better. and he has with regulation and cutting taxes and policies that have released our energy independence and made people's lives better across the country. democrats were so dishonest in their convention talking about the obama-divided administration and all they did to hurt our country. donald trump has brought us back and he's going to do it again after this pandemic. >> tammy: i think it's clear, he kept promises at the same time, he also made republicans
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mad on occasion. i think the rnc is learning a bit when it comes to the nature of how to approach the american people outside of that beltway and it's making all of us better. thank you so much for joining us tonight. coming up, the democrats this week at their convention ignore completely the lawlessness plaguing liberal cities across this country. emily compagno leo terrel and austan goolsbee join us next as this special edition of "hannity" continuous. my schizophrenia. i used to hear these terrible voices. loser! you're such a failure. you're so embarrassing. i used to feel like everyone was staring at me. but we're doing much better now, right?
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touchdown! only mahomes. the big events are back and xfinity is your home for the return of live sports. ♪ >> tammy: welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." unsurprisingly, the democrats completely ignored the lawlessness plaguing liberal cities at their convention this week as we saw brutality continue to unfold in our
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streets. a vicious attack on a truck driver in portland was captured on video sunday night, the prime suspect in that case surrendered to the police this morning. in new york city this week, another debacle. a retired nypd sergeant was horrifically, brutally beaten in the garment district. that's pretty much midtown. the incident was captured by security cameras. amid the growing violence, the media finally asked biden about the "defund the police" movement, here is what he had to say. >> i don't want to defund police department's, i think they need more help, they need more assistance. we have to make it clear this is about protecting neighborhoods, protecting people. everybody across the board. the only guy that actually put in a bill to actually defund the police is donald trump. >> tammy: that's a little bit of a shift.
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then why did the national association a police organizations endorse trump after they backed you and barack obama in 2008 and 2012? let's not forget that biden previously said that he would be willing to "redistribute funds away from police departments." saying police had become the enemy. while kamala harris praise the defunding of the l.a.p.d. you saw her nodding as he was talking, why is biden ignoring the crime wave and chaos in america's major cities? joining us now with reaction, attorney and fox news contributor emily compagno, civil rights attorney, a man with very little to say, leo terrel and former chair of the council of economic advisors to president obama, austan goolsbee. welcome aboard, thanks for joining me tonight. let me start with you, i've heard barack obama make specific
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statements that what is happening now and even in violence that is occurring during his administration was not the way to go. that this was not acceptable. that things had to be done differently. in general, we haven't heard leading democrats and the party except about the defunding the police. are they looking at the polls, why suddenly the shift? >> i don't know that there was a shift. you started by trying to portray that as a partisan thing, i would point out that eight of the ten highest violent crime rates are red states and if you take the reddest city in america, oklahoma city, and has the same population as portland, oregon, and its murder rate is double that in portland. crime is a bad issue.
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i think democrats were more focused on the lawlessness coming out of the white house than they were on general lawlessness or the crime rate. >> tammy: it's a little bit of a jog, americans see what's going on. if it's blue states, they see portland but certainly, they see seattle, new york, chicago, it's not in red states, you've got texas and austin, a blue city, regardless we've got president trump taking action against that with operation legend, being very aggressive in that regard but democrats seem to be silent or passive. can they continue being silent on the violence that's going on? >> if they do so, it will be with the consequence that they will lose votes in november. to respond to your point, the focus is indeed on the federal government but to the point where it's missing the voter.
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we absolutely understand we are being ignored, all of the cities that are being rocked by violence. i don't understand why there's an inability to acknowledge that there can be zero tolerance for violence and also a commitment to amplification of black voices and also a commitment to synthesis and participation and a whole host of other things were so many things can be true at the same time, i think the average voter isn't a partisan hack and isn't obsessed with president trump and deserved a nuance, acceptable answer. i think joe biden's comments made sense and it was interesting when kamala harris was referring to herself at the top cop, telling that the police union isn't endorsing them because as they say, they are sick of being considered a punching bag. i think they are losing millions of voters with the inability to articulate that many things can be true at the same time as well
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as a commitment to law and ord order. we think about the issue of law and order versus safety. regardless of who you are, if you live in an urban area, live in the suburbs, regardless of your complexion, whatever. this is now an issue of safety, are you going to be safe in your own city and can there be law enforcement? you and i come from the same general area in los angeles and people are afraid everywhere now. what would you say being from the west coast, we know what's going on here on the east coast, what has happened to los angeles and los angeles responding to mayhem? >> the same thing is happening in all these democratic cities. for you to bring up oklahoma city -- we are trying to do smoke and mirrors. let's be clear, the democrats go to the convention, didn't say one thing about the chaos in
6:23 pm
those cities -- why? they are basically supporting black lives matter. black lives matter? which black lives? black is black police officer or black on black crime in chicago. for austan to come in and talk about oklahoma city and not talk about the chaos -- the democrats cannot talk about crime in these cities because they are run by democratic mayors. the thing that is amazing about it, they play the race card throughout the entire convention, isn't it amazing? i hope you answer my question is that chicago is run by black people, black police chief and they get called racism. all the democrats try to do is talk about racism and democratic cities and ignore the crime in democratic cities -- one last point. president trump offered help, answer my question. let's not talk about oklahoma, talk about chicago, seattle, and washington, please.
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>> tammy: go for it, what to say? >> you had quite a few questions in there so let me try to address some of them. i still don't see how you get away from the fact that eight of the ten most violence take place in red states. that is a problem that we must address across partisan lines. now in portland, the president sent in federal agents and caused a violent crime. >> to protect a federal buildi building. >> it wasn't just to protect a federal building. >> tammy: gentlemen, just a minute, thank you very much. bottom line is when federal agents were withdrawn, the
6:25 pm
violence continued and it continued against local law enforcement completely debunking the myth that the federal agents were somehow responsible for the violence in portland, that has already been debunked. we see now weeks later that they are going after local law enforcement. thank you, obviously this is something democrats don't want to discuss because it deals with policy, liberal attitudes, and restrictions on police and what it is they are able to do and blaming. thank you, all of you, coming up the liberal media could not contain their excitement this week and last night they were fawning over joe biden's remarks. we will play the tape as this special edition of "hannity" continues.
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>> tammy: after joe biden showed he could read a teleprompter without any disastrous blunders, the mob in the media declared it a momentous achievement all while they worked overtime to present this week's dnc was anything but a debacle. the hearers a sample from cnn. >> i think this is maybe the best speech joe biden ever delivered. >> he nailed it with that elevator quote. >> we were prepared for it to be a terrible speech as long as he didn't embarrass himself -- he didn't have to make anything up tonight, joe biden did that thing. >> i am a hard-core fiercest partisan here, if i could jump out of the chair -- this is the best night for joe biden ever. >> tammy: it's like the toddler just took a step. "the washington post" took things a step further with their
6:31 pm
theater critic calling the virtual dnc "award where the television." everything they always do is worthy of an award. biden's adoring fans in the press will defend him at all costs even as he makes it clear he's not interested in taking any of their questions. ask yourself, why is that? much of the media is refusing to critically cover joe biden and kamala harris, why is it that they ignore the violent crime and rioting plaguing america's democrats run cities and why is it that they downplay the historic achievements under president trump? like the recent uae-israeli peace deal, remarkable achievement. why is it they continue to ignore joe biden's decades of failure inside the washington swamp? it's because the mob in the media are nothing more than an arm of the democratic party, reciting the same talking points, repeating the same fake news narrative and living in the same echo chamber.
6:32 pm
the good news is you get the final say. because in 74 days, we will vote in the most important choice election of our lifetime and you have the opportunity to shock the world again. joining me now for reaction, media reporter for the hill joe concha and trump 2020 director of communications aaron perini. welcome aboard to both of you. very busy week, we kind of knew what would happen with the media and you have been a very busy guy. we also know what to expect coming up next week which will be that the sky is falling and everything is awful, but how are we going to be able to look at the media and is there going to be any point where we can take them seriously going into the rnc next week? >> you had a great headline on there as far as "the washington post" calling it "award-winning television." i like to look at numbers a lot in the bottom line is that
6:33 pm
joe biden's acceptance speech was viewed by 218 million people and you say while matt, that's a pretty good number and tell you that put that number into context. 21.8 million for biden is 21% lower than hillary clinton's acceptance speech in 2016, nearly 40% lower than president trump's acceptance speech in the 2016 rnc. then you say a lot more people are watching streaming and watching on their phones, let's do a 2020 apples-to-apples comparison. the president's state of the union address, prepare endemic when people could go out, 37 million people watched compared to joe biden, it's about 22 million. a 15 million viewer difference, that's what we are seeing here. we are in a pandemic, people are at home, not a lot of options. then you look at the substance of the biden speech. 24 minutes, the shortest speech that we've seen since walter mondale in 1984 -- if the theme
6:34 pm
is "i'm a decent man" we are not voting for a priest, we are voting for president. this was a convention of grievances, airing of grievances, a festiva's and show about nothing. republicans are looking at this and a we need a message drawing contrast between democrats and republicans, biden and trump, democrats will raise taxes and there will be anarchy in our streets if we continue allow this ticket to actually get to the white house. we will do the opposite, keep taxes low and address the anarchy in our streets, that's what the trump campaign hopes to draw in terms of a contrast when we get to monday. >> tammy: that's a very good example. the american people are the deciders. they're going to watch something that makes them hopeful, give them a sense of why one goes on living, why you take that next
6:35 pm
step and it's not going to be very difficult for the president to come up with a message that is hopeful, that seems to be his foundational premise from the start. >> i mean that's absolutely right. you heard the president say, were joe biden sees american darkness, he sees american greatness and that's a look at the message you always hear from president trump but you will certainly hear from him coming up next week as he reads that nomination to lead the republican party and america for four more years. the contrast is clear, joe biden took a dark and divisive tone and it was hard to tell with the media ends and democrats begin with all of their tripping over themselves applauding the bare minimum participation trophy effort that joe biden gave reading a teleprompter speech, congratulations -- you managed to do it. let's look at the facts here, he was dark and dismissive and he didn't talk about what is going on in this country, the greatness achieved under president trump. he had to try to avail that, he
6:36 pm
couldn't even respect the office, he called him the occupant of the office -- friendly reminder, there is a big difference between you and president donald j. trump and it's not just the fact that the president is donald j. trump and a direct rebuke of the obama-biden administration, is that america has great leadership with president trump, something joe biden has never done in his 47 years in the swamp. >> tammy: i think kellyanne conway noted the difference between 47 months of president trump and 47 years with joe biden. the american people will decide and we are looking forward to that certainly. thanks for joining me tonight. up next, last night and joe biden said if elected, he will institute a national mask mandate, plus he is now shelling to shut down the country again, what a surprise. it's necessary because of covid. congressman steve scalise joins us next.
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>> tammy: welcome back this special edition of "hannity" as the dismal dnc comes to a close nexthis week, and the rnc ramps, coronavirus has become a political hot topic with democrats claiming the president at every turn. if elected, joe biden has some far left drastic plans to deal with the virus, listen to this. >> will not have a national mandate to wear a mask, not as a burden but a patriotic duty to protect one another. in short, we'll do what we should have done from the very beginning. >> tammy: in short they will implement the control they wanted all along and in keeping with the obama-biden economic record. a sleepy joe was fine with cutting down the whole country all over again, listen to this. >> if your sworn income january,
6:42 pm
would you be prepared to shut this country down again? i would be prepared to do whatever it takes to save lives. >> if scientists say shut it down? >> i would shut it down, i would listen to the scientists. >> tammy: joining me now, because minority whip congressman steve scalise and house freedom caucus chairman congressman andy bates. welcome aboard. >> good to be with you. >> congressman scalise, we know americans care about the coronavirus, we remain concerned about it, we remain concerned about our health and the health of our family. a super majority of us want people to wear masks and that is what we have been guided to do. there is guidance and suggestions and there's democrats moving to mandate to enforcing something, what are your thoughts on that? >> first when joe biden said he would listen to the scientists, he was the first one to
6:43 pm
criticize donald trump when president trump took decisive action to block flights coming in from china. when dr. fauci and others testified under oath that president trump made the right decision and president trump's decision saved american lives, not just blocking from china, blocking from europe, those are things that joe biden criticized and it was scientists that actually said president trump saves lives. and joe biden has been all over the board on this but he's wrong on this from the very beginning. he just wants to criticize the president, he's saying he's not for defunding the police, he was just on video saying he wants to reallocate money away from the police. we know kamala harris wants to defund police as well, whatever position he says he's going to take today, he's all over the board. what he has done is embrace the radical left agenda on all of these items and if joe biden was running things, more americans would have died.
6:44 pm
dr. fauci himself testified under oath that president trump's decision to ban flights from china saved american lives. joe biden would not have done that. >> tammy: what is interesting too is if you listen to the science early on, they told you don't wear masks. they said that is a problem, you don't need to -- stop it, you're going to get whiplash if you're making decisions based on what scientists are going to be saying. americans agree come our instinct is -- we understand the situation, we tend to agree. joe biden seems to be pandering in a certain way, he wants to say he would do something differently but with president trump being successful, he doesn't quite know where to go with this. >> that's exactly right. president trump has been strong proactive leader for everything from the flight bands to reducing regulation and allowing public-private partnerships to develop cures and prophylaxis as
6:45 pm
well. here's the thing, joe biden wants control. that is what the mask mandate is. president trump understands clearly while he is the president, he doesn't have authority to issue a nationwide mask mandate. he has respected state sovereignty on some of those issues like masks. that is part of the key to all of this that i don't think joe biden gets and i don't think the democrats get, they just want the power, they just want the control and i think if they are going to start shutting down over flu every year as well, you're going to have a big problem going forward with centralized power. >> tammy: these are knee-jerk reactions without the thought about the cure being worse than what has been going on. in addition, we do have history with the obama-biden administration with the h1n1 flu and their own health experts saying that had been locked that that didn't turn into worse than
6:46 pm
what it was because they had no idea what they were doing. we do have a history, that is good news. thank you for joining me, this conversation is going to continue. up next, lori loughlin and her husband were sentenced today for their role in the college admission scandal. we'll have a live report. hollywood elites prove how out of touch and how unfunny they really are at this week's dnc, stay right there. to live with schizophrenia? i am a good parent. jared? i'm hearing the most awful things, people shouting at me. it's ok. when you live with schizophrenia like us, it can feel like you're living in a different world. you should definitely talk to your doctor and ask about fanapt. ok. fanapt is approved for the treatment of schizophrenia in adults. in clinical trials, fanapt significantly improved symptoms of schizophrenia compared to placebo.
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♪ >> tammy: welcome back to the "hannity" special. it's a story that rocked hollywood and college campuses around the country. actress lori loughlin and her husband fashion designer mossimo giannulli have both been sentenced for their role in the college admission scandal. jonathan hunt is standing by with more. >> for the first time today, we heard lori loughlin and her husband mossimo giannulli apologize for using their wealth and privilege to cheat their two daughter his way the university of southern california. she told the court "i made an awful decision. i went along with a plan to give my daughter my daughters an
6:51 pm
unfair advantage in the college admissions process and in doing so i ignored my intuition and allowed myself to be swayed from my moral compass. mossimo giannulli saying "i regret the harm that my actions have caused my daughters, my wife, and my stomach others. if i take responsibility for my conduct, i'm ready to accept consequences and move forward with the lessons i've learned." according to u.s. attorney andrew mehling, mossimo giannulli was more active than his wife, saying he directed bribe payments and personally confronted his daughter's high school counselor to prevent the schema from being discovered, brazenly lying about his daughter's athletic abilities. as a result, giannulli was sentenced to 5 months in prison along with a $250,000 fine and lori loughlin two months in
6:52 pm
prison and a $150,000 fine. the total of those two fines is less than they paid it to cheat their daughters way into college and deprive students of those places, students whose parents didn't have a spare half a million dollars lying around. >> tammy: thank you very much. interesting that he was the main mover when she was certainly the main focus of most of the media. per usual, we saw a lot of hollywood elites making an appearance at this week's dnc and unsurprisingly it was more awkward than ever, watch this. >> what did you think about kamala harris' speech last nig night? >> it was tremendous, i was happy for her. >> i can't wait to see her debate the current vice president mika paints.
6:53 pm
>> joining us now, fox news contributor and democratic pollster chuck schon. hollywood is always so good and smart and clever and creative and they can charm you -- that went out some window somewhere. what happened to them? >> i don't know, i used to think there was nothing she couldn't do, now i know there is, she can't put on a performance at the dnc convention without making me cringe. what i picked up from this was they are elitists. elite celebrities there, hearing eva longoria and michelle obama who is also celebrity these days lecturing us about income inequality was laughable. both of them could redistribute their wealth or live more modestly but they choose not to.
6:54 pm
what i gather from this is there is a real difference in the parties and the greatest legacy donald trump has is that he wrestled the republican party away from country club republicans like mitt romney and the bushes and he handed it to the working class. the republican party is the party of the working class, truckers, machinists, that's the difference i think we're going to see between this week and next week. >> tammy: great points. doug, you're a democrat, you watched some of that, you probably loved a lot about that didn't like some of it, you had to be somewhat disappointed in how awkward the celebrities were and why wasn't cher or barbra streisand there? >> i thought the democrats missed an opportunity. with the celebrity culture, they forgot about the working man, blue-collar voters, the voters
6:55 pm
without college educations who are interested in jobs. these jokes fell flat, the celebrity culture doesn't work and i would advise my party move away from that and talk about real issues that people care about, not cheap jokes at the expense of the sitting vice president. it didn't work, it's counterproductive. >> tammy: that bit of advice could actually save them but i don't think they're going to take it, great seeing both of you. coming up, president trump held a funeral at the white house for his younger brother robert. he died last saturday, we'll have a few more details for you after the break -- stay with us.
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>> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." last saturday robert trump the younger brother of president trump passed away at age 71. president trump held a small
7:00 pm
ceremony at the white house. he tweeted i love you. rest in peace. our thoughts and prayers are with the trump family. "the ingraham angle" is up next. have a gentle weekend. . >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "angle" from washington. what did democrats have to show for it all. a closer race? a pollster will tell us the real number it. in his first national interview since the blm extremists threatened him. the minneapolis police chief responds and delivers an important message about joe biden. and he is watching the "the ingraham angle." raymond arroyo


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