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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  September 2, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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los angeles police department and lapd said they did a flyover but didn't find anyone flying around. the mystery continues. >> dana: just keep your feet on the ground, people. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. see you on "the five." john roberts, you wouldn't ever do that jetpack thing, right? >> oh, no, never. but it does go to show in to golden state, there's no shortage of ways to get high. thanks, dana. >> i'm john roberts in for bill hemmer. we're watching the 2020 race unfolding in real time. president trump just speaking at the u.s.s. north carolina. the president's trip comes a day after he visited kenosha, wisconsin. joe biden claims to go tomorrow. early her he talked about reopening schools. we have coverage from all the angles this afternoon and in a moment i'll speak with ronna
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mcdaniel. jacqui heinrich is in delaware with the latest on joe biden. first, steve harrigan. he's reporting live from wilmington, north carolina. hi, steve. >> john, the president just wrapped up his remarks here in front of the battleship north carolina. remarks that may have been abbreviated because of some lightning overhead. this is the president's 12th visit to north carolina a key battleground state where absentee ballots already go out this friday. more than 14 times as many people have requested those ballots than in 2016. a different kind of election shaping up. didn't sound like a campaign speech from the president. he marked the end of world war ii, the 75th anniversary here. he honored the veterans that were in their presence and renamed wilmington a heritage city. upon his tarmac, he was clearly on the political attack. >> we're running against people
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that have some big issues. they have big, big problems. stone cold crazy. as you know, joe biden doesn't have a clue. we can't let it happen to our country. >> both sides have released a series of television ads this week and both campaigns focusing on unrest in u.s. cities. the trump campaign staying things would get much more dangerous under a biden administration. biden saying on the other hand, that he would lower the temperature and blaming trump for fanning the flames. john, back to you. >> steve harrigan for news front of a large lightning rod that the president didn't want to be spend too much time in front of. team fox coverage continues now. jacqui heinrich reporting live from wilmington delaware going apartment president trump on reopening schools among other things.
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hi, jacqui. >> the majority of the speech was about opening schools and the coronavirus. he really made news in the question and answer session. first time taking reporter questions significantly since the end of july. asked about his upcoming trip to kenosha. the campaign hammered president trump for going there yesterday at the objection of the mayor and the governor. today biden said there's overwhelming support for him to visit kenosha despite the mayor saying it was too soon for either candidate to come. the mayor concede if trump made a trip, biden should also. biden sense he plans to bring police, community leaders and business together to talk about what needs to be done there. >> i'm not going to tell kenosha what they have to do. what we have to do together. i spent my whole life including in this city you're in right now bringing people together. bringing the community and police officers together. bringing business leaders and civic leaders together. that's my purpose in going. >> biden was also asked if he
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agrees with his running made senator kamala harris who said the officer that shot jacob blake that should be charged. he said yes. he called for charges against the officers that killed brianna taylors and citizens that created unrest including someone that was shot in portland. >> i think we should let the judicial system work its way. i think there's a minimum need to be charged. the officers. as well as breonna taylor. >> biden heads to kenosha too many and launched a $45 million ad featuring his previous condemnations of violence from the speech earlier this week. this comes after announcing really record-shattering fund-raising numbers. almost $365 million in the month of august. far exceeding any other record holder. biden said he's having to spend money countering lies that was
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trump is spreading about him. >> thanks. joining us, the rnc chair woman, ronna mcdaniel. first, let's go to the joe biden event. he blamed president trump for not having to schools open this fall. >> if president trump and his administration had done their jobs early on with this crisis, american schools would be open and be open safely. instead, american families all across this country are paying the price for his failures. his administration's failures. >> ronna mcd daniedaniel, what say that if the president had a bigger program that children would be back in school? >> it's laughable for joe biden to pretend that the democrats have been on the front lines of fighting for kids to be in school this fall. the democrats are in the pocket
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of the unions. the unions have decided it's not something that they're going to do. they're not going back to school. they put unions above children as a party. so you have private schools opening and public schools closed. i know this first happened. my son is taking virtual ceramics for two hours. it'sry di ry diry dick -- it's. president trump from the beginning said we need our schools back in. i'm going to give aid to the schools, we need to figure this out. we can do it safely. this is not an at-risk population. this is the democrats. the democrat governors that have put a stop to this across the board and across the country. >> but joe biden's argument is one of the reasons the teacher's unions are the teachers are not comfortable is because the coronavirus is raging in the country and if things had been done differently in march, we would be in a different place with the virus. >> there's schools that are
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figuring it out. private schools are back in. they put social distancing in place and wearing masks. i see it. i have friends whose kids are in school and mine aren't. this is incredibly wrong and democrat governors and it's democrat leaders that have become at the forefront saying we can't open the schools for working parents. it's incredibly difficult. the president has led the way. he said i'll give you the resources, i'll work with you. there's a way to do this safely. parents need to get back to work. the democrats have held this back and holding our children back from getting in to school and getting the education that they deserve because they're so beholden to the unions. >> let's take a look at the battleground states. the real clear politics average of polls in battleground. the president is ahead in north carolina by one. biden up in wisconsin, pennsylvania. the president about where he was in 2016. the military times says the
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president is under water with the military vote 41-36 in fay you're of joe biden. that's why he was where he was today. if he doesn't win the military vote, is that an indication of being in trouble? all of the other republican presidents have won that vote. >> we show the president in really good standing in all of those states. i mean, joe biden hasn't been to wisconsin in two years. he department show up for his own convention. we see the president ahead there. >> what about the military vote? >> i haven't seen the underlying data behind that poll. i just don't believe that with what the president has done with veterans choice, what he's done to strengthen our military, the decisive leader he's been on the world stage. i see so much military support for this president. i highly doubt there's any erosion of that for him heading to november. >> let's move to tomorrow. the bidens are going, jill and joe biden are going to kenosha, wisconsin. they had no plan to do it until the president went yesterday.
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the head of the naacp there has said to joe biden and the president don't come. the reason why joe biden is going, you think it's because the president has pulled him on to his law and order playing field? >> joe biden doesn't know how to lead. i'm glad he's following in the president's foot steps. the president has been on the front lines. he said this is wrong, the looting, the violence. kenosha looked like beirut than wisconsin when the president was standing in front of those burned out buildings yesterday. joe biden has some answers that he needs to give. why is he against cash bail? why is he for criminals being caught in these communities being immediately released to so the police have to recapture them? why is he selecting a running mate who is championed l.a. and other cities who have decreased their support for police? defunding them to the tune of $150 million in l.a. these are things that democrats
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need to answer for. so now they're seeing the president leading and saying we need to support our police. they're seeing erosion and their support from the police unions endorsing president trump overwhelmingly and joe biden is trying to make up ground. >> later on this hour, we'll talk to the democratic mayor of st. louis who is against defunding police. will be interesting. thanks, ronna mcdaniel. thanks for being with us today. >> thanks for having me. >> we have a big show today. president trump threatening intervention in portland as protests continue for 100 straight days. mark morgan joins us later this hour. also? >> this is typical washington d.c. they get on national tv and preach to the american people it should be one way and in private, when the cameras are not rolling. >> the white house taking aim at nancy pelosi after the speaker is seen not wearing a mask in a hair salon. the speaker denies breaking covid rules. and progressive democrats bringing an end to the kennedy
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involvement. house speaker nancy pelosi facing backlash for getting her hair done at a salon in san francisco that has been closed because of covid-19 restrictions. fox news obtained security video of the house speaker walking around with her mask below her nose and mouth. the spokesperson for the speaker says the business told her that it was allowed to have one customer inside at a time and that she followed the rules. the story anchor, martha maccallum joins us now. this wouldn't be such a big news story but for the fact that house speaker nancy pelosi has been going around mask shaming republicans and now she's found to have flaunted the rules is not broken them. >> that's right. it's her righteous indignation, which she exhibited just hours after this hair salon visit. she talked about the rnc and the white house event and everybody was not following the rules there. that's fine.
12:16 pm
you have to follow the rules in your own personal life. if anybody told any of us prior to martha getting a visit in the hair salon was a major story. it's a big deal. nancy pelosi made a decision to do what she thought was a safe thing to go by herself, one-on-one and get her hair done. that is fine. but i think there's a lot of people across this country that want to feel free to make though decisions as well. she negates that idea every time she says there should have been a mandate across the country and the president was negligent not to have one. >> john: i don't like buzz phrases like virtual signals but democrats have done their fair share. but sometimes when i wear a mask in the briefing room. people on the other side of the bench shame me for wearing a mask. >> it's crazy. i agree. >> john: now, the news that joe
12:17 pm
biden and jill biden will be going to kenosha, wisconsin tomorrow, they had no plans to do that until president trump did it. he seems to be leading in terms of the campaign moves here. >> yeah, this is -- we're in to the crunch time now. almost post labor day. tonight i should mention we'll get polls from north carolina, arizona, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. looks like wisconsin and minnesota, so interesting, john. as you've been covering this, the violence in these two states. these two states have become microcosms for this election. watch what happens in minnesota. watch how people feel about it. a very interesting people in "the new york times," tom freedman, who talks about people not being okay with minnesota city council move to try to defund the police and wanting to have safety and security in their streets. i'm going to have a mayor on from the northeastern part of minnesota tonight, a democrat supporting president trump.
12:18 pm
he's from the mining area, the iron range area that the president as talked about for very good reasons. so it's very interesting to see the shift in those states. i think we'll see a ton of focus there the next couple months. >> the major of st. louis will be joining us later on this hour. she's against defunding the police as well. that will be interesting. back on this idea of the president sort of leading the way in the campaign. joe biden wanted to talk about coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus. the president is now forcing him to talk about law and order. the former governor of pennsylvania put democrats concerns this way. we were afraid of moderates saying i hate donald trump but i have to hold my nose and vote for him because i need to be safe. this is like a replay in 2004 when george bush reached out to the soccer moms that were worried about terrorism moms. a lot of people across this country looking at what is going on in these cities saying i
12:19 pm
don't like that and the democrats don't appear to be addressing it but president trump is. >> so true, john. i look at these suburban voters. i think both sides have to be careful here. the president was sort of on his best behavior thought the rnc. now he's tweeting up a storm seeming like he's defending kyle rittenhouse. you have to sort of treat these situations like it's ongoing investigations and not put your hand on the scale in either way. on the other hand, you have joe biden going to kenosha. he's going to be a voice of settling things down, calming things down, a voice of reason. he's going to try to find the middle ground and say things don't have to be so crazy to these suburban families that he will be speaking to. we can settle down, bring people together. that's his message. it's interesting to see that
12:20 pm
battle for those voters in particular who may be got a little turned off by some of the president's tweeting a and the like. >> john: joe biden may have to explain why his democratic colleagues in portland aren't doing more to end the violence. martha, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> john: see you tonight. the centers for disease control warning governors to get their states ready for large scale condition vaccine distribution. dr. marc siegel will be here. in new york city, you can go to shopping, you can go to schools season and you can go to the gym but you still can't go inside a restaurant. now restaurants are suing the state and the city for $2 billion. we'll talk to an owner about what is going on.
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>> john: the trump administration temporarily blocking evictions because of covid-19 through the end of the year. edward lawrence reporting live on the latest. good afternoon. >> this is all because of the impasse between the house speaker nancy pelosi and the administration about the next relief package for coronavirus. now in the cares 4, the administration hopes to deal with this or have the economy do it where it didn't matter. now the president will have to take matters in his hands again and getting creative about it. the cdc has a mandate saying they're barring restrictions on evictions until the end of the year because of the spread of the coronavirus, this is a different action but connected to the executive order banning evictions. >> the cdc's action was a direct reflection of the president's e.o. that's where the power comes
12:26 pm
from. it's a furtherance of the order that the president signed to limit evictions. so that is a product that comes as a result of a presidential action. that's why it would be separate from that. >> steve mnuchin said it would affect 40 million renters. to be covered under this, people would have to show that they make less than $99,000 a year or less than $198,000 as a couple. the person would have to certified that they cannot pay rented due the coronavirus related hardship and show that they have no where else to turn. individual landlords that break this would face a $100,000 fine if a death is related to this, could be a $500,000 fine and a year in jail. if a company or organization breaks this, it's a $200,000 fine. there's some teeth behind enforcing this ban. back to you. >> john: that's good. there's questions as to whether or not there were. edward lawrence, thanks. the centers for disease control and prevention telling governors to start preparing their states for distributing a coronavirus
12:27 pm
vaccine in the fall. dr. marc siegel joins me now. a professor from n.y. langone medical center. i talked with an hhs official about this earlier today, marc. there's criticism that they're sending it out because the president wants an october surprise of a vaccine. i was told look, a lot of hurdles that are sometimes put in place that we want to make sure that those are not in the way of getting the vaccine out to people. >> yeah, john, i agree with that. they're saying to the governors, we want things up and running. distribution is what slows this down after a vaccine is approved. you want doctor's offices ready and clinics and hospitals ready. it's about gearing up here. by the way, i talked to robert redfield, the head of the cdc. he said he thinks every day we'll see a vaccine or two emerging in the fall. he's very optimistic and he also
12:28 pm
said though the department of defense is involved, cdc is taking the lead on vaccine distribution here. so that's why you're seeing that letter. they're hiring people to distribute the vaccine. >> one of the things that is included is states should waive certain requirements. there's the caveat that this won't affect the safety or the viability of a vaccine. critics say you ask a state to waive anything. you're trying to fast track through something that might not be put to the amount of vigorous scrutiny that it needs to. what do you say on that front? >> john, let's look at the details. phase 3 trials involve 30,000 people. you compare half of them that don't get it with one half that do. you look to see that it's safe. you look to see there's at least a 50% improved response to get the vaccine provided there's virus in the area. what will be controversial here
12:29 pm
and you never heard this before is the oxford university astra zeneca trial is coming out. you may see that advance of what we're doing in the united states. we're studying that vaccine in the united states. pfizer an moderna have been doing it since july. will the fda grant data from the united kingdom. that has never been done. we look at those studies carefully. >> rather than there being this idea of an october surprise that in some cases the vaccine trials aren't going as quickly as they had hoped. you know, there's like five days delay here, seven, eight, ten days day here there. what do you know about that? >> it's because they have to -- it's true, john.
12:30 pm
that's true. but it's because they have to make sure to get the volunteers in the areas where they're actually is a virus around. that changes. i mean here in new york, we're studying the oxford vaccine. we've studied the pfizer and the moderna but there's not a hotspot anymore. there's other hot spots around the world. has to be targeted. it does delay thing. >> hhs has been criticized for this $250 million ad campaign that is undertaking. one of the things they're doing as part of this ad campaign is public service announcements trying to recruit more african american participants in the vaccine because that is a community that has been hard hit from covid. they're not volunteering in the way that other communities are. >> i'm all for in. the african american community has been hard hit by covid. they have more pre-existing conditions like obesity, heart
12:31 pm
disease and diabetes. that's one issue. the other issue is they may more reluctant to come to care. we need the vaccine to hit the high risk groups first. i'm all for trying to get -- by the way, we have to know that all groups are represented in vaccine trials to know that it works. >> good to talk to you. dr. marc siegel, thanks so much. china has this world's largest navy. details on the communist government's arsenal straight ahead. portland protesters forcing ted wheeler to move out of his own home. new information on the man charged with shooting a st. louis police officer in the head. i'll talk with the city's mayor next.
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12:36 pm
ships and submarines and the united states has 300. the report also found that china is planning to double its nuclear capability within the next decade. officials in afghanistan confirming that they have released 200 taliban prisoners in an attempt to get peace talks going again. there's been an increase in taliban violence in fighting with afghan troops. the afghan government and the insurgents working to end two decades of wore. the mayor of portland says he's planning to move after violent protes protests. mayor ted wheeler sent an e-mail to his neighbors saying it would be best for everyone's safety if he were to found a new place to live. portland has seen 100 days of protests since the killing of george floyd in minneapolis. >> portland, the major last night, his home was raided, thrown out of his home and then he stands up and fights for these people. these people only know one thing that is strength.
12:37 pm
that's all they know. strength. we have strength. >> have to heal, put things together, bring people together. so my purpose in going and will be to do just that. to be a positive influence on what is going on. talk about what need be done and try to see if there's a beginning of a mechanism to bring the folks together. >> john: both political campaigns keying in on civil unrest. in st. louis, a man is facing first degree murder charges in the shooting of a police officer saturday night. the city's democratic mayor met with officer bohannon's widow. the major says they need more money to assist people in crisis but not money for the police department. mayor, it's good to see you. thanks for joining us. this sets you apart from many of your democratic colleagues that are calling to defund the
12:38 pm
police. you're not of that opinion. in fact, you think there should be more money tout to law enforcement. >> we all expect our police officers to respond to those calls. we need to fund them appropriately and support them appropriately. supporting law enforcement should not be a part of the issue. >> you met with bohannon's widow, alexis. she has three children that don't have a father. can you tell us a little bit about your conversation with her? >> i just told alexis and officer bohannon's mom and dad how sorry i was. sometimes fewer words are better in these situations. also told them that we'll be there for them in any way we can. it's a heart-breaking tragedy
12:39 pm
for the family, friends, for our city and for our st. louis police department. >> john: and marie dorn, the widow of david dorn, later appeared at the rnc convention to talk about her experience. here's what she said at the rnc. >> as i slept, looters were ransacking the shop. they shot and killed david in cold blood. and then live streamed his execution. his last moments on earth. my hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we're witnessing in our cities. and bring about positive peaceful change. >> john: so how do we do that, mayor? how to we shake the country from this nightmare and bring about
12:40 pm
positive, peaceful change? >> we do it by all coming together. we don't do it by looting and we don't do it by rioting. we understand there are changes that need to be made. but i think we do it through bringing people of goodwill together to make those changes. >> john: the fbi just recently issued a warning to police in chicago that there's a pact among gangs to quote shoot on site any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public. there are times that police officers are going to have to draw their weapons when they're stopping a suspect. unfortunately we have seen tomorrow times that that ends up in the depth of someone and large number of cases african americans. the fbi has to issue a warning to chicago police, don't draw your weapon because a gang member shoot you, where does that say we are as a society?
12:41 pm
>> that's clearly clearly a very serious situation. in our state here in missouri, we have lots of guns. we have very easy access to guns. almost anyone can carry a gun anywhere any time. we know that that is a very difficult situation for police officers who as i said earlier are asking -- we're asking them as a society to respond to these issues. i mean, it's a very tragic situation. very volatile for police officers. >> john: one quick question. operation legend recently moved to st. louis. how has that experience been? >> operation legend has about 50 officers here in st. louis. they're working with our police officer department to go after our most violent offenders, to go after shooters. it's been in place about a month and that is going well.
12:42 pm
>> john: mayor krewson, good to talk to you and good to get your perspective on policing in your city. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> john: new charges stemming from protests in portland for a man accused of hitting two cops with his s.u.v. i'll speak to the acting customs and border patrol commissioner coming up next.
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♪ i know you're waiting on the other side ♪ ♪ i'm like you on-demand glucose monitoring. because they're always on. another life-changing technology from abbott. so you don't wait for life. you live it. >> john: protests in the city of portland have continued for nearly 100 nights, a man there charged with assaulting two federal officers with an s.u.v. this latest arrests comes after a violent weekend culminating with the death of a trump
12:47 pm
supporter. commissioner morgan, great to see you, this portland situation as it continues for almost 100 days, do you have any idea what the mayor of portland is doing with regard to this situation? >> yeah, i know what he's doing, john. nothing. it's unbelievable. we have seen again and again, your previous guest said, we're local law enforcement. state and federal resources come together to stop the problems. and look at wisconsin. it was slow in coming, the governor called in the national guard. over 1,000 national guard from a couple states. you saw the violence drop overnight. for 100 days, the major and governor from oregon has refused to do that. if they did, the violence would end the next day. >> there were protests and riots outside his apartment building, condo, whatever it was. his response was to that was to
12:48 pm
announce that he's moving, not saying he's going to deal with the rioters. >> that's consistent with his stance. it was a week ago he said his plan, his solution is to sit back and burn itself out. literally that's what has happened. the city will burn itself to the ground. that's his strategy, john. it's outrageous and absurd and putting politics above public safety. >> john: let me ask you about operation legend. we talked with the major about this of st. louis. in early august, city louis was a city that operation legend was expanded to. kansas city where it all began, there's been 355 federal arrests. 33 murder suspects, 12 to firearms seized. critics are saying operation legends is a ploy by this administration to make democratically run cities appear more violent. what do you say to that criticism? >> i say it's absolutely a lie.
12:49 pm
i have been in public service, law enforcement, three decades. i spent many years in the fbi. some of the same agents. i was involved in my operations like this. i can guarantee you it has nothing to do with politics. it has to do with increased violence. this president is committed to public safety and protecting american citizens. operation legend, if i could, represents exactly the way it should be done. local, state and federal authorities joining together to work together to address and reduce violent crime in their cities. operation legend is doing that. >> and the mayor seemed appreciative of that. and the president said that many were flown in to protest and then flying back out together. listen to what the president said. >> a person was on a plane, said
12:50 pm
there was about six people like that person more or less and what happened is the entire plane filled up with the looters, the anarchists, the rioters, people that were looking for trouble. >> do you, commissioner morgan, have any evidence that that was in fact the case? >> so i don't have any information with respect to that specific incident. john, what i can say is that is a typical tactic of some of these groups like antifa. they will fly in people from outside the city, outside the stay state to go in, cause violence and raise chaos. that's part of their m.o., that they do. that's not uncommon. that's being done in cities across this country. >> john: while i have you on, something in your wheel house. look at apprehensions along the southern border 2020 compared to 2019. from october to july 2019,
12:51 pm
760,317 people apprehended. 298,238. is that as a result of coronavirus on the wall or both? >> good question. it's all of the above, i'd say. even prior to covid, this president and his administration had given us the tools to network and policies to reduce the i'll le flow by 75% precovid. now covid has reduced the flow even more. the wall has helped. it's a host of networks and policies and tools. >> john: thanks, mark. we appreciate it. >> you bet, john. >> john: hundreds of restaurants are suing over new york city's indoor dining rules. you can call them outdoor dining rules. mayor bill de blasio defending the ban. we'll talk to the head of the city's hospitality alliance next. attention veterans with va loans.
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>> on numerous dates, but i do have indoor dining and found that it contributed to their other ongoing problem or resurgence. unfortunately, we see around the world is that there is a direct connection. >> john: mayor de blasio defending the ban on indoor dining. 300 restaurants are suing the city and state over the ban. they say governor andrew cuomo's executive order violate the restaurant's constitutional rights. he is the executive director of the new york city hospitality alliance. in fact, mayor de blasio said it may not be until there is a coronavirus vaccine that restaurants in new york city can go back to indoor dining. what would that do to the industry? >> thanks for having me on. words matter. i'm not even sure what having a
12:57 pm
vaccine means. when everyone has taken the vaccine, these business owners need a plan to know whether or not they should just close up shop, lay off their employees permanently, or should continue to keep fighting to save their small businesses. we need real guidance on when we are going to open, which should be immediately and how it's going to happen. not just saying at some point maybe in the future if certain things happened and potentially we will get open. >> john: are you getting anything that resembles real guidance? >> at this point, unfortunately, we are not. we want to work cooperatively with governor cuomo and mayor de blasio to safely open up restaurants just like they have been opened up safely for about two months now around the rest of the state of new york. in fact, in new york city, we have lower covid infection rates than other places throughout new york state that have indoor dining. this week, it was announced that new jersey is going to be opening up their indoor dining.
12:58 pm
that means that new york city would be surrounded by indoor dining. but we will be prohibited from participating in it. >> john: my understanding is when you go out to long island if you go to the eastern edge of queens, it is particularly galling for restaurants who were in queens that can open. a few hundred yards away, restaurants can. speak out precisely. you have the same issue in the bronx and westchester county. now you will have it going over the tunnel into new jersey. the reality is, new york city has met, sustained, and exceeded the health metrics that have allowed restaurants to open up safely. in fact, since they've open two months ago, we thankfully have seen a decrease to record levels of infection cases. this is a good thing. safety health must be paramount. if we don't get the small businesses opened up very soon, we are going to exacerbate the
12:59 pm
economic crisis. there is no way the state of new york will ever recover and last restaurants and small businesses are at the core of that recovery. >> john: we have seen pictures of restaurants without outdoor patios. we are now into september, we know in new york city, the weather starts to turn pretty cold pretty fast. what happens when the weather starts to turn and you can no longer serve outside if they have and change the rules? >> that is the challenge. that is what everyone is so fearful love. it's about 25,000 restaurants in new york city. only 10,000 are participating in outdoor dining. that's important. but they are not going to be able to serve in the cold. people don't want to sit out in the rain or when it is windy. when it snows over his cold, outdoor dining is not a reality. we need to make indoor dining reality. we can do it safely. we need support from our government leaders. we can't late.
1:00 pm
people are exhausting their personal savings and likelihood. there over hundred 60,000 workers that are out of work. >> john: we've got to go. good luck to you. i'm john roberts and for bill hemmer. "your world" with neil cavuto is coming right up. >> neil: thank you very much. the dow jones industrial with just a whisper of all time record topping 29,000 for the first time since we had that careening that was known as the meltdown. february before march. the dow gains today put it within less than 1.5 percentage points of all-time highs. it would follow in that case, the nasdaq and the s&p 500, the nasdaq for the first time over 12,000. again, all of this on a day you think you would be nervous about political accusations and who's


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