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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  September 3, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the city park. if the officer rocked to be base alongside the teenager playing the electric guitar before sending the group home for the night. that's it for this special report, faron stomach fair, balanced, and unafraid. it "the story with martha maccallum" starts now. just be >> martha: another beautiful story. people coming together with music in bakersfield. good to see you tonight. good evening everybody, i am martha maccallum, and this is the story in america tonight. we are 61 days from the presidential election. this race is getting tighter all the time. today, joe biden flew to wisconsin. he met with the family of jacob blake, he also met with law enforcement. tonight, and the live shot, we have air force one landing moments ago. president trump about to airport in pennsylvania which is the home of rory lost the urge. if you didn't know that.
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we criticize joe biden for being silent while playing up the law and order message that we have seen in the past few days. in 2016, he won this county. it is western, it is rural in pennsylvania. in that region this time around, the trump team has not necessarily about philadelphia with a high concentration of voters. they need the whole rest of the state to win all of the electoral votes. biden and trump now inside the margin of error in that pole in pennsylvania help tell mike. back in july, i've biden was up by 13 points in the state of pennsylvania. that's a pretty solid pole. want to keep an eye on. democrat of pennsylvania, long time family history pennsylvania. he was stomach father was
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working there fox news contributor and author of "trump and the american future." good to happy with us here tonight. you wrote a piece today, america's fight. mike, america's fight, civilization versus anarchy. unprecedented, remot the momentt we are in. it goes back to the riots in the 1960s and the people that were born in that era. or were in that era. >> you can create a genealogical map and you will find that in the late 60s we had 2,500 bombings, in 1971 and 72, we have the black panther movement that openly said they wanted to kill policeman. you had radicals who were robbing banks, killing bank cards, and they literally became sort of the vanguard once they were suppressed, they went
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into college campuses, they went into a variety of other places, continued to educate the whole new generation of district attorneys who come out of that background to come in and funded around the country. a whole series of district attorneys in portland to refuse to try anybody as a criminal. the police can arrest them, but the d.a. won't try them. this is becoming a huge, huge problem. all of it is coming together and what we are now seeing is antifa, or if you go to kenosha, the first 200 people who were arrested in kenosha, over half of them were from out of town. and 44 different cities, it says various radicals came together to try to cause trouble and destroy things. it's a very important point in american history. >> indeed it is. one of the questions is, what is
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driving at this point? back then, obviously, the core of it was people who were protesting the vietnam war, that was really galvanized as part of that movement. i don't know how many people in some of these crowds could truly articulate what it is they are fighting for at this moment, but there's clearly a lot of unrest. joe biden has changed his tune on this over the last several days. recognizing it something that's happening, it's undeniable in this country. here he is in kenosha. listen to this. >> i think we've reached an inflection point in american history. i honest to god believe we have an enormous opportunity now that the screen, the curtain has been pulled back. to do a lot of really positive things. >> martha: if so, not very specific they are about how he would change things, but his
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argument obviously as he thinks he's the guy to do it. >> he sounds like mayor wheeler of portland. i spent sunday afternoon watching the mayor of portland's 45 minute press conference, which was beyond pathetic. i mean, here's a guy who has had 96 or 97 days of continuing violence, his press conference comes down to begging people to quit being violent. at the following day a mom shows up at his condominium, his 24 story building, burns down the retail stores. he is moving away from the condominium. instead of defeating the mob, the mob has defeated him. what biden just said was nonsense. i have no idea what biden is talking about. he represents a party, which in every major city runs the city,
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has failed to defeat crime, has allowed antifa to become a nationwide anti-american group, and that's the key thing to understand. these people are anti-american. they openly, publicly say that their goal is to destroy america, and biden has no compassion to take these people had on. >> wheeler has really appeased these groups, as many leaders have. i think what you found out when they came to where he lived, that doesn't work. it doesn't work in these situations. standby if you would, we are waiting for the president to come out of air force one. we are going to bring the aquatic senator. good to have you with us this evening. give us your take on your state right now as you look at this. clearly, it's going to be a very tight race, as it often is in pennsylvania. the president thinks he can drive up more people in these western and rural areas rural areas.
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>> i expected to be close because if you look at the last 20 years, other than the ten-point obama win, it has been a three-point state. i do think that joe biden has an advantage going into that, mostly because people know him and trust him, and they also see that he's got a plan to create jobs in the state where we've got 886,000 people out of work, 13.7% in the county, going into it at 13 and a half. >> we will see. in terms of this mail in voting statistics, i want to play this for you in an interview. yesterday about his concerns about all of that. watch this. >> the bipartisan commission jimmy carter and james baker said back in 2009 that mailing voting is fraud with the risk of fraud and coercion.
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since that time, they are thin -- in the newspapers, and networks, academic studies saying that it is open to fraud and coercion. the only time that narrative changes is after this administration came in. >> martha: is so your state is not a universal male and state, but you will have a lot of mail-in votes. from the perspective on that, it looks like democrats, 68% of them say that they will be much more likely to mail in their votes, as opposed to only 17% of republicans. given that, do you think that it could be a long time before we know, or several days at least before we know how they did vo vote? >> that was certainly evident in the primary. i think most people know we are at the time of a pandemic, it's going to take a little longer.
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the idea that there's some kind of problem here with fraud is really just the data and the study show it's just not true. i think it's important for the administration, whether the president or attorney general, and the time of a pandemic and real crisis to do everything in their power to make sure that people can vote, no matter what, no matter how they are voting. that's why the attempts to undermine it are not guaranteeing the rights to vote. >> obviously, we are in an unprecedented time in regard to those studies. we will see what happens. everybody wants the vote to be clean across the board. thank you very much. i want to bring in donald trump jr., executive vice president and author of "liberal privilege." the indefensible , could have each night.
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your father's walking out now, it will be a couple of minutes, i want to your reaction to what's going on. if this is pretty out there appeared to listen to this. >> covid-19 ambushed new york, do to trumps negligence, he is the cause of covid-19 and new york. changed his residence to go to florida, why? he can't go back to new york. he can't. he's going to walk down the street in new york? forget body guards, he better have an army if he thinks he's gonna walk down the street in new york. new yorkers don't want to have anything to do with him. >> that was a big change of tune from what he had said at the height of the pandemic. thoughts on that and what we seen in pennsylvania as well? >> i think andrew cuomo is doing his tough diet dominic guy
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shtick. the biggest failed state as it relates to covid-19. by any measure and metric, it is a disaster, here. a bill de blasio, nancy pelosi said it was a racist and xenophobic when my father shut down travel from the epicenter of a viral outbreak. they wanted to keep it open to further overwhelm our systems while he made the tough decision to shut it down. he signed an executive order that put six people with covid-19 back into elderly homes, hospice care areas killed ten to 11,000 people. we all knew that the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions where the people most susceptible to it. andrew cuomo is doing the new york thing, the media will make him a darling because he will save mean things about trump. a, he was totally incompetent in his response, b, this is the typical response we are seeing
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from democrats and other joe biden voters who decided it's okay to burn down their country. this is the only time in america, martha, where you will get in more trouble for opening your business to feed your family then you will for looting or burning down someone else's business. that's democratic policy for you today. >> martha: i've got donald trump doing here. i'm going to go over to pennsylvania, john jr., thank you very much. here's the president. >> president trump: joe biden wants to surrender your jobs to china, you know that. [boos] they walked out with a lot of money for doing nothing. he wants to surrender your nation to the radical left wing, trying to change now. do you understand that's not working because we are going up
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and he is dropping like a rock in water. [cheers and applause] before the china virus, this election was over. now i have to go back to work, and we've done a great job on it. we don't get the credit, we don't get the credit. we made a lot of governors look very good. i will keep your jobs in america, and i will bring rioters, looters, violent extremists, anarchists, we will bring them to justice. if that's what we are doing. cheer[cheers and applause] we have over 400 under arrest, these are bad people. over the last three and a half years, we've secured america's borders, fixer broken trade deals. we fixed our military, obliterated isis, 100%. secured american energy
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independence and built the single greatest economy in the history of the world, and now we are going to do it again. [cheers and applause] will do it again. we've got to do it again. it's happening. you see what's happening, job numbers, retail sale numbers are over the records, it's happening very fast. it's actually happening in the super v, not a v, a super v. you will see that, big numbers are coming out. they have to come out. just watch your site, read your newspaper. you see numbers that congress, we haven't seen those numbers ever before, actually. we have record stock markets, we have record everything. you're going to have an incredible economic year next year. do your stocks are going up,
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your 4o1 401(k)s are through the wor roof people wanted to take some profits, probably said something stupid along the way. the stock markets are at record levels, think of it, in the rounding the u-turn on the pandemic, we are rounding that term. vaccines are coming along great. the job that they've done, the doctors, everybody else, we are years ahead of schedule. anybody else as president, you wouldn't be talking about vaccines until two or three years from now. that i can tell you. biden will never be able to text your jobs or your family. he is a puppet of the socialist marxist and the cop hating extremists, and they are caught fading. we love our law enforcement. [cheers and applause]
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by the way, i don't know if you saw this, if there's any way of using it, we have thousands of people behind this hangar, thousands. we are trying to get them in. i would love to get them in. i mean, it's an airport, let them go to the runways, okay? let them in! [cheers and applause] literally, we landed -- i actually thought that was the crowd. you know, were doing the hanger thing now because we can't do it because of the pandemic for a little while. in certain ways, i like this better. i don't have to travel, i get off the plane, i make a speech, i get the hell out of here, right? you remember the last days before the campaign, a lot of them a day, get off that plane, it was a little different. it was black and why instead of blue and white.
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that was an important, that was an important day, an important year, 2016. i will tell you, the election that we have coming up is the single most important election in the history of this country. we had a level of enthusiasm, even look, today. we are all going on. a look at the kind of crowds we have. [cheers and applause] we have record and enthusiasm in 2016, by the way, was that the greatest evening ever? november! now, it's going to be novembe november 3rd. we will keep it going, and we will get it all like a tree, you move that tree, it takes a little while to plant, they're
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going to raise your taxes, they are to take away your guns, really if you look. [boos] they will criticize me for saying this, they will. [boos] with their fake polls, the same as last year. we could all put it -- the fake polls, the fake everything. you know what they're called? suppression polls. they're meant to make you depressed. are you depressed? you don't look depressed. the real numbers, we have the real numbers. we are leading everywhere. i will tell you, i think -- [cheers and applause] i think we are way ahead of what we were four years ago, and there is far more enthusiasm, all our bases bigger, it's stronger, and we've done the greatest job. again, if we didn't get hit by the plague from china, we wouldn't -- between us i
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would've canceled most of the rallies. i wouldn't have needed to rally. that's a little bit unfair, but that's okay. if that's what china has done to our nation, they have screwed us for a long time and a lot of different ways. never has anybody ripped off our nation like china. i've taken in billions and billions of dollars. we never took in $0.10 from china, and i gave 28 billion, right? 28 billion to the farmers, because they were targeted unfairly by china. [cheers and applause] i don't think we have too many farmers in this wonderful pennsylvania town, i know we have a lot of boilermakers over there. we got a lot of boilermakers, i'll be talking about them. look at those guys. nobody's going to mess with them, i'll tell you. are going to talk about them in a minute. for the entire summer, biden was
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silent as far left rioters viciously attacked law enforcement and the democrat ran cities. it burned down businesses, terrorize civilians, and recently walked through the streets chanting death to america. this is what we have, death to america. [boos] by the way, we could end immediately. that's what we did in wisconsin. it ended, took a while for the governor to ask us, it's like, otherwise, we have to do something much bigger. it's totally unnecessary. the national guard is fantastic. i went to see them two days ago. biden went there, today, there was nobody there. there was nobody there. i was a little late. i was going to say hey, listen, we ended that problem. we can and do in portland. wise guys in portland. anarchist, they are agitators, they are looters. we can and do in portland in
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half an hour. we did in seattle. we told them we are coming in, you either and it or we are coming in. congressman, we are going into next -- we were all set. i was actually disappointed. they ended it in seattle. they took over 20% of the city. he said, it's going to be the summer of love. these people are crazy. so we end them very quickly. we end them very quickly. and now, what were doing is holding back funds for our cities that don't know what they're doing where they allow crime to run rampant. [cheers and applause] we put a 10-year prison sentence on anybody that knocks down a statue. [cheers and applause] i took out an old ordinance, very old one because today in congress you don't get things
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like that. it today, they think that you should just have no cash bail. they do the no cash bail. you kill somebody, there's no bail, don't worry about it. i took out an old ordinance, i gave it a new executive order. ten years in prison, amazingly -- amazingly that was like three and a half months ago. they were having a big march on washington, march elsewhere. amazingly, that was the end of the statute coming down. no statues. we are actually prosecuting people for having it done. by the way, the state statues and monuments, they have to do the same thing. it's really easy. they want him to win because their agenda is an agenda -- it's what they want, it's the craziest thing i've ever seen. they both want to cut funding for police, they want to ends
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that cash bail, they want to hire far left prosecutors and judges to let the criminals run wild. the radical left district attorney in portland, mike schmidt, his name is. he has released hundreds of rioters, and announced that anyone arrested for interfering with police officers, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, rioting, and other offenses, will not be prosecuted under any circumstances. [boos] it's worse. it's worse. you have somebody in philadelphia who is worse right? worse. in his manifesto, he says what it is. biden agreed to all of these things. i never said about fracking, i never said -- if you don't do fracking in pennsylvania, 900,000 jobs and your energy bills will triple. other than that, i don't think you should have it, okay. no but he said in the manifesto,
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plus he said many times, we put it on the clip yesterday. don't know fracking, know, know that. no guns, how about guns? no guns. and no amendment. [boos] biden has pledged to avoid prosecutors who extend these insane far left policies nationwide. the craziest things, you know you're supposed to bring it to the right, he actually brought it further left. bernie never dreamt it was possible. crazy bernie, you know crazy bernie. i had a lot of his voters come to me four years ago. a big percentage, you will know why? i agree with him, he agrees with me on one thing. it traded. he knew that other countries were ripping us off, and so did i. nobody else got it, especially biden. he never got it. he still doesn't get it. now, he really gets nothing. [laughs] he didn't get it in prime time,
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now he really doesn't get it. [laughter] but it's okay to make every city look just like portland, which is a disaster. again, you could clean it up, we just go right through and 5,000, 10,000, right through them. if they are tough, they are smart, and they love our country. they love our country. we will clean it up and one half hour, it will be over. did you see this radical left mayor. the radical left mayor, they chased him, they chased him out of his home last night. all he does is be nice to them because they don't understand nice. they only understand one thing, strength. if that's the only thing they have. if they don't understand nice. they chased him out of his home. unbelievable. biden's plan is to appease the domestic terrorists, and my plan
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is to arrest them and prosecute them. [cheers and applause] i will always defend law-abiding citizens, that's why the rioters are voting for biden and the law enforcement people, you know, we have it from everybody. we just got the sheriffs and florida, all of them. all of them. we've got ohio, we've got taxes, we've got north carolina, without south carolina, we got everybody. i don't know anybody -- i see rick perry right there. rick perry? what are you doing here? rick perry, one of the greats. they are all voting for me. this election is about safety, and this election is about jobs. today, i'm delighted to accept a very, very special endorsement from people i like, sort of grew up with this people, i don't know what it is, the relationship we have with all of us. i'm endorsing, i'm getting an
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endorsement tonight from some very, very special people. did they work hard, they do great. we really put them back to work it because the state was in trouble. last year, you have the single greatest year economic year in the history of your whole operation. right? of your whole operation. you've never had anything like that. this has been your greatest -- this is been prior to the plague coming in, it has been the commonwealth's greatest -- can we have a call for commonwealth? you have two places, you always have to say, is this one of commonwealth? two places. you know what the other places? how did you know that congressman? this commonwealth, it's a great commonwealth. it's a great place. the boilermakers local union --
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local 154, they started in pittsburgh 125 years ago. none of you are around. now represents members in pennsylvania, ohio, and west virginia. i want to thank john hughes and the boilermakers, here today. it's a great honor to have you. who is john? where the is john? john, we appreciate it. we appreciate it. you know what, john is the head, you've got the worst location. i said, where is john? put up your hand to john. a that guy. >> you got my vote, john. boilermakers, thank you. what a job you do. near the heart of this country.
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thank you very much, that's a great endorsement. that's a great endorsement. joe biden spent the last 47 years shipping pennsylvania jobs to china in foreign nations. i've spent the last four years bringing them back home, and we are bringing them back home. bringing a lot of things back home. [cheers and applause] i ended the last administration's eighth year, a war on pennsylvania oil and coal and fracking -- if you look at the natural gas, what they've done to this state. what they were doing to this state, it was sort of easy. i just opened it up, and i said, do it. if the investment put into pennsylvania, the investment put into the commonwealth of pennsylvania has been record-setting. again, you have the greatest year you've ever had last year prior to the virus. you're going to be set. now, with what were doing, i believe that this next quarter, which will be announced interestingly just prior to the
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election, so i'm putting myself on the line but i know what's going to happen. at the numbers are going to be great. next year is going to be one of the greatest years, not only for pennsylvania, but for the entire country. so joe hidin'. let's do a pole. let's do a little full. i've saved so much money. we do these polls for thousands, and they're coming in from the back, are they not? they are coming in. i'm telling you, you wouldn't of believed this. i wasn't waving at you, i was waving at them. there's more. i do these polls, right? and it's like a perfect ball. you ever see the companies, you
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give them a million bucks and they do a pole like 78 people, and you got thousands of people. tell me, what you're feeling in the name? you like make america great again? yes? you are the one -- i would make you famous today. the use of the nicest things about me. thank you. did you see him on television today? i think you are great. i think you're great. thank you. he called me a great christian and a great christian leader. [cheers and applause] thank you. but he did say it wasn't perfect, but that's okay. i said thank you anyway, right? that was really great. that was really great. if you look at it, the things
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they've done -- were going to go through a couple of different poll's as we go through. i let people think do this or do that. one of the things i got you out of it is this thing sounds so good but it so bad, it's a rip-off of our country. these soul called paris climate accord. it's a disaster. it's an in-depth sentence. biden pledged to reinstate it, it's going to cost you billions and billions of dollars. do you know what it really is? it's a way of taking advantage of the united states. that's what it is. last year, i visited the petrochemical plant in beaver county. anyone here of beaver county? the largest investment in your state's history. all made possible by our pro energy policies. biden would wipe out that entire industry killing the jobs of more than 600,000 pennsylvania workers.
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it's probably 940,000, they say. think of that. also, prices on everything else. now, biden today came out and said, fracking is okay. it's okay. did you see that? fracking is okay. he was getting killed. now he came out in favor of law enforcement. look at all of these handsome cops here. they are beautiful cops. no, but how can anybody believe it? he's totally against it -- in his speech at the dnc, we got much higher numbers than they did, but you know -- they will say anything. we had a much higher by millions and millions of people. we had a great -- didn't we have a great convention? [cheers and applause] there's my guys. good job. we had a great convention, it's been really terrific. i made a speech at mount rushmore.
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since that speech, our numbers have been up, up up like a rocket. like a beautiful rocket. at the mount rushmore speech. i said, you know, we got hit by this pandemic very unfairly and it sends that we've done such a good job. you've heard it a thousand times. we have to get back, and they made this speech and really a great place. to south dakota, but it was mount rushmore -- you know, they want to blow it up? they want to take out mount rushmore? [boos] if you would see how beautiful -- if you would see how beautiful this is, it was like this perfect evening. at the was setting, the faces of these great, great majestic heroes of our country, heroes of our country. [cheers and applause] and they want to blow up mount rushmore! how about this one? the democrats yesterday came out with plan, did you see?
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the d.c. democrats, they want to change the name for the washington monument, perhaps take it down. [boos] thomas jefferson, pretty good, thomas jefferson, right? you could forget about hearing that name ever again. abraham lincoln, you can forget about it. they want to take down all statues and all monuments in washington. you have some of your greatest people right here. let me not even talk to the congressman, to heck with the congressman. the boilermakers -- how do you like the idea of taking down our statues to our great george washington, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln, andrew jackson, all of them? i don't think the boilermakers -- she will do a ring around washington, right? along with christopher columbus. he's in big trouble, i'll tell you. except, there was one. there is a group of great italians in new york. they tried to take down -- they
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tried to take down christopher columbus statue in new york. you saw it happen, right? these italians formed a little circle, and said, come on! the agitators decided to leave. let's get out of here, darling. they protected christopher columbus. they are not big on taking down christopher columbus. they protected it. when asked in a debate if there be any place for fossil fuels including coal, fracking, and natural gas, so many things that really fire up these big plans where many of you work and produce just millions and millions of jobs throughout our country, biden said no. he wouldn't absolutely not allow anything like that. we would make sure it's totally eliminated, that's what he said.
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he said, we would make sure it's totally eliminated or eliminated. now he's coming and saying, this is working too well. this isn't working. i made a speech but we ago in texas. we had crowds on the highways -- you can't get in, but the highways -- it's incredible. he could sell your ticket tonight for a lot of money, go to e ebay. even a used ticket. you go down the highways and you see it. i was making a speech in front of people who like oil, they like god, and they like their second amendment, right? [cheers and applause] think about it. whether it's pennsylvania or texas or oklahoma or note to coda, any place you take a look at this and no oil, no guns, no god. i don't think george washington running with abraham lincoln as his vp. he will pick abraham lincoln as
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his vp. he would win in texas or pennsylvania or anyplace else with those three things eliminated. if that's what they want to do. if they want to take away your second amendment. i was your president, you would either haven't obliterated second amendment , or it would -- i'm standing between them and her second amendment, and that's it. they know. they would put beto in charge of guns. that's a beauty. remember he said, i was born for this. anybody who says they are born for this, remember beto? he was on the cover of a magazine. i won't mention the magazine. it's a total phony magazine. he was on the cover of the magazine and he said, i was born to run for president. he was born for it. i was born -- anybody who gives that, that was when he was doing well. since then, he has cratered. ever since he made that
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statement, he is looked very bad. take a look at what he says about guns, and he got put in charge of guns. i guess biden, pretty soon, is going to be coming out saying, i never said that. check out all of this payments he's made on everything, and now he's going the opposite way, but he's agreed to the manifesto entirely. maybe he will do that and figures may be later on, everything he says -- because he has no control over what's happening. the radical left has captured the party. they even elected a person that nobody ever heard of -- a senator, it's been a while -- against a young, good-looking candidate by ten points in massachusetts. you did you know kennedy lost in massachusetts? you know why? because he wasn't a radical left. he was like a seminormal person, just slightly left. no, but think of it. this is what's happened. if this is really what's happened.
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if you are not a radical lefty meaning, guns, meaning fossil fuels. they want wind, wind. to make the windmill, which are made mostly in china and in germany, by the way. it to make it so much a mission is let out that is more than you can ever say. it is the craziest thing. also, i'm a big -- truly i'm an environmentalists. we clean and it's very expensive to do that and they don't. china, india, russia, germany, all of these places it's fuming out. we are doing our job -- no, they have to do it also. otherwise, it just doesn't work the way it's supposed to. [cheers and applause] they want to ban straws!
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has anybody tried those paper straws? they're not working too great. they want to ban straws, i said, well, i've had a couple of meals at mcdonald's et cetera over the years, right? wendy's, a friend of mine owns wendy's, i'm giving it a plug. burger king. they say, overly? what about the carton, what about the play? what about the knives in the spoon in the plastic? oh, they are okay. but the straws, we've got to ban. has anybody ever tried, seriously, the new straws made out of paper, right? it disintegrates as you drink it. if you have a nice tight like this tie, this one has no chance. by the time you get finished the straws totally disintegrated. it does anybody walk around with a plastic straw, because it's not bad. you whip it out -- you never had to do that. they be willing to destroy the jobs of hundreds of thousands of blue-collar workers to push his
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anti-energy agenda. do you know what the answer is right? it's the green new deal. this green new deal, this was made up -- [boos] this was made up by people who don't get it. or people who don't like our country very much. biden replied, yes, he will get rid of those jobs. he famously told the voter, i want you to look in my eyes when he stopped wearing the mask, i've never seen who like the mask. we have a big distance on the weekend, all of that stuff. where your mask when you are close together in particular, wash your hands, all of those things. we have labor day weekend coming up. did you ever see a man that likes the mask as much as him? then he makes a speech, and he always has it -- not always, but he always has it hanging down. it gives him a feeling of security. if i were a psychiatrist -- right? [cheers and applause] i would say, this guy has got
4:43 pm
some big issues. [laughter] hanging down. congressman, give your mask. i want -- i don't want to touch your mask. mike, i'll never touch your ma mask. no, but the new one is -- i went for a physical. at the doctor said to me, would you like to go -- by the way it's incredible. the job they do on people that have just been really hurt, our heroes -- the job they do is incredible. he said, would you like to go over and do a physical? you have some time. i had some time, some deal, it was china. i decided not to see china because they didn't like the way they were doing business, okay? does that make sense? the doctor -- highly respected, sean conway. sir, would you like to go over and do your physical piece of it or whatever it was? i said, i don't know.
4:44 pm
if you do it, we don't have to -- okay, let's go. we went. we are driving. you have to understand they're like 100 cars. do you see what happens here. it's like the plain time is safety. the cars are driving overcome a 20 minute drive. we get to the hospital, i get out. i was probably there for an hour and a half, two hours. then yesterday, i read that i had strokes. cnn, fake news, cnn. right there. [boos] no, it's true. many strokes they called them. i don't know what a mini stroke is, but it's not good. it could be a day and i'll admit it, it's happened so it was right. it's never going to happen. they're not looking at that. you know what happens, nothing happens. i went in, i get that part of
4:45 pm
the physical, and result was he's very healthy. they are very unhappy when they hear that result. [cheers and applause] what you don't remember is when this -- a long time ago they just started up because they want to try and get me to be in biden's physical level. they view me as being somebody that's -- you know, all around. hey, last week, this week, texas, north carolina, florida, south carolina, back to washington, let's go here, let's go there. let's go everywhere! meeting all the time. i think i've answered more questions from these maniacs than any president in history. [cheers and applause] and mean questions! i watched biden yesterday. he hasn't answered questions and what, two months or something? yesterday, he took a couple, and they were set up like i've never seen. one young woman, who think is
4:46 pm
there. one young woman is smiling. hi. hi. i would just like to ask you, sorry to bother you with the question -- it's the most incredible. the doctor wrote a letter saying, and no, these rumors are wrong. i don't like rumors like that. by the way, it's like it's fine, if it's not true -- my wife came to me and said, i think i would've known that. i said, i think i would've known it, too. they drove back with me. the press follows me. they have a special deal. they followed me, that we go in, we go out. i go in, i spend a little time -- a physical, like we all had. a good thing to have, i guess. as long as they give you a good answer. if they give you a bad answer, don't bother. possibly too late. i go in, i come out a couple of hours later i guess, whatever it
4:47 pm
is. a short time later. get into the car, the press sees me get into the car. on my way home, i get a call from my wife, the first lady. a very popular. do we like our first lady? [cheers and applause] she's very popular. a great person, great woman. she's a darling, are you okay? i said, why are you asking? she said they are reporting you had a heart attack. you have to understand, i'm driving in a car which is about, six cars in front of the press because they have a big car. we try to give them is little room as possible. they are right behind me. if they know i got in. cnn reported that i had a heart attack. if that was the same visit. that didn't work. it's unbelievable.
4:48 pm
cnn reported i had a heart attack. my wife was concerned. i said, no, not that i know it. i'll be home in 15 minutes, darling. thank you for caring. it's always nice. it's always nice. [cheers and applause] she sounded relieved, that's good. when your wife sounds relieved -- she said, how did that happen? why did they do that? i said, because it's fake news! so i go in, and that lasted for a little while, maybe a day or two. it lasted for a while. no matter what i did, i go in, i go out. they know i'm in there, after reported. one of them said it was a massive heart attack. again, it could happen someday. okay? what it does, i hope things work out. they knew i'm in the motorcade. but they reported it anyway. there fake news.
4:49 pm
that was the stupidest thing. from now on, when i go for physical or something or go to the hospital, announce it. this was a quick thing. he got me in a lot of trouble, he's a great doctor. i said, no more suppress stomach surprise visits now, the same visit, they started yesterday because some joker from "the new york times" as a third grade reported. he said, the vice president was prepared to take over the reins because they thought the president was going to go -- i guess under anesthesia. it they still call it that? they used to call it anesthesia. it's essentially the same thing. i don't want to get into a situation where biden uses a record player. remember that? you go home, you turn on your record player. the anesthesia. i said, how could that be?
4:50 pm
remember, this is the same visit. it they said, heart attack. i said, all of a sudden -- he said, suffered many strokes. now they get a letter from the white house doctor that said, it's totally false. the totally false. they still go with it. if they go with a beard that they know i'm in the group with them coming back. i don't know much about a mini stroke, but i assume mr. congressman, if you have a mini stroke, you're not heading back to the right house stomach stomach white house, right? he would spend a couple of nights of the great hospital, right? they are very dangerous people. they are so bad for a country. if we had a honest press, it would be so great. to [cheers and applause] so great. they are just a bunch of phony people. not all of them, we have some very good ones, like about 10%. you have some very good ones. you have some great journalists, but they know it's phony stuff. if they are doing anything they can to get this sleepy guy into
4:51 pm
the white house, i just don't think the public is going to fall for it. i don't think the public is going to fall for it. do you know, on his best days, 25 or 30 years ago he was weak. he was weak as a senator he was weak. he was not known for being one of the smart ones. now, it's not exactly prime time. i can tell you that. i just want to announce tonight, because we are joined with some very, very special warriors, dan music, dan, thank you very much. a great job you're doing. dan, congressman, he is a congressman who has really been a warrior for me. thank you very much, dan. fred, great job fred, thank you. john joyce. great, thank you, john. guy reschenthaler, do you know
4:52 pm
him? [cheers and applause] guy reschenthaler. what are you doing over there? what happened? you don't get along with these guys? okay. that's good. now i understand, that's good. glenn thompson. [cheers and applause] great job. great job. really great. a real good friend of mine, right from the beginning, right, mike? we are in pennsylvania and a friend of ours, a congressman for a long time from king tuckey -- no, actually from ten. i was ready to make a speech. they have very early voting. remember what he said? this was four years ago, he said, i don't know what's happening in pennsylvania, i don't know what's happening in the rest of the country. if what's going on in the rest of the country is like what's going on in tennessee he said, they are coming from the hills, the roadsides, the rivers, he
4:53 pm
said, they're coming. people that never really cared to vote. they are great americans, but they never wanted to vote. he said, they are a miles long. they've got trump gear, trump hats, trump pins, right? [cheers and applause] congressman duncan, right? remember that? that was the first time. they said they've never seen anything like it. to tennessee has been incredible, by the way. mike and i listened, we said i wonder what that's all about. it is true. people who weren't really political people. if they coming in, the deal here like the miss universe, good old miss universe. like this, they came with hats, pins, loaded with pins. one person had hundreds of pins. they never had a pen in their life. they loved the job that we've done, and we're going to do it even better and the next four years.
4:54 pm
[cheers and applause] another great friend of mine is a tough cookie and great congressman, fortunately he is a former because he is just -- she's just a special guy. he really has a big beautiful heart. lou barletta. the blue. you look good, lou. >> martha: president thinking some people there in pennsylvania. he probably pretty close to wrapping things up, they are. he is currently trailing former vice president by four points. the polls that we showed you before show you the very tight race in that state. here now with some final thoughts, they've been watching along with us, jessica tarlov, senior director of research mark, your thoughts on what we have watched tonight?
4:55 pm
>> i thought it was a really good speech. what he said at the top of the show, it's only one to three points. within the in his favor. if the economy, he said were not going to have a v-shaped recovery, we are going to have a super v. the next quarter is going to have 20 to 30% economic growth. people are going to feel that. on the pandemic, use the phase, we are rounding the turn. i think that's right. the cases are going down, the deaths are going down, and as i continues in the fall and we get a vaccine, that negative will turn into a positive. on the violent, you know, he said this is something that clearly the biden campaign is worried about because they are erratically changing strategy every day practically. winning from the basement a few weeks ago to not going to pennsylvania to going to
4:56 pm
pennsylvania, and it's not going to kenosha to going to kenosha. they are behaving erratically because they are worried this final is going to hurt them. >> martha: jessica, when you watch campaigns, as we all do. when they shift gears, it generally means they are recalibrating. i think it's fair to say that the biden campaign decided that waiting until the day after labor day -- which is when they originally said he was going to start a battleground states weep, they move that up by several days, and he has been out there as marked as detailed for us. what do you make of that? >> yeah, i think absolutely the biden campaign was paying attention to the polls and saw that it really mattered to independence that democrats be more forceful about the law and order element, i.e. identifying loudness is, writing and routing stomach looting the activities before 9:00 p.m., and afterwards are no good.
4:57 pm
i think he is doing a great job of that as reflected in the last poll. he is winning on the issue of law and order. if over 46% feel they would feel safer under joe biden's administration. i want to call mark out on his generosity awes saying it's a gd speech by donald trump. it's a stream of consciousness with the most random phrases i've ever seen. no oil, no guns, no god. i mean, praise be to donald trump for coming up with something like that. i think we are going to be seeing a lot more of this, potentially in the hour heading to 7:00 p.m. taking over prime time. i think donald trump is raring to go and have as many rallies as possible. >> martha: definitely campaign time when you hear this kind of phrase. i thought it was very interesting, mark, in this
4:58 pm
venue, he said, i like doing this. to get off the plane, you make a speech, and then you get the hell out of there. [laughter] i don't know how the people feel on the ground when they hear that, but that -- we are going to see a lot of his hanger situation at work. if they are outside, you pull the plane up, do your thing, get the hell out of there, as he says. because that's like traditional campaigning. if you trump values weren't in innovation. this goes back to ronald reagan and airport rallies. he's going back to basics. i'm not turning to say this is going to go down in the presidential rhetoric of the 21st century. these story about going to the hospital and riding in the car, people just love that. he has a very charming side to him. i think that is -- a lot of voters like it. he has it on display tonight. >> martha: we got a little bit of insight into, you know, at
4:59 pm
least what he's talking about on that trip. he said, i said to the doctor -- no more surprise visits. we can get a little work done because we have some time. that's the way he described what happened on that hospital visit, because he went back on his own team to be white house right after. at the doctor said that that was not problematic. i want to thank you guys for being with us tonight. also, just drawing attention to the atlantic story talking about the president's views on the military. we'll talk about that on the next program. that's going to get some attention tonight, as well. no doubt. president trump speaking in pennsylvania this evening. that is the story tonight, thursday september 3rd, 2020. at the story continues here in america. we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00, stay tuned because tucker carlson is coming up right after this. the president winds up his campaign stop in pennsylvania. it is now looking more close
5:00 pm
than ever. more coverage as we continue tonight, take care everybody. >> kept you guys very busy. if they were jumping all over the place, is that right? they were dumping. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, there's a chump rally tonight in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, we are monitoring it for you and we will bring you any news that develops out of it. in the meantime, good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," happy thursday. the key for any political party that is trying to hold power is getting voters to the polls, it's not complicated. if this simple act has not been a problem for the democratic party. they are much less likely than republicans to vote. democrats are also survey show less likely to know much about the issues. they buy the bumper stickers but on


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