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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  September 4, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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thanks so much, tyrus. catch you on the g.g. show. i'm dana perino. i'll see you on "the five." meantime, here's jon scott. >> dana, thank you. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. a new jobs reports showing us where we stand in this covid-19 world. the unemployment rate dropping 8.4% in august. the lowest since shut downs began. also shows the u.s. has recovered half the jobs lost during the pandemic. hiring slowed down last month. ahead this hours, we'll speak with labor secretary eugene scalia and the biden campaign. >> so it's a fake story and it's a disgrace they're allowed to do it. nor considers the military especially people that have given their lives in the
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military. to me they're heros. they're heros. it's even hard to believe how they can do it. i say that. the level of bravery. and to me they're absolute heros. >> defiance from president trump. several officials strongly deny a new report that claims that he called america's service members suckers and losers. the atlantic cites for anonymous sources that say it happened during a trip to france in 2018. the magazine reports president trump made those comments when he cancelled a visit to a cemetery near paris to mark the end of world war i. now this bomb shell report is reverberating from the white house to the campaign trail. first, to the south lawn with chief white house correspondent john roberts. john, you were also on the france trip. >> i was. i'm on the north lawn. not the south lawn.
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but yes, i was on the trip and remember well that the president was supposed to go to the cemetery on november 9. cancelled that. the official reason was given was that the helicopter could note fly because of bad weather. more in just a moment. i talked to three people in the meetings about whether or not the president would go out to the cemetery. one is john bolton. to a person they say that the president never said that he didn't want to go out there because the people that were buried there were losers on the 1,800 marines that died there were suckers. here's what the president said about i earlier today. >> it was a totally fake story. that was con firmed by many people that were there. it was a terrible thing that somebody could say the kind of things and especially to me. i've done more for the military than almost anybody else. >> in a speech in wilmington delaware today, vice president joe biden said that he's inclined to believe that the information in the article is true and slammed the president
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though he did issue the caveat "if it's true." listen here. >> if these statements are true, the president should humbly apologize to every gold star mother and father. who the heck that he thinks he is? is it true? well, we've heard from his own mouth his characterizations of an american john mccain as a loser in 2015. >> in a briefing this afternoon, the president got fullbackup from row bert o'brien who said the president has nothing but respect for the american military. >> you won't find anybody who is more sympathetic to their situation. i don't believe a word. i've never seen anything like that in 2 1/2 years of working with the president. it was disappointing. >> here's the way it unfolded.
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during the day, there was a weather call for marine one, which means that they couldn't fly the hell continuer out there. it was raining. the ceilings were low. the president's military aide sent out and e-mail saying team, we're a bad weather call. chief of staff general kelly will replace potus. please advise if there's any questions. president was given the option to motorcading out there. according to john bolton and others there were security concerns about the president traveling that far away from air force one in case there was some emergency that he would have to get out of the country for and the president was particularly not keen i'm told to spend four hours in the car going out there and back and ultimately, jon, the call was his that he said let's not go. i'll do the speech at the cemetery in paris the next day. >> john roberts on the north lawn. thank you, john. this weekend marks 100 days of
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protests in portland, oregon. the feds say that they shot and killed the man suspected of gunning down a supporter of a right wing group as they tried to arrest him. matt finn reporting live from portland. matt? >> jon, a short while against, the u.s. attorney general william barr released a statement about that man believed to be the shooter. the attorney general writes in part the tracking down of reinoehl, a dangerous fugitive admitted antifa member and murderer is a significant accomplishment of restoring law and order to portland and other cities. i commend law enforcement. the sheriff says a team was surveying reinoehl at an apartment in lacy, washington about two hours north of po portland. police say reinoehl tried to flee and he was shot dead.
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he had a gun. prior to his death, vice publish add shocking interview where reinoehl admitted to shooting and killing president trump supporters aaron danielson last saturday in the street. the man claimed self-defense and a friend of color might have been in danger. >> i had no choice. i had a choice. i could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. that wasn't going to do that. that was the straw that broke the camel's back. >> that man, michael reinoehl wrote on social media that he was 100% for antifa. over the past week there was online video circulate ago peering to show him involved in last weekend's shooting. tomorrow there's a memorial for 39-year-old aaron danielson, the victim shot dead last sunday. daniel son's friends say he was not a high profile conservative leader or spokesperson. they don't think he had a target
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on his back and we spoke with one friend that says she found out about his death from a reporter. >> he sent me a picture of jay on the ground. gets me so emotional. when i was told that someone was shot, i didn't think it was one of our friends, somebody that we knew. >> and as portland braces for the 100th night of unrest here a short while ago, oregon's governor kate brown says she's not sending the national guard because she feels the guard is not trained in law enforcement. jon? >> matt finn reporting live from portland, oregon where there's been so much mayhem. matt, thank you. >> dana: campaign 2020 in full swing this week. president trump and joe biden both visiting battleground states but with very different messages. each of them traveled to kenosha
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wisconsin, pennsylvania. we heard speeches on the economy and social unrest. the first debate just over three weeks from day. who ends the week ending? let's bring in howard kurtz. what do you think? wins it? >> well, i think that the press is piling on president trump. so in media terms, you can say he loses every week. when president trump went to kenosha and met with law enforcement, many in the press said he's playing to his base. when joe biden got there, he got mother sympathetic coverage because he met with the blake family, spoke to the injured blake on the phone. but the fact is, biden emphasized racial injustice and denounced violence. the president emphasized law and order. they're both playing to their base. that's what a campaign is about. >> at the same time, the economic numbers out today. in a typical year, the economy drives people's voting habits.
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the economic numbers out today were very good for the president. >> there's absolutely no question that with unemployment starting to come down, it's still high, but wow, a lot less than 13 or 15% as it was just a couple months ago. that helps the trump's argument that things are bouncing back and covid is under control. we should be happy for the country that things are rebounding. covid is not under control but things are moving in the right correction rather than in purely political terms. any democrat that roots nor disaster and further economic pain i think is not doing the right thing politically or morally. >> that article in the atlantic that suggested that the president referred to war dead from world war i as suckers and losers, the white house is pushing back vociferously on that. it should be noted that the people that make the claims quoted in that articles are anonymous. what do you think about that,
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howard? >> they absolutely are anonymous. i think the article has to be taken seriously because editor and chief jeffrey goldberg has deep ties and sources to the defense community. and also we have all heard president trump disparage john mccain for being shout down. but several white house officials that were there are denying the account on the record to john roberts and others. it's very important to weigh the credibility of this and the president may be right that some of the sources are disgruntled officials pushed out by him. bottom line, people that support president trump will believe this is a hit by a liberal anti-trump magazine. the question is whether it resonates with swing voters and people in the military that also vote. >> yeah. john bolton is one of those that spoke on the record to john roberts. john bolton and the president have obviously had their
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differences. but john bolton says this account of the president not wanting to go to the cemetery is because he didn't want to spend time saluting war dead is simply hog wash. >> yeah. i read john bolton's book. it's very detailed and a lot of material that very negative. if it wasn't in his book and he was there, that does make me question. but the article is much broader. it's about president trump's attitudes that those that have served and whether or not he understands their sacrifice and involving general john kelly, the probably had to be confirmed in some way by kelly. so i'm not welling to say it's fiction as the president does. if the bolton book doesn't have it that is score one for the president. >> very quickly. the president urged people to essentially vote twice. he said mail in your ballots and go to the polls and make sure that they were counted. the media jumped on that.
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what do you think about the reaction? >> an absolute media freak-out. donald trump knew that there would be. when he says something like, he says i'm not telling people to break the law. he knows well that pundits will pile on him. he drives the news agenda.makes it into a two-day story, four-day story. everybody is talking about the subject that he wants, mail ballot fraud and the latest numbers on covid-19. you can like or not like the technique but it's worked for him in the past. >> the host of media buzz, howie kurtz. thanks. >> joe biden launching a double attack about president trump today on the economy and the report rocking the political world right now. the national press secretary for the biden campaign joins us next. and later, the trump administration gets its say with labor secretary eugene scalia. saturdays happen.
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12:17 pm
unemployment fell more than most economists expected. joining me now, t.j. ducklow for the biden campaign. 1.4 million jobs added. that's a good thing, right? >> well, look, we certainly celebrate 1.4 million americans that didn't have jobs getting their jobs back. it's important to remember, there's 11.5 million americans that have lost their jobs sense february that don't have jobs. there's still 30 million people that are on unemployment. the fact of the matter is, we still have a virus running uncontrolled through this country that donald trump is yet to get under control. so this is an economy that is certainly working for donald trump and his friends. but doesn't work for working people. the vice president said today, donald trump has made being a working class american a life or death situation in this country. joe biden has a plan and recovery that puts working
12:18 pm
people first that gets people back to work and can prioritize the right kind of folks in this country, the kind of people that he's fought for his entire career. that's what his build, back better agenda is about. building back our communicate to not where it was before the crisis but better. go ahead, jon. >> jon: t.j., also joe biden has said if the experts told him to shut down the economy, he would do it. >> i think joe biden is someone that listens to the science. he leads with science, he listens to medical experts. his first -- his concerns first and foremost will always be the health and safety of the american people. that is not what we have seen from this president. this president is more interested in his own political gain than he is to the health and safety of the american people. his priority will and always will be the health and safety of the american people, leading with science, listening to experts and making sure we had a plan in place to get the virus
12:19 pm
under control and get americans working again. >> jon: we spoke with john roberts and howie kurtz in the atlantic that is not very flattering towards the president. joe biden said on several occasions since the article came out if it is true, the president unequivocally denies it's true. let's listen. >> i would be willing to square on anything that i never said that about our fallen heros. no animal, nobody, what animal would say such a thing? especially since i've done more -- i think more than anybody to help our military. >> jon: so is this something that joe biden will continue to bring up in appearances? >> well look, we've seen a number of other outlets have similar reporting since the atlantic. i believe the a.p. and "the washington post." howie kurtz said we should take this seriously. this tracks things that donald trump said before. this is -- these disparaging
12:20 pm
comments calling american troops that die in battle losers and suckers. this is something that is deeply personal to joe biden whose son as you heard him say served overseas. it's a president's solemn duty to make sure that our troops are protected, that they have what they need and also to take care of military families here at home. joe biden as commander-in-chief will take that incredibly seriously and it seems to be in contrast to this president who repeatedly denigrates our troops who are our heros and who we deserve -- who deserve our honor and respect. >> jon: real quickly, shortly after kamala harris was named as joe biden's running mate, she said that the protests would continue, wouldn't stop. is that still the attitude? >> well, here's what i can tell you. vice president biden and senator harris believe that protesting and justice is an utterly
12:21 pm
american response. it's justified. they have denounced violence in any form by either side. that is something that we have yet to see this president do. this president excuses violence when it's from his own supporters. we know this president thinks that the more violence, the more fear, the more chaos is better for him politically. so you'll continue to see the vice president and senator harris lead on this issue. speak out against violence when they see it and support those protesti protesting. peaceful protesting is a core of who we are as our country. >> jon: thanks, t.j. from the biden campaign. as national protests continue, a veteran police officer is gunned down in cleveland. what we're learning about the suspect involved. plus, arizona is one of several key battleground states president trump is trying to keep red in 2020. is the strategy working?
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>> jon: seven police officers in rochester new york suspended with pay after the release of body camera video showing the arrest of a black man that later died. it happened in march. the man's death ruled a homicide. the head of the police union said the officers had to do what they did. laura ingle has been following this story for us. she has the latest on the investigation. laura? hi, jon. as the public police union and even some city leaders in rochester are getting a look at the body cam video, an investigation has been going on for six months.
12:27 pm
we take a look back in time. daniel prude's brother called asking for assistance from his brother who had a mental health episode and said he never expected what happened next, a warning, this body cam video taken by police is disturbing. >> i'm going to sue your [bleep]. give me the gun. >> calm down. >> you good, man? >> after police tried to calm him down, they handcuffed him, put a spit hood on his head and pressed he's face down until he stopped breathing. though the medical examiner said he had pcp in his system, his death was ruled a homicide. the major of rochester said the seven announcers were being suspended with pay. the police union believes the officers involved did exactly what they were trained to do. >> they have no interest to have
12:28 pm
an individual on the ground. they have no other recourse until that ambulance can get there, until the gurney can get there. >> the investigation continues today, jon. >> laura what more do we know about the car that drove through the group of protesters in new york city last night? >> the nypd says they don't have anybody in custody or identify action of yet. the video is crazy. you may have seen it throughout the day. it's a miracle nobody was hurt after a black sedan blasted through bikers and bystanders protesting in times square. there's reports that the driver may have been involved in one of the protests or demonstrations. we have not been able to confirm that as well. back to you. >> all right. laura ingle reporting live. thank you. meanwhile, major protests in cities across the country.
12:29 pm
they are preparing for more violence over the holiday weekend. cities like chicago, new york and portland. let's bring in ted williams, former d.c. homicide detective. he is also a fox news contributor. the numbers in places like chicago and new york city, ted, are just astounding. the number of shootings and murders taking a terrible spike right now. what is going on? >> it's very sad time in our history of our country where you have this kind of violence in our major metropolitan cities. what you're finding unfortunately, jon, there's just a lack of disrespect when it comes to law enforcement and the rule of law. so something clearly has to be done. >> jon: we just saw that video in rochester, new york.
12:30 pm
the seven police officers have been suspended after the death of that man in police custody. it is in some ways similar to what happened in minneapolis. when you look at that video with your police officers eye, what do you see? >> i see a man being treated in a very inhumane manner. the gentleman, mr. daniel prude, was handcuffed. he was naked. he was on the ground. he was there for a 12-minute period. they put a spit sock over his head, but the problem i have is with the mayor who knew about this early march, who -- the attorney general for the state of new york, latisha james knew about it. i'm calling for a special prosecutor to be appointed in that mat tore really look into it. i think that is necessary. these people cannot police
12:31 pm
themselves or the mayor is blaming the chief of police and now the chief of police is looking at the mayor and they're all looking at each other unfortunately. >> jon: meantime, we have the suspect who was wanted for the shooting of a counter protester or a right-wing protester wanted for the shooting death of that man. federal agents went after him. reportedly he pulled a gun and now dead. what are we going to learn about this particular case, the death of michael reinoehl? >> jon, this is a very interesting case because michael reinoehl was alleged to have gone on television and said that he wound up killing jade danielson -- michael reinoehl is with antifa. jay daniels was with the patriot crowd group a right wing group. he was killed. this man is confessed to it
12:32 pm
before he was shot and killed by the authorities. the investigation will go on. i have to tell you, one of the concerns i have is antifa will try to make this guy a martyr for their cause. it's going to be more and more trouble in portland as a result of the killing of jay danielson. >> jon: and they've had 100 days of it already. ted williams, thank you. >> it's out of control. >> jon: we're minutes from the closing bell. stocks are reacting to today's jobs report. the unemployment rate dropping last month. ahead, the secretary of labor, eugene scalia on the number numbers. at heinz, every ketchup starts with our same tomatoes. but not every tomato ends in the same kind of
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12:37 pm
weighing in. jennifer griffin has more on that. >> i have spoken with two u.s. senior officials on the trip to france. they confirmed two details in the article attributed to the president. an official said when the president spoke about the have vietnam war, he said it was a stupid war. anyone that went was a sucker. the president would say about what's? it's for veterans. they don't make any money. he doesn't understand why someone would die for their country. not worth it. for the french trip, the president was not in a good moot. french president macron said something that made him mad. he questioned why do i have to do two cemeteries in his staff explained he could cancel but he said they, the press, will kill you for this. the president was mad as a hornet. when asked if the president
12:38 pm
could have driven to the cemetery, this former official said confidently that there was not a security reason not to drive to the cemetery, which was about 40 miles from paris. he said the president drives a lot. the other world leaders drove to the cemeteries, he just didn't want to go. regarding the president's july fourth military parade planning during a planning session at the white house after seeing the bastille day parade in 2017, president trump said regarding the inclusion of wounded guys, that's not a good look. americans don't like that. regarding senator mccain, the president according to this source just hated john mccain. he always asked why do you see him as a hero? two sources confirmed the president did not want the flags lowered but others ordered at half staff. the president relented. mark esper just issued a
12:39 pm
statement praising the president saying president trump has the highest respect and admiration for our nation's military members, veterans and families. that's why he has fought for a greater pay and more funding for our armed forces. back to you, jon. >> jon: jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. thank you. now, another look at the latest jobs numbers out today. the unemployment rate dropping to 8.4% last month and the economy has recovered nearly half of the 22 million jobs lost since the covid-19 shut downs began. let's bring in the secretary of labor eugene scalia. secretary scalia, the president said he wanted to regain or create 10 million jobs in ten months. it appears the new figures would put you ahead of that pace. >> well, jon, that's right. it's such a good way to go into the labor day weekend with this report. since april, we've added back 10.6 million jobs.
12:40 pm
much quicker pace than anybody had projected. that 8.4% unemployment rate so much lower than people were expecting to see. the congressional budget office were saying they thought we would have 16% unemployment in the third quarter. we're at a better place. we know we have work to do. we're at it. this progress will continue. but it's certainly very good news nor the weekend. a validation of the strong economy. the president had built before the virus struck and also shows the effectiveness of some of the measures that were taken. for example, the legislation the president signed in march to sustained small business to help unemployed americans. we're seeing some of that back as well and the resilience of the american worker who has done so much to move things forward these past few months. >> jon: this is the first big
12:41 pm
jobs record number out since that $600 federal unemployment benefit ended. the fact that that money is not getting pumped into the economy and yet you still get 1.4 million new jobs. what does that tell you? >> well, the cares act benefit was a good thing to do as we closed our economy. a lot of people were being told by state and local officials that they weren't allowed to work. but it was set to expire by congress at the end of july. that was the right thing. the president has wanted to provide continued federal unemployment support. congress wouldn't act, didn't get it together. the president set up separate program, lost wage assistance program, which 45 states are now participating in. it's another way of getting additional support. i think we are seeing some benefit from the expiration of the $600 a week. there's more room to grow. i looked at the healthcare
12:42 pm
sector. we still have 700,000 fewer jobs in healthcare right now than we did in february. we know those jobs can come back, will come back. so i think there's progress to be made going forward as well. >> jon: well, there is disagreement on capitol hill about the size of and need for another economic program. at the same time, when you look at the numbers, our national debt has reached $3.3 trillion, the deficit. $3.3 trillion. pretty astounding numbers as labor secretary, do you worry about figures like that? >> well, i think that spending on the magnitude that we had to do in march is not called for anymore. we've made really great progress since then. there are things that the president believes and that i believe we can still do to help
12:43 pm
american workers like that unemployment benefit, like the paycheck protection program, which has been so valuable to supporting small businesses and keeping some workers on payroll. so i think there's some things that can be done. measures on the scale that the democratic leadership had been talking about are not needed. i have to tell you, i have to come to wonder whether the democratic leadership wants to provide additional support to the american work force right now. they stood in the way of a short term deal to help unemployment workers, for example, in july. >> the former vice president, joe biden, has said that the president mismanaged the coronavirus crisis. quickly, your response. >> well, among the good news is we head into the weekend, jon, is the benefits we're seeing from the fight against the virus, deaths down, cases down, hospitalizations down, test positivity rates down. exciting progress being made on
12:44 pm
a vaccine. so that is more good news. it's also results of the efforts the president, the vice president and others have made against the virus. >> jon: the labor secretary, eugene scalia. thanks nor coming on. >> my pleasure. have a good weekend. >> jon: joe biden gaining ground in arizona. we'll take with arizona congressman andy biggs. that is next. ♪ limu emu & doug you know limu, after all these years it's the ones that got away that haunt me the most. [ squawks ] 'cause you're not like everybody else. that's why liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. what? oh, i said... uh, this is my floor. nooo! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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12:49 pm
that president trump made disparaging comments about u.s. soldiers. john bolton was on the trip. take a listen. >> i didn't hear either of those comments or anything even resembling them. i was there at the point in time that morning when it was decided that he would not go to the cemetery. he decided not to do it because of john kelly's recommendation it was entirely a weather-related decision. i thought the proper thing to do. >> jon: that's the former national security adviser, john bolton. a man who has crossed swords with president trump especially since he left that position. but according to the former national security adviser, the story in the atlantic does not hold water. meantime, joe biden is leading in the battleground state of arizona against president trump. he's up by nine points in a new fox news poll. the latest real clear politics
12:50 pm
has biden leading by five points. he won by fowler than four points in 2016. joining us now, andy biggs. he represents arizona in the u.s. congress. so what do you think about the numbers, congressman? >> i don't get everly concerned with them, jon. i don't know what the cross tabs are. >> i've been always over the state in the last few weeks particularly during and post republican convention. i can't imagine that the polls can capture the intensity that i'm seeing among republicans throughout this state. so when i hear that 1 poll has 9 points down, i've seen other points a dead heat. i don't get overly concerned. i think they're missing out on the enthusiasm factor, which is different between the two parties in this state. >> jon: you have spent a lot of time with the president since he took office. that atlantic report says that
12:51 pm
the president made disparaging racks about anyone who has worn the uniform and particularly did not want to go to the cemetery in france. what do you think of that report? >> i don't believe a word of it if you want the truth. i have never heard him say anything other than the highest praise for veterans. we've discussed how he can help veterans get more and better healthcare, how he can rebuild the military. i can't believe it. seems to me like a russian collusion hoax again where claims are made by people and once this blows over, there's no there there. >> jon: we saw the jobs report out today. 1.4 million jobs added in august. 10.6 or 7 million regained since the start of the covid pandemic. what does that do on capitol hill to the negotiations over
12:52 pm
more relief efforts? >> really clouds them up. some of our colleagues on the other side of the aisle, they want to spend $3.5 trillion. as you can see the growth in the economy and you can see the improvement in the health of people with relationship to covid, all of a sudden the reason for just massive spending seems to evaporate a little bit. so i think it actually hurts the negotiations because the democrats are still locked into that massive number. >> jon: andy biggs, republican member of congress from arizona. enjoy your labor day weekend. >> you too, jon. thanks. >> jon: many americans are planning to travel this holiday weekend despite the pandemic. ahead, we'll talk and one of the top destinations which also happens to be a coronavirus hotspot. ut with accident forgiveness
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♪ jon: those rights in kenosha, wisconsin damaging more than 100 buildings, that's according to the area's business alliance. it says there could be nearly $50 million in losses after the protests and violence since the police shooting of jacob blake. one store owner says his kid offered to help raise money with a lemonade stand. well, millions of americans heading to covid-19 hot spots like florida for the holiday weekend that's according to trip-it. this as the feds say the u.s. is roughly adding 40,000 new controversies cases each day. phil keating is reporting live from miami for us. phil? >> hey, jon. this is hard rock stadium home of this february's super bowl and all summer long it has been one of the state's largest covid-19 testing spots. it will also be the location for the upcoming miami dolphins home
12:58 pm
football game. and while 26 of the nfl 32 teams will be beginning their seasons without any spectators inside the stadiums, the dolphins will, however. just 13,000 per game and everyone must wear a mask. >> we worked with steve roth and the miami dolphins. i think they have a great plan. i have been in contact with the jacksonville jaguars as well as our universities about having. this and you can do it. >> as for the state of florida and miami-dade county, once one of the biggest hot spots for covid transmission in the country, what a difference two months makes. numbers are down to their lowest since june. new positive cases are below 4,000 every day when july saw them soaring at more than 10,000 a day. and the state's test positive rate is down to about 5% or 6% for two straight weeks now. this weekend is labor day weekend. our third holiday weekend sips this all began. so cautionary warnings are out there that people do not repeat
12:59 pm
virus spreading gatherings like they did over memorial and july 4th weekends. dr. anthony fauci said yesterday the highest risk for surging right now is in the dakotas, iowa, arkansas, missouri, indiana, and illinois. and another huge economic casualty of dove. miami's annual art contemporary art extravaganza is canceled this december. the art brings in international travelers and more than $100 million to the economic impact of the economy. a really big blow. and florida's governor announced this week that palm beach county, which also miami-dade and broward county large chunk of the state's positive covid test. palm beach county starting on tuesday will now be allowed to enter phase 2. that means movie theaters and bowling alleys and other establishments with limited capacity but still a big sign and a big step towards getting the economy back up and running
1:00 pm
more fully, jon? jon: phil keating from miami. phil, thank you. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer today. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. ♪ [bell] ♪ neil: all right, thank you, jon very, very much. let's stay could have been a lot worse. stocks clawing to come back after being down 800 points equaling yesterday's big sell off stronger than expected employment report. with the drops today and as bad as it looks today it could have been a lot worse. the nasdaq had been 300 points worse and that average had fallen close to 10%. the technical definition of a correction in a matter of two days. it's not done that since going back to march in the height of the pandemic sell-off. but that was then. this is now. a market that rebounded from the worst level now the only question they are asking is which is


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