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tv   Fox Report with Jon Scott  FOX News  September 26, 2020 3:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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fox news alert, president trump she is officially nominated amy coney barrett for the supreme court to replace ruth bader ginsburg. good evening. i'm jon scott and this is a special to our fox report. ♪ president trump making the highly anticipated announcement about an hour ago from the white house. judge amy coney barrett, favorite candidate among conservatives has long been considered the likely picked for the seat. if confirmed by the senate, the 48-year-old judge the seventh court of appeals will become president trump's third appointee to the supreme court and only the fifth woman in
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history ever to serve on the bench. live team coverage tonight on the president's nomination, richard and willington that there were. kristin fisher in pennsylvania for the president will hold a rally tonight. chad on capitol hill david and the supreme court. first, john roberts. outside the white house. >> a real opportunity for president to ideologically flip a seat on the supreme court. president trump has the opportunity here now to solidify if she's confirmed, a conservative majority on the supreme court despite the fact chief justice john roberts as an occasional swing vote. president became a fan of amy coney barrett for the seventh circuit court of appeals in 20 2017. he thought she showed toughness when she faced poignant questions. today the president is thrilled to nominate her for the highest court in the land. listen. >> it is my honor to nominate one of our nations most
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brilliant and gifted legal mind to the supreme court. she's a woman of unparalleled achievements, towering intellect, staring credentials and unyielding constitution, judge amy coney barrett. >> she's the nominee the conservatives have a been looking for for a long time. she is herself, the same judicial. listen here. >> the judicial philosophy is mine, too. a judge must apply the law as written. judges are not policymakers and they must be resolute and setting aside any policy views they might hold. >> today's event introducing amy coney barrett, it's the start of what the judge herself acknowledged, a difficult road ahead. in confirmation, president judge
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trump saying not engaging in political or personal attacks against her and give her a fairg is the senate judiciary. >> her qualifications are unsurpassed. her record is beyond reproach. this should be a straightforward and prompt confirmation, should be very easy. good luck. it's going to be very quick. i'm sure it will be extremely noncontroversial. we said that the last time, didn't we? [laughter] >> here's the schedule, lindsey graham, chairman of the senate judiciary selected to speak with amy coney barrett tonight tuesday, mark meadows, chief of staff, the white house counsel will take her up to capitol hill to meet with the senate leadership and then it will be a modified version of making rounds on capitol hill because of coronavirus, they expect they
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will probably put her in one place and senators will meet her. unlike the past due nominees, it's not expected she will have a shortfall on capitol hill. the process is just getting underway, the president hopes she'll be confirmed by election day. mr. president state from time to time, we will see. jon: we do things a little differently during a pandemic. john roberts, thanks, john. president trump nominate amy coney barrett to fill the supreme court seat left vacant after the death of justice ruth bader ginsburg. judge barrett currently serves on the chicago-based seventh circuit court of appeals. nominated before that position by president trump in 2017 and confirmed by the senate in october of that year. david is live right now. >> good evening. a lot of excitement from pro-life groups on the supreme court, really from across the u.s. the race is on to transform circuit court judge amy coney barrett to supreme court justice
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amy coney barrett. one week from monday is the start of the fall term, for the supreme court. they will meet the teleconference because of covid-19. we also know week after the election, the affordable care act will be discussed and there's no indication amy coney barrett may not be on the according to mitch mcconnell and president trump, they hope she is installed as the ninth justice on the supreme court at that time. barry is what's known as a text to us, someone who interprets the words of the constitution literally. she's a proud catholic, pro-li pro-life, a win for conservatives during her september 2017 confirmation hearing for the seventh circuit court of appeals in chicago. she fended off how her face would play into landmark cases. listen. >> the dogma lives loudly within you.
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that's of concern. >> if you're asking what i take my faith seriously and a faithful catholic, i am. although, i would stress my personal church affiliation or my religious belief would not bear on the discharge of my duty as a judge back and you have no personal belief as to whether rope was correctly decided? >> i'm sure every nominee before you has believed about that president and many others but all nominees are united in their belief that what they think about it should not bear on how they would decide cases. >> october 2017, the senate confirmed her 55 -- 43, three democrats voted on her. indiana joe donnelly, virginia senator and vp nominee in 2016, tim kaine and joe manchin who put out a statement today saying he would not support her for the supreme court arguing it's russ. as for on the court and 2018 when the president viewed her, he personally chose brett, instead. those who embraced, you heard
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john roberts say this, antonio scalia, his direct interpretation of the constitution, the people are going to love judge and possibly justice amy coney barrett, not only did she study scalia's philosophy, she was in this building find me 22 years ago in 1998. >> that explains why his widow was in the audience. >> republik and pledged to vote on amy coney barrett before the accident. democrats swear they will fight against confirmation. that is live. >> a question of how fast you can do this. they looking at confirmation hearing around mid october, anywhere from about 11 to 14 days to nominate for the supreme
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court. they may turn it around on the senate floor at the end of the month. there's a possibility this could just past the election and maybe they would vote on this in congress, that would be very strange having the senate voting on the nominee of potentially a president and senators considering the nominee, that is a distinct possibility. she's been before the senate judiciary committee before, she got a chilly reception from democrats in 2017. >> personal belief entering into judicial decision, anybody who has practiced law and i've done it for 40 years. i question your judgment. >> the real word of judgment is judge. >> barrett will receive a welcome from senate republicans, barrett originally from louisiana gop louisiana cassidy admires her face. >> i do think democrats in washington d.c. at least, a trend by catholicism, threatened by people of faith who actually live there face.
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>> reaction is starting to roll in now on capitol hill. i will start with mitch mcconnell who put out a statement which was silent as for specifics of the time here. he just said they would consider the nominee in the coming weeks and he said there it deserves a fair process. i hope all 100 senators will treat this with dignity. the senate minority leader chuck schumer is going to speak about the nominee in new york city tonight around 7:00 p.m. eastern time said the following, the vote for amy coney barrett is about to strike down the affordable care act. democrats are pitting this into policy and politics for the election because they know the affordable care act goes well with swing voters and there will be a supreme court case is justice, it confirmed my have to consider sometime in early november concerning obamacare. schumer says trump and mcardle are doing what no senate has done before. senate minority leader chuck schumer called apprehensible,
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reprehensible power grid. the person shepherd through amy coney barrett's confirmation is the chair of the senate judiciary mitty, lindsey graham. i'm committed to ensuring the money is a challenging and fair and respectful hearing. it's a big question here, just how volatile this will be, concerning how it was with bright cattle in the fall of 2018, it will probably be just as tense on capitol hill. during a pandemic, the capital complex shut down say will not have protesters in the building. jon: i think that's a kind word for what took place at the hearings. thank you. with reaction to the nomination of amy coney barrett from the supreme court, senate races, let's bring in steve from montana, finance and appropriations committee. you like this nominee?
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>> i think she is great. i just saw this speech and it's a great combination. in law school, love her heart. if the president said she is the first supreme court justice, a mother of school-aged children, this is a minivan mom is going to be the next supreme court justice. i couldn't be happier and i can't wait to go back to washington d.c. and cast a vote for this next justice. jon: you suck kamala harris giving brett, a particularly hard time and you also heard diane feinstein giving judge barrett a hard time when she was up for the appeals court job she currently holds. here's what the senator said. feinstein has already stumbled once entangling with amy coney
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barrett is widely seen as a front runner to be trump supreme court nominee. we know now she is the nominee. 2017 hearing appeals court feinstein told barrett the dogma lives loudly within you, a remark seized upon as anti-catholic bias by republicans. you think there is going to be that criticism or veiled criticism directed at this nominee? >> the left will stop at nothing to ensure she is not confirmed by the u.s. senate. she's probably going to get kavanaugh in some way like we saw what happened to brett. what this does is brings into a crystal-clear focus for the american people what is at stake in 2020. chilling words about dogma that's violation of religious liberty and freedom, first amendment in this country, her
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face, she lives out her face every day in the public square, a mother of five children, one with special needs and foster children, i can't imagine how this should even be controversial of her face. what it says, what we saw on paper montana front page this week, he said justice ginsburg vacancy puts the second amendment on center stage. i think the american people see how important the u.s. senate races are because they will determine the future of u.s. supreme court, we need more justices like amy coney barrett, she's exactly what we need, the kind of justice who has the blend of a great mind and great heart. jon: it was depression on joe biden, the star he has refused to do. let me touch quickly, he said
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the majority in the senate. you are leading a squeaker of a race in montana, 46 -- three, 44.74 steve bullock. you think the nomination in any way affect your chances? >> i'll tell you, whether it does or doesn't, i'm all in. i think it helps, it allows montana to connect the dots to see what is at risk and what the threats are to our freedoms in a way of life. if my opponent were elect to the senate, the senate flips to chuck schumer and he be right there putting liberal justices on the bench which are direct threats to the second amendment as well as job killing regulation i think this will be helpful for us and i'm looking forward to litigating this for the people in montana because
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they know the supreme court is a direct threat to our second amendment rights if justices are put on the bench. jon: i'm looking forward to visiting montana one of these days. thank you. president trump making his way to the battleground state of pennsylvania right now, hoping to win votes in key states with a great american comeback. this, as a fox news statewide likely voter survey says joe biden has the lead there right now. kristin fisher is live in pennsylvania with more on what to expect tonight. ♪ >> moments before the big announcement, the big screen over there, so everybody can watch it. when president trump walked out along sign amy coney barrett, this place erupted in tears. so many of his supporters voted for him in 2016 and now president trump is going to be
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able to look at them and say look, i kept my promise to nominate a conservative to the supreme court, not once, not twice but now three times. judge amy coney barrett's domination these final weeks before election day. also, we are seeing a shift, not so much a shift but a refocusing by the trump campaign on this all-important battleground state of pennsylvania. this is president trump's second rally in pennsylvania in just four days. he was here tuesday and he should be here in about an hour, hour and a half, depending if he's running a few minutes late. these rallies have been outside but most of these people here are standing shoulder to shoulder and many are not wearing masks and that has prompted the state's democratic governor to sound the alarm and sang he believes these rallies are dangerous. he put out a statement yesterday
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saying he's really concerning the president would insist on holding this event with blatant disregard for social distancing bringing thousands of people together in a tight space in the midst of a global pandemic, it is flat-out wrong. the trump campaign was a we are taking measures to mitigate potential dangers by keeping this event outside. they are handwashing stations throughout the airplane hangar with the rally is being held. thirty-eight days until election day, joe biden seems to have an edge here according to this latest poll, he's ahead in the state by about seven points among voters but president trump won the state in 2016 by just 27% in the trump campaign things he will be able to pull out a win again. jon: 3% margin of error. it could be very close. thanks.
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democratic nominee joe biden, a statement to the supreme court that comes as the former vice president is laying low this weekend. still refusing to put out his own list of potential nominees and looking to reframe the supreme court issue around healthcare. the biden harris campaign from delaware. rich. >> good evening. before amy coney barrett even spoke at the white house, joe biden put out a statement tying this nomination to an issue that democrats want to talk about. that is healthcare. in that statement, he said the president nominee, she has written track record of disagreeing with the u.s. supreme court's decision upholding the affordable care act. she critiqued chief justice john roberts majority opinion, upholding the law in 2012. the senate should not act on this vacancy until after the american people select the next president and the next congress.
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earlier today, as president, he would work with democrats and republicans to come up with the next nominee. >> get rid of the worst president in american history, donald trump because he holds a lot of people enslaved. everybody in the republican party know he's vindictive. people are worried about what he'll do. with him gone, it opens up a different avenue. >> bipartisanship was hardly in fashion biden served as vice president before donald trump even won the presidency. republicans who despise him root refusing to release a list for who he is considering the supreme court. biden will not back to partisan pressure to produce a list though has promised to nominate a black woman. democrats are praying the upcoming supreme court confirmation process as an attempted republican power grab veterans have voting rights and abortion rights and healthcare.
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the argument continues next week when biden's vice presidential nominee, kamala harris is scheduled to speak monday in north carolina about the supreme court and obamacare. all of this is just a couple of days before the first presidential debate tuesday, biden says he expects the president to attack him personally throughout the session. >> back in a moment. priceline works with top hotels, to save you up to 60%. these are all great. and when you get a big deal... ♪ feel like a big deal. ♪ priceline. every trip is a big deal. and now your co-pilot.. ♪ still a father. but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying.
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more protests across the country following a grand jury decision not to charge any officers directly in the police shooting death of breonna taylor. mike is blue live in louisville. >> we looking at 250 people gathering here at jefferson square park downtown louisville. i talked with one woman who says she's demonstrating because she wants to stand for something. i talked to another gentleman who came in from out of town and he's here demonstrating because he believes black people in america have come a long way and doesn't want to stop now while there are still questions and disagreements with the justice system but we are waiting for night default with demonstrators gathering here and we know the intent to march again. last night they marched with minimum police and 22 people arrested, half were out of town and about, just about all of them were arrested for curfew violations. minimal friction with police, 7:00 p.m. last night and the
3:25 pm
demo traders were told to march on the sidewalk and they didn't. police declared their march an unlawful assembly and use flash bangs to disperse the crowd. it worked for a time but then they reassembled. they marched to the church with a have gathered for a few nights in a row and they hung out there, police largely didn't interfere with them, just let them get tired and go home under their own steam but we are watching for nightfall tonight, we will see what will happen, there are armed people in the crowd of demonstrators here tonight, is also a large presence of police and national guard here in louisville but they are not directly fronting the demonstrators, they are off to the sides were hanging in the parking garage is, waiting to see what happens tonight. jon: mike tobin. thanks. the mayor of russia in new york has been named the new police chief as part of her effort to the department. this comes after mayor warren removed the former chief two weeks before he was supposed to
3:26 pm
resign after accusations he and other commanding officers covered up the death of daniel crude. elex. >> american rochester announcing big changes within the police department including naming some as the new interim police chief, the first woman to step into that role. cynthia sullivan will take the role october 14, rochester native served the armed pd 24 yes. she also worked with the critical response team. >> if she understands while there are some long-standing and inexcusable practices in our department, the vast majority of our officers are committed to serving and protecting our city. because of this, and interim chief, she will have the ability to bridge the gap that currently exist between the police and the
3:27 pm
people who live in our community. >> rochester seeing weeks of protesters for danny fruit, the 41-year-old one week later. police officers were suspended and the police chief moved. portland, oregon today, opposing protests, hundreds of members gathering, and say fascists and black lives matter just miles from each other. a state of emergency calling state troopers and deputies in the city. >> left, right or center, violence is never a path toward needful change. peaceful protests are the only path toward change. those flames of violence, those coming to portland looking for a fight will be held accountable. >> a grand jury decision not to charge the officer involved in
3:28 pm
breonna taylor steph sparking nationwide protests, new york city, hunters of activists marching and walking the brooklyn bridge last night in atlanta because of protests violence there, 19 people arrested tonight, prevent any of the violence these protests peaceful in cities across the country, they are issuing curfews in various cities tonight. jon: alex, thanks. president trump nominates judge amy coney barrett to the u.s. supreme court. next, reaction from mike johnson is been a friend of judge amy coney barrett for 30 years. ♪
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♪ it's official, president trump nominates judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court. she's a former clerk for the late justice scalia, she current serves on the court in chicago.
3:33 pm
david is live at the supreme court right now. david. >> good evening, things are quieting down on the steps of supreme court, quite a moment to be here when president trump made that announcement. they are talking about 100 people from all different parts of the country celebrating all the steps of the supreme court as soon as president trump made the announcement, that he nominate the judge amy coney barrett with the second -- seventh what of appeals in chicago. she's notably a conservative, many democrats are worried about reviews, she paid homage to the person she's essentially going to be replaces, ruth bader ginsburg. listen. >> justice ginsburg began her career and a time when women were not welcome in the legal profession. she not only broke glass ceilings, she smashed them. for that, she's won the admiration of women across the country and indeed, all over the
3:34 pm
world. jon: she noted a close relationship between justice ginsburg and justice scalia. justice scalia, judge barrett work for her, in 1998 here at the supreme court. a lot of respect for the late justice ginsburg. jon: thank you. >> i don't think you get to where you are, where she is, it speaks for itself. i don't feel i need to give words to that. jon: resemblance? the sister of amy coney barrett, knocking down criticisms the judge would be a submissive justice on the supreme court. just what do we know about the president supreme court nominee? let's bring in my next guest who's been friends with her 30 years, mike johnson, chairman of the republican study committee and member of the house judiciary committee. congress then, how did the friendship begin? >> great to be with you. i've known amy more than 30
3:35 pm
years, we both grew up in louisiana we used to meet up at these events the state would have from north and south, new orleans to freeport but we came best friends. she always stood out, i've been saying this to everybody against the last few weeks. and extorting person. love the president said what he introduced her, he quoted will former quotes when she cooks for justice scalia and they described her simply, a woman of incredible intellect and it describes her to a t. she's going to be a fantastic justice. jon: perhaps no surprise that her sister thinks highly of her but a lot of people, even her intellectual offices, or ideological offices perhaps, say good things about her. here's another bite from her sister, about this nomination. >> she is a good leader. i think now i would say today,
3:36 pm
that her role is community and love. she just makes such an effort, despite her busy schedule, despite she has to juggle everything, her love for people is remarkable. >> unity and love in the u.s. senate, coming up, congressman. >> i'm afraid we won't because the democrats are in a corner now. they are really upset about the fact that the president will have appointments but that is the way the voters have spoken the last couple of election cycles. look at the polling data, everyone has said the supreme court is an important factor on how they vote for president. they all have to now do their constitutional duty, confirm this judge. we have plenty of time to do it, shall be exceptional and there's nothing in amy coney barrett's background, professional or
3:37 pm
personally, they can take any issue with. they will have to make fun of her religion, i guess and i think that will backfire. jon: you saw how vicious the brett kavanaugh hearings became, you expect it to be the same way for amy coney barrett? >> i hope not. what america thought today and what they will see over the next few weeks it's greater display for the country, it's a truly, she's a devoted wife and mother 27, two of them adopted from haiti, her youngest with special needs. she is just a gracious person, she's very humble. and the smartest person can also be the most approachable, you have an extraordinary person. she's exactly what i think the country needs in a justice. they will be hard-pressed to find anything not to like about amy. >> what democrats obviously are going to say look, justice ruth bader ginsburg was a liberal, left leaning justice.
3:38 pm
amy coney barrett does not come from the same ideological mold. therefore, she should not be confirmed. how to answer that? >> to answer it by looking at history and tradition, look back over the whole history of the u.s., we had 29 situations like this where you had a vacancy on the court in the midst of a presidential election cycle and in every one of the cycles with the president was republican or democrat, set for the nominee. in all cases except anomaly in history when the president and senate were controlled by the same party, the nomination was confirmed. as the president said well today, she is arguably the most qualified justice, at least one of them, that's ever been before the supreme court and i think she's perfect for this time. i think her grace under fire will be admired by a lot of people in this country when they see it. i think this will be great for everyone. jon: speaking to president up earlier, we will see it tomorrow
3:39 pm
morning on fox and friends here is a sample of their discussion about this nomination. this in. >> did you think mitch mcconnell would play this big of a role in cementing your legacy? >> we worked very closely together. it has been amazing. there's never been anything like it. if you think again, 40 or 50, we have many people waiting to be confirmed right now. it's a big deal. by the end of the term, we will have almost 300 federal judges and court of appeals judges, which is a record. we will have had a great impact on the court system going forward. >> it is interesting and maybe unusual alliance between the president who came into washington as an outsider and the current. >> i'll tell you, the former, i did that for 20 years, i'll tell
3:40 pm
you, this is by far the longest lasting legacy of any president. the fact that this president, with the assistance of mcconnell and wilkins in the senate have done their duty with many judges, it will be a game changer for the country. it will help us preserve this great republic, i am grateful about that. as i told the president last saturday, i talked to him about amy coney barrett, i said mr. president, you can consider her a female scalia. she learned the constitution under him, she's out of the same mold and she will be that kind of generous, strong, relies reliable. that's what this time calls for. jon: thanks for sharing your insights. appreciate it. tomorrow morning on fox and friends, 6:00 a.m., he will see more of the interview with the president. on the amy coney barrett nomination and other issues. tomorrow 6:00 a.m. straight ahead, an update on the
3:41 pm
coronavirus pandemic. ♪ one day
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we'll look back and remember the moment that things, for one strange time in our lives, got very quiet. some lost work and invented new ways to get by. others were busier than ever, and found strength they never knew they had. we sheltered with the people who matter most,
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the easy way to a happier business. united states now surpassing 204,000 coronavirus desk. john's hopkins university reporting more than 7 million cases across the nation. the original u.s. epicenter, new york facing a rise in cases as well. charles watson reports live from atlanta. charles. >> new york, which is once the epicenter is starting to see a surge in new covid-19 cases. today the state reporting more than 1000 cases for the first time since june. new cases steadily increasing across the state in the last few weeks. largely been able to keep the
3:46 pm
virus under control amid a nationwide search that can be tied to businesses reopening and students returning to school. public health officials say they expect the death toll to rise again in the coming weeks. over to massachusetts where a grand jury has indicted to former leaders of the veterans home, 76 residents died of covid-19. prosecutors allege doctor david at the home recklessly allowed the mistreatment of thousands of veterans in their care. >> they were responsible for the decision, to combine veterans, some of it positive and others not showing symptoms of covid into a single unit that usually accommodates 25 vets. as part of this consolidation, the home decided to put six or seven veterans in rooms meant to
3:47 pm
hold only four people. >> these charges are believed to be the first in the nation brought against nursing home operators during the pandemic. jon: thanks. now, some other headlines around the globe. president looking to boost morale as tensions rise with china. air force and navy personnel in a southern port 80, beijing sent two planes into the nation's air defense identification zone three different days this week. beijing considers taiwan part of its own territory. india's prime minister pledges to the united nations his nations axing production capacity would be made available to the world to fight the cornrows. this comes as the country moves into phase three clinical trials for a vaccine. british prime minister boris johnson calling for a global pandemic early warning system
3:48 pm
telling united nations general assembly the fight for future pandemics. remarks on his way before heading -- [inaudible] >> i think there's a great future. when the professor at notre da dame, one of the most highly respected, the best student he's ever had. first in her class, all about. so it is a great honor. today was a big drop. it's very hard. i don't know how they can do it. the question was, do i expect a confirmation? i think it is very hard -- where? the best student, best academically, great professor. the highest recommendation.
3:49 pm
i think it is very hard for them to do. i don't think they know when they get to meet her and see her but we have a lot of time. if you really look, we have to do it before but i think this will be done before the electi election. i think it will send a great signal to a lot of people. she is outstanding. we are going to harrisburg, pennsylvania and there will be a lot of people there and that is good. i think we are doing very well. we are leaving, we are leading in pennsylvania, i think we are leading in florida. i think we are leading everywhere. he disagrees with us on our couple of things with what's going on. if you look at the alex, they
3:50 pm
found ballots in the garbage can. they found many ballots in a riverbed in a certain state. they had another case with thousands of ballots sent, they had double. you get to vote twice. this whole ballot scam will cause a lot of problems for our country. it's got to be a legal process. when you get thousands of ballots sent to people and they are double ballots, you get to who votes. as she is one of many. look at the iowa primaries, democratic primaries. they still don't know who one. if you look at it, it was a disaster. i don't think they know who one yet. many ballots were missing. we can't do this. that was a relatively small number of people.
3:51 pm
we can't do this to our country. we are going to see. we are watching very closely. the u.s. attorneys are watching. the attorney general is watching. the sheriff's are watching. local police is watching. also, bloomberg. bloomberg can't go to to florida he commits a crime if he does that. he has done that. he understands that. [silence] i can't tell you what i'm going to do. i'm going to go to the debate. they just asked me, will i go on attack? i have no idea. i have no idea how he's going to be. as always different, he's always very different when he comes out. so i have no idea what's coming out. i've been doing this for a long time but he's been doing it what
3:52 pm
is seven years. i've been doing this for four years. a big difference. [inaudible question] >> that's going to be up to them. this is something, because it wouldn't be appropriate to discuss, they will have to make a decision and that will be for the judges. >> [inaudible question] >> looks like it. they will be putting that out very shortly. it's going to go fast. before the election. it's going to go very fast. thank you all. see you in harrisburg. thank you. jon: october 12 looks to be the likely date for the confirmation hearings to begin for the
3:53 pm
president latest supreme court nominee is introduced to you less than two hours ago, judge amy coney barrett currently on the seventh circuit court of appeals in chicago. the president is on his way to a rally in pennsylvania. we will have more on that, later. more dangerous whether in the forecast. rising temperatures and strong winds in california could create even more wildfires this weekend and into next week. christina is live in los angeles with more. >> the strongest winds are expected tonight into tomorrow morning central and northern california. emergency officials worry gusting winds could spread flames in the 25 major wildfires already burning in california. the wildfires burning here in the west have killed at least 35 people and destroyed thousands of structures in hard-hit state of washington, oregon and california. however, a lot of progress has been made, containing some of the fires in part because of
3:54 pm
cooler and seasonal temperatures and the rain in the pacific northwest over the past week. in socal, most of the evacuation orders were lifted around massive bobcat fire that burned nearly three weeks now and the angeles national forest. the fire is now 61% contained. the endless forest is one of nine national forest that will remain closed in california because of extreme fire conditions and critical limitations of firefighter resources. u.s. border forest service evaluating when to reopen the force on a daily basis as crews trying to stop the virus from causing even more destruction. >> i'm sorry this happened to our beautiful community. people have lost their homes. >> when it came up, it was an inferno and couldn't stop anything. >> also the largest utility in california, gas and electric could shut off power to about 97000 customers this weekend
3:55 pm
because of the dangerous fire conditions. jon: thanks. tropical storm remnants are wrapping up across the carolinas, the storm drenched parts of the southeast yesterday. showers and thunderstorms moving to the mid atlantic as the system weakens and moves offshore. thousands of people gathered in washington today for a prayer march seeking god's healing for a nation in crisis. the event organized by evangelist michael graham, president of samaritans purse and son of the late reverend billy graham. he and mike pence led the large crowd and prayer. nearly 2-mile march began at the lincoln memorial and ended at the steps of the united states capital. live special coverage continues with extended edition of the fox report at the top of the hour. up next, what to expect president trump when he rallies supporters in middletown,
3:56 pm
pennsylvania. he's on his way there right now. it is third rally in the battleground state and three weeks in his second this week. the two are running neck and neck, joe biden and the president. we'll take this live here on fox news channel, 7:30 p.m. eastern, about half an hour from now. plus -- how judge amy coney barrett supreme court nomination is really shaping the 2020 presidential election. an interesting statement from one republican senator. that is ahead. ♪ or appointments to open up or test results to come back. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america, our world-class experts give you the care you need, when you need it. with appointments in as little as 24 hours and rapid test results to get you a personalized treatment plan. it's all we do.
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that's what you get when you talk to a dell technologies advisor. jon: 7 p.m. on the east coast after nominating amy coney barrett to replace late justice ruth ginsburg and president trump boarded up air force one he's now on his way to the battleground state of pennsylvania for campaign rally. good evening i'm jon scott and this is a special two hour edition of the "fox report." jon: tonight great american comeback event is an important one for the trump campaign as a new fox news poll has democratic presidential nominee joe bide biden leading in that state but no doubt the president's pick of judge barrett for the supreme court will be a big factor for voters come november 3rd. we have live team coverage on the impact his pick might have on the presidential election. chad is at capitol hill david is outside the supreme court rich
4:01 pm
edson is in wilmington, delaware but first check in with kristin fisher in middletown, pennsylvania, kristin. >> it is significant that president trump has chosen to come here to pennsylvania for his first stop after making one of the biggest announcements that any president can make. i mean, pennsylvania it was always going to be a critical state. president trump reelect efforts but become increasingly so before election day that is why president trump has come here and held a rally in this state twice in just one week. and about two hours ago, everyone here, thousands of people cheered when president trump walked out with judge amy coney barrett and said this. >> i stand before you today to fulfill one of my highest and most important duties under the united states constitution. the nomination of a supreme
4:02 pm
court justice. this is my third such nomination after justice gorsuch and justice kavanaugh, and it is a very proud moment indeed. reporter: and it will almost certainly be very first thing that he talks about tonight. jon. jon: thank you. now, to the president dramatic foil in washington. senator majority leader chuck schumer holding news conference in new york city after the judge amy coney barrett nomination. let's listen in to what the minority leader of the u.s. senate has to say. >> in effect it is eliminated, labor rights will be eliminated. judge barrett and those from the federal of society want to make america right to work state which would get rid of labor union. our environmental rights would be greatly hurt with judge barrett on the court. clean air act clean water act
4:03 pm
effort to stop global warming heard lbgt qx rightings and this hit personally to me at jewish new year's dinner, rosh hashanah dinner we are heard justice ginsburg died my daughter sitting next her wife whispered to each other will our right to marry be constrained under this new court? just about every american will be hurt by judge barrett, views on issues like health care and women's rightings and labor rights and voting rights. climate change. her views are way to the right of the american people and as they learn about it she'll become less and less popular. the future for immigrants -- >> schumer laying out arguments that democrattings intend to
4:04 pm
bring against judge amy coney barrett as she tries to ascend to highest court in the land. whether they'll be able to stop her or not well it doesn't seem like they have the votes the republicans are united in their support. democrats like chuck schumer generally oppose this nomination. but they do not have the votes at this point and we should know starting october 12th that's when the president says he believes in lindsey graham is going to begin holding hearings on her nomination. well joe biden was quick to respond to the president big announcement as two prepare to meet tuesday for first time on the debate stage. rich edson is live in wilmington, delaware with that. rich. reporter: good evening jon an biden campaign you heard if from the senate minority leader they are tieing vacancy in the nomination torn that they want to hit in this campaign and that is health care. vice president joe biden tweeted on all of this, quote, today
4:05 pm
president trump nominated judge amy coney barrett to supreme court the jurist with a written track record of disagreeing with court decision to uphold affordable care act vote like your shk on the ballot because it is. running mate senator kamala harris tweeted, quote, trump hand pick successor make it is clear, they intend to destroy the affordable care act and overturn roe. this selection would move the court further right for a generation and harm millions of americans. a strongly opposed judge barrett nomination. now earlier today biden said he would as president work with republicans and democrats to come up with his nominee. >> number one, get rid of the worst president of the history, donald trump because he holds a lot of people a sway everybody in republican party knows he's vein vindictive it opens up a
4:06 pm
different avenue. >> republicans criticize biden for releasing list of who he's considering for the supreme court. biden says he will not bow to partisan pressure to produce a ligs, though, has promised to nominate a black woman. democrats are framing the upcoming supreme court kirchtion confirms process as power grab that threatens voting and abortion rightings and health care. that argument continues next week when biden vice presidential nominee senator kamala harris is scheduled to speak monday in raleigh, north carolina. campaign saying she'll talk about the supreme court and obamacare. this is just a couple of days ahead of that first presidential debate that is on tuesday. the vice president joe biden, former joe biden says he's expecting host of personal attacks from president trump throughout that session. jon. jon: reporting from wilmington, delaware. rich, thank you. for more on president trump's rally tonight in battle ground, pennsylvania, let's bring in trump campaign senior advisor mercedes, we put up the numbers
4:07 pm
a little bit earlier in the hour. the president is running behind joe biden in the latest fox news poll. although, if you factor in the margin of error, biden campaign potentially has a one point lead. do you think that rallies like one tonight are going to be effective in turning that around for the president? >> oh, absolutely. i think you're seeing the president with a rigorous schedule he just had five events yesterday in several states. obviously, now in pennsylvania, he's out there interacting with the voters. working on getting these votes and it's not only president, the vice president it's the first family. it's top surrogates going out there as well in these targeted states. we feel it is very important to talk to these voters, talk about the president's record of success in these past three and a half years. and, obviously, contrast that with 47 years of joe biden's failures and that's what we are focused on day in and day out,
4:08 pm
obviously, our internal polls are showing that the momentum is on our side. there's huge enthusiasm for the president and i think that's going to, obviously, lead to a victory come november third. >> let me put number from latest fox news poll on likely, pennsylvania voters, up on screen 51% of likely voters say they like joe biden, 44% like president trump, and then there are couple of other i suppose lesser candidates in the race 3% and 2% undecided. but again if you factor in the margin of error 3%. this could be a 1 point race. your internal polling, what shows the president polling ahead? >> well in many of our targeted states, either the president is tied or leading in these states so what i think is what we have is joe biden on defense he's having to spend money in
4:09 pm
minnesota places like new hampshire, and nevada where, you know, hillary clinton won in 2016. we feel very strongly that we're basically spending a lot of our resources and time in these states so that we can flip these states so that they're become red states so it is a lot of the investment in terms of a strong ground game we just hit over 2.2 million voters who are -- 2.2 million volunteers who are now part of this campaign. and i just have to tell you momentum is really on our side. i just came back from minnesota yesterday. and what you're seeing is a lot of our ground game very much activated knocking on doors. making phone calls and where is joe biden? he's calling a lid at 9 a.m. in the morning. and you don't see that real ground game action happening in a lot of these states. >> i imagine you heard senator
4:10 pm
majority leader chuck schumer in the top of the hour in news conference complaining about nomination of judge amy coney barrett says, you know, her nomination to the supreme court for ascension to the supreme court would bring on well, basically everything except maybe nuclear armageddon there was an interesting statement we just received from senator lisa myrrh murkowski who opposed any vote on a nominee before the president, presidential election. i think we can get that up on the screen. but she says for weeks i've stated i do not support picking up a responsible supreme court vacancy this close to an election. but today, the president exercised his constitutional authority to nominate an individual to fill the vacancy on the supreme court. left by the passing of judge ruth bader ginsburg. i welcome the opportunity to meet with the supreme court nominee just as i did in 2016.
4:11 pm
it almost sounds like she's leaving the door open for a yes vote. >> well, you know, this is a next stage of this nomination process, obviously, amy being able to meet with a number of the senators. really being able to tell her story, and quite frankly, she's the right choice for this time. when you look at her legal experience, when you look at her judicial record, obviously, her time also extensionive experience as a professor and lit gator. you know, i just think that time and time again what we've seen is these bipartisan group of law professors coming out and saying she's rigorous, fair minded, respectful and you know, i really believe she is just going to be the right choice for this time. it's why we need to move forward with getting her confirmed. we've seen, obviously, in the past senate confirm previous
4:12 pm
justices in just a short period of time. ruth bader ginsburg they confirm her in 32 days and so you know, the president again, he completed his duty. his rightful duty to fill this vacancy, and now it is up to the senate to provide advice and consent and vote her in to be the next justice on the supreme court. for democrats -- >> love to be a fly. >> i think for democrats it is problem mat whik they're talking about attacking courts and fundamentally transforming the institution of the supreme court. ting they're going receive a lot of back backlash with that. jon: that's going to be an issue to be considered i suppose after the election in the event joe biden were to win love to be on the fly on the wall i started to say at the meeting with kamala harris, and amy coney barrett. judge amy coney barrett mercedes with the trump campaign. thank you. now for more on our top story
4:13 pm
trump nomination of amy coney barrett to succeed ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court. barrett is a judge on the chicago based 7th circuit u.s. court of appeals. president trump nominated her for that post on may 8th of 2017. the supreme i'm sorry senate confirmed her later that year october it 1st. david is at the supreme court with more for us. david. >> good evening well those who loved late justice antonin scalia are going to be thrilled with president trump's pick of judge amy coney barrett from that 7th circuit court of appeals based in chicago. she lives in south bend indiana with her husband and seven children but in 1998, 22 year ago she clerked in this very building for the late justice antonin scalia so she knows his philosophy studied him watched him closely, in fact, she's a texturist like him and read the constitution word for word and accepted the constitution and the meeting of the constitution literally and took that literally.
4:14 pm
now, barrett is a win for conservatives. today in the rose guard within her family watching, she pledged to follow that document the constitution to serve as justice of the supreme court for all americans regardless of philosophy or political persuasion. here she is. >> i clerked for justice scalia more than 20 years ago. but the lessons i learned still resonate. his judicial philosophy is mine too. a judge must apply the law as written. judges are not policymakers. and they must be resolute in setting aside any policy views they might hold. >> in 2017 she was confirmed 55-43 for circuit bench spot three democrats voted to put her on bench and west virginia joe manchin and virginia king and put out a statement today saying he will not support coney
4:15 pm
barrett to be sitting on the supreme court. now barrett was rumored to be a front runner in 2018. but the president actually chose brett kavanaugh instead although he personally interviewed coney barrett in 2018 so she clearly has been on his radar. now, it is a race against time. jon to transform, judge barrett with the circuit court of appeals to clock is certainly ticking now over on capitol hill also to point out, here at the supreme court, the fall term kicks off one week from monday. a lot going on. jon. jon: daifd at the supreme court david, thank you. so as david just told you, judge barrett received a handful of democrat votes when she was set, when she was installed on the court appeals. but her nomination to the supreme court sets up a contentious confirms battle in the senate republicans have pledged tholed a vote before the election which is just 38 days away. democrats where they'll do everything possible to make sure that does not happen.
4:16 pm
congressional correspondent chad has more on that from capitol hill. chad. erchg well good evening here is the timetable. they hope to have a confirmation hearing around middle of october. probably the week of october 12th and then maybe put this on the floor just before the election white house chief of staff mark meadows today would not completely commit to having this done by november 1st we'll see it is going to be very interesting. but starting this week will meet with mitch mcconnell and won't have a cher to escort that term around because of covid and some of it is because of time and a volatile month according to tom cotton republican senator from arkansas. >> when you have senior most in thes attacking judge baiters and other judges for their faith it creates an environment that unleashes the kind of vile we've seen on social media today coming from the left. >> with the nomination of barrett democrats pivoted to policy and health care issues,
4:17 pm
democrats poll well with vehiclers on hang supreme court scheduled to hear a case in november which could undercut obamacare. >> the most urgent near term and i think consequential issue that is the affordable care act. that will be an argument in november 10th, and it's then the president this is no secret the president objective i think congressional republicans to have it overturn to really just destroy it and to wipe out protections for preexisting conditions. >> now chuck schumer says vote for amy coney barrett to strike down affordable care act. now the chair of the senate judiciary committee lindsey graham says he's committed to ensuring that the nominee gets a challenging, fair, respectful hearing i tell you what that confirmation here hearing infused with politics lindsey graham is facing competitive against jamie harrison and also a member of the judiciary committee kamala harris the
4:18 pm
democratic vp nominee. jon. jon: respectful we'll see if that happens. on capitol hill once again dealing with a spike in coronavirus cases in new york. we await president trump. he is on his way to a campaign rally in southeastern pennsylvania when it begins. we will bring you live coverage of his remarks as soon as they start. ♪ this is the feeling of total protection now that we protect your identity, mobile phone, auto, home and life you've never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today you've never been noand if you're troubledan a lifby falls and bleeds,ers.
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4:23 pm
order earlier as state moves into phase three of its reopening plan. the governor has taken criticism for restricting local government from imposing orders that are harsher than state directives in massachusetts a grand jury has indicted two former leaders of a veteran's home where 76 residents died of covid-19. prosecutors allege doctor david clinton both top officials at the home recklessly put healthy veterans on same unit with those who were infected. and jon these charges are believed to be first brought against nursing home operators for deaths during the pandemic. back to you. jon: charles watson from atlanta. charles, thanks. the coronavirus is changing how voters cast their ballots this election. with more people turning to mail-in voting they're already court challenges and issues
4:24 pm
being reportedded across the country. as election officials scramble to make sure every vote counts. eric shawn has more. reporter: it turns out that one of the major reasons mail-in ballots are rejected is that voters make mistakes. in pennsylvania voters received two envelope one to put their ballot in. that goes in the envelope they mail and voters forget to use both now there's a push to skip the secrecy envelope and count votes without one anyway. >> we should be in the business of franchising voters not disenfranchising voters and if there's a simple fix to this, and it would be to just eliminate the secrecy envelope. >> other states given reprieves in wisconsin a federal judge extended deadline to six days after the election. for absentee ballots to be received and in michigan judge went even further two weeks longer. for ballots postmarked by election day.
4:25 pm
in new york officials are applying lessons learned in trying make it simpler. many voters without realize this have to sign the back of the ballot envelope they mail in and got the state to put a big red x where voters sign their john hancocks. >> make it easier for voters to understand where they should sign on their ballots on the ballot envelope. complicating things in florida new ballots thanks to billionaire mike bloomberg. he donated 5 million to help pay the fines of 32,000 convicted florida felons so they can regain the right to cast their ballots. but florida republican congressman matt gaetz says it is against the law. >> it is a felon i-in for someone to directly or indirectly offer something of value to impact whether or not someone votes. >> bloomberg donatinged to the florida rights restoration coalition.
4:26 pm
a group specifically hing black and hispanic ex-cons who owe less than 1500. in new york, eric shawn. fox news. jon: president trump hopes to court the african-american vote as the 2020 race gets tighter and the president will speak in moments in the swing state of pennsylvania. just a couple of hours after nominating amy coney barrett to rise to the u.s. supreme court. live coverage comes presidential rally, coming up. who is usaa made for? it's made for this guy a veteran who honorably served and it's made for her she's serving now we made it for all branches and all ranks whether they served one tour or made a career of it. we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids usaa is easy to work with and can save you money on auto, home and renters insurance. become a member today. get an insurance quote at usaa. what you're made of we're made for
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4:31 pm
signature of the trump campaign and final weeks before election day. and every time air force one touches down as it did just moments ago it is a huge crowd pleaser. and another big crowd pleaser tonight the moment that president trump walked out with judge amy coney barrett everyone here was watching on the big screen and it is expected to be the very first thing that president trump is expected to talk about tonight when he steps up on stage. he's also expected to call out his opponent joe biden for refusal to release his own supreme court short list. the campaign says that the president is expected to say that joe biden is refusing to do that and the name will be hand picked by socialist, also say that if given power far left will pass the supreme court with radicals. so listen for that tonight. now, this is going to be president trump's second rally in pennsylvania in just four days. a sign of the increase
4:32 pm
importance that both campaigns are placing on this state in the final week before election day. polls right now tight race latest fox poll actually gave joe bide an slight edge. but as president trump was leading the white house, moments ago, he said that he feels very good about where he stands in pennsylvania with 38 days until election day. jon. jon: kristin fisher there in harrisburg where the president is campaigning. kristin thank you. about to open the door and president will emerge when it begins to speak we will surgery have that for you live. for more on all of the days eventses let's send in fox newsradio white house correspondent and attorney as well. john it was least well kept secret in washington amy coney barrett had been on the short list for a long time almost gave the job to her that he ultimately gave to brett kavanaugh but he wanted her to have some more seasoning get some more time on the bench as a
4:33 pm
federal appeals court judge we understand. what has she done in the three years since that may effect her nomination process? >> well jon she's prorch proven her worth as conservative jurist on 7th court of appeal when is her name was first mentioned on this short list so many conservatives around the country in the legal community really embraced the idea of her possible nomination and you're seeing this now. now that the president has nominated her. she's a jurist in the mold of antonin scalia whom she clerk on the u.s. supreme court that and speech accepting nomination says is what she said she'll act when she's on the supreme court and she's confirmed by the full senate in the next few weeks. >> the opinions that antonin scalia wrote whether they were in the majority or the decenting opinions were absolutely fabulous, it will be fascinating to see whether she can match him
4:34 pm
in terms of her eloquence in those opinions. do you have any thoughtings on that, jon? >> well i agree with you. that was one of the great things that i really enjoyed so much in law school is reading the opinions of antonin scall scalia whether it was in the majority or writing a strong decent that's one of the things that is a tough act to follow if that is the person who is your role model ruth bader ginsburg also a very eloquent writer, and, in fact, what we heard from judge amy coney barrett a tribute to her in accepting this nomination from the president. i think that her name will be invoked certainly by democratic senators throughout the three day of confirmation hearings that are likely to get started in the next two and a half weeks. jon: it was a hometown crowd you might say there in the rose garden when the president introduced judge barrett and her family and for that nomination when she emerged from her and we
4:35 pm
expect, you know, he's going get energized by a crowd in harrisburg as well. take us through the process, though, democrats, i mean, we heard chuck schumer at the top of the hour, saying that, you know, judge barrett nomination to the supreme court is essentially going to bring a play to locus down on the united states and every other bad thing. do democrats have any ability to stop her nomination? the short answer is no. the numbers are there in the u.s. senate right now to make this nomination go forward in the timeline that senate judiciary committee want it is to and votes appear to be there to confirm amy coney barrett for that 9th feat on the u.s. supreme court. there's very little that the democrats can do even to slow down this process. so as we all know the president like her confirm taking her place on the u.s. supreme court before november 3rd before
4:36 pm
election day. i think jon that's likely to happen. >> all right we also had a kind of a curious statement that i read a little while ago from lisa murkowski of alaska she's within who said that she felt that based on what happened during the kavanaugh hearings that, that i'm sorry while the garland nomination what i'm talking about that there should not be a vote in the u.s. senate before the presidential election. that the next president essentially whether it's president trump or joe biden right next president should make a nomination. today she put out a statement that was a little vague and it almost sounded as if she be willing to cast her vote. she said that the president has made his nomination as he's constantly constitutionally entitled to do. and she looked forward to meeting the nominee. did you read that statement and what did you interpret from that? >> i interpreted it in the same way that you're interpreting it, jon.
4:37 pm
that is that she's opening the door to voting for the president's nominee which would add a little bit of a cushion to the president's efforts to confirm judge amy coney barrett and it should be interesting to also see whether susan collins, the senior senator from maine also makes a similar statement whether she also meets with judge barrett as she goes through the process of meeting with those senators, mostly republican senators who wish to meet with her before the confirmation hearing take place. jon: i don'ton kamala harris wag on judge amy coney barrett a mother of seven kids two adopted you know, generally, i mean, even by her ideological opponents she is said to be an incredibly kind and generous woman. >> well, i doubt very much that
4:38 pm
senator kamala harris is going to go after a judge amy coney barrett in personal terms but rather through the things that she's written as a federal circuit court judge and also her work as an academic sitting on the faculty of the university of notre dame law school. i don't think that she's going to go after her in terms of her faith or other thingings related to her personal life. that would be a political mistake on the part of senator harris and i don't think that the democrats want to go down that road and further energize republicans just weeks away from the november election. jon: senator dianne feinstein had no problem going after her on the basis of faith when she was up for appeals court job. >> that's right. you know, i think that it will be interesting to see the manner in which she questions judge barrett because senator feinstein still is on the senate judiciary committee, in fact, she's the ranking member of the
4:39 pm
senate judiciary member perhaps she'll be counseled don't go after her in personal terms because it will have the effect of energizing the republican base. and that's not a good thing when you're talking about such a close election. you mention the president in pennsylvania today. and that is one of those states that is so critical to both joe biden and president trump, and every little bit counts, and so energizing the base for democrats and republicans really will make a huge difference as we get into the closing days of the presidential campaign. >> john stick with us we're going to go to pa big 747 is there right behind the crowd of the back drop. but president has just been introduced. a little hard to see on my monitor but it looks like the president is coming down the stairs waving to the crowd, and the crowd is waving back. it won't take him long to make his way down the steps of air
4:40 pm
force one to the podium where he'll be begin speaking shortly last week the president didn't have the 747. i got a couple of e-mails from people who asked me why. well it's because it takes a lot of runway to land a 747, and the president was appearing last week at an airport on the -- that doesn't have runway needed for big 747 that is air force one so he flew on the 757 version the twin engine version of the presidential aircraft. which is also called air force one when president is onboard. so they are both air force ones but this one is the bigger one and -- most aviation fans will tell you that more deluxe. there is the president, walking toward the crowd in harrisburg, pennsylvania, big state for his presidential reelection hopes, joe biden leading there according to the latest fox news polls, although if you factor in the margin of error that lead might be as little as 1%.
4:41 pm
and the president hopes he can turn around that 1% maybe tonight. we'll see. harrisburg, pennsylvania, the president is speaking. and interesting that one of the senators who voted to confirm judge amy coney barrett to her position on the 7th circuit court of the appeals is tim kaine, the democrat from virginia who was the vice presidential candidate when hillary clinton was running against president trump. tim kaine cast a yes vote for amy coney barrett curious to see whether there are any democratic votes for this president supreme court nominee. they are hopping mad that he has made the nomination. and that mitch mcconnell has scheduled essentially said she's going to get a volt vote trying to do it republicans in the senate are before the november election. well they have a limited amount of time we understand from
4:42 pm
lindsey graham the chairman of the senate judiciary committee who is in a tight senate race himself in south carolina but that could begin a week of october 12th. the musicking playing, the president is waving to the crowd. let's take in some of the atmosphere there from harrisburg, pennsylvania, the president's campaign rout. ♪ >> well, we won pennsylvania last time and we're going to win it by a lot more this time -- [applause] because you know four years ago we have a lot of enthusiasm but
4:43 pm
we have more now even the fake news will admit that. they will admit that. more than we've ever had, hello, pennsylvania, thank you very much for being here. as we stand together in the bring luck we'll take it. i just came from the rose garden of the white house, -- [applause] thank you very much. and i love you too. thank you. i wouldn't have done this. i wouldn't have done it i'll be doing well our country is going to be stronger than ever before
4:44 pm
very soon to what's happening and all happening beautifully it's happening. we have to close it down. we saved millions of lives and we open it up and we're doing record kind of numbers, and we're going to have the best year and best third quarter so thank you very much. [applause] i've just come from the rose garden of the white house where i proudly nominated judge amy coney barrett to to the united states supreme court. judge barrett is a brilliantly mind extraordinary scholar you know that. number one in her class, you know the professor one of the most respected people he said the greatest student he's ever had that's pretty good. that's a little better than biden wouldn't you say? [applause] he should be running for president -- instead of it's a little bit better academically slightly better.
4:45 pm
and most important of all she will defend your god given right and freedoms. she will. judge barrett would become the third supreme court justice along with over 300 think of this, this is our third nomination. we have justice gorsuch, justice kavanaugh, and now we have amy along with over 300 federal judges by the end of this term. to uphold our laws and constitution as written and that's a record, joe biden refused to provide his list because the names will be hand picked by socialist like representatives alexandria cortez. aoc plus three and omar. that's the greatest she's the greatest always complaining, she's always complaining. came here things worked out for
4:46 pm
her. how did she come here does anyone know how she came here? aoc plus three. that's a beauty. that's a group of real, they love our country so much. they've given power to far left will pack the supreme court with radicals who will terminate the second amendment that's what they want to do. strike the words under god from your pledge of allegiance. tear down crosses from public faces, force taxpayers to fund extreme late term abortion that's what they're looking to do. these left wing justices will cripple police departments, protect sanctuary cities, and declare the death penalty unconstitutional for even the most depraved mass murders it's unconstitutional. we will save your second amendment together we will save our country. and this is what we're doing.
4:47 pm
[applause] [chanting] that's a lot of people. [applause] we have tense of thousands of people if sleepy joe came here and i really mean this you know the circles he filled can't get them full. he has like five of them. there was circles those big beautiful they're very round. but he's getting like five of them. and then he stands very far back, and walks and, i mean, i don't get the whole deal. i don't get it. but we have tens of thousands somebody said 17, 18,000, last night we have 35,000 people.
4:48 pm
you saw that in virginia. you know we're making a play for virginia. because we have a governor in virginia you know that. he wants to totally and all he does is talk about terminating the second amendment that's all he talks about. that's all he talks about. and 38 days we will win the commonwealth of pennsylvania. we will win four more years in the white house. right? [applause] thank you. [chanting] thank you. thank you. thank you very much. great honor. great honor we've achieved a lot together. together happened. wait until you see numbers on november 3 prd get out to vote. go early vote. do whatever you have to do make sure they don't cheat you too badly with those ballots did you
4:49 pm
see today a big mishap with ballots. there was. this is every day they have that mike every day big mishap with the ballots. so one of them new york is saying well we're going to change the system a little bit. it is a little late for doing that, isn't it? new york wants to change their system they're going to work on something governor cuomo going to work on something now. well, that ballot flowing. you know it is a little late. and then in the certain location you know the location -- that mail a thousand ballots out unfortunately they doubled it up and everybody in this democrat area got two ballots instead of one. and then two days ago, they found eight ballots in a waste paper basket unfortunately they have their name trump written on them they were military ballots, the military and then they have a very good state they found lots of ballot the dumped in stream.
4:50 pm
you know look this is not rights. what they're doing is not right. and it is all run by these ballots ones we're talking about -- whether it's pennsylvania, because we're going win in pennsylvania you have to watch because governor -- who is in charge of ballots. north carolina, michigan, nevada, all of these places they're all run by democrats. they're ones that count ballots. and does anybody even have da it is like common sense. common sense. so we're going to be very careful we're going watch and you know we're waiting for rulings from a great federal judge in your state. federal judge. about the constitutionality of whole thing they're going to try to steal the election look at this crowd. the only way they can win pennsylvania frankly is to cheat on the ballot that's the way i look at it. the way i look at it. now they have a big thing today. they said there was a mistake made on a lot of the ballots they're going try to redo the
4:51 pm
system take a look at iowa during the primary remember the first primary. they couldn't do anything. it was all a mess. it was all a mess. good job. good job. look at this guy. good job. good job. hey good job. [chanting] man. that guy he's going them his parents. but wait a minute. wait. he just opened his mouth and we have that gentlemen in the beautiful blue. will you stand up?
4:52 pm
man. are you in law enforcement? because you were on him -- this guy hasn't gotten first word out. that's the kind of guy i want working for me. right there -- man. that was just instinct this natural instinct some people have it and some people don't. unfortunately most people don't. that's the problem. under my administration we proudly achieve energy independence. we're now number one producer of oil and natural gas in the world. sleepy joe biden is vowed to ban fracking that's not good for pennsylvania. you notice he's trying to pull back and he went to place called texas. no god and guns in texas that doesn't work.
4:53 pm
but you know what doesn't work here either you're a big fracker. you're a big business here. 900,000 jobs. but he wants to eradicate all of the things that you're doing all of the things that are bring in so much money for your state it has been a disgrace now trying to say i didn't really mean that. that was like hillary, remember she made a horrible statement just about clean coal and went crooked hillary and then she went -- three weeks later. [laughter] i agree. all right. you know, i used to say now, now, now we won. we won. now don't do it but i try to stop it. now she's crazy.
4:54 pm
phil is stone cold afraid of her. no, but about remember the e-mails, oh you think we forgot we didn't forget the e-mail. remember the e-mails when congress said we want 33,000 e-mails? and they deleted e-mails they deleted everything. they text messages, everything they deleted if mike kelly did that he would be out of a job so fast. he would be gone right. he would be gone. we were nervous we wouldn't last long. i mean corruption hey did you see, though, over the last 48 hours. the fbi takings the fbi text message. trump was right. one guy says trump was right. he was right. he shouldn't be doing this. trump was right he was like the honest one. but they brought him along. we need insurance. we have to get insurance for this. this is wrong what we're doing trump was right. it turned out that it was a
4:55 pm
whole big disinformation deal and you know who the guilty party is? the democrats and hillary, they were the ones that dealt with russia it wasn't us. which we been saying for a lock long time no text messages came out did you see that they just came out so we went through 2 and a half years of a lot of work and they ruined a lot of people. look at general flynn look at what happened to those messages about general flynn last night just came out. they know they knew he was innocent. and they said, we want flynn in order to get trump. we want flynn they were after trump. it came out loud and clear they were after trump. i'll tell you what, we got to get back to congress and go after these people. these people are sick. [cheering] it was a whole big con con job e
4:56 pm
does a totally different thing than what i said totally different and they said sir you can't go after him because he's shielded because he made this speech he totally lied it he made it in konk see it should be the opposites when you're in congress you should be more honest. what he is. what a sleaze bag he is what a jerk. what a jerk have to deal with people like that. i'll tell ya. i'll tell ya. how do you come together with people like that that totally dishonest because i want the country to come together. you know? we were coming together. until we got hit with a plague from china we were coming together i was getting calls from stone cold radical left hardline democrats let's start talking. i'm telling you because we have the best unemployment numbers we ever had, best economy, best stock market although stock
4:57 pm
market right now is just about there, right? [cheering] successful bring us together then we got hit with the plague from china. and now we have to do it all over again it is make america great again again. but we save millions of lives by doing what we did when asked about fracking. sleepy joe biden said that he would make sure it's eliminated. this was just a little while ago. [booing] then he gets a nomination i didn't think fracking was that bad it's amazing. that's where you call a really dishonest dumb politician. a dumb guy. always known as the dumb guy. but we look forward to seeing him in the debate he's got a lot more experience he's got 47 years that got three and a half years. so we'll see. he's got 47 years of experience. you know, i ought smile like we
4:58 pm
should have done this we should have done this and all of these things. i said why didn't you do them? been there and it is not like he left 20 years ago. 47 years and he left 3 and a half years ago right? why the hell didn't you do they will and all of the great ideas that's a real beauty days ago biden -- reiterated his pledge to require net zero carbon emissions which he doesn't have any idea what that means shutting down all fracking -- and sending your jobs overseas like they've been doing i'm bringing you jobs back they're all coming back. i'll keep your job in pennsylvania where they belong. that's where they belong what they've done to you and other states. joe biden's agenda would a little also be a nightmare for pennsylvania seniors. do we have any seniors here don't raise your hands. do we have any seniors? look how few raised their hands i can see some --
4:59 pm
we're proud of them, right? for years biden tried to cut social security and medicare. you know that? he wants to go you know what's going happen they're going to go with socialize medicine -- remember obama what he said -- and by the way, obama knew all about this scam. he knew all about this cue he knew all about spying on my campaign. he knew everything. somebody said, well we can't go you know they have been told. [chanting] remember, i said they were spying on my campaign a long time ago the internet blew up. how dare he say that. how he dare turn out and it was the cue because i got in. now they said all right he got in. we couldn't stop -- >> president trump campaign rally in middletown, pennsylvania, live that's it for
5:00 pm
the "fox report" you can continue to watch the full rally on fox jesse watters picks up coverage here on "watters world" thanks for watching. i'll see you again, tomorrow. >> welcome to "watters world" i'm jesse watters. president trump speaking right now in middletown, pennsylvania after nominating judge amy coney barrett to the supreme court. let's listen in. >> he said when i argued he wanted to please all of the federal spending. he wanted -- he's not going take care of your medicare or your social security. and if he gets in, he's going to have nothing to say because the radical left will control it and he's going to do socialize medicine as soon as you're sitting or standing there. i don't know i can't even tell the difference. you're sitting. it's nice we got --


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