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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 1, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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eady to go. our costs for shipping were cut in half. just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you've been watching the news, you know many of america's most prominent journalists bent the day on the hunt for white supremacists. but they seem highly agitated about that. why are they so worried? come on, you know. white supremacist mobs spread our country down, spent the summer torching buildings and shooting people in minneapolis, kenosha, portland, seattle, and many other places across the land. it was the worst domestic terrorism in this country and more than 50 years, and white supremacist did it. we better find them. check under the bed. just kidding. that was a joke, obviously,
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though not every reporter in washington got it. some of them actually believe their own propaganda. they are too dumb to operate an easy pass, but they are telling you the news. that is a problem. let's hope when the revolution finally does end, someone fixes our newsrooms. in the meantime, though, take a moment to consider why their bosses are telling mike demanding they tell you something so obviously dishonest. think hard. why do people lie, why do you like? you are lying when you are caught doing something you don't want to admit you'd have done. "i didn't eat the oreos, bobby did," you say as you wipe the crumbs from your face. that is what is happening here. if this summer, a political organization aligned very closely with the democratic party, wrecked our cities. that group is called black lives matter. here are some of what they did.
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>> tucker: we don't have to guess about who did all of what you just saw. this wasn't exactly a stealth operation. the rioters proudly announced who they were and what they wanted. just a few weeks ago, a guy with a not very subtle blm tattoo on his neck assassinated a trump supporter in portland. in louisville, kentucky, a man promoted blm propaganda on social media and tried to murder
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two police officers. in chicago, a self-described blm activist described looting as a form of reparations. >> they get upset when people start losing. people in this city are struggling through a pandemic, so i don't care if somebody decides to loot a gucci or a macy's or a nike, because that makes sure that person eats. that makes sure that that person has clothes. that makes sure that that person can make some kind of money, because the city obviously doesn't care about them. not know mike just reparations. >> tucker: yeah, that is reparations, some cleaning out nike store. they are telling you a lot of things, but blm is not a mainstream organization. just five years ago, the democratic party acknowledge that. in the fall of 2015 in an internal memo to house candidates, a senior democratic party official described blm as "a radical movement." and for a reason. that july, dozens of blm activist stormed the stage at a bernie sanders event, chanted slogans like "if i die in police
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custody, burn everything down." the next month, the protoblm group stormed another sanders rally, seized his microphone, denounced the attendance and racist and white to premises. it seems scary at the time, including the democrats. they asked why sanders did not have secret service protection. they were so extreme, they regarded bernie sanders of vermont as a nazi. democrats understood there was no point reasoning with them. now, the democratic party embraces blm. democrats incorporated blm talking points directly into their party platform the summer pier for you didn't hear much about that in news coverage of the convention, just like you probably didn't hear anything about, the harrises speech at the nw cp this. the media didn't have time to tell you about it, there were too many of those rioting white supremacist to hunt down, and that is a shame, because you should know a lot more about kamala harris, a lot more. kamala harris is 22 years younger than joe biden's.
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so if joe biden wins next month, at some point, possibly sooner than we expect, kamala harris will control the white house, the federal government. and that is a concern, because very few people in the democratic party -- certainly at her level -- i pushed blm's message more aggressively than kamala harris has. here she was on friday. >> black lives matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system because it has been a counterforce to the force within the system that is so grounded in status quo and in its own tradition. many of which have been harmful and have been discriminatory in the way they have been before. >> tucker: we are quoting. "black lives matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system," says
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kamala harris. she said it as a complement. she was praising blm when she said that. so what kind of change is blm pushing for? what exactly is there a prescription for changing our justice system? well, we could tell you, but maybe you wouldn't believe us, so instead, we are play you tape from one of the founders of blm. here is what she the summer. >> until and unless our leaders become signatory to legislation that eliminates the federal government's ability to give multimillion dollars to militarized police forces, and the use of surveillance systems, usfamily use of police agencies across -- the democratic party of today will be remembered as a party of complicity. >> tucker: so, dismantle i.c.e. -- dismantle i.c.e. and the dea, that means no more drug enforcement, no more border
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enforcement. that is the change, harris is endorsing. again, we are not making it up. we just showed you the tape. she said that on friday. not 30 years ago in college, on friday. eliminating law enforcement agency, entire federal agencies, may be a lot of things. it is not a moderate position. it is a radical position. kamala harris is a radical person. it doesn't matter what she seems like. it doesn't matter how soothing her words may sound. if you listen to what they mean, they are radical. here is kamala harris on friday describing the founders of blm. >> nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress in this country has come without a fight. nothing that we have achieved in our country that has been about progress, and particularly around civil rights, has come without a fight. >> tucker: oh, so she used one word twice in that clip, what
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was that word? it was "fight." kamala harris likes people who fight, she likes fighting. these people are brilliant, says kamala harris, but most of all, they like to fight. and she is right. patrice colors certainly does like to fight, and as a self described marxist, she is not afraid to defend looting on television. she's happy to come to watch her it. >> the protest has been overwhelmingly peaceful, but looting. >> we are very obsessed with property damage. property damage is seen as sort of pinnacle of description and d violence, but we rarely hear of police violence. >> tucker: just another brilliant friend of kamala harris', someone who likes to fight. in any other year, the vice presidential candidates who openly support people like this, endorse them to the stage, that would be a major national scandal. it might be enough to get kamala harris and bounced off the ticket.
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but not this year, not in 2020. no one is saying a word about it. they are hoping you won't noti notice. bob woodson has noted, he is the founder and president of the woods end. thank you for joining us. we both agree that these prescriptions are poisoning and counterproductive, but i would love to hear -- i think our audience would come too, your prescription for what we should do. if you are running -- if you are in, harris' place or joe biden's place with the president's place, what would you say to the country about what we need to do to fix our problems? >> okay, first of all, i think kamala harris should lead by example, in one of the things i would recommend, when she talks about reimagining the police, she should take steps to dismiss her security detail instead higher social workers as she goes around. >> tucker: [laughs] that is the best suggestion i've heard. do you think she'll do that? >> i'm going to recommend, maybe
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she is watching and will do that, because people like kamala harris do not have to live with the consequences of their advocacy. >> tucker: yes. >> particularly when they are vilifying the police, and as a consequence, the people who are suffering most in this struggle are the people who they claim to represent and seeking justice. low income blacks, for one. if i were the vice president, what i would do instead is stop the money going to black lives matter, have these corporations investing in rioting, investing in murder and looting -- >> tucker: yes. >> because the more they do it, they should also stop vilifying the police, because the more the police are vilified, about patrolling aggressively in these black neighborhoods, the higher the murder rate goes up, and also, police resources are
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drained handling rioters downtown, that is very dangerous for people in those communities, and also, what we've got to stop doing his black children are dying in record numbers on our streets and in the classrooms, they are dying intellectually by these negative messages. thethat they live in a country t hates them. what we're doing at the woodson center is we are reaching out to communities and identifying people like the alliance of concern -- black men in those same zip codes and have trusted confidence of the people and they are creating islands of peace. also, another group that needs to be empowered is the hundreds and hundreds of mothers, black mothers, who are suffering these losses, and they are coming to us and saying, "we want a voice. we are opposed to elimination or
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reducing police. we want the police to cooperate with us in the protection of them" appear, so, tucker, what we've got to do is we really got to shift the paradigm and recognizt people should be agents of their own uplifting, and instead, we are investing in people who are destroying our cities, and there's no such thing -- institutional racism, the people who use that as an excuse, and present that as a problem, they need to be challenged to answer, tell me what institutional racism looks like. what is your remedy? and how would that remedy save lives communities? some of those black mothers, i know one who has lost all four of her sons before the age of 30. there is a study that says 30% of these black mothers even die within three years because of the grief that they suffer, but they are silent sufferers, and
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we need to put them at the center of our solutions and listen and support them and learn from these neighborhood nd healing agents what should be done and stop the hostile. >> tucker: stop the hustle? >> black officials are using race so they can avoid answering the question, why, if racism were the culprit, why are black children and low income black people being destroyed in institutions run by their own people? who hired to these police chiefs on these so-called racist cops over the last 50 years? who hired them? >> tucker: yeah, stop the hustle, that is exactly right, and stop the radicals. >> stuffy radicalism. >> tucker: amen. mr. woodson, thanks for joining us tonight. >> and thank you. >> tucker: last time we told you one of the main takeaways from the debate is: joe biden senile, he probably i is, will not win the election. now the vice presidential debate
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is coming up next wednesday. we will continue to get much closer look at kamala harris' past and to record up until now. we will continue with that tonight, and ed brian is here with what he believes the top three things mike pence i want to highlight about harris, as they face off next week. ed brian, great to see you tonight. >> good to be with you, tucker. >> tucker: what do you think the vice president ought to address with kamala harris? >> i would hit her on a couple of things. first of all, i would go right after some of these far left schemes. do you really believe we should pack the supreme court, yes or no? do you believe we should get statehood to washington, d.c., and puerto rico? these basically lead to one party rule, and of course, democrats think it would be them. i would ask her, too, do you believe we should decriminalize all illegal border crossings? which is de facto open border. and do you really think it is a good idea to give health care to illegal immigrants, and i would also try to pin her down on, do you believe in the green new
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deal in its entirety? because we know that it is socialism, the green new deal, of course, is socialism, and will only be implement it in its entirety -- i would remind people there is another word for a course of socialism, it's called communism, and i would start there, but i have more ideas if he needs t and he needp that she was bailing out the rin minneapolis, raising money to bail them out of jail, and will you renounce antifa and the marxist blm and all of its destructive ways? put her on the mark and do not let her off of it. completely pin her down and get her to either deny or accept all of those points, and then move on. >> tucker: none of that seems far-fetched to me. this doesn't seem hard. if you're going up against a political race, you look at the polling and you say, well, this
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person has positions very unpopular with the public, why don't we let the public know this person has these positions? day after day, i see these idiotic messages, the trump campaign attacking joe biden for the voting for the crime bill tt most people like, why don't they ever mentioned that these people want to add puerto rico and d.c. to the union? this seems like an obvious stuff. >> this is obvious stuff, and i would remind people that a poll showed nearly 70% of the american people are opposed to packing the supreme court. any time you have a 70% issue, that is a winning issue. and it really does highlight how radical she is. again, i think i'm stating the obvious, but her record shows, she is one of the most liberal members of the senate, just look at her voting record and keep nailing her on this. i would not be surprised -- god forbid, joe biden would win, i would doubt that he would serve out his first term. i think kamala harris would actually replace him as president before the first term would expire, that's how serious
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this is, because she is truly the real presidential candidate on this ticket. >> tucker: i mean, i don't have the polling right in front of me, but i don't believe that most people want to cdc -- maybe the most mismanaged city in the world, certainly this hemisphere, become a state? that is prohibited by the constitution and insane. >> tucker, you and i both know the constitution for them is kind of a series of suggestions they can choose to either accept or reject as they so choose. this is all the pursuit of power, political power to implement their far left agenda. you get her for more liberal senators from d.c., two liberal senators and puerto rico, and remove the legislative filibuster, that's another thing that pence should pu pushed her. do you believe in removing the filibuster from the u.s. senate, we shoul destroyed minority rign that body, and it's shameful they are even talking about
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that. >> tucker: that is one party rule. pack the supreme court, all three branches of government controlled by one party forever, i don't think even most democrats are for that, and it is not a good idea. ned ryan, great to see you. >> it's not, tucker. >> tucker: too much power, too few hands. we will have more on kamala harris and the run-up to the vp debate, next wednesday. after the break, we talked to the attorney general of the commonwealth of kentucky, daniel cameron. you may have seen him on television lately giving a couple of very powerful briefings, and he is ready to clarify some details in the breonna taylor case and respond to the media smears against him. we'll be right back. ♪ i am a good parent. jared? i'm hearing the most awful things, people shouting at me. it's ok. when you live with schizophrenia like us, it can feel like you're living in a different world. you should definitely talk to your doctor and ask about fanapt.
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♪ >> tucker: protests are still ongoing in louisville, kentucky, after the grand jury verdict in the breonna taylor case. back in march, breonna taylor's boyfriend open fired on police as they announced a search warrant and entered her apartment. the grand jury indicted one officer and that, putting others in danger for returning fire, putting others in danger when he did not. after the verdict came down, blm sympathizer apparently shot two police officers in louisville, and one of those officers, major aubrey gregory, called for, wednesday, saying, "hate and
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violence progresses nothing." that is demonstrably true. but blm's leaders and the news media apparently disagree with that message and have decided to claim the attorney general of kentucky, daniel cameron, has somehow betrayed the blacket community. kind of a shocking accusation that they said it. the attorney general was about to respond on the show in just a moment. but first, here is what those attacks against him look like. >> don't look at the fact the sky is black. he is a republican, through and through. he told you who he was, believe him. he is skinfold, but he is not kinfolk, just like he thinks they can before kentucky because he is up there with a black face, he does not speak for all of us. >> i saw this morning a bull connor speechh in 2020, and you are right, unfortunately, it was being given by a black prosecutor. >> i was disgusted by this. i'm so disgusted by daniel cameron's performance. i am so sick and tired of black people going on the air and
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performing for violence and white supremacy state-sponsored violence against black people and claiming because of black men they care about -- >> tucker: those attacks are so cruel and so vicious and unfair that we hesitated to air them again, and we didn't want to play them right before introducing the attorney general of kentucky, daniel cameron, but he asked us to because he wants to respond. of course, he saw them, as well, and we're happy to have them on. mr. attorney general, thank you for coming on. i'm embarrassed to play that before this interview, but i have to askrv you, what did you think when you saw that? >> well, look, tucker, it is so unfortunate that because i have a different political philosophy and because, in my role as the attorney general and the special prosecutor in the breonna taylor investigation, because i lead with the facts and the truth and had that lead to the conclusion, somehow, i have betrayed my
9:26 pm
race. it is repugnant. it is so disappointing. but it's par for the chorus. any time someone stands for the truth, and when that truth is different from aen narrative tht has been pushed by others, this iser how they respond, and if yu look at my social media, you'll see countless folks who have made similar statements and comments, but i am here tonight to say that enough is enough, and that black republicans, folks that believe in the truth, we are going to stand up, and that is what i did in presenting all of the information to the grand jury in the breonna taylor investigation. that is what i am charged to do. .that is my responsibility as te attorney general of theib commonwealth of kentucky. that is what the citizens here from all of the 120 counties, deserve, and that is what they elected me to do. >> tucker: god bless you for your calm and for your bravery. i don't think i could handle it, if i were you, but i'm glad to see you can. you're here and we've
9:27 pm
covered this case quite a bit, there has been a lot of competing stories about what actually happened. would,p for us, if you since no one was more intimately involved in this venue, what misinformation is out there about the breonna taylor case? >> well, the biggest myth that is being promoted right now is the i idea that one of the officers who was administering the search warrant in the morning hours at breonna taylor's apartment, was shot by friendly fire, meaning shot by another officer. look, i've taken to calling this a conspiracy theory. in order to believe this narrative that is being promoted, you have to believe, one, to defy physics and disregard the trajectory analysis, but you have to believe the officer standing outside the apartment, shooting into the apartment, that he had a magic bullet, and that that bullet went through the apartment unit and then made a sharp turn left without any
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obstruction or any impediment. to match it up with the entry point of the wound that sergeant mattingly suffered. it is a silly notion. it's one of the biggest myths that has been promoted here in the last few weeks. before three weeks ago and before this defense attorney uttered this statement, it was a foregone conclusion that what happened that evening was that kenny walker come breonna taylor's boyfriend, fired a shot at the officer, the officers responded and returned fire, justified in doing so because they had been fired upon, and the tragedy come again,, i've said this from the very beginning, the tragedy is breonna taylor was in the hallway, as well, and the tragedy doesn't allow for me to not present the facts and the truth, and that is what we have done here. >> tucker: amen. and as an outsider, that was exactly my read on it. it looked like a tragedy. everyone is saddened she died,
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but itit doesn't justify violene in the streets. you said that, as well. you said it is not justice for the mob to commit violence, and you are attacked for saying that. what you make the response? >> well, again, there were a lot of people inside and outside, a lot of celebrities, a lot of folks that were either mr. presenting the facts because it was to their advantage or didn't know all the information, they made conclusions first and then want to cherry pick the facts to meet those conclusions. i don't have that luxury as the attorney general here in the commonwealth. my responsibility is to the truth and to the information, and that is ultimately what leads to the conclusion. we presented all the information to the grand jury. ultimately, we presented to them, as well, the fact that the officers, mattingly and cosgrove, were fired upon, and they were justified in returning their fire. we obviously have a prosecution into a third officer that was there that night, i can't get into the specifics because that is an ongoing prosecution, but
9:30 pm
again, a lot of folks had already made up their mind, and weren't interested in what the truth is, and now are still trying to cherry pick so that they can fashionch a narrative that meets their agenda and advances their own interests. >> tucker: man, i hope someday we can have dinner, and i'm going to ask you what you think of the many other prosecutors who have bowed to political pressure, but i'm not going toro ask you on tv because i would put you in a bad spot. >> well, i'm going to take you up on the inner. >> tucker: i hope so. daniel cameron, attorney general of the commonwealth of kentucky, thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: officials in new york city have released data on just how many bars and restaurants may go under forever because of the lockdowns in response to the wuhan coronavirus. those numbers will stun you. we will show them to you next. ♪
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>> tucker: when the coronavirus arrived earlier this spring, our leaders basically
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responded by shutting everything down almost immediately.g it was a hasty decision, but it's taken many months to learn the details of its effects. what happened after we did that. now, we know a lot more about the effects on small businesses in the city of new york. fox news' rick leventhal has details. hey, rick. >> hey, tucker. every day,e we hear reports on the number of coronavirus cases nationwide, state-by-state, detailed breakdowns on the rise and fall in infections, we don't hear often about the effect the shutdowns have had on local businesses until today until the report brings all kinds of badd news. predicting half of new york city's bars and restaurants may close for good because of covid-19. most bars have been closed since march, and some restaurants managedha to survive thanks to carry out and delivery orders, and the city allowed indoor dining to resume yesterday, only had 25% normal seating capacity, so the controller said the industry is challenging under
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the best of circumstances in many eateries operate on tight margins, now they face an unprecedented of people that may cause many establishments to close forever. how many? the report predicts one-third to one half, thousands of businesses could shut down forever, costing as many as 150,000 jobs, most held by minorities. this equals potential losses of billions in wages and more than 10 billion in tactical sales. the city has approved extended outdoor dining year-round, but tucker, how many people are going to want to sit outside in new york city and the dead of winter? >> tucker: the implications are profound. rick leventhal, thank you for that. >> sure. >> tucker: you think about it for a minute, those numbers are almost hard to believe, but not everyone in new york city is giving up.p. one man opened a bar and restaurant in the city a monthnd ago today. bill de blasio's government has done everything they can to stop at, including sending
9:38 pm
inspectors to harass the owner, banning people from sitting at the bar, but tyler's restaurant is still open, and he joins us tonight for an update on how he is doing. thanks so much for coming on. first, the obvious question, why did you do that, opening a restaurant in new york now? >> tucker, you know, a lot of these decisions were made well before the wuhan coronavirus, so let's be honest, this was two years in the making, and i refuse to be negative about this sort of thing. i refused to dwell on the negative because i believe in the power of community. i believe in the power of new yorkers. let's be honest, cuomo, de blasio, they didn't stop the virus. new yorkers stop the virus. and new yorkers will survive. >> tucker: i love that. i love that. do you have investors? to the agree, is also? to they hav you have family? did anyone say, "wow, not a great time to open a
9:39 pm
restaurant?" >> i have such a strong belief in the people i work with, my talented team, the mixologists, the chefs, the dishwasher who we employ who comes every day and works his heart out because he needs this job, everyone needs this job, and we are a family, so this has brought us closer together, and we have been embraced by our neighborhood. in a neighborhood where there's not a lot of great options, we are positively the best cocktail bar in new york city at this moment. >> tucker: so, i bet you, 100% of the people watching right now are inspired by what you are saying. was the city government of new york inspired? have encouraged you? >> absolutely not. i will say one thing. open dining, alfresco dining, is a wonderful idea, and it should have been implement in long ago. why? because the city gets a lot of money charging bars and restaurants cafe sidewalk fees,n
9:40 pm
with the normal license, we would all have to apply for, spent tens of thousands of dollars every year just to use a small amount of sidewalk in front of your business. now, we can spread out, and look, my business is lucky enough that we have a great landlord and we have a great sidewalk. we just put in a new, beautiful sidewalk garden. we see a lot of people, 12, 6 feet apart, we will put a table anywhere on the sidewalk for youon at your comfort level. because we are willing to go that extra distance, let me tell you, tucker, it has paid back in spades because the neighbor has rallied around us. >> tucker: i bet they have. how many restaurants and bars has your zip code lost, would you say come in the last six months? >> i'd say half, a half to 75% of the bars in my neighborhood, because i also lived there, are gone. they are gone. >> tucker: man. so you are in for the long haul.
9:41 pm
you hear people say that new york is doomed, people are leaving. you are not leaving, obviously. >> no, absolutely not, because let's be clear, the new yorkers are the one who beat back this disease. new yorkers are responsible, resilient, healthy, strong people, who wear their face masks, who keep their distance, and respect each other. i will tell you one thing that absolutely disgusts me about what de blasio and cuomo have done. in new york, we have something called 311, and it used to be a great service, but now it has been tattletale bond, so anyone who has a problem with any other person, they can tattletale on them, and the government will spend special enforcement agency of the mayor's office, let's just sounds terrible to >> tucker: you are living proof that new york is not lost. decent, sensible, optimistic people still live there. godspeed. >> absolutely. >> tucker: tyler, thank you. >> my only question is, yeah,
9:42 pm
when are you coming for a cocktail? >> tucker: i want to! i don't even drink. greatfi to see you, man. thank you. well, the centers for disease control and prevention receives billions every year from you. we send them money for a very specific purpose. we believe they do a good job here for you not the purpose is. the cdc is the federal agency we fund to handle public health emergencies, like the one we are living through comedy coronavirus pandemic. so, how are they doing? tonight, we have some details on how they are doing. according to a senior and highly knowledgeable source we spoke to, many analysts are refusing to go to work. they have been ordered to go to the office. they won't. doesn't seem like anyone has reported on this, but it's happening. so what are they doing from home? well, some have decided to become political activists, spinning media outlets for political effect.
9:43 pm
on monday, a piece published planning about the white house oversight of the cdc. thee white house does oversee te cdc, it always has done. apparently, the white house asked thely cdc to lease data on the mental health cost the coronavirus lockdown, that's a completely fair question. 's costs have obviously been profound. the white house also asked the cdc to incorporate data on coronavirus deaths of people under the age of 18, again, a totally fair question that the public has the right to know the answer to. the cdc apparently from us with an outrageous request, releasinr scientific data to the public? no way! that could hurt the biden campaign. they want instead to hide the data showing that children are not actually dying from this virus, because the more afraid you are ahead of the election, the better. what happened on monday was not back in may, cdc produced draft guidance on restrictions of religious services. that guidance was rejected by officials in washington, including thees director of the
9:44 pm
cdc, robert redfield. officials agree on a new version that was less restrictive of religious services, in part because, oh, yeah, the first amendment. but someone at the cdc went ahead and published the original, unapproved documents online, anyway. and this was discovered, the employee said, well, it was entirely within the bounds to publish incorrect guidance. that person wasn't punished. no one was punished.d. we are told something similar happened last week when the cdc posted and then retracted and alert coronavirus transmission. these weren't mistakes, though that is how the media reported them.ia they were deliberate attempts to sabotage the oversight of elected officials of the cdc for political effect, to the benefit of one political party. the people responsible for this shouldn't be working from home, they shouldn't be working anywhere in the federal government, period. there is a pandemic going on, and this is what you are doing? we will continue to monitor the story. up next, we will speak to someone who has just written a highly detailed book about what
9:45 pm
is actually happening, inside google, facebook, and twitter, the most powerful companies in the world are working to change their election results. we will show you how they are doing it, next. ♪
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♪ >> tucker: it's a free country oif you're over 40, silicon valley is a big part of that. it takes oligarchs sensor and humiliate anybody who challenges the approved positions on all kinds of topics, coronavirus, coronavirus lockdowns, male in balloting, can criticize him. if you have seen all that. but what are you not seeing. what are the companies doing internally to affect that way we think and vote? l they've written a new book on it. glad to have him on tonight. thanks for joining us and congrats on the book. >> thank you, tucker, i'm
9:51 pm
following the activities of the silicon valley tech giants for five years now. i've no other way to put it. where in the digital totalitarianism and belief got a handful of unaccountable corporations to seize control of the democracy. don't take it from me, take from the people who work at twitter, google. they are so alarmed for what they have seen inside the silicon valleyee companies they put their own careers on the line to come forward and warn the american public about what's going on. this is not about people getting banned, we all know people get banned on social media, that's the tip of the iceberg. the really terrifying stuff is what's going on behind the scenes. that's what these sources have told h me about it. i were short on time, but it's just one example that people need to know about.
9:52 pm
it's called machine learning, everybody needs to memorize those. >> tucker: machine learning fairness? >> this is big tax attempt to merge the field of computer science on one hand and critical race theory on the other. critical race theory, tucker, the same racist ideology that's purged from the never meant and president trump, running rampant in silicon valley where it's not morcould not be more dangerous. they control the algorithms that control our lives, the control who messages are allowed to be seen, whose political movements are allowed to go viral and get momentum. even whose businesses will beho successful. people who have this awesome power, by the way it affects most of america but other countries around the world, people have this power at the same people who think that robin
9:53 pm
d'angelo are the leading intellectual figures of our time. these people are crazy and they are racist, and they're running the technology that are running our world. that's digital totalitarianism. >> tucker: machine learning fairness,, i won't forget it. i hope you will come back. it's a remarkable story and i appreciate it. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: president trump and joe biden in the same room again and none of the same time, and new york's 75th fund-raising dinner, a chance for the candidates to poke fun in front of each other. what happens this evening? we will tell you straight ahead. ♪ keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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find your fitscore and get your answers today to get the most out of medicare. call the number on your screen or go to call now. ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert, hope hicks tested positive for the coronavirus, and it takes a long time on and a close aide to the
9:59 pm
president of united states and they were together in washington minneapolis. no evidence that the president is sick or positive of the coronavirus and hope hicks, were happy to say is fine so far. one ofof the most decent and kid people and politics and of course. we will bring you more as we learn it. we told you the president and joe biden spoke at the annual smith dinner and they spoke virtually. >> the great owl smiths come in the original happy warriors and he was a happy warrior, i know it well. i consider myself to be a happy warrior and not so easy in these times. he spent his life fighting for hardworking americans in battling the anticatholic prejudice that you see today coming out of the democrat par party. anticatholic bigotry has absolutely no place the united states of america. >> live a life worthy of those who lived in laws. entire mit cuts across all confl
10:00 pm
face. >> tucker: there it was, the virtual al smith dinner. it lets ithat is this you make s tonight, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. a sean hannity rightor p now. >> sean: we echo your thoughts and prayers. for anyone who had to deal with the virus and families, thank you. welcome to "hannity." the president the united states will join us live for an exclusive one-on-one interview, that is coming up earlier tonight. as tucker just mentioned, he delivered a speech at the al smith dinner where he defended amy coney barett from the despicable disgusting attacks on her faith. let's take a look c at that par. >> to protect your god-given rights, i was recently honored to nominate one of our most brilliant legal minds, judge amy coney barett to the united states supreme court, that was an honor indeed.


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