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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 6, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> trace: atlanta braves star freddie freeman with his 4-year-old son inside the playoff bubble. wiffle ball deep. >> sandra: that's awesome. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert. the white house as we will likely hear from president trump today after he returned last night from three nights of covid-19 treatment at walter reed medical center. doctors said yesterday that despite his rapid improvement, he's not quite out of the woods yet. the president striking a defiant tone, saying he will return to the campaign trail soon. and urging americans not to give into fear when it comes to the virus. watch. >> one thing that is for certain. don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. you're going to beat it.
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don't let it take over your lives. don't let that happen. we have the greatest country in the world. we are going back. we are going back to work. we are going to be out front. as your leader, had to do it. i knew there was danger to it that i had to do it. i stood out front. i lead. >> melissa: in the meantime, joe biden said he is not surprised the president can't the coronavirus after not wearing a mask or social distancing. he also slammed the president's message to the people. >> i hope none walks away with a message thinking that it's not a problem. it's a serious problem. >> melissa: biden last night tweeting this split screen of the president ripping off his mask and biden putting his mask on with the caption "wear a mask." this is "outnumbered" and i am melissa francis. my partner harris faulkner, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich.
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executive director of serve america pac and fox news contributor, marie harf, and joining us today, fox news chief political anchor and anchor of "special report," bret baier. live from salt lake city ahead of tomorrow's vice presidential debate there. and bret, you are there on the scene. no doubt they will talking a lot about the coronavirus. i'm sure it will dominate. about the president's message last night. it struck me when you look at the words that he said, don't let fear dominate. we can beat this. the optimistic tone that he struck about himself getting better sounded like what a lot of people i have heard say about cancer when they have cancer. they're not trying to say it's not a serious thing. they are trying to have a fighting spirit. democrats on the other hand think that with the president is doing is saying, it's no big deal. what do you think? >> bret: well, first of all, i think this is going to be the
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dominant issue in this campaign. covid-19 always was front and center, but law and order was taking over some of that prominence. now i think not only in the vice presidential debate tomorrow night but for the rest of this election, this will be a debate about where people are. can you be safe but also leave the country open for businesses to thrive? are you sending the wrong message by what the president is doing? or is it too cautious, the way joe biden is talking about it? so this is where the battle is going to be fought. it's about messaging and it's about the political push. we are here in salt lake city. we are at the vivid smart home arena, home to the utah jazz. it's our home now for this vice presidential debate. it's interesting to see how this is going to change this dynamic in the next 28-plus days. >> melissa: yeah.
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marie, you heard what the president said. there was a lot being made about those specific words this morning. joe biden said there's a lot to be concerned about. 210 million. i mean 210,000 people have died. you have, you know, about a thousand people a day getting the coronavirus. 50,000 i mean. so it's of great concern. when the president talks, they don't want to talk about what he might've went. they want to talk about the words and nail him on that. those are the words joe biden just said. is it fair that democrats focus on the president's words but with joe biden's getting all these numbers wrong again and again for the zillionth time, there's not a lot of analysis and peaking of that up in that democratic side. is it fair? >> marie: is comparing apples
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and oranges completely. joe biden sometimes mistakes the number and then in what you just read, he immediately corrected. he immediately corrected it. part of it is because he has had a long time stutter and part of it is he messesit's very differe president of the united states who is in charge of our country's response to a pandemic repeatedly over months downplaying the severity of it. this morning tweeting, comparing it to the flu yet again. going back to messaging he used in march. i think for democrats and all americans, we have heard from family members of the 210,000 people who died, who are so upset that president trump seems to be saying it's just a test of wills, that he was strong enough to fight coronavirus. is he saying all those dead americans just weren't strong enough? why does he continue to downplay it, taking off his mask, not demonstrating good behavior?
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this is someone who is setting an example for the country and these past few days it's been a very, very disturbing one to a lot of americans, melissa. >> melissa: yeah. katie, by marie's logic, when we say "live strong" when you're fighting cancer, that was saying if you die of cancer you're just not strong enough. according to her logic. or are we being a little hard on the president as he is trying to recover from an illness? >> katie: vice president joe biden seems to be approaching the way that we handle this virus as he did in march without any kind of updating or looking at how far we have come with therapeutics and hospital preparation and ppe availability. the president seems to be moving forward and saying yes, it's a serious disease. i got it. we have to be able to balance out the risks of other issues with this virus. the fact is that shutdowns have had very serious consequences
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across the board for the economy. people losing their livelihoods. suicide hotlines being overrun. medical procedures that are now backed up the people were not capable of getting, including cancer treatments during the lockdowns and the nonessential medical services. you have a number of kids in schools now -- not in school now who in generations of children who are not getting a proper education as a result of the shutdown orders. it's the big question here. what is the alternative. the president is arguing that we can have a positive attitude, one that you need to fight things like big enemies in the virus especially if you get sick. while also balancing out these enormous risks that come with shutting down the economy. when you have joe biden sang it in interview a couple weeks ago if he was told to shut it all down again that he would, people see it and have a reaction to it. if you look at the polling, people want a balanced approach to how we deal with it. they want to be cautious and careful. they also don't have the luxury
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of hunkering down in their basement for months on end, not capable of making a living or providing for their families are sending their kids to school. >> melissa: harris, the debate decide that for themselves. i want to borrow some phrasing from katie. i do think the president and his surrogates now need to be politically careful looking at today's real clear politics averages in battleground states. katie, you said something important. you said a balanced approach, what doesn't throw anybody under the bus. it just takes those parts of whatever approach you're using, applies them, and helps win with them. that way you don't have to call somebody wrong for feeling a certain way about a mask. you just take what you need to have a balanced approach. that some of the messaging that the trump campaign might want to borrow. i'll tell you why. i'm just going to kick off the
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outside the margin of error states. pennsylvania. 6.6% plus biden. michigan, 5.8 plus biden. wisconsin, 6% plus biden. 8.4 p. nevada. national averages 9.2 plus biden. that number has fluctuated a little bit. 28 days away. i know now that not everybody loves polling. that's an average. the aggregate tells us a lot of different things. the messaging coming out of the trump campaign and the white house about coronavirus really matters now. because the president has covid-19. so what he does is different. he's got basically a hospital set up inside the white house. hospital-like care. regular americans can get that. we'll regular americans above 90% of those who get covid-19 farewell? i don't know. we are going into a flu season
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now. it lowers our resistance if we happen to get the flu first. we know about the science. so i would say there is some political pitfalls that can be there, depending on the messaging. katie, i'm sure your phone is ringing. because your message was good. [laughter] >> katie: thanks, harris. go ahead, bret. >> bret: i want to stay as we get closer and closer to these elections, this election, when it comes to polls, we need to start being careful about averages. start looking at polls that we trust as far as likely voters. now we want to look at the specific polls and how they are doing it. harris is right. those numbers are in the advantage of biden and they have increased since the last debate. we have to, when we look at them, be careful because sometimes the averages include registered voters in polls that are outliers. so we need to start being extra careful and what we're looking at as we get closer to the
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election day. >> melissa: you know, i'm going to put what harris said on the sign above the door when you head out of the apartment so everybody can remember. use a balanced approach. i love it. perfect. all right, there will be more than political differences between vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris. when they take the stage for the vice presidential debate tomorrow night. next, the coronavirus pandemic will reshape what we see and what we can expect to hear. >> i look forward to the opportunity to make our case to the american people for four more years. dental, we're making every day a little brighter with our smile wide, smile safe promise. we've got you covered, in every way, giving deep cleaning a whole new meaning. and if you don't have insurance, we'll give you an extra safety net, too, with a free new patient exam and x-rays. at aspen dental, we're making it alright
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>> harris: things are going to look quite different when
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vice president mike pence and senator kamala harris take the debate stage tomorrow night in salt lake city, utah. there will be a plexiglas barrier between them, that's new information we are learning today. they will sit 12 feet and 3 inches apart. not the original 7 feet, as the coronavirus pandemic continues reshaping the campaign and now the debate a month out from election day. attendees will have to take a coronavirus test beforehand and anyone not wearing a mask will be escorted out of the venue. the candidates will also have to wear masks until they make it to the stage, just like last week's presidential debates, they will not shake hands. the rules are set. bret, your take. >> bret: well, let me just have that they are being very cautious here. we have already taken our covid test this morning over at the university of utah football stadium. the event itself is at kingsbury hall and the university of utah. you mentioned the separation,
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the plexiglas separator. this will be, since the last debate, this is a real concern for the debate commission. they are making sure that they are jumping through all the hoops. in addition to that, the editorial side of it, the tone and tenor is likely going to be a lot different than it was in n the first debate. i think night and day comes to mind. because of the two candidates, number one. number two, i think it's a reflection of wanting to do something else than we saw in that first debate. this is a seated debate. the biden campaign wanted to be standing. the trump campaign wanted to keep it seated and it will be seated at a table. >> harris: i'm curious. maybe in terms of optics, i'm not really sure. what's the difference between standing and sitting, marie? and that i have a quick follow-up for you. >> marie: i think because kamala harris is younger than mike pence, i think it tends to
9:18 am
be why candidates like to be standing, to show that they are sort of more spry. i don't know. younger, they can stand on their feet for longer. that's one of the optical things that each campaign sort of negotiates before these debates. they will be sitting, as we know, tomorrow night. >> harris: i sort of came to you first because bret just said, i guess the biden camp had asked for it. i'm curious to know about this tone. kamala harris had said, she didn't say kid gloves or anything, but she wasn't going to make it personal. covid-19 attacks that she would make. might be a little bit softer than what she had originally planned because the president has the coronavirus right now. does his going back to the white house and showing that he is going to be working to some degree, although no public events on his schedule planned for today. but because he has come back, as his doctors put it late yesterday, does that open the
9:19 am
door for the tone to be tougher from senator harris? >> marie: certainly we have seen trump surrogates out there attacking joe biden over the past few days. the biden campaign had taken down their negative ads at first when president trump fell ill. i think joe biden had a good, respectful tone when he was asked at events about the president, did not openly criticize him. but the president's back and said he's feeling well and so i think that the tone will be respectful but very clear about the differences here. in terms of the debate commission, one point on that, harris. they have reason to be concerned because as we know from our own chris wallace, donald trump wasn't tested when he arrived at the debate last week. they have sort of played fast and loose. we don't know when his last negative test was. the white house won't tell us. the trump tent site hasn't adhered to the debate commission rules up to this point including mask wearing in the debate hall. i'm glad they are being very clear about the rules for
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tomorrow night. vice president pence has been exposed to a number of people that have since tested positive, including the president. he has tested negative but he's at exposure. >> harris: with something that's happening every day now with vice president pence and his wife, we get the latest test results from him. so we will have the answers to the questions going in. that you're asking, marie. the change, bit of a nuance maybe or maybe it was always that way with the vice president. katie, i come to you. >> katie: listening to vice president mike pence go up against senator harris, i'm interested to see how he portrays his view of the country. mike pence has been on the campaign trail for months now. in the past week, he's taking up a number of campaign events on behalf of the president as he was diagnosed with covid-19. so we'll see what his perspective is in terms of the issues in terms of being able to
9:21 am
say i've been in america. i have been in the swing states and thes this is what people are telling me. and the issues they care about. kamala harris hasn't been out there whole lot. she hasn't been speaking to the press. she hasn't answered serious questions about packing the court or justified her link to a bailout fund for rioters earlier in the summer. i think the vice president will press her on a number of those issues in the main question for her as my to be what does the biden campaign stand for, especially when you have heard her say the harris-biden administration. what exactly does that mean? >> harris: whatever they, i wonder, wait, no, i'm not running. but that's my first name. katie, quick follow-up. what's at stake from each candidate, drill it down if you can? >> katie: i'm sorry. could you please repeat the question. >> harris: what is at stake for each candidate? >> katie: what's at stake. usually vice president cultural debates don't make a huge difference when it think the way
9:22 am
joe biden has pertain himself in the lead up to the vice president on nomination of the fact that they haven't really been out on the campaign trail to really talk about these issues to the american public. they have been unseen. tonight at stake for the biden campaign is really to lay out what she would do as a vice presidential candidate and represent the ticket for the biden campaign on the issues. >> harris: all right. that debate tomorrow night, we cannot wait. melissa, as we scoot to the break, i'm curious to hear from you, your topline thoughts of what each has to accomplish. >> melissa: i think mike pence has to give a really strong voice to the fight against the coronavirus. he is in charge of that task force. i think he could do a very good job reassuring the public that they have great control over this. for kamala harris, i think her past debate performances have been really good. she has to go and do exactly
9:23 am
what she's done in the past. >> harris: all right. our special coverage of the vice presidential debate begins tomorrow night, kicking off with "special report," anchored by our own bret baier at 6:00 p.m. eastern. we will have live analysis throughout the evening. make sure you watch vice president pence and senator kamala harris go 121. 12.3 feet apart behind plexiglas. when the debate begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel, fnc for the cool kids. critics in the media tearing into the president's message on covid-19 after his return to the white house last night. was it going too far, the things they were saying? >> oh, my goodness. when i saw that. i literally was overwhelmed. speak of the president said it's no big deal. it's outrageous. >> it's disgraceful. it's absurd. there was a time when this represented the future.
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>> he recorded the video because he wanted the sun setting in the washington monument. he said don't be afraid. don't be afraid. tell that to the 211,424 families that are morning someone. >> the president is flouting any sort of medical advice and wants to have this kind of i guess fdr moment. there is nothing to fear. except a deadly pandemic that can debilitate or kill you. >> the president gave this outrageously stupid, outrageously reckless, outrageously dangerous. >> called her up behind him. >> so we can get the beauty shot of his covid droplets going out with the washington skyline behind him. >> wow, full freak out.
9:29 am
the media blasting president trump for removing his mask on the white house balcony last night with a photographer nearby and posting a video on social media urging americans not to fear the virus. katie, it's just full freak out. i think may be those folks that we just saw should put on their masks and go hide behind their couches and their living rooms. they are just in full, total freak out. what are your thoughts on that? >> katie: i completely agree. it's totally over-the-top. it's also untrue. you have journalists who are supposed to be objective arguing that the president is somehow flouting medical advice when you had a number of doctors, team of doctors including the white house physician outside walter reed yesterday saying that the president's back. he's ready to go home. he actually passed all of his diagnostic tests to go home on sunday. he's been given his fourth round
9:30 am
of remdesivir. he will be given the fifth-round today if it hasn't been done already. he's not out of the woods but he's ready to go back to the white house would continue working. the outrage over him taking off a mask when he is on the balcony of the white house, maybe 100 feet from the closest person. again, going to the balanced approach idea. it certainly over-the-top and overblown. for people who continue to say we need to follow the science, it is scientific according to the cdc not to have to wear a mask unless someone is within 6 feet of you, may be 12 feet now according to the new guidelines. it seems like no matter what he does. if you go to the hospital, it's back. if he comes back from the hospital to work, it's bad. the president is just moving forward with doing his duty and telling the american people yes, it's risky but we have to move on with our lives at some point while balancing the risks of the disease. >> melissa: bret, you are a serious journalist. you just watched all of those
9:31 am
clips. can you imagine yourself saying those things? i always think of you is a very measured person. this is kind of the measuring stick that i use. can i imagine bret saying that? can you imagine bret saying those things? >> bret: [laughs] no. not in that way. if you let emotion get into your reporting and how you describe things, then it goes over an edge. you go over your skis and you say something that is very opinionated. balance is the key word in this show. i think that balance is how we have to look at it both ways. one is the balance of reporting on what the president did. the president could be balanced as well, showing that he has his photo op and he puts the mask back on. there are people inside the white house complex who have contracted coronavirus. there are a couple housekeepers who have been diagnosed. there are staff.
9:32 am
you're right, when you're outside on the porch there's no one around and he wanted to have that picture, fine. with the mask back on when you go back inside. there's balance to it. when covering it, it seems like emotion is been driving a lot of the coverage. >> melissa: yeah. marie, what did you think of that clip we played? >> marie: well, a lot of those reporters or commentators, there were some of those whom they are that you played. they were basing those comments on things that medical professionals have said on their same networks or online or people they been interviewing. so they're basing those comments on the fact that a number of independent medical professionals are saying that donald trump's behavior is quite reckless. it's not just that scene on the balcony, although to bret's point, he should've put the mask back on before he walked inside. the entire way he's entreated this issue from the beginning and we should remember there's a number of white house staffers,
9:33 am
senior staffers and senior aides who are not also positive for the coronavirus because they've been very clear that they were not regularly wearing masks in meetings. we had a white house press secretary who briefed reporters repeatedly without wearing a mask and then it turned out that she was positive. a number of people have been put at risk. the problem is the president and his team have not been following cdc guidelines from the beginning. soy do you think media professionals, whether they are reporters or commentators, have a duty to point that out. that's a fact. it's hard not to be emotional right now when there are 210,000 dead americans. that's a hard thing for any of us i think. >> melissa: harris. >> harris: i like to approach these things with lots of questions. can you hear me? >> melissa: yes. >> harris: okay. i like to approach these things with lots of questions and i didn't watch everybody last night but i watched enough of the coverage. do we know enough about how the president is feeling right now before we go to the corners in
9:34 am
speculation and things falling from the sky. i did hear some expression from a little bit of what i was watching about his well-being and now he's back in the white house. but where is that resounding "we are americans" and the president of the united states is no longer staying at walter reed. one of our best medical facilities in our military and our country in the world. that's a good thing. he's able to go home and get supportive hospital like care, albeit it is special inside the white house. let's start there. what more do we know about his situation? a lot of times what you saw, at least that i witnessed last night and yesterday is that we are all talking to each other and we don't have the answers. another question i might ask because katie brought up the proximity of other people. you can clearly see the video that there's a masked wearing woman, photographer directly next to the president. she's pretty darn close.
9:35 am
so i would simply ask while he's not wearing his mask if there's somebody from the white house or the trump campaign to ask, what were the calculations for making that possible. listen to the medical reasoning and move on to the next thing. when you sit on these positions and i know, he bret, you and i do a lot of those things where we do breaking news and you are sitting on one shot talking to the corners. you've got to be willing to have good questions sometimes go unanswered but you still keep asking because we don't know everything. that's why sometimes when the public watc watches, they don'tt us because we try to say what we think and not what we know. ites frustrating. i'm glad the president is doing better. i would love to hear more of that. i would love to hear what he learned about his special mix of drugs that can apply to everyday americans. can he bring down the cost of remdesivir? as wildly expensive for these hospitals to purchase.
9:36 am
then they pick and choose who will get it based on what their dynamics medically are. what can we take away that's positive from his experience? i just have a lot of questions. >> melissa: i love it. confirmation hearings for judge amy coney barrett are set to begin on monday despite democrats demanding that they be postponed. republicans say few covid infections on the senate judiciary committee will not stop the confirmation. our democrats out of options? >> democrats will have plenty of time to ask hard, relevant questions. if they try to destroy her, it will blow up in their face like it did with kavanaugh. [ thunder rumbles ]
9:37 am
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a licensed humana sales agent will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and, if you're eligible, help you enroll over the phone. call today and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> across all of our committees, we've had 150 hybrid hearing since the pandemic began. the senate has use this format no fewer than 150 times. we have continued performing our constitutional duties while protecting health and safety during the pandemic. our democratic colleagues have largely welcomed this approach and they have frequently taken advantage of it. >> harris: senate majority leader mitch mcconnell shutting down calls from democrats to postpone confirmation hearings for u.s. supreme court nominee judge amy
9:42 am
coney barrett. right now, they are formally set to take place monday through thursday of next week. two republicans on that committee tested positive for covid-19 last week, and democrats say they want to delay the hearings until it's safe for everybody to come back in pers person. meanwhile, g.o.p. senator ron johnson, who is not on the judiciary committee but has also tested positive for covid-19, says he will do whatever it takes to confirm judge barrett. >> we can certainly hold the confirmation hearings electronically. if we have to go and vote, i've already told leadership i will go in a moon suit. speak to bret, am i just pollyannaish, but have we been at this long enough that they have to figure things out? senator tom cotton says he's held dozens of hearings and meetings virtually i understand that they have to vote on the floor. is there some way they could have come up with something by now to make exceptions to the rule?
9:43 am
i don't know. how does it work on capitol hill? i realize they are so much different than we are. >> bret: yeah, listen, the hearings themselves and then going on in a hybrid way. there have been virtual appearances by senators listening into testimony. making statements. those democrats have used it, as mitch mcconnell mentioned, and republicans. so is this hearing gets underway early monday morning and goes through the 15th, if there are senators that want to do that virtually, that would be fairly normal now when the current environment. when it comes to the actual vote, that's where they have to make a rule change to do it. you saw senator johnson saying i will go in and a moon suit if i have to. >> harris: that would be interesting. so marie, you are postponing something that can happen until the end of the year. mitch mcconnell has been saying that. perhaps for political reasons you might want to get it done
9:44 am
before the election because of the senate -- if the senate flips, as i understand it, it will make it more difficult to keep everybody together as republicans. you might get a deflection here and there. the bottom line is you will still have a senate majority republican annual still have a republican in the white house. this can happen until the end of the year. why are democrats putting their feet in the sand that you can't drag them to the water and stick their toes in it? >> marie: the reason the senate doesn't have proxy voting or remote voting on the floors because mitch mcconnell refused to do it and try to pass a rules change months ago. the democratic led house actually did. the house can vote on the floor remotely. mitch mcconnell and republicans basically wanted to say no. we can keep working we don't have to make changes. now there would need to be a rule change and it would have to be in person with a quorum.
9:45 am
>> harris: i'm sorry to interject because you seem to know a lot of the details. so is it too late to do that? >> marie: it's not too late that they would have to do a rules change in person which would require a certain number of senators to be there. so depending, and devote for rule change. so this is where the numbers really matter. i know this is kind of inside d.c. baseball here but it's the number of senators who are positive for covid dutiful quarantine that they are supposed to do, that reduces the republican majority. if other senators god forbid would test positive and also not be able to come in person, that's when this slim republican majority may come into play. so statistically i think it's likely that she will get confirmed. but because of these positive covid tests and the weird way that the senate does business, it's not a guaranteed thing at this point, harris. >> harris: katie, one other element in all of this that i'm looking at. as democrats delay, we have more
9:46 am
than 4 million americans who've already voted across all the states with early voting. united states election project has looked at this. that's 50 times more usual 75,000 at this time in 2016. so the delay, i don't know, maybe it's a political calculation. i get the numbers and how you have to do it from bret and marie, but what are your thoughts? >> katie: mitch mcconnell and senator lindsey graham, chairman of the judiciary committee, oversees the hearings for judge barrett, said before we got this positive covid tests that they would move forward with judge barrett's nomination. the issue here is the democrats are trying to push it off and using a number of excuses. the election is coming. too close to the election. now that there are senators who've tested positive. the vote on this would probably not take place until his least -- at least october 22nd. there would be time for senators
9:47 am
to get over their illness and be safely able to come and vote in person. in terms of the changing of the rules, yes, democrats in the house change the rules to have proxy voting that majority leader mitch mcconnell is a man of principle and tradition in the senate and doesn't just change rules for the sake of the timing. the time that we are in. he warned former majority leader harry reid of doing that very thing and it's come back to help republicans in a lot of ways, changing those rules. i don't think we will see a rule change and they will find ways to order some moon suits for the senators who need to vote in person. >> harris: melissa, when we come back, you and i, moon suits? i will at least bring a moon pie. we'll move on. joe biden said he has no regrets about what he said during his raucous first debate with president trump. maybe now he has got a regret. we will tell you the one thing he says he wishes he hadn't sa said. i try to put my arm around any vet that i can, absolutely.
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9:52 am
president trump during the first debate. neither held back. now the former vice president admits he should of said at least one thing different. >> i did get very frustrated. i did get frustrated and i shouldn't have said this but it's a clownish undertaking instead of calling him a clown. i >> melissa: that comment comes after biden defended his comments last week saying he has no regrets because "everything i said was true." marie, one that he left out that was most stunning to me said, will you just shut up? i understand without question the president was not on his best behavior and he was not very polite and he did a lot of interrupting and set a lot of rude things. do you think when joe biden is running to restore civility, to restore civil discourse and to restore the soul of america that he undermined his own argument when he screams "shut up" on the stage? >> katie: i don't.
9:53 am
>> marie: i don't. a lot of people watch that and thought he was restrained given what donald trump was throwing at him and we know that chris christie who was one of the leaders of debate trump told him to keep interrupting joe biden because that knocks people off. people look at joe biden and say how did he get through that debate without seeing something worse question what we will see in the next debate if it happens, what the tone is like. i think joe biden handled donald trump pretty well, given the pressure he was under. >> melissa: katie, maria saint joe biden basically cracked under pressure and stuttered. because there was so much pressure on the stage and that was -- >> marie: that's not what i said. >> melissa: you said he was under all kinds of pressure and
9:54 am
that chris christie told the president to put pressure on him because that would be effective against someone who stutters. do you think that if he's going to need to not have pressure on him, he should be the president of the united states? >> katie: yeah, that's a very good question. president trump showed up in his own character of how he has been at previous debates. he wasn't trying to be anybody else. joe biden throughout this campaign has said that he is restoring the soul of america and wants to take the moral high ground. by him telling the president to shut up and calling him a clown, it really tore down the facade that he's had up for a long time but he is the elder statesman who is more presidential. that's really who joe biden's. the media doesn't like to report about how he loses his temper, how he told a detroit auto worker to shut up that he was full of it when he asked him about his views on the second amendment when he was on a campaign visit there in march. they like to kind of act like
9:55 am
joe biden is just a nice guy. but he has these moments here and there and he has a stream doing it as well. -- he has a history of doing it as well. >> melissa: bret, your thoughts. >> bret: i think this tone is going to be completely different in the vice presidential debate tomorrow night. i think both candidates are going to bend over backwards to make that the case. i think it will be interesting to see how kamala harris handles it. she is an aggressive prosecutor, has been that way and confirmation hearings and different hearings on capitol hill. i wonder if the past first debate may affect her performance. one quick thing. if you live in florida and you didn't register to vote yesterday because of the online bombardment. the system went down. they have decided to extend it to today. 7:00 p.m. if you want to, make sure you do it. >> melissa: i love that. "newsweek" in use, bret. thank you. more "outnumbered" in just a
9:56 am
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♪ >> harris: thank you to everyone out there watching me. thank you, now here is harris. >> harris: here is an update in the hour that we will likely hear from president trump today. one day after walter reed center in that coming from the white house. "outnumbered overtime" i am harris faulkner. just a few minutes ago the commercial break on "outnumbered" the white house physician said the president is reporting no symptoms today and is doing and i quote "extremely well." this afternoon he made a dramatic return to the white house last night where his care continues. and despite the doctor's warning, he's not out of the woods yet. the president released a video
10:01 am
urging americans


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