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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 9, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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jillian: friday october 9th, fox news alert, hurricane delta expected to slam the already storm ravaged gulf coast later today and those in the impact zone are urged to get out now. what you need to know about a category 3 storm before it makes landfall. >> talking about the 20 fifth amendment. todd: nancy pelosi teasing a plot to remove the president from office and the president firing back on fox news, live in washington.
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>> brady's is broken up and the chicago bears take over. jillian: i was asleep for this but i am seeing now, tom brady folding to the bears in a thursday night football stunner. todd: we will try to break it out for you, "fox and friends first" starts right now. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. jillian: thank you for starting the day with us. extreme weather alert, hurricane delta intensifying overnight, the category 3 storm packing 120 mile-per-hour winds as it barrels toward the louisiana. todd: lake charles is still suffering from hurricane laura's distraction, file just a few weeks ago we were talking to you in that exact same town. >> reporter: exactly right, we were standing a few miles up the
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road and today it is no doubt that hurricane delta will be dangerous no matter when and where it has but the fact that it is coming to 6 weeks after hurricane laura in almost the same spot could be devastating. in my left shoulder you see a pile of debris, that is what is left of the roof of this apartment building we are standing next to, filled with boards and shingles an old rusty nails and when delta hits we expect that to go flying. >> very clear southwest louisiana will get more of a punch from this than we would like to see because we are still trying to recover from hurricane laura. >> with the debris around and the drainage, it is unavoidable that will cause problems we normally would not have. >> people have done their best to board up their homes with hundreds of homes in lake charles don't have roofs anymore, they ripped off in hurricane laura. they we have the 3 charts given them by fema. that might keep your house dry in a thunderstorm but not a hurricane. people are listening to the
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mayor and did get out of town, more people evacuated for delta than lara. we expect to feel the full force of delta sometime this evening. todd: thank you. janice dean, the feel for those folks. >> janice: it is sitting almost the same area it did six weeks ago, cameron, louisiana, category 3 storm so it did strengthen. if there is any good news is weakening and will continue to weaken as it moves on land which is different from laura. laura was strengthening as it made landfall. we've got cooler waters ahead of it and a lot of windshear so that is attacking the storm and is going to weaken over the next several hours. a huge storm, huge deal, hitting all the same areas that were hit.
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heavy rainfall moving into southwest louisiana into texas, galveston is getting quite a bit of rainfall and wind, tropical storm force windss just offshore, 31 mile-per-hour windss in lake charles, there is the latest track, we will get a track and the coordinates as the system is moving in and set to make landfall this afternoon or this evening. some of the same areas that were hit hard by a category 4 storm are going to be hit again. that is the tragedy with this. in southwest louisiana and this will add more damage to a terrible situation. >> that becomes dangerous. we will check in with you.
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todd: donald trump hints at getting back on the campaign trail tomorrow in an exclusive interview with sean hannity. jillian: both campaigns are at odds over the plan for a virtual debate. >> he plans to take a covid-19 test later today. mentions by phone last night on hannity. >> doing a rally saturday night if we have enough time to put it together, incredible what is going on. very little infection or virus if any. >> a new memo from the president's physician, doctor sean conley, the president responded well to treatment and may be healthy enough to return to the trail by saturday, he
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writes in his memo, quote, based on the trajectory of advanced diagnostics the team has been conducting i anticipate the president's safe return to public engagement at that time but if you expect to see the president debate joe biden face-to-face next week, and the candidates instead of in person. >> they went along with this decision, wants to make sure everyone is safe, we want to go the hard way, not take a chance. >> biden says he was willing to participate, to push the debates back by another week. >> i am showing up, i will be there and if he shows up, fine, if he doesn't, fine. >> a nonstarter for donald trump, he and his campaign calling this idea laughable.
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>> this debate commission is a joke. i am not joe biden. >> reporter: later today nancy pelosi expected to unveil legislation focused on the 20 fifth amendment, the 20 fifth guide our president could be removed from office. the president may have a lot more to say later today, calling a virtual rally and is expected to give his first on camera interview this week, later on tonight. >> mark meredith, thank you very much. a group of progressives including the squad unveiled their vision for the us. there plan called people starter is a roadmap on how to push joe biden if he wins the presidential election, includes defunding police, free public
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healthcare, universal childcare, canceling student debt and a $15 minimum wage. the progressive push comes as they alienate their far left faction. >> what trump did his got biden to renounce biden voters, mike pence did the same thing last night with kamala harris saying we are not going to ban tracking, might sound great people in the middle but the radical left including aoc are losing their minds and they are the ones who are going to vote. it is a strategy and got them playing their game and that is why he will not admit they won't pack the court because it would be the final straw with the radical left and the surgical operation separating biden from the radical left would be complete. >> after he and kamala harris started the question biden city won't give an answer until after the election. >> the fbi foiled a malicious
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plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen witmer, they plan to storm the state capital, put her on trial for, quote, treason, the fbi said is it was part of a bigger plan to start a civil war. the group accused witmer of having, quote, uncontrollable power after she put in coronavirus restrictions, witmer placing some of the blame for the plot on donald trump, the president firing back. >> our justice department arrested the people she was complaining about. my justice department arrested them. instead she goes and does her little political act and she keeps her state closed. >> joe biden blaming the president saying he has not condemned hate groups. >> the same thing in my debate with him, the proud boys, all white supremacist group, stands down but stand ready. this is serious stuff. >> they that out the president
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-- ted williams will appear on our show. he's always great on the story, former homicide detective, committal defense attorney coming up in 20 minutes. now tolerance for violence, new york city's mayor sending that the warning to orthodox jewish protesters as unrest stretches into a third night over new covid-19 lockdowns, jewish and catholic groups firing two lawsuits challenging the shutdown orders arguing restrictions on houses of worship are unconstitutional. jillian: the bears taking a one point lead against the buccaneers, tom brady making a rare mental mistake on his team's final drive. >> reporter: broken up, incomplete, the chicago bears will take over.
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todd: watch, brady, there he goes, holding up four fingers after that play, thinking it was down, 20-19, a clarification, buccaneers coach has been on the show before, brady was confused what was going on, we will see. i learned that -- 11 minutes after the hour, joe biden dismissing another question about packing the courts. >> when the election is over, it is a great question. i don't blame you for asking. jillian: why is he waiting to give an answer? democratic strategists robert pattillo here to debate that next. ♪ ♪ i was born to walk alone
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the public needs to know the health position of the president. when was his last negative test?
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to make judgments about the actions taken after that, come here tomorrow, we will talk about the 25 boob amendment. heather: to the possibility of a moving -- removing the president under the 25 amendment due to his health but the white house physician cleared him for an event. what could this mean with less than a month until the election? joining me to the base, paris done art and robert pattillo. let's get after it. let's read a statement from the white house doctor, it reads as follows. saturday will be day 10 since thursday's diagnosis and based on the trajectory of advanced diagnostics the team has been conducting i fully anticipate the president's safe return to public engagements at that time. if the president is healthy enough to potentially do a rally
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tomorrow night how can you justify using the 25 amendment to remove him from office? >> a couple things. one, a week ago today the president was on an oxygen tank because of this virus. the idea that he is completely non-toxic, non-contagious a week later strains credulity. donald trump said he is a cheerleader on these issues, he likes to downplay, don't like to inspire panic, we need evidence to show he's in a position to be going back to public life, a cluster of 34 positive tests at the white house, secondarily all this idea of the 25 amendment, it is the ability of the president to temporarily transfer power to the vice president if he is physically unable to do the duties of the office, president bush wrote a
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formal letter to transfer power to cheney when he had medical procedures, same with president reagan when he transferred power to george h w bush after being shot. he doesn't believe mike pence, why they don't think mike pence can guide the ship while the president recovers. jillian: your response, a lot to unpack. >> i missed the point where he went to medical school. neither one of them have credentials to diagnose the president. donald trump is not incapacitated. the example robert put forth was a time they are incapacitated over anesthesia. this is not what occurred right now. what nancy pelosi is doing is a distraction, she should be focused on having a stimulus package to get $1,200 to every american, the president, that is what she should be focused on. if she cared about the people she should be focused on passing control justice reform measures
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in terms of policing like senator tim scott's justice act. if she were serious, not these -- donald trump, medical doctors, the best in the nation cleared him. let's see where we go when it comes to the debate for political process and the things she needs to for the american people. they do nothing, nancy pelosi is embarrassing. todd: joe biden saying you won't know his position on packing the courts, here is joe in his own words. >> you will know about court packing when the election is over. i don't blame you for asking it but the moment i answer that question the headline in every one of your papers will be about that.
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todd: is that the mark of a leader saying i can't answer the question until after the election? i can't say something newsworthy because it is too newsworthy? >> donald trump did the same thing by saying he would not negotiate a stimulus plan until after the election. the question why republicans are packing the court for the past half decade by holding up all of president obama's lower court appointments to the federal bench and holding up america garland. they have already packed the courts and are questioning joe biden about packing the court going further. todd: what do you make of this packing the court argument that is not about adding numbers, a lot of democrats are saying, just doing their job of filling seats. >> he is not a leader. he knows why he is not going to say he wants to pack the court, the extremists of supreme court nominees, it is not someone the
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american people can trust. say you are going to pack the court, you are free to turn away independent voters. we know joe biden is part of the extreme left of the radical democrat party. todd: you know these issues aren't going away. thanks so much. jillian: donald trump says we need law and order to protect the suburbs. >> the suburbs are more unsafe than the cities. todd: protests grow in cities overnight, the president's message on the left. (ominous music)
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>> what i have done is incredible, the suburbs are over, the suburbs will become more unsafe than the cities run by the democrats. i think i should do well with suburban women because i am the one that is protecting them. they don't talk to them about law and order. i said to them the other night mention the words law and order, wouldn't do it. mentioned the word law and order. jillian: donald trump slamming biden harris policies on fox news overnight warning biden will remain silent timekeeping law and order, compromising the safety of suburban american families. the family of a teenager shot and killed by police arrested an overnight protest. police say alton cole's mother and sisters were arrested as officers crackdown on curfew in wisconsin. the attorney for whole's mother said taken to a hospital for arm
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and head injury, has since been released. a homeowner going viral after confronting protesters who protested on his property during a demonstration. a second might of unrest after a prosecutor decided not to charge the officer shot and killed alton cole in february. todd: protesters take to the streets for a second night in minneapolis following the release of the x officer charged in george floyd's death. in st. paul families of people killed by police join supporters in the secret marched to the state capital. this week 51 people were arrested near the minneapolis police department fifth precinct. no arrests were reported overnight. a photo showing the leading mayoral candidate from portland wearing a skirt with the faces of famous communist dictators is resurfaced. journalist andy now sharing the picture, she's unaffiliated with a political party.
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she's leading in the polls by double digits against incumbent mayor ted wheeler. david webb will join us to weigh in on that picture. todd: the winner of the nobel peace prize will be announced, donald trump is up for the prestigious award receiving several nominations over the historic peace deals in the middle east. other notable favorites including the world health organization, climate change activists greta thunberg and new zealand's crime mister in response to the shooting in christchurch. todd: former homicide detective ted williams says the plot to get that michigan's governor is an act of domestic terror, breakdown the case. >> a cranberry juice tricking skateboarder taking social media by storm.
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todd: hurricane delta intensifying overnight as it marches toward louisiana. jillian: lake charles is still suffering from hurricane laura's destruction just weeks ago. >> reporter: the fact that this comes just six weeks after hurricane laura could be devastating to lake charles and this entire area of southwestern louisiana. that pile of debris, there are piles like that all across the parish, this one used to be the apartment building we are standing next to filled with shingles and boards, nails and metal and once hurricane delta hits it could go flying. people in lake charles have done everything they can to board up and make their homes safe but plenty don't have roofs anymore,
1:31 am
only blue tarps, there is nothing left, ripped off during hurricane laura. the mayor has been begging people days to get out of town. more people evacuated for delta, up close and personal what hurricane can do. >> let's go to janice dean. what is the latest. >> the latest is it is a weakening system which is good news but it will hit the same areas at the exact deck of impact. cameron, louisiana, lake charles, the same area that was hit so hard six weeks ago by laura. the storm will make landfall this afternoon into the dinnertime our and we are already seeing the effect of
1:32 am
heavy rainfall, the potential for tropical storm force windss over the next several hours before the actual landfall, week tornadoes on top of that, storm surge could be devastating for low-lying areas. there is the latest track, we expect a landfall around dinnertime, 5:00 pm, there is the storm surge, 7 to 11 feet over these areas. that is why the evacuations are in place but we could see a surge of two to four feet for new orleans. the storm was quite small over the yucatán peninsula but the wind field is expanding, affecting more of the gulf coast line in parts of texas, mississippi through alabama. the greatest flash flood risk will be around the same areas again that were hit by laura six weeks ago.
1:33 am
moderate to high risk in the louisiana area, flash flood warnings in place for parts of louisiana including baton rouge and the tornado threat, these landfalling hurricanes and tropical systems, tropical tornadoes can cause structural damage and we all know that some of these areas are compromised. i wish i had better news, this is a terrible situation unfortunately. todd: a great area with great people who have to deal with this every fall and it is frightening. jillian: gretchen witmer blaming the president after a plot was foiled to kidnap her. >> the president of the united states to before the american people and refused to condemn white supremacists and hate groups, they heard the president's words not as a
1:34 am
rebuke but as a rallying cry. a call to action. todd: ted williams, joins us now. you call this an act of terrorism, one of the more frightening things i have heard about in a long time. with that, how is this donald trump's fault as implied by the governor? >> let me say good morning to you todd and jillian and let me say i am praying for the people of southwest louisiana, a son of lake charles, louisiana, i don't think anyone should be casting blame on the president or anyone else for what a right-wing group wanted to do in michigan. todd and jillian, this reads
1:35 am
like a bad hollywood script where you have a right-wing terrorist group that decided that they are going to kidnap the governor of a state, put her on file for treason and create problems with their own law enforcement to start a civil war. i think what we need to be happy about is law and is law enforcement caught this in time to stop this. jillian: if you don't know what we're talking about the fbi uncovered a plot by an armed militia in michigan to kidnap the democratic governor gretchen whitmore, this militia group facing 19 state felony charges filed by the attorney general. talk about what goes into filing a plot like this because it is my understanding this has been in the works for a while now.
1:36 am
>> what happened in this plot was the fbi and law enforcement became aware of what was going on. they were able to infiltrate this right-wing group, and as a result of that they were able to put this plot down before it materialized. todd: rather than saying thank you she calls me a white supremacist while biden and democrats refuse to condemn antifa, this in response to the governor gretchen witmer following an amazing act of law enforcement to keep her safe. would've turned down the heat in our country and put groups on their heels if everybody, democrats, republicans, everybody took a deep breath and
1:37 am
condemned violence of all sorts in the united states? we are a first world country, you don't do this stuff, you see this in third world countries and we are seeing it here. >> you couldn't have said it more eloquently. we are all americans and we need to get away from what the president is doing and what the government is doing as what state and local officials are doing and we need to come together, and other plots are out there and you are absolutely right. we are americans. we need to put that first. jillian: this goes to the fact that we need law enforcement officers to do the work like this incredible work, to save people's lives. thank you for joining us.
1:38 am
donald trump says the medication he is taking to treat covid-19 will soon be available for free to seniors. >> i was very sick and i took this medicine and it was incredible. you will get the same medicine, you will get it free, no charge. we have an emergency use authorization, taking care of seniors, the same care that i got. jillian: doctor jeanette will join us to discuss regeneron requesting for emergency approval for the treatment and donald trump will appear his first interview since conducting coronavirus on tucker carlson at 8:00 pm eastern. the president of real clear politics says it is important for the president to be in his element bringing his message directly to the people. >> it was good news for the trump campaign.
1:39 am
now campaign is more reliant on the candidate is the messenger, the energizer of the base of the party than donald trump so the prospect of him getting back on the trail the last couple weeks ahead of what most people thought was the schedule is welcome news for the trump campaign, scrambling to fill the gaps on the sidelines and this is what the trump campaign wants to happen. jillian: the president told sean hannity he hopes to host a rally in florida tomorrow night. todd: nancy pelosi rejecting a standalone relief plans for airlines as donald trump urges congress to approve $25 million in aid. the speakers is that won't happen unless funding for covid-19 testing and contact tracing is included. nancy pelosi speaking with steve mnuchin about another relief package. we will wait and see. the winner of the showdown
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>> these and solicited ballots will be disaster the likes of which we've never seen, thousands of ballots all over the country being reported. some thrown in trade in a river. what is going on is absolutely crazy. we have us attorneys watching, sheriffs watching, us marshals watching. todd: an exclusive with sean hannity, blasting mail in voting is more ballots are found in the trash. those ballots are requested and
1:44 am
not send universally. jillian: montana will send mail in ballots to voters, serving court rejecting republican lawmakers challenge over expanding voting access during the pandemic. in wisconsin absentee ballots will only be counted if received by election day. this is a reversal of the previous court judgment that allows ballots to be counted until a week after november 3rd. todd: the vice presidential debate drawing 50 million viewers seemingly forgetting i was participating. jillian: carley shimkus with serious xm here with that story. >> janice: fox news won with 11 million voters, congratulations to us. usa today came out with a poll asking who won the vice presidential debate, a very important person, their choice, harris, joe biden, the pesky fly or i didn't watch.
1:45 am
keep in mind the debate was moderated by usa today's washington bureau chief susan tate, they later fixed the pole to include mike pence and he won big, 64 percent-22%. they posted a third paul making light of the situation saying is this a corrective for? they messed up the first one? 86% say yes. mike pence should be happy with the poll results, when he was included. todd: who moderated the debate? usa today. carley: a lot of people questioning joe biden's response to court packing and whether they are going to. carley: voters would learn his decision on court packing after he's voted into office, listen. >> my opinion on court packing when the election is over.
1:46 am
i -- the moment -- the headline in every one of your papers will be about that. jillian: the media getting pretty frustrated with biden on this front. donald carly abc news tweets this doesn't make sense. cbs news's katherine watson, this is such a copout. another tweet from the washington post, can he really hold to the same answer for 26 days. actually owes, not sure i have ever seen a politician explicitly say i am not telling you what i think about an important issue until after you vote for me. i'm shocked he hasn't come out with at least something. i understand the historic nature of the 9 justice supreme court but it is a complicated situation that still considering, something, you got to give the media something.
1:47 am
todd: we are going to stay in these positions and anchor the new starting at 6:0 one. look at that point. carley: got to show you this video. have you seen this video of a guy riding a skateboard drinking ocean spray cranberry juice, it is like the most popular thing on the interd ocean spray thanks this guy for all that free publicity but a brand-new car, watch. >> do you recognize the juice? thanks for keeping it positive. carley: just a feel-good moment. the best part of the story, the
1:48 am
car broke down. by showing that, still giving ocean spray. carley: free cranberry for everybody. jillian: it is 12 minutes until the top of the hour, the nba plans to put social justice messaging on the bench. todd: jason page says they will not go quietly on this one. they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the services of the post office plus ups only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> colin kaepernick calling the end to america's current policing system. he is ready, quote, it is not a matter of bad apples boiling the
1:52 am
bunch but interlocking systems that are brought to their core. he called for abolishing prisons in the us. mark cuban firing back on low nba ratings. the dallas mavericks owner, the nba showing them how to - 0 cases of coronavirus. over to you. >> commissioner adam silver saying social justice displayed in the arena are back with you. listen to him. >> we are committed to standing for social justice and racial equality. those messages will likely be left to be delivered off the floor.
1:53 am
>> sports analyst jason page joins me with more in his reaction. >> this is going to be a tough one for the league to figure out, you have a strong presence here, and players being vocal about this. what is the answer next season? >> adam silver has always been good at walking the tightrope between what is best for his league and his players. this was a time when donald stirling was the big story, talking about african-american players and a slave mentality and adam silver came in a league. he was embroiled in his tenure taking over for david stern. he gets it. he will not suddenly go to 0 when it comes to social media
1:54 am
messaging or social justice messaging from players. i expect him to allow players to do something. i suggest doing something with their speakers where you can get some time on tv during broadcasts but he is not going to just shutdown this movement, there is no way to open up the pandora's box he has. a lot of players speak their mind and voice their opinions on issues they find important and then shut it down. jillian: let's look at the ratings and they are low for the finals, game one, you see a 48% ratings decline, game 2, higher, game 3 higher than that. there are a lot of factors at play. you have matchups, coronavirus, basketball and different sports, we are not used to the finals
1:55 am
happening right now, also the people out there, politics is in everything i'm doing nowadays. i don't always want politics. what do you say to that? >> it is difficult to judge in a presidential election year, very challenging to come out and say one particular thing. it is a combination of things. do i think some of the politics living into sports has a little benefactor, yes but i don't think it is coronavirus. all the oxygen has been sucked out of the room when it comes to viewership by the political atmosphere we are in. a lot of that has seeped into sports but make no mistake this matchup has been terrible from the get-go. the miami heat and los angeles
1:56 am
lakers is not glamour matchup that the nba would have wanted. they would have rendered seen milwaukee, toronto, boston, not the miami heat. to me it has as much to do with the matchup as coronavirus, the timing that is being played as it does anything else. jillian: jason page, thank you for joining us and providing your insight, have a good day, my friend. todd: in the next hour hurricane delta bearing down on the storm battered gulf coast, we are live in louisiana time tracking the life earnings storm. jillian: tomlinson and doctor jeanette and david webb as "fox and friends first" continues. ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ with ultra-thin layers, that turn liquid to gel. and lock it inside. for protection i barely feel. always discreet.
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todd: it is friday october 9th and this is a fox news alert. hurricane delta slamming the gulf coast later today and those in the impact zone are urged to get out now. what you need to know about a category 3 storm before it makes landfall. >> we will talk about 25 amendment. >> a major announcement about a potential plot to remove the president from office, the president fired right back on fox news. todd: a close encounter of the worst kind, the video that will make you


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