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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 9, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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todd: it is friday october 9th and this is a fox news alert. hurricane delta slamming the gulf coast later today and those in the impact zone are urged to get out now. what you need to know about a category 3 storm before it makes landfall. >> we will talk about 25 amendment. >> a major announcement about a potential plot to remove the president from office, the president fired right back on fox news. todd: a close encounter of the worst kind, the video that will make you think twice about
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getting back in the water whenever you get back in the water. jillian: "fox and friends first" continues right now. good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. todd: thank you for starting the day with us. straight to extreme weather, hurricane delta intensifying overnight. this category 3 storm packing 120 mile-per-hour winds as it barrels toward the louisiana. jillian: janice dean tracking it every move, where is it now? carley: >> janice: it is still a category 3 even though satellite presentation it looks like the storm is weakening but this remained a major hurricane and is set to make impact across southwest louisiana for the second time in six weeks. that will be devastating. we've seen heavy rainfall moving into parts of texas, southwestern louisiana, beaumont
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and galveston getting quite a bit of rainfall and tropical storm force windss. you see the reports offshore 36 miles per hour, 30 miles per hour and we are hours away from impact, 5:00 pm eastern time we will see the center of circulation come on shore. there is the latest track, they kept at a major hurricane as it continues to move closer to the shoreline. it will weaken, it has cooler water ahead of and upper-level winds tearing the storm apart which is good news. however, the potential for destruction is even greater because this area has already been impacted by category 4 hurricane a few weeks ago. a sea surface temperatures, cooler water ahead of it will help it weaken as it approaches land but still the winds are far away from the center of circulation, the wind field is expanding.
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it will affect more area as it moves in land. forecast radar will show the center of circulation moving in later on this afternoon but conditions are going downhill as we speak, rainfall, you see on order of 5 to 10 inches of heavy rain and flooding potential imminent in some of these areas. i want to show you how close delta is coming to laura. that is about 40 or 50 miles away from the center of circulation this time six weeks ago. that is the concern. a lot of these homes and businesses already compromised. it will not take much to level some of these places. that is why this is so devastating. we will bring you the latest. todd: thanks. jillian: we will check back. the 2020 election, donald trump
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hints at getting back on the campaign trail tomorrow in an exclusive interview with sean hannity. todd: mark meredith joins us, campaigns are at odds over the plan, they don't agree on something. >> reporter: we should be used of this for 2020 but donald trump appears willing and eager to return to the campaign trail, the first rally may come as soon as this weekend. >> i will try doing a rally saturday night if we have enough time to put it together, incredible what is going on. they found very little infection or virus if any. >> reporter: the president refused to say he tested negative for covid-19. he plans to take another test later today. the white house releasing a new memo from the president's physician, doctor sean conley says the president respond well to treatment but don't expect to see the president and joe biden debate next week in person, the
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commission on presidential debate wants candidates to talk virtually with the townhall audience, the president rejected that and explains why last night. >> this debate commission is a joke. i'm not interested in -- i am not joe biden. todd: joe biden's campaign said was willing to do the virtual townhall debate but the former vice president says he has no plans to adjust his schedule to fit the president's. >> we set the date, i am sticking with the date, i am showing up. i will be there. if he shows up fine, if he doesn't, fine. >> reporter: we expect to hear from nancy pelosi on her efforts to guide congress on how the 25 amendment should work. the president may be removed from office, the president will have a lot more to say about that when he sits down with an interview with doctor mark siegel on tucker carlson's show later tonight. we will see where the president ends up if he travels at all.
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jillian: appreciate it. todd: nancy pelosi and the democrats want donald trump out of office so badly they are willing to trample the constitution to do so. >> this is our constitution, men and women have gone to war to defend this document, men and women died to defend this document. it is the finest governing document ever ever created and established by mankind, you know why? because it protects the individual from centralized government. the mob have a voice in the democrat party, the democrat party wants to destroy this country. todd: 25 amendment allows the vice president to serve as acting president under certain extreme circumstances. jillian: a texas police officer charged in a deadly shooting fires on the force, the city police department calling sean lucas's actions an egregious violation of its policy, he is
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charged with murder in the shooting of jonathan price, his lawyer claims price resisted arrest and tried grabbing his taser outside a gas station. price's family says he was trying to break up a fight and didn't threaten anyone. todd: the fbi foiled the militia plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen witmer. the group planned to storm the state capital, take the governor and put her on trial for, quote, treason. jillian: the fbi says it was part of a plan to start a civil war. governor witmer is throwing blame at donald trump. >> reporter: the militia group calls itself the wolverine watchmen, earlier this year the fbi has been watching them. 13 men were arrested, six facing federal conspiracy charges for the alleged plot to kidnap michigan governor gretchen witmer. federal officials began surveilling the group after social media posts called for a violent overthrow of government and law enforcement. according to the criminal
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complaint the men use encrypted messaging and codewords to avoid detection. in one message one of the ringleaders complaint governor witmer, quote, had no checks and balances at all and had uncontrolled power especially with regard to her coronavirus restrictions which many deemed draconian. the group allegedly was watching witmer's enrollment two locations and conducted firearms and combat training, even rehearsing the planned kidnapping. witmer placed some of the blame on donald trump. >> when our leaders speak their words matter. they carry weight. when our leaders meet with and encourage and fraternize with domestic terrorists they legitimize their actions. >> reporter: donald trump firing back blasting her performances governor and taking credit for stopping the planned attack on her tweeting rather than say thank you she calls me a white
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supremacist while biden and democrats refused to condemn antifa. the suspect also plan to take witmer to a secure location and try her for treason because they believe she and other state leaders are violating the constitution. >> all of us in michigan can disagree about politics, those disagreements should never ever amount to violence. >> reporter: 7 other suspects tied to the most groupers separately charged in michigan antiterrorism law for allegedly targeting police and seeking to incite a civil war. they are facing life in prison if convicted. jillian: a late field goal taking a one point lead against the buccaneers and tom brady making a rare mental mistake on the team's final drive. >> brady broken up, incomplete,
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the chicago bears are going to take over. todd: that was pretty stupid and triple cover. brady holding up after the play, appearing to get hit by he thought it was third down and going to fourth-down. it was fourth-down, game over, bears win 20-19, box coach pushing back saying brady knew what was going on and -- jillian: you don't want to make a mental mistake. todd: last play of the game not so good, 10 minutes after the hour the president driving a remote debate, crystal-clear. >> this debate commission is a joke. i'm not interested in doing a -- i am not joe biden, i'm not going to do a virtually they. jillian: the president is convinced biden's have is will feed him answers. trump should grin and bear it. the gop strategist next. eliminate the guesswork with the smart cook system. just pick your protein, select your doneness
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>> i heard the commission
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changed the debate style and that is not acceptable. i'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate. they are trying to protect biden. jillian: donald trump rejecting a virtual debate against joe biden. todd: is this the right move less than a month from the election? republican strategist lauren tomlinson joins us with her take. thanks for joining us. you say the president should do this, so you disagree with him. >> great to be here. i am of the opinion that the more joe biden, the more people get to know his policies, the more pause they will get and you see this on the campaign trail with joe biden all the time. the court packing comment, he expressively said he doesn't want to make headlines because he wants trump driving the news.
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that is his campaign strategy. he thinks the more trump talks the more he will rise in the polls. these debates give trump an opportunity to let joe biden speak and let people hear what he has planned for the country, that will cover 82% of americans if he is elected. his support for radical green energy proposals, remove jobs from the energy sector. i think for trump it is less about trump's performance in a debate and more about letting people see more of joe biden in a highly visual highly watched way. it doesn't matter if joe biden, we have already seen he's not great on the teleprompter script, when he does these interviews, the header when he's doing the interview, just let him do it, let them go ahead and do it.
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jillian: a biden campaigns is trump clearly does not want to face questions from the voters about his failures. we hope the debate commission will move the biden trump townhall to october 20 second so the president is not able to avail accountability. what do you think of the response? >> i don't know that it is accountability. these debates were mutually agreed-upon to the benefit of the american people and he is saying he wants to do them in person. it is healthy to see these debates, but these days there are so many opportunities to see the candidates with the news environment the way it is that donald trump in particular has been very available, he is out there talking to folks but it is healthy to see them on stage together. for the american people especially if voting is happening right now it is good to have as many debate as possible. todd: massachusetts will count the votes of anyone who dies after voting early in 2020.
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i'm not asking this question to you as a lawyer, i am asking is a confused, concerned citizen. it how is visiting not just in massachusetts but so many states? >> i'm so glad you're not asking me as a lawyer. as a concerned citizen these voter rolls led to problems you are seeing across the country, there are 11 states doing the unsolicited mail in voting and it creates problems because the voter rolls, we see this every election, states don't share information with voter roles, no way to have accurate count of who, when, where and who should be on the voter will. they are saying in massachusetts, a small problem. it is incumbent on all of us for this election cycle to make sure we are watching carefully, correct mistakes when we see them, that is the only way we can assure a free and fair
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election which to be honest is so important that we have confidence in the election system, given all these hiccups i don't want people to lose sight of the main fact that we still have fair, free democracies unlike any the world. we are the envy of the world even with our problems. it is something foreign governments are trying to undermine our confidence in elections because that is where our strength is. jillian: a statement from the massachusetts secretary of state, there are people who were alive and competent when they voted that may have died unexpectedly after they voted. it won't affect the outcome of the election. an interesting argument. we appreciate you being here. >> happy friday. todd: that is the most important part, donald trump raising and experience a drug cocktail that helps them bounce back from covid-19. jillian: why isn't the treatment
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>> kamala harris using the vice presidential debate to the double down on claims she with the zika coronavirus vaccine if the president says she should. >> the trump administration approved the vaccine before or after the election showed americans take it and would you take it? >> if anthony fauci, the doctors, tell us we should take i will be first in line to take it absolutely but if donald from tells us i am not taking it. jillian: doctor jeanette joins us, thanks for being here. is that language harmful?
2:23 am
>> yes, i believe it is harmful. i believe it is irresponsible and negligent because it may instill unnecessary fear in americans. we have to understand vaccines have been proven and shown they are generally safe and they save lives and prevent thousands of deaths every year. polio, measles, hepatitis, meningitis, all these diseases have been minimized if not eradicated by the fda and cdc's approval of the vaccine. remember vaccines undergo rigorous trials and testing, to check for safety, efficacy and the scientists and doctors who develop these vaccines with the pharmaceutical companies are held to the highest scientific and ethical standards. keep that in mind, it is irrelevant who endorses the vaccine. it is important to understand it is put out the fda it is
2:24 am
considered safe and could save your life. once available i will get it and in addition to getting my flu shot as well. jillian: let's look at this poll here. this is 79% of americans are worried about vaccine safety, 54% said they would get vaccinated if approved. you wonder if language from kamala harris and others who say i wouldn't take it if donald trump is telling me to take it, is that impacting people's opinions of this vaccine, what could that do? >> it is possible but i think americans are smart, they should understand not to inject policies to medicine and history shows vaccines can save lives and the fda will not approve a vaccine if it is not shown to be safe and effective. the fear mongering is harmful and we need to listen to the science, look at the data,
2:25 am
anthony fauci says he will take the vaccine when it is available. i will take it, my colleagues will take it. it is a highly infectious disease, potentially dangerous vaccine. jillian: let's talk about regeneron. they requested emergency approval for this antibody treatment taken by the president. we heard a lot about this last week. let's listen to what the president had to say on this. >> it is phenomenal. we came up with it and i'm going to have it delivered to every hospital. we will get to everybody free of charge. it is going to hospitals starting very soon. jillian: what do you know about this? is it something everyone should be taking? where are we in the process of getting this approved? >> if you're sick and meet the criteria, if you need it, it will be available. companies like regeneron are seeking emergency use authorization and that is wonderful but it is not just
2:26 am
about getting it authorized, it is a matter of having the supply, the distribution. just like remdesivir, there was a shortage of remdesivir but now we have a supply of that. we have the convalescent andy bodies that can help potentially save lives. it binds to the virus, neutralizing of the virus so it doesn't enter the cell, putting you in the icu, potentially life-saving in addition to other therapeutics like remdesivir, it is one tool in the arsenal that could change the vaccine. jillian: the arsenal, what will help save lives, good to see you.
2:27 am
todd: pandemic prison releases with deadly results. >> we are talking about the 20 fifth amendment. todd: we will also talk about a cry for help from the sheriff says gavin newsom is partly to blame. hurricane delta nears landfall, that is next. how will we do it, at a time like this? we've been asked that before. and through pandemics, and depressions,
2:28 am
wars that split a nation, and fractured the world. americans have always found a way to vote and make their voices heard. so stand with the national council on election integrity and help make sure every vote is counted. no matter who you vote for, or how. because while this election may feel different, we all call america home.
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jillian: we have extreme weather, hurricane delta intensifying as it takes aim for the already battered louisiana coast. todd: storm surge and heavy rainfall, damaging winds. >> janice: coming on the heels of hurricane laura just 6 weeks ago, could be devastating when hurricane delta hit this area.
2:31 am
over my left shoulder that pile of debris used to be a roof of the apartment building we are standing next to. it is filled with boards and shingles an old rusty nails and metal. imagine what will happen to that pile of debris, all over this parish when tropical storm force winds hit, it could be terrible. people have been doing the best they can to board up and get out of town but one of the problems is hundreds of folks don't have a roof anymore, they were ripped off during hurricane laura and all they have are those blue tarps given out by fema, that will not withstand a hurricane. folks here did eventually, the mayor said people are listening, they saw what hurricane can do with laura. they are not taking chances with delta. todd: live in lake charles, thank you and please be safe. janice dean has the latest forecast. >> janice: it is devastating seeing the damage on the ground. when you have hurricane force
2:32 am
windss that will better that coastline for hours that is all going to be projectiles, a dangerous situation. with all the debris it is a terrible situation that is already dire in the area. category 3 hurricane as of the 5 am advisory. the storm is weakening but it is quite large and will affect much of the coastline of louisiana, texas, into florida. there is the track. we expect a landfall later this afternoon into this evening as a weakening storm but still a hurricane battering the coast for many hours, and only hurricane force winds, heavy rainfall on the order of a foot or more in some spots and the storm surge just east of the center of circulation could be upwards of 7 to 11 feet so that will over top some of these residents unfortunately all along the coastline where we are at sea level.
2:33 am
forecast radar showing you later this afternoon we expect that impact in the same area, almost the exact same spot as laura did six weeks ago and that is why this is so devastating, the fact that this will affect all those residents. i was looking at twitter last night and you can see the blue tarps on hundreds of homes from up above. this is just going to level some of these places that are barely hanging on right now. todd: i keep thinking of my family after sandy if another hurricane came and hit them. >> janice: it is unimaginable. todd: switching topics, bringing american heroes home. the president announcing troops currently serving in afghanistan could be home by christmas. middle east expert corey mills joined me, is that timeline realistic?
2:34 am
>> it could be realistic but we need to think about what that piece deal is trying to achieve, the president has seen this endless war achieve this mission long ago which was to stop afghanistan from maintaining its status as a safe haven for terrorism. we lose a decade of training with their police and army in afghanistan. we handed over the karzai protection detail in 2006, it is time for the afghan people to take charge of counterterrorism operations. we know there are sensitive negotiations going on, some of this could be helpful for the president's administration to leave a counterterrorism force in place to support the afghan military and pull out just the us conventional forces by christmas or maintain things until may of 2021.
2:35 am
the situation dictates what the commissions on the ground, they won't follow any arbitrary timeline. todd: you think this is a smart move, correct? >> a president has the art of negotiation, a sensitive item, made the having a stalemate, this incentivizes the taliban to move forward and continue to stay true to their agreement not to hit us forces in afghanistan. todd: on the subject of middle east policy at this moment from the vp debate, take a listen. >> when the opportunity came, this president didn't hesitate and soleimani is gone. joe biden opposed the raid against usama bin laden. it is absolutely essential that we have a commander-in-chief who will not hesitate to act to protect american lives.
2:36 am
todd: what is your biggest concern in a possible joe biden administration? >> i spent a decade in the middle east, i spent 7 plus years in iraq myself, i was the recipient as is my team in april of 2006 in baghdad that got through, i can tell you here and now that soleimani, they are the worst of the worst when it comes to terrorists. this president took out baghdadi when it was strongest under the previous administration utilizing redline narratives they followed through on not to mention we took on g heidi john, the worst of the worst when it comes to iraq's terrorists. the idea of having joe biden in
2:37 am
place, another benghazi, that ambassador stevens, glenn doherty, sean smith and kayla mueller could be alive today, and tyrone woods. todd: a powerful statement. we have heard it elsewhere and people on the ground to say people have been there, thank you for your time. jillian: the world of food programs winning the nobel peace prize, affiliated with the united nations and nominated for its efforts to combat global hunger. after working on the start middle east peace deal. a california sheriff pleading for help. he says murders and violent crimes are on the rise in his community because of the state's covid-19 relief policy.
2:38 am
>> these laws are not working, it is breaking the jail's ability to manage local offenders and endangering and killing our citizens. >> reporter: the sheriff had to release 700 inmates from jail because of overcrowding, state prison officials say 17,000 california inmates may be released early due to coronavirus. a drone spot the massive shark swimming inches from a surfer. watch this. the 5 foot great white moves off of australia's coast, lifeguards spotted a close encounter with a drone used to monitor the shore for instances like this. heather: surfer got out of the water after lifeguards -- that beach closed for the rest of the day. i wanted to be done. jillian: i don't want to be the person on the surfboard but --
2:39 am
todd: with that we will be right back.
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todd: yelp launching a new alert system calling out businesses accused of discriminating against customers or employees. jillian: more on the company's new policy. >> yelp is flagging businesses accused of racism. the website will show an alert when he businesses accused of disseminating against customers or employees and exhibiting racist behavior, a red icon will appear on the business's page and suspend comments that will help consumers make more informed spending. the department of justice sued yale university about his admission practices.
2:43 am
with federal civil rights law, asian americans and white applicants and it yells oversized standard less intentional use of race has resulted in discrimination. todd: i am not familiar with this, quote, natural light of which you speak but it is a different monitor. >> maybe. nothing says vacation, giving away on the company's private jet. a 3 hour flight, 3 hours in the air, you get fears, use hashtag natural flight and hashtag contest to enter, that is how you are the winner.
2:44 am
>> anymore flights? >> 100%. i will jump into that game. todd: we don't know where brian kilmeade stands, but we will see what is coming up on "fox and friends". wherever it is i don't want to judge people as long as they do. kayleigh mcenany tests positive for covid-19 but continues to work hard. how is she doing and how is the president doing? steve scalise was shot by a bernie sanders supporter and did not blame bernie sanders but the governor of michigan as the kidnapping plot unfolds blames the president of the united states. geraldo rivera will be here, the generals all tea up, hr mcmasters, will talk about where you are heading momentarily as
2:45 am
well as jack keane. why did china leave out certain portions of our debate? we will discuss it. the minneapolis salon owner attended this week's debate as a guest of mike pence after he visited the site where her son once stood. burned to the ground by writers, peaceful protesters, joins us with more on the message. t xl g. t xl g. eliminate the guesswork with the smart cook system. just pick your protein, select your doneness and let the grill monitor your food so you don't have to. and because it's a ninja foodi, it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the ninja foodi smart xl grill, the grill that sears, sizzles and air fry crisps.
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todd: the vice presidential debate drawing 50 million viewers but usa forgetting one little thing, who is participating. jillian: they asked who won. todd: here we have more.
2:49 am
>> i would never forget you guys. the ratings for the vice president, congratulations to our viewers and the usa today poll, left out a very important person, they asked who won the presidential debate, they included joe biden's name, i didn't watch, kamala harris, page of usa today with the moderator so it was an important moment for them. they fix to the poll and mike pence won big 64% said he won the debate and they posted a third poll making light of the whole thing saying is this a corrected poll because usa today messed up on the first one? 100% of people said yes, yes was the only option. i am sure the vice president would be happy with the poll results? todd: the former vice president,
2:50 am
we want answers, joe biden doesn't think we can handle the truth. carley: voters will find out how he feels about court packing after the election is over. >> it is a great question and i don't blame you for asking but the moment i answer that question the headline in every one of your papers will be about that. carley: members of the media getting pretty frustrated with him. katherine watson of cbs news posted this is such a copout, jonathan salon of axioms, never seen a politician especially say i am not telling you what i think about an important issue until after you vote for me. i'm surprised he hasn't come up with something, still considering his options because he taking the topic seriously but to say he doesn't want to
2:51 am
make headlines is something i've never seen before. kind of honest of him but the american people, what he feels about the subject. todd: a man on a skateboard going to her gets the surprise of a lifetime. carley: this video is going viral, this guy riding a skateboard, listening to fleetwood mac, so many copycat videos. he was riding the skateboard to begin with because the car broke down. feel-good story for that guy going viral. jillian: look at that. todd: portland's potential next mayor can't with the faces of famous communists.
2:52 am
the voters had a choice, joins us next.
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. .
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♪ todd: president trump refusing to participated in the debate if it's virtual as joe biden announces he will take part in a town hall instead. >> jillian: host of reality check david webb on fox nation david webb joins us now to react. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. by the way i got my reality check this morning so i'm in
2:56 am
rare form. >> jillian: you didn't send one to us. what the heck? >> that means we have got to send some over. >> jillian: we want the swag. what do you think about this whole virtual debate? do you think that it should be done virtually? >> no. the american people, first of all, deserve to see the two men on stage. and if plexiglass is good enough for mike pence, the vice president and senator kamala harris, then if they want they can go that route it. really offer no, sir protection but go that route. on top of this you can't trust the biden team and biden. if there were monitors even with both men, to be fair, to make sure there was no cheating or otherwise from the biden team, that may be a way, but i don't even support that i prefer a virtual and america deserves this. follow the science. plenty of distance. hepa filters in the room. clear the air. it can be done. todd: david with that in mind, if it doesn't happen the way
2:57 am
that you want it, if you are advising the president, do you tell him hey, you are losing a major opportunity to allow joe biden to be out there and potentially making a gaffe mess if you just do the virtual, if you do the zoom debate, if you don't do that you lose that opportunity with just three and a half weeks until the election. what say you? >> i don't think he loses the opportunity because the president can go out and campaign and joe biden has been running the virtual campaign all along can't simply be trusted to do this correctly. plus, you are ce ding control. when you debate each other face to face you are talking to each other, looking at each other. too many things involved in that face-to-face conversation just like when we set together on a set. and in a debate, it's too important. >> jillian: talk about this for a second going to portland. the mayoral candidate who said, quote, i am antifa is 11 points
2:58 am
over current mayor there after 11 days of riots in the city. latest polling up 41 over ted wheeler. this is her tweet, just to remind everyone from january of 2019 that says, quote: to those who say antifa are violent thugs, i am not a violent thug and i am antifa. your thoughts on this latest information? >> fact is, you only get to vote for socialism and communist one. these are marxist anarchists. ted wheeler gets what he deserves but the citizens of portland don't deserve. this and to all the people in portland who would vote in this election consider that you have made a bad choice before that, abandon you, because that's what ted wheeler did. he abandoned your city and left you to these thugs who should be either in jail, disbanded or gotten rid of in some way. telling.
2:59 am
todd: david in about 30 second we have remaining, do you worry if she wins this will be a start of a trend nationwide? in other words, spreading out from beyond portland and cities on the west coast? >> there has already been a silent trend. you look at kim gardner and saint lewis came out of ferguson in 20214. you look at these funded operators coming up in positions whether it's attorneys, city councils, et cetera, we have got to wake up, america, look these neo marxists in the eyes, trust patrice, say they're trained marxist. they are dangerous. they need to be taken out. they are domestic terrorists. they don't belong in our american republic. todd: david, these are frightening times at least you and i have the giants. >> oh, man. todd: send me a mug. david webb. have a great weekend.
3:00 am
>> that. >> , guys. >> jillian: make sure you tune in tonight as president trump joins tucker carlson. todd: remember to set your dvr every weekday morning so you never miss you a edition of "fox & friends first." >> jillian: have a good weekend. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> white house doctors cleared the president to return to the trail by saturday. >> if we have enough time to put it together, we want to do a rally in florida saturday night. >> thi dissociation from reality would be funny if it weren't so deadly. come here tomorrow, we will be talking about the 25th amendment. >> joe biden dismissing another question about packing the courts. >> court packing when the election is over. look, i know it's a great question, and i don't blame you for asking. >> hurricane delta bearing down on the gulf coast. >> if ther there is any good nes it's weakening and weakening on


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