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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  October 9, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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we will have live for reaction right here on "hannity." hope you will join us every night. let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham is up next and we hope you have a great ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham this is "the ingraham angle" on a big busy friday night. given the historic buys us and the scandal involving steve scully of c-span, should the commission on the presidential debate be abolished at this point? ari fleischer and mollie hemingway have thoughts in a moment. raymond arroyo dissects aayom dizzying buy in for hours of joe biden.ud it is "friday follies." first, enemies of democracy. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." nancy's pelosi made it official today. she no longer believes that our system of government is a good idea.
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>> congress has a constitutional duty to lay out the process by which a president in capacity and president of any party is determined. this legislation applies to future presidents. a but we are reminded of the necessity of action the current president. >> laura: this was unbelievable. but think about it, from nancy and her pals how the whole country is systemically racist>> and it's been since the founding. ergo, the millions who love the country and voted for trump are racist who put an evil bigot in the white house. they can't risk voters making the same decision again. either this election are the election in the future.
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they're going to short-circuit democracy under the guise of being faithful to the constitution. >> this is not about president trump. people face the judgment of the voters. he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. in america's history, our leaders have created and strengthened guardrails in the constitution to ensure stability and continuity of government in times of crisis. >> we need to do this. >> laura: pelosi's language is interesting. a process for future presidents. trump noticed something very fishy about this wording as well. >> the 25th amendment, that crazy nancy playing around with, she's gone crazy, she's a nut rajob. the 25th amendment, i think they put it and so they can get kamala -- >> that's exactly what it is! it is a trial run to see>> if ty can kick biden out. that's exactly right, sir! >> laura: trump was back in fine form with rush limbaugh today. of course they are correct.
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what pelosi and company are doing, they're laying the groundwork to get rid of biden and put kamala in.ctel i wonder what the former vp thinks about all of this. the pres should force him to answer the question. joe, what do you think? i'm not going to hold my breath. this is not the first time the democrats invoked the 25th amendment and not the last, what does the amendment actually say about removing a sitting president?es here you go. never the vice president and the majority of the principal officers of the executive department or other such body as congress may by law provide transmit the president of the senate andtr speaker of the houe reps their written declaration the president is unable to discharge the power of duties of the office, the vice president shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office of acting president. this amendment was passed
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initially when congress was worried about the president being in a coma if a nuclear war broke out. then jfk assassination validated the fears for a lot of americans. but are democrats motivated by patriotic national security concerns?ca of course not. >> the people in the white house, most especially the chief of staff. to realize that he's not going to be allowed to jerk the country around and this may be the time of the attention getter that we need. >> laura: with the democrats are proposing, stay with me, it's really important. it's putting the power to remove the sitting president in the hands of a unelected 17 member commission and the
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vice president. eight would be medical professional, medicalff deep state, another would be a former executive branch official including former presidents. both democrats and republicans would be able to appoint an equal number of members when then vote 16 choose the 17th member to be in sharing the committee.of in theory, it sounds bipartisan, but the reality, it means the committee will be stacked with liberal establishment types. then shared with the 17th member shared like let's say barack obama or hillary clinton. you know where that would go. but this -- it's like an exercise of total control over the white house by continually dangling the thread of the president being declared unfit for office. don't think for a second the be people will act as a check on this.
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boss, he i was thinking about my old boss, he was an outsider. he ran as the antiestablishment candidates in '76 and won the nomination against george herbert walker in 1980. he picked the establishment guy george h.w. bush is the vp. could you see the scenario where bush would immediately under the pelosi, would immediately start to undermine reagan from the onside in the scenario. you would not want to attempt to tempt them with it. it's glaringly obvious how dangerous the system of government would be. so much so that cnn -- i love this, is begging pelosi t change course now. >> they're doing this and that's not going to go anywhere, but not holding a press conference on the stimulus deal, not getting something done for the millions of american of people t who are waiting on lawmakers to stop fighting, they don't knowon what it's like to not be back pay their rent or not feed their
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family. >>li laura: she's totally lost control of the caucus. just like she did when she pursued impeachment, remember, that's what the squad wanted. as we saw with the impeachment, no democrats willing to descend out of fear that they will be primary by a aoc supported candidate. they do not want to be primaryup by the gang of radicals. if you, tonight, have a democrat representing you in your district or running against a moderate.ouon this is what you are supporting, what pelosi push today, the complete undermining of the electoral process. they're going to pack the courts and the d.c. statehood. we will see control over the borders, total control.
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they will give that decision making a lot of international bodies. i think it, in the end, democrats never forgave you and america who voted for donald trump. now, they want to make sure that nothing like that happens again. they want to dissuade another populace, another true rebel from taking office. or running for office. this will likely go the way of peter strzok insurance policy. the deep states and the media with enough to take out trump but it was not. but this is the 20 for the amendments, would create continual crisis and the permanent state of chaos which is what the democrats want. designed to get you to be so fed up to give up on america. we will not do that. big mistake, nancy. and that's "the angle." ari fleischer and mollie hemingway, senior editor
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at "the federalist" and both fox news contributors. starting with you and we talked about it the other night when you're on. packing the court. the press has to ask these questions. whether biden and his campaign, do they agree with this move and not let them get away with well, i'll let you know when i get elected. >> there's this contradiction when they explain what the biden is about, moderate returning to normalcy, and it's the democratic party as he laid up with the 25th amendment. i think nancy pelosi was trying to highlight president trump recently had been in the hospital and it's not meant to p be as seriously as it's being taken. instead, it is highlighting other problems for her such as joe biden picked a vice presidential candidate who does not seem particularly loyaa
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to him. that people could envision someone like kamala harris quickly using something like this in order to gain then presidency. the 25th amendment is very damaging and goes back to the very first week of the trump administration when they publish something about using it to oust president trump. media and democratic figures that keep using it over and over as part of their inability to accept the legitimacy of the 2016 election and except that americans chose as their president donald trump. >> laura: they are seething still, all these years later, four years later, the public die not choose hillary and they chose this rough-and-tumble guy was going to shake up the whole establishment. i've got to say on msnbc, craig melvin and pelosi started discussing this. i want you to analyze it.el watch. >> that the president of the united states should transfer
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power. >> now, i do think the president should. >> you don't think he needs to transfer power right now because -- >> that's not my judgment. >> laura: beside from the fact she's touching her mask five times and contaminating its, as they all do, what about this? she answers, no, i do think the president should. should you transfer your powers now? very odd. >> first and foremost, laura, we need the exact same commission for future speakers. male or female. who get set upne other by their hairdressers. anybody who cannot control their hairdressing, is a very hairy job and you have to be good at it. look, this is how meaningless the exercise is today. she left something out. it's called the constitution.
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under the constitution if somebody deems that president is unfit for office under the 25th amendment they seek to remove by congressional act or by act of the cabinets and he should be byremoved. the president under the constitution then replies in eswriting and says no i'm capabe of serving. once the president replies in size that it takes two-thirds of the house and two-thirds of theo senate to remove the president. it's a higher harder bar than impeachment. this was passed nancy pelosi's house if they try to do it to our president and president trump. the completely meaningless exercise and bad politics, i don't get why she did this. it's weird and makes you think. if as for the transfer of power she took both sides of it. what she says what she says doesn't make sense. >> laura: i have to get your thoughts on this too. another controversy regarding the next debate moderator c-span steve scully. on twitter, scully openly asked
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trump hater anthony scaramucci should i respond to trump after the president questioned whether or not scully was nonpartisan. everyone speculated he meant to send it as a private message, but here's how the debate commission responded.. they said steve scully did not originate the tweet. the tweet was not sent by scully himself. investigating it with the help of the authorities. mollie, this controversy aside, does it not call into question the entire notion the presidential debate commission giving the fact that republicans always seem to get hosed on the moderators? >> a personal debate commission had a horrible year and another thing that happened is not former presidential candidate bob duell said that he know the commission is supposed to be bipartisan and he knows republicans that are associated with it don't know many of them to support trump. if that's unfair. brave thing for him to come out
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and say that and it's an issue you're talking about earlier when the establishment is all on one side of an issue. that's not good for the american people. the debate commission has not done ae good job of reflecting the current moment of hosting debates where people can actually talk about what they believe, how they differ from other people, and in part i think it's because of someone antiquated and they have not freshened up who has not advised they need to do something drastic, they have to do something if they want to have any role in the future and they're really behaving poorly right now. >> laura: your thoughtss on this? >> i know steve scully, i've defended him, i found him to beo impartial, neutral, fair. >> laura: he's incredibly nice to me personally. >> fair, professionally, which ought to be said. i do not know his politics, i don't. i do accept that almost everybody who gets these jobs is cut from the same establishment cloth and i worked with many politicians where establishment.
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that's why susan page asked the question cheated. the questions were about trump's at this which offensive, and you know what she doesn't say? kamala harris, what's your reaction to joe biden saying you ain't black to a radio announcer? what's your reaction to joe biden when he said blacks don't have diversity? she did not think of any of biden's dumb statements and hold kamala harris accountable for them. the reporters come from the same liberal mind-set which is where republicans are always put onn the defensive. the debate commission keep serving it up that way, if they don't put alternative media which it was full off, i do think the debate commission's usefulness comes into question. if there will be hard to replace them for a bunch of reasons but the fundamental mission they need to re-examine. >> laura: most committees i tend to be against.
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committees, commissions, mollie quickly the president will have his first rally post covid diagnosis presumably on monday in sanford, florida. it's going to be big and massive how significant will this be. what tone should they strike? >> given the other constraints involved with this year, it's important for president trump in the final few weeks of the campaign. as for tone, it seems like he's enthusiastic and there's a lot of big issues where president trump might have learned how vice president pence talked about all the successes that the trump and administration had. it is something that should be helpful in the closing weeks of the campaign. >> laura: no woman is going to vote for trump because of russia gate and getting unfairly treated in the whole muller thing. they're going to vote for jobs,
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security, safety, schools have got to open. that's what moms care about in the moms i know it care about. see you both. the push for the covid contact tracing, some benign public health agenda. we will show you how the candid unchecked power to governments now across the globe. plus the country's top infectious disease experts this year, he will blow the whistle on the medical and media cover of a potentially life-saving c drug. stay there. ♪ election... (fisherman vo) how do i register to vote? hmm!.. hmm!.. hmm!.. (woman on porch vo) can we vote by mail here? (grandma vo) you'll be safe, right? (daughter vo) yes! (four girls vo) the polls! voted! (grandma vo) go out and vote! it's so important! (man at poll vo) woo! (grandma vo) it's the most important thing you can do!
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>> laura: what's the end game of the covid fearmongering, we have our ideas and we think there is the agenda here and it's stripping away your freedom. just a massive expansion of a new permanent surveillance. think china, i'm exaggerating, the article in the guardian paints a vivid picture of where over the top covid panic could take us. surveillance tools and technologies such as fever detection, goggles, curfews and lockdowns, apps that are track the spread of covid are beingg deployed as part of law. countries including cambodia, china, pakistan, thailand. now wesley smith, they criticize "the angle" heavily back when we started to raise the whining
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flanks about the tracking apps. they said it's never going to happen and here's the motivations are truly benevolent. health oriented. is not necessarily true? >> i don't think so and just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really after you. history teaches us that. you find now that there's a great deal of push for part of this. you're going to have the private sector in forcing these issues. there is the article in august 6th in "usa today," three very prominent calling for a mandatory vaccine. real quickly, a few of the things they said would be required. this is a quote. vaccine diffusers could lose tax credit or be denied nonessential
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government services. health insurance code love higher premiums. we would not be able to go into private businesses unless you show your vaccine papers. this is advocacy, preparing the ground for that kind of a draconian and i would have to say soft authoritarian type of existence and forced the private sector. then you have dr. anthony fauci. i've never been in the chorus, but he wrote a piece in the journal -- >> laura: let me read it. for everybody here. this is part of what he said. living in greater harmony with nature will require changes in human behavior as well as other radical changes that may take decades to achieve, rebuilding the infrastructures of human
11:25 pm we will have to prioritize changes in the human behaviors that constitute risk for the emergence of infectious diseases. explain that, rebuilding the infrastructures of human existence. >> first, we have to expand the power of the united nations and the world health organization to accomplish this.e then, when he's basically talking about it -- sorry about that, the international technocracy in which the international bureaucrats would be able to establish this kind of draconian imposition wherelde have to change our entire lifestyle. we have to change the way we live, we have to change our water system. we have to change the way we travel in that kind of thing. it's the most remarkable call for an authoritarian imposition internationally and it got almost no attention.
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io was stunned when i read this. he's a very respected and science journal but this is not about science, this is about ideology.ot >> laura: this is globalist, social engineering. >> as the old saying goes, a pretty remarkable call five the most respected people in the country dealing with covid and he's not dealing with covid in this. he saying that basically what we have to do is prepare for the next pandemic and this would be a permanent condition because supposedly we are entering into the era of pandemic and this is how were going to have to live to keep safe. i do not want to be a serf, ire want to be a free person. but things like remaking the entire human infrastructure as far as i'm concerned should be off the table from the beginning. >> laura: is a communist
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superstructure are masquerading as health precaution. i'm sorry, but we are a sovereign and free people and were going to stay a sovereign and free people. good people have anything to say about it. important conversation to have, thank you so much and great to see youfr tonight. two media stories, miraculous stories of covid recovery. if you're looking for info on the trim bands that save the lives of these incredible people, do not count on the press. the write ups in "the washington post" and the local new jersey paper credit the power of prayer, were all for the power of prayer and the little luck. about my next essays that's not the whole story in the media while they're covering up the fact that those people, those patients made their stunning recoveries while taking the drugs, hydroxychloroquine. founder of the smith center, the man behind the to life saving treatments joining me now. dr. smith, what's the motivation for leaving out the fact in the
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media accounts that both patients weree put on doses. >> hello, laura, good evening. it's the report that are patient's got better and we took care of it with me and my team. we used hydroxychloroquine. the second and third one actually had seen the other team first. the infectious disease team. i can't imagine why, the piece in "the washington post," i put my career on the line for. that's the patient i referred to earlier when talking about having fights the administration, having fights with them about using the dose recommended. they wanted me to stop after 24 milligrams. i don't know the motivation and
11:29 pm
i can't speak to it, i can tell you in the article photo, half the people never saw the patients. you know, of course a name like smith i don't care about my name being out there. i do care that they're not talking about the truth. the truth is that woman the other two patients were men. both had hydroxychloroquine. >> laura: both had high doses of hydroxychloroquine, both recovery. neither fact was reported in the press. now, dr. smith, in "the new england journal of medicine" released a study that claiming among patients who were not undergoing mechanical ventilation atw na the baseline, those in the hydroxychloroquine group had a higher frequency of lovasive mechanical ventilation or death. in other words, another negative study supposedly or review of hydroxy. your response? >> the great britain trial, all
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the fanfare and it came out saying it's the method that saves lives. it's part of it that if you're on oxygen and you got it, you did significantly worse. that doesn't make sense to me so i'm trying to figure it out. they also did not use azithromycin. we tried to use on our patients, not all our patients get it because the doctors won't give it. sometimes they restrict that use. i was stunned by that. just having consistent results. our results are not inconsistent and i'll show that in full later, but we know the patients with hydroxychloroquine azithromycin at a higher dose. i should correct that. at the dose recommended by the regiment that we use the total dose iss much lower.
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me>> laura: again, dr. smith, these people and in this recovery study there were given the hydroxychloroquine late in the disease. they were already mechanically being ventilated. everyone has to understand as a prophylaxis or early after youad test positive, that's where people had seen better results. obviously dr. smith, that's where you see the best result. people have to understand what they're looking at. i have to tell you another thing, i'm so glad you're on because the media are refusing to report good news about the recent trends we are seeing for covid to come up. for example, according to the cdc latest figures, coven hospitalizations are decreasing and putting it up on the screen for all age groups. especially for those 65 years old ns and older. look at this, what does it tell you about where we are with the pandemic? look at the lines for every age group.
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especially the older americans.w >> like i said, not trying to predict things but following the path. our experience in new jersey was about a nine week. not assuming based on experience but on knowledge -- >> laura: dr. smith, wonderful to see you. sorry we've got the hot but fascinating on the patients that you treated and what the press is leavingwe out about these. theth seemingly miraculous recoveries.ha up next, celebrity's trip to town for your vote? what? biden recruits rappers and hillary clinton finds a new outlet for her election breathing. raymond arroyo has it all. "friday follies" next. ♪ hi ing. raymond arroyo
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♪ >> this is a fox news weather alert, i'm anita vogel.
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hurricane delta category one , top winds over 100 miles per hour, but quickly weekend as it moved further inland. it's expected to continue moving north towards the mississippi. meteorologist warren delta weakening remains a threat to lives and property. if storm passing lots of rain, flash flood warnings in place for much of louisiana and parts of neighboring texas. this is the second hurricane to hit the gulf coast in six weeks. an area where devastation widely evident from hurricane laura which killed at least 27 people. if we will be keeping an eye on delta throughout the morning hours. i'm anita vogel, now back to laura ingraham. >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for "friday follies." democrats reach out to voters and unorthodox ways and of
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course a candidate reemerges. joining us with all the tantalizing details, raymond arroyo, author of "the spider who saved christmas." >> he's leaving nothing to the imagination. a group of celebrities trying to warn voters about inaccurately submitted balance or a negativea naked ballot as they are called by appearing in the buff. >> i'm naked. >> i'm naked. >> i'm like naked. >> these are not hands behind me, i naked. >> i'm here to talk you about ,voting. >> please vote. >> take your clothes off and vote. >> laura, this is what desperation look like when all else fails, take your clothes off. it comes the same week that a youtube celebrity lost her verification for promising nude pictures to anyone whoti
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would vote for biden. but the hollywood crowd of encourages people to vote for trump if schumer keep their clothes on i would vote for michael dukakis at this point. i got to tell you. >> laura: don't we need the bare essentials like commander -- oh, the come on, raymond! we don't want to think about them without their clothing, or let alone see them. now biden, he was campaigning in the west this week. where he seemed stripped of any sense. >> do you realize before we pass the law, pregnancy was considered it a pre-existing? not a joke. insurance companies are allowed to charge more for a woman for the same exact medical procedure. than a man. same one.
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[laughter] >> so much for following the science, i think biden is probably having a senior moment. and fact, the campaign did a full scale outreach to seniorsen today. they called it boomers for biden, rock and doo-wop party. this is what the seniors got. >> i'll see if i can hit the set up. joe and kamala. joe and kamala. let's vote trump away. >> laura: oh, my god. >> i've got to tell you, their trading notes and begging people to vote and donate in the little bits of song. if there's a part of me that thinks it's a really smart campaign on one hand. they hide the candidates and they get the celebrities to go out to targeting groups to try to pull voters in this case seniors in. the abiding people are worried about the black vote and they
11:42 pm
rolled out michelle obama niearlier. they are recruiting these rappers to turn out american voters. >> this is ludacris i'm telling you to tell you that your vote matters. vote for joe biden, harris. >> in some way, ludacris could be the perfect biden surrogate and in his famous video, he marched as a mob. there is brand cohesion here. you have to go with all the angles. >> laura: that a lot of sense. back to the doo-wop deal with the boomers, i thought for a moment i was watching one of those time life if you call right now you get ten cds. remember the good old days? remember the good old days? oh, no, that was tragic.c.oo
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>> this being friday, laura, "friday follies," cnn correspondent joe john had a run in with a raccoon this week at the white house just before he went on air. watch this. >> look -- get! >> there he is. >> did that do it? >> no event scheduled on the premises today, but there's a freaking raccoon. >> we have exclusive video and photo that might explain why the raccoon wentlu on the attack. it's a maga raccoon, you never know what you're going to find on the grounds of the white house. in truth, the white house attacked by the raccoon so maybe they're working for the trump administration and maybe they're not. we do not know. >> laura: they are still
11:44 pm
trying to figure out the fly on mike pence's head and maybe the raccoon will jump on pelosi when she does the 25th amendment to press conference. before we go, a podcast that you ever asked for or ever would need. >> hi, i'm hillary clinton host of the new podcast "you and me both." i sit down with funny interesting people to hear about their lives, their careers, the biggest issues of our time. i'm thrilled to invite you to join us. >> laura: first of all, -- >> it should have been called, well, you and me both and wish we were michelle obama. this is clearly hillary trying to play catch up with michelle who's got her big podcast. you know what, here's the good news. hillary officially left the 2020 campaign. >> laura: all right, raymond. you and i both, grammar, grammar, grammar. coming up -- thank you, raymond.
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how far could blm go? jason whitlock explains it next. ♪
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♪ >> laura: are christian athletes and coaches the next target for the black lives matter movement?
11:50 pm
this shocking story may change your mind. a few weeks ago, illinois state sound of theh legendary redskins general manager discovered a blm sign taped to his office door. since blm, contrary to his christian faith, he took it down and put one up that said "all lives matter to our lord and savior jesus christ." a beautiful message to most but it's hate speech to most. after sustained pressure campaign he lost his coaching position. joining me now, jason witmer, it was not too long ago that i wear shows a faith kind of commonplace among athletes and coaches. is this now he black lives matter chilling effect on that expression? >> no question about it, this
11:51 pm
has been the intent of black lives matter from the very
11:52 pm
beginning. we have seen it reshaped right before our eyes, the hostility towards christianity is overtaking the sports world and he is paying the price. >> laura: isn't it the case that all kinds of bolsheviks or marxist takeovers that you have to take out faith. the faith has to reside only in government, the government is the almighty, it becomes the orthodoxy. the orthodoxy cannot be challenged by anything higher, in this case is our savior christ the lord. that's the christian's answer, not the head of blm. >> if you want to usher in immorality, you have to usher out god. that is what's happening in america. it's a calculated, if not organic, deal. this is underway for years. look at the immorality as it relates to curt. outside of a bar. in what society does an employer looking at his employee, that lost his wife and his nephew in the past few months, fire the guy, removes him from his job because he expressed his christian faith and does something objectionable to what is popular? a the what illinois state has done is immoral. you have to usher out god, usher in immorality. >> laura: it might be a legal, and i imagine the coach has a strong claim, a religious bias claim to get any state funding.
11:53 pm
they're in trouble. i hope he has a good lawyer. jason, clemson head football coach dabo swinney had something interesting to say about the slogan black lives matter slogans that are being put on players uniforms. >> i'm a very traditional guy and i came from alabama. i've always never missed with the uniforms and we saw that i change this year. i'm on board with a lot of the messages, i'm not on board with political organizations. i am apolitical, you know? to me, that is divisive. >> laura: you say that he's blm's next target? >> he potentially could be, probably the biggest target. he's a very traditional coach right in line with tom landry, former coach of the dallas cowboys, vince lombardi with the packers, joe with the washington tom with nebraska, dabo swinneyy
11:54 pm
is the next iteration of that and he wears his faith on his sleeve. they will eventually have a problem and his team is highly successful other than alabama, it's the most successful program in college football. he's doing it from a faith-based point of view and perspective and he will eventually come under attack. >> laura: jason, thank you for the perspective and something people better be focusing on talking about now before it's too late. >>e thank you. >> laura: joe biden attracting all sorts of washed up actors and activists. "the last bite" explains. ♪ history
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also destroyed the lives of thousands of jewish survivors god calls on people who believe in him to act on his word. "comfort ye, comfort my people." when i come here and i sit with lilia i realize what she needs right now is food. these elderly jews are weak and they're sick. they're living on $2 a day which is impossible. this now, is how god's children are living. take this time to send a survival food box to these forgotten jews. the international fellowship of christians and jews urgently need your gift of $25 now
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to help provide one survival food box with all of the essentials they critically need for their diet for one month. when you call right now, your gift's impact will be doubled to help save lives. no vitamins and no protein so my legs and hands are very weak. oh, oh, oh let's make sure that we bring them just a little bit of hope. by bringing them a little bit of food. for just $25, you can help supply the essential foods they desperately need for one month. when you call right now, your gift's impact will be doubled to help save lives. i just want to encourage all of you to join with yael eckstein and the wonderful work of the international fellowship of christians and jews. god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors
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will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. >> laura: what i'll be famous and actors backing his campaign, why would biden want two hacks to cut them out for him? >> for his take on the election, welcome bill kristol. >> thank you. >> what are you doing here? >> what are
12:00 am
>> i think they said bill kristol bill kristol. >> vowed by then. >> remember, the democrats, you're always stuck in the end with the bills. that's all the time we have tonight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team take it from here. shannon. ♪ >> shannon: hello, welcome to "fox news @ night" i'm sh shannon: welcome to fox news at night. the president stopped taking coronavirus medication and is looking forward to new rallies including with the ones on the south lawn of the white house as he tries to make up ground against joe biden, everybody wondering about his health. we will have a new clip from the interview between mark siegel and the president in minutes but first the latest on the planned rallies and the controversy surrounding th


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