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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  October 28, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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rather be than a trump rally on attended agree evening? biden, the guys shot. he is so gonzo. all they talk about his covid-19, covid-19, covid-19. we have made such progress is incredible. i am here. >> an unbelievable wrap up of a busy day for the president. he was on fire tonight and milania trump hit the trail solo for the first time this campaign and she was terrific, all hands on deck one week out. take it from here. shannon: another busy night, breaking news. right now in new reports of looting across philadelphia marking a second bite of riots rocking the city of brotherly love after police shot and
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killed a black man they said was coming at him without a knife and refuse their command to drop it. unrest in the nation's capital following the death of a black man riding a moped the collided with a car. police say where they were trying to stop the man because he wasn't wearing a helmet, now the man's family is going after his death. they are demanding answers, standoff. these renewed tensions in two of america's major cities happening as the nation braces for the unexpected next two days. national guard and police department already preparing as stores are boarding up, early voting for 70 million. new indicators of a possible surprise showing by donald trump as he crisscrosses several battleground states. joe biden is campaigning in georgia looking to cut into red state strongholds. former president obama taking
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shots at his successor on the campaign trail. we have team coverage on this night, one week out from the big general election. alex hogan tracking preparations for possible election night violence coast-to-coast. white house correspondent kevin cork following merely vote in ohio, richardson look at the hunter biden controversy as it pertains to the campaign. rick leventhal following the pandemic affect, some surprising findings on that front and progressive thresher growing on biden. in omaha the president clocked his third major rally of the day. >> reporter: thousands and thousands of people braced for the very cold weather out here near freezing temperatures for our sister get a glimpse of donald trump, his third and final stop of the night tonight. this city and the state in
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omaha, nebraska have seen some surges in coronavirus cases so it was held outdoors and people were told to wear masks but once donald trump landed and started talk to the ground i think a lot of people forgot just how cold they were. a lot of energy from the crowd as donald trump delivered a familiar speech where he praised himself and criticized joe biden for things like a tax plan, stands on crime, trumpet a simple message for those in attendance in omaha, nebraska. a call to action. >> i'm standing here freezing. i ask you a little favor, get out and vote. the great red wave. at least you are down there with each other. i will appear and that wind is blowing. >> that message especially important in nebraska specifically omaha which is the state's second congressional
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district, a democrat hasn't won the state outright since 1964. they've walked away with one electoral college voting previous elections because nebraska is one of two states that give two electoral college votes to the overall winner and a vote for whoever wins each congressional district, polls show biden in the lead in nebraska avenue second district and if it is close it could come down to one vote so both candidates focusing on nebraska and maine. trump has a slight - in maine's second congressional district. biden wasn't here in nebraska released a statement saying i won't give up on nebraska. i will get the virus under control and protect your healthcare. a president who fights for all nebraskans, not just those who vote for me. donald trump after wrapping up an hour and a half speech set off to a much warmer las vegas, nevada and then to a even warmer
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arizona for a few campaign stops. shannon: hitting all the key states. thank you. and many in the left wing of the democratic party have been staying on message, don't publicly criticize biden, this is all about beating trump. jackie heinrich taking a look at the progressive playbook and their list of demands for biden should he win. >> reporter: about 870 people attended joe biden's driving rally, more than the dnc, significant given the state is not voted for a democratic president since 1992. long considered out of reach, two democrats. the biden campaign thinks georgia is competitive and could become part of the 270. the collectivist lay the groundwork after a series of
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narrow losses in 2017-18 including stacy abrams who lost the governor's race by 50,000 votes. george he is seeing regularly turn out and the highest percentage of black voters in any background state. the final push increase and add blitzen visits from both members of the ticket and their spouses, who suffer down ballot democratic candidates. >> there are a lot of pundits who would've guessed four years ago the democratic candidate for president in 2020 would be campaigning in georgia on the final week of the election. but we do because something is happening. here in georgia and across america. >> reporter: in atlanta biden touched on his usual points literally they appeal to the other side of the aisle with a message of unity and healing,
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where franklin donor is about recuperated from the poliovirus and plant new deal programs to pull the country out of the great depression. biden's parallels between that year's crisis and what the country faces today and biden says he wants to be as transformative a president roosevelt and leaders on the far left including bernie sanders said biden stands to become the most progressive president since fdr. in excerpts from axioms on hbo congresswoman ilhan omar said she and other members of the squad expect to have a seat at the table. >> we will have accord of progressives that are very clear about their objectives for the implementation of medicare for all and the green new deal and embracing the minimum wage. >> omar also said she wouldn't be happy if biden appointed any republicans to his cabinet as he
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is reportedly considering, this happens as progressive donors and activists are reportedly lobbying for those cabinet positions to go to progressives including elizabeth warren at the treasury. shannon: former president obama campaigning in florida today, taking shots at how the trump administration handled the pandemic but the president is firing back. >> reporter: 2020 will likely forever be known as the year of the coronavirus are no surprises playing a huge role in the presidential race with the two campaigns taking very different approachs. former president barack obama trying to swing votes to joe biden in florida holding a driving rally in orlando criticizing donald trump's handling of covid-19. >> what is his closing argument, the people are too focused on covid-19. he said this at one of his
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rallies, covid-19 covid-19 covid-19 he complains. he is jealous of covid-19's media coverage. >> 225,000 dead americans because of covid-19. 7800 right here in georgia. >> democrats fight the death toll but really discuss how nursing homes contributed to the tools and how state governments could have helped mitigate the awful impact. less than one% of america lives in long-term care facilities but this tiny fraction accounts for 41% of covid-19 deaths. the former kaiser family foundation, nonpartisan source of health information. kfs found some states don't count nursing home death and others may be underreporting them including new york which didn't include residents who were moved to hospitals and never recovered. the trump administration is reassuring americans a vaccine will be available soon and there will be no rationing of protective recruitment or healthcare. >> i would like to put a end to those kind of rumors because is
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no need to ration care. we are in a tremendous supply situation now compared to march or april. >> the white house is the cost of vaccines will be covered under medicaid and medicare with the goal of ensuring no american will have to pay for the vaccine. >> the vaccines are coming right on the corner. if i weren't here it would have taken 2 or 3 or 4 years. greatest companies in the world doing it. normal life will fully resuming that is what we want, right? >> of the rally in omaha the president said thanks to a relentless efforts 97% of all current emergency room visits offer something other than the virus, 3% for covid-19, the cdc report the highest number of er visits was 7% in april. shannon: thank you. new allegations of claims against hunter biden and the rest of the biden family but does this story resonates, is it having an impact on the campaign trail. richardson takes a look at that
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angle for us tonight. >> it's become a fixture at presidential events, donald trump accusing joe biden and his son of corruption. republicans publicly suggesting the president talk about something else. >> his son sits on the board, no energy experience know nothing. where is hunter. the biden corruption which is incredible. is called the laptop for mel. >> from campaign rallies to the final presidential debate. >> maybe not. the big man i think. we give 10% of the big man. what is that all about? it is terrible. >> donald trump is pitching voters on former vice president joe biden's son hunter and international business conduct and even invited one of hunter's former business partners to the final presidential debate and before that debate started tony bob linsky accused bidens of wrongdoing and continues doing so. >> he made a specific statement of around this, i will be honest
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with you, almost up and screamed a liar and walked out because i was shocked that after four days or 5 days the biden family is taking the position to the world. >> the president's allies reportedly pitched to the wall street journal a story about a planned business venture with the chinese oil company, journal of reported corporate records showed no role for joe biden and senior congressional republicans want the president to stop talking about like ted cruz on exeter be october 20 sixth episode of axioms on hbo. >> it doesn't move a single vote. we should be unifying, we should be explaining, we should be thing people up. it is a turnout election. >> other senior republican senators have urged the president to instead discuss what they say is a better pitch to voters, pre-pandemic economy,
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regulations and foreign policy. shannon: we will see what resonates. thank you. folks in ohio taking advantage of early voting and unprecedented numbers this election season. kevin cork is live in columbus with why so many people, millions across the country are casting their ballots in advance. >> reporter: as you know the president did fairly well in the buckeye state in 2016. he won hereby just a little bit more than 8 points and if early voting is an indication how things might go this year it is a figure he may build on in 2020. in ohio the lines are what you notice first. serpentine, steady, no longer a ripple in a political pond but a wave of early voting. >> put your ballot over here. >> every ballot, every voter, and for many earlier than ever before. >> we are going to win this great state and we are going to win four years in the white house.
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>> sacred obligation to vote. it matters. ohio matters. >> reporter: candidates continue to make the pitch even though millions have already decided. in ohio more than 2 million have cast their ballots early, a figure the tops the entire run up to the 2016 election. what is more it is a trend playing across the country in states like texas, north carolina, georgia, florida, arizona and pennsylvania where 1.4 million people have cast earlier absentee ballots so far. gop officials in ohio believe strong early voting bodes well for the president's reelection bid. in a statement he won by a large margin in 2016. >> democrats are cannibalizing their election day vote. we have large outstanding number of voters will show up on election day. >> this year has been unlike any
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other with massive numbers already tallied and millions more to go. >> things like voter enthusiasm, concerns related to the pandemic, people don't want to come out and vote in person so they are participating via absentee voting. in ohio our slogan has been we want to be ready for november and we are. >> ready. assessment clearly shared by millions of voters here and across the nation. >> reporter: the numbers are truly astounding. more than 70 million americans have already cast early ballots, 20 million more than in 2016. and that figure could climb to 90 million by november 3rd. shannon: we are almost there. thank you so much. fears percolating across the political spectrum that no matter the result of the presidential election there could be violence and rioting. alexander reporting on how cities and states across the
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country are bracing themselves. >> reporter: concerns over intimidation when it comes to voting and civil unrest taking proactive steps, city leaders preparing for the aftermath of november 3rd, some businesses boarding up storefronts on monday, others remain covered for protester in the summer. in california the beverly hills police department urging retailers to protect their windows before election night. luxury row will close to cars and pedestrians on tuesday. >> we are hopeful for peaceful weeks ahead, the police department protect the city. >> in portland the mayor working with businesses to plan ahead tweeting the city of fort and is preparing to protect voting in public safety on and around election day. sending troops to houston, dallas and san antonio.
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new york city deploying extra city to radiate voting centers and training officers for all scenarios. >> we do every kind of incident you can imagine. we don't have any information or suspect we are going to have any of those things in particular. >> the president cast doubt on absentee ballots urging his supporters to go to the polls and watch for voting fraud. critics including house speaker nancy pelosi calling his words voter intimidation and his claims could embolden extremist groups, the problems. when antitrust group telling supporters to take to the streets, the organization shutdown dc writing, quote, we are making plans to be in the streets before the polls close, ready to adapt and respond to whatever comes our way. despite the polarization of this election americans can find themselves united in the unknown, a handful of states
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will not start counting votes until election day meaning there could be hours or even days of waiting for the results. shannon: likely scenario. as election day nears both campaigns are gearing up for an epic battle to follow. trump communications director tim murtaugh is live next. oney. without the commission fees. so, you can start investing today wherever you are - even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood.
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♪ >> shannon: well, a man set fire to a ballot box in jillian: a man set fire to a ballot box in boston damaging dozens of ballots making headlines and raising concerns about security of voting this year in different ways of going about that. let's discuss the state of the race was trump campaign medications director tim murtaugh.
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good to have you back. i want to get to you with the back and forth with bloomberg, ad dollars have been pulled by the trump campaign saying donald trump's campaign cut its advertising budget relying on the republican national committee to carry the message. by comparison biden, $16.7 million of ads in florida for the last 15 days of the campaign. with fact and fiction are you conceding florida are really confident? >> we feel very confident in florida. we know the president is ahead in florida. the initial reporting was way off. a 7-figure statewide, we announced last week we are doing a combined coordination with the republican national committee. we are on tv in florida, a 6-figure bile local cable, spanish-language, radio in florida.
12:24 am
we are competing in florida, and issue a new version. the analytics bloomberg said they were relying on said to be clear trump is on tv in florida. that is the deal. we are fighting in florida. we are ahead in florida. the president is going to win his home state a second time. we feel very good about that state, joe biden wants to waste his time that is his business but the president will be solid. shannon: he was in georgia raising questions for folks who think there's a level of confidence about kicking up what has traditionally in the last few years been a red state. politico said caution and confidence keep biden close to home in the final facing he stuck with his plan of running a slow but steady race on the idea that trump step all over himself when out campaigning and best to keep making the election a
12:25 am
referendum on the president's behavior, key battleground states gives the former vice president and edge of 3.5 points. is his campaign strategy working? >> know. i wouldn't say it is working. what you see he is doing as he knows, joe biden knows his path through pennsylvania has been cut off because he's exposed as an enemy of the fracking industry and all the fossil fuel industry, for all the people in the states that are energy producing that is really bad news. in pennsylvania he would kill 600,000 fracking jobs, pennsylvania is cut off for joe biden. that is why he is trying to find emergency alternative paths. if he wants to waste his time in georgia we welcome that, we encourage them to spend a lot of time and money in georgia because the president is going to win georgia again. the president is visiting battleground states but also going to states that hillary clinton won. on sunday he was in new
12:26 am
hampshire, nevada tomorrow. in recent days he has been in minnesota. the vice president was in minnesota yesterday. these are states hillary clinton won. if the president wins the states he won in 2016 he is reelected but it is as simple as that, the president has multiple paths, he won with electoral votes to spare in 2016, we aim to repeat that and think we can expand that and pick up the states hillary clinton won in 2016. shannon: nbc news notes that both of the campaigns are spending time in places like maine and nebraska anticipating the race that can be decided by a single electoral college vote. interesting how some of the states flip their votes was how worried are you could come down to one and it doesn't matter whether it is you or for the biden campaign do you think it will be that close? >> you want to win every single electoral vote on the table, the second district of maine in the
12:27 am
second district of nebraska are ones the president can get. we want to win those and it is why we campaign and states that hillary won, nevada and minnesota and new hampshire and it is why you go and take care of the states you won the last time and we know which states are likely to decide, florida, north carolina, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin and metairie minnesota. we feel very good about arizona i would add, we feel very good, we know where the president is standing in those states, we know the in person early voting numbers are very good for the president in all the battleground states, the president is ahead in the in person early voting. all the indications are the absentee ballots, ballot by mail members were democrats have an edge they don't have a big enough edge. the president's supporters will vote on election day in big numbers and democrats lead in the mail in vote is not big
12:28 am
enough and they know that, why they sent joe biden to vote in person in delaware a few weeks back because they were worried they scare their voters away from voting in person. we know the president's people will show up on election day and the president is in solid standing in battleground states. shannon: so much data to crunch and 7 days to go. thank you. as the new york post nears two weeks of being lots azar twitter account the heads of major social security companies will face a growing about censorship and more tomorrow on capitol hill. marsha blackburn will be asking questions next. (fisherman vo) how do i register to vote? hmm!.. hmm!.. hmm!.. (woman on porch vo) can we vote by mail here? (grandma vo) you'll be safe, right? (daughter vo) yes! (four girls vo) the polls! voted! (grandma vo) go out and vote! it's so important!
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announcer: vote for your life.
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♪ >> shannon: several hundred >> several hundred members of the pennsylvania national guard being mobilized to help philadelphia police deal with unrestricted, violence erupted for protest of a police involved
12:33 am
shooting monday the left an african-american man dead. aishah hasnie reporting live. >> reporter: good evening. there is active looting happening in philadelphia. look behind me, we are in the walmart plaza looking at a couple stores that have been looted and folks coming out of this 5 below store, running out of the store with bags in hand. we've seen that all over this neighborhood. it continues to go on. there are police pretty much everywhere. a lot of bike cops, police and helicopters but it is not stopping these leaders, they are creating traffic jams and parking lots and we saw people stealing dozens of tvs from a walmart earlier this morning, living at a target, footlocker, dollar general and we are seeing that heavy police presence that philadelphia pd promised they would have tonight but not
12:34 am
stopping these looters who are working in small groups and hitting up these stores as soon as they see the cops move away. this comes hours after walter wallace junior family pleaded with the public not to lose or commit violence. >> burning up stores where i live, it is uncalled for, it really is and the people doing it are not helping me and my family, just showing disrespect. make him look like animals and he's not. >> protests erupted in philadelphia monday night following the feel shooting of wallace. hundreds of people took to the streets, saluting businesses and sitting vehicles on fire. others were throwing rocks and bricks at police. more than 90 people were arrested and 30 officers injured in all of this including one female officer who was hit by a truck.
12:35 am
the outrage was sparked by this video police shooting wallace junior in west philadelphia neighborhood. officers say they responded to the area on reports of an armed man. they found wallace walking around with a knife. the ordered him to drop the weapon but he continued moving towards those offices and each of those officers fired at him twee 7 different times was wallace was pronounced dead at a hospital. 's father told the philadelphia inquirer that his son was on medication, struggling with mental health issues, protesters and the family have been demanding answers why a nonlethal force like a taser wasn't used instead. those officers have been placed on desk duty pending an investigation. the da is promising a thorough investigation that includes reviewing body cam footage that has not yet been released. >> part of our task is to make sure we don't have some information, and adjust all of it. jillian: police are on the
12:36 am
streets, trying to get people out of this area. there are shots being fired, not long ago -- it is a very dangerous situation out here as looting continues in philadelphia tonight. jillian: a number of live shots in different portions of the city. to be clear from your reporting we heard hundreds of national guardsmen would be available, police out in force but these looters are getting away with this. is it that police are spread too fin? what your assessment of what is happening or are they allowing it in some jurisdictions, deciding when and where to intervene? 's >> reporter: most of the looting
12:37 am
happened in west philadelphia and because there's been such a show of force in west philadelphia we've seen looting in other parts of the city. police presence primarily on the roads. we are not seeing a lot of police presence next to the stores. that is part of their tactic. they are trying to keep people off the road and keep traffic flowing, it is not preventing people, some of them are holding shopping carts in and out of the stores trying to get away with as much as possible but definitely more happening throughout the city than it did last night we are more focused on west philadelphia. shannon: thank you very much. marsha blackburn live next close we breakdown massachusetts.
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♪ >> shannon: so we are jillian: we are hours from the heads of big tech being called
12:42 am
before the senate for claims directly censoring specific views and impacting the presidential election in the process. a member of the commerce committee will be asking questions tomorrow, senator marsha blackburn of tennessee. welcome back. >> we are looking forward to tomorrow. >> one of your democratic counterparts, brian schatz of hawaii sues republicans issued subpoenas to text ceos for commerce committee hearing days before the election was highly unusual timing, they will. the platform for not carrying forward this information. they are outraged companies choosing not to run booty's plays. i assume they mean really giuliani. >> so interesting, the commerce committee, unanimous bipartisan vote to issue the subpoenas so it is something we all agreed on. it was time to do it. chairman graham, chairman worker
12:43 am
have joined me in pushing forward the online freedom and viewpoint diversity act. we need to talk to the tech ceos about censorship. doesn't matter if you are an offer, a writer, producing movies, songwriter, everybody seems to have a problem with what is being done with censorship online, primarily when you look at the political sphere it is the republicans that get censored, not the democrats. shannon: we are watching in philadelphia where there's a second night of unrest and looting and keeping an eye on what is going on. we will continue with politico saying despite censorship conservatives dominate social media, some of the biggest success stories out there are people on facebook and other platforms, a place they been
12:44 am
able to flourish, republicans have turned alleged liberal bias into silicon valley into a major theme of the election cycle but analysis of millions of social media posts show conservatives to online. >> conservatives know they cannot depend on the mainstream press and they know the most powerful news network right now is what i call the while you, you and your circle of friends. so they are active online but the point still remains, take somebody like my friends diamond and silk, they are constantly censored or blocked or throttled. look at the president's campaign account. it has been throttled. these are things that are happening to conservatives, big tech should say we are delighted that you are using our platform. we want to be fair and equitable and we want everyone to realize
12:45 am
we are great information service but that's not what they are doing. now they've decided they are a news service but do they have a news director? know. they are just making themselves the gods of the universe and deciding what they want to censor and what they want to push forward. shannon: there has been bipartisan agreement that some action needs to be taken. it is a rare thing. senator blackburn, thank you for your time. it is prediction time. our panel will weigh in on the election night winners they think will come up. electing around on the messaging of the campaign. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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to keep you healthy >> shannon: just seven days out from election day, both presidential candidates campaign on the road, as did shannon: 7 days from election day. president of candidates campaigned on the road today is to the running mates, spouses and several surrogates as well. let's debate is winning the messaging battle with jessica arelove and chris wilson. good to have you with us tonight. this caught my attention, unc
12:50 am
door andsite, two questions to the polling thing to suggest to them that while the president may lose the popular vote he has a good shot at winning the electoral college again, the questions for this, the social circle question asked respondents to report the percentage of the social contract they expect to vote for each of the candidates and the other one known as the state winner question asked participants who they think will win the election in this day. why do those give different data than simply asking somebody who are you voting for? >> they shouldn't. what it gets down to, it is a matter of trying to ask people, get around the side from perfect, when you try to get out of ballot by asking something other than a ballot you are doing republicans did in 2012 when we do that in securing the
12:51 am
polls thing which turned out to be nothing but a walk of shame on election night. national polls are irrelevant, the staples are what matters. you have several states where joe biden is not doing as well as hillary clinton was four years ago. wisconsin is a state, pennsylvania is a state, all where joe biden is trailing. i think it is silly to get beyond that and looking at state-by-state polls and gives a picture where the race stands right now. shannon: president obama has been out there in recent days for his former vice president joe biden and he said this today, we can't be complacent. we were last time, folks got lazy, took things are granted and look what happened. people are awake this time, donald trump snuck on in them last time where hillary clinton didn't spend time, didn't campaign. do you think that will be a surprise or complacency this time that president obama is worried about?
12:52 am
>> i hope not. i voted today, waited 2 hours in line, it will go blue for joe biden, so many opportunities to vote early. i saw people dropping off their email ballots in person to be sure it was going to be counted and to participate in the process. what president obama is saying in the group he is targeting his black men, that will be a big feature of the last week of campaigning. we know black women turn out in droves and pushed us over the line and a lot of huge democratic victories including dow jones, across virginia, georgia but black men have trailed behind in terms of participation but also in support for democratic candidates. that is what i believe president obama will be targeting as his tour goes on but i will say,
12:53 am
don't know the panel would agree with me, seems like obama unleashed, he's having a good time, first time we've heard him going on donald trump in this level of detail and he knows as well as michelle obama whose main message was you need a planet you need to get out to vote during the dnc, we cannot take any vote for granted. we lost by 77,000 last time and it is feasible it could happen again. shannon: that is in line with a piece in the hill today, don't believe the polls, trump is winning, this is what the others say in this opinion piece can we predict donald trump will win the 2020 presidential election and win big. the majority of the polls suggest democratic presidential nominee joe biden is leaving are at best it is close those paul said her family sweetie problems, first the tone of the question, second the sample of the respondents and third the
12:54 am
content of the current news cycle. steve, do you think the polls could be so wrong two cycles in a row especially because these pollsters don't want to get burned based on what happened last time around. >> i agree with what we heard a moment ago, last time national polls were not wrong, they pretty accurately matched the electoral -- the popular vote outcome. it was the state polls that were wrong because their sample sizes weren't big enough and so on and as we also just heard state polls much closer than we think with all those things can be true at once in the election generally is much closer than most of the media is given credit for and that is because in the end those factors drive elections in the past are there right now in particular the economic interest people have in the message right now from donald trump is very clear. a lot of people in the media saying we don't have a closing arguments, your lover the place, that is not true. if you listen to what he is saying consistently every single opportunity it is very clear
12:55 am
recovery with trump back to the greatest economy we ever had but the shutdown with biden and another depression, really clear choice and as we get near to election day the more optimistic candidate is donald trump and that is the candidate in the end that usually wins. shannon: you have 5 seconds to tell me your pick for who you think wins next weekend while we are going to get cut off. >> reporter: donald trump as a one in 4 chance the same as in 2016 based on where the polling is. probably a little better than 2016. >> joe biden wins because america wants reunited and are sick of the chaos. is been on message this is a fight for the soul of the nation and i push back on steve, the president is off message telling suburban women we got your husband's back to work, covid-19 is going away, that is not what americans want to year.
12:56 am
>> my gut says trump because of the optimism and focus on the economy. that will make the difference. jillian: thank you all, appreciate your time and for you at home, most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer
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>> we are going to have a great red wave. >> you get out the red way. the red wave is coming. >> my name is joe biden and i am kamala as running mate. you think i'm kidding, don't you? less than one week to go until election day, donald trump crisscrossing the country making two stops in the sunbelt but nothing on joe biden's calendar. can kamala harris as running mate keep up?


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