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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 1, 2020 1:00am-1:00am PDT

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backgrounds. that's the positive energy we are getting and i hope it continues. we'll be back not tomorrow on "life, liberty & levin." ♪ jesse: welcome to "watters world" i'm jesse watters. moments away from president trump taking the stage in the battleground state of pennsylvania for his fourth and final rally of the day. and we're going to bring you the president once he begins but first the home stretch that's the subject of tonight's waters world trump surging into election day with a lot of momentum. he's won back to back to back weeks since kicking covid america shattered america records in third quarter hosting 33.1% growth number best in history and wasn't even close. the country spending shopping
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and eating out again, buying homes and building new ones. we still have a lot of work to do but it's a v-shape recovery. four times faster than the obama biden recovery. and if democrat governors would fully reopen their states we could all start getting back to normal again. the biden family business scandal broke wide open this week. over 7 million people watched tucker carlson tuesday. he had biden family business partner tony bobulinski on. >> with hunter biden and joe came through the lobby with his security and hunter introduced me as this tony individual i told you about that's helping us with the business that we're working on in the chinese. in that e-mail there's a statement where they go through the equity, jim biden referenced as, you know, 10% doesn't say biden it says jim. and then it had 10% for big guy held by h.
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a thousand% sit here and know big guy is referencing joe biden. it's, that's crystal clear because i met with vice president in person multiple times. jesse: doing business with chinese communist and one of the communist was actually under fbi surveillance for being a spy. the spy was later locked up for bribery in new york and hunter biden represented him for a million dollar fee. this is dirty. biden can survive an investigation into his family's finances. but that's what is happening according to reports fbi opened a money landering investigation into hunter biden and associates that remains open and active today thanksgiving at the biden household could be interesting this year. the media sensor all of this but the dam broke twitter ceo jack dorsey admitted under oath new
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york post laptop story was legitimate. >> mr. zuckerberg and dorsey who censored new york post stories or throttled them back even wanted any evidence that "the new york post" story is part of russian disinformation or that those e-mails aren't authentic mr. dorsey. >> we don't. >> finally, twitter unlocked new york post account on friday. this was probably because twitter stock price took a massive hit this week. money talks doesn't it? but the week got even better for the president. a cascade of endorsements from cultural icons. golf legend jack nicholas nfl hall of fame quarterback bret favre that should definitely help there in wisconsin. and five time grammy award-winning hip-hop artist lil wayne trust me, he's big. the polls are tighter than they've ever been in the
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battleground real clear politics average it is a dead heat in florida north carolina, and arizona. and trump is within margin of error in pennsylvania and within striking distance in michigan, wisconsin, and minnesota. now personally, i believe trump is looking even better in the battle grounds since mainstream media polls show. i don't believe a lot of these polls. it is neck and neck everywhere and the president is in a great position. republicans are tied or ahead in early voting in wisconsin, michigan, ohio, texas, arizona, and georgia. republican enthusiasm is huge and in florida republicans are wiping out the democrat early vote advantage and her own pace to put biden behind where hillary was in 2016. the democrats are getting nervous. look at headlines politico we've got to stop the bleeding, democrats sound alarm in miami. bloomberg biden aid see warning
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signs in black latino turnout so far. "new york times" can we trust pennsylvania's polls? they show joe biden clinching crucial counties so why does it feel so different on the ground here? the democrats debbie and michael boar are saying michigan isn't safe. >> some of the auto workers i thought were going to go back to joe biden were clear with me that night -- they were voting for president trump. you know to know what autoworkers said i'm tired of your democrat friends they look down on me. >> listen don't believe those polls trump vote is always being undercounted what had they're saying biden lead is, cut it in half right now in your head. cut it in half and now you're within the 4.margin of enroar that's how close this is. that's how desperately close this is. >> trust your instincts just look around and listen -- cities are boarding up streets
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preparing for violence after election day. only violence if biden louises what does that tell you? trump is closing like a happy warrior. he brought the ymca dance back. [laughter] his reelection crowd bigger than obama's reelection crowds. trump is doing 14 rally it is today through monday biden only doing 4. and when biden speaks, resounds angry. >> dr. fauci call for a mask mandate last week. this is not a political statement like those ugly folks over there. they've been hoards -- this is a patriotic duty for god's sake. >> it is because more trump supporters are showing up at biden events than biden supporters. and they're giving joe a little jazz with the horn. the former vp is on the defense i defensive while trump talks about what he did do and what he
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will do biden keeps talking what about he won't do. >> i'm not shutting down oil fields. i'm not eliminating fracking i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down country you're not going to pay a penny in additional taxes. >> okay sure joe. and he's nots finishing the race with a strong positive message. he's lost his gain. >> i'll lead effective strategy to mobilize true pressure -- [laughter] >> i have no idea what that means? except that joe's not cut out for the job. and if the media can drag joe over the finish line, though, it is kamala's job for the taking. they even say it outloud. >> i am so honored to introduce the next president of the united states senator kamala harris. what's up -- [laughter] >> i mean it could happen.
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i could be wrong. maybe covid is going to kill trump reelection maybe -- his style is just going hurt him with some groups maybe the big tech billionaire media alliance rigging race for biden is just too powerful. that could happen. i don't believe it will. it won't happen if you vote -- the people are what make trump powerful. he's going win we election if the people turn out. i can feel it. republicans already ahead where they need to be with early voting, so if you vote on election day, it will be four more years. >> on tuesday, we will show the world that for our country and for our children, and for the incredible people of pennsylvania, the best is indeed yet to come. >> joining me now vice president of the trump organization, and author of liberal privilege, donald trump jr. all right don you've been all over the country. you seen the difference between
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2016 and 2020. what exactly is the difference in your opinion? >> jesse it's not even close in 16 hey there was a lot of enthusiasm there was some energy what i'm seeing on ground now on a daily basis is just mind blowing. you know, events that are for me, you know, were averaging over a thousand people. i mean, we're hitting 3,000 efnghtses at some places 3,000 people for me at an event you know people that are just excited to have a president that is finally fighting for them. someone who is actually action not just talk. you know not a 47-year swamp creature like joe biden they're excited about it and energized. you know, they'll run through walls for us, and it's just awesome to see it on the road. jesse: yeah. i've said other day on the that people would crawl across broken glass to vote for your dad on election day when you see people at these events people come up to what are the things that they say when they say hey don --
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whom, what are those messages that regular people come and say to you? >> honestly most of it a message of thanks. they're just happy that someone is willing to fight for their freedoms for their liberties for their constitution. for their children and their grandchildren after them to take on the establishment to take on the swamp to take on all of those institutions they see what's going on media and big tech and social media literally covering up the -- i mean a guy that's the most compromised candidate in the history of the u.s. presidency. someone that's now, you know, you have a naval intelligence officer that's saying i was there joe biden knew all about it. and the mainstream media is not even covering. they're not just concerned about second amendment anymore because that's always on table they're concerned about they're first amendment. they're concerned about their thoughts just being shut out entirely by the democrats in big tech who are working together to suppress knowledge that every
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american should know before voting for president. they see all of it jesse it is getting out there and they're getting sick of it. jesse: so when you have big tech aligned with the democratic aligned with media and they do these poll where is they oversample, and they sensor and they boycott and they run all sorts of misinformation does that make you guys feel like the underdog you're the incumbent but in a way -- your father is like the underdog when you see all of these powerful interest align against them. >> oh. 100% we're underdog think about it mean stream media a multibillion dollar organization spotting their entire weight behind the democrats. social media, you have, you know, big tech and google, i mean, these are probably trillion dollar industries. that have decided they are going to be cheerleaders for the left they do whatever they can in their power to suppress
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information about joe biden to hide donald trump's accomplishments look they don't even talk about four peace deals in middle east at any other point in history jesse that would be the holy grail of geopolitics they refuse to talk about and refuse to talk about corruption millions of dollars exchange joe biden hard drive let's not kid ourselves. democrats and media impeached donald trump for being right about joe biden's corruption. they impeached donald trump to distract from what joe biden and hunter biden and biden crime family were doing we know it now. they have 1,000 probably more than 1,000 times the amount of evidence and corroboration against hunter biden against joe biden himself then they ever did against my family before they started the russia hoax and that they went with for four years. they're still talking about it as, though, it is real. they're still prepgding it is a real thing. even though it has been totally, totally cleared. they did that for this now they
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have 1,000 times that on the guy that could be the president of the united states. he could be beholdened to china, russia all of those millions of dollars that putin associate, hunter -- we've never seen corruption like this he makes hillary clinton steam like she's a kid in kindergarten in terms of corruption. and no one is to know about it. it's actually really sick jesse everything we know and love about america is at stake in this election because if they, win big tech will do this unchecked able to assign you suppress your free speech suppress your liberties, and shut everything we know and love about it this country down. we can't allow that to happen rch these get out to vote. everyone has to bring their friends. they have to see what we're up against they have to understand that there's people voting for joe biden that wouldn't if they actually knew the truth but they're never going to see the truth that's their plan and we can't allow what to happen in america this is like commune fist china than anything we've ever seen in the united states. >> well that's very well said
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and a lot of your supporters believe you're going to win and you're going to win pretty -- pretty significantly. when you do win if that happens -- what kind of mandate do you think that sets for the second administration that you have gone up against corrupt fbi, a rigged media, a monopoly in silicon valley, millions and millions of dollars pouring in from wall street. billionaires donated to joe biden 2-1 over your father if you win, what is that say for a second term agenda that you were able with the power of the people behind you to overcome that and win? >> listen, i think it is a mandate to clean house. i think it is a mandate to get other republicans to actually start fighting. i mean republicans they'll sit there and they'll talk a really good game. you know they'll talk to crowds and tell them everything they want to hear about conservative values fighting for them and
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down to d.c. and they fold over roll over and die each and every time. i think it is a mandate for republicans to actually step up to do things that they're constituents want to not be manipulated by left wing newspaper who is beginning to write a bad article about him who cares get out there, fight for what the people that put you in office want for a change. get out there and do that. so we do have to win house. we do have to win senate to make that happen. we have that in 16. we have that house and senate but you have paul wright you have weakest leader of republican doing that he didn't want to do anything to upset his beloved friends in the media who hated his guts anyway but they knew they could manipulate him and pretend he was friends and he rolled over and died we can't have that anymore we immediate to win the house, senate and we need to fight we have to put an end to the big tech monopolies we have to break up the protections that they get from 230 if they're functioning as publishers, free speech basic
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fundamental rights that americans hold near and dear running rough shot with this as if it doesn't xition and getting away it and we've sat by on sidelines watching for too long republicans have especially by just pretending it is not going on they're not in touch with base to understand this is a number one issue -- with our people that i see every day on the ground. thousands of them. we have to pushback and we have to end this nonsense once and all or in a couple of years you're going wake up and not going to have a voice whatsoever. >> so it sounds like what you're saying it a victory here by the trump campaign would light a fire under republicans in washington, d.c. to go after big tech to not cower to media you also said clean house i don't know if you mean within administration i think that probably what you mean would you pursue or would you recommend pursuing investigations into biden family for money landering or corruption the president wins this second term?
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>> i think that should do either way this kind of corruption think about it what they did for three years are committed for treason all nonsense now you actually have it. you have the hard drives you have the receipts. you have the quire transfers you have the money. you have eyewitnesses. you know that are democrats -- this isn't partisan hacking. you have all of these things. they went after us for four years for a tiny for accusing us of a tiny fraction of the stuffer that hunt or biden has been doing they better do that but fbi they have this laptop allow impeachment to happen knowing they were right about joe biden hi father instincts again like he was right when he said obama biden campaign was spying on him he understands when something isn't quite right he gets it so he was right then and he's right this time. but look at what the fbi did to us railroaded with us a madeup
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dossier work together with a agent of russia, russia spy to come up with a dossier to sell to media to set up acue so you have to clean up house at the upper level not the door kicker those come up to me every day and can't believe what's going on with disgraceful leadership in their own agencies but this is a washington, d.c. theme. it is why they want joe biden to win because he's one of them. he's been there for half a century jesse. he's not fixing anything the swamp will remain the swamp under joe biden because he's a swamp creature. that's what he did if joe biden could have fixed anything he wouldn't have waited 47 years to start acting. no one should be that stiewpgd. stupid, but because social media refuses to carry that message frankly says exact opposite on every tv and household in america we are functioning from a deficit and we have to overcome that by fighting hard or by speaking to people. we don't have luxury of hiding in a basement like joe biden we have to be on ground talking to the mernlings my father wants to represent. >> all right don last question
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are you guaranteeing a victory and how big would it be if it happens? >> listen, i think we win handily if there's not the cheating and gaines manship you see that going on all of the time going around trying to collect ballot and democrats big push they don't want the signature on an absentee ballot over a registered voter to match that voters actual signature. oh. that's wonderful. i wonder why -- i wonder why because i can't come up with a single reason other than you're planning on cheating. they want to be able to collect a ballot for 11 days that's amazing republican wins seat by 7,000 votes four days later they show oh, look -- oh there was a ballot of boxes in any trunk 7,001 all democrat congratulations you win. this kind of nonsense has to stop all we want is a fair election. and democrats that's the only thing they don't want and they're working hard at it. jesse: not under fbi
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investigation for money landering there he is in good luck on tuesday, don. >> but they tried jesse they tried. [laughter] jesse: they sure did. have a good day. soon president trump to take the stage in pennsylvania for his 4th event of the day.
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jesse: president trump and joe bide about making final push with just three days to go until the election. the president just moments away from kick off his fourth rally of the day in battle ground, pennsylvania, and he has ten more rallies planned in the next two days. joining me now fox news contradict tore and author of follow the money the shocking deem state connections the anti-trump dan. i don't know if you heard of the top dan we were talking to don jr., he said president will win and he's going win significantly. and this will sending a message to republicans in washington to grow a spine to get tough to stop being afraid of bad press and to seek the truth what kind of message of the president win
1:25 am
do you think that will sending to washington and rest of the country? >> you know i had an interesting conversation today with pretty prominent guy on republican side and i said forget about all of the tweets other stuff the republican party is going to hold president trump a debt of gratitude jesse. do you know how many working class americans who fingers nails get dirty for a living leave work boots at the front door because they don't want to drag what they're working in the house and given up republican party prior to donald trump millions and now brought back into the fold and for all of the knocks on him and his style and the tweets and whatever -- he's single handedly transformed the republican party from a tired old party perceived to be for rich guy back to its roots which is for working class. and let me tell you something don your is right, i'm out here in florida jacket get out much now in last week or so but i've been around for a while as activist at heart jesse there's something happening down here and if you're ignoring you are
1:26 am
insane. and even blue counties republican turnout is off the charts p. in blue counties imagine other counties. >> i wish i was out there with you dan i was out there in 2016 i knew he was going win because i was talking to everybody seeing the energy. i'm not out there on streets anymore but you can definitely teal it from safe distance of the studio here. you said something interesting about the trump coalition. everybody talk about obama coalition. single women, minorities, and college educated white, i would say that the trump coalition that he's cobbled together in 2016 and what we think is going to happen again in 2020 of middle class working class white americans with cracking the 60% ceiling ceiling ceiling with hispanics we expect him to do and now double digits with black americans, if he can do that, i mean you can --
1:27 am
you can punch that ticket every four years as a republican and get back to the white house. i think that's a big deal. >> no. listen, you just really summed it up in a real use the buzz term granular but in a well said granular way that is the trump coalition let me reiterate what you said because it is important these are twengt that haven't been cobbled together to a winning ticket you're right historic numbers and mierpght minority voters if he gets 15% of the black vote that's a game changer. it is over. pennsylvania is in play, pennsylvania used to be called fools gold because republicans would chase it every year and get their kicked and say that, now trump could potentially win this place but think about what happens in philly and detroit. if president trump pulling 50% of the black vote michigan and pennsylvania is in play every cycle cobble that together with the roughly 4.6 million white
1:28 am
middle class working for a living again dirt under fingernail voters who put their, you know, work their butts off to make this country ran out out some of the election cycles you've got a winning coalition with hispanic vote you mentioned that could be -- you know, long lasting for the republican party. jesse: it really could. i want to transition to sunday we've been talking threetion on fox for last two weeks is this growing scandal wnl within the biden family. i want to the play some sound one of the fox producers actually tried to catch up with jim biden, biden's brother who had been in on all of these deals let's roll this tape. >> why do you want biden to meet with tony b? >> are you mr. jim biden? >> i wanted to ask you about china deal. [inaudible conversations] >> you don't want to comment,
1:29 am
sir? [inaudible conversations] >> that should have happened and don't have that outside of hunters house jim's house biden hasn't even being asked if he know it is tony. but you know what it doesn't even matter because i think people get it and words has gotten out. >> you know think about this. hunter biden is working for a guy who works for the chinese company connected to the chinese communist party that was indicted xeang of the guy by the southern district in new york. here in the united states, right? you can read indictment folks it is a legal document out there. what were they dieted for wait a minute if you're not watching fox you've never heard before they're indicted for understand fliewns in foreign countries paying off uganda here's kicker they paid him ten times as much as them and first toll guys
1:30 am
makes wait for it gets arrested he calls jim biden. jim. hunter, jim, you've never heard that storying you watch abc. well maybe actually covered it other day. abc actually covered it like no one else. >> they did. jesse: they did. but dan, other funny thing and you're right the guy was indicted for bribery in prison right now that i think makes third biden family business partner serving prison time right now. but this chinese communist guy was a spy. he was under surveillance apparently by the fbi because they thought he was spying for the communist chinese and jim biden and joe's son are doing business with communist spies and the media difnght want to talk about it. it's unbelievable i'll give you last word. >> yeah. and jesse ones that aren't in jail hunter biden business behind you nobody can find. one of them they don't know if he's still alive and don't know
1:31 am
what happened so they're lucky other one is in jail because other ones are in maybe some on another planet for don't exist anymore this is how crazy this story is and again, you're not watching this network. you ain't heard any and find out after joe biden god forbid elected for president. >> it explains a lot so soft on china this whole time it does. dan check out his book, dan thanks again. >> thanks. jesse: president trump to speak shortly in pennsylvania we'll take you right there. robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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okay, you're all set up. thanks! that was my business gi, this one's casual. get set up right with a live bookkeeper with intuit quickbooks. jesse: a live look in pennsylvania where president trump is moments away from his fourth rally today. and one thing is clear, the enthusiasm is stronger than ever. the president is unstoppable doing multiple rallies today in final stretch criss-crossing battle ground states with huge turnouts at each and every event sharp contrast to joe biden barely out there when he is crowds are just embarrassing. who can blame him, though? when this is their guy --
1:36 am
>> four kids bright as talented as white kids. >> love this place i love this look what's in the to like about vermont? >> donald trump does pose an -- to the not hypothetical. how many unsafe bridges you still have here in the state of ohio? i mean iowa -- >> i want to check -- do pushups together man. >> i'm joe biden a democratic candidate in the united states senate. >> we hold -- all men and women created by -- you know the thing. >> i have a record of over 40 years, and that i'm going to beat joe biden. >> for me or trump, and you ain't black. >> i got in trouble when we were running against the senator who was a mormon. the governor. >> effective strategy to pressure -- >> four more years of georgia -- my wife jill as you know and doug kamala's wife are there. >> i'm joe biden i'm joe biden's
1:37 am
husband i'm kamala's running mate. [laughter] >> biden continues to fumble while trump is busy winning. we believe -- here to discuss trump 2020 campaign senior advisor lara trump funny to hear that lara you've been out there i hear you're guaranteeing your home state of north carolina is that true? >> i well i guaranteed it in 2016 jesse, and i am guaranteeing it now we've been working very hard in north carolina. i named my daughter after my home state for goodness sake so least it can do is deliver win for trump but we feel great in north carolina absolutely. jesse: and you know one of the assets president has is use and two sons he's got tiffany he's got, he's got ivanka, he's got everybody out there hitting the pavement. doing these events, when you're
1:38 am
out there what kind of energy are you seeing and when people come up to you, what do they tell you? >> well it's very different than whaing you'll see on the other side of the coin with the biden campaign. nobody except joe biden and jill biden have been out and joe hasn't been out that much. i mean, a week or two before an election and joe biden was taking a break as we remember but i'll tell you something eric and i at the end of every day talk to one another now we might not know what state the other one is in because it's been so crazy. but i'm telling you jesse we continue to say it feels exactly like 2016 except bigger. the energy out there right now the enthusiasm to reelect president trump is -- palpable everywhere people are so excited and i continue to hear people tell me i didn't vote for donald trump in 2016 either they didn't vote or voted for hillary clinton they are so excited to cast a vote they're going to be first in line on tuesday to vote for president trump.
1:39 am
>> and you guys have these rallies in the president has been having them for four years and statistics are showing that 25% of the people of the attendee at trump events didn't even vote in 2016. so if that's true, i mean you're tacking on millions of voters new voters -- and the registration numbers at the republican have been doing are just gang busters early vote is looking good across the board. you know, people like to dot polls i saw a poll out today just broke in iowa, president trump is up 8. i saw a poll out in arizona president trump is up 3. you know, if you look at the numbers and you look at the crowds and then the enthusiasm welcome the president look like he's running a winning campaign and you can't say that for joe biden. >> no. well, tens of people that show up to a joe biden car event are much different than the tens of thousands that show up sometimes to a trump rally. and you know we have several of
1:40 am
these a day you see the president is now heading to his fourth rally of the day we're going bump it up to five soon, and people are continuing to come out. but look i just think it speaks to the enthusiasm that has been there for president and then he delivered for american people who kept his promises and stop other statistics that i think is very interesting that you were talking about the trump rallies, around 20% of the people that attend trump rallies jesse are registered democrats so you can factor that in however you want. it seem like big win for us but look we taking nothing for granted unlike other side we have to get out there we want to work for votes and campaign around country. and that's what we've all been doing. >> yeah. i don't know why joe has these car rally if these are idolling cars are causing global warming. i don't get it but lara trump is out there she doesn't know what state he's in but campaigning really hard. thank you so much. >> thank you. [laughter] >> president trump to rally
1:41 am
supporters in pennsylvania momentarily and we'll bring you there when he shows up.
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jesse: president trump taking the stage soon in pennsylvania fourth rally in the battle frond state today. joining us now to discuss is joe media reporter for the hill. all right joe. i know you have about a dozen tvs in your little media basement den and you're checking out what everybody is saying on cable and on the networks. i know you're all over twitter and let me ask you what your assessment is about media mood in country right now. if joe biden is indeed about to unleash a -- a 400 electoral college vote landslide, and just wipe the
1:46 am
floor with the president as the polls indicate, don't you think media would be a little more gleeful and a little more cocky have more buzz when i'm looking at the yeetd landscape right now on eve of this election, i'm seeing a lot of tense people on the left. is that what you're seeing it? >> it seems there's a lot of stress and polls saying that forget journalism just people in journalism are stressful about had election coming up on tuesday, and that tells you it has a close race. the bottom line is that -- you look at national polls it ignore national polls hillary clinton won popular vote in 2016 that got her confession speech and set of steak knives it mean nothing you have to look at four states jesse right, florida, north carolina, arizona, and pennsylvania. if the president takes florida and he's trending in that direction to take florida, and
1:47 am
north carolina same thing, arizona same thing it comes down to pennsylvania or perhaps michigan. it's everything else hold it is in terms of 2016 in other words the president can lose michigan and wisconsin all he has to do is win pennsylvania or lose wisconsin and pennsylvania and hold michigan and he wins. so this whole thing about a landslide for biden no. again it comes down to couple of states and pennsylvania right now is trending in the president's direction if you look at the real clear politics index polls, it is going a r his direction because of the fracking issue that's why he's now doing four rallies tonight and today in that keystone state jesse. >> yeah huge self-inflicted wound with oil and fracking comment by joe biden he's just getting out worked in keystone state, and the republicans believe that they're in good shape with early voting right now. in pennsylvania, they have wiped out the democrat early vote lead basically in florida where i
1:48 am
think biden is going in there with less of an advantage than andrew did with the desantis you remember what happened there and remember arizona early vote we wiped out by the republicans there and that's a red state. so i agree. north carolina is looking good for the republicans. florida and arizona he gets those core there he just picks up one of the four in the rust belt i agree, those three states you named up there also minnesota is in play there confident about that. all right joe watching everything media does and taking notes. thank you again. >> thank you, jesse. jesse: president trump to rally supporters in pennsylvania any minute. we'll bring it to you live. businesses today are looking to tomorrow. adapting. innovating.
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president trump minutes away from taking the stage in pennsylvania. the eagle has landed. joining me now for more on the state of the race with two days to go fox news contradict tore tammy bruce. all right tammy let's take look back at the last four years i believe he's going win another four.
1:53 am
but some of these critical moments that i think really put hill in a position to win on tuesday when he stuck with kavanaugh when he brought bill barr in to call mueller's bluff with the hoax. when he had the instincts to reopen the economy, when he did because any longer i don't think the economy would have survived and then when the riot os occurred to come in strong and back police in and then to recover from covid so quickly and jump back on that debate stage and really give it to joe is just a washed up do nothing say everything politician. really puts him in a good position. >> it does and keep in mind as people say what did he do about covid well he did everything. when it comes to what one can do, but more than anything else, recreated the best economy the world has ever seen. and that is why he had the
1:54 am
flexibility to do what it is we needed to do leading up to this. and this is why americans have the confidence and that's what the economy is based on consumer confidence that belief that the future is going to be okay. that they have the confidence that he would bring it back because he did it in the first place that's the kind of thing overtime that you have to build trust with. and the fact is, even though people complain about his style welcome the fact is his transparency is nothing like it in the history of at least recorded world leadership for this has been the same guy that we saw come down that escalator in 2016 and announce his candidacy and he's done what he's said he would do. i would add jesse in your list of things that americans appreciated that any other president would have done but didn't bother to do is the first step act. is justice reform, and may i add, the first middle east peace deal in over a quarter of a
1:55 am
century that moves our families and our children and grandchildren further away from a nuclear exchange they say would be limited. there's no such thing as a limbed nuclear exchange. he's accomplished something with foreign policy in the middle east than will change the next -- 100, 200 years it is an extraordinary event. it is a development brought by a man who was not beholdened to swamp and that is what makes him different and that's why he's also going win on tuesday. >> i agree with you. jesse: you have the forum policy has been so good you doafnght talk about it. anymore. it has been decades since we've not talked about foreign policy and you're right about the economy. because the now the rebounding is being led by consumer spend that's what is juicing this thing up. tammy bruce thank you so much. up next last call is the president, is about to take the stage.
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jesse: that is all for tonight. justic im waters and this is my world. ♪ jeanine: hello hello and welcome to justice. i'm judge jeanine perrault and thank you for being with us tonight. two days to go and an president trump is about to hold his fourth rally of the day in pennsylvania. you will see a tear live but first let's get right to my opening. have you had enough? have you had enough? do you want to be free, live free? i've been telling you we are in the fight of our lives and we may not be in uniform carrying muskets but we are on a battlefield where the fight between good and evil and truth


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