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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 1, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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because they have been lying to you. thanks so much for watching. i'm jeanine pirro advocating for truth justice and the american way and the president of the way and the president of the >> biden's a washington vulture. >> donald trump is not strong. he's weak. >> sleepy joe biden will shut down your economy. >> he knew how to game the system. guess what, mr. president. i'm coming for you. >> you elected an outsider as president who is finally putting america first. that's okay. right? >> the only thing that can tear america part is america itself. let's show them who we are. ♪ thunder, feel the thunder. ♪ lightning and the thunder,
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thunder. jillian: an election like no other. just two days away. president donald trump and joe biden making their last ditch appeals to america. todd: nearly 90 million voters have already cast their r ballo. we still have a long way to go. don't adjust your sets. it is sunday morning. i'm todd piro. jillian: i'm jillian mele. let's get to our live team coverage. phil keating is live in north miami. garrett tenney is in iowa where president trump leads joe biden by 7 points in a new poll. and political analyst tess lainn figure row joins us -- figero joins us live. todd: griff jenkins join us, griff, good morning. >> reporter: if you had any doubts that the keystone state
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holds the key to victory, look at how much attention and time both candidates have spent here. biden will have his only stop in philly today and tomorrow joe, jill, kamala and her husband, doug, will, quote, barn torn the four corners of pennsylvania. the president was doing that yesterday with four stops in pennsylvania, holding free rallies, hammering his opponent over the oil and gas industry. watch. >> a vote for biden and harris is a vote to ban fracking, ban mining, and completely destroy pennsylvania. it's true, by the way. a vote for me is a vote to remain energy -- we're energy independent now, think of it. energy independent. >> reporter: now, the 2016, president trump stunned the political world, flipping the state red with a mere 44,000 votes, less than 1%. today, biden leads by 4 points, a gap trump has narrowed from
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trailing by 7 three weeks ago. biden was in michigan, attacking the president over his handling of covid with a little help from his friend, obama. >> almost 230,000 americans have died. america just had its single worst week of new cases. we've been living with this thing for months now. >> this president knew in january this virus was deadly. he knew. and he hid it from the american people. he knew it was so much worse than the flu. he lied to the american people. >> reporter: you look at where the candidates are today, as we mentioned, biden is right here in philly with a car drive-in but the president will hit five states, crisscrossing the country. he's going to be in michigan, iowa, north carolina and florida. just a note about pennsylvania. if it does come down to this state, it may be a few days
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afterwards that we get the final results because it still holds the pennsylvania supreme court has ruled that ballots postmarked by 8:00 p.m. will be counted for up to three days after, as we get ready for a big day today. todd, jillian. todd: griff, thanks. we may be done with griff for you now but we're not down with pa. could president trump's steps in the keystone state push him in the lead. jillian: joining us now, tezlan figero. does all of this come down to pennsylvania. if we look at the lead that joe biden has right now, this is -- you can see the poll, 51.3% joe biden, to the president's 43.5%, this is according to real clear politics average. you know, joe biden has spent a significant amount of time in pennsylvania, obviously living close by in delaware. but the president has been spending time on the trail in pennsylvania the last few days. do you think that's going to
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matter in the end? >> well, we'll see if it matters. when you look at 44,000 votes making the difference, i believe that joe biden certainly should have been in pennsylvania a lot earlier. covid is going on today like it was several weeks ago. democrats are happy to finally see joe biden on the campaign trail. no vote can be taken for granted at this point when you look at the sheer difference between biden and president trump. when you actually look at those who have actually cast their ballots. right now, 66% of ballots have been cast for democrats so that says a lot about turnout as far as early voting but it will be up to republicans if they decide to come out on election day. todd: let's drill down on some numbers. three out of four black voters in pennsylvania have not cast their vote. will pennsylvania come of down to the black vote? >> i certainly believe that if pennsylvania does not turn blue it certainly won't be because of
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black voters. there's a concern among the biden campaign, not just in pennsylvania, but in florida, we've been screaming about the black vote, about the importance of that. pennsylvania has a small black electorate. i don't know if it will make a difference. they certainly can't take it for granted. these are the things we've been talking about in the democrat party, not just now, but even before president obama. it does make a difference. it's why they have president obama out on the campaign trail, pushing hard for joe biden and we'll see if it makes a difference. i think they realize at this point that they have to compete when you look at the president going back to back to back events and republicans knocking on 1 million doors every month and democrats doing everything virtual, i think they understand now that the game is on and nothing can be taken for granterred. jillian: talk about michigan for a second. joe biden has the lead in michigan right now, although all these leads are so slim, we just have to say that. but you know, joe biden and barack obama campaigning together in flint, michigan for the first time in the 2020
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election cycle. what do you see happening in michigan? how do you think this ends up playing out? >> well, we've been talking about the importance of being on the ground in michigan even after 2016 for the bernie sanders campaign. i spent more time in michigan than i did anywhere else when i was working for bernie sanders. there was a 0.5% difference between hillary clinton voters and president trump. it's another state that cannot be taken for granted. when you look at the union voters, how will they move. joe biden's appeal allegedly is supposed to be for union voters. we'll see how they go. in 2016 it was about trait. i don't know if that's -- trade. i don't know if that's still the thing in michigan, how that will play out when you look at that compared to coronavirus. at this point i don't think any of us know. i know one thing, i can't wait until tuesday, that's for sure. todd: grab your popcorn. as always, we appreciate your time and especially getting up on a sunday. jillian: early voting wrapped up today in battleground florida
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as democrats hold a slight turnout lead over republicans. todd: phil keating live for us in miami where early voting sites are set to open in two hours. >> reporter: actually, one hour from now. oh, we fell back an hour. my mistake. the final day for early voting here in florida, and today could actually see a surge in black voters which is obviously crucial for the biden campaign in this state. the last sunday before election day is typically the souls for the polls event where voters go from church and caravan and go vote. registered democrats have a big lead with mail-in ballots but republicans made up almost all of that lead with in-person ballot voting. ballots cast by democrats are 3.2 million. at this point, it comes down to the swing states, pennsylvania very much in play. trump won it four years ago and yesterday made four pennsylvania
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campaign stops where he also mentioned florida. after all, it is the biggest swing state. >> i will tell you they're getting a little nervous back there, you know, the fake news. because florida's looking very strong. florida -- and this is not suppression polls. these are voters coming out. >> reporter: biden was back in michigan yesterday, trying to reerect a bill blue wall which trump tore down in 2016, winning michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. biden says he will end the presidency that has divided a nation. >> we choose unity over division. we choose science over fiction. and, yes, we choose truth over lie after lie after lie after lie. >> reporter: the latest abc washington post poll shows trump up by 2 in florida, 5 50-48%.
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four years ago the polling average had trump over of clinton by 1.4%. well, trump won florida by 1.2%, after obama won it twice. florida's often decided by just one percentage point either way. the president makes a late night final florida campaign stop tonight, near midnight, north of miami. and jill biden will be in the state of florida today as well, campaigning for her husband. back to you two. todd: phil keating live for us in north miami. phil, thanks. jillian: and turning to a fox news alert now. a man is arrested for a deadly halloween stabbing spree in quebec city, canada. he attacked people near the parliament building, killing two and hurting five others. his motive is under investigation. todd: fights break out at a pro trump rally in beverly hills. a trump supporter got hurt in a violentfight with a counter
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protester. officers broke up the crowds. after the counter protester showed up. no arrests were made. jillian: hunter biden's purported laptop allegedly contained contact information of several prominent people. the daily mail reporting it had phone numbers for the clintons and nearly every cabinet member of former president obama. private e-mails from joe biden were reportedly found. it didn't take long for investigators to find the contents because the daily mail says all of it was secured with the password hunter zero two. todd: let's get down to this, halloween stores correctly predicted presidential elections since 1984. johnnie brocks dugeon bases the prediction on president mask sales. jillian: this year, president trump masks outsold joe biden
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masks two to one. coming up, the s&p has predicted 87% of election winners, this year it says joe biden will win. todd: brian brenberg says 2020 might be an outlier, he explains next. don't go anywhere. it's sunday. ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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todd: welcome back. 15 minutes after the hour on a sunday morning. the s&p predicted 87% of all presidential elections, every time since 1984. jillian: this year may be too close to call. fox news contributor brian brenberg joins us now to explain why. brian, what do you say about this? >> well, the s&p's been a pretty good predicter of presidential elections but 2020 is anything but a typical year. i think that's really the key when you look at this.
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it's been wrong three times in the past 100 years. 1956, 1968 and 1980. every one of those years you had a big geopolitical shock going on that really made it difficult for the stock market to predict the outcome. i think 2020 falls squarely in that mix. we simply have too much going on right now, too many issues that can swamp, financial issues that can make the stock market not a great predicter of how people are really feeling. i wouldn't take that number to the bank this year. i think anything is up for grabs this year. i don't think the s&p has necessarily nailed it. todd: so if people want to follow this along at home. take a look, friday closed, the s&p that is, 32, 6 69.96. they basically take this from august 1 to october 31st and see where it is. we will see. meantime, another look at a market prediction. what happens to the market if
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biden wins, what happens in trump wins. we want you to answer that. first let's see what your colleagues at jp morgan has to say. they say we see an orderly trump victory as the most favorable outcome for equities. you agree? >> i do. i think orderly is the key word first. the market is most concerned about a highly contested election where we have a lot of uncertainty and so if we can get through that, the market is going to like it. but then beyond that, yes, i think a trump victory is much more favorable to the market. you know, in the short term, traders are looking for that big blowout stimulus that they think biden and pelosi might want to deliver and so if they got something like that in the short term they might like it but over the long term when you start talking about taxes, when you start talking about regulation and growth, the trump agenda hasn't delivered on that in a way that i think traders are simply nervous when it comes to
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joe biden, kamala harris just the other day was talking about repealing the trump tax cuts on day one. when traders look at that and the effect on the economy, they start to get very nervous about earnings and they start to get very nervous about their portfolios. jillian: well, time will tell, that's for sure. let's talk about your home state of minnesota. obviously, joe biden has the lead here right now, hillary clinton took minnesota in 2016. do you think this time around there are enough silent trump supporters to be able to give him the victory in that state. >> you know, my read on the ground, i was there for six months this year, and had the chance to talk to a lot of neighbors and friends in the areas that trump would be counting on, those silent trump voter areas and the enthusiasm is significant and by the way, these are voters who of have zero interest in talking to pollsters, zero interest in answering the phone and giving out their voting data to somebody they don't know. but those voters are there in
2:19 am
outstate minnesota they call it, places with an industrial and mining background. they like what the president has done on china and the economy. they want more of that. i think they're going to turn out in minnesota in ways that a lot of pollsters can't predict right now. todd: pay attention to duluth. we appreciate your time this morning. thank you. jillian: thank you. still ahead, with just two days to go, carley shimkus is talking to voters about what matters most to them this election. todd: she's here live with what she found, next. >> what is the most important issue facing the country right now? >> i'd say it's the pandemic. >> the economy is important to everybody. >> safety. safety in our streets. (a mix of announcer voices) we are heading towards the 2020 presidential election,
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jillian: good sunday morning to you. welcome back. the race between president trump and joe biden driving more americans than ever to the ballot tox. todd: tens of millions braving long lines to vote early in record-breaking numbers. jillian: we sent carley shimkus to find out why. i'm sofas nateed by what people are saying. >>.>> most people have already decided who they want to see be the next president of the united states. so i hit the streets of new york city to see how folks really feel about the candidates and what issues are driving them to the polls. take a look. what is the most important issue facing the country right now? >> i'd say it's the pandemic and it's also the whole democracy as a whole. >> safety. safety in our streets is the most important issue. >> healthcare, i feel. healthcare, that's important. >> after the pandemic is over, and once we have vaccines, this economy is going to boom under
2:24 am
president trump. >> we had 160 million people working. we've never been anywhere close to that number. we're going to be back very soon. >> the economy is important to everybody. this just has to stop. it can't protect only a very slim part of the population. >> what do you think is the biggest foreign policy issue facing the country right now? >> that's the only thing trump does right is rail. >> it's our relation -- is is rail. >>isisrael. >> the riots weren't protest, they were riots. >> how do you feel about president trump's immigration policy? >> certain parts i like, i have to say that. something has to be done. >> immigrants are very, very important. they are the lifeline of our country and -- but it those be legal immigration. >> i think that trump is a
2:25 am
little too authoritarian, a little too unfeeling. i'd say with biden. >> what are your hopes for the next four years? what do you want to see change? >> i want to see -- i want things to go back to how they were during the obama presidency. >> safety in our streets. >> i think we work our way back to being united states. >> yeah, so there you have it, guys. one thing that i noticed i thought was pretty interesting, the number one issue on the minds of biden voters is the pandemic, the number one issue for trump supporters is the economy. but the folks that i spoke to were very engaged. they had a wide variety of opinions on a whole lot of issues and i cannot tell you how many people said that this is the most important election of their lifetime. jillian: that's what i've been saying all week, that it's going to come down to coronavirus and the economy. because it depends which side you're on how you feel about things and you kind of echoed
2:26 am
that sentiment. >> absolutely. as you saw, it was split pretty even there there. we'll have to wait and see. >>.todd: we see this among our friends and family, the divide on corona versus economy, it's there. still ahead on this special sunday edition of "fox & friends first," president trump 7 points ahead in iowa in a new poll. we'll have a report from the hawkeye state. jillian: the president holding rallies in five states today. will his enthusiasm factor bring him to another surprise win. our political panel is here to debate that, next. ♪ one day we'll look back and remember the moment that things, for one strange time in our lives, got very quiet. we worried over loved ones, over money, over our planet, and over takeout. let's remember this time when so many struggled to feel secure, and build a future where everyone can.
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>> that great red wave is going of to be very beautiful. >> we have such enormous opportunities. >> i've never been more optimistic. >> get your friends. get your family. get your neighbors. get your boss. come on, boss.
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and get out and vote. >> the power to change the country is in your hands. when americans vote, we will be heard. todd: welcome back. president trump and joe biden making their final push to get voters to the polls. jillian: garrett tenney is live in dubuque, iowa as new polls show the president leading joe biden in the state. >> reporter: the race in iowa has been tight for months. but in the final days of the campaign, it you appears president trump may be pulling ahead. in the des moines register's final iowa poll, before the election, president trump is leading joe biden by 7 points which is outside the poll's margin of error and it's his biggest lead in months. the biggest difference from last month's poll when the candidates were tied at 47 apiece is independent voters. nearly half of whom now say they plan to or already have voted for the president. president trump won iowa by 9 points in 2016, one of several midwestern states he flipped on his way to the white house.
2:31 am
in pennsylvania, the president recounted that success which he is hoping to repeat. >> if you remember four years ago, we were at 98% of the vote. if i lost every single vote, i still win. they refuse to call it. they refuse. and then they said donald trump has won the state of wisconsin and then they said donald trump has won the state of michigan. and we won. >> reporter: democrats feel like they have learned a lot since 2016. the biden campaign has spent a lot of time in the midwest the past week, trying to make it clear he is not taking these states for granted. >> i came up here and campaigned for hillary and for a whole lot of reasons, not all which were her fault, ended up not taking it as seriously. we thought it was different. i've been here a lot. when i get elected, if i get elected, i'm coming back.
2:32 am
>> reporter: in iowa, farming is obviously huge and farmers have been some of the hardest hit by this trade war with china. but i've got to tell you, most of the farmers we've spoken to here say they actually support the president's tough action on china and the president will be here in dubuque this afternoon for a rally. got to tell him, he should bundle up because it is cold here. todd. todd: garrett, it doesn't look warm. we can confirm that. garrett tenney, live for us in dubuque, iowa, we appreciate your time this morning. the candidates final campaign pushes looking quite a bit different. president trump planning 14 rallies for his final blitz while joe biden only really focusing on two states. will trump's enthusiasm lead to another victory? here to debate, aaron he'l elmod robert patilla. president trump, 14 rallies, 72
2:33 am
hours, you see a lot of places, five in pennsylvania, four in michigan, two north carolina, iowa, georgia, florida, wisconsin mixed in. let's take a lack at joe biden's, two in michigan, one in pennsylvania, the biden camp saying the team will fan out across all four corners of pennsylvania. no scheduled events as of yesterday. robert, you call this last minute trump push desperate and say it's not going to work. why? >> look, we've already had 85 to 90 million people that have voted already. the idea that you'll have a last minute swing is a 1980 m model, particularly given we're dealing with the coronavirus, the flu season coming in. many americans have already voted. in addition, vice president biden has the advantage of having surrogates, being able to put kamala harris in atlanta today, put barack obama in other states of. president trump has not not notf
2:34 am
gotten other republicans that are campaigning on his behalf. i don't think that's enough to pull i'm across the finish line given what the nation has gone through. todd: we have a new number just in, 91,000,655 and change thousand, i mean, that is intense, that is something that we've never really seen before. but aaron, do you think something different, something special is happening for trump in this final weekend and maybe that iowa where we just saw garrett tenney bears that out? >> i think the iowa poll is finally showing the truth of polling. this is an example of the enthusiasm and energy on behalf of president trump. the biden campaign, if they thought they had it in the bag, they would call a lid like they do so frequently. most of the polls use
2:35 am
irrelevant, old methodology. we know the trump voter is often the first time person who went to to the polls for the first time and proudly voted for donald trump. moreover, trump supporters are scared. according to the keto institute, 77% of conservatives don't want to tell the truth in polls and they are afraid it will cause them to lose their jobs or be socially ousted. we have to look at biden himself. while claiming to be a moderate, he claims to be one of the most progressive presidents in history, his name calling now, he's calling people chumps and ugly and labeled black men and super predators, these are things we have to look at, the gaffes that keep on going that have people rolling. iowa may be the one to have done this properly. todd: you guys were great. we'll have you back once we know answers, if we know answers any
2:36 am
time soon. erin and robert, thank you so much. >> thank you. jillian: still ahead, battleground blitz, the key states that could sway the election. campaign strategist john thomas on the two factors he's watching closely, that's next. ♪ boom, crash, sound of my heart. ♪ the beat goes on and on and on and boom, crash
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>> we are going to win arizona. win florida. the great poll in nevada. georgia's looking fantastic, texas is looking fantastic. nobody is going to do for iowa what i did for iowa. when we win michigan wins. win pennsylvania. win ohio. win wisconsin. four more years in that very beautiful white house. jillian: good morning, welcome back. president trump pulling off a marathon of battleground rally as election day nears but will it be enough to tip the scales
2:40 am
in the swing states? here to break it down is campaign strategist john thomas. good to see you this morning. >> good to be with you. jillian: let's pull up the swing states, specifically six of these. let's start off this conversation in florida where at this point, john, it's anyone's game, right? >> yeah, florida is historically tight, jillian. nobody wins this by a landslide. both campaigns are not taking the state for granted. trump is pulling out all the stops. his key strength is the ability to drive big rallies which drives media coverage and his message. jillian: let's go to georgia where joe biden has the lead just by a slim margin as you can see. but they are breaking records here in georgia for early voter turnout. 39 -- excuse me, 3.9 million people have voted by the time that ended on friday. what do you see happening in georgia? >> well, this typically isn't a state that a republican has to worry about. the fact that we're talking about it is something else. something i want to draw
2:41 am
viewers' you attention to is president trump is carrying more of the african-american vote than any republican in u.s. history. there's an increase in african-american enthusiasm and their vote. so if that carries, trump could hold georgia. jillian: michigan, obviously the president holding three rallies there. joe biden was in flint, michigan with former president obama yesterday. michigan as you can see, though, joe biden has a pretty significant lead there. >> yeah, this is a tough state. remember, it's one that trump flipped. it typically does lean blue. trump's leaning in on his economic message. this is going to be a tough state for trump. jillian: let's hold to north carolina right now where this one still is close, the gap is narrowing in north carolina as you can see, joe biden with the edge still as of october 21st through october 30th polling. >> yeah, biden was up substantially until a few weeks ago. trump spent time there, pence spend time there. they're bringing it home. definitely not a state that
2:42 am
trump should need to defend but he's putting in the time and he's got to hold the state or he'll fall apart. jillian: ohio, where it is neck and neck right now as you can see, the polling is dead split here. owe of yow's going to be one of -- ohios going to be one of those things where at this point everyone will say i don't know what's going to happen here. what do you think the president needs to do in the last few days to win ohio? >> ohio is a critical state where it always is about the economy. trump's got to drive his message on both that he's done it once, he can do it again and a also that he's holding china accountable for hurting us in a trade war. jillian: all right. one of the questions a lot of people are asking, could this all come down to pennsylvania, the keystone state? the president has spent a considerable amount of time in the last week on the trail in pennsylvania. as you can see, joe biden still has that lead. how do you see pennsylvania playing out and does it come down to that state? >> it likely will, jillian. the president understands it.
2:43 am
actually both candidates understand it. they've been spending a lot of time there. this is one of those things that exposes the president's weakness this cycle. he's softer with suburban voters now than he was in 2016, particularly because of their questioning of his handling of coronavirus. so the president's trying to bring that back home. this is a must-win state. the president's trying to both do better with suburban voters and turn out his base with rural voters. it's all about turning out your base if you're president trump. jillian: time will tell. that time is certainly running out. john thomas, thank you as always for joining us. we appreciate it. todd: still ahead, pete leg heh are live in new jersey for a special breakfast with friends. they join us, next. ♪ at t-mobile, we have a plan built just for customers 55 and up.
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todd: with two days to go, momentum at an all-time high including in new jersey where more than 3 million votes have already been cast. jillian: pete hegseth and will kane are talking with voters at the toast city diner in a asbury park, new yo new jersey. pete, have you not eaten yet? >> i'm happy to have a friend at the diner. i get lonely. will is here. i'm glad to have him. we're excited to be talking to voters. that's why we're here. >> you go to the diner circuit with pete, it's like i'm here, nice to meet you as well, but this is pete le hegseth. >> we're about to kick off a couple days on the road. we want to talk to folks.
2:48 am
i'll talk to a few people, i'll hand it over to you. ladies, how are you? young ladies, if i may say. what is your name? >> jerry. >> and? >> jenna. >> jenna. what i'm asking everyone, how you are you feeling going into tuesday, what's your sense of where we are as a country. >> i already voted and i'm thrilled. i'm happy. i think we're going to do great, especially like in a town like asbury. i think it's so important that we're here, you're here and you're asking the people those questions. >> you feel great why? >> first of all, trump has so much -- i'm in his age category and he has done things that he promised and it's unfortunate they're not repeat -- they're not talking about it, both internationally and here. i think that's so important because it helps everybody, not just a group, but everybody. >> how about you? >> well, i like the fact that he's not a politician. you know, many of his interviews he has said i'm more for the blue collar people. i am not a politician.
2:49 am
and we shouldn't expect him to be like a politician, speaking the way they do. >> on that front, he has not changed. there's no doubt about that as well. i want toes it over to you, -- toss it over to you. >> i'm with bonnie russo who grew up in the area, not far from asbury park and works in the flai pharmaceutical industr. how's the year been for you and your business. >> it's a small business. just like any small business, we've had our struggles along the way but we have not missed one day, not one beat. >> we saw the beautiful ladies down at the other end of the diner talking about the way new jersey could go. how do you feel about the area,, new jersey, historically a blue state. how do you feel about it this year. >> i'm not really pleased. as a matter of fact, i'll be getting out of new jersey soon. i'm not really for anything that the governor stands for. >> there you have it. not happy with the way new jersey is going right now.
2:50 am
we'll see how it goes in -- what is it now, two or three days from now. >> it's going to be awesome breakfast with friends, pete and will will be live on "fox & friends" all morning long, coming up. i hope you enjoy the jersey shore on your one day there, will. >> a little cold but i'll head out there. todd: thanks, guys. see you in a bit. jillian: still to come, former wisconsin congressman sean duffy joins us live on how the white house race is shaping up in his state. we're helping change the future of heart failure. understanding how to talk to your doctor about treatment options is key. today, we are redefining how we do things. we find new ways of speaking, so you're never out of touch. it's seeing someone's face that comforts us, no matter where. when those around us know us, they can show us just how much they care. the first steps of checking in, the smallest moments can end up being everything.
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>> we're going to win this state. we win this state, you know what, it's over. [ cheering and applause ]. we win wisconsin. i've treated wisconsin very well. >> i came up here and campaigned for hillary and for a whole lot of reasons, not all which were her fault, ended up not taking it as seriously. we thought it was different. i've been here a lot. by the way, when i get elected, if i get elected, i'm coming back. jillian: both candidates duking it out over the badger state. what do voters need to hear? todd: joining us now, former congressman, you know him best as the husband of rachel campos duffy, sean deaf a duff at this. polls -- enoug duffy. poll ofs show a resounding loss
2:55 am
expected by the president there. has the president made in-roads in wisconsin in the last few days? >> like in 2016, todd, throw the polls away. this is a really close race in wisconsin. i think it's a 1 point race either way. you have to remember that in wisconsin we're a blue collar, manufacturing state. we're a farming state. so often we feel like we're forgotten by washington and washington policies. and in 2016 president trump came here, he worked hard for wisconsin and told us, listen, i'm going to fight for you, i'm going to work for you, i will never forget you and he's coming back now saying listen, i told you four years ago i wouldn't forget and i haven't. i've done things that have made your lives better. i kept promises. i fought china to make neverring better, i pushed back on the radical leftists in the environmental sector that wants to take away farming and manufacturing. i accomplished that for you. he needs to remind people that big tech, big media, corporate america, wall street, they don't love you. i love you.
2:56 am
i care about you. and they hate me because i love you. i mean, i think that message works because so often we're foregotten and these people don't care about us and trump has. the closing message that he's been giving works with our voters. jillian: that leads us to the message of being forgotten, that's how people felt in 2016 with hil hillary clinton. joe biden claims he's been there a lot. he's been there three times. do you think the message that he trying to portray about being there a lot and caring about the state, do you think that will resonate with voters there? it seems like according to the polls right now it has. as you say, anything can happen with the polls. we just don't know. >> right. that's a boldfaced lie. right? joe biden hasn't been here. in the last two months he's been here one time. he came for 20 of minutes two days ago to mill walky. he -- mick way k milwaukee. donald trump has been here five times in two weeks. he's going to kenosha, he's been to milwaukee, lacrosse, green
2:57 am
bay, jamesville. i think you give that kind of attention in the lead-up to the election, that matters to people. they want you to pay attention to them. they want you to work as hard for them as they work themselves in their own lives. i think the closing message and visits will matter, especially on the energy side, jillian. i think this is a base election. everyone's made up their minds, who is going to get their voters out on tuesday is going to matter and these trips to our state are going to i think excite people and get them to vote and bring neighbors to vote and their friends too. jillian: just to follow up on that. you mentioned kenosha. what do you think about everything that happened there in the last few months? how is that going to play out in this election, do you think it will? >> so kenosha is a blue collar, union, more democrat town and i think after the riots and donald trump's response compared to our governor, democrat governor's response and biden's response, i believe that a lot of those voters have come over to trump. i know they've come over to trump. in the suburbs of milwaukee, the
2:58 am
president was having trouble with suburban women. the law and order of message has res late nateed -- resonated because of what they saw in kenosha. they were rioting in neighborhoods. kenosha as wawatosa matter to moms. trump was losing them and they're coming back home because they do want safe neighborhoods and a safe place to raise their kids. todd: meantime, sean, the numbers show that most conservative christians support president trump and by a wide margin. 78% to 17%. but sean, are there enough of them to make a difference in this election especially in the you few swing states that are going >> so todd, wisconsin, prepandemic, if you drive and communities across the state sunday church parking lots are packed. people go to church here. there is a huge christian base
2:59 am
in our state. they go to church. i think that makes a in wisconsin. we have big catholic base. joe biden is playing to that base. he has rosary beads. i'm a catholic. but i think catholics are opposed to his pro-abortion. we know that donald trump is going to preserve obamacare and little sisters of the poor who wanted an exemption for religious liberty in obamacare. obama and biden fought to take that away. so people remember that in the press shun faith. that is why they come over to president trump as his closing days wind down. todd: i think the catholic vote will be fascinating. there is so much going on with the catholic vote. so much going, the sean and
3:00 am
rachel campos duffy they have nine children. >> they're sleeping. jillian: see you normal 4:00 a.m. eastern. set the dvr. special edition of "fox & friends" right now. have a good day. ♪ brian: they're singing about bruce springsteen. live from the state of knew injured is a special edition of "fox & friends." live from liberty state park. just across the river, the most beautiful shot of new york city. people spend a lot of money to live in new york city to have the great view, the best view of new york is in new jersey. ainsley: isn't itor


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