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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  November 1, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa howie: this is a fox news alert. we're awaiting president trump for the first of several rallies today. we'll take you to washington, michigan. welcome to media buzz. let's go to our guests, ari fleischer, how much of the coverage in these final days do you think is colored by journalists either believing that president trump will lose or rooting for that outcome? >> all a of it. it's always been that way, howard. the press just follows the stock market and the stock market in politics is polls. if they think someone is going to win, the coverage reflects that. the only caveat, there is a sense that the 2016 hangover, where people are just saying are
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we missing something, could we be wrong. at least they're you allowing that escape -- they're allowing that escape pocket. howie: chris steyer well, jason miller of the trump campaign said that they expect that president trump will be ahead in the count on election night and the democrats will try to steal it back through mail ballots. what do you think of the phrase phraseology, steal it back and given that 91 million people have already voted, what's the challenge to forecast any states on tuesday night? >> this isn't new. we knew four years ago, about 40% of people voted early or by mail, this year will be 60%. it changes some things about what's available, what's not available. it doesn't change it for us, because we have fox news analysis which is a superior tool and this is how people have
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always voted, these are always the trend. the trump campaign put extra hot sauce on the language, but so what? howie: leslie marshall, radio talk show host, joe biden is ahead in virtually all the national polls, 8 points in the fox news poll, ahead in most of the battleground states, there's so many polls we're just drowning in this. a lot of people are saying the polls were wrong in 2016. jay son miller's -- jason miller's language that the democrats will steal it back, 91 million people have already voted. those votes are just as valid and those who show up on tuesday. >> absolutely. there are millions who have not pulled out the ballot who may not want to vote in person on tuesday of next week, election day, their ballots count as well. those who are not going to mail it in but drop it off at the ballot box. i mean, one of the reasons, howie, americans don't vote typically is because they don't feel their vote counts.
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and to have that kind of language, i hope it's not a foreshadowing if joe biden wins from the right and from the white house which cries of false votes, false election, fake election, stolen election. i think that's quite frankly very insulting to the american people, especially those on my side of the aisle. howie: the story could go on for some time. ari, president trump stirred controversy by saying in an earlier visit to michigan that our doctors get more money if somebody dies from covid. the ama said that was malicious and outray just. with record shattering 99,000 new cases on friday, are the media justified in saying they still don't believe the president is taking this virus seriously enough? >> well, when you put the word enough at the end, i think that is a fair criticism of the president. the president has taken it seriously but at the same time, he has made some statements that i think have caused him to end up in hot water.
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one of the reasons that joe biden is winning in the polls, if you believe the polls, is because of covid and his reaction to it in contrast to the president's reaction to it. what's frustrating, howard of, i think the federal government has done a lot right here. every time there's been a flare-up the federal government sends in doctors, thursdays, medical equipment -- nurses, medical equipment, extra hospital beds in the form of the army setting up facilities, navy ships. the government's doing a lot. but the president's res rhetoris not been as em pathetic to use a word as i think would have been in his interest. howie: chris, we hear the president say a lot of these rallies, you turn on the tv and it's covid, covid, covid, covid. there's clear suggestions the media are overhyping this and there's a split among people who support the president and people that support joe biden as to how serious it is. the record-breaking surge in new cases and hospitalizations being up, red and blue states, doesn't
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that make it more difficult for the president to argue we've mostly put this behind us. >> not only that, but it calls into serious question his decision to hold the mass rallies in states that are experiencing coronavirus surges. it is a cruel irony fo trump tht his magic weapon for 2016, the mass rally, the mass demonstration, the thing that did such good for him in 2016 in showing excitement, in 2020 it highlights a weakness which is, look, you see the crowd there, mask use is going up among attendees. for folks that are concerned about what's going on with coronavirus, particularly in wisconsin, michigan, other places that are seeing cases rise, the rallies, much like his convention speech at the white house, they're a billboard for recklessness in terms of how you gather and following the rules and that's just not a good thing. howie: fox news poll out today
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says 51% of those questioned believe that covid-19 is out-of-control, 21% say it's completely or mostly under control. given that situation, it does seem like the media have made their decision, that the virus is much worse than president trump is portraying, not talking about february, march, talking about now and isn't that an advantage for of joe biden in the sense that he gets a lot of praise because he holds shaw small -- small events an always seems to be wearing a mask. >> there are two different messages. i don't think that the media is making covid worse than it is. quite frankly, i think they're stating the facts. i was talking to my husband, who is a physician, this morning. he said yesterday there were doctors in the lounge that have been republicans, historically and typically doctors do vote republican and they're not happy with the rhetoric that's coming out of the president. not just about covid but about them and blaming doctors about covid. when the president's standing in wisconsin and says, you know, we've turned the corner and
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they're building makeshift hospitals because they don't have enough beds, the president for many voters is not steeped in reality. so if covid is essential to voters and we're seeing that especially among the senior population like in states like florida, then the president better watch his rhetorics, his facts, that's where it's different. joe biden talks about fighting the virus and the president sounds like, hey, the virus is already behind us because it's behind him because he has survived it. that's not the case looking at the numbers in our nation. howie: ari on the hunter biden allegations, twitter finally ended the lockdown of the new york post account. on the substance of it, the former business partner, tony bobulinski, told fox this week that joe biden is lying, that he met joe biden twice, that he knew about this china deal, of course the deal never happened. it was in 2017, after biden left office. do you think this deserves more coverage or do you think many
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media outlets are right to treat the allegations very gingerly? >> oh, my goodness. you know, i began as a press secretary 40 o 40 years ago on capitol hill and i always knew as republican press secretary that the press was liberal and buy yafd. biased. i knew we had to work twice as hard as democrats to get fair coverage. it's gotten so much worse over the 40 years and has turned into an avalanche of president trump in terms of how the press is biased. it's an abandonment of duty for the reporters. you have an on-the-record involved witness saying what he saw and they suppressed his information. if you came out with an anonymous accusation against president trump that had the word collude or collusion in it, they would put it on the front page. i've never seen such a lack of duty, a willingness to hide information until after an
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election and that's what's happening here because the press wants joe biden to win and they know that covering the story would be a last minute curve ball that could hit biden so they come up with all kinds of excuses to ignore it. howie: letly, let -- leslie, let me get you to respond to that. the biden campaign has not commented on the interview with his former business partner. fox news and the wall street journal have reviewed the evidence that we have and doesn't find evidence of joe biden's involvement, but shouldn't the campaign -- >> wait a minute. nobody looked into whether or not joe biden had a meeting with some people. you're talking about whether biden financially gained. the real issue is if he had a meeting. howie: this is what i'm asking leslie. shouldn't journalists to the extent they have an opportunity ask the biden campaign to respond to these specifics? >> yeah. but look, if something is not true, -- there was a movie out, called the contender, years ago,
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there was ani an allegation ad she wouldn't respond. people asked why. she said it because it wasn't true. there is zero evidence from tax returns and other means that he accepted money from any foreign government, china included. when you look at his schedule, his calendar, some of these meetings that are alleged just didn't take place. when you interview people that worked with him at the time, are not working with him now, had they also confirm that. and there are people in the embassy who said look, we don't even know some of the people they're mentioning from ukraine and we know every player in ukraine. i don't think the biden campaign is want to say. i agreed with ted cruz twice in my life. the other day he said voters don't care about the hunter biden thing. i agree with him on that. i don't think if everybody's carrying this and putting it out there, it would change things for joe biden.
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howie: let me move on here. we'll come back to it if we can. i want to touch on the resignation of glen greenwall, investigative reporter from the site the intercepted, he co-founded a half dozen years ago. he says he had to quit because he had a piece that was about hunter biden allegations in part. it was highly critical of joe biden and was told it could not run unless the anti-biden material was excised. what does this tell us about the media environment? >> i have no idea because i have no idea how the run the intercept and quite frankly once we get. leland:-- once we got to theedwf the buggy. i live in the world of politics. i knew what was going on with the snowden stuff we were over niagara, we were in a new phase where journalists were going to be challenged in a lot of different ways about a lot of different kinds of information and its sourcing. and i was right. we were all right. things got a lot harder and a
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lot more complicated. i have no idea how the intercept runs its operation and i'm quite frankly okay with that. howie: the intercept editors you accused greenwall of showing him a temper tantrum and saying they asked him to document some of the things he was saying about biden. in recent days, last week or two, president trump has harshly criticized for example cbs' lesley stahl, he walked out of the interview and posted the interview prematurely. he said she has anger coming out of his eyes and talked about hatred from savannah guthrie over the town hall interview. do you think singling out individual journalists are going to -- this helps him at all? >> well, it's the broader issue. with donald trump it's -- what he's always done is governed as an outsider. when he lashes out against fake news, what he's saying is i'm not part of the inside
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washington kabal. they're all out to get me. they're all out to get you. and there's a large percentage of america that agrees with that. they don't like the media. the don't accept the media. they accept the out siderism. it serves the president moderately well. i think by and large it has really energized a lot of his voters who don't trust the press. howie: president has arrived at washington township, michigan and we will bring you, when he comes to the microphone. in the meantime, leslie, on the question of you attacks on journalists, he also you attackd fox news. he criticized them from showing barack obama speech and joe biden's speech. our job is to show both sides. do you think the personal criticism by the president of individual journalists is winning him new voters in the final stretch. >> absolutely not. when you look at the disapproval rating, not just the national
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level but in some swing states, it's not just disapproval about covid, but where the nation has come. i'm from boston. so is lesley stahl, i always looked up to her. i don't consider her a fake news reporter and i don't think it's presidential for an individual, donald trump or anyone else, to attack the free press. that's one of the things that makes our nation great is the first amendment which is freedom of the press included and in addition to that, i just don't think it makes anyone look like a true leader or presidential to an you attack an individual if you don't like the questions posed, tough questions, or what they've said. we've seen individuals on our network and elsewhere you attacked by him for that. it's wrong. it may fire up his base, i agree with ari on that some but it's not going to help people who are undecided to vote for him we found out the other day, that
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anonymous, the guy who wrote the new york times op-ed is a senior official, you attacking president trump. he wasn't even the chief of staff to the homeland security. turns out he's a cnn pundit and he lied to cnn, lied to anderson cooper, about not being anonymous. he was asked how do you justify lying. what does that tell us that he was given journalistic immunity. >> it's one thing to give someone a anonymity to talk abot -- i don't like this part. it's one thing to give them anonymity, if they want to characterize how negotiations are going on legislation on capitol hill, i'm not crazy about doing it but maybe if it's an incremental story, all this stuff. they treated this guy like he was hannibal crossing the alps with the elephants. he was the great vindicator. they puffed him up ridiculously.
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i ignored it almost from the beginning. it was so self-important. it was so self-regarding. as it was with the alleged kabal of people inside the trump administration who said they were working all of the time to limit trump and all that stuff and it sounded like phony baloney and it was phony baloney. howie: ari fleischer, do you think cnn should keep on -- miles tailor is anonymous, the former dhs official. he went on cnn, said it wasn't me. i wasn't wearing any mask, except foral wean or a pan -- halloween or a pandemic. does that basically blow up his credibility? >> i'm not in the habit of telling private organizations who to hire or unhire. maybe they should run one of those chyron underneath that says he lied about who he is. there's a bigger story here. if anonymity is the curse of the
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media, they are hooked like addicts to anonymous sources and anonymous sources have driven a wedge of mistrust between the people and the press. i can't tell you how many times -- i still to this day get phone calls from mainstream media, the first words out of their mouth is we can do this on background, meaning they don't have to name me. i say no, every interview i do, i do it on the record. anonymity, when you read a story, you roll your eyes, you say i have no idea if it's true or not true. if the author offers anonymity to a source, the source knows they can go too far. that's the state of journalism. it's a sad state. howie: journalists should try to get everybody on the record at the outset. i believe. >> they don't. howie: i know. that's what's so striking about what you just said. leslie, let me come back to the question of polls. because on the one hand you get
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wisconsin poll by wash post abc, biden up 17 points. a lot of people say it's definitely over. you get the des moines register poll, released last night, trump up 7 in iowa, well, the race is really tightening. with the blizzard of tolls, what does this do to the confidence of people on your side, the democrats, who had the impression that joe biden who has never trailed in this contest has got it locked of up? a little bit of nervousness, a lot of nervousness perhaps on your side? >> there's a little bit of nervousness, not because of the polls because after 2016 my side definitely eye-rolls at the polls, whether it be up or whether it be down. it's the reality of numbers. first of all, i would say what's changed since 2016 are the pollsters, because typically a segment of trump support and voters from the white non-educated sector, they don't typically answer polls. they don't respond to polls. that wasn't factored in in 2016. so pollsters are doing i believe
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a better job when you look at the data of factoring that in. having said that, people talk about landslides, it's not going to be a lai landslide. this is going to be very tight. my prediction is a flip from 2016, where trump became president by very slim margins. i think that's what we'll see on tuesday for biden. it's a nail biter for both sides. howie: right now, we're seeing ivanka trump. that would mean her father is probably coming up very soon. as we await the president, do you think the rallies help in the sense of getting people, for example in michigan here, excited about the candidate? joe biden obviously doing more events, not the big rallies, than he usually does. or is a lot of it just cable news coverage and reinforcing the message in the final days. >> both things can be true. right. both of those things can be true. i mentioned before about the damage that it does to trump's case because of coronavirus. right. it's just -- net-net, these are
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a mistake. it's a bad idea because he is showing recklessness about the issue that's most important to voters and that's not a good idea. that having been said, both of those things you said are true. it's programming. they know the networks will take it, take some of it, go in. that's why obama is of out with biden. you've got to do something to be in the space so it looks like you're fighting. to leslie's point, if it doesn't look like you're fighting, doesn't look like you're engaged, your own team may say maybe we're going to lose. you want to have programming, you want to do that stuff. these rallies i think are a net negative for trump because of coronavirus. howie: ari, would you disagree with that because you are showing the flag, getting -- so much of this is turnout, getting the troops fired up. you get local coverage when you go to michigan, minnesota, iowa. biden went to georgia which is a bit of a reach for him. so what do you think about net
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negative versus net positive now that we're in the rally and tarmac phase? >> howard, after watching all these protests on the street, all the blm protests, all the riots and the looting, i'm not going to let anybody lecture about whether or not it's wong g for donald trump to have his people come out and support him. we're in this covid atmosphere and it's trickier than it normally would be but i will not criticize the president for having rallies and getting his people out there. i want to go back to something leslie said. i know leslie. i'm certain she said it without malice. she referred to trump voters and non-educated. i think she meant unlike the democrats they don't have phds or college degrees. >> what i said was the segment that was ---incentivize trump voters. they hear that. you're talking about people with vocational degrees, community college degrees. howie: i'm going to have to let you -- hang on, ari.
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president trump wearing his red ma g-2maga cap is walking up toe microphone. i would love to continue the conversation. thank you, panel. i will now narrate what you're seeing on the screen. it must be rather cold. everybody is bundled up. the president is wearing gloves. he draws energy from the rallies, regardless from the impact on the coverage and the message. he hated when he had to be off the trail when he had coronavirus and was at walter reed. i think there will be five rallies today, moralis tomorrow -- morallies -- more rallies on tuesday. those who haven't voted will get to cast their ballots and we'll watch tuesday night and perhaps after that to see who will win the contest. there have been joe biden events throughout the day today and tomorrow. fox news will bring you some of those as well. i think right now the president's just sort of letting the music as he collapse his hands and tries to get the crowd fired up.
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letting the music set the stage. he was introduced by his daughter, ivanka trump and here the president is approaching the microphone. not quite yet. he's enjoying walking around, letting the crowd get psyched up. see a lot of four more years signs there. see a lot of people dressed in red. they're hoping for a lot of red states. all right, i will thank the panel right now. let's listen in to the scene in washington, michigan. ♪ god bless the usa. ♪ [ cheering and applause ] >> >> usa!
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usa! >> does anybody have a coat i could use, please? this is definitely not the right one. hello, michigan. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> i love michigan. and thank you very much for four years ago, but i gave you a lot of auto plants. so i think we're even, right? and we have a lot more moving in. a lot more moveing in. >> we love you! we love you! we love you! we love you! we love you! we love you! we love you! >> thank you very much. i love you too. if i didn't, i wouldn't be standing here because it's freezing out here. think of this. two days, now we're down to two days. two days from now, we are going to win the state of michigan again. >> [ cheering and applause ] >> again. and we are going to win four more years in that very beautiful place called the white
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house. over the last four years, i fought for michigan like no one has ever fought for michigan. before i became president, the great state of michigan was hemorrhaging, your car companies and your car businesses, and thanks to corrupt politicians like joe biden. he turned out to be a corrupt politician. he's corrupt. plants were closing and moving to mexico and many other places, you know that. you know that better than anybody. there had been no new plants had been built in michigan in decades and decades before i got here. i stopped the moves and now many plants are being built and already have been built, plants are being expanded, the automobile business is coming back. i told countries, japan, germany and others, sorry, you have to bring it into our of country. and i always used to say like michigan, i think of michigan when i think of cars and i'd say
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michigan, but i'd say ohio and i'd say south carolina and plenty other places and we've brought back millions of car and million of cars produced a year but the biggest beneficiary is right here, right here. i'm standing up to the global special interests who got rich bleeding america dry. you know, that wind is coming right into my face and i'm saying it's hard to breathe. they set this place up great. that wind is pouring in as i'm talking. it's pouring in, up the mouth, up the nose. this is very pleasant. this is very pleasant. i hope they don't recover -- i hope they don't report this one for posterity, okay? this is a crazy place but we love michigan. good job! [ cheering and applause ] >> i'm just saying. whoever set this up, it could
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have had a little angle. you how about if they had an angle. the corrupt establishment hates me because i don't answer to them, i answer to you, which is -- [ cheering and applause ] >> and with your vote, we will continue to bring your jobs back, to enact fair trade. you saw what we've done. think about all the plants. forget about anything else. you didn't have auto plants four years ago. i got man of the year in michigan 12 years ago. i made a speech. i said you know, mexico and canada, they're taking all your car business. why are you letting that happen? it turned out to be quite a controversial speech. it was true but it was controversial. it was very controversial. i laugh. i'm saying my people are geniuses. you know what? it turned out to be yo true. and since then we've been doing things like nobody's ever done, cut your taxes, cut your regulations and ensure that more products are proudly stamped
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with those beautiful words, that beautiful phrase, made in the usa. [ cheering and applause ] usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> thank you very much. so we had the luck of having ivanka here many i sai. and i said yeah, you introduce me. i tell you, that was the shortest introduction she's ever given me and now i understand why. i understand. thank you, darling. it was actually under the circumstances not too bad. next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. you see what's happening. [ cheering and applause ] >> you see what's happening. we had growth like nobody has ever seen in this country, probably any other country. 33.1% and they hardly -- the fake news hardly makes it a story. but right now they don't care. they're just trying to survive. look at them back there.
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they're just trying to survive. joe biden will shut down your economy, raise taxes. $4 trillion tax increase. he's the only politician i've ever seen who said we will raise your taxes. you're supposed to vote for him. we will not crack. he said that for a year. then when he came to pennsylvania, he goes i guess it's okay. no, no, there won't be energy. they'll go with the green new deal. the green new deal will destroy our country. the green new deal is done by aoc plus three, right. i don't think they ever talk --o you think they ever took a course on the environment? i wonder. did you ever have a course on let's say the environment. the green new deal. at first i thought they were kidding. actually that, are kidding. you know that. they get it. they're kidding. but you have to pay for their
8:30 am
kidding. they want to close down new factories, ship your jobs to china, eliminate private healthcare, destroy the suburbs. i got rid of the -- you know, i always say, -- the women -- that was them speaking. the women of the suburbs, you've got to love me. i got rid of the regulations that will ruin the suburbs. i cut it out. i said let's terminate it, ben, let's just terminate it. but if they come back, cory booker is going to be in charge. and that regulation will not be good. now, we saved the suburbs. they want to abolish oil, coal, natural gas and send your state into a -- you know what's going to happen here? you'll have a depression. you will have a depression. your gasoline will go up to 6, 7. how do you like the $2 gasoline?
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[ cheering and applause ] >> you know, you'll have it for a long time if you elect trump. if you don't, you're going to be -- the damage that biden and harris would inflict would endure for many generations. you can't fix that easy. under my leadership, our economy is now growing at the fastest rate ever recorded. 33.1%. this is an -- right? [ cheering and applause ] >> it was just announced. they didn't make a big deal out of it. if this were announced with obama they would say this is the greatest president ever. he's so great that he left me 142 judges to fill. right? [ cheering and applause ] >> 142. you know what? if i were a democrat -- think of it, i'm a democrat and my president left me 142 slots of judges, that's why we're going to be at 300 judges and three
8:32 am
supreme court judges. [ cheering and applause ] >> they said sir, the wind isn't so strong. no, it's about 50 miles an hour. i think it's a minus 2 20 degre. wind chill, they call it wind chill, right. this is a true test. but i love the people of michigan. we won. we won. [ cheering and applause ] >> it's worth it. it's worth it. it's worth it. it's worth it. we won last time, right? it's worth it. [ cheering and applause ] >> if we didn't win last time, i probably wouldn't even be standing here. i'd get up here and say no thanks, this is -- like the great pav pavotti, he was a div.
8:33 am
he was an incredible talent with the most unbelievable voice and i've gone to concerts where he would say no, no, no, i do not feel good. i will not sing tonight and he would leave. and then i've gone to some where it was the most unbelievable voice that ever lived. i mean, the greatest, right. pavarotti. he liked me, for whatever reason. he was terrible to other people. to me, he was nice. he liked me. but he goes donald, donald, i will not sing tonight. even though i have 1,000 people. i will not sing tonight. i will leave tonight and he would leave. he would say ladies and gentlemen, he just canceled. when he was great, he was great. now i feel like him. i say ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. i'm getting -- no, i don't have that. i'm not a diva. foreign nations are in free-fall, we are creating the world's greatest economic powerhouse. we are the economic envy of the world and now the military envy of the world. we have the greatest new
8:34 am
equipment anywhere in the world. [ cheering and applause ] >> a recent gallup poll, recent gallup poll found that 56% of americans say they are better off today than they were four years ago under obama/biden. [ cheering and applause ] >> and we're rounding the turn on a pandemic. think of that. and that's a record, my first three years i raised middle class family incomes $6,500. that was in a three-year period. whereas the biden/harris agenda was projected and is projected to, if you go by the crazy plan, wall street journal, you're going to lose 6 yo $6,000. they're going to take it out and they're going to waste it. it's not six. it's much more than that. and we're going up to a substantial number. that's not including energy. if you think about energy, when you're at $2 and your electric bills are nice and low, when they get rid of all our
8:35 am
petroleum products and other things, everything and they go to wind -- let's build windmills all over the place. let's litter the landscape. when you build -- i'm not against wind. it should be in industrial areas, maybe. it's very expensive, very expensive. and if you want to see a lot of dead birds, all you have to do is go to the bottom of a windmill. if you'd like to see a lot of dead birds g to the would to of -- go to the bottom of -- they pile up. they don't know what to do with them. they're environmentalists. they want wind. let's watch the state of the union with nancy ripping it up. crazy. let's watch president trump, let's watch his -- and the husbands will say, darling, i'm sorry we can't, the wind is not blowing tonight. it's intermittent. they call it intermittent
8:36 am
televisions. how about the network, intermittent television. we have to power our great factories, we have to power these great plants and factories and you can't do it that way. maybe some day but right now -- and solar. i like solar. it's extremely expensive and it doesn't have near the power that you need for what we're talking about now. and you know, when we do what they want us to do, but china doesn't do it and russia doesn't do it and india doesn't do it, we will be in such a competitive disadvantage we might as well fold up the tent. we have the number one economy in the world right now by far. by far. [ cheering and applause ] >> and we're not losing it on my watch. i can tell you that. [ cheering and applause ] >> joe biden, sleep owy joe, st 47 years outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders and sacrificing american blood and treasure in endless foreign wars. michigan lost half of its auto
8:37 am
jobs thanks to biden's nafta and china disasters. you know, is amazing. nobody saw the debate i'm sure the other night, right. you notice i kept saying joe, why don't you do this. well, i would do this and i would do that. i said joe, why didn't you do it. you were there, 47 years. and you just left three and-a-half years ago. you know, why didn't you do it, sleepy joe, you sleepy guy. you see him now, he's got the shades on, he comes out. hey, hey, hey. hey, be quiet up there. be quiet. he says they keep clapping. they're all our people. we have more people show up. they're our people. [ cheering and applause ] >> he's very agitated. you know how angry he is, he's so angry. you know why he's angry? because he's losing, that's why he's angry. he's very agitated. i don't think he knows he's losing. i don't think he knows anything,
8:38 am
actually. he's very, very angry and agitated. now he's got the shades. what do they call them? aviators. they're too small. they should be bigger, you know. he has the little shades on, doesn't have to work on the eyes. but it is something. you see the way our people, you know that, were protecting his bus yesterday. because they're nice. they had hundreds of cars, trump, trump. trump and the american flag. you see trump and the american flag. you ever notice when you see the other side -- i don't even see much of the other side. you don't see any -- they have no spirit, they have no enthusiasm. they have no nothing. i don't see them. when you see like a small group, because it's got be small because knobs around, nobody care -- nobody's around, nobody cares. you see the groups, they never see an american flag. i say if you look at a group and you don't see an american flag, you know that's the opposition. i'm going to -- we have to go
8:39 am
through a big deal. i say when somebody burns the american flag, they should go to jail for one year. [ cheering and applause ] >> and we have to get -- even -- look at the sisters. you agree with me. [ cheering and applause ] >> beautiful sisters. wow. we're with you, you know that. little sisters of the floor, i'm with them. we did a good job. are you cold? are you cold right now? don't be too cold. they go no. god will keep you warm, i know that. so beautiful. so beautiful. we're going to do that and -- because i thought i could just like institute and maybe through an executive order. they said oh, you can't do that, sir. it has to go through a whole big deal. we're going to do it. we'll get guys like jim jordan and some of our great congress, right. we'll get our great congressmen. you have some of the great ones
8:40 am
right here. we're going to get some of our congressmen and women and we're going to put in -- we're going to put in legislation, you burn the american flag -- i see it with antifa. they're constantly. yesterday they were burning it, antifa. you burn the american flag, you you go to jail for one year. it's very simple, okay? i like it. biden embraced the trans pacific partnership which would have been a death sentence for your auto industry and your state. if it was okay with you, i canceled it. okay? we never -- it never got off the ground for us. and i ended the nafta nightmare and took the toughest ever action against china and ended the long nightmare of american economic surrender. now we have the usmca which is great for you and your companies won't believe it. just kicked in. your companies won't be -- one thing i had to have -- i want to -- i have to look this way so i can breathe.
8:41 am
the wind is so strong, you can't breathe. i've never had that before. pouring in. man, this is a beauty. this is a hell of a day. you guys must love trump. this place is packed. [ cheering and applause ] >> it feels so good. when i look at them it's perfect. [ cheering and applause ] >> but they didn't society it up right. that's -- set it up right, that's okay. a vote for biden is a vote to completely eradicate, i mean you all -- eviscerate your auto industry. it will be terrible. we worked very hard to bring it back. i met with prime minister abe of japan, since retired, he had a problem with health but fantastic man and i said no, shinzo, you have to send plants to michigan, you have to send plants to the united states and he said no, no, no, i cannot do
8:42 am
that, that is a private decision. i said you're a powerful man, you can do it. i said you have to do it because you're making too many cars, sending them here. we want them made in the united states, you have to do it. the next day they announced, there were five companies moving to michigan. [ cheering and applause ] >> japan. that was japan. he's a great guy, that one, i'll tell you. while biden was giving china your jobs, his family raked in millions and millions of dollars from the chinese communist party. think of that. joe biden is a corrupt politician who bought and is paid for -- look, he's bought and paid for by china. how about his son? his son walks in -- he's supposed to be fair. [crowd chanting] >> lock him up! lock him up! lock him up!
8:43 am
>> how the hell can this guy deal with china? his son, like a human vacuum cleaner, dad -- hey, dad, what country are you going to to to. china. oh, good, maybe i can take in a couple million. let me follow you, dad. i'm a vacuum cleaner. dad, i'll give you 10%. he took in a billion and-a-half. with no experience, he's managing a billion and-a-half dollars. then he got -- his big one was he wants china to pay $10 million a year for recommending service, he's going to recommend. he's going to introduce. i guess he calls it introductory services. he's introducing his father. sister, do you thinks this is honest? do you think so? they all said no. that's good enough for me, sister. i'll tell you. how about ukraine? the kid, do you have any energy experience? no. what was the last time you worked?
8:44 am
well, i was thrown out of the military, haven't worked in a long time. i see. but you know something about energy? well, we would love to have you serve on the board of burisma. would $183,000 a month be satisfactory? no. i'd like you to make an upfront payment of $3 million. okay. so we'll give you an upfront payment of $3 million. we'll give you 183,000 a month. would you be -- yes, we'll accept that but we want very big escalation over the course of the year. we'll work that out too. this is so corrupt. i mean, this is so corrupt. and how about russia, russia, russia, did you see the laptop from hell? now shifty schiff, schiff, you know, world's most dishonest politician, schiff, shifty schiff, he said he thinks the laptop from hell was created by russia. it was -- you know in russia they probably looked and said
8:45 am
oh, no, here we go again. these politicians -- a friend of mine told me, a great guy, very successful guy. i mean, he's not really a friend anymore because he keeps calling me mr. president. he used to call me hey, don, let's have dinner, very successful. richard. hey, don, let's have dinner, let's get together. and you'd talk and have fun, normal, right. now he calls, hello mr. president, sir, how are you, how are you doing? is everything good? i said yeah, it's good, richard. you don't have to call me mr. president. it's like you lose all your friends because they're intimidated by the office. does that make sense? you don't have any friends. i have my friends in michigan. [ cheering and applause ] >> we have our friends in michigan. hello, mr. president. i said richard, call me donald. okay, donald. two minute later, mr. president, thank you very much. four more years! four more years!
8:46 am
four more years! four more years! >> at least we're having a good time. is there any place to have a better time than a trump rally? i mean, very -- it's very serious times but you know, when it's cold like this and it's probably like less than zero with the wind chill and with the wind blowing directly -- this was the person that works for us that doesn't like me probably very much. we're having a good time. i'm having a good time. it's really a contest to see whether or not we can all stand it. right? and we'll get through it. and we'll love it. we'll love it. and i'm loving it. if biden wins, china wins. when we win, america wins. [ cheering and applause ] >> in 2016, michigan voted to fire this corrupt political establishment and you elected an outsider as your president who is finally putting america
8:47 am
first. [ cheering and applause ] >> if i don't sound like a typical washington politician, it's because i'm not a politician. [ cheering and applause ] >> if i don't always play by the rules of washington and the washington establishment, it's because i was elected to fight for you and nobody has ever fought harder for you. [ cheering and applause ] >> remember this, michigan. because you've got to vote. the big thing, you've got to go vote tuesday. if you don't vote for me after this deal, i'll tell you -- i don't want you to do that. i want you because we did a great job, we brought back your car industry. your car industry was finished. you would have had nothing left. if i wasn't president, i really believe you would have -- everybody would have moved back out to mexico and these other places. by the way, the usmca put you in a whole different footing. you know how i know? because mexico and canada didn't love the deal. that always -- you know they
8:48 am
didn't love it. they're not so thrilled. they like the old deal much better they used to say why don't we just keep the old deal. no thank you. you don't have to take my word for it, biden's 47 years of treahory and betrayal. seriously, just holding this up in this wind, go ahead. roll it. >> my problem is i voted for nafta. i'm supporting nafta because i think it's a positive thing to do. and i do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters. trade agreements like nafta forced american workers to compete against people making pennies an hour has resulted in the loss of 160,000 jobs. >> the president is absolutely right when he says that china
8:49 am
has been cheating for 25 years and that bill clinton didn't do enough about it, george w bush didn't do enough about it, barack obama didn't do enough about it. >> china is a positive development for not only china but the united states and the rest of the world. >> the rise in china is a positive, positive development. it is in our self interest that china continue to prosper. we want to see china rise. >> china's a great nation and we should hope for the continued expansion. >> china is not our enemy. >> we talk about china as our competitor. we should be helping. >> the idea that china is going to eat our lunch is bizarre. >> they're going to beat us. >> they're not bad folks, folks. >> china's not a problem. >> allowing china into the world trade oranization which he supported, extending most favored nation status to china, which you supported, those steps
8:50 am
allowed china to take advantage of the united states by using our own open trade deals against us. >> no, look -- >> do you think in retrospect you were naive about china. >> no. >> doesn't he deserve some credit for that, the usmca is better than nafta. >> it is better than nafta. [ cheering and applause ] >> we have to come together, that's why i'm running. i'm running as a proud democrat for the senate. >> so vote! vote! i will god bless you. >> can somebody tell you, joe, it's not a real website. you're running for president, not senator. what we showed you, that's just from a couple hours today. because every time that joe actually leaves the basement bunker and stays out past 10:00
8:51 am
a.m., disaster ensues. here's a quick reminder. >> look, tomorrow's super thursday -- tuesday and i want to thank you all. i tell you what, i'm rushing ahead, aren't i. we hold these truths to be self-evident. all men and created by -- you know the thing. you agree with me. go to joe three oh, three three o'. we choose truths over fact. play it on radio. make sure you have the record player on at night. make sure the kids hear the words. donald trump dos -- does pose -- it's not hypothetical. >> this is pretty serious. by the way, these are way beyond the occasional campaign gaffe. i'm beginning -- well, i'm more than a little worried that this man could represent a clear and
8:52 am
present danger to this country. he's obviously not capable of leading. he's been hiding the entire campaign and the corrupt media mob is covering for him. joe wants to be the president of the united states of america. that would be the toughest job in the world and at times joe doesn't seem to remember that he's even running for president or what state he's in or what day of the week he's in. does anyone really believe that if elected joe biden will be in control of anything? >> what kind of country are we going to be, four more years of george -- we'll find ourselves in a position where if trump gets elected we're going to be in a different world. barack and i think it's a right for people to have bad healthcare. folks, we've got a lot of work to do. i need you once i'm elected. i'll lead an effective strategy
8:53 am
to -- >> [ cheering and applause ] >> come on. we know. >> trump! trump! trump! trump! >> that is something. that is something. i don't know. you know what? our country's great. we have such great potential. you can't do that. you can't do that. we want to be nice. you know the good news? he's not a nice guy so i don't feel bad. i don't feel bad at all. one of the biggest issues for michigan in this election is the subject of refugees. with this w weather, you don't have to worry about it. they'll never come. they're never coming. i'm going back. this is terrible.
8:54 am
[ cheering and applause ] >> it's freezing up here. i want to go back immediately to syria, syria never looked so good. to protect our national security, i suspended the entry of refugees from foreign nations, compromised by terrorism. you know that. if it's okay with you, i'm going to do that. and you see what's happening in france. you see that mess that's going on over there. called the president with condolences. they're having a big problem. biden has pledged with bernie the manifesto, 700% increase, they've agreed to this, in refugees from the most dangerous terror spots in the world. syria, somalia, yemen.
8:55 am
the biden plan will turn michigan, minnesota and many other midwest great states into refugee camps which i'm sure you're thrilled about. i'm sure you're thrilled about. he's also vowed to terminate all of the different elements of -- look, we have some -- you know, we have some very strong bans, they're very, very strong bans. he wants to terminate it. i've got a travel ban that was tough stuff to get it and it was not easy. but owe wants to terminate -- he wants to terminate the travel ban and we have a travel ban that works. when we have people that hate us, when we have countries that hate us they come out of regions that are a disaster, we don't want them in our country. we don't want them. but it would have allowed what they want, they want to allow virtually unlimited immigration into our country. they want to allow virtually unlimited access into our
8:56 am
country. they want to -- healthcare, education, i mean, the whole thing is crazy. it's just crazy. there's no way you're putting that guy in. i don't believe it. there's no way. the people of michigan are too smart and we've come too far together. this place -- this place was a mess. this place was a mess four years ago and, frankly, if your governor opened up your state -- which she has to do. well, biden, you know, biden's all about lockdowns. he loves that. he loves the lockdown. >> [crowd chanting] >> she's tough on everybody but her husband. he can do whatever he wants. i'm not just running against joe biden.
8:57 am
i'm running against the left wing mob, the left wing media. big tech giants, i'm running against the rhinos, they're probably the worst of all. and i'm running against the swamp. the swamp is very deep and very vicious. and they are not happy with the job we've done and by the way, i don't know if you've been watching what's going on with the election. and this isn't even polls anymore. this is like fact. these are people going out and voting. we're doing very, very well. [ cheering and applause ] >> we're leading all over the place. you know, we're supposed to be leading after the big -- the great red wave is going to come over the next little while. it's coming. it's building. it's going to be a wave like i think -- and this is far beyond the last one. this is going to be a wave like nobody's ever seen before. tuesday, did you vote? tuesday, right?
8:58 am
tuesday. super tuesday we'll call it, right. tuesday is going to be beautiful. great red wave. we're leading even before we get there. we're supposed to like -- they have all these crazy ballots, millions of ballots. we're leading a lot of places. we're supposed to be way down and then we catch up and we win, we nip them, like a racehorse, right. we're leading before we get to the race. we have -- no, they're very worried. and they're very worried. they said the black community, the hispanic community, what's going on. voting for trump. what's going on? they don't get it. what's going on? they don't get it. they still don't get it. people cannot stand the censorship from the media and big tech either. it's one of the reasons we're doing well because they understand, they no longer feel they're getting the truth from the media. it's a big factor. they've lost confidence in the media. they have no confidence in big
8:59 am
tech and they're tired, very tired of cancel culture. they're tired of being told what to think and what to do. and i'll tell you, it's having a big impact on this race. people get it. people are smart. the backlash against the censorship is driving more and more people to support our campaign. who would have thought this was going to happen? this took place two weeks ago when they wouldn't look at -- war's hunter -- where's hunter, right? where's hunter. two weeks ago when they wouldn't look at where's hunter and they have -- because we officially made his first name "where." right. it's called the laptop from hell and they didn't want to look at it. they want nothing to do with it, no matter what they do. look, the greatest crime, political crime ever in this country was spying on our campaign and they got caught, right? that was the greatest crime. let's see what happens. let's see what happens. but this is something that's
9:00 am
really big and they don't want to talk about it. they don't want to write about it. they don't want to talk about it. you know what? the people understand and you get to see it. you have a small handful of young arrogant obnoxious also brilliant young people, they're worth a lot of money, silicon valley ceos and they're trying to take over our world. not going to happen. let's do this. they said to me, the first election, they said circumstance you can't fight big tech and you can't fight the media and then we won and i said oh, really? now they say it again. you cannot fight big tech and you cannot fight the media. i want to win again, if for no other reason -- if for no other reason. but you can defeat them if you have the right ideas, the right policy. if you have the right thoughts and you have people that are smart and they don't go for fake news b


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