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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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disconnect between the popular vote and the way we elect a president. it is going to be a long night and a long day. john: you will get a lot of arguments on that point. >> i continue to believe turnout is reassuring and i agree with joe. john: judy, brad and joel, thank you. >> across the river from liberty state park, "fox and friends". we were hoping to say today is the post game show, but we wake up wednesday morning usually the race is up and called because it is too close to call but in this case there are so many ballots that have not been counted yet it is not even close. >> so many males in their
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ballots, fearful because of corona. more democrats than republicans yesterday but because of that, votes need to be counted. in pennsylvania which is a state everyone is looking at, decided last night or a few days ago we are going to count for mail in ballots the day after the election. >> florida got it done, bigger state and more ballots, wisconsin, michigan, north carolina and georgia, alaska and maine have not made up their mind but i made up my mind, i'm going to griff jenkins in wilmington, delaware where we know the road to 270 is not completed yet but we do know the former vice president did speak already. >> reporter: it has been quite a night. i have been up since 7:00 last night with mike emanuel and liz clayman, it is very much up in the air. we may not know for days because
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of pennsylvania. let's start with the electoral board and where things stand. you have joe biden 238, donald trump 213. they are not there yet. florida went to donald trump, winning handily by some three points. a blow to joe biden. another big prize the lone star state, texas, 38 electoral votes going to donald trump. then we got a first swing state, wasn't much of a swing state this year but you can't mention ohio without calling it that went to donald trump. pretty strong showing in the buckeye state. then a blow dealt to the president, joe biden picked up arizona and it was a surprise. the white house for a time upset that fox had called it so early but the ap backing that collins another big pickup for biden minnesota going. what is becoming clear, pennsylvania, michigan and
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wisconsin will hold the keys to victory and you can see from these boards they are very much outstanding. we will find out how that goes. back to what happened here after 12:30 a.m. cars honking, joe biden came out and addressed the crowd sounding optimistic about the results. >> we are confident about arizona. that is the turnaround. we just called it for minnesota and we are still in the game in georgia although that is not what we expected. we are feeling good about wisconsin and michigan and by the way it is going to take time to count the votes. we are going to win pennsylvania. >> reporter: a little over an hour later the president speaking from the white house had this to say. >> this is a fraud on the american public. this is an embarrassment to our country.
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we were getting ready to win this election. frankly we did win this election. >> reporter: afterwards the biden campaign put out a statement saying, quote, we repeat the vice president said tonight, donald trump does not decide the outcome of the election, joe biden does not divide the outcome of the election, the american people decide the outcome of this election and the democratic president must and will continue until its conclusion. we were told a little update, wisconsin is certainly going to be part of this. the depending on who wins, maple battalion their favor. we were told around 5 am we would get information out of wisconsin so we will be watching eagerly to see what happens. that is the morning wrap. >> thank you for the live report from delaware. let's bring in the guy who has
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not slept in 17 days, the director of the fox news decision desk, when you watch -- good morning -- you and your team, you are the folks who decide we looked at the numbers and this is where we are, absolutely sure is going to win it, states that are too early to call, pennsylvania all the trump is up a bit, north carolina trump is up, michigan trump is up, wisconsin, joe biden is ahead by a little bit. georgia it looks like trump is up and in nevada joe biden is a little ahead as well. it is too early to call these because too many votes outstanding. >> precisely. nevada you have a situation where biden has a good lead but nowhere near where we wanted to be to make a call. and wisconsin, a lot of people saying donald trump is way ahead
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but with late counted voted appears late counted vote from milwaukee and other parts that are democratic areas biden is ahead. the president continues to be significantly ahead in pennsylvania and michigan, two other rust belt states. north carolina and georgia the president is ahead but that is getting dicey and challenging and right now we are not in a position to call it or to say this thing could get really close in those states was when you show the north carolina number it looks like a good lead. when you look at where the vote is outstanding it is not that good lead. the biggest challenge for the president's this year's election is different from any other election because this year you had the vast majority of republicans felt the need to vote on election day in person. the vast majority of democrats
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felt the need to vote early or by mail and the difference between those two kinds of votes was bigger than we had ever seen. so right now the only state where donald trump did not win the election day in person vote was new york, maybe connecticut, deep blue states. he won the election day voting california. there a few states did donald trump in the earlier mail in vote, he even lost in alabama, mississippi and other states. that we knew were in his camp. >> if you look at those rust belt states, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin pennsylvania, let's say they don't finish counting until friday afternoon at 5:00 or even next week worst-case scenario, if you look at michigan, wisconsin, if donald trump wins both of those does he need pennsylvania?
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do we have to wait until they finish counting? >> it depends on north carolina and georgia. right now biden is 238 electoral votes. if he wins nevada which i think, nevada is leaning in his direction than he is at 244, then he needs 26. the combination of wisconsin and michigan alone would get him to 270. donald trump needs to win georgia, north carolina, pennsylvania, and one of those two or possibly the main second see the where the president is ahead. >> on pennsylvania, there is 1.4 million ballots that aren't counted yet, the president is up by 600,000, unlike wisconsin it looks like when it comes to pennsylvania these are counties the where the president has done well in the past and present, correct?
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>> yes but remember we need to look not just geographically where the vote is coming in but what kind of vote is coming in. we don't know if it is an early vote for election day vote. that is not always reported. what we know when we look at the shape of the vote donald trump could easily when all 3 of those rust belt states, he could win pennsylvania, he could win michigan, he could win wisconsin. he's not going to win any of those states by anything close to the margins he had in pennsylvania and michigan right now. that is why we think we are not seeing enough of the mail in vote because we know that is the vote that killed biden. we are waiting and seeing and at the same time optically look like he has a solid lead in pennsylvania and michigan. >> to repeat what you said a
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couple minutes ago, across the entire country donald trump for the most part won the vote on election day. if people went into votes largely because it was republicans who mainly did with the exception of new york and california but i know we don't do x polling anymore but you do -- voter -- >> voter analysis. >> thank you very much. who generally voted for trumpet who generally voted for biden? >> donald trump got his traditional backing of particularly whites without college education, the working class of america and he got particularly rural voters. you are seeing a clear split between rural america and urban america, it is the vast
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landscape of this country clearly has gone strongly for the president. on the other hand urban america and suburban america is where former vice president biden did quite well. he also did well, biden did well with suburban women, college-educated people and minority groups. there was talk earlier on that the president could make inroads with the african-american community. some inroads he has done better among hispanic americans than he did in 2016, particularly important in florida where he did well with cuban americans. >> if you look at michigan john james hasn't been called yet but he is up 6 points, he is
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winning. is that a good indication that donald trump will win? most people, correct me if i'm wrong vote straight ticket. >> yes. i have a feeling john james may be out running for president in michigan. that gives him an opportunity. at the same time i think john james could win. it is one of those situations where i don't think he would win by the margins he is showing right now and that is why there may be some democratic vote out there so a couple hours ago when talking about wisconsin, turns out there was democratic - i don't know who is going to win wisconsin. it will be really close. i have a feeling michigan and pennsylvania will be. >> we mentioned before we started the show, we get a big ballot dump at 5 am. could we get it? a percentage -- 49.4,, he takes the first lead of joe
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biden, milwaukee coming in, did all of milwaukee come in? what are we looking at? >> i don't believe all of milwaukee has come in yet. we are looking a scattering of vote across different counties. don't think there is one group that is outstanding. what is outstanding even though it says 99% in, what is outstanding is a bunch of early and mail in votes have not yet counted and the reason you are seeing 99% is because that is based on our expected vote in each of the states and we had to readjust upward several times for the past 12 hours and in wisconsin, we will be adjusting again in the next 20 minutes but what we are seeing his historic turn out. this was an election, this was the most important election a lifetime, trump supporters and biden supporters felt it was
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important to get out and vote and they did so the the highest turnout in any american election based on percentage of americans. >> 67% of eligible voters voted. that is astounded. >> when do we get results? >> i think i am anticipating more results in wisconsin may become clear today. i'm expecting once they come back to work in georgia and north carolina to see some of those results. michigan i don't know. pennsylvania is going to take a few days or longer. we saw what they did or didn't do in the primary and how long it took. we will see that again. >> you are not going to sleep until pennsylvania comes in so see you on friday. >> you will be joining us, see you every hour on the show with your analysis. >> up to 18 cups of coffee. it is 5:15.
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we may not know who wins pennsylvania's 20 electoral, electoral college votes until at least friday. >> we knew what you meant. a handful of counties will start counting mail in ballots this morning setting stage for a legal fight that could end up in the supreme court. >> jillian has the latest on that and more. >> reporter: the race is too early to call in a state that emerged as one of if not the most important of this election, donald trump is leading with 55% compared to joe biden who has 43%. at least 8 counties will not start counting mail in ballots until this morning. the legal mess has begun with two republican-led law students over mail-in ballots, the dnc filing a motion against one. the bigger question the remains is will the battle over mail-in
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ballots land in the supreme court? the supreme court denied a gop request to fast-track a ruling upholding the mail-in ballot due date extension, the court's conservatives warning they could take up after election day. for now both sides saying they feel good about taking the keystone state. >> going to take time to count the votes, we are going to win pennsylvania. >> really encouraged by the turnout. >> winning pennsylvania by a tremendous amount. almost impossible to catch. >> some democrats ready to call pennsylvania for joe biden. senator bob casey releasing a statement saying, quote, when all the votes are counted joe biden is going to win pennsylvania and be well on his way to necessary electoral votes to win the presidency echoing the state's attorney general josh schapiro tweeted saturday saying, quote, if all the votes are added up in pennsylvania
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trump is going to lose. the ballots coming in after last night are expected to be segregated in case they are contested. it could be a long few days. >> thank you very much. 5:15 in the east, donald trump and joe biden made clear their messages addressing supporters as results were coming in, key swing states still not counted. change we believe we are on track to win this election. it is not my donald trump's place to declare who has won this election, that is the decision of the american people. >> we will win this and as far as i'm concerned we already have. we will be going to the supreme court. we want all voting to stop. we don't want them to find any ballots at 4:00 in the morning. >> those were the candidates.
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is reaction, we knew at least one state, we have a whole bunch of them and you can understand why supporters of each of the candidates are frustrated. what is taking so long. a pandemic is the reason it has taken so long. >> this is bringing back flashbacks of the 2000 election between george w. bush and our gore. 37 days after the election we still didn't have a winner until it went to the supreme court in a 5-numfour decision giving it to bush. that was one state with florida and hanging chads. this has the potential to stretch across six states. this is something that will be chaotic moving forward but you can see why the president is particularly not trustworthy of things going on in pennsylvania. jillian just showed the tweet
2:19 am
from the attorney general josh schapiro, when all the votes are counted in pennsylvania trump will lose, he said this a day before the election. his job is to make sure we have a free and fair election, not to be jimmy the greek and declare who may win or lose. this will get uglier hurry and to your point we may not have a winner declared by friday if this goes to the court, perhaps not even by christmas. >> the problem is, not really a problem, just the way it is coming in the united states each state gets to make their own's for how they are going to count their ballots. that is why pennsylvania, as long as it is postmarked, each state is different. one of the things we are seeing early is i was looking at drudge yesterday and the day before. he and other members of the mainstream media were predicted
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gigantic landslide because joe biden was so far ahead in all the polls. >> i saw james carville on msnbc saying we will have a winner declared by 10:00 pm last night. that worked out well. he declared a landslide in 2016, and at this point as you said drudge as well declaring it will be a landslide. cnn last night said no one ever said this would be a landslide. until you look at cnn polls which showed in this quarter their final poll just biden plus 12, in wisconsin joe biden plus 8, michigan joe biden plus 12, florida joe biden plus 4, the president won by 3 points, even though they were not saying landslide the polls in that network and others clearly were pointing the direction of a blue wave, didn't even have a ripple in a pond last night in terms of not just the presidency but republicans likely keeping the
2:21 am
senate and even gaining seats in the house. >> you've got to wonder, if ultimately the polls turn out to be vastly incorrect, got to figure why is that? is it because of oversample democrats are independents who are undecided or is it just the fact that it is impossible to quantify the so-called shy trump voters, somebody who does not want to tell a pollster what they are thinking so how can the pollster know what they are thinking? >> and cancel culture where people are free to talk who they support particularly with the president that is a problem and you used to be able to do polls, landline place and easy, now the way we communicate with self and in text messages, impossible to get a real idea what is going on. it is going to be a long day and a long decade. have a good one, goodbye.
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>> we have been talking about the presidency. let's talk to the balance, democrats are expected to keep control of the house of representatives but republicans picked up four seats and the battle continues for the senate majority, democrats with two seats from red to blue. >> astronaut mark kelly declaring victory over martha mc sally but she is refusing to concede. former colorado governor john hickenlooper wins the senate seat beating cory gardner. >> republicans happy about this, picked up one seat, tommy to prevail defeating doug jones, that was an upset when he felt senator sessions's see, john cornyn pending from mary hager.
2:27 am
despite $100 million spent against him the senator graham get 6 more years, easily handling jamie harrison in that race, most expensive race in history. tom tell us picking up victories in florida and texas, key swing states including michigan and wisconsin still hang in the balance. >> susan collins's seat, she's ahead. peters live in lake worth, florida. let's check in with will kane in green bay, wisconsin. >> reporter: all due respect to peter hegseth, the action is here in wisconsin. it is for:30 central time, the
2:28 am
pancake place in green bay will be filling up but the action is here, or live in wisconsin, not just wisconsin, on green bay, waiting for votes to come in. i imagine as the morning progresses this will turn into a watching party, the benedict hash. i have a pancake that overflows the plate as you would at the pancake place in green bay. the bar is set high. election results already called in florida, can't wait to hear what is going on down there. >> there's already a party here is florida knows how to do so well, nice and warm, windy but on the beach here in lake worth it may be a long night, long week for the country but an early one, the president got 1 million more votes than he did in 2016, won the state of florida by 3 percentage points. it was not close, in miami the traditionally have been democrat strongholds, the president had a strong showing. we will talk to voters.
2:29 am
how are people feeling about the state of the race, ballots still to be counted in the crowd here, no doubt it benny's on the beach, come out if your here all morning long, great time to hear from the voters. back to you in new york city. >> i have a feeling the people behind you did not go to bed. they've been up all night long. >> that is good money. most of us haven't got much sleep. >> that is true of all of america. most people were up late watching those results. you forgot to mention joni errands - ernst. >> she was lucky to get close handling register has her up by 3, she keeps the seed another 6 years, the president's power in iowa, another example of polls appear to have been really wrong. the election coming down to a
2:30 am
handful of states including wisconsin and 10 electoral votes, we see if they agree, can't wait to find out. i wonder if they do. just over a year ago, i was drowning in credit card debt. sofi helped me pay off twenty-three thousand dollars of credit card debt. they helped me consolidate all of that into one low monthly payment. they make you feel like
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>> fox news alert is election night end class with no clear winner. >> the demonstrators burned that american flag and launched fireworks as well. >> a couple hours from the white house, lucas tomlinson in dc where several arrests were made overnight. there was that freak disturbance. >> from black lives matter hundreds of protesters gathered near the white house, across the country from here in the nation's capital to portland.
2:35 am
>> you got to get that out of here. >> the majority of protesters rallying against, many were very vocal. to protect the white house, putting up plywood barriers making it feel hurricane was coming. things got more heated out west, police in riot gear dispersed hundreds of people, 50 people on charges of failing to disperse after ignoring repeated requests, police arrested eight people tuesday night, charges ranging from obstruction to one assault on a police officer.
2:36 am
>> anti-american protests. no winner declared in the battleground state of wisconsin is top election officials say unofficial results won't be in until later today. a big update 35 minutes ago. with more on the race, former gop congressman sean duffy and rachel campos duffy full-time at our bureau in wisconsin. which you call your house. welcome to both of you, the president can't be happy. a lead that looked pretty big has disappeared. he's trailing 49.4 to as a whole bunch of ballots got dropped off. where is this trending beginning with you? >> we knew there were 160,000 votes in milwaukee and substantial lead trump had we
2:37 am
knew would dissipate. we have milwaukee, votes from green bay, from kenosha, the city, not the county and the rest of the state so biden has an 8000 point lead and we don't know. it will be close but democrats are probably happier with where wisconsin is. >> you mentioned the president's struggles in the big cities, a lot of republicans do. he did very well in kenosha. how well? >> very well. it was 50/50 during the last election and he is up by 30. >> 22 points in kenosha that speaks volumes the trump paid attention to kenosha, he gave money and aid. >> a lot of wisconsinites, there
2:38 am
was a very anti-cop defund message and when your city is on fire that's not the best position to be in if you are democrat. >> it gets a little cold and you back that up and you wake up saturday morning and look at the washington post, donald trump trailing by 17 points, why do i need to stand in line and wait? these polls were so wrong. >> abc had a poll the trump was going to lose by 17 points. even the gold standard in polling, the market poll had trump losing by 5 points and those in the state, he's not going to lose by 5 points. it will be a one point race either way. i said that to you, that is what this race is. you wonder how wrong can pollsters be, we talk about the
2:39 am
silent vote for trump, i get that but pollsters account for the silent vote and never seem to account for those people and it seems republicans and trump are underrepresented in polling. american voters don't feel enthused because they don't think the vote will matter because the race is done because that's what pollsters told us and it is not true. >> there is a silent voter. this race wouldn't even be close if it wasn't for the media bias the entire term for donald trump. he has been facing all kinds of lies and hoaxes, imagine if he had had a term like a normal president should when they are elected. >> the election and the big picture, in florida the first indication polls were wrong, the president was not only going to win florida but stay in contention to win four more years, here's how the network reacted to the fact that every poll had the president at best
2:40 am
within two points and it was 5 or 6 going into election day. listen. >> talk about how joe biden and democrats would enact socialist policies, to a lot of americans that goes over their heads. >> republicans were successful in trying to tie democrats and joe biden though he made it clear he's not a socialist. >> a lot of disinformation in radio stations, in miami, that scared people into socialism. >> the bernie sanders most progressive president ever in the document he signed off on was misinformation. how dare they skew the results? rather than report the results. >> it is crazy. aoc won receipt, she was the face of the party and was a hispanic woman paying attention to that in florida, there is a
2:41 am
huge realignment for hispanic voters going into the gop. they understand what socialism means. they could hear the calls from aoc and bernie sanders and it sounded familiar to them and don't forget the defund the police message was not good for the hispanic vote on the democrat side. defunding the police looks like in their home countries, that was not good for the democrats either. >> the real clear political politics poll had trump down by one point average. when i talk to the campaign they knew they would win florida by 400,000 votes. last week the campaign manager for trump center tweet they were going to win by 500,000 votes so don't tell me the pollsters can't get these numbers right when the campaign saw what was going to happen and got it right.
2:42 am
pollsters whether it is 5, 10, 20 continually get it wrong in florida. is there a political movement with pollsters are they just can't figure out states in america? >> the president has his hands full in wisconsin. any sense of michigan? i guess it could come down to the northern peninsula? >> my former colleagues from congress feel good about michigan. it is a good sign, where john james stand in the senate race in michigan so wisconsin falls donald trump will have to take michigan and pennsylvania if he's going to get the white house, that is if he keeps georgia and north carolina as well. >> a huge take away from this election however it goes, continue to work on the minority vote, it is winnable, hispanics are persuadable.
2:43 am
this is working-class message hispanics and whites were working-class are aligned on how many gop issues right now. >> we will keep our eye on your state. we move ahead. democrats, $104 million to flip lindsey graham's seat but lost, political panel discusses the most expensive loss ever. the l over my business made me a little intense. but now quickbooks helps me get paid, manage cash flow, and run payroll. and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. save over 30 hours a month with intuit quickbooks.
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>> the united states uses the popular vote to elect members of congress, state legislators and local officials but not the president. instead ice office in the land is determined by the electoral college. todd piro has more on what the electoral colleges and its history. todd: is created by the twelfth amendment of the constitution ratified in 1804. 530 electoral votes, the
2:48 am
candidate needs 270 to win. how does it work? each state gets one elector for each member of congress. in most states it goes to whoever wins the popular vote and those electors get together in december and they vote for the president. the electors are appointed by their state's political party and they pledged to support the party's candidate but some break that pledge. they are called faceless electors and they vote for somebody else. in 201627 electors did that, the most ever in history. to combat this the supreme court unanimously ruled in july, that to see their pledge, 33 state and dc have laws that do this. there was a poor in 2016 when hillary clinton lost the election but won the popular vote. and in 1824, the president win the electoral college but lose the popular vote. hundreds of proposed amendments to change the electoral college but not one remotely close to
2:49 am
being passed. the 1960 presidential elections of richard nixon win against humphrey and george wallace. it was endorsed by nixon, after it was filibustered and it still stands today. >> thanks. joining us with where these races stand, our panel, david went with polster and president lee carter and fox news contributor lisa booth. good morning. what are your predictions? >> i wish i knew. to get a second term it is a narrow path. there are five states left and trump has when 4 out of 5. all of these states, there's a
2:50 am
possibility but equally a possibility the votes that remain, because they are in urban centers could break a little more towards biden so we just don't know, the news is we don't know if there is a path. >> those mail in votes, chances are big percentage will be democrat. >> we don't know, you see the race going either way but i do know everyone was wrong about this election. we were told it would be a biden landslide and that's not the case but here we are at 5 am. >> looks like she froze. >> the outcome of this election is going to be. we were told democrats would pick up double digits in the house and republicans are going to gain seats in the house,
2:51 am
looks like republicans will hold the line. a lot of predictions made about this did not pan out. >> a lot of republicans were worried about what is packing the court for democrats getting the senate and the house. looks like they are going to keep the house but as far as the senate is concerned were you surprised by some of these races? >> i wasn't. we had some predictable wins, the pickup in alabama, john james is running strong. we had the prediction, the other component is voter registration, those outstanding balance, republicans in those states had a massive 2-year effort to register more republicans. we don't know what is out there but a lot of republican votes left out, the president picked up 1 million overall but it was
2:52 am
over 2 million plus added by republicans so a narrow path but there is a path. >> susan collins hasn't been called but she is ahead and tom tillis called it for himself in north carolina. joni ernst won, john cornyn won. lindsey graham, we talked about this, jamie harrison spent $104.1 million to win that election but he did it. lindsey graham won by 12 percentage points. what are your thoughts? >> my thoughts you cannot buy elections. we've seen this, it is not about money. it is about message and what the american people want. bloomberg spent $100 billion in florida. look what happened in florida and his racing general. the truth is you have to have a message that resonates with voters, represent what is most
2:53 am
important to him, and something will resonate with them. >> you know how these southern states work. don't tell us what south carolina didn't really want. did that hurt him getting money from other states? >> i think it did hurt him. i was in south carolina before this and talking to a lot of south koreans who did not want to see this, they want to make their own decisions like they always have and that is true across many states but democrats are not just interested in beating lindsey graham. they need to move the needle. beto rourke, 70 million to lose and texas against ted cruz, the goal is to move the electorate as people from northern states or blue states move into the state so they can build a
2:54 am
coalition so republicans shouldn't sit back and watch this happen. they need to work in the off years to counter this effort. >> what is your take on south carolina? were you expecting lindsey graham to win by that amount? 12 percentage points? if you look at trump and biden trump won 14 more points than biden did. >> i was expecting lindsey graham to win. not sure where i got cut off, the joys of working from home during covid-19. you heard it all pretty much. >> okay. it is okay. finish it off. >> at the end of the day this election was not necessarily a
2:55 am
mandate or a referendum on the president. a lot of healing needs to go into our country. we need to understand what it was that got us to where we are. >> tell them about your op-ed. it is a beautiful message, hopefully they will have a chance but what it is about? >> it is about choosing hope in this moment. we can choose defeat, we can choose to be angry, we can choose to question the results, we can choose to question things but the bottom line is american people are more alike than they are different. all want what is best for our families, our country. i encourage you to surprise everybody, don't be angry, reach out, try to understand and learn from each other and hope because the american dream is real and alive and we are bigger than this election. >> the reality is that people
2:56 am
taking that hang around, i pass florida state police cars, they are guarding against the left, those that were burning and driving this narrative supported by democrats are the left. it is the left that will stop this violence. >> thank you for being with us. appreciate your efforts as well. at the top of the hour, congressman madison the hawthorne and jason chaffetz. in the time it takes some ovens to preheat. with ninja's super-heated air, . .
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the ninja foodi air fry oven. the oven that crisps and flips away.
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ainsley: we are live at liberty state park in new jersey. see new jersey behind us. not sure if you got any sleep. six states we still don't have the final results. so we don't know who is going to be the next president. will president trump stay in the white house or will joe biden move in. brian: $300 million that the trump team put into ground game and seems to have paid off. they are very much in contention right now taking the presidency. although this is far from finished this thing is going to be lasting at least another couple of day fuss consider pennsylvania. steve: sure,


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