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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 4, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> relax, relax, relax! >> laura: a white man says all lives matter and black lives matter pummels him with a bat. that is biden's america. the "fox news @ night" team take it from here with shannon bream. >> shannon: breaking, protester supporting both president trump and former vice president joe biden have gathered outside the maricopa county recorder's office upset about how the vote count is going. also breaking, trump campaign filing a lawsuit in georgia. an affidavit from a registered poll watcher religiousl allegine saw ballots arrive after the deadline and get mixed in with ballots that arrived on time. the trump campaign challenging election officials in michigan, georgia, and pennsylvania. democratic nominee joe biden's electoral college lead wines
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with projected battleground pickups in the upper midwest. whicmichigan and wisconsin. we are investigating tonight if the trump administration has a case in any of these. we await decisions in nevada, georgia and pennsylvania. any of which could determine the next president of the united states. >> i feel very good about pennsylvania. >> we are declaring a victory in pennsylvania. >> we have won wisconsin by 20,000 votes. >> we filed for a recount in wisconsin. >> when the count is finished, we believe we will be the winners. >> president trump and vice president pence will be reelected for another four years. >> shannon: regardless of who comes out on top this election was not the landslide predicted by many in the media and longed for by democrats. there was no blue wave. "the washington post" opines "even if biden amasses enough of a majority in electoral college
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to become the president's -- become the nation's 46th president, he would lead a bitterly divided country, having falling short of the resounding repudiation of trump that many political strategists believed necessary to extinguish the political fires." hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with leland vittert looking at these electoral pathways open to both candidates tonight. good evening, we will end. >> good evening to you. in terms of getting to 270 vot votes, barring the lawsuits that you talked about or a change of the current map, president trump has one path with a variation. former vice president biden has a number. 264 votes right now is where the former vice president stands which means any of the undecided states except alaska puts him over the top. president trump needs to run the table almost. as it stands, the reason georgia has tightened considerably.
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the "los angeles times" reports there is at least 150,000 votes left to count there. you can see president trump with a slight win. 30,000 votes. president has the lead in north carolina but that's also too close to call. the president's lead is less than 100,000 votes. for your chance of reelection the president muc must close oue southeast. pennsylvania, they are counting hundreds of thousands if not a million plus ballots. the president enjoy the lead but its ranking. lawsuits and pennsylvania are ready. around 9:00 p.m. in arizona, maricopa county where you showed video of the protesters earlier, release new numbers and it closed the gap a little bit but it remains called by the fox news decision desk for bid biden. team trump thinks there's enough votes still out there for him to pull ahead by friday in arizona and that combined with pennsylvania, georgia, north carolina would give the
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president a second term. now to nevada where we will not get any more data until noon eastern time tomorrow. it's close and there's still votes throughout the state in trump counties and vine counties. nevada, pennsylvania, north carolina and georgia also gives the president a second term. both campaigned earlier, they believe when the ballots are counted they will get 270 electoral college votes first but both sides differ a little bit in terms of what they mean when they say all the ballots need to be counted. >> shannon: i think the emphasis is in all the legal ballots and that's with the fights will be about. thank you. critical focus of the trump campaign legal team is what we expected to be one of the biggest battleground states heading into election day, pennsylvania. aishah hasnie has the latest from philadelphia.
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hey, aishah. >> hi, the commonwealth is finally getting close to the final vote in about 60% of the mail-in ballots statewide are in at about 100,000 mail-in ballots still need to be counted here in the city of philadelphia. president trump's lead over joe biden is getting tighter as more and more votes are being counted in democrat strongholds like philadelphia and pittsburgh. the president's legal team is demanding a review of every single vote. they say poll watchers were kept up to 50 feet away for 20 hours sometimes, arguing more than 100,000 ballots could be fraudulent or riddled with mistakes. >> not a single republican has been able to look at any one of these ballots. they could be from mars as far as we're concerned or they could be from the democratic national committee. joe biden could have voted 50 times as far as we know. >> some legal issues that we are
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watching closely, montgomery county being challenged over claims that it may have started precanvassing early. according to the courier times, a federal judge told election officials they must stop contacting voters and helping them fix their ballots. officials knew that there would be delays. you can start counting those mail-in ballots until election day and also the state accepts mail-in ballots three days after the election. the rules are a result of deadlocked negotiations between democratic governor tom wolf and a republican-controlled legislature. we could see some of these ballots challenged in the next couple days. we wait and see what happens. the status counting every single absentee ballot coming in but they are keeping them in a separate pile in case they have to be removed after some of these cases are worked out. shannon. >> shannon: that was the deal.
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they are supposed to segregate them. people have doubts about it. we will try to trust in the process. aishah, thank you. two pillars of the traditional democratic blue wall in the upper midwest, wisconsin and michigan, have been called by the fox news decision desk for joe biden. but lawsuits have been filed by the trump campaign over meaningful access for poll watchers and over issues related to mail-in ballots. correspondent kevin corke reporting live from detroit. once the scene where you are? >> pretty interesting. they are still counting absentee mail-in ballots. i can tell you there's about 167,000 that been already canvassed by democrats and republicans. keep in mind as you point out we have already called, this state for the former vice president, the president himself is still saying that this is the state he won. let me take you to twitter and chair part of what the president had to say about what he still believes his victory here in the
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wolverine state. he says we have claims for electoral vote purposes the commonwealth of pennsylvania which won't allow legal observers, the state of georgia and the state of north carolina, each one of which has a big trump lead. additionally we hereby claim, wait for it, the state of michigan if, in fact, there was a large number of secretly dumped ballots as has been widely reported." while it might seem like a done deal, the fact is it really isn't. the vote totals including tonight ballots could matter especially as legal challenges happen as expected. outside the center there were a number of protesters and they were upset over the idea that there simply weren't an even number of investigators and challengers based on party. they felt like they were more heavily weighted by -- in favor of the democrats. more than three to one according to a g.o.p. water i spoke with. making this process they argued flawed and unfair and one that
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should be stopped. we did see some g.o.p. witnesses, some challengers escorted out of the room during the accounting period varies from -- very frustrated. they've like the fixes in for lack of a better description. the democrats having the advantage. when they left we heard folks applauding. >> shannon: interesting that they would take sides on kicking a particular party of poll watchers out. senate race has flipped. legal challenge in wisconsin. >> you're right. g.o.p. ballots, a real shift quite frankly and ballots overall, not just g.o.p. ballots. i want to take you back overnight. you may have gone to bed. you and i were up late. you may have noticed at one stage late in the evening wisconsin really seemed like it was going pretty much the president's way. a huge shift in balloting there.
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something similar happened here in the state of michigan. talking about the senate race, the one that saw john james looking like he was in great shape and then ultimately he ended up falling in his race to gary peters. let me take you inside the numbers. 49.61 for peters. 48.51 for james with absentee ballots being a major factor in the race. the states secretary of state said she was exacting between 2.5 and 2 million absentee ballots by wednesday morning. that may have gone up to 5.6. we'll have to see what happened in that particular race even though it looks like james is the loser. trump campaign is suing wisconsin they say because of voter irregularities there. they want a recount and that will likely happen. >> shannon: okay, kevin corke on the ground for who knows how long. we'll keep checking back with you. thanks so much.
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what some predicted as a blue wave that would completely overwhelm republicans and carry democrats took control of the u.s. senate has so far not materialized. let's find out where things do stand as of now from chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel. >> i feel that this is an affirmation of the work that i'm doing in washington. >> a huge hold in maine with republican susan collins defeating democrat sarah gideon in a critical race for the balance of power in the senate. south carolina senator lindsey graham has the fight of his political life but held on against democrat jaime harrison. >> i've never wanted my job more than i do now. i never appreciated my job more than i do now. speak republicans picked up a seat in alabama with tommy tuberville defeating doug jones. senator mitch mcconnell expressed hope that he will continue leading the senate. >> i don't know whether i'm going to be the majority leader or the minority leader. i've been both. the majority is better.
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>> pickups for democrats in colorado with john hickenlooper defeating cory gardner. >> it's time to put the poisonous politics of this era behind us and come together to move forward. >> in arizona with mark kelly defeating republican martha mcsally. >> we need an arizona senator. a senator like john mccain. >> democrats lost numerous seats in the house, many they won two years ago. in iowa, new mexico, and florida. donna shalala and debbie mucarsel-powell. in oklahoma, kendra horn and in south carolina joe cunningham and it wasn't just freshman. house agriculture committee chairman collin peterson of minnesota lost his 15 term seat. democrats could still lose seats in new york, michigan, and california. house republican leader kevin mccarthy celebrated. >> our numbers continue to grow.
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i think at the end of the day no matter where we end up we will be able to have a very big say or even on the floor. >> last night speaker nancy pelosi downplayed her losses. >> it's not just about the quantity. it's about the quality of leadership. >> there could be quite a blood laugh ahead. in the house the expectation was they would gain seats. in the senate the cycle was supposed to be the opportunity to regain the majority with republicans defending tough seats. so far democrats in congress have not lived up to the hype. shannon. >> shannon: mike emanuel, thank you. expecting a blue wave to expand her party's majority in the house, speaker nancy pelosi didn't expect this so soon after election day. a couple moderate democrats telling the hill they are looking at a change in leadership after republicans flipped at least six seats as mike was reporting. "it's time for democrats to
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elevate a new generation of leadership in both the house and senate. americans are clearly afraid of socialism, want safe streets and neighborhoods and to vote for people who they believe will help put more money in their pockets." in the southeast the trump campaign filing suit in georgia to require all georgia counties to separate any and all late arriving ballots. correspondent steve harrigan has the latest and what's going on in north carolina. he is live in atlanta. good evening, steve. >> here in fulton county in atlanta, poll workers are working hard cutting open envelopes, processing about 2,000 votes every hour, taking open the envelopes. pulling out the ballots, flattening the ballots and putting them in a scanner. we've seen it trend of votes going away from president trump. the lead was six digits 24 hours ago. it's down to 30,000 right now. they are still roughly 100,000
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votes outstanding in georgia. we have seen problems, deadlines have come and gone as to win the vote will be counted. 7:00 p.m., 9:00 p.m., mid-may. now we are hearing 3:00 a.m. also i -- a water pipe burst, it delayed things. poll workers were allowed to go home at 10:30 p.m. yesterday. that baffled some officials. georgia was never supposed to be, hasn't been a swing state in a long time. it's become a battleground. it's gone republican since 1992. president trump won by 5% last time. huge shift in demographics. new voters in georgia really making the shift. >> shannon: steve harrigan live in atlanta. thank you, steve. fox news decision desk raise some eyebrows about 24 hours ago calling arizona for joe biden. other major outlets still not officially calling it for the
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former vice president. there's 11 electoral votes in play and tonight the trump team says they're not counting out arizona at all. we are standing by waiting for another dump of data and votes from them. correspondent alecia quinn yet is live in phoenix. hey, alicia. >> in the next dump of data that you mention it's expected to come out of maricopa county at 1:00 a.m. eastern time so we will wait for that before i discuss what's happening i want to show you what's happening just outside the doors from where we are standing. >> the fight has just begun. >> trump supporters are demanding to be let in to observe the counting process asserting that republican votes are somehow being toyed with. the fact of the matter is if they want to observe they can go online and watch one of the many cameras trained on the workers inside. you mentioned that the fox news decision desk has called arizona for joe biden.
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something that's infuriated the trump campaign. they are insisting their data shows the hundreds of thousands of ballots that are yet to be counted will favor trump. there are some republicans criticizing maricopa county accusing the county of providing sharpies to g.o.p. voters who were left with the ballot that was denied. here's the secretary of state. >> there is no concern about ballots being counted because of the pen used to mark the ballot. all those ballots are being counted. even if the machines can't read them for some reason, a marker bled through to the other side, we have ways to count them. they are going to be counted. >> the other race that the fox news decision desk has called is the senate race democratic mark kelly. >> it's meaningful that the
8:18 pm
mccain constituency that is republicans that want that kind of representative. those people evidently are just not ready for martha mcsally to carry that legacy. >> shannon obviously another state we are watching closely is nevada. we are not going to get updated ballot counts until tomorrow. >> shannon: all right, we are watching around the clock. alicia, thank you. what are the legal avenues available to both campaigns? pennsylvania and beyond at this hour. andrew mccarthy weighing in on that next and catherine engelbrecht.
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>> shannon: i believe we are going to take you to las vegas. this is where we are told there
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are number people gathering. we are told they are pro-trump folks out there. they are talking about the vot votes, talking about what they like to see. groups are popping up out west where we are still waiting on things in nevada and potentially another group of ballots in arizona. we will keep an eye on these groups. a lot of activity across the country. some pro-trump, some not but we are trying to track and i'll let you know what's going on. we don't know. this may be a pro-biden group. however they are they want every vote to count. we will continue to track them and other groups showing up as we weight on more vote totals. joe biden adding wisconsin and michigan to his column. that means he needs one other battleground state to become the next president of the united states. correspondent jacqui heinrich is on the biden campaign beat in
8:24 pm
wilmington, delaware. hey, jacqui. >> good evening. the biden campaign waits on incoming totals and they are feeling very confident. they are not waiting to mobilize their lawyers. they have thousands of lawyers all across the country working on voter protection cases for months. today the biden campaign primed ancient supporters for what lawsuits they expected and why they are confident the president can't win. they spelled it out on a powerpoint presentation describing cases ranging from efforts to stop ballot counting deference to disqualify ballots in states like she can come in nevada and pennsylvania. they also showed why the court struck them down. >> it's almost as if they handed their strategic my book to us and read it to us. we are well prepared and wherever they go and however they go about it we have lawyers ready to go, papers ready to go
8:25 pm
within an hour of hearing of any step they take. >> this set up will stay in place once those totals come in. the former vice president is planning a victory speech aimed at uniting a divided country. they are confident in their projections. they launched the website for the biden-harris transition team tonight. >> to make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. we are not enemies. what brings us together as americans is so much stronger than anything they can tear us apart. >> the campaign said they will continue the election security briefings to give a view of what they are seeing on their end as they continue to fight off these claims from the trump campaign. shannon. >> shannon: jacqui heinrich still on the road with the campaign.
8:26 pm
thank you. the trump campaign is playing hardball in pennsylvania, asking the u.s. supreme court for the right to join a lawsuit that the republicans in pennsylvania already brought to the court. it is ove over the three day man ballot extension and the keystone state. the governor says he wants account to continue. >> in pennsylvania every vote is going to count. i'm going to fight like hell to protect the vote of every pennsylvanian, i'm going to do everything in my power to make sure every vote counts because in pennsylvania every voice matters. every vote matters. >> shannon: let's talk about that and the plethora of legal challenges and states around the country with catherine engelbrecht and former chief u.s. attorney andrew mccarthy. good to have you both with us. catherine, you have been tracking lawsuits all over the country. you are also getting information
8:27 pm
from people working as poll watchers. i want to play something. you say that it's from michigan. certain people were told they had to leave the room and then we will talk about what we are seeing. >> all the republican challengers out of this room. >> shannon: he says we want all the republican challengers out of this room. catherine, what can you tell us about who that was and where it was and what was happening. >> that was on the floor of the rvd center. i'm getting the name of the center wrong. it's in downtown detroit. we had tons of people recording what they were seeing and it was one of many videos that surfaced where republican poll watchers and pull observers, challenges were being effectively perp walked out while others in black lives matter t-shirts were laughing and applauding as they were being put out. that was just the beginning. ultimately they were locked out in the walls, the glass was
8:28 pm
papered over so you couldn't see in. it was outrageous. outrageous what was happening in detroit. >> shannon: our own matt finn reported on some of the papering up of windows so people couldn't see what was going on. andy, people across the political spectrum want to have confidence that when they cast their vote it counts. republican, democrat, independent, green party, whatever it is. my question is why, however this individual is, be specifically telling republican poll watchers that they had to get out, why the boarding up of windows. people want to have confidence. if there is a good explanation, i would love to hear it. >> you and me both. my friend, former republican congressman, was involved in the process. he indicated that from his perspective it went much better than some of the reporting is
8:29 pm
indicated. obviously he's only got his own eye view so we have to see how the evidence shakes out. the fundamental problem here is there is a real divide of bout what a legitimate vote is in this election because the overlay of the coronavirus pandemic kind of made courts think that they had license to rewrite legislative provisions that are supposed to cover the conditions under which elections take place. the constitution says that's the job of the state legislatures, not courts, not state courts, not federal courts, not bureaucracies. when people look you in the eye and say we have to make sure every vote counts, as you mentioned at the top, there's a real legitimate question here about what is a legitimate vote. if the supreme court has to get involved, what they will
8:30 pm
probably fundamentally have to decide is due courts have the right to do the kind of stuff that's been done here where people are voting under circumstances where they are following the rules that the court has promulgated but did the court to have the right to do that in the first place? >> shannon: yeah, that is the question. it's supposed to be about state legislatures. catherine, what's the number one thing you'll be watching tonight in the days to come? >> we are on the side of the people, the citizens out there pushing further states and that are concerned about where this is all headed and don't really know who to listen to what we are telling them is to stay the course. it's not one that we can back down from. this is the battle on which we need to plant a flag because we can't, we cannot shirk away from the right to a free and fair election. if it ends up in the supreme court, if it ends up going all the way to the house, we have to stay the course. >> shannon: i hope people
8:31 pm
regardless of party would agree that we want all legal votes counted. that's the american way. catherine, andy, thank you both. we'll see you again i'm sure very soon. republicans last night did not lose the ten plus house seats that many pundits and the mainstream media had predicted. instead they are gaining seats. we will have congressman jim jordan to weigh in on that live next. he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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how you look, or if you go to therapy. pets don't care about what makes us different. they just love. 1 in 5 pets find homes through petsmart charities. adopt today at >> shannon: interesting ballots on tuesday. florida voters approved a minimum wage hike to $15 an hour by 20 2026. a large number of floridians voted both for the president and the increase in the minimum wage. advocates they will raise pay for hundreds of thousands of workers. oregon becomes the first state decriminalized small amounts of hard drugs like heroin and meth.
8:36 pm
and use of hallucinogenic mushrooms. in mississippi, voters adopt a new flag that does not include the confederate flag. california voted to allow workers to be independent contractors instead of employees, companies like uber and left. no matter how the presidential race turns out things are turning in republicans favor in tuesday's congressional elections. a strong probability of retaining the senate majority and at least six seats flipped in the house of representatives. let's discuss what it means with republican congressman from ohio jim jordan. good to have you back with us, sir. >> good to be with you. >> shannon: politico says house democrats trade blame. they say house democrats are asking themselves one question after tw tuesday's election
8:37 pm
stunner. tens of thousands of ballots to be counted. they privately began to pin the blame. congressman, what do you make of it? there was supposed to be able way that would've made your situation even worse. you are still in the minority in the house but you weren't supposed to pick up seats. >> the conventional wisdom was president trump was supposed to get beaten in a landslide and they were supposed to, u.s. senate was post to go to democrats we're going to lose a bunch of seats. we kept the senate. we are picking up seats because we ran a number of great candidates. a number of good conservative women candidates. we are picking up seats in the house and frankly the president is ahead in north carolina, georgia, pennsylvania and making up ground in arizona. he can still win this thing. it's a good night i think overall when you look at that picture based on what the conventional wisdom was prior to the election. as far as the infighting and the democrats, frankly i hope they keep it up because the more they
8:38 pm
are in fighting the less they will be going after your rights and liberties and freedoms. that's not a bad thing if they don't come after your rights and the only other things they've been attacking. >> shannon: here's the analysis from axios. it says a way to navigate the vote count, realize republicans had a big night. it wasn't a red wave but it sure was a better result than virtually any g.o.p. official imagined especially for the house and senate. the media and twitter don't understand america writ large. republicans resonate in waves and with depth and breath that neither understand. your response. >> in the end that, remember what the election was about. the left doesn't like the country. conservatives, we think america is a great nation, the greatest nation ever. not perfect the greatest nation ever. the left doesn't like america. they don't like the values, institutions and principles that make up a special place that we
8:39 pm
are. that was on display. that was a key issue and you saw a lot of voters say i'm going to go for the republican candidate because they value the things i value. they value the principles that make this country special, make us the greatest nation in history. that was the element. >> shannon: i want to play something from the former vice president talking about moving forward. >> i also know this. to make progress we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies. we are not enemies. what brings us together as americans is so much stronger than anything they can tear us apart. so let me be clear. we are campaigning as democrats but i will govern as an american president. >> shannon: sheedy win, congressman, do you have confidence that there'll be some middle ground that there could be some be some healing of divisions?
8:40 pm
>> i still think president trump is going to win. if it is president biden, look, he has embraced every crazy left-wing idea out there. all the left wing ideas that come from the squad and everyone else. he's embraced every single one of those needs talking about being an american president. this is the same guy who enriched his family by hanging out with the chinese, with the russians on the ukrainians. his family got all kinds of money from them. we'll see if he is in fact the president. let's hope we can come together some. as i said earlier, i think the president is going to win. he is ahead in georgia, north carolina and pennsylvania and making up ground in arizona. this thing is not over yet. >> shannon: mr. biden denies claims about financial enrichment so it will be interesting to see regardless of who wins whether any investigations along those paths continue. congressman, good to have you with us. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: president trump has vowed to take the election fight all the way to the supreme court. how it could play out next.
8:41 pm
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>> shannon: a growing number of legal challenges mounting. the trump campaign hoping to take their case all the way to the supreme court including justice amy coney barrett despite democrats calls for her to recuse herself. no matter who ultimately wins, the country is deeply divided tonight. the man sworn in on january 20, 2021, is going to have an anonymous task ahead trying to unite the country. is it possible? let's bring in a voice of reas reason, robert george, professor, good to have you back. >> wonderful to be with you. thank you for inviting me on again. >> shannon: i want to read something from "the washington post." "election reveals deeper divides." they say "even if biden amasses enough of a majority of electoral college to become the nation's 46 president he would lead a bitterly divided country. that leaves the nation potentially heading towards a
8:46 pm
period of entrenched partisan warfare even as it is battered by crises." what's your take on where we are tonight and where we go from here? >> i'm afraid that's absolutely true. we are bitterly divided. we are divided ideologically, divided between the religious and secular, divided along the lines of class and we also have divisions along the lines of race. these are profoundly important divisions. they were not caused by donald trump. they existed before donald trump came on the scene. trump has been a very divisive figure. but he's more of a symptom than a cause. these divisions have been in place for a long time. parties have shaken out now as ideological parties. it wasn't that long ago when there were conservative democrats and there were liberal republicans. the parties weren't so much ideological. today they are ideological parties. increasingly the republican party is taking on the position
8:47 pm
that the old democratic party had, the party of the working class, especially the white working class. although now the republican party is starting to make significant inroads among minorities and could become a multiracial working-class populist party. democrats who used to be the party of the working class are now the party of the professional classes and of the new super rich especially in the tech sector and other sectors of our economy. him the democratic party now with the exception of its minority base is the party of the secular. republicans are more there were party of the religious. making inroads with religious groups. hispanics, blacks. we are divided of long profound moral in a be lines. >> shannon: i saw a tweet from shawn king, best known as a social justice warrior, black
8:48 pm
lives matter supporter, big boy's on that side and he says democrats need to come to grips with why trump support increased significantly among black and latino voters. he said since 2016 president trump improved with black men and black women and latino men and latino women. he says it's not negligible. do you feel that there's a shift and how these parties operate, who they appeal to, what the fundamental characteristics or selling points of these parties are. >> the seeds of a shift are there. republicans have made inroads among minorities. 4% for mccain, 8% for romney. now 12% of the case of trump with especially large gains among black men. here i think you see although the republicans could blow it, the potential for the
8:49 pm
republicans to get stronger among blacks, certainly there's the potential to get even stronger among hispanics. trump got 32% of the hispanic vote, very large. if that growth continues it will be among working-class minorities and especially religiously observant minorities. that's where the real potential is for the republican party if they don't blow it. it could, as i say, become a working class, multiracial populist party. >> shannon: there is talk tonight about whether some progressive pull on the democratic party didn't resonate with the average hardworking americans who want to take care of their families and put food on the table. just a few seconds before we go, what do you make of that? >> i make a lot of it because democrats become a hard-core secular party. it's going to damage them with minorities who are actually more religious on the whole the
8:50 pm
nonminority americans. so as i said, the republicans have real potential. democrats have real danger. we'll see how it plays. >> shannon: we will pay professor, always good to have you with us. stay safe out there. thank you for your time. okay, how did so many pollsters seemingly get some money key races so wrong again? we are going to dig into it next. hope, it is the light in all of us that cannot be extinguished. it rages on to give us a glimmer of what we can do,
8:51 pm
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>> shannon: the president shocked the world in 2016 with his upset win over hillary clinton in part because the polls got the race so wrong in so many state-level predictions. what lessons if any did the prognosticators learned this year? alex hogan taking a look tonig tonight. >> looking at how people voted versus how they were projected to vote, the data did not materialize, skewing the election day forecast once again. >> a 15 minute wait. speaker expectations of a blue wave falling flat. record-breaking numbers of voters in the historic election challenging predictions with one national poll showing former vice president joe biden winning by 17 points. >> that is polling malpractice. you have to go to tremendous lengths to be able to get something that wrong so close to
8:55 pm
the election. >> the reason people are hurting is because we got a little bit inflated with the polls. >> days before the election polls saw joe biden ahead in key demographics like women and hispanics, still as of earlier today 35% voted for president trump compared to 28% in 2016. the support from cuban-americans in florida helping him win the sunshine state 29 electoral college votes. when it comes to polling, experts say a lot of variables come into play. who takes the poll, do the answer genuinely? reddick's question how some projected voter opinions so wrong. meghan mccain tweeting "modern american polling is dead. former senator calling the polls and garrisoning wrong, adding "the experts mocked anyone who questioned ridiculous claims like texas going blue or a biden landslide." in 2016 trump inched past hillary clinton in michigan, pennsylvania and flipped wisconsin despite the state returning blue this time around trump did sidestep polls once
8:56 pm
more, winning ohio by seven points and iowa by six points above what polls predicted. pollsters argue it's too soon to discount polls just yet with many votes still being counted. in shannon. >> shannon: thanks, alex. we are we waiting another round of votes from arizona.
8:57 pm
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9:00 pm
♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night," extended coverage of the ongoing vote counting for the presidential election. standing by for new numbers from arizona, i'm shannon bream in washington. they will determine the outcomes and a handful of battleground states. those electoral college votes will decide who occupies the highest office in the land. now, joe biden says he expects to be the winner when accounting is finished but says he's not declaring victory just yet. if president trump has yet to speak this early wednesday.


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