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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 4, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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i martha maccallum. >> bret: and i am bret baier, tucker carlson, is next. ♪ >> welcome to tucker carlson. him in a lot of ways what happened last night could not have been worse for this country , for our children, for our grandchildren, our future bride the outcome of a presidential election was seize from the hands of voters and no resides in the control of lawyers and courts and highly partisan clearly corrupted bureaucrats. in a matter what happens next. many americans will never again accept the results of a presidential election the story is still unfolding tonight. we're going to follow it as honestly as we can.
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but first, what we want to acknowledge the good news. believee it or not, there is so good news regardless of everything else that has happened in america remains it still here.t democrats told us they wanted t beat donald trump are they spen more money than anyone ever has in any election in history to d that. there was a lot more going on. democrats didn't harness the full power of big tech in the billionaire class simply to mak joe biden president. no, what they really wanted was total control over everything. no more democracy, number dissent, permanent obedience from the rest of us, and they camees shockingly close to gett that. if democrats had won the white house and the senate last night the country as we know it would have ended not because democrat have bad ideas because, they do but because democrats have the
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traditional american balances within our government. along with the constitution and the bill of rights. we're not overstating this very joe biden's party plan to turn our highest court into a partisan political. they wrote magazine articles about how they plan to do a. leumi plan to conk by adding ne states to our union. purely for the senate seats. they invaded that to. then they plan to pack up the electric that self. the ultimate 20 million foreign nationals added to our voter rolls overnight. how would any of that improve the united states of america? they never claimed that it would , making this country better was never the point. the point was to create a
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one-party state with complete control over the population. never in our history has any mainstream political party proposed an agenda more radical. they didn't talk about it much, there's a reason for that of course. they didn't want to scare you. it was entirely real, and last night it came very close to happening. we should all be deeply gratefu that it didn't. we are telling you this because we want to be clear about the stakes involved. this isn't a matter of opinions and a difference between those opinions, this isn't about policy. it's about the system that all of us live under, that governs this country. keep that in mind as we move forward. out to the rest of it. we start with an overview of al that we have just seen bert i can't think anybody better to provide that within the professor that us next. where you think we are right now ?
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>> i think i'm worried like you are. if a constitutional republic relies more unjust laws. there are protocols and good-faith predictive traditions . we've been told for three month that this was going to be a landslide. it is 93 percent by a so here w are tonight, 600,000 unkempt deadbolt in maricopa a red county mostly in arizona. we don't even have any idea except that donald trump has a lead in pennsylvania and the media told us that this could not happen. why did they do it, so we would get information. they did it to one candidate an to create momentum for the other . then we heard last night that arizona was in the bag, it's al done. and people called that state before they did, texas in florida in and some cases. they learnedea their lesson in
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2016 that all the pseudoscientific 90-point we have a private entity that says you have to be warned about wha the president says when he uses twitter or people throughout this campaign will be de
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platform to an canceled.po it was to send the message that we have limited resources. if you want to get on the hearings, or going to go after you until everybody else if you get on our side, we're going to really go after you and senate race and bankrupt you and make your life miserable. i'm worried because when you ad into that makes big media, big tech, big banks, and these big pollsters, it is you get back t the same thing the bicoastal privilege elite that have no idea what's going on in the interior of the country, but fear it greatly. in this election, it was the story between academia, hollywood, celebrities, silicon valley, the media.
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the big banks, wall street and who did donald trump have on hi side. the people at the rallies, and outreach to minorities, he's got talk radio and that's about it. very worried people are gaining or using influence in a way that's really warping the constitutional system that has worked really well for 233 years. take a deep breath, not call these states before we note these decisions, and let the people decide. that's not what they want. it's a landslide, landslide landslide.e. when you don't get a landslide you won't concede. while you won't concede because the votes haven't been counted? they preconditioned the voters toen accept that. it's very dangerous what they'r doing. it's got a bad history. it's failure dangerous though my very dangerous. it's age totalitarian society. >> tucker: and yet, i can't help -- i'm looking for a bright spot here, and i think there is one.
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in the face of all that, more power on one side of a political contest may be than ever in the history of democracy. it tens of millions of people resisted. >> absolutely. here we are sitting tonight republicans have a good chance of keeping the senate. they have picked up in the house where we were told it would be impossible, and there is a pathway for donald trump to win the presidency. they had none of the help of any of these warped institutions that the left relied on. what the bottom line of the subtext is, the left doesn't have the 51% approval of the people. the people are not with him, and they use these other levers to condition a predesired result. they don't have the people. >> tucker: i appreciate that great to see you tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: where are we right
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now? 8:09 p.m. what are the numbers? bill has been following this where are we? >> 8:00 in the east coast, at the moment, we've got joe biden 264 electoral votes. if you are to take nevada, which by the way, is not going to happen tonight, we will see if it happens tomorrow, it would be thee magic number, 270. it's that simple for him. for donald trump, he's got to come here, we haven't called alaska. he said that would be three electoral votes. feels good about george a comment that would get him to 233. they feel confident about north carolina, 15 electoral votes. we don't know when it's going to be sorted out, that would be 20 electoral votes there, comes out to nevada, picks up the six they are. based on that scenario, he's got the run of the table at this point. that is what he is up against. if that holds, that's why you
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see this argument over arizona. we called it late night last night, 11 electoral votes. we can tell you, as of tonight it's between five and 600,000 votes outstanding. this is phoenix, this is maricopa county. we have more votes to come in enreally decent turnout for peoe in maricopa county. not as many votes there, but still populated, not as much is phoenix, but the trump campaign is saying they are going to pick up votesru from all over this location here with about 15% of the votes still outstanding. why does that matter? it matters because he could close the margin between these two. the problem is this, trump has to exceed two more percentage points than what he is getting at the moment. if he had set number, he could flip the state. right now, he is not doing that in arizona tonight. >> tucker: it's still? very interesting. r:they have called the state of
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michigan for joe biden, but we are seeing a lot of strange things happen in that state tonight, including poll watchers apparently being blocked from witnessing. that's not a good sign. been covering from an absentee ballot counting center in the city of detroit, he joins us tonight, good to see you. what do you see? >> there are some pretty tense moments inside of this room. basically some poll workers for some of the voting challengers -- the number of democrats and republicans throughout the entire process. there are some fighting matches -- escorting people out of that absentee ballot counting room. claims these are challenges to have a legal avenue to address any legitimate concerns
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regarding any rules. in the midst of all that chaos there were some windows out here that allowed for some observation that were covered up. at that led to even more concerns and outrage as tprotesters pounded on these windows, demanding the ability to see inside. he ordered some of the windows to be covered because some ofof the poll workers nearest the windows were concerns that people were filming them or information on the ballots. right now, in detroit, it has us at about 1500 absentee ballots or less. >> tucker: that said, thanks. detroit, michigan, one of the most mismanaged places in the western hemisphere. today, the trump campaign announced legal action over alleged vote counting irregularity in several states. i'll tell you what they are alleging from a trump campaign attorney, straight ahead. ♪
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♪ >> the trump campaign as you likely know. as you likely know, announced lawsuits in several states today. obviously, pertaining to the counting of the vote. rick leventhal is trackings these, and is going to explain
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what they are about. >> before the break, he talked about michigan, but there are lots of other challenges by the trump campaign. including pauses for vote counting in georgia and pennsylvania where the president's team is demanding a review of every vote, saying poll watchers were kept over 50 feet away for 20 hours arguing more than 100,000 ballots could be fraudulentat or riddled with mistakes. it not a single republican has been able to look at any of these mail ballots. they could be from mars as far as we are concerned. they could be from the democrats national committee. it could be joe biden voting 5,000 times. >> in a separate case, the trump camps wants any of the 3 million ballots tossed out. at the state is arguing they should be the counter that they arrive by friday. they are calling for a recount in wisconsin, citing old irregularities in several counties. if the governor beyond
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irresponsible, because the could have been, more suits could be filed. >> tucker: rick leventhal will be on that story. here's what president trump said earlier about what is unfolding. >> this is a very big moment. this is a major fraud in our unnation. we want the law to be used in a proper manner. we will be going to the u.s. supreme court, it's a very sad moment. this is a sad moment to me. we will witness, as far as i'm concerned, we have already won. >> tucker: what specifically is the content of the lawsuits? what are we watching us lead them? jennifer alice, a senior legal advisor for the trump campaign she joins us. thank you so much for coming on. what is the substance of the suits?r
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>> let's be clear about what this is really regarding. joe biden has been on his press conference, he wants all of them to count. the democrats want all votes to count. notice the slight of hand. it the keyword they are leaving out in their narrative, legal. legitimate.. we want all legal, legitimate votes to count. so by the democrats spinning this narrative and saying they want all the loads to count that includes duplicate votes illegal votes, it includes oiled votes, all votes that come in after the deadline. it includes all manner of unconstitutional ballot counting. when the democrats are saying that, that's exactly what they want. if they want all manner of fraud to count. that's where team trumpet lawsuits are so incredibly important to preserving and protecting the rule of law and making sure all legal legitimate votes count. that's what president trump
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aside from the the very beginning and what he reemphasized last night. >> tucker: you're watching the coverage, bunch of democratic shells posing as news anchors repeating the same line, parts and is trying to stop the count. at exact moment they were saying that, a bunch of states shut down the counts. on what grounds did they do that?? i've never really gotten an answer to it. how would the state of florida be able to continue its counting -- other states pivotal states, the trump campaign said we are not counting anymore tonight? how is that allowed? >> these are questions we all deserve answerer to. that's why the mainstream media reporting certain things selectively, and also when they are reporting and accurately and falsely that the trump campaign is wanting the ballot counting to be stopped. no, we want meaningful access to
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be able to look and observe as the law allows and requires that we can look and make sure there isn't fraud going on. all you have states that are pausing their accounts, and spend starting up their counts again hours later when suddenly you have -- like in the state of michigan, you have a hundred 38,000 votes that magically appear that are all 100 percent biden votes. can you imagine the democrats outrage if all 100% of these were trump ballots? this is a matter of partisan politics, this is a matter preserving and protecting the u.s. constitution, rule of law and making sure that we have a free and fair election in this country. we have voter intimidation, when you have all these different tactics, delay methods that have not gone through the state legislatures -- >> tucker: i get a beer did let me just ask you this there's so things going on now you get overwhelmed. mine does at least. very quickly, the specific case you are referring to where 100%% of the votes, many boats, where he cast for joe biden. that doesn't seem plausible. will those votes count?
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>> that's what the lawsuit needs to determine. we need to make sure we have access to see those ballots make sure they are legitimate and if not, then a judge should look at that in a fairly and accurately applied the rule of law like an umpire would do. an umpire can't say they won't call a ball or strike because it's a political question, no that's the exact role of the judicial branch to step in and say, here is the call, and it's according to the law into the constitution. that is why we are right in. this country matters. we the people get to determine through our legitimate legal votes who is elected. president trump will keep fighting for that. >> tucker: 100% of the ballots -- 100% of anything should make you nervous, that did not seem believable to me. >> very suspicious. >> tucker: you think! depending on how you came in outcome i could come down to the state of nevada.
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what is happening there? a lot of things are happening there, i will tell you, after the break. ♪ there, i will tell you, afterr (calm inspirational music)
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again, that's (calm inspirational music)
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♪ >> tucker: at this point a day later, we are not certain who will win the six electoral votes in the state of nevada. what exactly is going on there and how will the outcome affect who wins? bill hemmer has the numbers for us. >> good evening again, they are, still counting in nevada. i will tell you, this is a phrase or close margin. 8,000 votes between biden and trump. two things on your radar, noon o'clock eastern, we going to get next batch of ballots from nevada. it we thought they might come in
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today, it was postponed till tomorrow. they've given a little bit of guidance, 12:00 eastern. atil 9:00 tonight, however, we e told several hours ago that at 9:00 eastern will get another -- and at midnight tonight as well. at the numbers here could change between biden and trump. we will see whether or not we've got a case on what's happened here in arizona. >> tucker: thanks bill, you must be running out of fumes. long before last night's election, we alerted you to the potential were voting irregularities, fraud, and the state of nevada. as we mentioned, nevada could end up being the key to this election. speak again to adam maxwell, the attorney general of the state cochairman, he has been on this question. thanks a lot for coming tonight. what is the latest from your state, and you were the chief officer in the state, you're well grounded in this stuff, do you think this vote is fair? >> we still have a path to victory, the democrats have
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stacked up the decks against us in the selection. they changed this election inside 90 days. as votes are being counted, and america thinks that with all of these mail in ballots, that you have people watching not counting going on, we are still not allowed to watch the signature matching. we are not allowed to challenge any of those signatures. they switches to this new system, and then they give us no right to ensure that only legal votersl count. as america knows, those who stayed up like me all night, at 3:00 a.m., they counted throughc the middle of the night, they are counting all day today, and we are still having to wait until tomorrow. we are still, right this second not in that door. i warned about this, if it came down to nevada, we would finally get people to pay attention to the fact that democrats did not give us this right. a judge agreed, we were entitled to this right.
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of course they disagree with that. they are still fighting that. just for your viewers, it has to be quite startling. over 400,000 votes were cast last night, there was no observation, no transparency and, you know, we're just supposed to trust and not be able to verify. >> tucker: is crazy. i have to ask you a macro question very quick. democrats in a lot of placeses completely changed the system of voting that has been a in place for hundred of years. if they did it under the pretext of covid, as they've done. they didn't say that much about it, is it clear now why they did it, and do you think republicans regret not raising up a bigger over this? tut >> there's no question that donald trump would've one nevada oulast night convincingly if we had not moved to mail in ballots. again, we don't know how many
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bad voters there are in this stack. we also know that there are likely to be dead voters. we know there are likely to be people that have moved out of las vegas, but there ballots were still cast.t. we are looking into all of this but it's just astounding that when you watch the news commentary last night, they keep acting like these systems are foolproof, and there's no way that any improper voter could get through, and it's just simply not true. >> tucker: sad story, i appreciate your efforts. thank you for coming on. if you ask any of the outraged wine moms lecturing you about donald trump, a full-time occupation for much. it doesn't take much longer to find out why they hate him. he's a racist, he's a white supremacist. we've heard that every day. the results are very interesting. donald trump dramatically increased to share with nonwhite voters, in some places, it made all the difference -- for
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example in florida.h how could a racist get some votes from people who aren't white? interesting question. we will explore in a minute. also, the always wise, straight ahead.n. ♪ always wise, straiaiaiaiai
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>> tucker: if you watch the show, we try not to divide by race or ethnicity. that habit of mine is corrosive we can't resist telling you about some fascinating facts hidden in the numbers from last night. donald trump, and this has implications that will extend a long time, dramatically over performed expectations than his
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past performance among nonwhite voters. in some places, it made the difference. so potter county texas, 84% hispanic, one of the most hispanic counties. barack obama wanted by 24 points. but clinton won it by 33 points. this year, donald trump 18 by five points. 52-47, that's a huge swing. it happened in a lot of places. that's the most hispanic county in america, right on the mexican in fact, if we built a wall, it would be right through stark county texas. last night, donald trump won 40% of the ballots. it just four years ago hillary clinton 179% of the votes in stark county. again, swings like that just don't happen in american politics over four years. in florida's county, the biggest population center in one of the most important states, and 70% hispanic, donald trump came within seven points of joe biden. contrast that with four years ago, hillary clinton was up 30 points. what is going on here? something big.
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if you have predicated your hatred of donald trump, he's a racist who hates hispanic -- that is really the entire case against him for most people on the left. those numbers are huge problem for you. how do its way not? what is that? some commentators have figured out a solution. it's that nonwhite voters hispanic voters, are racist themselves against themselves. >> many people showed up to support for trump because let's keep it real, a lot of people of color hate themselves. they want to identified with upward mobility, and to them that means white is right. >> tucker: a lot of i people of color hate themselves. it is grotesque to say that. they think that. as far as we can tell, there's only one democrat of prominence acknowledging what going on. we had to admit this, it's sandy cortez of westchester new york. he tweeted this, we've been
10:42 pm
sounding the alarm about democratic vulnerabilities with latinos for a long time. the necessary efforts haven't been put in. not clear exactly what that hameans, but at least he is admitting that these are people who voted freely for real reasons, not something -- simply because they hate themselves. pedro gonzales has been on this for long time, he joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming. first i want to ask you, you never want to overstate election results, anomalies aren't trends et cetera. some these numbers are so dramatic, they suggest something is going on. do you think that is true? >> i think it is true. i think that's why it's important to look at this with clear eyes and a silver mind. this is really a once-in-a-lifetime thing. we are witnessing a realignment that trump affected. >> tucker: what is the basis of it?
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if you lived in this country and all the people who voted did. for the last five years, the one thing you know about trump every human being in this country knows that trump hates hispanics. that's the main talking point against trump. why the heck would he all of a sudden become popular with the people he supposedly hates? >> a huge part of it is backlash or blackop lives matter. in june, fox news ran a survey that they found 27 of latinos support term. they also wanted to assist the police and putting down the riots. 60% of latinos said the same. the fox survey ran again in august and september, each time with more support from latinos in favor of trump. in september, the number was 34%, up from 21%. i think that this shows that there is a real implosion going on with the intersectionality that the democratic party
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thought would be the key to success with all demographics. i think it really shows that the key research center, around the same time the latino supportse r trump was at the highest, he reported that the most notable decreases for the support for black lives matter was among whites and latinos. >> tucker: amazing. i should say for our viewers who don't follow academic nonsense intersectionality is the idea that white men oppress everybody else. these results suggest otherwise. i'm glad you came on tonight thank you very much. there he is, a realignment the results last night make it very clear. it's not along racial lines thank god, it's along class lines r and lines of culture. people who like the country people who work for a living they are on one side, regardless of what they look like.
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amen. four years ago, all of the experts on television were unanimous, donald trump was never going to win the presidency, it wasn't possible it would violate physics. here's what they said. >> this is a number of headlines, donald trump cannot win this election. if he wins every single white working-class vote in this country. >> that if his campaign is on its way to what could be a landslide defeat. >> could we be seeing our first true landslide in a long time? a double digit landslide? that is clinton's lead in for poll now. >> now likely 341 electoral votes for hillary clinton. that's a blow out. >> it does at this point. right now, we have hillary at 75 or 80% favor. historically, the last candidate to blow will be this large wasn't '88. >> if they remain like that it's not just a loss, but a
10:46 pm
blowout. >> tucker: if you watch tv now, you probably recognize every single person, pretty much, and the clips we just played. they were from four years ago everyone was completely wrong. it did not come through, the officer did.ou why is he still on television? why are they still listening to them? back in 2016, the very few who got it right, he was derided for that. people vindicated him. great to see you. i think you are one of the very few peoplele on television broay with come out of this with credibility enhanced. it doesn't change the question. if people keep screwing it up keep doing it wrong, why are they still employed to do the same thing that they are demonstratively bad at? >> mainly because they attract an audience of people who feel the same way they do. i also think that's about it, i suspect that each and every one of those people thought to themselves after the election in
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2016, we kind of got that wrong didn't we? the problem with the reasoning is that bias makes people stupid. if you don't acknowledge to t they still employed to do the same thing that they are demonstratively bad at? >> mainly because they attract an audience of people who feel the same way they do. i also think that's about it, i suspect that each and every one of those people thought to over again. at that is what we've seen happen. throughout the four-year sense i mean, the press all believe this russia collusion tale. if they thought trump must've done that because of the kind of person they think he is. he must've done that. it shaped it like a pack of baying hounds. they filled up the pages of publications, certainly a number of broadcast outlets, and then ended up in a dead end. the editor of "the new york times" said they oriented their whole news operation to cover that story and it went nowhere. you thought they might've learned something from the fiasco at the lincoln memorial with the high school kids, which n they read completely wrong right from the start.
10:48 pm
a couple of publications, i guess have paid settlements to those kids for the libelous stuff they said about them. the list goes on of stories they get wrong time and time again. it has been a media fiasco -- one after another. >> tucker: we got things wrong, we said joe biden would never get the nomination, he would never debate. i said all of that on tv, i was wrong every time. we admitted we were wrong immediately, because it was obvious. it's really simple, if you admit you are wrong, people will believe you. if you lie about it, people won't. why won't people admit they are wrong? >> it's a matter of pride. if they believe their audiences want to hear that. they want to see if they can hit the next pitch properly. i think this to you about the pollsters, i feel very bad for pollsters today.
10:49 pm
they are associated with the media, people don't trust the media so they don't trust the posters, the effect of that is they won't really talk to them. they have a terrible time getting people that might support donald trump, but don't want to say so publicly. they talk to them, and then you get skewed samples. this fiasco with pulling last night is -- particularly in places like maine and even in wisconsin where it looks like biden has one to won by a narrow margin. he had biden up 17 points. do you talk about wrong, was there single poll of the senate race involving susan collins in maine that had her up? i think there wasn't a single one. she won by nine.seng we're talking about colossal errors. they got a problem, people don't ine trust them or want to talk o them.
10:50 pm
>> tucker: that's exactly right. on the basis of these wrong polls, seri gideon, sarah collins is challenged, took millions of dollars from out of. bad pollsha have their uses. it's an corrupt system. >> the money was spent in kentucky against mitch mcconnell where they thought they had a chance. those guys both won handily. it was a fool's errand, very expensive. >> tucker: $100 million in south carolina. thank you very much. >> you bet. be on the moment they realized that this election wouldn't be the landslide they predicted some news anchors became highly agitatedth last night. that was one of the highlights. an agitated cable news anchor it's like christmas again did again. we are here to respond, we will be right back. ♪
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>> tucker: the data guy had it all figured out. there was going to be a blue wave and they fed this criticald information to the cable news guys and they were convinced that biden would sweep. >> a lot of democrats are hurt tonight. a lot of hurt out there.ut there is a moral victory and a political victory. they won a moral victory. we wanted to see a repudiation for this direction of the country. >> tucker: the data guy had it all figured out.
10:57 pm
>> a lot of democrats are hurt tonight. a lot of hurt out there. there is a moral victory and a political victory. they won a moral victory. we wanted to see a repudiation for this direction of the country. the fact it's this close, it just >> a lot of unhappy people in this country, most of them on social media and in cable news. mark stein is not in that category. great to see you. these people are sad. they are really sad. they can't believe america woul do this. we disagree with them. >> yes, it might be a brilliant acting performance by these people and i don't rule thatht out. for the last year we have been in a blizzard of lies on everything. a guy who sits in his basement for 7 months is 16 points ahead in polls from a couple of weeks
10:58 pm
ago. right now at the moment just a couple of points ahead in the popular vote. there never was a blue wave. if you are cynical, what they are doing there, they are thinking oh my god, look at florida, look at miami-dade county. will this be like 2016 where reality has managed to triumph over the blizzard of lies. 45 minutes later they say relax, we are just up to the usual things in pennsylvania which is the cheesy dinner theatre version of belarus. that will drag joe biden over the line. the maintenance of the blizzard of lies over this weird years
10:59 pm
what is so impressive. tucker: what kind of country is it possible to get a moral lecture from nicole wallace? >> actually. if you were a moral person you would be ashamed that america runs the most corrupt and dysfunctional elections in the western world. you would not be thinking there was a moral virtue as you talked about a few minutes back in finding mysterious precincts and remote counties in michigan that emerge from the mist every 4 4 years and people are so happy that all 15,739 voters, voted for joe. need any other party. there is nothing moral about this. this is a level of deception. >> tucker: pushing a man
11:00 pm
incapable of running our country on us. >> they will turn that into a great romance with the brave kamala stepping in to take the baton. >> tucker: it won't be long. you can bet on that. mark, thank you very much. we will see you tomorrow at 8 p.m. eastern. sean hannity right now. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert. tracking results across the country. we will bring you minute by minute updates throughout the hour. including an important development from arizona. t we expect any minute an update on the votes in maricopa county. they have over 600,000 not counted yet. we will address the election chaos tonight. i want everybody to take this in. this is the country we l


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