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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 4, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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on us. >> they will turn that into a great romance with the brave kamala stepping in to take the baton. >> tucker: it won't be long. you can bet on that. mark, thank you very much. we will see you tomorrow at 8 p.m. eastern. sean hannity right now. >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a fox news alert. tracking results across the country. we will bring you minute by minute updates throughout the hour. including an important development from arizona. t we expect any minute an update on the votes in maricopa county. they have over 600,000 not counted yet. we will address the election chaos tonight. i want everybody to take this in. this is the country we love and
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pledge allegiance to, land of the free and home of the brave. the greatest country on earth. i believe we are. i quote my friend a pioneer from talk radio. not a country in the history of man that has accumulated more power and abused less. and i ad no country has done more to advance the entire human condition than this great country. tonight every american should be angry, outraged and worried and concerned about what happened in the election and the lead up to the election. you should be angry at what is building and building the last 4 years in this all-out assault against a president we the people elected. time and time again, we are being failed by the most critical institutions. tonight, we will be honest and take a good hard look at what is happening. it's an absolute disgrace
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unfolding before our eyes. what is happening in pennsylvania. we heard from poll watchers. theypp were watching from 100 ft away. denied the opportunity to keep the election honest free and fair. that's the same state that found ballots in garbage cans and they were all for donald trump. and ballots appeared out of thin air. how did that happen? we are watching states expanding early voting and when you can hand in your ballot. maybe you don't need the post mark it was there on election day. we should not have a deadline. your ballot is in or it doesn't count? equal opportunity. how many dead people received ballots in california. how many people moved and the
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new residents have ballots they can use. kimberly pointed out that the state of wisconsin had an 89% turnout. that's not feasible given that milwaukee cracked 70%. what is happening in arizona nevada, and north carolina? after weeks of early voting. millions of ballots. last-minute just sent out and the states we watching struggling to do something you would think is quite easye and simple: to count votes in a timely transparent, competent fair way. is itt too much for a trustworty
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system with checks and balances and integrity that every american would have confidence in? isn't america the home to microsoft and apple and silicone valley and we can't design a voting system better than in that would allow every legal registereded american an opportunity to cast a free and fair vote and know that their votes will count. and their votes will matter and a vote free of any fraud. we can't have higher standards about the integrity of every vote? what we are watching is like you could not think of a worst system. a more corrupt system. we have been watching this develop for 4 years.
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power hungry democrats. if you want to go to the democratic national convention know during the covid year, you have to have a photo i.d. to get in. you go through the metal detector and they even let sean hannity in. they fight against voter i.d. laws. you need to prove who you torsee them but not to vote. when it comes to elections democrats want the chaos and zero verification. no i.d. same day registration. driver's license for illegal immigrants, does that get you the opportunity to vote? is that the rule of law in this country. they pick and choose what laws to obey. think about sanctuary cities and states? isn't that about politicians and lawmakers abetting law breaking instead of changing the law?
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we watch 4 years, democrats want an election that lasts for weeks. no checks and no transparency. pelosior held up a covid relief bill. remember the first bill to add so-called election reforms that would relax oversight and accountability and regulations across the country. this is the united states of america. microsoft, apple, silicone valley. you don't think they could develop a better system? we are supposed to trust this system? i don't think so. i can't think of a worst system. for the past 4 years every powerful institution against this president. we have shown you daily what
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they have done to take down a duly elected president. look at the institution of polling. 2020 polls half dozen showing biden with double digits lead. one showed biden leading by 11 with trump at 39%. right now 2 points separate the popular vote. and more egregious polling from a "new york times" survey. their numbers were off by 6 points in florida alone. 4 points in north carolina. 10 points in wisconsin. off by 10 in iowa. off by 9 in ohio. even worse, one recent "washington post" poll had biden winning wisconsin by 17 points. wow, they got the same thing wrong in 2016, in the exit polls in 2016 like the exit polls in 2000 and 2004. almost no poll show the president winning the state of pennsylvania. he is up by several hundred
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thousands votes. most showed biden winning by more than 5 point. the pollsters got the senate races wrong. the state of maine. not one poll showed senator susan collins they had her opponent winning by 12. they were off by 19 points. are you going to trust that poll again? collins won comfortably. there was not just an anomaly in maine. polls senator lindsey graham was losing and perdue was losing. wrong again. why trust polling that the media mob pushes every day during elections? many of these organizations are affiliated can academic institutions all of which hate president trump. the corrupt media mob they have
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been nothing but nasty and vengeful. full of smears and libel. conspiracy theories every hour of every day. the past 24 hours no different. take a look. >> biden ultimately emerges narrowly as the winner, he then faces a country that substantialy trumpist. i wonder what this is as about us. the rest of the world watches this happen all night.t. it raises real questions about what america is at the end of the day. >> i see a repudiation of this direction for the country.
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the fact it's this close, it just hurts. >> if they manage to stumble into the supreme court, do any of you guys trust uncle clarence and amy coney barrett to follow the letter of the law? no. >> sean: uncle clarence. nbc news, really, joy? >> really. why would anyone trust these liars with anything ever again? look at what they did the past 4 years.ey look at all of the russian lies and propaganda and disinformation against president trump. it went on for years touting a phoney russian collusion dossier paid for by hillary clinton. and ignored the biden pay for play schemes? most outlets refused to investigate these claims.
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do you think the people in the media and in the democratic party, do you think they see what we see? joe biden is really weak and frail? do you think they see that joe is struggling cognitively? did they help him hide it the whole election? i think so. you have the deep state and the media. you have the pollsters. you have big tech now. yothey censor what conservatives want to share in terms of information. god forbid we decide ourselves. that's america's most powerful institutions. think about this as we move forward. they are all lying and have been for your years against president trump and we the smelly wal-mart shoppers. they hate us because we vote for him. they want to strip away your
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rights and freedoms. they don't care if the ends justify the means. we are just deplorable chumps who shop at wal-mart and cling to god. in the coming days they will do and everything they cango do and think they are doing god's will to put joe biden over the finish line. they tried to destroy president trump for 4 straight years. this is the rawest of raw power what happens to the country? they could care less. extend early voting and they know better.
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do you trust what happened in this election? these election results are accurate? do you believe a this was a free and fair election? i have a lot of questions. is this the best we can do in america? not even close. do the democrats and media want an honest election or will they support removing donald trump by any means necessary? you ask yourself if you believe this election is the best of what we as americans are capable of. or is the system one they can abuse when it suits them and therefore they won't change it?
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democrats said they cared so much about russian interference. did they ever talk about hillary clinton's russian disinformation dossier that was used to spy on a presidential candidate? did they ever talk about it? did they ever talk about the phoney documents she paid for used to obtain fisa warrants to spy on a candidate and transition team. did they care about the biden family corruption. oligarch and the deal for zero experienced hunter? no, they ignored it all. do you think they know about joe's cognitive problems and helped him hide it? did they get any answer about the question of court backing perfect the election or filler busting? are you worried the big tech
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companies will censor the free and open exchange of ideas. you have concerned that a deep state is celebrating? they are off the hook is joe biden wins. ask yourself if you believe -- do you think this was a free fair, honest election and this is the best of what america is capable of? do you trust the outcome of this election? do you think the system is corrupt? a lot more coming up. first the "hannity" big board. he is so good at the board. we will call it the hemmer big board. >> don't jinx me. i am watching arizona. arizona had a vote dump at 9 o'clock east coast time and another one around midnight. at the moment there are 400,000
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raw votes outstanding. we saw it a moment ago with the last dumb that condensed the lead. joe biden over donald trump is down to 79,000 votes. the white house is making case for almost 22 hours that arizona was still in play and they would come back and win this state. let's look at it right now and see whether or not that's possible.. this is phoenix. here is tucson near the mexican voter. the trump campaign believes there are enough votes to make up the difference of 79,000 plus. where do you get those? a high vote number here at 75%. you pop down here to 63% just east of phoenix. at 65 and 66%. just a moment ago there is
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a congressional race in this part of arizona that just flipped from the democratic lead to a republican lead. whether or not that holds we can't say. that was a flip amoment ago. this is the mother load. this is maricopa county and phoenix with the greater majority of votes. joe biden 52%. 17% of the vote still out standing. how will that break? joe biden is doing very well in maricopa county, so far in this election. tucson down here. this has been expected. 2-1 the democrat joe biden over donald trump. the maricopa vote is a flip from 4 years ago. in 2016, donald trump won the county by 40,000 votes. still enough to win that state. coming back to 2020, we will see how this fills in throughout the night. maricopa county is something to
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keep an eyeil on. can a case be made that arizona is still in play? nevada, you won't get a call tonight. noon eastern and 9 in las vegas we will see the votes trick in there.e. joe biden with an 8,000 vote lead over donald trump. the rest of america tucks it in. we will visit that one more time. the trump team feels good about north carolina. they felt confident. georgia and what is happening tonight here? a .8% lead for trump over i the biden. 2% outstanding. this is atlanta. that's where you go if you are a democratic candidate to find
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votes in georgia this year and many years. i can tell you the trump team said they feel good about georgia. it's closer than they would like.n however, they feel good about retaining it. an update here in pennsylvania. you have 11% of the vote still outstanding. a lead here 51-48 at the moment. what happens out here in pittsburgh? a lot of the votes are accounted for. philadelphia is a different matter.a around philly, they will fill in yet again. if you are a democrat and joe biden this is where you win races at philadelphia. he probably has another 100,000 to gain. we will see with the courts cases and what happens after
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that. how all of the counting goes. i can give you one more shot. it's 9:20 in the evening. joe biden at 264 electoral votes. if he gets nevada tomorrow that would put him over the finish line at 270. donald trump has traction to make up. including alaska, nevada, north carolina and pennsylvania. we will wake up tomorrow and see how this map holds up. the legal cases will follow after that. w >> sean: group data orbital. they projected that the president needed around 57% in maricopa n county. they reported the numbers that
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came out tonight. right at the 57 level in terms of the dump tonight. they said 74,547 ballots. about two points better with th outstanding votes. he was not quite hitting that mark. that was with 600,000 votes outstanding. now down to 400,000 outstanding. >> sean: thanks bill hemmer.
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joining us fox news contributor ari fleischer, and 2016 trump campaign manager. this is very close to the number they said trump would need in maricopa county to flip arizona. that was called by fox. >> sean, we feel good about our numbers inat arizona. we have seen an increase in the vote totals. we were surprised that fox called this so early. they have done the best job of calling things where they are. 8 or 9 days ago one of the major networks said that donald trump will lose wisconsin by 17 points. that's a fallacy. they said we would lose florida and he won.
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we were in ohio. this president outperformed every time. here in pennsylvania, in philadelphia, we see the president continuing to hold a massiveid lead. that's when they finish counting in philadelphia, donald trump will win the state. we declare victory in the state of pennsylvania and we are that much closer to donald trump going back to the white house for 4 years. >> sean: nate tweeted out that trump plus 18 which confirms that the state will get tighter. i think it's more than enough to preclude an arizona call. you are watching this closely? >> yes.
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100%, sean. i agree with what cory said. a finer point on the trump argument. the trump argument is whether it's 400,000 or 600,000 ballots the trump team that the election day vote is skewed to donald trump. we saw that last night. they would look like an election day vote of around 57, 60, 40. i won't bore but the math. it means you net 125,000 votes. we were behind by 93,000 votes. that's the argument that is00 being made out there. so far, the first dump here looks pretty good.
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it looks like trump might be in the game in arizona. let's hope and pray that's the case. we have canvases going on across the country. >> sean: we will watch pennsylvania. very interesting. that was the number they said they needed to hit in maricopa. very thank you both. when we come back, the trump campaign taking legal action in several key battleground states. and the one pollsters that got it right again. and karl rove straight ahead. tr.
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>> sean: tonight the trump campaign is launching legal challenges this key battleground
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states for fraud. in michigan the campaign cited a lack of republican access to counting centers. the campaign laid out legal steps to preserve the legal integrity of the ballot in pennsylvania and moving fore. a recount in wisconsin. a normal procedure. fox news analyst, today i watched eric trump give a passionate speech. a poll watcher was not allowed within 100 feet to watch the polls. what is the point? >> exactly. michigan keeping people 50 to 100 feet away. a poll watcher has to be able to watch.
11:31 pm
they are entitled to meaningful access. 100 feet away you can't see anything. so it's meaning less. these lawsuits were filed to force michigan to allow the poll watchers that distance away you can't sec the vote or the ballot or theis signature or the tabulation. you can't even see the post mark on the ballot. the other kind of lawsuits filed in georgia and pennsylvania are deeply troubling. the law is very clear, in pennsylvania passed by the legislature. all ballots must be received by the board of elections no later than 8 p.m. on the day of the election. yesterday. the state supreme court in pennsylvania said we don't care about the law. these are elected democrats on
11:32 pm
the supreme court in rspennsylvania. they invented out of thin air their own law. they are not lawmakers. they are justices. they said we will start counting ballots that are received on wednesday, thursday and friday. well, that's not what the law says. republicans went to the u.s. supreme court and said this is wrong. it's unconstitutional. fix it. thanks to chief justice john roberts who sided with the liberals they refused to take up once but twice.un they did keep the case pending.. today the trump campaign filed a motion too intervene in the pending case. will the supreme court take it up? my guess is they will continue to try to avoid and delay. all of this sean, could have been avoided if the u.s. supreme court had stepped in and said justices of the pennsylvania supreme court, you are not lawmakers, you are judges. job.ur do not usurp the authority of the legislature.
11:33 pm
>> sean: thanks for the update. last night is yet another repudiation of the pollsters. the fake news media mob missing the mark. this is pathetic. you can't get any worse. florida and ohio and across the country. but two guys got it right. they both got it right in 2016. i noticed that nate doesn't like you. "washington post" did it wrong. you guys did a pretty good job. why are they so wrong? >> well, i they have not adjusted. they talked about how they adjusted the model but they didn't. people don't want to give their information out -- they are hesitant to say how they feel.
11:34 pm
when people are shamed for their political opinions, people play the cards close to their chest. you have to figure out a way around that to get trust. they said they adjusted. 2018e saw in florida in they got it all wrong. i was not surprised. >> sean: frank said if they get it wrong this time, they should be out of business. i agree. karl rove, your take. you saw the numbers. they got the magic number. 57% maricopa country. that makes it interesting and tight. but it opens up a possibility on arizona and we are watching pennsylvania. what do you see? down to i break this defense and offense. the most important thing is for the president's people to defend where he is headed. georgia up by 45,000.
11:35 pm
these numbers change all the time. it will be different tomorrow. north carolina up by 76,000 and pennsylvania up by 290,000. the problem in pennsylvania will than while he is ahead by 2.26%. 12% of the vote is out. this is one of the problems with post-election analysis. they say we have 600,000 or 800,000. the "new yorky times" said 12% which is 742,000. there is noat precise number you can rely on. that suggests the president can keep pennsylvania as long as he gets 30% of the outstanding vote. you talk about it. you have to go on the offensive. if the president loses both of these states and takes the others, georgia, north carolina and pennsylvania, then joe biden will be president. you have to worry about it.
11:36 pm
the question about arizona is of the 382,000 or 400,000, 14% of the total turnout. are those people mail-in ballots or drop in ballots. a lot of people will get mail-in ballots and dropping it off at the voting location. to make certain it is received. those are election day republicans. >> sean: i believe the country that has apple and microsoft and silicone valley can do better than this. a poll watcher in pennsylvania said he could not get 100 feet of a ballot and we found ballots in garbage cans. what is happening?
11:37 pm
>> i don't want to trust this to silicone valley. >> sean: you understand my point. we have computer geniuses and we can't come up with a better system than this? >> well, these systems work where you have the equipment training and people and the procedures and the oversight. we don't have that in a lot of states. >> sean: like philadelphia? do you trust the city of philly and detroit? i don't. >> i don't, but i trust a system that allows for partisan oversight. i have been through this twice in philadelphia. you have to have lawyers and poll watchers and treat it seriously. i don't believe there is massive fraud but i think there is a problem in these big cities you remember better look at them or something bad may happen. >> sean: thank you, both. when we come back, somebody gets
11:38 pm
it right. florida governor ron desantis. what can we learn from him? we will weigh in next straight ahead. if you have medicare, listen up.
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>> sean: the president made major gains with latino voters across the country. as our pollsters told you. not mainstream media ones growing the gop coalition. it includes african-american and hispanic americans and working class americans. in florida hispanic americans boosted trump's margin of victory outperforming his margins with the hispanic community. here with reaction. i have to applaud you.
11:43 pm
you do have a lot of mail in voting. you figured out the system. mayb you want to improve some things. you did it right. didn't you?? what is the difference? >> when i came in, i removed the palm beach supervisor of elections. there were new teams in those problems south florida counties. florida is transparent -- as people vote by mail early or in person on election day, you know how many people are going in and know the party break down in real time. it's being updated. we know the universe of people who voted. it's harder to have funny business if you know how many votes are outstanding. we are a much larger state than
11:44 pm
a lot of other places that are struggling. we processed over 11 million ballots most by 10 p.m. att night. no reason for what is going on in other states. this should have been called. florida should have been called at 8:30. >> sean: stop right there. that's total bs. every biden state, call it immediately. >> exactly. and arizona -- the arizona call you just showed. trump is gaining in arizona. there are probablyl 500,000. if you are quick on the trigger then do it for both sides and standby it. with trump, they never want to call the state. biden they will do it right it's inconsistent and unacceptable. north carolina should be called
11:45 pm
for the president for sure. arizona. fox should rescind that call. we have to do this in a right way. it was really poor how it was done. florida, we didn't seen the panhandle. the president was up so much with miami-dade early in mail-in rballots. there was no way he would lose by florida and won by 400,000 votes in the end. >> sean: you told me that before election day. i had faith, hope and trust. i watched eric trump and pam bondi today in pennsylvania. donald trump up over 400,000 votes. they introduced a poll watcher. should be able to watch the polls. is it postmarked and have the signature? not allowed near it. doesn't that almost render that vote, take away all trust that people have in it? >> especially when you have these vote dumps that are
11:46 pm
happening a day or two after election night. one candidate has a huge win and then the fortunes change. it causes people to have no a confidence in the process. >> sean: i don't have confidence in a lot of these states. do you agree with me? >> what i am seeing in wisconsin and pennsylvania is troubling sean. >> sean: troubling? this is the united states of america.nsni i think we are capable if we want to fix this, we can get this right and learn from florida. good job, governor. when we come back dan bongino and ari fleischer straight ahead.fl our retirement plan with voya gives us confidence. they help us with achievable steps along the way... we can spend a bit today, knowing we're prepared for tomorrow. wow dad, do you think you overdid it maybe? i don't think so... what do you think, peanut? nope! honey, do you think we overdid it?
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>> sean: awaiting more results in crucial states.
11:51 pm
here with more fox news contributors dan bongino and ari fleischer. our pollsters they got it right. the trafalgar group. they saw the same thing. african-americans and hispanic. >> after 2012 when mitt romney lost to barack obama. i said to grow the party republicans need to do better with hispanics and blacks. that's what donald trump just did. win, lose or draw, donald trump should be known for this. look at the numbers. this is john mccain's vote. 8% to donald trump when he ran for the first time.
11:52 pm
12%. he trimmed john mccain's numbers and doubled mitt romney's. hispanics. 32% last night hispanic vote for donald trump. this is how you make in roads. i could add the jewish vote. 30.5% for donald trump. way up from his numbers. donald trump expanded the party in numerous ways. to say racist, they are wrong. >> sean: if you take covid out of this. record low unemployment for every demographic. it could be so much higher and
11:53 pm
would have been so much higher. something is emerging, dan, i see the democratic party as the rich coastal elite party and donald trump standing up for the working men and women and building a border. less competition and jobs for americans first. i seear donald trump's version f the republican party as the future of a new republican party that stands up for working men and women of all backgrounds and races. >> sean, i said on the network this past saturday night before the election, regardlesss of wht the republican party owes donald trump a debt of gratitude. sean, can we be candid? the series of candidates in 2016 were nice guys, but do you think any would have beat hillary oclinton? a lot would have no appeal in wisconsin. the fact we are talking about wisconsin and michigan tonight and talking about them that thea
11:54 pm
were close, we don't know what the outcome will be until every vote is counted. we are having these conversations. do you know what the nickname for pennsylvania was for republicans before donald trump? it was called fools gold. every republican would lose by 10 points. donald trump is up in pennsylvania for the second election in a row. you owe the man a debt of gratitude telling working class african-americans and hispanicsr we care about you. we are not aristocrats. that's the democrat. >> sean: think of all the states that used to be competitive. virginia, not anymore. colorado. donald trump made pennsylvania competitive again. all of these states, the map got smaller for republicans.
11:55 pm
you are saying it can grow? >> look at the map tonight sean. i am not convinced arizona is over for donald trump. >> sean: me either. >> it would not surprise me if arizona changes. keep your eyes on arizona. it's not over. if trump gets pennsylvania and arizona, he is reelected. will it happen? we just have to wait and see. do not rule it out. >> sean: maricopa the first wave of maricopa votes. we will explain when we come back on "hannity." s
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>> sean: i have been on the phone all day with sources in arizona. starting out tonight 600,000 votes not counted. they were very clear. donald trump needed 57% out of maricopa county to remain
12:00 am
competitive to where he could win the state of arizona. he hit that number in the first wave. also watching pennsylvania. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, here we go. it's like a bad dream. counting votes and pimples and dimples. i am worried about pennsylvania. counting the votes, simple and dimpled and perforated, i am worried about pennsylvania. >> china gave us the virus, the virus gave the democrats an edge, democrats used that edge to push through mail in voting, mail in voting gives us perhaps an election result that otherwise would not have occurred. >> changing deadlines. >> that's what we are seeing in the united states of america.


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