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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 5, 2020 8:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> that is the president is the president of the united states. most powerful person in the world and vcm like in obese turtle on his back flailing in the hot sun realizing his time is over. >> no words. >> counts are narrowing in both directions depending on the battlefield. let's start with pennsylvania. the president held a commanding six-figure lead there just hour ago. it's now down to just over 26,000 votes. over democratic nominee joe biden. georgia now whittled down to just 1800 votes. the margin in favor of the president. in arizona has been moving in the other direction making up some ground against biden with nearly 90 percent of the vote tally there are so far. maricopa in pima county's updating the latest numbers tonight in maricopa were told 3 south thousand 700 votes work,
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but the president got 422,706 additional votes. he also picked up more votes in the latest update from pima county braid between those two counties there are still 252,00 and provisional ballots were told left a process. north carolina's and the president's favor with 94 percent of the vote in very it's been a while since the numbers in north carolina chang much. tonight the president sounding the alarm is the vote count narrows substantially in biden' favorite things too late counts favoring urban strongholds as well as mail in pallets for a decent loyalist from his team and his family out to do battle. >> between 75, 100,000 and in some cases 23.5000 ballots show up, not one single trumped voter . does anyone believe this is possible? because it's not very it's a statistical impossibility.
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it's happening not just once, but over and over again varied this is the kind of nonsense that has to stop. >> welcome to fox news at night i am channon bream in washington . wheatland vizard has more on what the president president is saying about the vote count tonight per at. >> as president goes behind things look worse than they did 24 hours ago, especially in pennsylvania and georgia. that narrows the president's path to 207 electoral college votes and thus as i can turn. let's go state-by-state. based on the decision the map looks exactly the same as it di last night with nevada, pennsylvania, north carolina an georgia still up for grabs giving joe biden the current to hundred 624 votes. either of those gives the rates to biden. president trump needs to run th table or some combination of that if he puts arizona back in place, now we'll look at things and how they have changed in th
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past 24 hours. last night at 11:00 p.m. and georgia the president was up by 31,000 votes come at tonight that down to less than 2,000. that's where dawn jr. was. in north carolina he was up 76,000. tonight it is about the same. pennsylvania last night up 1,624,000. tonight just down to 26,000. hundreds of thousands of ballot left to count. if we go out west, they did close a little bit in arizona. last night, biden led by 79,000 now that's down to 46,000. thousands more ballots to count in nevada. biden's 8,000 has grown to 11,000. the president says he knows what's happening. >> there are now only a few states yet to be decided in the presidential race. the voting apparatus in those states are run in all cases by democrats. we were winning in all the key locations by a lot actually.
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and then our numbers started miraculously getting whittled away in secret. >> the president blamed for various groups for his current predicament including pool stores, and more. president trump team is now on the ground in georgia, pennsylvania, nevada, and arizona where they say a combination of lawsuits and activism will put him over the top. specifically in pa, his campaig complained observers were kept from seeing what was happening during the count in philadelphi and arizona. there are still votes to count. >> biden has claimed certain states and i have claimed the states, but ultimately i have a feeling that george's judges ar going have to roll. there's been a lot of shenanigans and we can't stand for that in our country. gig at the president began the day tweeting stop that count which is this very moment would leave him ahead head in some states and he needs and behind and others leaving him short of 270.
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at that conference, more like a statement than a news conferenc from a prepared text, he clarified that he wanted to sto the count and what he calls illegal ballots, but keep counting legal ones. >> not unlike the rest of the country the biden campaign remains on edge waiting calls from georgia, pennsylvania, and nevada where the candidates are separated by razor thin margins. >> joe biden is confident he will hit 270, they campaign thanks is when will be sizable in pennsylvania, there also confident about and they consider georgia a tossup. of these results are trickling in and joe biden is to let the process play out. >> democracy sometime is missing
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. sometimes requires a little patience as well. that patient has been awarded now for more than 240 years. the cistern of governance and that has been the envy of the world. >> the campaign thanks that president trump is seeing the same data, prompting the president and his allies to aggressively indicate which tea biden seized create a cloud of confusion and cast out on the legitimacy of the results. at team was assembled months ag in response to what they saw as disinformation being pumped out at that point already by the president. the biden lawyers committee is headed up by general counsel an former white house counsel bob bauer, plus two former and walter dillinger both supreme court and appellate court who each served at one point is the fourth highest ranking official at the department of justice. eric holder is also part of tha
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effort. aspect of the campaign's core most lawyer tonight, bob bauer and he says there's really no worry that any of these lawsuit delay the process because the they suits they are brought so far just don't have any merit, and they reference the case it explained by the campaign this morning in oppressor, listen. >> the term campaign really trusted that georgia counties separate any and all late arriving ballots. i think you're seeing that that's stuff what they're already doing because that's what the law requires. so you have a petition that is expressed as a basis for a lawsuit demanding that election officials do what election officials are already doing.
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>> the team is pulling together but there are reports that republicans are retaining control of the senate might limit joe biden on his cabinet positions to anyone that mitch m cconnell and republicans would be likely to confirm and that republican confirmed senat and that does not occlude progressives according to reports. >> their confirmation battles can get tough as we have seen. thank you. >> as elections commissions nationwide continue to work through counting every vote. concern considered about the employee did him a sea of some votes being put in the mix. looking into those issues tonight per. >> one-word separate suppositions of joe biden and donald trump on tabulating election results, legal. the biden camp says count every vote the term camp says count every legal vote, and they are battling for that in multiple states including nevada where the president trailed by roughl 11,000 votes to more than 100,000 left to be counted the term campaign followed a lawsui alleging thousands of votes already processed were illegall cast by people who no longer live in the state. they have initially identified 362 voters who, but still cast
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ballots, they did that by cross-referencing change of address records and say the number is likely far higher. the governor called the allegations misleading, dangerous, and false, but republicans are not backing down . >> it is unacceptable in this country to have illegal votes counted. that is what is happening in th state of nevada. giving legal people a sense tha the system is corrupt. >> in michigan judge rejected a similar lawsuit suggesting the evidence was hearsay and that ballot county is largely completed. similar suit filed by john jame alleges he was leading his race until tens of thousands of ballots certainly appeared overnight. no ruling on his claims of election interference and widespread alert regularities.
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in pennsylvania where hundreds of thousands of ballots are uncounted. they are contesting the legalit and integrity of the process is the president's lead shrink. urging both sides to agree to 6 observers each inside the convention centers. >> we will not let the people o pennsylvania we want an electio observer for every single ballots. >> in arizona, trump supporters swarmed the election headquarters demanding a fair account. the state was called for biden, but the president's campaign said that was premature with 700,000 votes still on the tabl there. the latest batch tallied at nearly 60 percent favoring the president. >> if the current trends continue, as we have seen, because we follow the science, president trump is going to overtake joe biden and we are going to win, arizona,.
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could get another suit clad in georgia over late arriving ballots was dismissed today. the judge of fight insufficient evidence that president leading there by less than 1800 votes. >> the numbers keep getting tighter and we will continue to track them. rick, thank you. in pennsylvania, the battle ove which ballots will be a part of the states final tally and whic ones won't continues with more legal maneuvering today. good evening. >> good evening. people are very fired up in thi city. earlier this evening a couple hundred biden supplied supporters out here in front of the philadelphia convention center reading signs that said count every vote, but there are multiple legal battles of brewing in the state right now and some of those are really in jeopardy the first one were watching right now is the deadline for when absent teen i
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milton voters can provide missing proof of identification. republicans hearsay the secretary of the commonwealth illegally extended that deadlin from november 9 to november 12, that is three extra days. after november 9th. they don't know yet what's goin to happen to these ballots, but they're going to go into a separate pile. here is another legal battle, president trump now trying to intervene in an ongoing appeal before the supreme court filed by pennsylvania republicans lon before the election even happen. republicans here claim the stat legislature set the deadline fo counting milling ballots for election day day. and that state democrats and th secretary of state unlawfully extended that to fridays november 6. latebreaking this evening also commit a judge ruled that republicans and democrats can have 60 observers each inside the ballot counting area as lon
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as they stay about 6 feet away and they stay behind a barrier. this is interesting, the judge telling both sides that he expects everyone to act in good faith and if they can show the world that both sides can act reasonably to resolve this, tha would be a wonderful thing and wouldn't it be a wonderful thing . >> that judge does not want thi coming back to his courtroom. we will see if everybody can behave. we will check back in. to the term campaign score a legal victory in pennsylvania t help the ballot counting until observers were allowed within the process only for the city t immediately file it peel with the street supreme court and continue counting votes. the legal team in the middle of the fight, she joins us live, pam, great to have you back wit us tonight. >> shannon, you do. >> exley net so people
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understand. people it was my understanding that there is no right for a bipartisan viewer poll watchers to be in any precinct when thes things are being counted. wide then the appeal to stop yo from being able to see what's going on. it may be totally innocent in there, but what it communicates to the average american worried about votes being counted does not telegraph a lot of confidence in the process. >> we have the legal right to b in there. if they don't have anything to hide, i don't know why they wouldn't want us in there. it's a legal process. what they did it originally was they put up a police barricade and it was approximately it sai 30 feet, but it was more like 100 feet when you look at how huge this convention center roo is. so they kept our poll watchers about 100 feet away. they couldn't get near it, then they brought in binoculars. that's interesting because firs they tried to deny them having
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binoculars. they let them have binoculars and they still could not see anything bright it's important. this is the law. we are allowed to watch these ballots being counted. they were denied that. so thins a judge came in, issue a ruling said barriers were moved up to 6 feet away, but what they did, they moved the ballot machines back into the back of the room. it was absurd what they were doing to our poll watchers. we have had no meaningful way t observe the ballot count. then, it continued to do that. so now the judge said 60 people can come in, except to see it's the exact same set up. so we are entitled to observe every outset outside of those vote counts, and we have not been able to do that, not once. our poll watcher could not see one single ballots counted, not one. >> and all of us should want
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that. it doesn't matter who you voted for what party you're with, issue one democrats and republicans poll watchers to have the opportunity to keep an eye on things. let me play this from bob bauer. he is to be white house counsel but here's what he said about the process going on. >> the term campaign is continually alleging irregularity, fillers of the sisters of fraud without any basis. this as part of a broader misinformation campaign that involves some political theater. >> we heard the same thing tonight from the governor, a democrat in nevada were another lawsuit has been filed. he said this is spreading disinformation it's touring people up it's upsetting the presidents base and other americans with this information that you're not pointing to specific cases of fraud, you're just filing lawsuits. >> it sad that bob bauer who is
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in the attorney would say that. knowing that none of us were able to observe one single vote being counted, which is our legal rights. it's really sad he would say that. since this is happened multiple people are coming forward. they have been coming forward. we have postal workers who had said they were told either not to post ballots or to backdate ballots coming in. we have a gentleman who died on august 1st, and now we know he registered to vote on august 8. we can go on and on and go to and you can see where to contac your local official through the trump campaign if you've experienced fraud if you know anything about fraud that is happening in the election in an state, and we will get it to th proper state. this is going on. it's rampant, and again, our elections are about honesty and integrity. if they have nothing to hide,
8:18 pm
let him see these votes being counted. i'm only aware of it happening in pennsylvania of them walking us out of the districts that ar highly democratic. if it's a red district come at their wedding as observe everything great if it's a blue district, they are not. that should be troubling with your democrat, republican, or independent. >> regardless of how your candidate is doing it these are actual allegations of fraud nee to be sworn under oath. and dealt with. we can talk to people who say their witnesses and see if they're willing to go on the record. former florida attorney general part of the trump legal team. the lawsuits mount and they counting continues. on the rewriting and watching o these votes, are they always en
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>> the votes counting drama continues out west with the ter campaign announcing a lawsuit i nevada over thousands of allege illegal voters insisting president trump will prevail in arizona where they counting continues. the very list latest of tonight. >> good evening. let's begin with nevada, the federal lawsuit you mentioned was filed in nevada just a shor time ago. a cochair with the term campaig says they filed it to highlight ongoing voter fraud and voter difference enfranchisement and in clark county, nevada.
8:24 pm
they are calling on the justice department to investigate. they announced in a tweet, they say our lawyers just sent a criminal referral to regarding at least 362 instances of voter fraud. we expect that number to grow substantially. by casting ballots after they knew moved from nevada. let's take a look back here in arizona. we are in the parking lot of th maricopa county elections office , and you can see that we have a crowd here tonight however i will say they are muc calmer than they were last night . it was much more rowdy and upsetting last night. they are decrying the calling o arizona for former vice president joe biden by fox news channel and the associated press . in maricopa county, 225,569 eyelets are still outstanding.
8:25 pm
in this state of arizona, and approximately to hundred 85,000 from that earlier number in maricopa county. after the most recent reporting the president has tightened jus a bit the president narrowing t just 46,667 votes behind biden. here up arizona's republican party, kelly ward is demanding fox news retracted the fox news decision desk call on the grand canyon start state for a bite impaired today gop leaders in the state say they continuing count will end in the president favor. >> every legal ballot must be counted. we are here to protect every legal vote. if the current trends continue, as we have seen as we see the signs. president trump is going to overtake joe biden. >> on another issue now, today, the attorney general for arizon
8:26 pm
released a statement on that sharpie controversy here in short there is a citizen lawsui and there have been complaints that some voters were given sharpies to fill out their ballots and those voters believ there ballots were being denied. the arizona teco terry estate told me than a matter of the type of every ballots will be counted and now the ag here wrote a letter saying they have now investigated and found no wrongdoing with regard to the sharpie. shannon, they have change the schedule here in maricopa count when they are going to do those data dumps usually we would expect something a little later tonight that would not happen. they're letting their workers rest tonight, they said the nex data dump will come at 9:00 a.m in the morning tomorrow at 11:0. the secretary of state is feeling good about having a goo idea of the result here by tomorrow. >> despite joe biden's current
8:27 pm
lead in the race to get the 270 electoral college votes. they are feeling bullish today calling a legal victory ordinat ordering meaningful access to philadelphia voting. although you heard and bonnie telling us how that's going. now one top official in the ter campaign predicted not only as early as tomorrow. , mostly marshall and molly hemingway and former assistant attorney general don hume. welcome to all of you. >> she said, after we have lots the change. she announced they have hundred of thousands of ballots still t count. what do you make of the timeline ? some states have it under control they're getting it done ahead of time. pennsylvania is always going to
8:28 pm
be in the it's going to be in the spotlight because it's a critical battleground state, bu what do you make of the fact that we find out that there are still hundreds of thousands of ballots told to go brachii thin it's not just they keep finding ballots that need to be counted but the manner in which they ar being counted. the foundation of our republic is not just that we have elections, but that we have elections that we can really count on and rely on. that's not just about voting, but also having transparency an accountability in the counting of the votes. as counts drag on for days upon days upon days, and, as for som reason these democratic-controlled areas do not want people in observing th counting of the ballots. that would be one thing if they counting of the ballots was coming in fairly evenly for joe biden and donald trump, but whe their coming in overwhelmingly for joe biden, it's not unreasonable for republicans to be extremely upset about their lack of access to the counting of them. this is important because no matter who ends up living this
8:29 pm
election, they need to have confidence in results. if they hear about things happening in michigan, nevada, pennsylvania and all these things that happen to be happening in battleground state were donald trump was up big on election night and his ballot keeps getting found going in favor of his opponent. it makes trump supporters feel like this is a rigged system. rigged not just because of counting, but how the entire campaign was handled. >> okay. the pennsylvania secretary of state who we heard from earlier tonight, points us out in a tweet that she once tweeted using the title president befor trump really demeans the office of the presidency. he goes on to ask this is who i in charge of counting ballots i pennsylvania? doesn't make sense what's going on now. to molly's point, when joe bide turned out to be the winner her he's going to work into a very divided country. they are all these questions about why people can't get into
8:30 pm
watch the votes and is provided by law. why not then let them in and ge people give them more transparency with the process. >> there are so many things. i know i have limited time, but i was going to say some stuff regarding what molly said. the supreme court ruled that north carolina if you're ballot is by election day, have a certain dated counted, and that's why these elections go o dates and days. specifically in pennsylvania th mail-in ballots are counted last , not first like in many other states. and that is not a democratic, but a republican legislature in the pennsylvania that did that. shannon coming to your point about the woman who was not in office, it was not in this position, date of tweet that sh did not like the president obviously by that tweet, but we also have people that are running elections in various states that are registered
8:31 pm
republicans, registered democrats, that is going to happen. joe biden has a difficult task rate i wouldn't want to be presidents, but i don't understand why anybody would want the job my center to meet the other day. you have covid 19, have the hig numbers of just continuing to grow, we're worried about winter ,. >> i don't want to get too far off track. i want to stick to some of thes legal fights and what we're talking about. upon to bring and i think it's important to know, he takes the supreme court for the most part they haven't ruled on the merit of these cases in the pennsylvania case is still pending there. >> i want to clarify one point. the u.s. supreme court has neither blessed nor rejected what is going on in pennsylvani right now. the case is still sitting there. to show up and see if the supreme court will hear the case . there is a fundamental issue here that is the pennsylvania
8:32 pm
legislature under the constitution has the sole right to set the rules about how to take an election and run in election. the pennsylvania supreme court change the date when the ballot were due by three dates. the constitutional question was was that unconstitutional and had all the ballots they came i after election day be thrown out ? could get when the constitution said it's up to state legislatures, that is the question, the key the supreme court have to go two if they take this case, not weather judges and other bodies outside the legislature can change the rules after they were set by th legislature. thank you all. stick around, a lot to talk about but next step, how democrats did not see that blue wave after all. the gop picked up seats and several house races are still undecided at this hour. minority whip steve scalise joins usfor to weigh and live . 2020 lowest 5-year cost to own brand,
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some serious anger inventing we are told about how their party handled the messaging in the run-up to the election. headline on the hills saying th family meeting descending into chaos. reactions of reports in the we bring in minority whip louisian representative steve scully sprayed congressman, good to have you back. >> always good to be with you. >> congresswoman we were told was very heated on the call, very upset at she said we lost races we shouldn't have lost, defund the police almost cost m my race because of an attack ad. don't say socialism ever again. we need to get back to basics. it seems like the messaging wor for you guys, you picked up seats most of us did not expect you to pick up. how do you feel about that? could get a feel good. a great wee one in lot of races that the experts didn't expect, but we did because we knew the
8:38 pm
content as we head in the message look, this really came down to the fight between freedom and socialism. and whether they are angry today , they weren't angry when they were pushing that radical agenda. that was so out of touch with the country. the green new deal, medicare fo all, private health insurance, defunding police, they voted fo all that stuff and then they were upset when the voters rejected the radical shift to the left. that's where the candidates had a great message that we stand for getting our economy back open, getting schools reopened, for rounding the corner on covid , for continuing to keep taxes low so we can greet more jobs and that was the message, support our police, support the unborn. they were for killing babies outside the womb periods they wouldn't bring a bill to the floor debate on that. they wonder why they were rejected that the bull spread. >> speaker pelosi is still celebrating what happen.
8:39 pm
she said in 2016 we won 40 seat we went to reprinted trump districts, but clearly, with trump on the ballot, we knew it would be so far of the 30 district they hold that trump won in 2016, we have one over our head in 70 percent of those races. there have been chapters of whiskers about whether with or would be a challenge of leadership. she seems to be good at fending those often leads every single one of these races outstanding goes your way. she will still be the speaker o the house, so how do you perceive they are in the minority? >> first of all, she can revisi history, but i was doing it in national interview the day of the election. she was predicting at least ten seats they would gain if not more. i was countering that. as we find out of course, we ar open at least eight. there are still some places on the east because that art we ar leading in.
8:40 pm
she has a tough time because sh embraced the socialist left, sh led the squad and the socialist members of their party run the agenda for the last two years. they started with impeachment, they went after the president every single day. they didn't work with him on even things that their own members agreed with. we could have gotten infrastructure built. we had the ability help our small businesses and help families get another round of ppp loans that they held back, they held those small businesse hostage. they were punished it at the polls for those kind of partisa tactics. >> members of the squad when there races. they are sticking around and they say they expect that if biden becomes president, they'v got to progressive laundry list for him and they say there's no time to shirk back from that an they're going to push and they want to get those things done. >> that's right, they're going to continue to purge further to the left. they sure didn't get the messag
8:41 pm
because they were districts are far left socialist districts. clearly the battlegrounds and there's about 30 of them where that districts one or one or tw points either way. those are the areas we pick up seats and where we will continu to gain even more. the two that you heard on the call today were really ringing the alarm, the problem is there not a control on the left. the left him at the socialist left is controlling the house and pelosi's agenda right now. >> the number of races outstanding for it in the meantime, congressman steve scully's, thank you for your time. >> great being with you. >> what can the election in 2011 , all those weeks of legal wrangling tell us what we could expect in the days to come? we will talk with someone a par of that legal team for the bush winning team in 2000, and he is next. ight? ight? yup, on it there too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease...
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8:46 pm
election came down to one state and this country spent a month waiting for the two. was a part of the bush legal team in 2000. good to see you tonight, john. >> thank you for having me on. >> you said it's important for the trump team to move to invalidate disputed ballots, they say they're going to lose some of these. >> time is not the president's friend. the american public is going to get an education. the safe harbor date which is this year is the eighth or nine everybody has to decide and certify their vote, who won their state bird then, their
8:47 pm
electoral votes have to be cast by the first monday after the second wednesday in december which i believe is the 14th. then it gets messy and all breaks lose. not want to give a law school class, but the legislature in the states extensively have the right to then award the votes t the candidate they want to. >> just to give people a little bit of a neck sprain or. based on those other deadlines you pointed out paren we would only have a single vote in the house of representatives and th what if it's not a tie, what if
8:48 pm
we don't know if this is still tied up in court at that point, just a kick to the house, is it about the state legislature making a decision? >> by the 14th, if there's not a decision by then. originally, each state legislature used to be the one that would award the electoral votes to the candidate they selected. over the years, over the last their own statutes have awarded that right. the right is called a penalty right meaning each state legislature technically has the right to sort of pull the right to vote back into their state legislature and then decide which candidate they want to avoid award the votes to. it gets dicey when you have a
8:49 pm
state that has republican legislature, majority limit jus later. i don't know what happens there impaired i don't know that anyone give you a definitive answer. if nothing happens and nothing is decided by inauguration day, in january, then that's when th other doomsday scenario cakes and where it goes to the house of representatives and you each state only has one vote. >> that is a lot to digest. and for people to think about. i'm told by my illustrious producer that al gore has told nbc he said this election is totally different than what happen in 2000. quickly, can you tell us if you agree or disagree? to get the last one was about whether the machines were correctly counting the ballots this time it's about whether there was tim to make broad. really two different issues. i think this is not going to ge resolved by the 14th, it's goin to get messy.
8:50 pm
>> we will probably have you back will see if it ends up at the supreme court, the house, the legislature, we'll see. thanks for your time. president from gaining ground with latino voters, whether he wins or loses, is there a growing opportunity for republicans? we dig into the numbers next.
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>> warnings at florida, and texas could flip blue tuesday. never materialized thanks in part to the president making inroads and support from latino voters. at one texas county, that personifies that shift. >> the race for the white house was not as close here in texas as some of the polls suggested ahead of election day. president trump won the state b more than six points in the dat coming in shows they picked up some supports. they heavily impacted by immigration policy and devastated by the pandemic vote to elect the president, flippin their support since 2016.
8:55 pm
when hillary clinton when that part of texas with 39 percent. this go around, joe biden carried the same counties with 15, less than half. also, despite senator kamala harris making last-minute campaign stops, in places like mcallen, texas on the friday before election day. >> i think both of the parties moving forward. need to figure out exactly what latino closer voters are meetin and wanting. and i think this could potentially make the latino vot more and more important moving forward. they say that data is puzzling because these are areas of texa they tend to be more democratic strongholds because of the population, but they don't yet know the driving reason behind why so many changed their mind in 2020 and flipped their support to president trump. >> thank you very much afraid w are continuing to watch tonight as new vote totals.
8:56 pm
we have all of it for you and w have been extra hour for you tonight. we are staying live through 1:0 aspirate continuing special election coverage with the latest updates after this break. ♪
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other side effects may occur. if you're 65+, don't settle for a standard-dose flu shot. move up to superior flu protection. see your health care provider and ask for fluzone high-dose quadrivalent by name. ♪ >> vote count narrowing in both directions pending on the battlefield, starting ui with pennsylvania and the president held a commanding six-figure lead to just hours ago and now down to less than 25,000 votes and the democratic nominee joe biden. georgia, whittled down to less than 1800 votes, and the margin in favor of the president in arizona moving in the other direction with the president making up ground with 90% of the votes tallying so far. more numbers coming, updating their numbers tonight. 31,700 up additional votes and of our vice president joe biden, but the president got 42,776
9:01 pm
additional votes and more votes in the latest update county. between the two counties were told that there is 252,000 early and provisional ballots left to process. north carolina holding steady, president's favor with 94% of the vote in. it's been a while since any of the numbers in westrick carolina have changed, not where were going with a rimming 6%. the president sounding the alarm as the votes it narrows in biden's favor, favoring democratic urban strongholds as well as mail in ballots. the president has loyalists from his teams and about a family to do battle. >> i guess there's 123.5000 ballots showing up, not one single trump voter. it does anyone believe that this is possible? >> no. >> it's not, it's a statistical impossibility and it's not
9:02 pm
happening just once, but over and over again. this is the kind of nonsense that has to stop. >> shannon: hello, welcome back >> sean: 17, extended coverage i'm shannon bream in washington, kicking the hour off with leland better. and more with the president about the vote count tonight. good evening, good morning, here on the east coast. >> the past 24 hours have not been kind to the president in pennsylvania, georgia, that really narrows his path to 270. it's identical to where it was, 24 hours ago, based on the desk calls, joe biden currently has 264 electoral college votes. many of the states on the map with the exception of alaska gives the race to joe biden. president trump needs to essentially run the table or some combination of it if he puts arizona back in play. the last 24 hours things have changed dramatically
9:03 pm
state-by-state. midnight in georgia, president up by 28,000 and then less than 2,000. of north carolina up 76,000, about the same night, up 164,000. ten nights, you can see his lead is just about 22,000 votes they are. out west where the president has closed a little bit, president trump lead in arizona 79,000 last night. now biden optus 46,000 as he pointed out. a quarter of a million ballots out there. nevada, former vice president has wide in his lead from 75 votes since yesterday to 11,480 today. the president says he knows what's happening. speak all there now only a few states to be decided in the presidential race. the winning apparatus of the states are run in all by democrats. we were winning in all the key locations by allowing actually.
9:04 pm
then our number started and miraculously getting whittled away. in secret. >> the president blame various groups for his current predicament including posters, the media, more, president trump's team is now on the ground in georgia. with a singular message saying they will win. specifically saying a combination of lawsuit and activism will put them over the top in pennsylvania and his campaign observers were kept from seeing what was happening during counting in philadelphia and arizona. they're mad at fox news for calling the state for biden with more votes to count. >> i've claimed certain states, but ultimately of a feeling judges will have to rule. but there's a lot of shenanigans and we can't stand for that in our country. >> as i talk to a senior member of the trump campaign tonight about the typing in pennsylvania and how arizona did not seem to be closing in the way that they
9:05 pm
had discussed, you've got a very talkback, thus president will win arizona and -- >> shannon: leland better, thank you. not unlike the rest of the country, the bed and campaign on edge tonight i went in calls from pennsylvania, account ongoing in arizona. separated by razor-thin margins in a lot of places tonight, jacqui heinrich reporting live from wilmington delaware. hey. >> hey, shannon, joe biden is confident he will hit 270. the campaign chose his win will be sizable in pennsylvania and confident about arizona and nevada but they consider georgia to be a toss-up. as the totals trickle in, the former vice president is urging americans to sit back and let the process play out.
9:06 pm
>> sometimes democracy is messy and requires patience. but it's been rewarded now for more than 240 years. a system of governance that's been the envy of the world. >> the campaign think president trump is seeing the same data prompting his allies to aggressively litigate which of the biden campaign sees as an effort to create a cloud of confusion and cast out on the of the result. but there campaign months ago in response to what they saw and disinformation from the president already coming on at that time. the biden lawyers committee is headed up by former white house attorney, walter dollinger, both supreme court advocates. who each served as the fourth highest ranking official at the department of justice. also former obama administrator
9:07 pm
is part of that. bob bauer, he said that there is no worry that any of the lawsuits have drowned out the process because the basis that they are being brought on has no merit. they reference one case which they claimed earlier this morning. >> the trump campaign requested that georgia county separate any and all late arriving ballots. that's what the election officials are doing because that's what the law requires. you have he suspicion that's experienced as the basis for the lawsuit demanding volitional demand election officials what they're already doing. >> meantime, biden transition team pulling together but there are reports that republicans possibly remaining in control of the senate could really limit joe biden's ability to nominate cabinet positions to some of the folks that he was hoping for those positions. there is report that may be mitch mcconnell, not friendly
9:08 pm
to progressives, shannon. >> shannon: i think that's right. jacqui heinrich, thank you very much. >last two nights we have seen te return of some of the more violent unrest that we witnessed over the summer on the very large scale. correspondent rich edson on the protest watch for us tonight. what can you tell us? >> good evening, shannon, we are right about black lives matter plaza, just a few hundred yards from the white house. this is the epicenter of protests in washington, d.c. we've had a couple of protests throughout the day going back to election day, but this momentum here in washington in particular has slowed down certainly as this very slow count trying to figure out who is winning this and going to win the election continues. we've had some activity throughout the country. starting in new york with the new york police department, now saying an officer was pushed to the ground and then had a chain pressed against his throat.
9:09 pm
a police say they arrested the person and will charge them with assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and attempted strangulation. in manhattan, also, black lives matter protesters in groups trending that donald trump us finished in philadelphia. trump and biden supporters waiting it out. protesters demanding officials and courts to allow pennsylvania to keep doing what it is doing. counting millions of male and the absentee ballots. phoenix, arizona, about 100 trump protesters protested outside the election center. the officials created a freedom of speech is own to the building clear. these are also reports of election officials across the u.s. saying they received threats, concern for their safety. this is after president trump continues claiming without evidence that there is widespread voter fraud. local officials are trying to
9:10 pm
reassure the crowds. >> i really want to make sure you understand something that's important in defense of the folks in this building. the new machines are actually made to check that ballots with sharpie ink on them. and they offset the ones on the back so that if you vote for somebody on the front and it bleeds through, it doesn't over vote on the back and recheck your ballot. >> another state where the ongoing count shows for vice president or joe biden holding to a narrow lead, more trump protesters as county election officials tallied ballots. as this, the vote totals come in and there's no major network that's called this race in either direction so what we have gone here is people waiting and seeing perhaps we will see some activity this evening. if we do get a major call, but for now, we send it back to you. if shannon. >> shannon: rich, thank you so much. in pennsylvania, the battle over which ballots will be part of the states final tally in which
9:11 pm
one won't. continuing with plenty more legal breaks today, correspondent aisha haas and he has the very latest and live in philly. a good evening. >> shannon, good evening. the ballot counting continues at this hour at the philadelphia convention center that you can see right behind me. listen, there are multiple legal battles underway in the state right now that could put some of the votes in jeopardy. the first one we are watching right now surrounds the deadline for when absentee and mail in voters can provide missing proof of identification. if republicans say the secretary of the commonwealth illegally extended the deadline from november 9th to november 12th. that's a whole three extra days. if a here ordered counties to start separating the ballots that is verified after november 9th. we do not know what's going to happen to the ballots yet but they're going to be put into a separate file. what we're watching right now is this one, president trump now trying to intervene in a ongoing
9:12 pm
appeal. actually long before the election, the republicans claim that the state legislature set the deadline for accounting mail in ballots for election day. that same democrats and the secretary of state unlawfully extended the deadline to friday, november 6. late-breaking this evening, shannon, judges ruled that republicans and democrats can have 60 ballot observers inside right now as long as they are 6 feet away from those ballot counters and that they are standing behind a barrier. judge telling both sides he expects both sides to act in good faith and show the world that they can act reasonably. he hopes it's going to happen and he says if it does it would be a wonderful thing. of shannon. >> shannon: aishah hasnie, live for us in philly, thank you. trump supporters gathering on the steps of the pennsylvania
9:13 pm
capital calling on officials there to count every legal vote. talk about the impact in the new rallying cry, the president and his supporters, leslie marshall, steve hilton, diff editor in chief author, john you, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, shannon. >> shannon: starting with you, that's critical. if there's a lot of criticism saying the president is trying to stop votes, stop counting. when his team is saying is that we only want legal votes counted and we talked about in last hour the case is pending before the supreme court out of pennsylvania actually involves a lot of ballots that there is a question of whether or not they are legal. there is distinction there. >> that's right, shannon, the supreme court reminded us several of the election cases are going to, the wisconsin, north carolina, pennsylvania, that there is the right to vote under the constitution, but states have the right to regulate it in order to have the orderly election.
9:14 pm
justice kavanaugh for example said that just picking election day itself means there's a line between valid ballots which are cast and once cast after the day and declared invalid. at the right to vote as we get to disregard the state rules. this is the key issue that's coming up out of pennsylvania to the u.s. supreme court, justice of the supreme court called on the court to accelerate the case and he said the constitution says the state legislature sets all the rules and pennsylvania supreme court cannot and has to be overruled. >> shannon: leslie, what about that? there's a number of states that have gone or organizations within the states that have gone to the supreme court and said that's the deal. only the state legislatures are the one that gets us at the policies. they point to governors and other bodies outside the legislatures and others that are tweaking election laws in the state. only the state legislature is supposed to be making those changes. that does affect which ballots
9:15 pm
are considered legit and should be counted. >> absolutely. there's a couple of problems here. when you have so many people interfering in the sense with the process, it really contributes to voter turnout. we have seen it in the past, why do people not vote? they don't feel their coat demand vote counts and if you say in the state your ballot has to be postmarked by the state even if it gets and later, the state of pennsylvania, well, people officially during a pandemic hopefully never again, you know, the people aren't going to have confidence that their vote counts. every vote and when we say votes, here's the other thing, shannon, we look historically at the rulings. even in pennsylvania throughout the votes, you talk about 10,000 and looking at the numbers, i think joe biden is with pennsylvania and will win by more than 10,000. 10,000 people will feel disenfranchised if the decision
9:16 pm
goes the way that trump camping wants it to. >> shannon: steve, there's people who say that they don't have confidence for the entire system because they were giving the numbers and polling that it's wildly off like it was last time around dinky critical senate races. at the national numbers, there are those who are going to complain and say that they did not have good information going into the voting booth. >> that's right. i think what we are seeing here is a slow collapse of trust in the electoral system. of course, the country, and it's all the fault of the democrats in the run-up to the election, made all those kinds of dramatic changes on a massive scale. right at the last minute. when they could have done that before and they could have done it through the proper process, but they didn't. they tried to ram it through, massive changes like mass mail in ballots which hasn't been done before. some states have a tradition of doing that in most of them
9:17 pm
don't. all the changes to the rules done in a illegitimate matter. what's the consequence? people feel that the election has not been run properly. now, the truth is, every election has its fair share of fraud and irregularity and it doesn't matter because the result. of the real problem here is the fact that we've got the incredibly close result. the fact that we have almost the entire media working for joe biden. the huge wall of money, the more money we've ever seen in history behind joe biden. if you have the tech company, surprising any stories that were negative to joe biden. all of that weight behind the biden campaign and they still cannot win. if it is still so close and that's why we are in the situation we should not forget that. >> shannon: john, i want to ask you too, you remember there so many filings in the supreme court the last couple weeks, wisconsin, michigan, north carolina, pennsylvania, you remember which case this is.
9:18 pm
but one of the cases the petitioners were saying listen, the last senate changes were made, they were done by the legislature and now the defendants who were defending the lay changes are saying we cannot change it back now because it's too late. they were wanting to dub benefit of doing something outside the guidelines and the legal parameters for the way it was being done and saying well, it's too late to undo what we did. these are the questions that may end up at the supreme court. of >> that's unfortunate in that case come out. michigan effectively said the count is over and we can't go back and redo it. if the votes are counted and maybe you were not around to watch them be encountered, but tough luck. the thing is, pennsylvania, where everything could come down to, justice alito who's been watching like a hawk, he demanded that all the ballots who come in after election day come out the pennsylvania supreme court wanted to count, had to be segregated from the other ballots. if the court does strike down
9:19 pm
the changes that they're talking about that than you can actually collect all the pallets and remove them. there will be harder to do and all the other states and now we mix them together in the count is over and it's too late. >> we've been told the secretary of state and pennsylvania sent out a letter that they had to segregate those. it is a mention, justice alito and he said by doing so scorch and thomas they have to segregate them out suggesting that this could be a life controversy. okay, panel, thank you very much. and stick, we will come bac baco you for more. live upgrades on the ground where counts come in and in atlanta, georgia, whether narrowing margarine has gone extremely tight that's next. ♪
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♪ >> shannon: there are some
9:24 pm
division among democrats to land, many angry with a far left progressive position that they say because the party seeds in the house. if congressional correspondent chad pergram is here to explain. hey, chad. >> the losers moderate house democrats who lost battleground districts. the winner's house liberals who saw the ranks roads. but the biggest loser of all could be house speaker nancy pelosi. democrats grumbling privately after it failed to increase its numbers. they want nancy pelosi out. some democrats hope caucus chairman challenges nancy pelosi. >> if you're going to challenge nancy pelosi, it's a uphill battle. of >> for >> former north carolina senator should know, he ran against her from you back after they lost the house in 2010 and pelosi handily defeated. >> i understood it. because of the way i handled it, i think it at the very end of the day, it was a very
9:25 pm
respectful challenge. >> pelosi has a hustle to line up votes to reac reclaim the ga. the entire house votes for speaker on january 3rd to end with narrow majority, pelosi cannot avoid many deflections. greatest >> the floor is difficult for the speaker, there's a number of people who did not vote for her last time. >> 15 democrats opposed her in 2019, several of them last tuesday, but some remain standing. nancy pelosi will need to court them. it's because she's the best of o'connor and she knows what it takes to get to the needed number. >> says a former house republican, who once ran for speaker himself. >> if they can expand their base to say that we're not going to vote for you on the floor, you cannot get to 218, then there will be chaos within the caucus. >> he may never come to that. pelosi would know she liked the votes. and couldn't make the graceful exit before an embarrassing loss on the floor.
9:26 pm
shannon. >> shannon: chad pergram, thank you. the vote counting drama continues out west with the trump campaign announcing the brand-new lawsuit in nevada. over a thousand alleged illegal voters and insisting they believe president trump will ultimately prevail in the count in arizona. national correspondent issuing lie from phoenix denied. good evening. >> let's begin in nevada with a federal lawsuit filed by the trump campaign. they filed earlier this evening against the nevada secretary of state and the clark county register, a campaign stain that they did so to highlight voter disenfranchisement. i will read a portion from that filing. irregularities have plagued that the election in clark county including lack of procedures, authenticating mail ballots, and over 3,000 instances of ineligible, individual casting
9:27 pm
ballots. if ballots have been cast on behalf of deceased voters, moreover, the public has often been prohibited from observing e process of mail ballots. much of the work being done in the shadows without public accountability. let's come back here to arizona. where the counting continues and the crowds are straining to dissipate a little bit. at times, they've been chanting "count the votes." i talked to the secretary of state, she assures me that's exactly what is being done right now and it's being done in the time and fashion in which it was planned. she said it happened in past elections and they just need to get it right. also the arizona governor putting on the statement and saying that in a statement in arizona we count votes received up until election day. that's it, no judge has intervened and no less changes have been enacted. were following and establishing errors on the election lot to
9:28 pm
the letter. if here's where things stand at that hour, joe biden's lead narrowed to 46,000, 667 votes ahead of the president. 225,569 votes are still outstanding. in the state of arizona, approximately 285,000. if republican leaders in the states all the way to the hot white house or frustrated. if this date is called for joe biden on election day they held a news conference expressing that the president will overcome here. trump was just behind, there were hundreds and thousands of votes still out. and even still today, there are hundreds of thousands of votes. i will tell you that it's trending in the direction of president donald j. trump. >> shannon>> shannon, we will se
9:29 pm
tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern, 9:00 a.m. local time so we will definitely be watching that. it back to you. >> shannon: alicia acuna alive, thank you. at the race in georgia tightened up considerably tonight. state officials have paused aggregating their accounts, they see the result issues in a couple counties. correspondent steve harrigan is calling the story for us tonight live from atlanta. what's going on, steve? >> it's been a dramatic ride throughout the ride. election day, president trump had a lead in votes of about 300,000. we have seen that gradually decline hour by hour. now, the difference between the two, trump has less than 2,000 vote lead on standing in several counties about six or seven, there still roughly 14,000 votes. if the past hour or so there has not been much movement and many of the poll workers going home for their evening. we heard what president trump thought about the voting so far in georgia.
9:30 pm
>> in georgia, i on won by a lo, with the lead getting close to 300,000 votes. in georgia, by the way got whittled down and now it's getting to be to a point where i will go from winning by a lot to perhaps even being down by a little of it. >> one lawsuit by republicans in georgia about late arriving absentee ballots and the judge threw this out it could be if the trends continue a dramatic shift or georgia. which is not voted for democrat for president since 1992 with bill clinton. the population here has grown dramatically. 1 million new voters since the 2016 votes and it could have further implications as well, perhaps in the senate were republican senator dave purdue needs to get to 50% to avoid a runoff. if he fails to do that, we could see a runoff in january which could potentially influence who controls the senate.
9:31 pm
in shannon, back to you. >> shannon: steve, we will keep an eye on this. thank you from atlanta tonight. how the left is reacting to the tens of millions of americans who voted for president trump. why they say akin to the negative picture of our country to the backlash of those statements is next. ♪ (calm inspirational music)
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momfor thoseall just trying whchef: ready!.running mom: that's why we don't have time to be sick with the flu. and especially this year, no one has time to get sick. get a flu shot for yourself and those around you too. ♪ >> shannon: the warnings of florida and texas could flip blue tuesday never materialized. thanks in part to the president making serious inroads and support for latino voters. correspondent casey stegall takes a look at one texas county that personified that shift. of hey, casey. >> the race for the white house was not as close here in texas and some of the poll suggested ahead of election day. president trump won the state by more than six points in the data coming in also shows that he picked up some support and some
9:36 pm
unlikely places. large blocks of latino voters from parts of south texas border communities heavily impacted by immigration policies and also devastated by the pandemic voted to elect the president flipping their support to since 2016 when hillary clinton won that part of texas with 39%. this go around, joe biden carried the same counties with 15. that's less than half. also, despite senator kamala harris making last-minute campaign stops, places like mcallen, texas, on the friday before election day. >> both parties moving forward need to figure out exactly want latino voters are needing and wanting. i think this could potentially make the latino vote more important moving forward. >> the data is puzzling because these are areas of texas they tend to be more democratic stronghold because of the population.
9:37 pm
but they don't yet know the driving reason behind why so many change their mind in 2020. and they flipped there to support the president trump. shannon. >> shannon: casey stegall in texas, thank you. in the wake of a historical close presidential election, some of the left are lamenting how little progress they have made solving the nation's problem. they say a political incorrectness. of bringing the panel of the debate that, leslie marshall, steve hilton, john you are back with us. and thank sticking around. i want to play something from msnbc host george rita, this is what she had to say. >> there is a great amount of anti-blackness, anti-wokeness, that it's a scheme to destroy black america. but we know what the country is but he is still part of your heart and you know, maybe the country is going to pay off all of the pain.
9:38 pm
>> shannon: steve, anti-blackness, racism, anti-wokeness, these are what the votes for president trump equate to. >> i think it shows that not only did they left learned nothing from the shock defeat of hillary clinton in 2016, they've learned nothing even from a kind of repeat of that in the sense that they were hoping as in their words for a repudiation. that was the word we have all the time, a massive repudiation of the trump, trump-ism, the narrative that they produced over the last four years. donald trump is a evil, racist, evil, racist, when that did not happen because as you say come on the results are so close, there's absolutely no reflection. there is no moment to say haying on the second, did we go too far? perhaps the way to win over people is not to insult them.
9:39 pm
we saw someone on "the view" today. i cannot believe i was seeing this thing literally that everyone, every single person who voted for donald trump in the election, remember half the country is "despicable." and "un-american." it shows that there is no effort at all on the left to reflect on why they are so out of touch with so many millions of americans. shannon: "the wall street journal" under the editorial board, "john biden's nonmandate encouraging democrats progressive to look at this things as you mentioned, there was no blue wave and certainly no mandate for progressive change. if anything, the fevered democratic media and the transformational election drove more voters to turn out to stop it. leslie, where that they go from there? >> may be if i'm a democrat i'm looking and watching and seeing a very different narrative than
9:40 pm
anything here. if you want to read my twitter page and you can see the victory all in the hatred. it sadly comes from both sides. joe biden, right now, is six electoral votes away from becoming the president of the united states. he has more votes than any other candidate and over 4 million votes and above and beyond donald trump in the popular vote in this country. if my prediction is right, we will have a flip in the electoral college and trump have in 2016 and biden will have put trump in 2016. if your flipping arizona and georgia and you have the numbers, is that not and i son's a repudiation? i don't want to repudiation, i wanted the president to be a one term president which many democrats did because they did not like him. when you talk about the info, the president consulted almost every single group in the u.s.
9:41 pm
he insulted asian-americans, african-americans, latinos. i'm sorry, but from where i said, i see a lot of hatred coming from that side. >> shannon: there's a whole lot more discussion and i know steve would love to respond, but were running up against a hard break. a panel, thank you for being with us tonight. house democrats did not get the blue wave after all. if g.o.p. had to pick up states from several races still undecided. minority steve scalise wheezing next. ♪
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9:45 pm
>> shannon: postelection call for house democrats with some serious anger and venting were told about how the party and handled the messaging in the run-up to the election. headline on the hill discovering the pad you might democrats postelection family meeting this ending into chaos. in reaction to the reports and known party expecting to peek up seats in the house,
9:46 pm
steve scalise, good to have you. >> shannon, good to be with you. >> shannon: congresswoman abigail's bamberger, democrat out of virginia, where told is very heated on the call and very upset. she said this reportedly "we lost reasons we should not have lost, defund the police almost cost me my race because of an attack ad." don't say socialism ever again. if we need to get back to basics." it seems like the messaging work for you guys. most of us did not expect you to pick up and how are you? >> feeling great about the candidates who won in a lot of places that the experts did not expect but we did because we knew the kind of candidates we had in the message. shannon, and came down to the fight between freedom and socialism. whether the others were angry, they weren't angry when they were pushing the reticl radical.
9:47 pm
getting rid of private health insurance, defunding the police, they voted for all the stuff and then there were ups and when the voters rejected a radical shift to the left. that's really where the candidates have a great message, that we stand for getting the economy back open safely, schools reopened. rounding the corner on covid, continuing to keep taxes low so that we can create more jobs. that's the message, support the police and the unborn, they were for killing babies after they're born outside the womb. they went out bring up through the florida band ads and all of that shift to the socialist left they wonder why they were rejected at the polls. of >> shannon: speaker pelosi is celebrating. she said in 2016 we won 40 seats and deepen in the trunk district when they were not on the ballot but clearly with trump on the ballot we knew it would be super close. we have won or are ahead in 70% of the races. there have been chatters and
9:48 pm
whispers about whether there would be a real challenge of leadership. she seems to be good at sending those off and unless every single one of the races outstanding goes her way and no one expects that, she still going to be the speaker of the house. how do you proceed in the minority? >> first of all, she can revisit history but i was doing a national interview the day of the election. she was predicting at least ten seats but they were gaining if not more, i was countering that as we find out of course, we are up at least eight and there's a lot of seed still not called in the west coast and that we are meeting. if the margin could be higher than that in double digits. she's already got it is a tough time because she embrace the socialist left, the members of the party running the agenda for the last two years. they started with impeachment, they went after the president every single day, they did not work with him on things that their members agreed with. we could have gone the infrastructure built which what
9:49 pm
president trump wanted to do. we had to help our businesses and small families get the ppp loans and they held those back. they held them hostage at the very last few months because they did not want the president to get a win. they are punished at the polls by the kind of partisan tactics. >> shannon: quickly, members of the squad won the races and they're sticking around. they say they expect of biden becomes president, they have a laundry list and it's no time to shirk back from that and they will push and get the thing do done. >> they will continue to push further to the left. they sure did not get the message because their districts are far less socialist districts. clearly, the battlegrounds and about 30 of them about where the districts trump won or one or two points other way, those of the areas we picked up seats and will continue to gain even more. again, those are the people you heard on the call today who arc
9:50 pm
ring the alarm. if they're not in control of the left, the socialist left is controlling the house and pelosi's agenda right now. >> shannon: house races outstanding and tracking each of them. if congressman steve scalise, thank you for your time. >> great being with you. >> shannon: next up, election day ballot measures across the country will likely future future of policing.
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♪ >> shannon: for its nationwide election after the death of george flying to minneapolis and the months of protests that followed saw nearly two dozen police reform measures pass nationwide. if correspondent hogan shows us on the and if initiative tonig. >> good evening, condemning racism and advocating for a police reform not calling for change by devoting it in. after months of protests following the deaths of george floyd, breonna taylor, others, demonstrators marching with black lives matter's movement to the polls. this election nationwide, america voted in nearly two dozen police reform measures. policies to update modern policing. philadelphia voters calling for a ban on stop and frisk.
9:55 pm
despite the police departments prohibiting the practice, it still being used. los angeles law will give 10% of the county general fund to community programs like housing and mental health care. as an alternative to jail time. opposition group fought the measure claiming it was a way to defund the police. akron, ohio, now mandating the public release body cam footage. columbia ohio, seattle, portland creating the own citizen panel to oversee police involved incidents or demand. >> i'm not safe where you send a lot of heavy militarized police officers in my community. >> critics argue citizens with no police backgrounds don't understand the stress and the difficulties of the job. >> the voters unfortunately were
9:56 pm
not informed of the actual policy and procedures that are in place. >> measures like the oversight boards will take time to face in. most of the legislative change taking place in democratic run cities. shannon. >> shannon: thanks, alex,
9:57 pm
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♪ >> shannon: we are staying lives tonight, vote counts continuing in their wing in both directions at this hour. we have a team of reporters across the country keeping you updated on all the breaking news that's coming in. hello, welcome back to another hour of "fox news @ night," let's get started with allele and bitter right here in washington with the very latest on the battleground state. of >> good evening, or good morning as it were now. probably continuing to watch the numbers come in. if the past 24 hours or so have not been kind to the president, especially in pennsylvania and in georgia. narrowing to 240 electoral votes


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