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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 6, 2020 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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year, 1,573 votes separate them as a 4:00 east coast time. we will be heard throughout the weekend if necessary. until then, set your dvr and never miss a report. whatever comes next. here is neil cavuto come we will see you when we see you. >> neil: it is the end of the election weekend and by now we thought we would have a future president to tell you about, what we do not. joe biden leads the president of pennsylvania, georgia and nevada. the president's house holding his own but so far neither gentleman has the 270 electoral votes needed to be named the next president of the united states or president-elect. i welcome everyone, i am neil cavuto and this is to is "your world." what in the world will joe biden be saying when he addresses the nation four hours from now? some people are saying he will be armed with another state or too cold in his direction. but even if that is not the case because i could change things
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mightily and give him the electoral votes needed to claim that he is the president elected sam that's mike united states. barring that, what is the point of the address tonight? does he know something we do not? we are following a lot of fast-moving developments including some rnc statements that we will be getting out of atlanta, georgia, a hearing on things and how they are going and nevada. but for now we are getting a gauge of what the president is thinking right now amid a lot of legal challenges on just how the count is going and where it is going. enough for wall street to call a draw by the end of the day but, i very, very strong week. at the very least we will see divided government that those guys and moneylender tend to love. first let's get to john roberts first with what the white house is looking at as we get into the weekend. >> neal, good evening to you. we are still waiting to see if president trump and perhaps mike pence might come out this evening.
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we do not know if they will do that. one of the problems is that there is not a lot new for the president to say today. if it comes out publicly, even a statement that was released through his campaign today didn't move the needle a whole lot from what he said last evening in the briefing room. in a statement the president is saying, we believe the american people deserve to have full transparency and this is no longer about any single election, this is about the integrity of our entire election process. we will pursue this processor every aspect of the law to guarantee that the american people have confidence in our government. i will never give up fighting for you and our nation. as joe biden keeps increasing its margins in the silver state, a federal judge and about i will a hearing this afternoon, this evening our time come to consider a republican lawsuit claiming a lack of access to vote counting and allegations that people who were not eligible to did cast ballots. listen to what matt schlapp said. >> i want every ballot that is a
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legal ballot to be counted. i just want to make sure it's not a systematic fraud process where you can't pull out the fraudulent ballots. we have 3,000 people in nevada from our research, 3,000 votes in nevada are people who don't live in nevada and that is a huge problem. this system allowed that to happen and we are not allowed in to raise objections during the process. >> one thing we should point out to, there were a number of military service members who may be stationed outside of nevada but still eligible to vote in nevada. we do appear to be headed to a recount in several states. the president is predicting that the eventual outcome of this election will be left up to the courts. listen here. >> president trump: i've claim certain states and he is claimed states so we can both claim the
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states but i have a feeling judges are going to have to rule. but there's been a lot of shenanigans and we can't stand for that in our country. >> we might be on the edge of a similar situation to that which we saw in 2,000. with a recount going on, ultimate counted in the election is still up in the air but in the meantime both teams back then had transition teams put together just in case one or the other would win. obviously president trump doesn't need a transition team but the biden team has already announced they will put together a pending the outcome of all of thithis that we see going on. >> neil: thank you very much john roberts up the white house. still not exactly sure what he is going to be saying tonight. just that at 8:00 p.m. he's going to be saying something. jackie, what is it? >> it does feel like groundhog day out here and this set behind me was what they hoped more to be a victory speech on tuesday. they've been doing my checks
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since then and they did want just a little while ago like they did yesterday. the differences tonight we will hear from joe biden and kamala harris around 8:00 and with what they believed, they are expecting to be a victory speech. the margins are holding in those key battlegrounds they expected to win and they feel so comfortable in fact they didn't even hold a press briefing today because yesterday's information still holds. i talked to the campaign lawyer bob bauer and he said there's really no worry at all that any of these lawsuits delay the process because the cases have no merit. the campaign kicked off a number of cases and the reason they were topped out by the courts. meantime, biden is still waiting for the votes to be counted before he makes any sort of declaration out here. he fully expects to become the president-elect. >> democracy is sometimes messy. it sometimes requires a little patience as well.
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that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years and a system of governance and that has been the envy of the world. >> the biden campaign is also reminding folks that the president can be evicted from the white house if he refuses to concede after he was announced today, he doesn't have any plans for that even if the races called. july 19th the american people will decide the election and the united states government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the white house. one campaign worker was saying they were watching the president's remarks and there is a clear indication that he was getting desperate. his claims are baseless. grady trimble now with more from philadelphia.
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joe biden is currently on in the lead with just under 15,000 votes. an probed trunk demonstrators who agree with the president's claims of this election is somehow rigged and that there is cheating by democrats. philadelphia's democratic mayor calls those claims baseless and he had some harsh words for the president. >> he acknowledges the fact that he lost a needs to congratulate the winner just as jimmy carter did and george h.w. bush did and frankly just as al gore did and a stop this and let it move forward as a country. >> statewide at there are hundred 12,000 male and that have to be counted. what would trigger a recount
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here is that half a percent or closer when this race ends and of course, those mail-in ballots could be counted and that would tip the scales even further. there's a long protracted legal battle ahead. >> >> neil: philadelphia and they they just switched on the part of the parties, take a look. >> president trump: our goal is to defend the integrity of the election. >> what is at stake is the integrity of our democracy. >> we are going to file suit in pennsylvania and it's a shame that we have to do that. it's a last thing we wanted to do or my father wanted to do but this is rampant corruption.
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we are cut off bipartisan efforts. >> why do we care about the rest of the votes? it is about the integrity of the election and every vote as a mayor giuliani said in every state must be counted fairly. >> the legitimacy is going to be impaired unless the american people understand that there has been a full and fair account of all the votes. >> we deserve better and we will not leave until we witness every single boat that has transpired. >> this is the importance of rushing to judgment. >> neil: one of the advantages of being one of the older anchors, and those democrats back then, the republicans who thought it was a waste of time
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and the roles fully reversed 20 years later were each arguing from the opposite position. it's understandable it is politics but it is at its core of counting the vote. it was important 20 years ago and it's important now. getting away from the political extremes, and the heat of the moment, i thought it would be a good time to bring in john you. counting the vote and making sure we got it right, and these are close states. so what's wrong with letting the process play itself out? >> you are making me feel older, too because i was there 20 years ago in tallahassee and i think that was the first time i was on my new network, fox news. but you have it exactly right, it's the same issue if the sides
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are reversed, but it's such a close election that we do have to worry then about a few thousand votes and exactly how they are counted at, doing it transparently, and letting everyone have access to the courts if they need to to have the rights to votes. if you want the vote to get certified and it's hard for the other side to dislodge that. >> we don't know for sure, it in the account as it stands, and may be someone will call, any one of these states and i get that, is there any risk in his saying anything that advances this too, hey, i have one
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russian mark >> i don't think so, all the votes are in and its just a matter of being certain o they were for but he can't say anything that's going to change the number of ballots. unless in my hometown of phill philly -- i wouldn't have put it past another philly special. and we will start the transition teams and start preparing to become president and give it a sense of momentum and inevitability about it. we can sort of see by doing that let the process play out and everybody stay calm, and everyone start moving towards a transition. >> and you could argue over how the count was going and that's
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they have more wiggle room in the state of case, but it's risky. isn't it? >> again, where he can get those boats ascertained in some kind of final way, that shifts the burden onto trump. once that happens, he's sitting pretty. trump has to start pushing to try to get courts involved and get a recount going, to try to reverse and dislodge the presumption. biden could come out today, and that puts him at 270 or older. i don't think there's any downside for biden to start moving forward, as if he is present to start interviewing cabinet applicants and so on and trump will then be on the defensive. trump is on the defensive for several days now, and because he has been so close and only six
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votes short from winning. neil: it to the president -- of the fraud case, a number of republicans from chris christie and romney, that was a bridge too far. yes and spend same discount things honestly and all of that and that's the legal argument. the political argument because they had no evidence. and he does find some cases of fraud with real evidence. judges are already going to look skeptically at that because we've already had a string of lawsuits where trump -- trump
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campaign set fraud and when judges actually took the trouble to look there was no proof. and that's what trump says, wait until you actually have evidence and just call for the vote in the process to go forward in a calm and collective way unless you find something and then bring them forward. >> neil: all right, you are aging a lot better than i am a friend. thank you for revisiting that, i think. john you, the former assistant deputy general. they are addressing with a legal fight is going. >> we will not give up on this process until every last issue has been uncovered and resolved. today we announced that the rnc has deployed legal teams in four states including georgia. [cheers and applause] we are here to investigate clear irregularities. we will hear the evidence of this later on with the vote
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counting and tabulation. we will work with state and local authorities to ensure that a legal account isn't conducted accordance to the states law and that every vote is counted. it's crazy to us that the mainstream media would call a race like arizona for biden for when our site has enough votes to win. the margin right now is 47,000 votes. in states like pennsylvania and michigan and georgia where in some cases the margin is only a few thousand votes, the media is so quick to try to claim those races are over and that biden has one. if the shoe was on the other foot and president trump was in the lead in all these states, the media would be screaming that the race is not over and we need more time to count and make sure it's right. [cheers and applause] because biden is in a very slightly to come up the media demands of race is over and there is nothing else to see
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here. the american people need to have confidence in their elections and that is what we will pursue. [cheers and applause] right now, we don't have that confidence because across the country, democrat officials are shutting down transparency. democrats are damaging the country in the process of a smooth transition of power by not allowing a transparent process. the republican national committee and the trump campaign have deployed a team of legal experts to georgia and per usual after the legal votes were in and tallied and unaccounted for, ballots have continued to appear in democrat stronghold counties. other individuals we are speaking to today outline the evidence in what we have seen in irregularities in georgia but we cannot let this stand and will fight every irregularity to the very last because every voter deserves for their vote to be counted and they deserve to know
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whether or not these irregularities mean fraud. and we have to figure this out. it is now my pleasure and my honor to introduce the former governor of georgia, sonny perdue. [cheers and applause] >> good afternoon everyone. my name is sonny perdue. i just happen to be the former governor but i am really more of a proud georgia citizen. i am distressed today, dismayed. all the irregularities that i've heard reported here in georgia. this is georgia, this is not somewhere else, we take care of business in georgia. what's happening in georgia today? that's why i'm here, i have a vested interest in georgia not because of my history but because my future. 14 grandchildren are what i'm standing up for today.
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everyone here i hear, hear knows elections are the cornerstone of democracy. they have to be fair, they have to be accurate, safe and secure. that's what elections are all about. we need to ensure, and we are for every legal vote being counted. just as much is that, we are here for every illegal vote to be thrown out. it's distressing to see what has happened in some of our local counties regarding superintendents and transparency issues like that. as you know after the legal votes were in and tally to come we heard of records of unaccounted for ballots appearing in various counties and majorly stronghold counties. but georgia is committed to ensuring all these legal votes
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are counted and that's what we want to do. folks, i don't know if these reports are true or accurate but frankly the widespread reporting is too much to ignore. and really, i don't think -- i think we have an obligation to investigate, investigate thoroughly and fully. the reports are so overwhelming and blatant that we have an obligation to investigate them and investigate them clearly. who would believe that the citizens of georgia deserve a fair, transparent elections process with an accurate tally of legally cast ballots? [cheers and applause] it's a simple mission. we've always done voting here in georgia i in a simple way. the people of georgia expected in the mission was simple to make sure the election was accurate in the reflection of people -- this is the way
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democracy works. so we are calling on, i'm calling on as a concerned citizen. i'm calling on the secretary of state. prior to any kind of certification of these elections to make sure they are fair, accurate and every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is cast out. with election so important, the great people of georgia deserve transparency and a fair election and a fair result. thank you all very much and now i'd like to bring in someone who needs no introduction, shall man himself, vernon jones. >> hello america. at hello georgia. let me be frank and ernest. there is a dead cat on the end of this line.
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and it's stinking. it's stinking with fraud, it's stinking with the lack of transparency, it's stinking with nonaccountability and it's stinking with those who call themselves wanting to have fair elections. it's stinking with their absence. where is the -- every vote is counted, every legal vote is counted. where is the fair fight? i will tell you where the fair fight is. the fair fight to that crowd is fair when their man is killing the election. that's when it's fair to them. as a member of the georgia member, it's my duty to speak up for every georgian when their vote is not being counted, their vote is not being counted accurately and when there's all
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this type of irregularity taking place. why haven't we called on jimmy carter to come? he can go to other countries and see their process through. [cheers and applause] and i like one of our native sons, president carter. he needs to be here for a vote and accountability and transparency and that's what i like about donald trump. he travels with the set of twins. one named accountability on the other one named to transparency and that's what i like about him. i've had democrats and republicans, black, white, across the whole state of georgia. as a matter of fact across the country saying, what is going on in georgia. i may not agree with your candidate but if they take your vote away from you they are taking my vote away from me. this is a sham. this is a sham and it sticks
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graceful. and criminal. there is potential for criminality care. i just want what every georgian wants. we want things to be done by the book. you can send a man to the moon but we can't count votes accurately. i'm talking about the legal ones now. how does the state the size of california -- that's because if you look, an example of the pandemic is where all these democrats who are running the cities and overseeing these county elections, that's where you see literally i was getting ready to say something but i would be over the news.
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let me say this. i hope the news media learn from this. it's been used carrying the false narrative from these false polls from these liberal universities. you and these polls should have done more to interfere with this election than russia and china combined. you would have impressed and depressed the voters of this country but i'm going to tell you, we are going to fight. and that's why i made a comment, we don't fight with violence. i'm not for violence but we will fight to our last breath for our constitutional rights, to our last breath. and we will take on antifa, black lives matter, fair fights, stacey abrams, all of them. we are going to do it for the people of georgia.
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i want to give everybody a number to call. if you think -- i'm getting calls and letters and i know many of you are. i want you to call 470-410-8793. report your fraud. if i can go through what i've gone through, you can, too. i'm going to fight. if my party is going i'm going to fight until the end. as a matter of fact my party has been wrong. there should be members of the black caucus here. the democratic caucus should be here right now. the democratic party should be here right now because this is about democracy. if we don't get elections right here where else can we go to get them right. and so with that being said we have been able to bring someone into the fold and i'm talking
1:27 pm
about someone who is probably one of the most -- has one of the most brilliant legal minds in this country. if you think i'm lying, ask cnn. where some of those others who attack every day people trying to destroy their reputation and change their lives forever. you're bringing in a fighter who is fighting for you to come and this president. >> i love you! >> i love you, too. how are you doing? i was sitting around tuesday night watching the election returns. i've watch politics all my life since i first voted in 1976. and i saw what i assumed was
1:28 pm
going to happen. i saw president trump building what i believed was going to be almost an historic landslide victory. >> it was. >> and then all of a sudden every network including fox news started doing what they do best they started lying to the american public. and they took a victory from donald trump and they called it a lie. they took a defeat from joe biden and lied and said he one. then they turned off the count of the vote so you can make up the next morning like i did and go, what happened? what happened? when i was asked by president trump to help him in
1:29 pm
georgia and perhaps other places around the country, i said yes. governor purdue asked me to help him and bernie and joan asked me to help in the republican party asked me to help. i said the same thing i said. when nickel salmon asked me to help him. i said the same thing i said when kyle rittenhouse asked me to help him. i said yes because there is a cloud of this country. and if we don't get it right and we don't figure it out, what happens that night, that cloud is going to get darker and darker until it turns into a storm cloud and we are going to lose our freedom. so it is time to fight back. i've heard over the past several months or maybe longer, they've
1:30 pm
almost -- this is a constitutional crisis. let me tell you, this is a constitutional crisis and if we don't fix it and find out what happened and get it right -- >> neil: we continue to monitor this right now with concern of the trump campaign and others, we don't know specifically to what they are referring or not and i wanted to stay with us to find out whether they would reveal that and they have not. i guess the latest concern they have is going to bed at night and not knowing how some of will turn out, or whether there was a cabal against donald trump to say that one way or the other. it was some controversy calling arizona as this network did and the associated press but i believe in all the other cases of the states of the time from michigan to wisconsin to georgia, pennsylvania, the vote was simply too close to call. we didn't make any calls there and neither did any news
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organizations. we've stayed with them a little while to find out exactly these charges of realities or fraud. maybe steve harrigan is aware of something that i am not. the governor of that state is a republican and secretary of state is also a republican. steve, help me with this. what are they talking about when they are talking the fraud issue and they are all talking about irregularities, a leg illegalities. what are they specifically referring to? >> you are right on target. you see a lot of passion and anger but you don't see extensive. so you are seeing anger and emotion but you are not seeing any facts behind it? you had strong day of voting for president trump and at later
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ballots coming in for joe biden, absentee ballots. see you had trump lead on election day of about 300,000 votes in georgia and suddenly and steadily, hour after hour, that lead continue to evaporate. now the numbers are simply amazing and a lot of people are amazed at these numbers. just how close things are. you have biden by 11 figures up by about 1,000 votes. this in a state where nearly 5 million votes have been cast so when you look at how close it actually is it's .002% which is a pretty stunning number. as far as the facts go officials say there is roughly 4,000 votes still outstanding in many of them in the suburbs of atlanta which went pretty much a blue for joe biden and the president himself also attacked the process here in georgia, writing on twitter "where are the missing military ballots in georgia, what happened to them? the president referring to about
1:33 pm
8,000 overseas ballots, they have until 5:00 p.m. today to be registered and they had to be postmarked by tuesday. many election officials who are republican have pointed to no impropriety or no problems so far that they have noted with these military ballots. it's not likely to be certified until november 20 is when state will finally say whatever happened, but it's not likely to be it on then, either. as is likely we will see a scanner, and that's not over yet either. we could see two senate seats run off on generally fifth and we could have weeks and weeks of what we already see is an angry emotional battle here in georgia. >> to your point, i'm glad we raised that. we knew going in, the order of
1:34 pm
events, which would pay for the president as it did, georgia was not expected to be as much of a battleground to your point as it ended up being. then we knew with the next wave of ballots that we were sending ahead of time that that count would narrow a little bit here and that joe biden would be faring better. that's why i held on as long as i could on that press briefing to find out, where is the proof of the impropriety is or the rigged charges that i hear. maybe we are missing something separately, but back to where you started, is there any of that at play or just the sheer volume of ballots, counting them is proving to be ultimately much closer than we thought. >> i think a lot of people weren't people what to expect and a lot of people knew what to expect. we would see a good lead and a comeback by biden but this was a new election and a new way of
1:35 pm
tabulating. we saw new results. to see 300,00 300,000 vote lead disappear before your eyes over 24 hours is a remarkable thing. there's a lot of people angry, upset and puzzled by it and right now they are saying the election is a sham, the election is a robbery but so far we have seen no concrete facts to back up those charges, neil. >> thank you very, very much. it's all about getting two to 70, we knew that through the streets of georgia or you go through pennsylvania or even as the trump boats, they've already been called by this network and the associated press for joe biden, lots of anger over that. but the map is for the moment what it appears to be, at 263 electoral votes for joe biden and 214 for the president. keeping a close eye on that, what could turn and what we are waiting for and whether we will get additional calls before joe biden addresses the nation
1:36 pm
tonight in about three and a half hours. my friend bill hemmer. bill, what are you seeing? >> this is a remarkable thing come to .4 million votes for joe biden and 2.4 million in the state of georgia. 49.4%. just remarkable. watching this number, the difference in the two men is 1,544, and watching the returns throughout the day here. we thought lawrence county georgia had about 1700 outstanding ballots. apparently they have been added to the list, but you can take the 1700 off, there's a fair amount of votes around atlanta and gwinnett county is one of them. at daybreak, they thought they had a couple of thousand but listening to the officials in the last hour in atlanta it seems less than a thousand, heavily democratic and going for joe biden. people are talking about chath
1:37 pm
chatham county which is savannah, and i think it's interesting, and i will tell you, get out the vote. they did a really good job, you can scan the country. in savannah, georgia, in chatham county, joe biden had 70,000 rowboats and donald trump had 53,000. four years ago, hillary clinton was 20,000 both celeste and donald trurump was 10,000 votes. so both teams, both campaigns did what they wanted to do. if you consider roughly a 2 margin between biden and trump companies up 20,000 and he's up 10,000 over the previous performance from four years ago. the "what if" scenario, i think also, i will put it into motion the little bit for you. you talk about 270, how do you get there? joe biden is at 264 and donald trump with 214. if you were to click on -- the margin in nevada is 20,000 votes
1:38 pm
in favor of joe biden at the moment. if he were to get that, he would have the magic number of 270. the number here in pennsylvania has been tossing around all day long, a couple thousand here and a couple thousand there, sometimes a couple hundred here and there. if the keystone state were to be called, he would be the president-elect for january of 2021. i think also the most significant thing that is developing, in addition to all this, the senate races in georgia, no matter who wins, if georgia is the hotbed for who controls power in congress, if you get to runoffs in georgia the first week of january, and if joe biden holds onto that superslim lead and we find out late in november or early december, if georgia goes blue that's a first time that will happen since 1992. and you and i will be talking about shifting winds and the political sphere in places like
1:39 pm
this here in the southeast. hold onto that idea. when we get to it, we will cover it. >> neil: thank you very much. no one knows that better. bill hemmer on all that. georgia was once a lively red state although it's gotten decidedly less so over the years. for the first time democrats could take the state. too early to say, and a little more than 1100 votes separating the two. that recount is sort of at a give me at this point in some of these other battleground states. the math has remained -- he would have to run the table and these remaining states in nevada, pennsylvania, georgia and north carolina. he would have to win all of them to have any chance at this. if you are joe biden he would much prefer your position. we will have more after this. ng.
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>> as i said we won no seats in trump districts. he wasn't on the ballot, he is now. we've lost some battles but we have the gavel. >> neil: nancy pelosi crowing about, even though losing a few seats still maintaining a majority the house of representatives. arguing from a position of strength, we have the gavel and we want to run things. and maybe the stimulus could be coming even in a lame duck session of congress. chad pergram following all of this, what do you think? >> good afternoon. this conference call, the house democratic caucus had the first democratic caucus they've had. they actually lost lawsuits, so
1:45 pm
asked if there was tension inside of the conch comic caucus. >> welcome to my world. i would say we have a healthy difference of opinion within our caucus but not in any way to be problematic in how we legislate. some democrats "gloss races we shouldn't have." she said defund the police almost cost me my race because of an attack ad. but liberals like alexandria ocasio-cortez say some moderate democrats still backed up of new deal and one. you would think they were going to have a world chance, and you will have a lot more liberals inside of the house majority b but, they can't lose too many boats. when it comes to stimulus or keeping the government open, they will have some fights between progressive, democrats and conservative democrats.
1:46 pm
>> neil: let's go to emmanuel cleaver. congressman, always good having you. would you support nancy pelosi to lead democrats again in house? >> i think for people around the country who may not realize this, nancy pelosi is the reason that a lot of things don't get out of control. i was on that telephone call and i was at the meeting and i think one of the misconceptions traveling around the country, i could hear it in my district in neighboring district over in kansas, all of these socialists were elected to congress and they are all going to be in that democratic column and pushing for this and that. i think there may be four of them in the house and one in the senate.
1:47 pm
i don't think there's going to be a lot of things -- i remember those in my district, i support trying to deal with this climate. we will have some environmental problems and i do not -- i do not support the green new deal. i think we have to have components of that and gradually move ourselves away from fossil fuel and right now we use all of them. fossil fuel, wind farms, everything. nancy pelosi has kept things going and i think some of the reasons that people want to go are people who are way out and another little region and they would like for her to go out there. she realizes if she does, we are going through.
1:48 pm
i would say middle center left, you would probably say center right, but for sure it centric. >> neil: we are watching these crowds build in philadelphia and elsewhere. there will be a lot of people upset. i know you are a democratic congressman and you try to work with both sides but i want to work the minister part of your experience. i know that has certainly come in handy in dealing with a lot of extremes during this time. so how do you advise candidates and those who again, partisan views, they don't want to see their side lose and others who are delighted of their side wins, to balance this and keep in perspective? >> had a similar situation on the local level. all night long with the television reports were coming across, i was behind. my children were panicking and we knew that absentee votes had
1:49 pm
not come in and there were large numbers of people who were absentee. i ended up winning by 20. but if you watched it at 8:00, he would have probably said to cleveland is losing. but if you were taking a nap and woke up, and i was 200,000 votes, well what happened? i could understand people having this feeling. >> neil: let me ask you something on that congressman, a lot of the trump folks are saying, we just want a free and fair count because a lot of these states are very close. some of this is fraudulent and nonwithstanding but what is wrong with that? the democrats who worked at the same thing 20 years ago in florida look hypocritical arguing against that today. >> yes. and this is the problem.
1:50 pm
we don't have national election standards and when we tell people we will have a national election, and we don't. we have hundreds or probably several thousand little elections all around the count country. if we want to get out of this and prevent ourselves from going on with national standards, the chaos is not the friend of the united states. democracy has always been fragile and so chaos is not our friend. the people in russia -- russia is our enemy, -- >> neil: you're right, we have to put this in perspective and keep the faith quite literally. emmanuel cleaver, always good talking to you especially during these hot times come up to kind of cool it down, bring it down. we could all do that on both
1:51 pm
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♪ >> neil: so many lawsuits, so little time. let's go to nevada where that is the focus right now. las vegas is where you will find jonathan hunt beard what's going on there? >> in a couple of hours we are
1:55 pm
due to get some more voting numbers here in nevada. a little of what we have heard so far bodes well for president trump. some numbers were released today and in those numbers, vice president biden virtually doubled his lead over president trump to just over 20,000 votes, but some are being challenged in the courts by republicans. do to get under way in just a few minutes, in fact, on the federal lawsuit, the meatiest part of that lawsuit involves a claim from republicans that some 3,062 votes were cast illegally by people not resident in nevada. democrats have said that that claim is meritless. they got some backing of that from the clark county registrar who says there are several reasons why people not actually residing in nevada still has the
1:56 pm
legal right to vote here. >> you don't have to live here in order to legally vote here. this is a military town. we have a military base and several students, but it's not out of the ordinary at all for someone not to live here but be eligible to vote here. >> we have taken a look at the list of 3,062 names and there are indeed many on there, as you know, fbo indicate military post offices, so it does stand to reason that some of those are indeed active duty military who have the absolute right to vote here in nevada but a judge is going to hear the republican argument in just a few minutes' time. >> neil: thank you, jonathan hunt in las vegas. we are a little more than three hours away, joe biden, what is going to say tonight is anyone's guess. let's go to jeh johnson, the secretary come his idea of what you might want to hear out of
1:57 pm
the vice president. what do you think? where do you see the former vice president positioning himself tonight? especially if no other state comes forward to be called, he is still technically under the 270 he would need to be president-elect. >> thanks for having me on. full disclosure, i asked to be on tonight because of my respect for you and for your show. i'm not exactly sure what vice president biden is going to say but i know what i want to say at this moment. our nation now is bitterly divided, far more than it should be. this has been an extraordinarily close election and no matter the outcome, roughly one half of america is going to be extraordinarily disappointed. but at the end of the day when the process has run its course, it's our duty as americans, even though we may be disappointed with the result, to accept and
1:58 pm
respect the result. i recall 40 years ago at this time when ronald reagan beat jimmy carter, i was very disappointed with the result but i accepted it and i respected it. years later, ironically, i was the recipient of the ronald reagan peace through strength award at the reagan library. 20 years ago i was extraordinarily disappointed with the result and that was a very close election, bushby go gore. four years ago i was very disappointed with the results but i accepted it and i respected it. i went to visit mr. trump and trump tower and i said congratulations, mr. president-elect. as americans, we enjoy a free and open democracy. the price we pay is every four years we may be disappointed with the result but at the end of the day we should all except and respect the result and if you don't like it you have an opportunity again in four years to try to make a change.
1:59 pm
>> neil: do you think the former vice president should be aware of that? if he is under 270, not to declare victory, let the vote to continue, count them up and see what happens? >> i'm confident the vice president biden will not declare victory prematurely. i am sure that he will allow the process to run its course and when the networks reach a point where they have determined that he is the winner, should he be the winner, in the conventional way he will declare victory. i would hope that the incumbent, president trump, would concede that vice president biden is the winner, if that is the case. as every other president has done in modern times when they have lost the election. >> neil: well put. we needed to hear that calming perspective. step back from the parties and
2:00 pm
the heat, which is understandable but let's move forward as a country, one way or another. we will, we always have. we are monitoring this as well, the fallout from anything joe biden says tonight for our country and keep in mind we have been through so much worse. we can get through this. this is "the five." ♪ >> juan: hello, everyone, i am juan williams along with jesse watters, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." former vice president joe biden and his running mate, senator, harris expected to speak tonight as biden's lead in pennsylvania, nevada, and georgia inched him closer to the presidency but many states remain still too close to call. president trump not going down without a fight, he's ramping up his legal battles in multiple states and his campaign says the election is no


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