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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 11, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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happy veterans day to you and your family. thanks for everything you have done. >> thanks. >> sandra: a great message on veterans day. >> trace: it is. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> ♪ >> the trump campaign filing a new federal lawsuit in the state of michigan. citing multiple witness accounts of vote irregularities. the campaign says that it is seeking information on software use that gave joe biden more votes. the latest lawsuit is in addition to others the campaign is filing in nevada, arizona, and pennsylvania. a judge dismissed the lawsuit on georgia. the white house is telling federal agencies for them to
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proceed with president trump's budget. a spokesperson for the agency defended the delay saying an ascertainment hasn't been made. they will adhere to prior precedence... the biden transition team is not ruling out legal action as the president-elect ripped president trump for not conceding. >> well, i just think it's an embarrassment. the only thing -- how can i say this? tactfully? i think tell not help the president's legacy. >> harris: you are watching
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"outnumbered." i am harris faulkner. with kennedy. and emily a fox news contributor and molly and joining us today. retired staff sergeant and fox news contributor himself joey jones. a purple heart recipient and joins us live from the world war i museum helping to honor all veterans. we begin by honoring you because you are our veteran on the "outnumbered" show today. >> thanks for having me. it's an honor. >> harris: it's gorgeous where you are. towards the end of the hour you will do something spectacular with the veterans. i can't wait. emily, where are we legally on
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the lawsuits? georgia's was dropped. i don't know if more will come in that state. that's possible as well. >> right. harris, you did a good job of outlining the existing lawsuits. in terms of the bird's eye view. there are hundreds that are making their way through the courts on a state and federal level. as we talked about before. the most crucial ones involve where it would impact the margins. we talked about it the margins are crucial in the battleground states. the chances are slim that there would be an actual outcome of one ever these cases that overturns the entire election results. but there are two possibilities where that would be the case. either multiple court victories that affect the margins in key battleground states. or secondly one case that had a common issue that affected multiple states in these battleground areas.
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again, this support 2000. -- this is not 2000 and one state's electorol college. quick final point, out of pennsylvania which would or would not reaffirm the fact that a state's legislative body is the only authority to make election rules. >> harris: right. because the pennsylvania supreme court did something different from what that legislator decided. joey, i want to know how important you think it is that we see this process through the way that it is. how does this play in the public? >> yes, i live in georgia. i am a georgia citizen. we have a recount going on. it's legal. our state automatically does it. there is a difference between where the trump administration
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is saying there is a chance we think we won and what a lot of americans should be saying is basically, we want to know if there was cheating it won't happen next time. regardless if it changes the outcome. president trump is holding our feet to the fire on that. i am a georgia citizen. i care about what happened in georgia. i can't dictate what happens in pennsylvania or michigan. i am glad we are seeing this. if cheating happens on any level, i am glad we are talking about it and put a microscope on it for next time. >> harris: molly? >> well, we all than election fraud happens in every election. sometimes it affects the outcome. there have been a lot of questions about jfk's presidential victory and franken's race when he took a senate seat. we know that mail-in ballots leads to many, many more opportunities for fraud. this year what we had was a real
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rush to expand mail-in ballots under the guise of coronavirus. you should have more scrutiny. the more time and distance you put throughout the voting process. the more opportunities there are for fraud problems, and theft. americans have come nowhere near being confident in the mail-in ballots system. because we took all of the guard rails off. there were states where there was no requirement for an ied i.d. or signature. there were issues with people not overseeing the ballots. the more that people in the media claim these things are of no concern, the more it concerns people there is something fishy going on. just this year in patterson, new jersey, you have 4 people
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indicted for mail-in ballots fraud of an election that included 20% of ballots being thrown out. you had a mess in new york. a former democratic member of congress sentenced along with the election judge in philadelphia whom he paid to stuff the ballot box. people are saying this of no concern in a year where we had a massive ramp up in opportunities for fraud is not going to confirm people's belief this is a free or credible election. >> harris: all right. i want to talk about what joy said, kennedy. all eyes on georgia. we will get to that later. getting it right, right now is important too. you have the run off coming. you have another election in 2 years. this is perpetual. it's not just something we need to get right for this moment.
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>> and not only have we not learned the lesson from 2016, we haven't learned the lessons from 2000. what sort of uniformity could we seek to have more faith in the election process? it should be sacred. everyone should feel comfortable their vote count. maybe there is a way of verifying whether or not your vote was counted. it doesn't mean we go from all paper to all electonic if the machines can be hacked. you have bar codes and other ways to make sure that the process stayed intact. what we have right now -- i am not saying one size fits all. i believe everybody has a right to have their own election system and specifics. what we are doing right now is
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not working. i was on the air until 5 a.m. on fox business. we were dumbfounded that several states including pennsylvania and georgia had just stopping counting. there is something about that. that already throws a cloud of suspicion over the entire thing. to emily's point i don't think any lawsuit will reverse the outcome of the election. how long are we going to go through this? >> harris: well, until they are done counting is what i thought was said. until the states certify. they will tell us exactly what the situation is between the two men who want to be president. then we will hear from the electoral college? >> so 2022? >> harris: [laughing] no the date is december 14th of 2020. it's so 2020 everything that is happening. joey, kennedy made a resonating
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fact. this is about trust and faith. people have to know it's there. this will never be perfect. and bar codes are so old they are considered low-tech now. why not just throw everything at it? i asked that question since march. november 3rd was not like breaking news. we knew what was coming. joey? >> yes, i think it's important that as someone who believes in the federal system it's important that states control the election that their people want to have and the legislature can be involved. but at this point, we have all of this information in our hands. we have cellphones. i could order a pizza right now and have it before the commercial break. but we can't find a way to vote that is not susceptible to cheating. when you have so many things people want an answer to: why did you stop counting?
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it's okay to demand answers even if you don't come to the conclusion that you think cheating happens, it proves you didn't. i need you to prove this is legitimate. that's where president trump's supporters are. i wanted president trump to win you about i want a free and fair election and support the next president because i believe in this country. election is part of that. >> harris: i am outside of the line girl. i like hamburger meat on my pizza. >> [laughing]. >> harris: it comes down to joey's home state of georgia. the push by republicans to get president trump involved in 2-run off races that will determine which political party controls the senate. republicans hold on to north
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carolina. honoring those who kept us free. joey jones among them on one special show. go, joey! we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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how did you find great-grandma's recipe? we're related to them? we're portuguese? i thought we were hungarian? grandpa, can you tell me the story again?
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behind every question is a story waiting to be discovered.
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>> ♪ >> harris: republicans are getting closer to retaining control of the u.s. senate with a win in north carolina. tillis's victory puts republicans at 49 seats. party leaders urge president trump to get involved in the 2-run off races in georgia schedule for january where he trailing president-elect biden. vice-president pence told republican senators he will travel to georgia this week. senate republicans think the
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president could push kelly and david to victory. florida's rick scott said this. i hope the president and the vice-president and everybody gets involved to make sure we keep the majority. attending the rally today in land. -- atlanta. senator rubioubio and senate th said trump has atremendous following. nicolas madurk -- nikki haley d to georgia. did the politics change in georgia or is something else going on driving people to the polls for the senate races? >> i have an unpopular opinion.
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i think the reason former vice president biden has the lead is because stacey aberams worked hard to get people registered. democrats got it done.rams work hard to get people registered. democrats got it done. what happened in georgia people voted because of those efforts. in this run off that won't be as big of a deal. >> harris: kennedy? >> yes. >> we have a helicopter landing. >> it's like an action movie. this will energize voters in a different way. this is a focus on the senate. you have a lot of people in
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georgia who will take it upon themselves to put up the firewall against socialism. that's a massive call in this country. it's a huge responsibility because in the biden agenda goes through in the way that the far left progresses live alexandria ocasio-cortez want it to go through it will cost americans a lot of money. georgia has a great responsibility here to keep divided governments so we don't have 11 trillion dollars in new spending. i think it's going to activate republicans in a way that democrats might not be as excited about. i am sure there will be heavy turnout in this election. i think republicans have the edge here for philosophical reasons. >> harris: molly, i am curious. when you look at the vote break down. if the senate goes to democrats, it's a 50-50 split.
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the vice-president always as the president of the senate would break that tie. president-elect joe biden and kamala harris would have should go to say about this. what do you think could happen if we reached that 50-50? >> yes. both republicans and democrats use the power they have when they have a majority. republicans get a lot of criticism for doing constitutional things like not voting to confirm a supreme court nominee and democrats are more aggressive. even if it costs power in the short term they push through obamacare which was unpopular with the american people. they wanted to transform the country. chuck schumer let the mask slip when he said we need to put our resources in georgia to
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transform america. if they can pack the supreme court and the senate they will be able to keep republicans from ever gaining power in the future. that's why so many people are pushing for things i don't believe are good like yang saying people should move it georgia to vote in this election and stuff like that. >> harris: a couple of things. breaking news right now. the associated press and fox news called alaska for president trump and democrat dan sullivan -- excuse me republican dan sullivan wins reelection from the u.s. senate from alaska. emily, this brings republicans to 50. this really comes down to the wire now. the republican dan sullivan winning reelection to the u.s.
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senate from alaska. your initial reaction to that? >> there is likely a collective sigh of relief breathed by the gop right now. the georgia run off race in january, this underscores how important and crucial it is to nationalize it. the republican back stop against a divided administration is more important than moving into georgia than the individual senate races are. the outcome of alaska, those were expected. i think while this is one more step in the right direction for the gop, it's not a surprise. it hammers home the fact that all of those gop candidates that are making their way to georgia, many of them are already -- made no secret for their candidacy for presidency in 2024.
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a quick final point. why it's so important for voter turnout in these run off races and senate races. you would be hard pressed to find any conservative who was a never trumper or disliked trump and yet is willing to hands over the keys of the senate to the democrat. georgia is still a conservative state. keeping that global bird's eye vision in mind for the races is the hammering home they have to do to support the republican backstop. >> harris: kennedy, what are the issues? we then is joey's home state and understand that he knows that landscape. what are the national issues that you understand that democrats want to push in that state? joey mentioned stacey abrams who
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ran for governor. she galvanized that state. >> slow has. but the republicans get the edge here. perdue got more votes than the other candidate but you have to have 50% plus 1. and a libertarian was the spoiler. he won't be part of the run off which gives perdue the edge there. and lefler was running against 20 somebody republicans. she still got many more votes than her republican counterpart including doug collins. now she will only be running against one other person and
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that's a democrat who is a preacher from mlk's church. a very popular figure. she will have a race on her hands. she still has the edge given the makeup that primary. >> harris: all right. molly i come to you with this. in all of the breaking news president trump won alaska. 75% of the expected ballots tallied, the president led with 57% of the vote there compared to 39% for now for president-elect joe biden. i am more curious about the politics of alaska. home to former governor sarah palin. is it being true to itself? >> alaska was a state where we were told they would have a very tight senate race. looking at those margins right now it's a 20 point win for the
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republican candidate. alaska tends to be a very independent state. libertarian leaning conservative state. interesting that it's taken so long to call the states given these high margins. people wonder why some states get called quickly and other states we find out a week later trump won overwhelmingly. it speaks to something in general, this election was good for republicans. donald trump unlike jimmy carter or barack obama gained many new voters. castrte carter. this lid to surprising victories in the house. this was supposed to be a blue wave election cording to the polls. the senate was going democrat. it didn't. it hasn't yet. this is why republicans seem
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more unified than ever. you are seeing democrats just fighting with each other becawi the more progressive congress and they are bitter about tuesday. >> harris: interesting. joey, alaska, just has 3 electoral votes. you and kennedy both said today about having faith and trust in the voting system. president trump picks up another win 8 days out. people are watching this and saying 3 electoral votes -- what kind of impact? i come to you for that. >> [laughing] it all matters if president trump campaign team are able to find enough fraud to slip an important state like pennsylvania, nevada or georgia. that's what it comes down to. we knew president trump won alaska. now it's finally called.
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as it sits today, former vice president biden has the electoral votes to be the president-elect once it is certified. what is important we need to know that the results are actual results what have we voted for. we need to know that mail-in ballots did not turn into mass fraud. those questions are okay to ask while also calling former vice president biden president-elect until something shows up to change that. these are not 2 opposite narratives. this is where we are. the visceral reaction on twitter and other places is because people feel cheated. it doesn't matter if they were or not. it's worth looking into. >> harris: i am like kennedy. behind you. helicopters landed behind you. i can't wait to see what is going on there.
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>> harris: joe biden taking questions for the first time since being declared president-elect and reporters focussed on president trump and republicans. >> you warned during the campaign as the walls closed in on the president he would behave more erratically. >> mitch mcconnell said he may
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not recognize the outcome of this election until the electoral college meets next month. you have spoken to your friend in the senate? >> how you will move ahead if the president continues to refuse to concede? >> harris: biden is being accused of keeping the president in dark about his internal meetings. politico chief tweeted discouraging signs about the biden team and press access. this is a break with tradition. molly, your thoughts? >> a friend of mine said that watching the press ask question of joe biden is like watching an adult try to help a 3-year-old win a game of candy lane. what we saw yesterday was no exception to that.
9:35 am
we don't have a press asking questions of the man they declared as president-elect. it's a press working over time to help their political allies and working to crush their political opponents. this is not a moment where they will have a come to jesus moment and decide they will start doing their jobs. they have destroyed their credibility whatever remaining of it in the last 4 years. it's too late to get it back. they are completely broken. >> harris: obviously, this is a contrast with the first press conference. then president-elect trump had in 2016. >> do you think the press will have the same level of skepticism for president-elect biden has his predecessor? >> harris: how would we know.
9:36 am
he won't sit down with members of the press. he only does it with the press following him around. that's different than sitting down with somebody for as long as 45 minutes. molly, you hit the nail on the head. this is where we are. kennedy when you talked on that sound bite. this is not based on tradition. the current president has given us unprecedented access and takes every question and has a few of his own along the way. for president-elect joe biden, okay, let's make it comfortable for the press. stick to an are they like to stick to with president trump. obviously for minority reasons, the coronavirus pandemic. it has to be asked about. i want to know from the president-elect will you
9:37 am
acknowledge operation warp speed and sustain it? you will derail whatever progress was made because it was put forth by donald trump the current president? that's a fair question. are you going to work with the current task force members. dr. fauci was not mentioned in the forming of the president-elect's advisory board. what will that look like? dr. birx? i have a lot of questions. we don't have to get into the politics of stuff. >> how soon will the press get so angry they start to revolt, joey? we haven't heard any specifics about cabinet picks. i know aoc talked about
9:38 am
duckworth. what do you think? >> first a question i haven't heard through debates. president trump is clearing house in the department of defense because he wants to bring troops home from afghanistan. they think it's premature. 20 years is not enough time. what would president biden do? send troops back into afghanistan. it's veterans day. that's one the people around him would like to know about. we had veterans protesting for peace and they would like the answer. the va and other places president trump made. i don't mind going to the va anymore. that's life changing for me and millions of veterans. ask former vice president biden these questions. as long as president trump is public enemy number 1. they get paid to be objective.
9:39 am
they are soft on biden. how long until they ask hard questions? at least until after the mid terms because that hatred will be pointed to mitch mcconnell if republicans keep the senate. it's unfortunate to see. >> emily. it is veterans day. one group honored their fellow veterans with a tandem sky dive at the world war 1 museum in missouri. we will talk to one of the participants of the legacy jump. one member of biden's task force called for the vaccine to be shared with other countries before it is given to all americans. we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company
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for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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>> ♪
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>> a member of president-elect joe biden coronavirus advisory said the u.s. needs to share a vaccine with other nations and not wait until all americans have access. in a paper he wrote: the trump administration said it will share the vaccine with other countries one american's these are met. for more on "outnumbered," drdr. drdr. drdr. drdr. drdr. dr. sapphire. >> dr. emanuel is highly
9:45 am
trained. he is no stranger to controversy. it goes back decades. some of his philosophy have come under heavy scroti me over the years. including some people over a certain age should not get treatment. i am not surprised he put together a fair priority model looking at more of the under-served populations and they should have priority for the vaccine including the younger people. [muffled audio]. >> harris: have we seen anything like the beginning of the h1n1 that we would want to take care of our own people first because
9:46 am
there could not be enough vaccine? i read it happens in 2 stages. >> yes, pfizer is closest to having a vaccine. [muffled audio]. there are a lot of hurdles. the storage is precarious. you have to have a deep freezer which the majority of hospitals in the united states don't have. you have to have two injections. you have to double the amount of supplies you need. just having the first injection won't get you the immunity status. it's going to be a challenge ensuring that enough americans get it. there has been hesitancy with people wanting to get this
9:47 am
vaccine. we have to reach herd immunity. we have to have a good amount of americans getting the vaccine. >> harris: dr. thank you very much. joey jones on a special tribute from 13,000 feet up. >> ♪ ♪ america ♪ sweet america ♪ you know ♪ god ok everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. whoo-hoo! great tasting ensure with 9 grams of protein, 27 vitamins and minerals, and nutrients to support immune health.
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>> ♪ ♪ this is my country ♪ from the east coast ♪ to the west coast >> harris: today is veterans day. we are honoring all of those who served. today veterans of every conflict since the second world war were on a sky diving mission a peaceful one at the national world war i museum. joey jones was a jumper. how did you prep and who did you
9:52 am
get to meet? >> yes, this was one of the most amazing days of my life to be honest. veterans day is special to me because of my brothers and sisters. today i crammed into an airplane with a 90-year-old veteran and other veterans. we jumped out. a former navy seal came up with this idea. he got the help of mike elliott who parachuted with president bush. this was toptier former golden knights. they made it happen in kansas city, missouri. it was amazing to be part of. >> harris: i used to live there. you have this memmorial. i imagine there were people across the country who could see this and see it again right now
9:53 am
on video. kennedy, i will come to you quickly for the next question for joey. >> how awesome! we know so much about world war ii. i want to visit the world war i museum because they grandfather served there. tell me about the world war ii veteran? >> i spent most of my time with the korean war veteran. they call that the forgotten war. he kept saying it's an honor to be with you. he didn't stop smiling from the moment he put his jumpsuit on until the moment he was on the ground. this was not a phase for him. he enjoyed. he has 60 years on me. what can i do in the next 60
9:54 am
years? can i be that older gentleman smiling and enjoying my ride down to the ground? >> harris: i love that. i would ask you, what can we as americans do for our veterans today and every day to honor them? >> i thought about this. this is the message i want to bring. people are up in arms right now. they are upset about this election. i would ask people to think why they are upset. are you upset because you believe in this country and all of the people in it? if there is a path we can forge forward together. no matter who the president is, we care about each other. or are you upset because youor a team? if it's the latter, reconsider that. when i was fighting overseas, i didn't know the politics of anybody i was with. i would take a bullet or bomb for them.
9:55 am
if you can find that much love for a stranger then you will learn what i believe is means to be an american and what every veteran in this country learned to build and appreciate in their own life. >> harris: joey, such beautiful words. emily's dad and cousins and great aunt and inc.le served. molly, your father in law and kennedy all of your uncles were in the navy and your grandfather in world war i. what a legacy. thanks to my dad as well. he is retired in dallas, texas. i was looking up at him like he had all of the answers.
9:56 am
i wanted to share our family at fox. let's see joey on our way out. he is standing in a very important place. god bless everybody on the screen. god bless our active duty and veterans. i'll be right back. ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa we bwe want to be known ase have usamerica's mortgage company we're made for. for veterans and active-duty service people.
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some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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medicare options that are good for your health and your wallet. a licensed humana sales agent will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and help you enroll over the phone. plans with a zero dollar monthly plan premium are available in many areas. call now and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> harris: president trump making his first public appearance since the race was called for joe biden. this is "outnumbered overtime." i am harris faulkner. the president paid tribute to our veterans at a ceremony's at arlington national cemetery today. president-elect joe biden marked veterans day in philadelphia. this comes during the tense standoff the election results and the transition of


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