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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 11, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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secretary of state mike pompeo declined to say whether he was joking when he said there would be a peaceful transition to a second trump administration. >> we will see what the people decided when all of the votes are cast. the constitution lays out how electorates vote. i am confident that we will have a good transition. we will make sure whoever is in office on noon on january 20th has all of the tools available so we don't skip a beat. >> harris: chuck schumer fired back at pompeo for his official comments. >> secretary pompeo, joe biden has won! he won the election. now move on. let's bring this country together and get things done. we have a covid-19 crisis raging. we don't have time for games. >> harris: john roberts is live at the white house.
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>> president trump was out in public for the first time in a long time today at the arlington national cemetery laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown. nothing from the president in terms of speaking about his appearance there or anything to do with the election. it's a long time since we heard in person from the president. last time was last thursday when he claimed widespread election fraud. his campaign continues to file lawsuits to the department of justice. 234 pages they released yesterday. and filing a new lawsuit in michigan alleging unequal treatment of republican voters and irregular ballots and widespread software problems that could change the vote
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count. the lawsuit claims that witnesses saw the same collection of 50 ballots put through machines again and again. in the state of nevada, an election worker swore out this declaration that campaign workers were seen in a parking lot filling out what the election worker believed were ballots and not ballots that were legally cast. this election worker appeared with laura ingraham. here's what she said. >> [muffled audio]. i could see people handle what appeared to be white envelopes. they were torn open. two people ripping them open and [inaudible]. [muffled audio]. >> the trump campaign points out that people working on their behalf are being targeted. the anti-trump group the lincoln project tweeted out phone numbers of 2 attorneys involved.
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that tweet constitutes abusive behavior. they also targeted 2 law firms and their clients encouraging people to contact the law firms and the client and criticized them for working with the trump campaign. the trump campaign insists this is harassment. twitter said it doesn't violate their rules. mitch mcconnell are willing to give the president the time he needs to mount the challenges. listen here. >> i think we ought to quit all of the hand wringing and not act like this is extraordinary. we will get through this and swear in the swear in the winner on january 20th. >> i spoke to supporters of the president and people working on this effort to get out of the ballots. they believe they have a week or ten days left. then we will see which way it
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goes. the sense is this won't be favorable to the president in the end. senior republicans like south carolina senator lindsey graham say this is about the future of mail-in ballots. we need to have rules and regulations in place to make sure that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not counted. the president just came in winning alaska over joe biden. another one in his win column. dan sullivan the senator from and and reelected as well. >> harris: john roberts. thank you. the senate balance of power tipped in republican's favor as you heard by two with dan sullivan just projected to keep his seat in alaska. that's good for the republicans. the democrat conceded to tom tillis in north carolina.
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those two seats tip the balance again toward the republicans. control of the chairman depends on two georgia run offs in early january. both political sides say the stakes could not be higher. here's louisiana senator john kennedy. >> what happens in georgia is going to determine the future of the united states for the next 4 years. you have nothing to worry about if they get control of the united states senate unless you believe in more freedom as opposed to more free stuff. that's what is at stake. it's all hands on deck. the american people are going to get to decide. are we going to live under democracy or socialism? >> harris: lawmakers in 2024 hopefuls are already traveling to georgia to raise money and rally supporters. senator marco rubio is there today and hosted a save our majority rally for gop
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candidates. here's more. >> rubio campaigning in the atlanta suburban campaigning for both of georgia's republican senators trying to help them hold on to their seats. kelly and david face january run offense against democrats. each parth is rallying their pace to get them to the polls. >> this is georgia's decision to make.y is rallying their pace to get them to the polls. >> this is georgia's decision to make. >> democrats are campaigning on liberal issues like the affordable care act. this is a new strategy for georgia democrats. >> traditionally democrats tend to appeal to the more moderate factions of the party and win over moderate republicans. they came out of short. you will see a progressive
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platform to excite their base to come out again. >> president trump and joe biden are separated by just over 14,000 votes in georgia. the top election official announced there will be a full by hand recount of the presidential race in every georgia county. >> because we have that verifiable paper ballot for the first time in 18 years, we have something to count. we will be counting every single piece of paper. >> the secretary of state is referencing georgia's electronic voting machines. the new ones produce a paper trail that can be counted. he will be investigate every allegation of illegal voting. but so far he said there is no evidence of widespread abuse. >> harris: thank you very much.
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i want to bring in the republican senator tom cotton. and also a veteran. thank you very much for all you do. he talked about the vote margin between biden and trump in georgia. how tight is what we are seeing in the presidential race to what we could see in the senate run off race particularly in georgia? >> well, harris, happy veterans day to all of the veterans and thanks you all for your service. happy veterans day to our service members families. harris, you know how much husband and wives and children of service members sacrifice. the georgia run offense. we want to maintain a strong military and continue to give
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our veterans top notch healthcare and it's vital to reelect the champions for the military family in georgia. they will continue to be so if reelected on january fifth. >> harris: senator rubio told reporters yesterday if trump runs in 2024, he will be the front runner and will probably be the nominee. but we are not even through with 2020. that's on the screen for everybody to see. your reaction? >> yeah, we should try to put 2020 in the books before moving on to future elections. obviously some states like georgia are going through manual recounts and arizona is counting ballots. the president has challenges in other states. we have two vital run offs in georgia not decided for 8 weeks.
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that's where all of the energy of republican senators and republicans across the country will be focussed on saving that senate majority. put 2020 in the books before we turn to 2024. >> harris: you are going down to georgia. you told my team you plan to make several trips. why? what do you hope to accomplish there? >> i already mead a couple of trips to georgia this fall to campaign. i will go back for kelly and david. it's so vital that we hold the senate majority. chuck schumer said it well last weekend on the streets of new york. he took a bull horn and said first we take georgia and then we change america. if georgia elects a socialist, they will try to transform america and pack the supreme court and make washington, d.c. a state and outlaw anything but
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mail-in ballots. they will eliminate the electoral college and take your guns and use tax guns to fund late term abortions. that's why rubio is there today and so many other republican senators will be in georgia for the next 8 weeks. i hope they got the turkey ready for thanksgiving and stocking stuffers for christmas. a lot of us will be down there campaigning for kelly and david. >> harris: and a lot of democrats. abu ghraib -- it will be a hot spot to cover. abra abrams. here's a senator. >> this is an uncertain time in the next 71 days. it's past time for republican leaders to say accept the results of this election.
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i continue to work with colleagues to urge them to do so. the transition will be chaotic at best if it doesn't get moving very soon. >> harris: what is your reaction to that? >> well, with all respect to chris, i don't mean democrats singing from that hymninal in 2016 when they claimed that russia threw the election to donald trump and seized on a laughable fabrication of the steele dossier. it turned out to be nothing but fantasy. i don't remember that tune from democrats in 2000 when al gore contested the florida election for more than 5 weeks. donald trump has every right to ensure that every legal ballot is counted and no illegal votes are included in the tallies. >> harris: i want to get to
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where we started before today. we are honoring veterans and president trump worked to improve the vaand to lower unemployment among veterans. it hit a low of 3.1% last year. in the middle of the pandemic it's 5.5%. you can speak to this having served as an army captain in afghanistan and iraq and so much more at the arlington national cemetery with the guard there. senator cotton, what is your reaction to that? >> well, the pandemic knocked the economy on its back. it was the strongest economy in decades. we are starting to come back. not everyone is back to work. we need to make sure we are getting our veterans back to work. they provide so much value to businesses and communities. one thing i saw watching my soldiers leave the army and
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transition into the private sector, the military can teach skills valuable to communities and employers that any industry can use like discipline, teamwork and disrmz. -- determination. you would see the veteran unemployment rate fall to zero. there is no one more dedicated to a team and mission success than american's veterans. >> harris: that's so true. for the military families, it's up to us to work with civilians to galvanize to hire. senator, great to see you today. thank you. >> thank you. happy veterans day.
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>> harris: you too. democrats losing house seats last week sparking a lot of in fighting apparently. why progressives are blaming moderates inside the democratic party. plus, we are getting an update on president trump's election lawsuit. the state where the campaign is offering evidence of what it claims are ballots filed under the names of deceased voters. stay close. >> i don't think people should be criticizing president trump for exercising his rights and seeking the remedies provided by law to make sure the election was fair. we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose. we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday
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to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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for the 70 million people who showed up to vote for him who deserve to hear their allegations heard by a court of law. >> harris: the trump campaign is pressing forward with legal chances to the vote count in several bargdz states. -- battleground states. they released a list of deceased voters. and georgia secretary of state is announcing a full hand recount in the state. president-elect biden is leading by just .3%. matt joins me now. if you could just top line for me where you think you can win? >> well, to some extent, first
10:22 am
happy veterans day and thank you to all of the families for your sacrifice. i know harris you understand that because of your father's distinguished service. right now there are several states not called. real clear politics still hasn't declared a winner. the american people and those that voted for joe biden or donald trump need to have some patience and let the process play out. if each state pennsylvania, michigan, georgia, nevada or arizona, each one has its unique lawsuit that has been filed. in each case there are going to be judicial proceedings that are going to generate facts and then legal analysis. each one will play its way through the courts. there is no doubt in my mind that ultimately there will be a winner and there will be a loser. i think right now we need to trust that process will work and
10:23 am
all sides will be heard and all voters that cast a legal vote will have their votes counted. >> harris: you hear the calls we have to have evidence. in pennsylvania the supreme court stepped in ahead of legislature for ballots accepted up to last friday. how does that all work out with the evidence? what do you consider the bar for that? >> in many cases this will be fast tracked proceedings. there will be witnesses. if each case, there have been affidavits filed by people that observed things that happened on election day. judges will hear that evidence. from live witnesses. then they will apply the ball and determine if more needs to
10:24 am
be done and make rulings based on the law. one of the things i am very interested this is making sure the law doesn't change as the legislature in each state put in place on election day. that's very dangerous if we don't the rules of the game when the game is played. harris, a lot of people want to rush this conclusion and bring it to an end. obviously we want an orderly transition of power whether to a second trump term or the binds. biden administration. right now we need to let each proceeding play out in the state and federal courts. the days and weeks ahead, these will come to a conclusion. >> harris: the nation has been through this before. we saw it with hillary clinton. she conceded but democrats pressed ahead with lawsuits.
10:25 am
a democrat appointed by president trump says the 2020 general election was one of the smoothest and most well run elections we have seen. what is your reaction to that? >> well, again, i think we have places like nevada where thousands of dead voters voted. there were other illegal votes. each needs to be adjudicated. also we need to do what happened after the 2000 election. improve these voting systems in states. in texas and florida can get a result on election night. we should be able to get results from pennsylvania and other states instead of having this long -- we are a week now past the election. there are still states too close to call. that's part of the problem.
10:26 am
when you get down to small margins, every legal vote matters. if there are illegal notes we need to make sure those don't skew the margin. >> harris: the coronavirus pandemic complicated it. but it was not brand new on november 3rd. my question goes back to what could we have changed early on to make a difference? matt, thank you. always great to see you. joe biden signaling he could announce a few cabinet choices by thanksgiving. those names are not without controversy. plus, this, democratic divisions on full display as they see their house majority shrinking. the battle going on right now. the party's far left refuses to budge.
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>> [inaudible]. all right? there are some good candidates out there. we lost some close races. former vice president biden had a message that resonated across the country than some of the things we hear from the extreme element from the democratic party. i don't think that was helpful. >> harris: the woke people need to take a nap he said. james carville ripping his party's left. moderate and progressive democrats are squaring off. look at the screen. the headline said the democratic truce is over. progressive groups are circul e circulating a post-election
10:32 am
memo. a congresswoman told politico i can't be silent. we are not interested in unity thats and people to sacrifice their freedom and rights any longer. it looks like the 4 member squad might be goth bigger. in coming members back their progressive agenda. look at the screen. power panel richard and david. good to see you. what do you think about the potentially growing what they call the squad, the far left progressives in the house of representatives and the back and forth that is chippy right now for democrats? >> make no mistake about it, harris, the behind-the-scenes leader of the squad is speaker nancy pelosi. who is in line with exactly the agenda the squad wants to pass
10:33 am
whether that be increasing taxes or defunding the police or changing our energy policy. on policy after policy, nancy pelosi has made it clear she is where the squad is. that's why we as republicans are within 5 votes of the majority. she will make it tough, pelosi, on people like abby in virginia and moderate democrats in texas and kurt in oregon. that's why we kept the senate and got to within 5 in the house and kept every state legislative chamber and won 2 more and won a governorship. it was a banner day for republicans last tuesday. >> harris: mccarthy weighed in on the influence of alexandria ocasio-cortez. let's watch. >> you bring up a junior member.
10:34 am
congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. why do people respond to her? >> well, she runs the floor. that socialist wing of the party. they are the new power in the democratic party. more so than speaker pelosi? >> by far. legislation could not be passed unless aoc agrees with it. >> harris: that's an interesting take. i am curious to get your response. kevin mccarthy is on the hill. the congressman is actually does. there. does he have a point? >> happy veterans day to you and your father. mccarthy can stay what he wants but the truth is that the person who runs the floor his name is jim cliburn. mccarthy made these same talking points two years ago. when you elect some of these
10:35 am
members from the far left of the democratic party they will turn america socialist and pass these crazy bills. if history is any guide to the leadership of speaker pelosi it's the opposite. the democratic party will get in line and operate with the new leader president-elect joe biden and work to put american people back on track. the first thing coming out of the house is a bill to help small businesses that suffered during the coronavirus and expand healthcare to 10 million americans with a previous condition because of covid-19. there are 435 members of congress in different districts. they have their own ideas. the democratic party will fall under the leadership of cliburn and pelosi. >> harris: we will see how it
10:36 am
shapes out. alexandria ocasio-cortez is on camera saying she will push joe biden. great to see you today. americans are leaving high tax states in groves. how joe biden's new tax plan could accelerate their exits. new guidelines from the cdc on your thanksgiving dinner during the pandemic. some people might call them very cold turkey. we believe at newday usa we have a noble purpose.
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we want to be known as america's mortgage company for veterans and active-duty service people. some of them are giving their lives right now, today, for the freedoms that we have here in this country. so for us, at newday to help those people at this point in time. it's a labor of love, it's a noble service, and that's what we're all about.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> harris: a look at what is making headlines. a manhunt under way for a second suspect in the killing of a houston police officer. rios was gunned down on monday. police arrested one suspect and are looking for this man wearing a black shirt. a d a weakened to a tropical
10:41 am
storm just hours after gaining hurricane strength. experts warn it will still bring heavy rainfall and isolated tornadoes. the cdc is out for new coronavirus recommendations for thanksgiving. urging americans to invite a limited number of guests and the cdc suggests that we eat outside. so we can socially distance. president-elect joe biden ran on an economic plan to increase taxes for the wealthiest americans. exerts say residents are leaving high tax states in groves. >> if they raise the taxest on the highest earners who bolt for
10:42 am
the doors. they have to raise revenue and it will come from the middle-class. you can't just look at one part of the puzzle. when you look at the whole thing, higher taxes are going to hurt the states that are probably most favorable to biden to begin with. >> harris: who would like to welcome them? grady tremble is live in chicago, illinois with the exit. >> capital gains would go up for the highest earners under biden in california, new york and hawaii. the top tax rate could increase more than 60% under biden's proposal. oregon and illinois not far behind. people are leaving high tax cities and states. the pandemic gave them work from home flexibility. fox business talked to financial
10:43 am
planners who say higher taxes could tip some clients over the edge. in illinois voters rejected a ballot measure republicans ordered will increase taxes. so many are reeling from the covid-19 recession. the president-elect wish list would make it difficult for the 650,000 illinois people to get back to work. to change the tax code, biden would need cooperation from congress. it comes down to the 2-run offs in georgia. >> harris: yes. like senator cotton who joined me. said they are all headed to georgia because it's about loeffler and perdue. we will see what happens. thank you. joe biden fielding softball
10:44 am
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>> ♪ >> you have tried to reach out to the president? what would you say to him? >> how will you move ahead if the president refuses to concede. >> you have spoken to your long time friend in the senate. mitch mcconnell. >> during the lame duck will you coordinate with speaker pelosi to negotiate with republicans. >> how can you work with republicans when so many have refused to acknowledge your victory. >> americans are anxious that president trump has refused to concede. >> harris: not a tough grilling. joe biden took questions for the first time since he became president-elect. reporters setting up biden to criticize president trump and republicans. this is a senior political
10:49 am
column nit. josh, great to see you. it looked like a town hall. they were not hard questions. why? >> well, the first question right now that is on all of our minds, trump hasn't acknowledged defeat. some questions were factual questions whether he's spoken to mcconnell or republicans on capitol hill. but i think your larger point is spot on. it's essential that the press holds everyone in power to the same accountability. you have to ask the same questions. in the past that hasn't been the case. there is always time with a second chance with a new administration. >> harris: a second chance? this is not a new development.
10:50 am
but, okay. let me put it this way. there were a lot of questions they could have asked. this is a group of reporters, all of us have coronavirus pandemic questions of president trump and republicans. the president has taken those questions. people haven't always liked the answers. with joe biden not a question about are you going to work with the task force that set up operation warp speed and the vaccine? not one question of how will you take this and move forward with your covid-19 task force? >> those are important question. the big news story is the transition to power and they were speaking to the president-elect. i understand the nature of the questions. there could have been more diverse questioning. look, i think that one of the
10:51 am
reasons we are so polarized is a lot of folks believe that the press hasn't been tough enough on democratic leaders. that's important to watch. if you want to have -- biden talked about having a united country and bipartisanship. it's important that everyone trusts reporting and journalists. >> harris: we could start -- josh, you are a great writer and interviewer. what is it that is this thing about joe biden and his team? we are beyond the election. they are still counting votes but why not take a tough interview? there were a couple along the way that gave him interesting and tougher questions. but like the ones i was just asking, they demand answers. we are still in the pandemic. he said he will take us places that president trump didn't take us. >> yes.
10:52 am
i really hope he is transparent. we have not seen that from the in coming administration. i would like to see more of that. i would love to see chris wallace sit down during the campaign. i hope now that he is president-elect that will change. the way people gain trust is when leaders sit down for tough interviews and hear what their leaders have to say. it's important to build that trust he talks about. >> harris: it's how reporters build their credibility. the important things on behalf of the american people. thank you. ure don't want to miss our prime-time line-up. tucker carlson kicks it off at 8 p.m. eastern and then "hannity" and "the ingraham angle" all right here on the fox news channel. americans are honoring our
10:53 am
nation's heros this veterans day. ceremonies across the nation. how one group of veterans made a spectacular entrance. >> ♪ >> ♪ some things are good to know. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. something else that's good to know? if you have medicare and medicaid, you may be able to get more healthcare benefits through a humana medicare advantage plan. call the number on your screen now and speak to a licensed humana sales agent to see if you qualify. learn about plans that could give you more healthcare benefits than you have today. depending on the plan you
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we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >> ten very proud american veterans made a very grand entrance from the sky today at the world war i memorial and
10:58 am
monument in kansas city, missouri. abby hornacek is in there right now on this vibrant veterans day. >> harris, vibrant is the best word you can use for this. the people here, the veterans that you mentioned. what happened earlier is the all-veteran's legacy jump that started off with ryan parrot that organized this entire thing. he base jumped off of what is behind me, 217 feet off of the liberty monument and went into the sky dive that you referred to. ten veterans served in a major war from world war ii till today. one was 94 years old and did the sky jump, harris. take a listen. >> when the wind took ahold of us, she did a roll. i was facing the sun for a
10:59 am
second. i thought this was the most amazing thing ever. when we got turned around, she took over and just like made it so easy. >> so that was johnny joey jones, who is not 94 but looking younger than ever. your father served. i thank him for his service and everybody else that served our country. it's about him and the comradery and seeing people turn out for the veterans. it's heart warming. >> thanks for that message. i've gotten some from the hour, like senator tom cotton. thank you. 17.4 million veterans in the united states at last count. late 2019. about 380,000 served in world war ii. when you see or read about a
11:00 am
world war ii veteran, know how much they have done for this nation and send them some virtual love. happy veterans day to all of these that served and their family. "the daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: republicans on the verge of keeping control of the senate. now all eyes turn to georgia. hello. i'm dana perino. this is "the daily briefing." the fight for the senate coming down to a pair of run-offs in the peach state. the candidates have eight weeks to win over georgia voters. let's begin with jonathan serrie. i assume they're wasting no time. >> wasting no time at all. florida senator marco rubio was in suburban campaigning for kelly loeffler and david purdue. so each party is focused on rallying the base and getting them to the polls.


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