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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 13, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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jillian: it is friday november 13th was a massive men and from an accused of killing arkansas police officer. what we know about the suspect is police race to track him down. >> one system of checks and balances if you vote in person and another if you vote by mail. >> a win for the trump campaign. a judge says the secretary of state overstepped. what it means for the president's fight moving forward. aoc call to from the police deepening her party's divide. the response to a fellow democrat. "fox and friends first" continues right now. good morning.
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you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. >> an urgent manhunt is underway in arkansas after a police officer is shot and killed. the suspect opening fire outside a motel is police look for him in a separate shooting. we have more on the search. what is the latest. >> the suspect is still on the lamb. officers from west helena police department were at a motel acting on a to publish anyone suspects they were investigating allegedly opened fire from inside a car shooting and killing the officer. arkansas state police and federal agents, assisting in the investigation into manhunt for the suspect who is identified as the terry is howard who was last seen in that suv. he's wanted in a shooting from last week and is considered armed and dangerous.
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arkansas lieutenant governor ken griffin tweeting heartbreaking news out of helena. thoughts and prayers are with the family of the officer who was killed in the line of duty. i hope the killer is apprehended and brought to justice. god bless the brave men and women in law enforcement. another officer involved shooting being investigated in north carolina. two gastonia police officers were shot in a nightclub. they are suffering nonthreatening life injuries and are expected to recover. at this point there is no word on what led up to the shooting but we will get more information as it comes in. >> legal battles over the 2020 election. a pennsylvania judge will hear appeals in front of the legal challenges over fraud. a historic hand recount of 5 million ballots will get underway in georgia. griff jenkins as the election battle heats up.
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>> reporter: you can say that again. a friday fight in philadelphia, the judge will hear 5 appeals where the trump campaign hopes to have ballots tossed for in eligible votes after the trump campaign won a minor victory when the judge ruled the secretary of state lacked the authority to extend the deadline for voters to confirm their identity but the ruling did not affect the overall vote totals. kayleigh mcenany weighing in. >> we believe in the counting process, that ballots without signatures, dates and addresses required by law were counted in some democrat counties but not some republican counties, this would amount to tens of thousands of ballots that were counted improperly. >> reporter: in the battleground south a hand recount, the first time they have done it. the deadline november 20th. out west the arizona gop filed a new lawsuit to force a hand
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recount and it comes in several other major networks showing fox news's decision just showing the grand canyon state for joe biden. federal and state election officials spearheaded the election protection effort on november 3rd releasing the statement that there is new evidence any voting system deleted or lost votes changed votes or was in any way compromised. joe biden is continuing to move forward, holding calls with minor leader schumer who blasted colleagues for supporting donald trump. >> instead of working to pull the country back together so we can fight our common enemy covid-19, republicans in congress are spreading conspiracy theories. it is time to move on and get to work for the american people. this is nothing more than a temper tantrum by republicans. >> republicans senators now
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putting daylight between them and donald trump. senators langford, calling for president-elect biden to resume getting intelligence daily briefing that the president gets. >> donald trump is considering white house run in 2024. according to new york times are for the president discussed the idea with advisers saying he would announce the 2024 campaign if the race is certified for president-elect joe biden. we will see how the future shapes out but as for the here and now newt gingrich says it is important for america to recount questionable ballots so voters have faith in the system. >> in wisconsin, michigan, nevada, arizona, georgia and pennsylvania there are going to be a significant number of suits many of them based on various
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and sundry witnesses, showing up, swearing out affidavits and on pure research, the number of dead people found to have voted is pretty remarkable. my position is with you are for trump or for biden it is important for america that we get a hand recount in every single state that is contested so we actually know whether or not these were honest. >> georgia congressman doug collins leading the recount of it in the peach state. he will join us live later this hour. the defense department paying tribute to five us military members killed in a helicopter crash overseas. the department right in part, quote, the entire department mourns loss and extends deepest condolences to our partners in the sinai peninsula. the group is part of a un
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peacekeeping force in egypt. the crash happened a routine mission and is believes to because biomechanical failure. trump campaign advisor corey lewandowski had tested positive for covid-19. he spent the last few days in philadelphia helping with election lawsuits was he says he's feeling great and is recovering at his home in new hampshire. richard walter has also tested positive. let's go to a live look at capitol hill as congress remains deadlocked on a coronavirus stimulus package. democrats calling for trillions of dollars in relief saying i hope and economic recovery measure, heroes act would be a good starting point but republicans countering democrats offer. >> we think there's a better chance to get a bill in the lame-duck a fully republicans would stop tracing the ridiculous shenanigans trump is forcing them to do in the election and focus on what
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people need. jillian: mitch mcconnell is taking the lead on negotiations. >> the weekend landing the super bowl halftime show. ♪ so i can sleep no back and feel your ♪ carley: the grammy-winning singer honored and ecstatic to take the stage. jillian: this performance comes one year after jay low and shakira, this will be on february 7th in tampa. how do you follow that up? carley: there will not be as much gyrating as last year but in other ways. still ahead team trump scoring a legal victory in pennsylvania but will make a difference? the ruling and implications next. jillian: the pandemic canceling
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still hard work. just a little easier. still a legend. just more legendary. chevrolet. making life's journey, just better. >> there was a win today in pennsylvania for the campaign and voters alike, the court will the secretary of state actually did on the ballot receive deadline extended the deadline for carrying a ballot and did so without statutory authority. >> reporter: donald trump's team carrying a win in pennsylvania, the secretary of state did not have the authority to extend a voter id deadline. here to react his former doj deputy director under the trump
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administration ian prior. for folks at home thinking what are the details of this, what happened, the trump campaign expecting to disqualify mail-in ballots for first-time pennsylvania voters who were not able to confirm their identification by november ninth, 6 days after election day which was overruled, this is when they won but not enough to overturn pennsylvania but what does it signify? >> a couple things. the secretary of state for pennsylvania extended the deadline three days after election day, mail in ballots to be counted but also extended november 9th when voters could verify their mail in ballot. the pennsylvania board of elections, these ballots have been segregated and haven't been counted yet, the decision doesn't have that much of an
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impact pennsylvania. none of these ballot mixed their way into the voter count so we have to understand of those ballots had been counted despite the fact they weren't supposed to be or how many would be disqualified. that is what we need to know to determine the impact on pennsylvania vote totals. shannon: he needs some wins under his sales to keep his fight going. do you think this is the first of other wins to come down the road? is are they able to uncover systematic voting fraud in the state that need to flip? i heard how voter fraud is a myth. and clinton johnson who won his first senate race based on voter
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fraud, jfk who probably won his presidential race with voter fraud in cook county. in juneau former congressman in pennsylvania and philadelphia indicted for trying to commit fraud on voters. this happened in every election, both parties, the question is does the trump team have enough time to uncover something to overturn the results. >> some of these deadlines are coming up. give us something we haven't heard much about lately, the allegations of business dealings and the reported hunter biden laptop. what about that now? >> a tree falls and no one is around to hear it does it make a noise? the press has not covered hunter biden investigation or the hunter biden allegations so if biden is certified as president and those become president i
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expect his doj to drop that investigation and crickets from the media which is unfortunate because the whole time i was at the department of justice all we heard about was is trump going to stop the russia investigation or obstruct the russia investigation and he didn't. he allowed it to proceed. i expect the hunter biden investigation to go nowhere. jillian: that is the fear of many people in the republican party. we thank you for coming on. have a good day. the leader of the squad promising to keep up the fight to defund the police. >> safety is not just an officer with a badge and a gun. jillian: the message the democratic socialist is sending next. ♪ it's moving day. and while her friends
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jillian: back with extreme weather, 7 people didn't two it is missing after devastating flooding in north carolina. heavy rains from tropical storm eta leaving homes and cars underwater. a reporter from our fox affiliate in charlotte was live on tv when the bridge collapsed in front of her. watch this. >> this is incredible. we are backing up. right here live on tv we saw the road call's. the same road we were standing on second ago. jillian: crews rescuing dozens of people stranded in floodwaters, people in florida begin to clean up from the damage left by eta. janice dean joins us with the latest on this forecast.
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that video is unbelievable. >> janice: the first time i have seen that video. i am so glad she is okay. it goes to show you it doesn't take a hurricane to cause incredible amounts of damage and destruction and potentially harming situation. we need to take this very seriously. the good news is eta is moving offshore. we definitely saw many inches of rain, storm surge in coastal areas on the west coast of florida and tropical storm force winds. the storm is almost out of your being pushed out by a cold front across the mid-atlantic and the northeast, finally saying goodbye to the storm. we were tracking this for many weeks. at one point it was almost a category 5 hurricane. forecast radar shows the cold front moving full through and eta moving within and another batch of rain and showers and thunderstorms in its wake across the mississippi river valley as we get into the weekend. the other big stories the
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changes going on across the west was heavy rain and snow in parts of the northwest and the rockies. there is your forecast. the center of the country looks quiet. we say goodbye to eta and the cold front moves through, quiet day for the east coast and potential for showers and thunderstorms into the weekend, very active across the west. i want to point out the list of the greek alphabet, we have seen they do and eta and sata and we might see iota in the caribbean this weekend. we just keep going and going and going and going. we will keep you up-to-date. jillian: it is friday the thirteenth. what else can you see? very different. >> drinks after the show.
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jillian: thank you so much. appreciate it. democratic congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez defense defunding the police. when asked to define what d funding means by a 14-year-old in a virtual townhall. listen. >> safety is not just an officer with a badge and a gun. our budget is too hard. we have a $6 billion nypd budget that goes up to $11 billion. jillian: senator joe manchin saying we are the party of working men and women, we do not have some crazy socialist agenda and do not believe in defunding the police. the freshman lawmaker hit back by posting this picture of her giving him the death stare. christie gnome blasting president obama's new memoir
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that argues, quote, the jury is still out whether the us can live up to its ideals. what a ridiculous message. obama had eight years and control of congress, send our jobs to china, left our healthcare system in disarray, foreign-policy in shambles and our people divided legion said of blaming trump obama should consider what led to 2016. the book comes out this week. a heroic rescue caught on camera after a driver plunges into the bay in new jersey. terrifying moment as the car starts to sink, the 60-year-old driver trapped inside. a lifeguard and a good samaritan jumped in, swimming the man to safety. the lifeguard has one leg after being rescued years prior in a train accident. then he rescued someone else. the driver was not injured. it came full circle. heroes in action. 24 after the hour. on moderna trial volunteered
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jillian: we are back with a fox news alert, and urgent manhunt underway in arkansas after a police officer is shot and killed. he is suspected of opening fire outside a hotel, west helena police were looking for him in a separate shooting. he was last seen in a maroon suv and is considered armed and dangerous. two north carolina police officers were shot outside a nightclub. they are expected to be okay. no word on that shooting. new infections and
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hospitalizations for covid-19 reaching record highs is the daily death toll his numbers not seen since the height of the pandemic. joining us with more, author of covid-19, the politics of fear and the power of science and fox news medical contributor doctor mark siegel, good morning. >> good to see you guys. jillian: tell us why cases are spiking. >> there are a lot of reasons. all the crowd we have seen recently haven't helped. even if you wear a mask if you are close with other people who have covid-19 and it is in the crowd it will spread. we don't have the rapid testing to prove that. he will not be able to rapid test and contacts trace a big gathering, a celebration, when president-elect biden won, but you don't have the answer to that but i'm concerned about gatherings. i don't think people are distancing enough, not enough
2:30 am
masking and it also spreads indoors. someone brings it into a household, you will see more indoor gatherings as the weather changes and one person gets it, everyone else gets it. that is what is happening. we are concerned from a public point of view and hospital still up and other medical care can't be delivered. jillian: as you are aware, a biden coronavirus advisor went on tv and said the four to six week lockdown would help control this wave of the coronavirus. he walked back by saying i didn't discuss this with them. it is not going to be supported out of the administration or in congress.
2:31 am
ronnie jackson on fox news at night made a good point. there are new restrictions in certain places, new york being one of them, bars and restaurants close at 10:00 pm, what is going to happen past 10:00 pm that is not going to happen at 9:00 at night? what do you think of this rhetoric? >> i agree with ronnie jackson. i have been in those bars. the question, is the establishment because? you 0 in on the problem. where is the spread occurring? if you start to close bars after 10:00 there will be no bars and we had 100,000 small businesses close in the united states already. the reason he walked back those comments in my opinion as i know him well, on that task force, not enough virologists, he has a big history of pandemic preparedness. he's not a bad choice. the problem is he's not looking at the overall picture. anthony fauci said i'm not sure lockdowns are good idea but i am more concerned about the overall biden administration considering them too quickly when they cost are made this damage to our economy, mental and physical health.
2:32 am
lockdowns are not the way to go. jillian: we spoke to a moderna vaccine volunteer who described his sister symptoms. he had chills and fever but a pretty mild case. >> i enrolled. it hasn't been much of anything. except security and safety. immediately after i got the shot, that night i had chills, all next day i had a mild fever. the only way to move forward is by taking a vaccine and these vaccines are safe. jillian: others say their symptoms were more extreme, described it as extreme hangover. when the vaccine rolls out what can we expect? >> i'm really glad you had him on. that is inspiring. what you just heard is what most people will experience. even if you have a severe hangover i want to take out is nowhere near what you get if you are in a higher risk group of
2:33 am
the virus itself. we hospitalized people with adenovirus. it has risk of death. i would be more afraid of the virus than the vaccine. the problem with those vaccines, they've got to be kept cold. the moderna vaccine you might be able to store in a freezer. the army is involved with deployment of these vaccines getting ready and the pfizer one they have a computer-driven plan. i don't think we should focus on side effects at all but on compliance and the idea that the side effects are a day or so and studied in thousands of people. flulike symptoms, headache, hangover, that is a small price to pay for protecting society against this virus. jillian: the results should be out soon. we are anxiously awaiting that. if we have more than one effective vaccine that will be amazing and welcome news.
2:34 am
>> by the way, the 53 people they have it looks like they have results within a week or two. >> have a good day. jillian: a twitter account for ice is back online effort was temporarily deleted. the account's age was changed to be under 13 years old. all users must be 13 or older. the agency tweet, no hackers, no rogue employees, we had a technical glitch, thanks for bringing us back online. carley: president-elect joe biden has spoken privately with several republicans except for one top member. >> he's not spoken to senator mcconnell. i think senator mcconnell is insisting donald trump won the election. he didn't. there will be a time and place for joe biden and senator mcconnell to talk. >> reporter: also revealing the relationship biden will have
2:35 am
with kamala harris. >> she is an incredibly insightful and trusted voice by president-elect biden. she will be the last person in the room, the last voice hears from before making important decisions. jillian: joe biden started his transition plans even though the president has yet to concede. it looks a lot like christmas in new york, the rockefeller center christmas tree, the 75 foot norway spruce was cut down in upstate new york. it weighs 11 tons. details about the tree lighting ceremony will be released in the coming days was a welcome sight. >> i support it. i normally don't put it up this early. it was delivered, a box sitting there. why not just unpack it.
2:36 am
>> i hand recount of ballots in georgia begins today. vernon jones says one person one vote is critical. the democratic georgia state lawmaker who supports donald trump joins us coming up. >> cancel thanksgiving, new restrictions in chicago just in time for the holiday. we are coming right back. ♪ and another one does ♪ and another one does ♪ another one bites the dust ♪ (calm inspirational music)
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will you come to him? (calm inspirational music) - [female voice] are you looking for a peace that can withstand any hardship life can bring? visit to find answers. again, that's (calm inspirational music) >> and coming white house chief of staff ron claims as joe biden has spoken with several republicans except for one member. >> he has not spoken to senator mcconnell. he insists donald trump won the election, he didn't. there will be a time and place for joe biden and senator mcconnell to talk. >> he revealed the kind of relationship biden will have
2:40 am
with kamala harris. >> she is an incredibly insightful voice. and the last voice before important decisions. >> biden started the transition plans. jillian: chicago issues a 30 day stay-at-home advisory as covid-19 cases spiking illinois. carley: the mayor's warning. >> lori lightfoot facing intense backlash after announcing new lockdowns in the windy city. >> if you are continuing the path we are on, you and me and others don't step up and do more, our estimates are we could
2:41 am
see 1000 more chicagoans die from this virus by the end of the year. >> reporter: she told chicagoans to cancel thanksgiving effective monday, that they only read their homes free sensual needs, the critics say she's a hypocrite after she joined large crowds celebrating joe biden's election victory, disgusting hypocrisy of america's political leadership. >> if you're going to walk the walk you got to talk to talk. an update out of new jersey. >> on the heels of new cases in new jersey governor phil murphy set to sign a new executive order that will give cities and towns the option to close the essential businesses for the spread. they set new restrictions for bars and restaurants.
2:42 am
the macy's thanksgiving day parade is happening. >> there will be a thanksgiving day parade on a musical performance that is going to be limited to 30 fourth street, performances will be from hamilton, mean girls which i should have seen on broadway and never did. those, we are going to prerecord those and have dolly parton and santa claus will be there. >> i like the idea. it is good, a step in the direction of normalcy. fair and balanced obviously. still ahead congressman doug collins joins us on the georgia hand recount and the big senate
2:43 am
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>> coming up over the next 3 hours and 15 minutes with the gop majority on the line in the senate rick scott will join us live taking to the airways. ahead of the runoff election on january 5th and the gop flipping it lead, 10 seat in the house. stunning news, the latest feet in new york, we will talk to a congresswoman about her substantial victory, donald trump bars americans from investing in firms that help the military. and if joe biden gets the job, continue it and candace owens talks about republicans hitting 13% of the african-american vote.
2:47 am
and ari fleischer on prospects of a recount in georgia and a substantial win in pennsylvania and "fox and friends" weekend's hegseth, jedediah and will kane will join us and geraldo will be here and as we head into winter we will spend more time indoors possibly alone. we will talk about upgrading your home by adding a spa. it seems easy. now it is time to do my final preparations for the show and i might change outfits. >> donald trump promising a recount will show he did when the state of georgia. the state representative vernon jones, thanks for being here.
2:48 am
let's talk about what is going in georgia. we know there will be a recount, we will follow that. as georgia has been historically read. 10 days to absorb what happened on election day. what do you make of how close georgia has been this year? >> there was no wave. there may have been a water gun at most, a squirt but if you look at the house and senate they remained basically the same. that makes us even more curious about the ballot. what we see, harvesting the ballots, mail in ballots there is something strange and we are doing an investigation and recount to make sure this was a fair and transparent election. jillian: mike huckabee was on fox news and he said something
2:49 am
interesting, he was talking about how joe biden really wants unity he would welcome these recounts because there are a lot of trump supporters that feel the election was stolen from them. do you think that could be something that joe biden will get behind? >> i hope so but you never know with the show. this is good for democrats and republicans. i am a lifelong democrat and support the democrat party and believe they are right but why are they not behind this recount making sure there is no fraud. did people are voting in georgia. there is a problem. we call that election fraud, not voter fraud but election fraud. the election process needs to be investigated. i'm glad doug collins is standing up, to stop this from passing. people are not going to take this lightly in georgia.
2:50 am
>> we will follow that and doug collins in the next few minutes as well. before we let you go let's bring up this quote, the blacklight matter cofounder message to joe biden that reads we wants to be heard and our agenda to be prioritized, without the support of black people settled with a different electoral outcome. black people won this election. what is your response? >> many black people became woke, the democratic party is a party of bigotry, they do not think the black vote matters, and we have shown this election that black folks do count and donald trump has done more to earn the black vote than any presidential candidate going back 50 years. that is why you have black voices for trump and others. you can go to stop the steel, we are protesting our right to protest among other things.
2:51 am
we appreciate donald trump, what he has done for the african-american community and look forward to another four years and one other thing, for the first time a democrat, the black agenda, it was a replica of what donald trump is done, because they didn't see that happen in 60 years and the best is yet to come. jillian: you have democrats say it is surprising how much support donald trump received in the black community, and underreported story. we appreciate it. still ahead fellow georgian congressman doug collins.
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. republicans are campaigning hard for conservative candidates in georgia. the january runoff set to determine if the g.o.p. can keep their senate control. carley: joining us live now to discuss is georgia congressman doug collins. garage, sir. >> good morning to you all. carley: you know georgia better than anyone else. what is your sense of these two all-important races? how do you think things are going to play out in the end? >> i think they are going to play out the way that senator levy remember and senator perdue want them to. there is a stark joyce here.
2:56 am
jon ossoff and warnock are out of step with the country much less georgia in their views that would push us towards government control of healthcare. a radical climate agenda. these are the things very much on display the next 50 days or so. you will see georgia, which is a conservative leaning state is going to vote for senators purdue and loeffler. >> raised more than $370,000 for the georgia senate runoff. grassroots organizing effort this was overnight by the way. lindsey graham was on "fox & friends" yesterday saying he will transfer 1 million for his campaign to those of loeffler and perdue. what do you make of the amount of money being spent in georgia on these two races? >> all georgias know how important this race is for them toe turn out. this is no time from our perspective for conservatives to stay home. this is no time for republicans to stay home. this is no time for us to take this lightly or take this for granted. this is truly about the control of the senate with having chuck
2:57 am
schumer in charge. that's not something that's tenable. for somebody like myself who has fought against the left and democrats for years now. fighting some of these agenda items. this is not something that is ten being. focuses the fact that everybody does need to get out and vitally important. if the democrats say this is not important or believes this is not important, look at the money being poured into here. carley: georgia should feel very honored because all eyes are on them to say the least. proving onto the presidential election, you were chosen to lead the trump campaign recount team. and all of those votes are now going to be hand counted. all 5 million of them. when all is said and done, how confident are you that the results will be accurate? >> i believe they will be. first time in georgia hand ballot recount. important first step. this let us know the accuracy of integrity of voting system is there. about every legal vote. remember later this morning it's
2:58 am
always a forgotten fact every illegal vote expresses a legal vote. that's why we have got to get to the bottom of this. this is not the only thing we're doing. continue to look at issues of signature matching. issues of other election issues that went on during this time. but this is a good step forward so that we can make sure the integrity of our election. jillian: i'm curious on your opinion the same question i asked vernon jones. georgia has historically been red, right? the election, everything that's happening right now the ballots are going to be recounted. we will continue to follow up until those results come out from the recount. but, you know, your overall sense of what it means that this election in georgia is so close in 2020. does that give republicans a sense that you need to, you know, rethink what's happening in that state? >> well, i think vernon jones is a great fighter. he has talked about the reasons that president trump did so well with minority voters. those are common sense values. it reminds us we can't take elections lightly. we have to be out organizing.
2:59 am
we have to be out registering voters. we have to be actually taking people and making sure they have access to go to the polls and do those kind of things. georgia has been a relatively close state. always a conservative right state. we have never been in a state where republicans won statewide by 20 or 30 points. we have always been in a 10 point range. 55, had 5, or even less in the last few years it. just reminds us that every election is important not just presidential year. that's what we have got to forecan you say on here in georgia if we want our values to continue and georgia to state best place we know to do business just named again we have actually got to be out there voting. carley: we are running out of time but i wanted to ask you if you have spoken to the president and if so how he is feeling right now. >> the president is upbeat. focusing on legal option and making sure every vote counts. making sure that people are trusting the integrity of the election. he focused on that. jillian: five seconds, how long
3:00 am
do you think this recount will take what's your expectation. >> i would say three to five days. you recall congressman doug collins. carley: all right "fox & friends first" is over. jillian: and "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> urgent manhunt underway right now in arkansas after a police officer is shot and killed. >> the suspect identified as 29-year-old la carious howard. >> released secretary of state had no authority to extend the deadline. >> what are these false claims of widespread election fraud doing to this country. >> one more step in delegitimizing democracy. >> aoc taking on the moderates of her party and she tweeted this photo staring down senator joe manchin. >> it is aoc who runs the floor. it's the reason why the democrats will have the smallest majority since world war ii.


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