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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 15, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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and the constitution of the united states. that's whatth we unite behind. i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." i will n "life, liberty and lin". ♪ >> welcome to the next revolution on steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism, pro- worker, profamily, pro- committee and above all, pro- america. in a moment will be joined lied by senator marsha blackburn with her thoughts on the election and its aftermath and also with us tonight pete hegseth, lisa boothe and robin smith. let's get started 70% and it's become a well-known number, 70% of republicans who do not believe the election was free or fair. neither do a third of independence but surprise, 96% of democrats do think it was fair unlike last time.
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>> i think the interference although not quantified will show that trump did win the election in 2016 and he lost the election and was put into office because the russians interfered on his behalf. >> trump knows he's an illegitimate president. >> he's an illegitimate president. >> folks, look, i absolutely agree. steve: he absolutely agreed. trump is an illegitimate president, biden said that. he said that nearly three years after trump was elected with the exact same number of electoral votes biden now claims paid he says he was an illegitimate president but now demands that you accept his legitimacy. we all knew this was not going to be a fair election and we said so on the show. trump had the entire establishment against him or he had the alliance of bias against him. how can election be fair when nearly 100% of the media is working for one of the candidates? remember the propagandizing
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dressed up as fact checking and trump falsely said that and when did you hear a single one of them fact check biden's string of lies? biden claimed, without evidence, trump would bring the pledge of no one earning under $400,000 would pay more tax has been debunked by experts and biden said falsely that he never discussed his son's dealings with hostile foreign powers, never, never once is the sanctimonious self-appointed guardians of the truth ever apply the slightest scrutiny to biden. biden's campaign was explicitly designed to avoid scrutiny and to use their favorite terms, biden campaign was systemically lying, structurally dishonest. add to that the medias poles 17 points behind in wisconsin, blue wave coming from all over for trump so how can that not unfairly suppress the trump vote and then they did not deny this
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and now they turn around and smugly claimed that they, wait for it, saved democracy. that was literally a headline in the washington post this week. has there ever been a more vain, self righteous, deceitful group of people that america's establishment media? well, the other half of the alliance of bias, how can it be a fair election with big tech suppressing information that could hurt their candidate? systemic censorship pro- biden censorship. the tech oligarchs said they wanted to democratize information and they ended up controlling it and using it to control the people but the injustice once far beyond the lead alliance of bias. how can it be a fair election when the democrats recklessly made massive late changes to the voting system? all of them designed to help themselves. close he has been pushing this for years, automatic voter registration, universal postal ballots, dismantling state voter id laws and with the pandemic
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they seized their chance. not just mass mail in voting but scrapping security precautions like signatures and witness requirements paid combine that with voter rolls that the pew foundation found bacchus 2012 quote, plagued with errors. plus, the completely indefensible racket of ballot harvesting and you end up with election system straight out of a nan republic or big-city political machine from the 19th century. we desperately need reform and national standards that everyone can trust and the first step in that is investigating every irregularity in this election to pinpoint the problems of the democrats are fighting these efforts so their changes stay in place. this was a medically, this was the undermining of democracy and none of it was trump, none of it was the russians and all of it was the democrats. millions of americans thinking the election was rigged. the collapse of trust in our
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system and it was you, the democrats, who did this to america and as usual, you blame others for the exact thing you are guilty of. what charlatans, with cynicism. at pelosi. for months she held up vital relief for our workers, small businesses, schools so she could hurt president trump. now she turns around and screams about how urgent it is. >> this is a red alert. an all hands on deck but it should have been a long time a ago. the president and the republicans in congress have ignored, by delay, distortion, denial. steve: what? has there ever been a more cynical, manipulative hypocrite and a disgrace for the political stage? on top of that the cynical plotting of big business and big bureaucracy to deny president trump credit for the vaccine. fda put in a two-month delay to
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push it beyond the election and pfizer, and out the first day after biden was anointed by the media and just-in-time for the ceo to cash in millions of dollars of shares. they even told biden before the president or the public. the visor vaccine head said they were never part of operation warp speed but they were part of it as their pr team had to admit the next day and they will get $2 billion from the government. trump made that happen and pfizer lied about it to suck up to biden. now we know are corporate america stands. they hate tromso pro- worker agenda and what their power back. last week over two dozen top ceos held a secret meeting to plot a coordinated attack on the president. big business, big media, big tech, big money, big government bureaucracy and all of it lined up against trump. it's a miracle the election was so close but trump got more votes than any president running for reelection in history. the second most votes overall
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and you could say trump is the biggest vote-getter in history because he's even responsible for biden's votes. none of those people voted for biden but the whole election was about trump. , love him or hate him. the establishment hates him and now they want to see him and his supporters destroyed. jake tapper shamefully called for the persecution of trump supporters, no job for you if you dare question the election results in the trump accountability project they would've been 70 million people on it and they called for a ban on pro trump books and a boycott of their publishers. why don't they just go all the way and make piles of books and burn them like the fascists they are? this is frightening authoritarianism. it is how the communist treated my grandmother in hungary for the crime of allowing her daughter, my mother, to escape to the west. how dare these people talk about unity while behaving like this?
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barack obama sneers at every american who voted trump in 2016. you are a racist. michelle obama sneers every american who voted for trump again but what a pair of divisive, dissenting haters for at a time to heal says biden but what he really means is come to heal. they don't want unity and they want submission. total submission. no, here is what we owe them. nothing. peaceful transition of power? don't make me laugh. at this exact .4 years ago obama and his gang were working to cripple the incoming trump administration and joe biden was right at the heart of it. the weapon eyes the fbi, the intelligence agencies and what ever they could think of so let's uphold that democrat norm. the fbi is a part of the investigating corruption by hunter biden. following the democrat norms established in 2016 expanded to joe biden and when he's compromised by hostile foreign power, china. at this exact .4 years ago
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democrat activists were meeting and plotting to destroy the new regime, no collaboration, all-out war and the resistance they called it. let's uphold that democrat norm too and that doesn't mean putting politics ahead of peoples lives but look at what president trump achieved, despite the harassments, impeachment and resistance. the establishment can't wait to get their power back. they are smugness is insufferable in their arrogance unbearable in their authoritarian tactics un-american and unacceptable. biden's transition team is a swamp takeover. his priorities national lockdown, open borders, paris climate, bringing back racist brainwashing, government for the elite, by the elite. who is happy if biden is in the white house? our biggest enemies, china and iran. the fight against the establishment goes on for the
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people, for workers, for families, for communities, for america. all right. tell me what you think of that at steve hilton and follow us on social media and joining me now to react tennessee senator marsha blackburn with senator, great to see you again. just one question really, your thoughts on the election and where we are right now? >> well, where we are right now is letting the process play out. steve, i so appreciate that you reminded people, it is the democrats that named themselves the resistance and they have resisted this president every single day. what we see now is going through this process, getting all the irregularities documented, getting them investigated and making certain that we confirm integrity in our voting system.
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i think if every legal vote is counted, there is no doubt donald trump would get four more years as president of this nation and continued the great work that he has done. but what we do know is that all of these state legislators will have to get in here and hold these state election and local election officials accountable. they can't do what the pennsylvania secretary of state did and just willy-nilly change election laws because they want to. they have to abide by the law that is set by the state legislator and so president trump has this lawsuits moving forward and there are poll watchers and there are voters who have their lawsuits moving forward and my hope is, we get the system cleaned up before we get to the georgia senatorial runoffs.
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steve: that's exactly right. i so agree with you and as i just said, it's not just about one candidate or one party but all americans to have faith in the system that has been shattered by what people have seen this time around. i want to ask you about something coming up next week these hearings, we've got pet hearings again and you will be involved in them so i just talked about how the role of facebook and twitter in this election was so egregious. tell us your thoughts on that and what you will be looking for and pressing them on this week. >> absolutely. when we had jack dorsey before us and before the election i asked him why twitter had censored president trump's 65 times and had never censored joe biden. they haven't censored the ayatollah or censored putin but they have censored president trump. what we have seen is they are
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hiding behind this section 230 liability shield. my legislation which you have chairman wicker and chairman graham joining me on this online freedom and viewpoint diversity act would prohibit big tech from using section 230 and would preserve the protections for new entrants into the marketplace, such as parlor. we are going to ask them about this, subjectiveness and whether it is in their content moderation or in their algorithms and we will ask them about their oversight like the facebook oversight board and why they don't have conservatives and why they limit the viewpoint that is there? what they want to do is control what we see, will be here so they can control how we think and how we vote. steve: exactly right. i'm so glad you are in there fighting the good fight. senator blackburn, thank you for
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joining us but we will be watching you next week. let's bring in our guest for the hour, author of the upcoming book modern warriors, real stories from real heroes and fox and friends on the weekends pete hegseth. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. the author of [inaudible] rob smith. lisa, how are you feeling about unity these days? [laughter] >> i don't think the left wants unity and nor do they deserve it and nor should they get it because, as you pointed out, they are the embodiment of everything they say they hate. there are authoritarians and don't want unity and they want our submission and there is something dangerous that has been going on over the past few years, steve. you're the media and the left dehumanizes president trump and his supporters. they have called us racist, sexist, the a fullback in the list goes on. when you do that what it does is opens the door for the kind of political violence we saw last night and opens the door for the
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enemies to talk about in your monologue, former obama and pete buttigieg staffers putting trump officials on that list trying to prevent them from getting the future work or even what we heard other people in the media do which is call for truth and reconciliation committees. that opens the door and weaves it down some dangerous paths and that is where we are today as a society. steve: rob, lisa mentioned the violence that you were there yesterday, weren't you? you are in dc so tell us about your experiences at the march and what you saw afterwards and what makes you think generally about this reaction from the left and the democrats since the election. >> yeah, first of all, i was at the market yesterday and i can tell you these 70 million people that voted for president trump are not going away. the mag eight movement is not going away. they been smeared and bullied and it is emboldening them to use their voices. the march yesterday was a very
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positive experience and you had trump supporters of different races whatever just a very large cross-section of people coming together to support the president and election integrity and america. now the dangerous thing and lisa alluded to this, the dangerous thing is that these people have been so dehumanized that they become the targets of violence. when the sun went down over dc last night it descended into absolute chaos and lawlessness. i made it very clear get away from certain aspects and got back to my hotel room but i was watching a lot of the stuff play out from a window and i watched the stuff play out on the internet and it's very sad that you have anti-fa in the far leftist and the blm types who thinks it's complete the appropriate to harass, bully, terrorize an assault people just because of who they voted for in the presidential election prayed i saw a black woman, trump supporter, with her children being harassed and these were women being harassed and
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children being harassed. these were people horrifically beaten and this is what the left wanted the entire time and this is what the rhetoric of the left engenders. it is very disturbing to see. steve: exactly right. pete, i'm sure you got lots of thoughts on all of this but tell us about those but i'd love you to hit one point specifically from your background and experience. one of the things we've seen the president to do since the election is move quickly to assert himself at the department of defense and that is caused a huge outcry from a lot of people. i like your thoughts on that as well as your general thoughts about where we are now. >> as he should, he ran on a platform that was different from most republicans, whether trade, immigration or foreign wars. he said the prerogative to say listen, if we don't have a mission clearly defined why are we still there two decades later? it is good to see -- it's amazing the defense department took this many years to take the prerogative that we want to end
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these wars if the condition is that there is no condition to be met so why are we still there? again, this is indicative of a commander-r-in-chief who's kept his promises from the very beginning. i hope we do bring all her troops home from afghanistan. that's a no-brainer. to break down the basic frame of where we are, this is a president who said i want to make america great again and is up against the forces of the left to believe that america was never great. this is 1776 versus 1619. this is the red hat versus the black mask. we are in the fight of our lives for our country and that is what the president is doing right now when he says i want legal votes counted. he is saying i believe in this republic and i believe and are citizens and our taxpayers and our legal citizens and i believe that should be the process we follow. listen, i don't believe we have a president elect yet. we don't. the legal votes have not been
9:19 pm
counted and is not been certified so he should continue to fight. he does that on behalf of everyone who believes we have a system and a constitution worth defending and that is why sony people rallied behind him still to date, even though the entire establishment, as you laid out so beautifully steve, is aligned against him. he fights no matter what because we need that fight in light of what the left wants which is complete control and instruction of america. that is what we are up against but there is no harmony with people who believe that you should be shut down and that america is a bad place. that is why so many can rally behind him because they love the fighting spirit he has, whether backing our troops or making sure our ballots should count. steve: exactly right, pete. well said. thank you so much trade we will see you later on talking about your book. lisa and rob you will stick around and after the break we will talk about the biden swamp. biden grandly announced an agency review team this weekend.
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♪ steve: this week biden announced
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an agency review team and that is so swamp speak for donors and lobbyist rick davis before the election he list of list of over hundred thousand dollars and we cross-reference that list with the people on his agency review team and found tenant named matches paid to play politics. his most obvious form. at least 40 other people on the team are lobbyists according to "the wall street journal". big tech gets its payoff of course and the propping up biden's campaign with cash and censorship. the list is swarming with tech executives for outnumbering the tech critics and that is on top of facebook's top lawyer in apple's top lobbyists both previously announced by biden for the swamp includes banking executives with visa on the commerce department, keybank on the treasury department team and perhaps worst of all, there are firms like albright stonehenge group and west exec advisors the build themselves as strategic
9:25 pm
advisory groups but are just shadowy lobbying firms using legal loopholes hiding secret clients. unbelievably, west exact says its clients include a leading american farmer company owner that's pfizer and boasts on the website about pushing beijing's agenda, sorry, safeguarding against traded tensions between the u.s. and china. we've been telling you for years the biden is the swamp and this week he proved it. rob, this is just a taste and like i said at the beginning, that is what the fight is all about the establishment just can't wait to get back into power and they were so angry that they were kicked out of power by the voters in 2016 in the form of president trump and now i don't know what will happen but your reaction. >> you know, absolutely. they can't wait to stroll back into the white house and right back into power. one of the main reasons why i was very anti- biden in the
9:26 pm
first place, this man has been in clinical office for 47 years and 47 years in office, 47 years of kickbacks, 47 years of so many people that he owes favors to and we are seeing the stuff already. i'm not shocked by this at all but i'm curious as to whether the left flank will be shocked by this. or if they will say anything about this at all because you and i will be not shocked by this but people that lifted up biden as their messiah will be shocked by this. it will be interesting to see how the bernie sanders, aoc, elizabeth warren crowd reacts to all of this. steve: exactly right. there's a massive split going on that we will talk about later in the show. lisa, the biden swamp. what do you think? >> i mean, steve, 47 years in washington dc as a lot of time to make lobbyist friends so that is why he has so many because he's been there so long but here's the irony. the reason why the astonishment in the media hates president trump so much is the very reason
9:27 pm
why he has been so successful and that is because he's an outsider but he brought a different approach to problem-solving and solving the problems of the broken government that has not serve the people for quite some time and you look at things he did with the era of israel deal and with using sanctions to go after iran instead of trying to engage militarily or work with them which was moronic which is what the biden obama and the duration did or using paris to put pressure on mexico to step up the pressure on illegal immigration and all these things are new solutions, age-old problems we've been facing and the reason why joe biden would be so ineffective and so terrible at his job is because he will solve these problems the same way everyone before him has tried and failed. steve: that's exactly right. i hope that this fight can yield the results we want because going back to that way of doing
9:28 pm
things, giving into the bureaucracy and giving into it, it was ron clean announced even if he gets there would be his chief of staff and it was just all this classic swamp babble and he did not say anything and classic politician speak and you just go oh my gosh, this is what people have had enough of. this is why they voted for trump in the first place. >> you're right, it's the same old swamp stuff in the same old people. i just read an article that susan rice unfairly obama is pushing her to be secretary of defense. she lied so much about what happened during ben ghazi so we are seeing the same people that has the same terrible ideas and caused the same problems over decades in public office and they are strolling right back up into this administration. it's quite demoralizing, i think and i think that is why the people fighting so hard to get
9:29 pm
every legal vote counted in the people fighting so hard to make sure that these votes get counted and that we have a certified president because we do not want to go backwards and this movement to biden is a acworth movement. steve: that's exactly right. well put, rob. what we are seeing happen is exactly reminds us of the stake and why it's so important. thank you very much. coming out, it's aoc and the squad versus the democratic is that ireland...1953? how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that.
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at ♪ steve: after the leg blue wave failed to show up on election day with the gop enough house and sees a winning state legislators the democrats are at each other's throats over who is to blame so where is all this going? de from the police, green new deal and the woke supremacy so let's discuss with lisa, what do you think? it's hilarious to watch them already fighting and they don't really come across as winners to me but who you think, how will this go this internal struggle? >> i think we will continue to see the fights play out over the course of the next couple of
9:34 pm
years but steve, what president trump has done has opened american's eyes to how corrupt the government is and he saw that with the doj and the fbi and how biased the media is and how much power companies like twitter and facebook have over a lot and so what i thank you will see in 2020 because all those powers will continue to try to tighten their grip by the emerging people in the establishment will try to tighten its grip on the american people and you will have establishment represented in the senate, even if rob begins when in the house as well as the white house and so i think what 2022 will bring is the biggest rejection of the establishment that we may be have ever seen given more so that what we saw in 2010 with the tea party. i think people will come out in force and sunday loud and clear message that you don't represent me and i want people there that do. steve: yeah, you touched on this earlier rob. that's what i'm getting at is well. we've got to fight. the fight goes on, as it were,
9:35 pm
as much as possible right now as we discussed and then beyond right up to 2022 and then 2024. >> absolutely. particularly looking forward to 2022. the gop in the selection has put together this multiracial working-class coalition that the left only pretends to have in the left really dreams of. this is the energy that they will take back to taking the house in 2022. we have the most public and women to congress in a very long time we are common across the most diverse incoming freshman republican congressional class that i believe the republicans have ever had. this energy is happening and i think it would really move the gop, rnc, whoever will be running things to not let this maga trump fail and do not let it with full away because these people are motivated and these people are energized and i think that we will take back the house in 2022.
9:36 pm
i really do believe that. steve: lisa, the think that makes me laugh -- the aoc and all that crowd really went alo along, they were explicit during the campaign and said we are eating along with biden but the minute the election is over we will be back and we want medicare and the whole left-wing agenda. they will not be quiet now. >> they have no reason to be quiet but also, they made it clear that they thought joe biden was malleable and they could get him to come to their side and get these progressive items done. it becomes more difficult if republicans keep the senate to move forward some of those legislative priorities. steve: exactly. lots of to dig into their paid when we come back we will look at biden's transition team from another perspective and it is full of lockdown fanatics prayed to see what one of them said it this week?
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♪ steve: welcome back. i'm certain one of the reason president trump did so well in the election with latinos and working americans was the clear contrast he drew between trump recovery and biden shut down. that is real but listen to one of biden's virus advisors this week. >> we could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers for losses to small companies to medium-sized companies, city, state, county governments and we could all do that. then we could lockdown for four-six weeks and if we did that we could drive the numbers down. steve: four-six weeks as a national lockdown but what would that do to the country? rob, look, the big point here in any discussion of the virus is president trump achieved the single most important thing which is exactly as you talked
9:42 pm
about earlier lisa, by his unconventional approach not putting up with what comes in from the bureaucracy and saying get those treatments and get the vaccine. i don't care about your stupid rules but we need this. he is the one that is actually delivered the single most important thing and this lot is still blathering on about lockdowns. >> the thing about it is steve, the leads love lockdowns were they really do. gretchen witmer is about to shut michigan at down again for about three weeks and they really do have lockdowns and i'm telling you, it is going to put the economy and a really bad place again if these people want to destroy the economy. i don't think i'm being to or too much of a hyperbole to say that this is literally the past toward socialism. this is the path towards getting people used to getting a paycheck from the government and getting people to depending on the government so that there's nothing left for them to come back to. steve: that's exactly )-right-parenthesis lisa, that's exactly and so blithely,
9:43 pm
arrogantly saying it's fine and the government will take care and so it's so arrogant. >> steve, i don't think anyone has been as advocated if a lawsuit paycheck would ask for that. here's a difference between the approach of democrats to try to solve the coronavirus problem versus the white house. democrats want to do is to kick the can and prolong the problem which is inevitably what i shut down do and what president trump does or has been doing is solving the problem and as you pointed out, the way he is doing that is by getting rid of the red tape and allowing therapeutics to go through and to get to the market and to people who need them which is drastically cut mortality rates for so many people to public private partnerships able to get ventilators out to the public
9:44 pm
and the hospitals and places that need them and then further once the vaccine hits the market it is likely going to be five times faster than any vaccine process ever in history and all of that was possible because of this solutions or oriented approach with the public private partnership that he has forged. all democrats want to do is prolong the problem. president trump is actively looking to solve it to allow us americans to go back to our everyday lives and to see the people we love despite the fact that they have underlying conditions and that we can go see them with therapeutics and with a vaccine. he wants us to get back to her life and democrats want to take that control and shut down our way of life and prolong the problem. such a drastic difference. steve: yes, exactly. it's a theme were seen and we can talk about it later on but i want to underline this point which is its remind these again of the stakes of this fight right now. do we want to keep going with
9:45 pm
the trump recovery to get the bureaucracy to deliver what it needs to do and keep that recovery going or take all these stepped backwards and it's so important break coming up, pete hegseth is back with more on the ♪ ah sugar, ♪ ah honey honey ♪ ♪ you are my candy girl ♪ and you've got me wanting you ♪ applebee's 2 for $20. it's date night in the neighborhood.
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steve: welcome back. our friend pete hegseth has a great new book coming out on november 24 but you can preorder it now, modern warriors, real stories from real heroes. pete, what is in the book? >> thank you for everything you do with your show. it's been amazing reflection of america and what really matters. that is what we tried to do with this book that i host fox and friends on the weekend and these short segments that merits to enough hours and will be trying to do with modern warriors is tell the real story of the men and women who have done the brunt of the battle since 911. how do they feel? what is it like to be in combat? how did they transition back home? we sat down and asked them about it and re- told their stories in their own words and 15 navy seals, medal of honor recipients, green berets, you want to get a sense of what
9:50 pm
these men and women have been through what is like to have bullets whizzing past their heads we wanted to tell that story so people could truly appreciate where your freedom comes from, who fights for it and it's based on a series we have on fox nation called modern warriors which, steve you know this, it's a conversation not on the camera but we go to a bar, have a drink, tell some stories and get some real stories of what happened and that is what we try to do it i made that myself but i've done nothing like these men and women who are in this book. i tried to get them comfortable, tell them the real story and then hear what comes out in modern warriors as a reflection of our series on fox nation and i think our viewers will love it. for things giving, for christmas, if you are interested in these issues pick it up, pick it up for someone who loves it and loves america as well. we try to tell the real stories, steve, as you do on your show every night but what combat is
9:51 pm
like and what it is to serve this nation. steve: that reminds me, to be honest, people need to read this and those establishment people in washington, in the military industrial complex of the president talks about so on. that mindset we've had for so long that just casually since people into these complex without limit, without end, not really thinking about what it means for them and they are playing some chess game with their clever global strategies without thinking about the human impact. >> yes, talk to the people left doing the dirty work in the dirty places. politics aside, forget about that but what is it like to be there with the men on the right in the left of you and what you're seeing right right now is from one of our specials on fox nation modern warriors. we went to a range and shot and reconnected with what we do best. we talked about appeared in that setting in that scene you're seeing right now is reflected in
9:52 pm
the book. let the politicians do what they do and what was it like they are with your brothers and with the mission set before you it is often ill-defined, as you said steve, are we out of out of that afghanistan or as ice defeated or not? we asked these guys these questions and they asked it candidly and honestly and without a filter. i think people will appreciate getting the real answers. steve: really, really important. that's great. i'm looking forward to reading it and everyone to pick up their copy. pete, thank you for joining us tonight on this topic and everything else peered great to see you. thank you. >> great to see you. steve: coming up, hope is the light in all of us that cannot be extinguished. to stir that fire, university of phoenix is awarding up to one million dollars in scholarships through this month. see what scholarship you qualify for at
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i don't know if you want to finish that thought or start a new one. it's up to you. >> all start a new one. i think my final thought tonight is no matter what happens with the election we will see a lot of news coming out of the next couple of weeks. we have to continue to fight for america and advocate for republican policies and principles because i do believe they work. i've seen them work in my own life and in the lives of others. we have to keep on without fight in introducing who we are and what were all about more people. i think we have a lot of opportunity here in the future. >> lisa. >> i think we have i heading into an era where the media, where congress, a lot of these companies are more out of touch with everyday americans than they ever have been before. that will create interesting conflicts over the next couple of years.
9:58 pm
also i've been frustrated with the media delegitimizing concerns that trump supporters have about the selection. this election cycle there's more mail in ballots than ever before and a lot of people are doing the first time. that's a legitimate question to have but there's not a lot of interest in the media to get to the bottom of it. >> that's exactly right. kim stossel wrote an interesting article that it's very, very hard to track the fraud when you combine the combination of the mass mailing ballots in the ballot harvesting. it's just really hard to track it and we got to get to the bottom of all this. >> we do. honestly, there is such a curiosity about asking any of
9:59 pm
these questions that a lot of these people have. there would be a big story there people would be interested in doing this but nothing to see here. look over there and this is why they're falling apart and becoming less relevant by the second period. >> lisa to the point about being out of touch, again, i touched on earlier the fact that they got dozens of ceos leading in secret to plot some kind of intervention against president tom, what is that tell you about this establishment. >> i can tell you about the embodiment of what we've been seeing in the gas lighting is cnn and msnbc telling us that riots are mostly peaceful as buildings are ablaze behind them. that is the embodiment and the pygmy of what we seen from the media over the past few years. >> it's so dishonest.
10:00 pm
bill mark said they say silence is violence but looting is not. we leave it there. see you next sunday. "the next revolution" will be td welcome welcome welcome ♪ ♪ i know how educated you were and all the topics you covered. you appreciate people in the media that do things in the media in my view the right way. the personalities of the sport. the intricacies of the sport. and i think you contribute to so many great g stories ove


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