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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 17, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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their offices have been shutdown . it's disgusting. >> at the lawyers who represented old jay simpson we're called the dream team. thank you for putting that in perspective. great to see you. thanks for watching, we will se you tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. eastern. here is sean. >> welcome to hannity. we begin with this fox news alert. buckle up, tonight all eyes are on georgia, pennsylvania, michigan, nevada. breaking moments ago, the state of georgia hand recount magically, how many days after election day uncovered yet another 2700 uncounted ballots, the majority of which shockingl cast for president trump wrote last night, same story, another 2600 uncounted ballots were discovered and again, most of those ballots in favor of the president. what is happening in georgia in our country? why are we still finding
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thousands of ballots weeks afte the election? does that inspire confidence in the outcome to you? should anyone ever trust us? all these other states, they ca count their votes on election night, no problems. every vote matters, right? think about it commit these votes never would have been tallied without a recount commi now less than 13,000 votes separate the president and joe biden in georgia. that number continues to shrink how many more ballots will they find tomorrow? of course tonight this isn't just about thousands of missing boats votes showing up weeks later, that are now just turnin up out of thin air, it's also about the state, their use of diminutive voting systems which are played like we told you about. with issues with the state's primary a few months ago. according to the new york times in some cases the new machines required to much extra power fo aging polling locations blowing
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fuses and never powering on. others, workers were still bein trained just days before the election struggling was set up. the times goes on to write the electronic pulled books also plagued by a freezing software, user error commit now keep in mind these very same machines were used in all of georgia's 109 counties during the presidential election. and the same machines were rejected in 2019 twice, and onc in 2013. why? they failed to meet the state o texas security standards. a prince during tenured professor has been highly critical of these machines recently democrats have been highly critical, the ap has bee critical, maybe this is a dumb question, you tell me. why would we ever be using them in the first place this is the usa, the home of apple, the hom of microsoft, the home of silicon valley. are we saying we can't do bette than this? of course tonight, serious
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issues around george's consent decree. two unequal verification standards on the voters in that state. put simply, a georgian to vote in person, they've got to provide id. however, if you live in georgia and vote by mail, you provide a signature that signature does not need to match the voter rolls, in fact, georgia while literally says it blocks county election officials from rejecting absentee ballots because of mismatched signatures . that makes sense. now why would the state of georgia actually put that into law? they have, how has that not unequal application of our laws? what does the state's republica governor, the state republican secretary of state, what are they doing to rectify the inequity during the hand recount ? the answer, sadly, absolutely nothing. brian kemp, cowering in fear commit meanwhile a very bizarre
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move the secretary of state recently goes on fake news cnn and tries to insinuate senator lindsey graham who will respond tonight is guilty of some kind of voter fraud take a look. >> the ballots could be matched back to the voters and i got th sense that implied that you could throw those out for if yo look at the counties with the highest frequent error of signatures. so that is the impression i got. >> senator graham wanted you to find ways to get rid of legally cast ballots. cnn asked him about these allegations and he denied them. he said that's ridiculous. his words, that's ridiculous. >> it's just an implication tha look hard and see how many you can get through brett. >> a lot of insinuations there. in senator graham on the progra denying those egregious clack facts right other people were o the call and they defended her
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senator graham's version of events they will respond. georgia, what is going on with your secretary of state, do you trust him to run fair and free recount? january 5th be here in a very short period of time. what about the all-important senate run on races. after the all the balance of power in the senate will be decided in the great state of georgia. those races are incredibly close . tonight georgia is not the only state facing serious questions and look at this, breaking out of nevada, clark county, they are refusing to certify one local election after numerous unexplained discrepancies there and potential instances of fraud . the discrepancies were so bad that the results of that race, which was decided, if you don't think your vote matters, by onl ten votes for the democrats, that will get completely thrown out. last night that president
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tweeted, big victory moments ag in the state of nevada per the all democrat county race on the same ballots as president, just throw him out because of large-scale voter discrepancy. clark county officials do not have confidence in their own election security impact. officials they are refusing to certify their results after rea allegations of voting irregularities in detroit. you might remember right here o this program, holding up last week to hundred 34 real affidavits, fake news cnn said they're just empty pieces of paper. that was a lie from one michiga county county, here you go. what does it all mean, and what does the drum campaign doing to ensure that every legal vote is counted and how can we have faith in any system that works like this? kaylee is back with us. 2600 votes yesterday, 2700 vote
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today. let's go for an even 20,000 tomorrow. any chance you might get 20,000 more there? a gate there is certainly a chance because there have been plenty of errors tonight there is reporting that in the third county in georgia in one county they have found the same issue, a memory card that was not registered with votes and guess what, these votes favor president donald j trump heard we were told yesterday when the first batch was discovered by the georgia secretary of state this is very concerning because there are checks and balances i place local officials could resign. these checks and balances appeared to be fatally flawed, systematically irregular to happen and not one, two, three georgia counties and mount the disenfranchisement of nearly 5,000 voter spread what is goin on here? every american should be concerned. >> where is the governor secretary of state is picking fights, why isn't he fixing the system? has anybody got an answer from him?
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>> we haven't. it's a crest question the president is asking and really we are all asking. this isn't about party, this is about the integrity of our election system and you have th same mistake in three counties and accounts have not ended yet. it won't end until midnight tomorrow. >> hopefully we will find out. let's go to nevada and what happened out there. i think when we see a race by ten votes, it shows every vote counts, but the problems they are, now they're going to do a redo. what happening as it relates to the presidents race? gate this gives us cause to argue, there were votes that affected the race that they could not say that this electio was fair at the commissioner level, but it raises questions yet again. with georgia yesterday we were told this was a one off, that appears to not be the case so that raises the same question. what's happening, happening in nevada, but even more so what happened in michigan this evening. >> in pennsylvania rudy giulian
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argued the case today i've hear from more than a few people tha he was absolutely brilliant in his arguments today. what is the status on that? >> one of the things he said today is he oakwood echoed rahm emanuel, never let a crisis go to wait and that is what democrats did hear. he put that race into context when he said that because there was a pandemic that was turned into an election epidemic and natural disaster they said to. that's why they had to do the mass mail out voting. and it backfired. sean, i just have to get to you with michigan what you mentione they are as you came to me, i held up these papers, these affidavits, 234 pages of sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury. >> what did cnn say about when you held it up on this program, didn't they click accuse you of holding uplink sheets? gate they did about a ten minut monologue seeing these were blank further not blank. these pieces of paper, from one county where the reason that yo
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had a county level wayne county campers are say we cannot certify this election because o these witnesses, they are real people, and run reporter tweete out this is the first time in m 20 year history i've ever seen something like this county commissioner refused to certify. for the first time you have a president fighting for the forgotten men and women in detroit, and democrats across the nation. >> nobody in this country can have confidence in the spirit them also hearing rumblings tha ballots, given out with more presidents in wisconsin. have you heard the same rumblings i have, and that for some reason people are being quiet about it for now? >> at think your rights. there something it went sconce in part as spoke with our attorneys about that. when you go to get a ballots bears a certain application process you go through it's not an absentee ballot system, but the law was actively violated when they went to get these
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ballots and go through their same-day register process so there is something there. wisconsin just finished up tomorrow by 5:00 p.m., the campaign will let them know if we would like to proceed to a recount. more to come tomorrow in wisconsin in particular. >> thank you as always. appreciate the update. we turn to another key factor i the 2020 election and that is big tech. clearly acting is a protective shield just like the media mob, the babe tap mob for the biden campaign. you have a leak, and cognitivel struggling joe biden hiding in his basement bunker, i call it the media mob big tech candidat protection program heard they protected him the entire campaign. but in a blatant effort to defeat president trump in a tribute to joe, facebook, twitter, other tech giants actually censored verifiable claims about biden and his family corrupt business practices the terms would never
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get that consideration and in the weeks before the election twitter froze the accounts of prominent republicans that shared the story that included kaylee in that company blocked its users from sharing the stor in private messages. you couldn't even send it privately. more recently, silicon valley lids who weren't run twitter have been putting disclaimer on tweets for many conservatives including president trump pointing out that what they are deciding they believe is right and wrong and apparently the employees of twitter think they have a monopoly on truth. by the way, sidenote, you might want to switch to parlor. when you go to twitter say here is my new account on parlor. just an idea. today during a hearing on capitol hill senator cruz, senator graham, a grilled twitter the ceo of twitter to censor editorialized political content. take a look. >> they decided, and may be for a good reason, i don't know tha
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you're articles about hunter biden needed to be flagged excluded from distribution, or made hard to find. that to me seems like you are the ultimate editor. >> your answer is always will once we silence, we can choose to allow you to speak. but you are engaged in publishing decisions freight le me shift to a different topic, mister dorsey. this does voter fraud exist? >> i don't know for certain. >> are you an expert in voter fraud? >> no i'm not very. >> why then, is twitter right now putting purported warnings on virtually any statement abou voter fraud? >> we are simply linking to broader conversation so people have more information per ticke no, you put up it fades it said voter fraud of any kind is
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exceedingly rare and the united states. that's not linking to a broader conversation that's taking a disputed policy position and you're a publisher when you're doing that. >> both facebook, twitter enjoyed the legal protections known as section 230 and that section virtually protect socia media giants from being held liable like regular media companies because content is posted by users not if their editing it for that status does not extend to media outlets who publish or editorialized material and senator cruz commi that is what is happening at twitter and elsewhere. now according to one whistleblower complaint, twitte did not act alone. they allege that twitter and facebook could all work togethe to coordinate their censorship efforts, so it is time to hold these powerful tech giants accountable and may be helped turn to other venues freight if they want to act like members o the mob in the media, they should be treated like members
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of the mob and that means no more liability protection in section 230 without consequence nothing is going to change and history will repeat itself over and over and over again. here with more on this and my reaction on the top story, sout carolina senator lindsey graham. let's start with the secretary of state of georgia. there were others on the call, and one came to your defense an said no, that is not what he said or did at all. >> i really don't need anybody to defend me because i know wha i did, i appreciate the person coming forward. i called the secretary of state to have him explain to me how you verify a the signature on the meal and ballot not to feel out legal votes, but to make sure we have a system in georgi that can verify that you are wh you say you are when you vote. if you show up in person you need an id. you don't need an id to vote by mail. if you go through the portal yo need an id, but when you cook
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the blight through the mail the have to verify a signature a single person does that. it should be bipartisan. here is what i'm begging the trump administration and campaign to do, get some judge to go look at the envelopes wit signatures and match them against the database so let somebody that knows what they'r doing in front of republicans and democrats so we can verify that mailing bout voting in georgia is not fraudulent. when you have a single person verifying the signature, it's not bipartisan. that's not the way to do it. that's what i was talking about. stacy ingraham's is calling for every liberal in the country to move to georgia, she's bragging about having 600,000 people ready to vote by mail, but what i'm begging georgia to do is make sure if somebody votes by mail, you have a bipartisan process to verify the signature we don't just leave it up to on person in the election office. >> you talked with the secretar of state, the governor can call
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the legislature back, they haven't done that it. what is the reason why, why would you have two separate systems on signatures, and why is that okay? and how do you find 2600 votes yesterday and another 2700 vote today? okay, your state got it right o election night. florida did, ohio did, all thes other states do. just pennsylvania, michigan, nevada, interesting states that we are worried about. >> all i can say is on election night, votes came out of nowher for biden. that showed up late in the nigh on election night for biden. weeks later were finding votes for trump. all i can say is i sit on your show that voting by mail would be the end of the republican party if we don't have a system to verify signatures. all i'm asking for is that georgia have a bipartisan group
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to verify the signature on mail ballots, not leave it up to a single individual. if you had an audit of all the signatures on envelopes in georgia, and you had people tha know what they are doing, i bet the rejection rate would be mor than 0.3 percent. if we don't get a better system when it comes to voting by mail that's the end of the republica party. stacy abrams is trying to take over the election system in georgia, fight back. >> by the way, you had more money thrown at you from people outside of south carolina, rosi o'donnell, barbra streisand, we talked a lot about it. people in south carolina were a influence. now all the money from hollywoo now telling people to move there , which would be voter fraud. and all this money is going to be pouring into georgia. now both of those races matter,
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i am concerned that people come out looking at the show, and a governor and secretary of state that have no urgency about it, they didn't get it right this time. i think the secretary of state owes everybody in the country and answer why we have 2700 new ballots today, 2600 yesterday. why don't they check the standards, why wouldn't they do that to ensure integrity and competence in our election? >> all i can say is georgia goe the nation goes. democrats are calling for peopl to move into georgia for the express purpose of winning thes two senate seats. nobody ask people for californi to move into south carolina. stacy abrams is calling for people to move to georgia to ti the balance of power in the u.s senate. because of the arena in georgia i would push back because we're going to change the supreme court from conservative to
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liberal, or going to do away with the electoral college. >> but that 30 days before the election they can votes and the when the votes over they can move out. that's what they're telling people to do? >> literally. please, for god sake, look at changing georgia law to neutralize what stevie stacy abrams is trying to dupree chee is going to send in hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots fo it all and asking is to have a bipartisan group of people verify the signature, not a single person. when it comes to moving to georgia have allowed the you can't have been for the purpose of taking and then move out. you have a chance to change the law, change it. >> you had twitter, facebook. >> they have the most power in the history of mankind, they ca all conspire to tell us what we can see. they can mold how we think. they have no legal liability, they can take down your content they can label what you say is
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fraudulent. you can't still sue them. you have no recourse as an individual when it comes to the censoring your content at the end of the day section 230 is being abused. it's now time to make them like every other media organization. when you make editorial decisions you become an editor. if fox news had something against me or put somebody on television that slanders me i could not only see the individual but fox news. in the world of social media ha there is no accountability. there is no legal liability and there's no government regulation . it's the wild wild west and we need to fix it because it will destroy conservatism if we don' get this right. >> it was the media mob, big tech candidate protection program and they never asked th questions and they got biden in the bunker. this race, january 5th, allots on the the line. senator, thank you for being with us. when we come back, the democrat
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and the dirty tactics in georgi trying to beat republicans in the senate runoff. newt gingrich knows that state better than anybody else. he is next. hard work requires character. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning. its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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>> georgia keeps finding ballots , 2700 new ones today, 2600 yesterday. this is madness, this is insanity. we are the usa. we can do better. we have to do everything we can do january 5th they are organizing georgia, buckle up, you're going to have more money from outside of your estate flooding in as wherever you tun into anything. to keep republican senate in th senate the ends that is a big
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deal. by the way, it tracks with thei huge power grab because that includes fighting to preserve election integrity, which we ar missing. and still serious concerns surrounding that consent decree in georgia which makes it extremely difficult to reject absentee ballots over signature verification. and the nuke requirements they created more bureaucracy and made it more difficult to properly verify those ballots and practically make it impossible the matching and verification. georgia officials are warning those outside this state, that it is illegal to move there jus to vote. some far left liberals across the country are reportedly descending or planning to descend ahead of the january election. the author of the bestseller, the trump effects. i was there the night he became speaker, i was the mc of your
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event, the year was 1994. one of the greatest days of my life right now you see what happened and is happening. how do you find 2600 new ballot one day, 2700 the next day. help we out? >> i think the fact that you have a secretary of state that is totally in the pocket of stacy abrams, who has agreed some rules that are crazy so yo can't go back out and revalidat absentee ballots. in 2018, they had the 3.5 percent rejection rate on absentee ballots with four time as many ballots this year they had over ten times as many ballots rejected, a difference of about 49,000. with all the deal that the secretary of state cut back in the spring. item after item.
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she's not worrying about buying tv ads. without any regard to what the campaign is like and cluster of republicans. they stand a very real chance o losing the election even if the win the campaign because the democrats are simply manufactur as many votes as they need as you said, the beginning of this canvas, every day they find an additional county that has an additional area that hadn't reported or hadn't been counted yet. it's not huge, but i think they cut the margin by over 1,000 votes for biden in this first phase. it's also a question of how man people voted twice, they voted by absentee and then they voted in the ballot box.
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or how many there are during th general election. i'm very concerned that even though i think warnock is radical candidate. and essentially the concept is production of hollywood and silicon valley, eight nonetheless, even if we end the campaign, if we don't fix this election system. they have been absolutely uses in trying to get this thing fixed. we have the house in the senate. they could come in next monday they could also demand an accurate recount, and simply note that the agreement the secretary of state signed back in the spring change georgia law . he doesn't have the power to do that. so, i just want you to know tha i'm extremely concerned that this will be stolen no matter
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how good the campaign is spread. >> at the end of the day, every one of these states were talkin about, they all have statutory language, partisan observers ge to watch the entire vote count, everything start to finish. state after state, that didn't happen. 100 feet away, 20 feet away, 6 feet away. you can't see a ballots from 6 feet away. then you have the two verification standards, how do you have two different standard in one state? then you have ballots showing u out of nowhere. then you're just mailing out ballots to people on top of som dead people without verified di vote in this election, it is hard to pull it all together, but i'm looking at we are the greatest country on the face of the earth, and i see this only in select states, and i don't think people cannot have confidence in any of the states were talking about based on wha
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we know now. am i wrong? >> i think president trump owes it to the american people to no concede until we've had an honest and accurate counts in the state you're describing. in the case of georgia for example, one of the largest voting centers and pull county told the republican poll watchers at 10:00 p.m. at night that everyone was going home an as soon as the republicans left they went back and counted ballots for three more hours with nobody there watching. it denies common sense not to believe that they were stealing. in nevada and even worse case i you listen to the former attorney general of nevada. the legislature there in the model has legislated illegality as a legal system. so 600,000 votes in nevada with nobody even seeing. i'm doing a podcast this week
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where i give the number specifically talking to people around the country. we're going to do every state. >> in the case of, and look, i can barely download an app, i'm not the right guy. i don't know about the dominion software, what do i know, but when you have democratic politicians, the new york times the ap, tenured experts at princeton, the state of texas rejecting one system and then it's used in 28 states, i would think just simple common sense would say that probably isn't the right system to use, but it was used anyway. thoughts? >> when i learned that these votes we're going through barcelona spain to frankfurt, germany to be counted, this is utterly crazy. i think we have to take this whole system of parts and recognize that this is commit this election is a great one fo the american people to decide
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because they want to have an honest election where they get to pick their leaders or they just want prep machines such as the one stacy abrams as buildin to run the system they have literally built a corrupt syste that made it legal because the legislature and the governor signed a law which i think will not hold up in federal court because it so blatantly dishonest. >> mister speaker, thank you fo being with us great when we com back, liberal covid hypocrisy. new lows in one part of california. you can go to strip clubs, but you can't go to church. we have that straight ahead.
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>> we have more left-wing hypocrisy on coronavirus tonigh because while lockdown loving, california, liberals tell everyone to stay at home, lawmakers, california, they are off to hawaii for a lavish getaway. by the way, after a judges ruling in san diego earlier thi month, drip clubs are temporarily allowed to reopen, churches, they have to conduct services online outside. you can't make this up. they believe they could cave that paved the way to lift the restrictions against houses of worship due to the first amendment implications. can't socially distance, have them outside. it is warm, people wear masks, you can do those things. doctor fauci told us. liberals are fine, but in their own rules, even if their own residents suffer. we have governor gavin newsom who had apologized after he violated his own restrictions b attending a party at a famous
6:40 pm
california restaurant for the chicago mayor worried about all the violence recently spotted out in a large crowd celebratin joe biden perigee canceled thanksgiving for chicago. michigan governor busted trying to take his boat outs, during the summer lockdown. and then, using his wife's name. the first book by fox news books , fox and friends. hypocrisy, i would think that i you're going to open the strip club, it might apply to a dirt church is very just guessing. >> i don't have a lot of experience with the strip clubs i have quite a bit of expense with it is ridiculous to see
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that people are safer in a stri club than they are at church, but churches across california are going to announce that the pastor would remove his tide during the sermon and therefore he will take up an article of clothing making it a temporary strip club so people will be able to go to church. in the meantime, what we have i this country, plenty of turkeys for thanksgiving, they're calle democrats elected officials who impose one set of rules upon th little people, the peasants, th politically impoverished. but implore a different set of rules for themselves and people are getting really really sick of it. >> i agree. it reminds me of new york where you weren't allowed to sell liquor unless she had food so food was given for a dollar and a matter what rate the reality is there is a constitution it protects you. that may be that is not our cup
6:42 pm
of tea, but the challenge here is that it's always the way the left sees it is not for me, but definitely for these. standards without double standards, so in this case, the looked look down upon everyone else and say we are essential. these with these lawmakers in california are saying. we get to travel to hawaii to d our retreat for the new caucus of california lawmakers because we are the essential. we decided we are not essential even though we are which is the biggest farce of this entire thing. everybody's job to them and you respect people enough. it ultimately comes down to respect of people.
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>> that's why early on the mask didn't bother me and i always believed that the medical community would come up with, now we have two vaccines in america commit made in america thank god, great technology, amazing people we can't praise enough. kids coming home from school, you might want to protect mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, because we know they are the more vulnerable. to me, that's not a big deal. >> it's not a big deal, and mos of us are doing these things because it's just the way we protect ourselves. for those that have kids in college, this is a great excuse to tell your kids for college don't even come home for things giving you not getting money commit we're not going to do your laundry we're not going to make your bed you are hard-core. >> now i know where sarah got s tough. she got it from you.
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>> that's where she got it. >> can i say one thing? without donald trump there woul not be in operation warp speed and we would never have had these vaccines in the record time that we do. it's because president trump pulled the trigger he understands business and doing things efficiently. whatever the democrats say, the owe him a big thank you. >> you know, i often said, pete if donald trump sheet cured cancer, people would hate him. i haven't heard many liberals o mob people commit may be one, that praise the president, his efforts here. nobody else, joe biden is still talking about doom and gloom. >> because your prediction was correct, he can do nothing righ in their mind. you're absolutely right. the scary part is it's all abou control for them. i wish it was about the science but here we have you heard dr. fauci come out, even with
6:45 pm
the vaccine you're going to hav to wear a mask and social distance, isn't that why were getting the vaccine so we can g back to living our lives the wa we did before and without donal trump we wouldn't be at this point, we would be waiting two or three more years. in my county alone, they're shutting schools back down again . people are desperate and the only way out is that vaccine an it's not yelling about dark winters, it saying our future i in front of us which is exactly what donald trump has talked about opening business, giving people choices, treating them like adults. >> may be between naps and bowl of oatmeal, they can say hey, w had to vaccines, joe, in case nobody told them. the obama's continuing to michelle obama did not have nic things to say. leo clement to plano, candace owens, they are next.
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>> tonight the obama's continue to spend their free time smearing trump, 24/7 on instagram michelle obama accusing the president of spreading racist lies about her husband and in the same postacute dismissed real evidence about voting irregularities is a conspiracy theory. the democratic party knows all about it they fed us conspiracy theories for three years, but you know, what was actually a conspiracy theory? lies, fake news about trump and russia, and ukraine, in ignorin joe and hilary's dirty dossier. with reaction, blackout author candace owens, leo to point out candace, that's pretty hypocritical i would say. they are the masters of the conspiracy theory. >> not only that, but they seem
6:51 pm
to be so miffed by so many americans view them is a divisive couple. look at what they're doing righ here, this breaks the etiquette of basically every former administration has granted it successors the decency of their silence. when the obama's you didn't hea the bushes criticizing them at every turn because it was the unspoken rule there's a certain decorum let's leave them alone because they share an understanding of how difficult it is to be in that position to have your family reviewed under a microscope every second of every day and have so many people in the country hate them and so many people in the country love them. they've never granted that to the trump's freight i think it said that they move in this direction where they say i'm going to respectfully remain silent instead they turned into activist which diminishes their record and their own reputation. >> leo, i can't think of a simple single democrat that sai you know what, we were wrong on russia and trump. not one.
6:52 pm
they didn't care. the obama's never open their mouth. >> all tell you right now, sean it's clear. the most important question in law is why. donald trump got 73 million voters in the problems that michelle and barack are doing, they are trying to reestablish the racism claim which is false because it is a form of power o keeping on the democratic plantation. donald trump shattered all that. it is all about power, and to have a president obama and firs lady michelle obama lie about donald trump and it's feelings for people of color. people have woken up and they say it's not true, president obama, people of color, all
6:53 pm
colors are moving towards republican party, but this is a way to keep power, sean. >> how are democrats doing with law and order in big cities? how are they doing of the education of our kids in big cities? >> i will jump in here and say. >> please. >> can desperate. >> i was going to say i jump in and say if you call 75 percent of black boys they can't pass a basic reading exam and california successful. i would call them incredibly successful. this is what leo was talking about when he's about the democratic plantation. when we were slaves, illiteracy was necessary to maintain the plantation mentality. they have a must-read orchestrated this by design. making sure that our kids are focused on psychological conditioning. we have to learn about white privilege, they're not learning academics and it's when the
6:54 pm
great evils of the democratic party today. >> he had eight years to fix it didn't he? 4,000 dead in chicago his home town, 20,000 child he barely mentioned it. >> tell you right now, the blac on black crime that happened during the obama administration the creation of black lives matter during the obama administration, there was a failure on racial politics a total failure and then you have donald trump who comes in and i four years blows away the obama and biden administration was school choice, with the lowest unemployment rates for black americans, with the ice candace and i were talking about ending his black colleges and school choice is the key to break the poverty cycle. that's why i am on your program that's why candace is on your program because of education. >> can you bring your hat next time. i think you need to make one fo larry and for can desperate. >> candace doesn't need it, she is way ahead of us.
6:55 pm
>> no, she is one point oh, ear to point. near the one that finally got o board. >> i'm to point out. candace is 8.0. >> the first time i met candace she predicted to me that african-americans were moving t the republican. >> she's right. she's absolutely correct. >> great talk, thank you both. more hannity straight ahead. so what's going on?
6:56 pm
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♪ >> sean: all right, since we came on the air from michigan, we have an update. during this hour, wayne county board of canvassers reversed their decision, but say they are going to investigate their collided and they investigate first? we are finding why the change of heart, and we will report news as it develops. quick programming note: this friday, 8:00 p.m. eastern, the patriot awards will be streaming live on
7:00 pm
you don't want to miss that. also, don't forget, we hope you always set your dvr so you never miss an episode. these are troubling times, but to the extent possible, god is in charge, let not your heart be troubled. and laura ingraham is in charge for the next hour, so that is always heartwarming. and you better use the butterball turkey fryer. i want video evidence. >> laura: okay, i've already gotten several emails from friends tonight saying they've actually used the exact fryer, and i quote, i'm not kidding, this from a text i just got, not an email, a text. "it was literally the best turkey he's ever made." moist, tender, just don't do it near your home. [laughs] >> sean: it's not like when you have, you know, the old-style -- >> laura: that's what he said. what did i say? that's what he said. >> sean: this one is safe, i vouch for it, and they are right, the best you've ever had. juicy and delicious all


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