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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  November 22, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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and this amazing country a president still fighting for us, my wife, kids, family, enjoy this thanksgiving holiday, eat a lot of food, watch some football and we're grateful you've been with us all morning long, have a great sunday, everybody, go to church. jedediah: happy thanksgiving. maria: good sunday morning, welcome to "sunday morning futures" i'm maria bartiromo. down to the wire, president trump's legal team presses on with charges of voter fraud with exactly three weeks before the official state-by-state election certification and amidst demands of evidence from democrats and the media, today, no politics, just the law, with outside legal analysis on whether trump has a path to victory and the evidence to prove it in court. attorney alan dershowitz is here on the evidence, the charges, and the supreme court. plus, the only other race that matters right now, razor-thin margins in two senate runoff
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races in georgia that will dictate policy for america for years to come. the man leading the recount in georgia congressman doug collins on the back and forth recount on what it means for the senate races on january 5 as outside money pores into georgia and some democrats threaten to move there to affect the election and also the wins keep on coming, fresh off of his own victory in california, the new face of the house republicans, and the man staring down the speaker 's gavel in 2022, mid-term elections gop leader kevin mccarthy is here, as he sits atop a larger and more diverse membership, plus the ranking member of the gop intelligence committee on the crimes that will not go away , no matter who is president congressman devon nunes on the whereabouts of john durham and bill barr on a case that is still pending for the former leadership of the fbi. so, coming up right here right now, as we look ahead on "sunday morning futures."
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>> and first this morning congressman kevin mccarthy was unanimously reelectedded as leader of the house republicans this week after the gop flipped 12 seats and diversified victories for incoming women, veterans and minorities. these wins putting him on track to retake both the majority and the speaker's gavel in 2022 something he says will likely happen. leader mccarthy joins me right now, congratulations, congressman and good morning to you. >> good morning, maria and thanks for having us back. maria: so, first, assess the situation for us after 12 flip seats. what does the new face of the house republicans look like? >> well, the face looks very tremendous. i mean, we've had more women than at any time serving in congress, and the republican party really had made great gains not only did we flip 12, there are four more races out there and we're ahead in all four of them so i'd expect as
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the week progresses it will end up somewhere around 212, 213 seats, and only takes 218 for a majority. this will be the closest of a majority that at any time since world war ii and really, nobody saw this coming. the american people have now rejected nancy pelosi and the democrat socialist policy. the next two years are going to be about the republican commitment versus the democrats agenda. maria: so how does that play out in realtime then? tell me about what that gives you as a party in terms of potential votes and in terms of actually impacting policy that will impact the rest of us? >> well, when we talk about policy, another reason why the democrats lost their agenda to defunding the police just didn't play, where the republicans had a commitment to america, to make our streets safe, to defeat this virus, to rebuild our infrastructure, to end our dependency on the china infrastructure. that's the agenda we will move forward and we'll be looking to
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get five-to-six more democrats to join with us and then we'll be able to run the floor. that's the difference. we have a commitment, there's has a simple agenda that defunds the police, discredits the american public, and i just don't see that that in going forward is a socialist agenda. maria: so tell me about what this means for your potential of becoming the speaker in 2022. first of all, nancy pelosi has said repeatedly over these last couple of weeks that they have a mandate. do you believe there is a mandate and congressman have you spoken with speaker pelosi? >> well, there is no mandate. if there's a mandate the american public has rejected the socialist agenda and de funding of the police. remember, we are five seats away from winning the majority, but what you will find at the end of the day is there are 18 democrat s who have won re-election with 52% of the vote
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are left. i believe at the end of the day we will gain the majority next time and we could actually run the floor this time through our commitment to america. i have not spoken to the speaker i have called her and left her a message. i've spoken to the majority leader numerous times and this is a real problem. here we have a covid challenge out inside this country. nancy pelosi, for the last six months, has said it's better to do nothing than something. her own members lost over her policies. there were 23 democrats who have signed a letter back in september who said if nancy pelosi would not come to an agreement that they would cite a discharge petition and what that means to your viewers is we could actually bring legislation to the floor, around nancy pelosi that be the ppp for the small business, those people who are employed by small businesses can get paid, so there's $138 billion just sitting there, so instead of nancy pelosi holding everything up, she won't let it go through the american public, she doesn't want to talk about coming to an agreement,
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something that be stronger for the american public and the democrats are just lost in this election and the republican s, come january, have the momentum to actually run the floor because our ideas are stronger and reflect the american public's views. maria: but we're going to talk about that because now, there's a lot of worry about voter fraud , as you know, and there will likely be another recount in georgia, if we were to see voter fraud and then the democrats take the senate. you're going to see a very different policy agenda than the republicans being in charge, right? >> yeah, very big challenge here, what's happening in georgia. everybody should be paying attention and to watch the democrats publicly say they want to cheat, that they want to move into the state just to vote , to determine an outcome, that should not be allowed. what else we should find is all these irregular activities that have happened in this election, we should correct and not allow this to move forward. every voice should be heard.
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every vote should be counted. every recount should be verified , and every legal challenge has a right to be heard. we've done this for 200 years, why would we stop now? and you have two u.s. senate seats and you have the senate majority in peril right now on this election coming up january 5. this is where the focus should be and we should be able to win those two seats because what would that mean? socialized medicine would end, defunding of the police would not move forward, chuck schumer when he's screaming there, we have georgia, then we control the world, or change the world, that is really what is at play right here for the next few weeks. maria: yeah, he said we take georgia and then we change america and i know that that would also lead to the world as well, but congressman, i want to go back to two things that you said. first of all you haven't spoken to nancy pelosi. i understand in several months, has it been a year that you haven't had a straight-on conversation with nancy pelosi?
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>> i've talked to her within the year, but this is a real challenge. i've called her after the election. the majority leader called and congratulated me on the victor ies and we've talked about the agenda moving forward, steny hoyer and i and that's what you need to have inside congress, when the elections are over you're going to have to find a way that you move forward we have different philosophies and we're going to keep those philosophies, but we're going to find a way that we can work for the american public. the speaker, just as she said in the past, at that doing nothing is better than something, the only challenge being held up for those who are unemployed and small business workers who need the money who have a dream that they finally could end if they don't have resources and help is really stuck with nancy pelosi. all the other times we've been able to do a cares act and others, but the speaker wants to put that socialist agenda her way or no way, and she said it time and again. that's become a real challenge but i believe in this last election, they rejected that view. they rejected the view of nancy
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pelosi, and remember, she still needs 218 votes on the floor and there are 10 democrats who got re-elected who did not vote for her last time so if 10 democrats, the same 10 vote against her, she will not be speaker. maria: so real quick on the covid relief. do you expect anything this year during the lame duck session? should we expect more stimulus coming? >> well the american public should expect another elected official. there are 23 democrats who signed a letter in september who said they would sign the discharge petition if they had no recourse with nancy's action so well now is the time. i'm here in d.c. today. if they signed it we could get it out in one day. that's the difference. we are ready to act, willing to act and willing to work with anybody. we just have a speaker who believes nothing is one foot in there. maria: we will leave it there congressman good to see you of course we'll be following it and watching you throughout, congressman kevin mccarthy. we'll see you soon, sir.
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thank you. >> thank you. maria: coming up we're going to take a look at this election, of course the media declaring joe biden president-elect. is it still possible for donald trump to turn the 2020 election around in court as his legal team says? constitutional scholar alan dershowitz is here and he will weigh in on the evidence after this short break. stay with us. ♪ we made usaa insurance for veterans like martin. when a hailstorm hit, he needed his insurance to get it done right, right away. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa usaa. what you're made of, we've always done. things our own way. charted our own paths. i wasn't going to just back down from moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis.
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transitions light under control. ♪ upbeat music transitions signature gen 8, available now in 4 new style colors. transitions. maria: welcome back. president trump's legal team has just three weeks left to gather enough evidence of fraud to contest the 2020 election results in court. something sidney powell one of the lead attorneys on the case says she can do. here is what she told me this week on mornings with maria on friday. will you be able to present, are you planning to present actual evidence of all that you've said , dominion voting machines, swapping votes from trump-to- biden, as well as an effort to actually
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change the results of an election, you'll be able to prove that in court in the next two weeks? >> yes, that's what we expect. we'll be able to prove all of it in court within the next two weeks, although the fraud case itself doesn't have to be done within the two weeks, but we have more than enough evidence now. we have more evidence now than half the prison population is imprisoned on. maria: joining me right now, outside legal analysis from constitutional legal scholar, alan dershowitz. he was also part of president trump's impeachment defense team alan it is good to see you this morning thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. maria: alan, we want to get your independent opinions here, because we know what rudy giuliani and what sidney powell has been charging. can you tell us, if you believe, there is a path for victory for president trump, amidst these charges? >> well let me give you my
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completely objective not wishful thinking constitutional analysis. they have two or three legal constitutional paths. for example, in pennsylvania, they have two very strong legal arguments, one that the courts change what the legislation did about counting ballots after the end of election day. that's a winning issue in the supreme court. i don't necessarily support it but it's a winning issue in the supreme court and justice al ito already hinted at that winning issue. they also have a winning issue on the supreme court on equal protection that some counties allowed flawed ballots to be cured while others didn't. bush vs. gore suggests that an equal protection argument can prevail. the problem with that argument is they don't have the numbers necessarily to support it and if it's right that biden is ahead by 70 or 80,000 votes they have to show enough contested votes and under those two legal theories to change the outcome. the other legal theory they had, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers,
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either fraudulently or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes. there, there are enough votes to make a difference but i haven't seen the evidence to support that. so in one case they don't have the numbers and in another case they don't seem yet to have the evidence, maybe they do, i haven't seen it, but the legal theory is there to support them if they have the numbers, and they have the evidence. maria: okay, and of course the media wants to see the evidence now, alan, but sidney powell and rudy giuliani and jenna ellis continue to say they aren't going to litigate this in the public square, in the media space. they are going to drop lawsuits. now, one of my sources tells me that one of the first suits that they are going to bring is this week in georgia. let me show you a list of some of the things that the legal team of president trump is charging and get your thoughts on this. you just mentioned the computers this has to do with smartmatic
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election software. they say number one observers presented them from seeing ballots. number two there's an inconsistent law of curing ballots. number three the in-person voter s told they voted already and officials told not to look for defects and to back-date ballots before november 3. also, in terms of the computers and the software, smartmattic election software was developed, sidney powell says in venezuela, with poor security and built-in functionality allowing the administrators to override security features. we haven't seen this , so we don't know, but this is the kind of evidence that they say they have. your reaction? >> well, evidence is very difficult to bring within two weeks or the three-week period. you need to have witnesses, experts, subject to cross- examination and findings by a court. i don't know what powell means when she says they have more than two weeks or three weeks to prove fraud.
7:18 am
once the electors are certified and once they cast their vote, i can't see any legal route to undoing that, even if they were to find fraud later on. there's certainly nothing in the constitution about that, and so i think they do have to get their evidence in. the public has the right to see it, they don't have the right to see it before the lawsuits are filed, but she said that she thinks the lawsuits will be filed by this friday. we have to see the evidence. if the evidence is there, then there will be a trial. remember also, these have to go to state court first. there's no such thing as a presidential election, there are 50 state elections. the pennsylvania case is already in the supreme court but these other cases have to go first through either the state or the federal trial courts before they get to the supreme court. it doesn't look like there will be enough time to bring the case to the supreme court before the safe harbor provision kicks in, before the electoral college meets so if you're asking what i think the outcome is going to be, notwithstanding
7:19 am
the fact that there are legal paths to potential victory, i don't think that the election is going to be reversed based on the numbers that i see at the moment and based on the fact that i haven't seen the evidence their strongest case if they have the evidence is that computers may have turned hundreds of thousands of votes. that's a wholesale argument rather than a retail argument. they can't turn the election around on retail argument, one observer here, a few votes here. they need to make wholesale constitutional arguments and for that, they're going to need overwhelming evidence, and i haven't seen it. maria: alan, stay with us i want to take a short break and i want to take a look at what the road to the supreme court looks like. you just laid out some of it but stay with us on that. we're talking with alan dershowitz this morning, on the road ahead back in a moment on "sunday morning futures." if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
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maria: and we're back with constitutionalist and legal scholar alan dershowitz and alan we are talking about the road ahead. i want to get your take on one of the things that president trump has brought up, many times , and that his legal team continues to push forth and that is that republicans were not allowed to watch vote counting in detroit and philadelphia. how significant is this to their case, alan? >> well, they have to show that it affected numbers that are greater than the margin of victory. look, their route to the supreme court of the united states is rather easy in pennsylvania, because the court has already taken that case and they split 4 -4 and justice alito issued an order and the problem in pennsylvania is they have the law maybe on their side but they don't seem to have the
7:24 am
numbers. the poll-watching thing is a retail matter. you're going to have to go through each county, take evidence, did the poll-watchers get excluded, how many votes were impacted. that's going to be a very hard case to get through the supreme court because it has to go to the state court first and it then has to go to probably the federal courts and then the supreme court, i don't think they are going to be able to do this in a timely fashion, so they have the law on their side in some places, not the numbers. they may have arguments but not the evidence, and they're not going to win on retail challenge s here and there. the only chance they have a winning is a perfect storm and it's very unlikely to happen is if they can show retail, wholesale, constitutional arguments that affect a large number of voters sufficient to be greater than the margin of victory. i don't think they're there. i don't think they can make that case. the supreme courts not going to
7:25 am
take the case to give them the victory and they aren't going to take the case to say you're right on the law even though the numbers aren't there to give you a victory. to get the case to the supreme court they are going to have to show that if the supreme court rules in their favor as the supreme court did in bush vs. gore where there were only 600 votes separating them in one state in florida the supreme court will take that case but it's not going to take a case to give them a hypothetical victory they will only take the case if by turning around the law, it will give them enough facts and votes to turn around enough electoral votes to deny biden the 270 or much less likely give trump the 270. remember -- maria: and how does this move through congress? >> then the case immediately goes to the house of representatives whether it's a republican majority but that's very hard, because if certain votes are not certified, this is very technical. if certain votes aren't certified then the number needed to reach a majority goes lower than 270, if for example, 20
7:26 am
votes in pennsylvania just aren't certified, then the number to reach a majority is less than 270, it becomes 250 or something like that, so it's very very uphill. they need a perfect storm and if you're betting widows and orphin s money, and betting money you can't afford to lose you have to bet that the outcome of the election will not be reversed. maria: alan, we want our viewers to know that a spokesperson for dominion will be on fox news today at 12 p.m. eastern. i want you to hear what the company's ceo the dominion ceo, john polos told congress about back doors and the dominion machines during his house testimony back in january 2020 watch this. >> i do want to draw a caveat some of our tabulators are designed around the ability to have an external plug-in modem to transmit unofficial results after polls close. maria: an unofficial plug-in. last sunday on this program,
7:27 am
sidney powell, whose leading the investigation into dominion, told us how this makes the dominion voting machines vulnerable. here is powell. >> they can stick a thumb drive in the machine or upload software to it, even from the internet and they can do it from germany or venezuela even. they can remote access anything. they can watch votes in realtime they can shift votes in realtime we've identified mathematically the exact algorithm they used and plan to use from the beginning to modify the votes in this case, to make sure biden won. maria: now, unfortunately, dominion is not making their ceo available today, a spokesperson will be on fox at noon, so i hope you'll watch it. here are the questions that that spokesperson needs to answer. do dominion voting machines have the ability to fractionalize or weight a vote? do dominion voting machines have exposed usb ports or memory slots? is it on the internet?
7:28 am
did poll workers use cards or codes to enter voters into the voting machines to vote? are your systems capable of counting votes without properly identifying the voter? when were dominion voting machines last certified? did dominion acquire smartmatic and its software from sequoia. alan dershowitz your reaction and what you think is most important for dominion to address? >> well there are two issues here. one, was there the potential with dominion for abuse and for turning votes from one candidate to the other? was there the potential? the second, did it happen? and the issue that the courts are going to have to confront is the second one. did it happen? and dominion and others will have to be subject to cross- examination. it said that cross-examination is the greatest engine of truth ever-designed. we need to have cross-examination. we need to take evidence. this election can't be determined based on hypothetical s or possibilities
7:29 am
or potentials. it has to be decided based on what actually happened and for that you need a trial. not in front of a jury. this is not for damages. it's for injunctive relief so in front of a judge but the evidence has to be put before a judge. so far the judges have been very skeptical because they haven't seen the evidence and it's time for the trump team to put up, they have to come up with the evidence. maybe they won't show it to the media but let them go to court before friday. there's no reason why they can't put the evidence in monday, tuesday, wednesday, let the public see it, let the court see it, let's decide whether there was merely a potential for abuse or real abuse. the american public is entitled to know that and to resolve this election once and for all. maria: absolutely, we all want clarity and we all want to see this evidence. alan before you go i've got to ask you about these recrimi nations against any lawyers working for president trump. it's absolutely outrageous what we have seen, where some law firms are bullying other law
7:30 am
firms telling them not to work with president trump, a sitting president. you, yourself, in some ways, are getting bullied because harvard, you see what harvard is doing. you are harvard emeritus professor and now they're saying anyone who helped trump will not be able to speak at harvard, will not be able to go back to harvard. you have assembled lawyers because of this. tell me what you're doing. >> well it's mccarthy-ism. there are a group of bullying students at harvard who said they want to put people who worked for president trump whether they'vevery been in the administration or people like me who have made the argument on the floor of the senate against impeachment, basically subject us to re- education camps like in communist china or the former africa and they won't let us appear or speak on campus or teach students or make lectures unless we kind of confess our guilt. it's pure mccarthy-ism and i'm putting together a legal team to pro bono represent anybody whose
7:31 am
denied their first amendment rights to speak on the campus or the right to the students to hear speeches on campus. there was a petition to try to takeaway my emeritus status because i defended the presidency against impeachment and if i were a member of a big law firm and i had agreed to represent president trump, i would have gotten all kind of pressure. fortunately, i'm independent the only person i have to listen to is my wife who basically told me not to do it but we agreed that i would do it in the end, but the pressures are enormous and the mccarthyism that we see today on university campuses is so much what i went through in the 1950s i was an anti anti- communist but i defend the right to have different views from my own. that made for good education. today at harvard -- maria: everybody wants to see diversity. of course, everybody wants to see diversity in universities: it's absolutely unbelievable and
7:32 am
you've got aoc. >> i think harvard won't do it but if they do it they will be challenged and i will be suing them in court under the massachusetts civil rights law if they dare to stop trump supporters or other people from speaking on the campus. that's just totally mccarthyism. maria: well you also have aoc with her trump accountability project, it's absolutely outrageous alan dershowitz thank you for your independent analysis, we so appreciate it. check out alan's podcast, the d er -- show, wildly popular podcast alan we'll see you soon, thank you, we'll be right back. if you have medicare, listen up.
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>> we heard schumer just last week say that if we take georgia we change america. we heard aoc say they have to have these two seats because they don't want to negotiate. they want total control, and so what's at stake is this is that schumer will change the rules in the senate so they can do anything they want with 50 votes plus the vice president is known as a tie-breaker. maria: that was georgia senator david perdue on this program last week, explaining why the fate of u.s. policy hinges on both his and senator kelly loeffler's run off races in the upcoming race on january 5. meanwhile president trump's attorneys have requested a second georgia recount, just one day after state officials certified joe biden's win there. here now to talk about all of this is congressman doug collins he is leading the recount effort
7:37 am
in georgia and congressman it's always a pleasure to see you good morning to you. >> good morning, maria. maria: first, tell me what you found as you oversaw the recount in georgia and your reaction to now governor kemp saying oh, there should be an even another recount because they did not match the signatures. what's going on in georgia? >> well number one its been good to go through this process, i think sunlight on this process is a great disinfection, we found several things if we had never asked for this and the trump team never asked for this recount by hand we just got through there be a lot of folks disenfranchised because we found four counties in which votes weren't counted. we found out issues of the signature verification, i'm glad the governor is now speaking up about this we wrote a letter about 10 days ago about this asking i'm glad to see he weighed in on that because that is an issue we'll have to address in georgia but also we found out the secretary of state often did not give clear guidance to the different
7:38 am
counties, 159 counties in georgia, on how to set the machines when they were actually making their final count. we found a lot of things that say that we need to continue to look into this , but what we did find in the legal team is transitioning from me away from the recount down to more of the legal challenge you've been talking about this morning, what we've got to remember is this is highlighted the issues we're hoping this will make sure that people do turn out to vote because here in georgia we've got that election that you just talked about that's going to be so important. maria: so i think what you just said, we need to underline for a moment. you're saying if people feel like their vote does not matter because there was fraud or irregularities whatever you want to call it then maybe they won't come out on january 5 and if they don't come out, then yes , the republicans certainly should worry about the run off elections because then the democrats will win is that what you're saying? >> exactly. we've got to make sure look we're doing everything we can to make sure we hold the elections process accountable in georgia from the secretary of states office to each individual
7:39 am
election office that we have in the state they've got to make sure people believe a transparent orderly process is taking place but also to the voters in georgia in particular because you do hold a unique responsibility here. david perdue and kelly loeffler need to be re-elected, they have got to be elected to these seats , because we do not want chuck schumer. you and i have been fighting for so many years and going to continue to fight to expose what we found in the last four years as they attacked this president on russia collusion hoax, the steele dossier, the mueller investigation, and now, with john durham hopefully will start doing something but if they give this control of chuck schumer, those investigations go away, so the voters in georgia and conservative republicans you've got to show back up and vote anyway you can and send these two back to the senate. maria: congressman, let me just tell our audience that senator kelly loeffler was supposed to be on this program this morning. unfortunately, she is not on because there was an in
7:40 am
conclusive covid test, so that is why she is not here. do you believe that's going to impact her ability to campaign? that's one issue and the other issue i want to get your take on is what stacey abrahms said, congressman because stacey abrahms who has taken credit for delivering the georgia victory for joe biden now says she already has registered 600,000 votes by male , these are mail-in ballots and she says you don't need an id to vote by mail and she's got 600,000 of them already. are we looking at another fight with these senate races and questions about a safe and secure election, even before the vote takes place? >> look, one thing i wish senator loeffler the best, if she tests positive she will do well and campaign as she needs to and i'm looking forward to making sure she will do that through the tv and she will do that through appearances hopefully through skype and
7:41 am
others but if she is we want to get her better first but let's turn our attention to stacey abrahms, i'm tired of the false claims in georgia, voter suppression and tired of the claims she didn't win in other governor's race and now making claims of absentee ballots what she's doing is again, trying to focus on getting people to do absentee ballots and again her organization in the democratic party were the very ones who sued the state of georgia and the attorney general who signed the consent decree last year did in our opinion weakens the signature verification rules in the state of georgia. this is one of the things the governor mentioned and we've mentioned. that point makes it so more important that we have to fight back down here in georgia. look, people get out and run for election. they do the ground game and do what they need to do and senator loeffler is going to do that and stacey abrahms needs to remember if she's actually encouraging people to vote in legally and encouraging as andrew yang said to come to georgia and register to vote if you're going to stay in georgia that's a felony in georgia and if they come down
7:42 am
here and do that putting them in jail it's illegal to am could in the state of georgia and register with no intent to become a permanent resident, stacey abrahms made a lot of claims mainly for her own political benefit and it's about time those stop because the elections are about the people of georgia and not about the claims on who she's made on whose she's getting to vote. maria: are you comfortable that you have the where with all and the infrastructure to police all of this? look, we expected that there be irregularities going into the presidential election and now, we're learning that the observers couldn't get close enough to actually see what was going on. why wasn't that pleased in the beginning? and now, you've got, you know, stacey abrahms, never even conceded for her governor's race , and the media celebrated it. and you're talking about andrew yang tweeting out a week ago, my wife and i hads are moving to georgia. do you have the infrastructure in place to ensure that you'll be able to see accountability if people just move to georgia to affect this race? >> i do believe that we will because we've been pitching, you
7:43 am
know, throwing these out there fighting hard for the president, fighting hard during this recount which is now transitioning to the legal phase , but we made enough emphasis here the governor pointed this out, others have pointed this out and the election board will notice and the secretary of states office will notice the attorney general is on notice because he talked about this again we're fighting back with everything but remember, maria, you mentioned this before we talked about it. georgia needs to realize the reason the democrats are flooding the state of georgia or outside money is floating into georgia is because they want chuck schumer to fundamentally change the senate and fundamentally takeaway the power s of ron johnson and lindsey graham and others into the things that the we know have been happening. they do not want the oversight. they do not want these things actually happening so that's why georgia is important and we do believe we'll have our folks turn out. we're seeing it, it's tough bass they are wanting to look forward , but we'll see it happen maria: congressman it's good to see you this morning we'll be watching thank you so much. congressman doug collins this morning, in georgia. >> thank you. maria: coming up the congressman who president trump famously
7:44 am
called the other side's worst nightmare, you can see breaking news on john durham's criminal investigation will there finally be accountability right after this short break, stay with us for congressman devin nunes.
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maria: welcome back. former president barack obama is out promoting his new memoire in which he boasts about his white house avoiding scandal, without exception, he writes, writing that he has zero tolerance for ethical lapses and that people who had a problem with that didn't join us in the first place, said president obama. my next guest spent the last four years investigating the role that obama's fbi and cia played in the russian collusion hoax where the entire country was up in arms, devin nunes is the ranking member on the house intelligence committee he is author of the book " countdown to socialism" congressman good to see you i want to get your reaction to
7:48 am
president obama saying there were no ethical lapses in his administration and that i want to get your take on where we are with those investigations you have been doing for the last four years. >> well sure and good morning to you, maria. i would just point out to your viewers that president obama is the only president that i know that only moved about a mile from the white house, setup shop , has all of his people there, most of his people were promoting kamala harris to run before she bombed out, wasting millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars, and then they propped up joe biden. so it's not just about how this is the first president that oversaw using a political campaign, using the fbi and doj to open an investigation into your rival campaign. that's as big of a fraud as you get in the history of the united states of america, so he's not giving up power. he investigated his opposing party. he allowed it to happen if he was so high and mighty and and above dashboard he should have
7:49 am
told clinton, comey, mccabe, brennan, all of them, no we're not doing this. you have no evidence that trump is some type of russian agent. stop it. he didn't do it and here, we're left with this aftermath of four years of this nonsense and now we're sitting waiting for durham to complete this investigation. i think people are getting not only very frustrated but also, there's a growing concern that durham is not going to come out with anything and then biden and obama are going to be back in and they're going to shut this investigation off, so, i've been very clear about this. every day that ticks by it's going to become an absolute necessity that a special counsel is appointed on the way out. now that doesn't mean that biden wouldn't fire the special counsel but at least you'd have a special counsel office setup, with money, so that this investigation can continue, because i'm not seeing indictments that i should be see account that i've made 14 criminal referrals involving
7:50 am
dozens and dozens of people. maria: it's just extraordinary congressman, really. do you think that the president will name a special counsel so that those people who understand what took place in 2016, at least feel like this will get a fair look? >> well yeah, the way i understand it is attorney general barr should be the one to appoint this , you know, he's been the one that has been out talking and i have a lot of confidence in him. i think he's a straight shooter and he's probably also disappointed i haven't spoke to him but he be the one that would have to ensure that this investigation is continued on to the end, and i think there's nothing more important than we continue to hear about how people aren't accepting the election results and here we are only a couple weeks after the election. we have six or seven states that are extremely close. it's almost laughable that anyone in the media or anybody on the democratic side of the aisle is even saying this. when you have joe biden, himself still accusing just a month ago
7:51 am
president trump of being a russian agent. this is not acceptable in this country. maria: congressman stay with us, i want to get your take on the irregularities in terms of the vote for the presidential election and how social media played a role we're talking with congressman devin nunes and we'll be right back on "sunday morning futures."
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maria: welcome back. i am back with congressman devin nunes the ranking member of the house intel committee, and congressman i want to get your take on joe biden and whether or not he is getting intelligence briefings, a lot of these, the critics of president trump are complaining that he's not getting briefings. is he? >> as far as i know, he has been getting briefings since after the democratic convention, and the republican convention. both presidential candidates get
7:55 am
briefings and this was the case four years ago when both hillary clinton and donald trump were getting briefings and if you may recall, supposedly, reportedly, they actually used those briefings on trump to actually spy on him, if you may recall. maria: that's right. i remember that. okay, congressman, what are your thoughts on these voting irregularities? you heard from alan dershowitz earlier. you know what rudy giuliani and sidney powell have been saying. what's your reaction to all of this from your role and the intelligence committee and does social media play a role here? >> well, a couple quick thoughts. number one, in any close election, whether it's a local mayor's race or congressional race, elections don't get called we have several races in the united states right now, and if for congress that haven't been called yet, so that's the first issue. secondly, if any of the technology is touching the internet and the web, that's very concerning. people i've been drug through this four years of russia russia russia they interfered with the
7:56 am
election. we worked hard to make sure there were paper ballots. now if some of that technology was touching the web that's a concern. look, this is a very close election. it's in joe biden's best interest and his over obama that sits a mile from the white house like we talked in the last segment, they ought to be the ones that are asking for every vote to be legally counted because you have to remember -- maria: right. >> the democrats got smashed in this election. they got destroyed at the state level, local level, congressional level and senate level assuming we win these two seats in georgia so this is a guy limping into the presidency with the first guy to run a successful campaign from a basement without going out and inter mingling with the people. maria: congressman i know you've seen a lot of changes now that you've moved to places like rumble and hasparlar, as opposed to twitter you're seeing many bigger numbers indicating they were keeping your followers limited on the others, we'll
7:57 am
talk about that next time it's great to see you this morning congressman, thank you, congressman devin nunes have a great sunday everybody thank you so much for joining us and for me to you, have a beautiful thanksgiving. i'll see you next week. right here. ♪
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