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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 28, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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mackie, kat, tyrus. i'm greg gutfeld. happy thanksgiving, i love you america. [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. ' 2020 has been a crazy year. i know many of you are wishing this year away. but before we do, let's take a trip down memory lane. we had some great interviews in 2020 i will share some of my favorites with you. oliver stone stepped into "watters' world" this year. he wrote and directed epic films
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like "platoon." it depicts the vote small war. >> we get up,' dig a fox hole. it's scary. nobody tells me how to do anything because i'm new. the up written' rule is the new guys life isn't worth as much because he hasn't learned anything yet. jesse: stone is also well known form "scarface," "salvador." he dismissed bill maher's attempt to blame everything on russia. >> you can't really think a russian president should be able
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to [bleep] our elections like this, can you? >> bill, i have known you too long. i think you are sophisticated enough to know when you have to question everything that comes out of our intelligence agencies -- >> so they are lying. >> they are not reliable. they have been screwing with america going back to the vietnam war and the truck wars, the afghani wars. jesse: joining me now, oliver stone. when you were speaking there with bill maher, i wanted to know your opinion about america. is the american public just gullible and believe anything we hear from the intelligence agencies, or is the intelligence agency operation and the media so good at selling bogeymen to us that we are at their mercy? >> well, this is not the subject
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of my memoir. but aside from that, as i have said before in interviews, i think the intelligence agencies have misled us going back in wars, especially to vote a number of, afghanistan, iraq twice, and syria. it's years of misinformation, particularly in vote small where i experienced it as a small the fry there. but at the bottom of the chain. you felt the devastating effect of the lying that we were winning the war. it was never true, and it was born out by reality. anyone who flistles our descrin has to question it. they have not provided convincing evidence. technical experts questioned this. i tend to believe the julian
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assange, i have been behind his case from the beginning. assange to me is a hero. he's on trial in england for extradition to the united states. he's a real she reason a martyr. he made it clear he had nothing to do with the trusting connection. nothing was leaked to him. he got the leak from an american domestic source and we think the dnc leaked this information to him. jesse: i know this is not subject of your memoir, we'll get to that in a min upt, "chasing the light." i wanted to ask you something about landlord. i wanted to ask you about something bill barr said about hollywood. >> hollywood's actors, producers and directors pride themselves on celebrating freedom and the human spirit. and every year at academy awards
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americans are lectured on how this country smalls short of hollywood's. >> i deals of social justice. but hollywood regularly censors its own movies to appease the chinese communist party, the world's' biggest violator of human rights. jesse: do you accept that criticism? >> i'm not an expert on the situation. certainly there may be some truth in that. i can't comment. i do know this from my personal experience. hollywood tends to economically censor subjects that are critical of america's form policy and the military adventures abroad that we have been engaged in. i had a hell of a hard time getting "bla " -- getting platon made and salvador.
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it was financed bane english company at a low budget. jesse: i'm sure you are aware of the quotas the academy has institute. you need for supporting the roles, you need a person of color, a woman, someone with a physical disability, there has to be diversity, i think there has to be 30% of secondary roles have to show diversity, whether it's gender or heritage. could you make movies like some italian mob movie. if you are saying 30% of the mobsters have to be asian, they can't be italian. boarding school, 30% have to be women. could you make a movie like that with these regulations?
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>> well, obviously ploi -- proby not. but we have to deal with the fact that people do historical pieces. if you are doing another era you have to pay attention to the mores of that era. i don't know how that will apply or how they will make that work. but if i were to do a movie i would have to deal with that. the memoir i wrote is about the early business in the 1970s and 80s and the difficulty getting pictures made including salvadoran platoon. jesse: when you were doing "scarface," you did research on the cocaine trafficking in south florida. what was that research like? >> city was fascinating because it was all new.
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no one knew anything about it. i was dealing with a lot of lawyers and law enforcement types. it was corrupt with a lot of money. all the federal and local agencies were fighting with each opter. they were getting in each other's way. fit was like the vietnam war in that it was badly organized. they also had dealing with dangsterdang -- with gangsters. i had a dangerous encounter i had in a hotel room which i used to put into the movie. jesse: i think i know which encounter you are talking about and it was a bloody scene.
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oliver stone, "chasing the light." we highly recommend it here only "watters' world." one of the best parts of thanksgiving weekend is football. we love to sit back, relax and cheer for our favorite team. for me it's the eagles. when i was in miami for super bowl 54, i put my own' football skills to the test with doug flute. we are at 9 nfl experience presented by lowes. i am going to go inside and see if i have what it takes to make the team. i heard footsteps.
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let's loosen up. i think i'm a little tight. jesse: i think you are. did they come from an afc playoff game? you ready? the object is the round part. >> tell me how it's done. oh, like that. beautiful. he's comfortable. fire. there it is. line them up. there it is! oh, my! did you seethe release and snap the ball?
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>> thank you. 40-yard dash. any advice? >> start low, then come up. >> on your mark, get set, go! jesse: a medical doctor shows "watters' world" the best mask to help control the virus. some of them aren't doing anything. a look back at just how much people know about thanksgiving. around what year was the first thanksgiving. >> 1942 columbus sailed 9 ocean blue. to support a strong immune system,
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[♪] jesse: covid cases are up a little bit nationwide, and masks are one way to control the spread. emergency room physician jordan wagner joined us to tell us
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which masks work and which don't. the face shield. when i see the face shield, i laugh. maybe i shouldn't laugh. but tell us about the face shield. >> the face shield people can use as extra protection. or if somebody actually can't wear a mask for a multitude of reasons. but in general that face shield doesn't do as good a job as a face covering. there are a lot of areas -- jesse: you are saying the face shield which looks like a storm trooper is less effective than a traditional mask. >> correct. a face shield which i have examples for you to show. they do not get close enough to your face and they don't have multiple layers to prevent what you are ex hail to get out into
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the environment. jesse: here is a politician with a face shield. the surgical mask. i have worn these before. there is breathability. >> those are good. that's good. the easiest way to put it on. take it by the ear loops and directly put it over your face and the ears first. then you take the bottom and 9 nose. jesse: i wear the cloth mask wherever i go. you get them in lots of different colors. bad designs. this is navy. i'll pop it like that on the sides. i mean -- the president rocked a
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mask similar to this. i think he said he looked like the lone ranger. >> wearing that mask is very appropriate. multiple layers. that's what's important with a cloth mask. if you are wearing a bandana it's almost see-through. i wear one when i'm in public. jesse: a lot of celebrities seem to be wearing a bandana. maybe it's like some western viep. i see johnny depp going to court and he's got one. this is like a gator. but the bandana look, you are saying those aren't that effective. >> of all the cloth mask conversation we have, the bandana is probably the least effective on the same level as a scarf or things that pull up from your neck.
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that's because the material is typically thin and not multi layered. and it's not form fit to your face it's only attached in one place at the back. and people are continually having to lift it up. the more you have to do that, the more you increase your risk. jesse: i don't want to wear the mask when i go to the beach or ride the bike. i'm alone out there in the yard. but i do wear them when it's appropriate. 78% of trump supporters say they wear a mask. so this isn't a political issue at all. tell the audience why we are wearing the mask. is it to protect us or other people. >> the majority 69 reason why we are wearing -- the majority of the reason why we are wearing
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the masks is to make sure we are not giving whatever we may have to anybody else. there are studies that have shown in community where everybody is wearing a mask, they have seen a great reduction in covid-19. jesse: if you want to reduce covid-19 in america, wear it when you are supposed to wear it. all right, dr. wagner, thank you very much. racial unrest in america. a look back at our exclusive interview with the portland truck driver attacked by black lives matter pro -- pro 2e69ers. >> i had a chance to shoot a bunch of you the other day and didn't.
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bounce out wrinkles with bounce wrinkle guard dryer sheets and touch up spray! both, with a money back guarantee. [♪] ashley: live from america's news headquarters. i'm ashley strohmier. the pennsylvania supreme court handing president trump and his supporters another legal setback. dismissing a lawsuit from several republicans seeking to invalidate 2.5 mill- -- mail-in votes. and refusing to block certification. it's the latest in a series of legal defeats for president trump. the former ceo.
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amazon purchased the company in 2009. he died after being hurt in a house fire. he was 46. [♪] jesse: violence erupted across the nation as black lives matter protesters swarmed the streets and this video made national headlines. adam hayner took a brutal kick to the back of the head. he was defending a transgender woman who was being beaten and mugged. i spoke exclusively with hayner
8:27 pm
and his girlfriend after he got out of the hospital. jesse: what are your injuries and how are you feeling? >> they are kind of all over. bruising on my leg, my ribs. my eyes obviously. got lacerations on my head. it was worse two days ago. feeling better today. trying to move on. jesse: the police arrested the assailant. i am sure he will be prosecuted. what do you want to see happen to this guy marquise love? >> i really -- i didn't have an issue with anyone when i went down there to start with. so i'm not really trying to pick
8:28 pm
up an issue here. i think they were down there for a cause and trying to so something for their cause. and what they showed is where they showed. that's write stand with it. jesse: they said you are a racist guy trying to mow them down with your pickup truck. what's your response to that? >> i warned everyone to get out of the way when i started up my pickup truck. i was down there for a lengthy amount of time. i managed not to hurt anyone while i was down there but myself evidently. jesse: so the mayor of portland basically letting the city descend into chaos. is there anything you would like to say to mayor ted wheeler
8:29 pm
right now? >> kind of a long response time for my issue down there. yeah, i kind of agree with your statement. jesse: how long was the response time. do you even remember? >> i was unconscious. it's hard for me to say. jesse: do you remember, tammy? >> at least 10 minutes after he had been unconscious from what i can tell. nobody would let me near him. i just saw him on the ground when i got there, not knowing that he was that close to me. but i think 10 minutes at least. jesse: that's way too much time. tammy, adam -- >> what does anyone think would have happened to the other person if i had not drawn their attention to me.
8:30 pm
jesse: that person was apparently being descended upon and taunted and robbed and assaulted. it's mayhem out there, and no one is safe. and this is the result of people defunding the police, attacking police, and not using police effectively. this will happen again sadly if this kind of stuff continues. >> i thought what they were trying to fight is that behavior towards them. but they are exhibiting the same behavior they are trying to stop. jesse: it's not fair, and we feel terrible you were assaulted and we wish you a speedy recovery. live p.d., a victim of cancel culture. how the show changed policing in america. [♪]
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even hanging with your dog. so, what are you waiting for? download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. [♪] jesse: cancel culture a big theme in 2020. one of its biggest victims, the hit show "live pd." >> it took a very dramatic turn. the gun was load. not very safe. an ak will 17. here you go.
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i asked you what month it was. that's not a month, dear. jesse: it was canceled after the death of george floyd. before it was canceled i sat down with dan aperhap -- dan ab. if you have a warrant, don't run, because they will catch you and you will get additional charges. if you are a felon, don't be around firearms. if the cops ask you to get out of the car. just get out of the car. he thinks you are armed. >> and drive with a license. do you have a license? jesse: no, i left it at home. >> not even left it at home.
8:37 pm
i don't have a license. the other one is when someone is found with drugs in their pants, their response is those are not my pants. you hate it when you get up in the morning and put on someone else's pants. jesse: drugs are a big part of the show. 23 you have marijuana on you, even a small amount. if you are cooperative and honest, usually the police have discretion and might just write a citation. here is an example of how it can go for you if you are straight-up with the police. >> i will be cool with you if you are cool with me. do you smoke weed in this car? >> yes. >> i kind of got a whiff of it. you going to give it to me? not often do you stop somebody who is as honest as you are. >> it's better to be honest.
8:38 pm
>> i'm going to cut you a ticket, but a class c ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia. jesse: some come up like a chimney and say i don't have anything. >> it varies from state to state depending on what the drug laws are. but it's so helpful if you cooperate with police. the people who cooperate and respond reflect any and understand the police officers are just doing their jobs, they are the ones who are cut breaks. and cops do have discretion. it's just an important lesson to remember. it's not that much to ask when an officer approaches you and asks for certain information. just answer it honestly. they are going to find you. if you say i don't have any drugs, they will call the k9 out
8:39 pm
to search around the car. if there are drugs they will have probable cause. jesse: these officers are trained to deescalate dangerous situations. you don't appreciate it null see it in real-time. the more people watch "live pd" the more appreciation you have for the dangers they have face. when they pull you out of a car, they don't know if you are a fugitive. >> there is flop such thing as a routine traffic stop. the police officer doesn't know who is in the car. in part trying to protect the public. trying to protect themselves. so cut them a break. they get a call, someone is running around with a gun. they arrive at a scene.
8:40 pm
they want find stout what's happening when they arrive at the scene. we were talking a moment ago -- the vast majority of police officers never fire their weapons in the line of duty. it's the rest of that police work i think people don't appreciate. jesse: before we get to the book "john adams under fire." the racial angle is interesting. police don't care what you look like. but the minute you are disrespectful white or black, you will have a problem. >> we do have a diverse this force of people we are following. and as well as the people who are pulled over. jesse: thanks for coming in. >> we are never going to change things from the washington redskins. it doesn't matter what the fan's
8:41 pm
religion, race, what have you. it means tradition, greatness, it means fighting for the straight ahead skins. fighting for washington, d.c. jesse: the fight is over. the washington red skins are changing their name. they haven't come up with anything yet. the skins have always been south, the owner is a joke and fold add a few mean tweets. but it's a private company. they have corp vapt sponsors like fedex. remember they said sit was just about confederate statues, then the founding fault terse. first they needle for the national anthem. now they want to replace it. police reform became defunding the police. gun control turned into gun grabbing. the mob smells blood after the
8:42 pm
redskins folded. and your favorite could be next. let's look at what could be on the chopping block. the kansas city chiefs could be toast. they have wouldn't super bowl last season. they probably won't cave anytime soon. if the dallas cowboys change their name the league is over. the cowboys killed a lot of indians and stolal lot of indian -- stole a lot of indian' lands. the oakland raider is a pirate. they participated in the slave trade. but they also looted sow the left may like that. what about the minnesota vikings. as a native warrior from north america is an offensive mascot isn't a native warrior from
8:43 pm
north america too. maybe the blonds air makes the difference. the new england patriots could be deemed offensive. the left doesn't seem that proud these days. a red, white and blue low dough, a caricature of an american revolutionary. these patriots didn't let women vote and held slaves. they may still fire muskets when they celebrate. boston has problems. the celtic logo features a helpa leprechaun. it's a mythical figure from irish folklore. and he has a pipe in his mouth. no smoking. my team, the philadelphia 7ers.
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nothing to be proud of. the country was stolen from the indians and found on slavery. the braves say they will not be changing their name while the indians say they are considering it. my prediction, cleveland caves. so start thinking of a new name. the left on offense against the texas rangers. arguing the team name might as well be the texas chancemen. the rangers were forced to release a statement saying they are not racist. the only hockey team in exposure is the chicago blackhawks. the team is not budging. they say the name is about honor. i don't care what owners name
8:45 pm
their teams. but the left is on the war path it's about chipping away at our history and our heritage so we don't feel proud of our country. once we are all ashamed of the past, they can erase it and start from scratch. we might as well be canada, and no one wants that. how much do people really know about thanksgiving? what country did the pilgrims come from? >> oh, god -- it's been a long time since i have been in grammar the school. >> europe. jesse: europe is not a country. [♪]
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jesse: thanksgiving is about traditions for a lot of families and we have our own tradition at "watters' world." testing people's knowledge about thanksgiving. this when i hit the streets for a little quiz. [♪] around what year was the first thanksgiving. >> 1942 columbus sailed the ocean blue. >> 1860. >> 1487. jesse: what year was the first thanksgiving. >> 1600s. no, 1400s. >> this is one of those quiz shows that makes me look dumb? the pilgrims came to america and the americans welcomed them and
8:51 pm
fed them. jesse: the american people? >> yes. jesse: what country did the pilgrims come from? >> it's been a long time since i have been in grammar school. >> europe? jesse: europe is not a country. >> sweden? jesse: italy, spain? israel? >> no. jesse: the pilgrims are not jewish. what country did the pilgrims come from? how did they get here. >> boat. jesse: what was the name of the boat? >> plymouth rock? >> the nina and the pinta. >> the santa maria? >> the may flower.
8:52 pm
jesse: why did the pilgrims come from england. >> to explore the west. >> new land, gold. >> they were from the united kingdom escaping religious persecution. jesse: what do you think was on the menu at the first thanksgiving? >> perhaps some sort of local vegetable and maybe meat. turkey? i don't know. buffalo? chicken? i have no idea. >> maybe wild turkey, pheasants. jesse: wild turkey like you drink? >> no. that probably would have made the dinner a whole lot better. >> hush puppies boiled and fried. jesse: when the pilgrims got here where did they land? >> i have no idea.
8:53 pm
>> plymouth rock. >> yes. jesse: where is plymouth rock? >> massachusetts. jesse: do you know who i am? >> no, who the hell are you? jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. we'll look at the greatest moments in turkey pardoning history. to support a strong immune system, your body needs routine. centrum helps your immune defenses every day, with vitamin c, d and zinc. season, after season. ace your immune support, with centrum.
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8:58 pm
be described as an act of play and pandering. these turkeys named themselves corn and cob. look at that beautiful, beautiful bird. that's a lucky bird. jesse: president trump pardoning turkeys corn and cob. let's look back at some of the greatest moments in turkey pardoning history. >> i grant you a full and complete pardon. >> the office of the presidency the most powerful position in the world brings awesome and solemn responsibilities. this is not one of them. >> i had a chance to shoot a bunch of you the other day and didn't.
8:59 pm
>> business kit is welcome. >> carmel and popcorn. >> drumstick. >> as an peas and carrots. they didn't get to ride the gravy train to freedom. >> even though peas and carrots received a presidential pardon, i warned them house democrats are likely to issue them both subpoenas. i can't guarantee that your pardons won't be even joined by the 9th circuit. jesse: that's all for tonight, be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. i'm watters and this is my
9:00 pm
world. [♪] [♪] judge jeanine: hello and welcome to justice, i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. we have a great holiday show lined up with control *, pete helpingette and steve doocy. let's start with florida congressman matt gaetz. in new york we were told by our governor how to celebrate, how many people we could sep celebrate with. and similar gui


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