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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 30, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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the world war ii veteran turned 95. he sat and waived at dozens of cars and trucks on his special day. happy birthday, mr. parterson thank you for your service to the country. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that is "special report" fair balanced and unafraid. here is martha. >> martha: thank you, bret, good to see you tonight. good evening, everybody. i'm martha mccallum in new york and this is "the story." as president trump prepares to head to georgia on saturday to rally the vote for the two republicans who can make or break the g.o.p. senate majority, he will have to thread the needle of his dissatisfaction with governor kemp and the candidates who can comment his legacy. as victor davis hanson writes of the president today, he has a year or more to decide whether he wishes to play king maker among would be republican congressionals and presidential candidates or run himself for a second term. his two options are ultimately not mutually exclusive, he writes. as the trump team battles on in the peach state which joe biden
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won by some 13,000 votes. in the win column today for the president's side, a judge agreeing to freeze voting machines in three counties. and prevent them f from being wd and reset of the data that is in them and they have to make a point of that because actually that happened back in 2017. it there was a dispute and somebody wiped those machines clean. so there are also some ongoing small change investigations in to nonetheless worrisome charges of double voting, dead voters, multiple third party groups accused of sending absentee ballots to incorrect addresses to out of state voters and also college students encouraged to commit felony of timely residency switches while in georgia. also today, rudy giuliani was pressing the charge in arizona urging the stated to overturn biden's win and select pro-trump electors late today that state
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was certified by governor ducey. so, what tone will the president set next? at home and this week when he goes to georgia? just over five weeks away from yet another vote between now and saturday will the president determine what role he wants to play? trump campaign senior adviser lara trump joins us in moments on all of that but we begin tonight with karl rove, former deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and the national finance chairman from the national fund very involved in cases there. also constitutional jonathan turley both fox news contributors and correspondent geraldo rivera correspondent at large. great to have you here tonight. the first thing i want to note with regard to these election issues, jonathan turley, is this quote by georgia's secretary of state brad wrap wraps aspergillh i think is pretty chilling.
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>> we have opened an investigation into a group called america votes sending ballots to people where they have not voted since 1994. new georgia sent voter applications to new york city at operation new voter registration georgia who is telling college students in georgia that though can change their residency to georgia and change it back after the election. who are these groups and who is supporting them it doesn't matter if the numbers are small. this is what everybody from bill barr to jimmy carter said about the potential fraud in mail-in voting. >> right. and it also just happens to be a crime breathtaking that have rallying crime to protect democracy and all votes should be counted and yet actively
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subverting the essence of democracy. they are trying to bring in false voting, false voters and you saw that the with "new york times" columnist saying people should move down to georgia to vote. this is all just disconnected from the narrative. it is not disconnected from the criminal code. this would be a matter of georgia criminal law. and it is clear that officials are prepared to prosecute people. and so i am particularly worried about students who are being, you know, encouraged to take these steps. they should not put themselves in this type of precarious position. >> martha: karl, this is the kind you have thing people are talking about across the country. they want to know who is backing these groups? who is supporting. this if we know about 250 votes are there thousands more that people don't know about? first of all, who is behind these groups? who pays for them? >> a lot of them are sort in the galaxy of organizations that stacey abrams has a hand in. a lot of them are funded by the usual suspects on the left. but i think professor turley
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made an excellent point. this is a felony. and if you don't think the republicans are checking the 5,135 new people who voted registered to vote after the november 3rd election and before a week ago last friday, you are kidding yourself. they are absolutely checking these registrations. people who came tout state of georgia and are registering to vote there and have no intention of becoming permanent residents as required by state law are going to find themselves in a each trouble if they continue. >> martha: so, geraldo, what about the president's approach to all of this? he went after brian kemp today. called him the hapless governor of georgia. he doesn't understand why he doesn't use his emergency powers to stop the process in georgia. this is ronna mcdaniels who is obviously faced by angry republican voters in georgia about this. watch this. >> how are we going to money and work when it's already decided? >> it's not decide you had. this is the key. >> how do you know? >> it's thought decided.
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if you lose your faith and you don't vote and people walk away, that will decide it. >> martha: what is the president going to do when he goes down to georgia and what kind of impact will he have, do you think? >> what she just said is exactly the issue, martha. if people lose faith in georgia's electoral system and not show up then they will be gifting democrats control of the united states senate. the stakes are so very high. they are astronomical. as a person who has been accused of giving the president too much of the benefit of the doubt, i can't imagine why the republican senators aren't rallying around the georgia republicans, the secretary of state and the governor there and saying that the system in georgia is -- will work. you've got to vote. everything is at stake here. rather than attacking the system, not only in georgia but nationwide, undermines faith in the system, discourages people. i think that the president is on
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the wrong course here. i think he has got to take a real gut check between now and saturday. with all due respect, and you know i love the guy. but enough is enough now. are you with your personal peeve at what has happened, you are hurt. and i don't mean in any way to minimize. this is profound blow to a very proud man who lost by a combination of, what, 40,000 votes among three different states? here, this is the job he has now as the head of the g.o.p., as the commander-in-chief of the country, he has got to rally the voters in georgia. control of the senate is in the balance now. and if he allows his personal, you know, annoyance with the secretary of state and governor kemp to rule, then i think it's going to be a devastating loss for the republican party. >> martha: karl, how do these candidates loeffler and perdue they thread this needle and embrace the president please come down here and support us?
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how does all of this work? this is a pickle for republicans in georgia right now. >> it is a pickle. look, the president is not going to, you know, change. he is who he is the president is going to be how does he put on necessity for all of his investigators to come out and vote. legacy and agenda at stake. the democrats if they control the senate is going to be able to wipe out whatever he has done with ease. not only that he will have not one but two bose of the congress the house and the senate both conducting hearings next year that are going to be calling he and his administration figures up to capitol hill to testify. better to have just the house trying to do that not having the senate on top of it. he has got to find his way of saying it's important for you, my supporters in georgia to get out the vote. it's the biggest issue facing both of these campaigns. the democrats are way out on the left fringe. in a normal election this should be something that should happen. the republicans should win. but it's all going to depend upon the president and what he says when he comes to the state on the 5th of december. >> martha: he is headed there this saturday.
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thank you very much. great to have all of with you us tonight. thanks, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> martha: joining us now is lara trump senior campaign adviser. good to have you here tonight as well. what is the president going to do on saturday? is he going to embrace these candidates and try to encourage people to mail in vote? you have got that same situation again. they can start voting two weeks early. >> yeah. well, listen, the president is going down, martha, because he wants people to vote in this election. this is absolutely critical. i heard your previous guests talk about it. the reality is we cannot let the democrats overtake these senate seats. we know that if chuck schumer has the majority in the senate they have been very clear they want to talk about turning d.c. and puerto rico into states. they want to abolish the electoral college. no republican ever have a shot at winning the president again. they want to pack the courts. it is vital that we keep these seats so the president is going down. and, look, he's going to tell people get out and vote for these candidates. these republican candidates. but he probably also is going to
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talk about the massive fraud that we have seen all over the country that has largely been ignored. by and large we had hearings today in arizona that showed fraud. we are demanding for the fifth time that the secretary of state in georgia audit the signatures on all of the mail-in ballots that we had come in georgia for the presidential election. >> martha: you larr remarks that's the pickle we just talked about if you go and talk about what you sees a fraud in that election. you heard that woman why should we even go out? this is already decided? why should we bother? that sounds to me like a pretty good cocktail for having a lot of republican voters who support the president stay home and then he's not going to get what he wants which is to have his legacy protected by these senators. >> well, look, i still think that the president will get four more years in office. i think it will be the next four years. this thing is far from over. >> martha: we had certifications
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in georgia and wisconsin. it's time accept the outcome of this what are you seeing or hearing out there that he's not? >> well, those certifications are just procedural steps. and the reality is electoral college does not vote in their states until december 14th. congress doesn't actually certify anything until the beginning of january. so, we have got plenty of time. sadly we have become accustomed to having to work twice as hard, three times as hard as the normal candidate or normal campaign but we are preensd for this. and we are prepared for the fight. we believe that donald trump legitimately won this election. he got 11 million more votes, martha in this election than he did in 2016. i think people find it absolutely ridiculous to think that joe biden could barely get people out to his campaign events could get 80 million votes. >> martha: i think a lot of people do have questions about that. but then you look at what happened in the months prior to the election and you see all of the legal changes that were made in, i think 74 cases across the
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country that changed the rules on signature matches that changed the rules on what could make it through the machine and not through the machine in an effort to, you know, keep people who were disenfranchised from being able to -- you know, allowing them to vote. i'm asking, you know, do you think thought republican side of it was behind the 8 ball on that question with all of those cases that happened across the country and do you think that anything can change in georgia when you have already got, you know, mail-in voting? it's all about to happen all over again? >> yeah. we do think the result in georgia is going to change. i do think you are going to hear from the president on saturday that he wants people to get out and vote. look, we, from the beginning, martha, were saying this mail-in universal vote by mail, that has never been performed in this capacity in america should not happen 90 days out. you cannot change an election process like the democrats did. they pushed forward and, look, we fought back every step of the way. we had some rulings, some judges that quite frankly to be honest
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do not think were on our side did not, for whatever reason do not like this president. this isn't just about this election. people in america, even if you didn't vote for donald trump, need to know that this election process we have in america is legitimate. that every legal vote is counted and that there is no room for fraud. you know, people say oh, well, it's not votes here or there the reality is if you steal $500 from a bank it is still illegal. >> martha: that's what we just pointed out a lot of these groups getting out there trying to help people vote that don't live in the state. >> yeah. >> martha: that's a big problem. you agree with you. whether or not it's enough to overturn the vote as you say is being decided day by day here. larr remarks thank you. lara trump, good to have you here tonight. >> you got it. >> martha: so extra point for diversity. biden's women nut west wing getting a lot of praise but many of them will take over the desks of the women who worked there before them for president trump. dana perino on the weird way that we keep score on hiring of women in america.
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>> martha: moments ago this story breaking dr. scott atlas special adviser on the pandemic has resigned his post. he will joined the administration in august with the designated 130-day term which will expire this week. weighs sometimes criticized for his push to reopen businesses and schools in the united states. he called the lockdown extremely harmful and in his resignation letter obtained by fox news he writes this my advice was always focused on minute ming all the harms from both the pandemic and the structural policies themselves especially to the
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working class and the poor. doctorate also a will be on tucker's show tonight for his first interview since his resignation. so watch for that next hour coming up. ♪ ♪ so when joe biden rolled out his choices for his white house communications team. the press went wild. part of the all-women lineup heralding his commitment to big role force women. >> and all female communications team senior communications team. this is a first history making. there are six moms of young kids on that team. so i think that's something that a lot of working women are focused on. it's pretty cool. >> i was talking to a democrat who just said this also felt like the avengers. felt like we are being rescued from this craziness we have all lived through for the last four years here are the super heroes to come and save us all. >> martha: okay one thing hardly unprecedented all of these women worked on the trump communications team all of them mothers including kayleigh
4:20 pm
mcenany, mercedes schlapp. sarah huckabee sanders. joining dana perino press secretary under george w. bush and a woman if you notice. >> dana: i didn't have children. just hut dog henry and peter helped me take care of them. >> martha: why is there such a double -- would do these same individuals never say anything about all of the women that worked for the trump team? >> dana: it's a story that's told over and over again one thing that the biden team did and it's smart. they packaged it in a way that says we're going to announce this all at once. we are going to make it a big deal and aglowns if on a sunday night and that's what we talked about on monday. look, from a p.r. standpoint, are they strategic? are they good at executing a plan? absolutely. they are also not the first women to do all of these things. do you want some news if you are a woman and care about women empowerment i'm excited including the ones in the trump administration. jen psaki will be the fifth woman to be the white house
4:21 pm
press secretary. i feel like that glass ceiling has been firmly broken. >> martha: absolutely. i guess what my issue is -- with it is that i feel like these women are all very accomplished, but the headline is isn't it amazing that they are all women? and as a woman i would much rather just the choice be made, no talk about it at all just these are all the people we picked because they are so well qualified and so fantastic and just let that be? i'm still waiting for us to get to that point. >> dana: i remember when president obama was in the process of needing a new press secretary and the chief of staff at the time let it be known that he wanted to make sure it was a woman in the job and i remember saying why not just say we are looking for the best person, name her, and then she will never wonder was i really the best person. >> martha: only competing against 50% of those who applied. >applied. >> dana: women are doing well everywhere. d.c. is a great place for women to advance. i also would say that t.j.
4:22 pm
biden's press secretary who did that job on the campaign with stage 4 lung cancer. >> yes, he did. >> dana: getting those treatments is he amazing. and mike worked for dr. jill biden. they didn't do a ton of press work that you saw because the campaign was very much just holding back, letting president trump take the lead. but, those men did a really good job. and i think that when the team all comes together, it won't just be women that are advising. these women especially jen psaki a lot of experience will have the president's ear. she knows a lot of reporters. >> martha: the men will say it's thought fair for representation across the country. so, yo neera tanden to head theo you think she will get through. >> dana: it's a curious pick. neera tanden has been controversial. not afraid to get nut ring and to fight. that's why you saw all these tweets of hers in the past come
4:23 pm
out. she really tangled with bernie sanders. also, there are a lot of women who think that, you know, she outed somebody who had claimed sexual harassment at american progress. and really tackled for that i think this is one of those things where joe biden doesn't have the luxury of all the democrats being on the same page. president trump did. when you think how controversial betsy devos' nomination was. republicans were firmly behind him. i don't think he will necessarily have that with neera tanden. i can see this one being super controversial and maybe even one of those red herrings where if it doesn't work out they can say well we wanted bruce reed but the squad said no. we tried neera it didn't work out. >> martha: like a sacrificial lamb sometimes chosen. maybe that's what they have. serve a stack official lamb down there. all right, thank you, dana. good to have you here tonight and good to see you too. >> dana: you bet. >> martha: more on this and iran tonight bring in tom cotton who
4:24 pm
serves on the intelligence economy and armed services committee and iraq and afghanistan war veteran who served two tour us frt first off, senator, if you would. your thoughts on neera tandem's selection on omv. >> this is her retweet in 2017. he felt that the election was legitimate and she says why does he lie about this? he knows people have intuitive sense. russians did damage to affect more than 70,000 votes in key states. it was a line of discussion that she never ever dropped despite the fact that, you know, this was debunked by a three year mueller investigation. >> yeah, i think neera tanden's nomination like some of the nominations joe biden has already made showed is he not committed to unifying the country. is he not committed to governing from the center. his mayorkas advocate intervenes on behalf of rich democrats to
4:25 pm
sell stoip america. now neera tanden says the congress should not pass another coronavirus relief package unless we are willing to give checks to illegal immigrants. if she were the head of the office of management and budget, she would probably cook of nonsense numbers to suggest that amnesty or sanctuary cities would somehow reduce the federal deficit. she is so far to the left that it gives the fly joe biden's promises during the campaign trail to be governing from the center. >> martha: we will see what happens in the confirmation process. do want to ask you about iran. interesting piece today by tom freidman in the "new york times" essentially saying to the incoming president joe biden this is not the middle east that you left four years ago. and he says that when iran sent over 20 drones and precision guided missiles to the saudi arabiaian oil fields it was a huge game changer and if the middle east has scrambled in a completely different way that he needs to be very aware, that pushed israel and the uae and
4:26 pm
bahrain into agreements and recognition of each other and the future for doing trade as well. there has been a complete reorganization under president trump's work. >> yeah, iran is definitely on the back foot now, martha. look, it's been a bad year for terrorist matter mind. first absolutely wa soleimani ka strike in january. weapons program fakhrizadeh came to unfortunate end last week. revolutionary guard corps, i think you don't want to be walking under any ladders any time soon. but it just goes to show how far iran is willing to go to violate the nuclear deal they signed back in 2015. a deal i said would not survive if the republican president was elected and it didn't. i will say it again to the ayatollah. i will say it to any western ceo
4:27 pm
who wants to rush into iran to do business. this deal, if it's not ratified by the united states senate in the future and it includes things like missiles, as tom freidman writes about or their support for terrorism or armed drones or their oppression of their own people will not survive in the long-term. >> martha: do you think the biden administration lifts the sanctions against iran? what do you think the bar is for lifting those sanctions? >> well, i just can't imagine that the biden administration, for instance, would lift sanctions against the iranian revolution guard corps. the trump administration imposed thots sanctions the icd are responsible for the deaths you have hundreds of american soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. i'm sure that the iranian leadership would demand that those sanctions be lifted theton kels throughout the community. multibillionaires. is the biden administration really going to lift sanctions against the shock troops of iran's terror regime? are they really going to send hundreds of billions of dollars
4:28 pm
back to the ayatollahs? are they really going to go back into a deal that doesn't touch on iran's activity besides its nuclear arsenal some of which is starting to sun set deadlines in that deal so shorts. that's what's it would take to reenter this nuclear deal that's why it would be so short-sided and dangerous. >> martha: the obama crowded siding of iran with israel though neither have claimed responsibility for the killing of this nuclear scientist which you mentioned. the obama democrats continuing allusions the editorial page writes about iranian diplomacy shows they have learned nothing in exile. if israel did plan the assassination it surely did so he because this fears the same allusions will iran are returning townhouse power with the biden administration and so it must act on its own. last thought on that, senator? >> yeah, minia, comment on mohsen fakhrizadeh's death unfortunate time to be a part of
4:29 pm
military. in the past a lot of people he has nominated did want to rearrange our life structure in the middle east. more sympathetic to iran than they were israel or some of our long time arab partners as well. we have made tremendous strides and multiple peace deals signed i hope joe biden doesn't want to unravel all of that. >> martha: what do you think but the weaponry used in that assassination according to reports? it was remote controlled machine gun. >> well, you don't want to be on the business end of a remote control machine gun, martha. >> martha: incredible story. thank you very much. we will learn more about it. senator cotton good to see you tonight. dr. fauci making headlines over the weekend saying that he does think now that it is safe to send the kids back to school. >> if you look at the data, the spread in children and among children is not really very big at all. not like one would have
4:30 pm
suspected. >> martha: senator rand paul went head to head with dr. fauci on that very issue a couple months back and he joins me next with his thoughts tonight after this. >> all of this body of evidence about schools around the world shows there is no surge. all of the evidence shows it's rare. i hear nothing of that coming from you. all i hear, dr. fauci is we can't do this, we can't do that. ♪ ♪ ♪ you're all, you're all i need ♪ ♪ you're all, you're all i need ♪ ♪ as long as i got you then baby ♪ ♪ you know that you've got me, oh! yea...♪ ♪
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4:35 pm
down the schools in new york before thanksgiving based on increased number of cases went up to 3%. they disregarded that data and on in school transmission which is very low. so my next guest has repeatedly pressed the doctor on the science of this shutdown for months. >> dr. fauci, every day virtually every day we seem to hear from you things we can't do. but when you are asked can we go back to school, i don't hear much certitude at all well maybe it depends. will all of this body of evidence about schools around the world shows there no surge. >> i feel very strongly we need to do whatever we can to get the children back to school. >> martha: okay, so joining me now senator rand paul of kentucky, senator, good to have you back tonight. so now it's close the bars, open the schools. you know, i don't know how parents and families across the country are supposed to navigate all of this.
4:36 pm
it's like now you have got to find somebody to help you at home stay home or leave your job. next week reopen them even though the infection rate has actually gone up during that time period in new york. can you explain what's going on here? >> here's the interesting thing. when i tried to get dr. fauci to look at the data six months ago on children, the data from europe where they were keeping schools open and they did not have surges, he was unwilling to look at it. he was so overly cautious that he wanted to keep schools closed. now he says oh, well, we can open some schools but not other schools really what we have to do is close bars. really what we should do with dr. fauci is sit him down and show him the evidence on lockdowns when you look at lockdowns and mandates whether they're masks or how many people go to a restaurant or how many people can gather and you look at when the mandates were instituted around the world, country after country, guess what? the virus rises exponentially after the mandates. right now we have more mandates in place than we have ever had. we have more mask-wearing than we have ever had and yet the
4:37 pm
incidence of the disease is exploding. really maybe showing us that what we're doing is not working. we ought to be open-minded. >> martha: and you know what? that wrings me to this. this is a flashback soundbite on the issue of masks from dr. fauci and this is march 8th. watch this. >> right now people should not be worried. there is no reason to be walking around with a mask. when you are in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a drop let, but it's not pro-violating the perfect protection that people think that it is. and on, there are unintended consequences. people keep fiddling with the mask and keep touching their face. >> martha: that totally changed. >> you know, the new england journal of medicine in the summer said that masks were -- could help with generalized anxiety that didn't work outside of the hospital setting. what i would say to people because i don't want people to
4:38 pm
think they don't work at all. what i would say to high risk people yes they work the n-95 masks work. the surgical masks are about 450% effective in blocking virus sized particles and the cloth mask block about 3% of virus particles. we ought to let this be out there. if you say things like this immediately big tech censors you can't say that shouldn't we have a debate and a discussion? shouldn't we look at the evidence? the evidence is in now on lockdown. it's been in for schools for six months. we finally have dr. fauci looking at the evidence. closing schools is not necessary. now we need to look at the lockdown evidence and we need to target our approach to those who are vulnerable and try extra hard for those who are vulnerable. but we shouldn't punish all the people across the country, particularly those who are not vulnerable to this virus. >> martha: and these businesses, open closed, you have like a third of the the businesses across the country that are probably never going to get those stores and shops and bars and restaurants reopened. and this is the guidance and now
4:39 pm
the supreme court decision on religious gatherings has thrown a wrench into what the guidance is from these state leaders. the governor of new jersey today said that new rules, so for outdoor gatherings you have to go to mawdges of 25 people. they are canceling all the winter inindoor sports and basketball and that kind of thing. maybe that makes sense. then he says there is the exception of the 25 people rule religious, political, activities, both of those are included. funeral, memorial services and wedding ceremonies. there is no 25% limit on those. >> do you think there will be an exception for the inauguration? so the thing is we need to look at the evidence. dr. fauci it took him six months to agree with us that schools should open. my governor just this week is closing down the schools. so we took it to the sixth circuit and we won at the district level. lost at the sixth circuit. now we are going to the supreme court with it. but he is mandating that private
4:40 pm
religious schools can't open. even though dr. fauci and the so-called experts have finally come to agree that the schools should open. our governor, democrat governor of kentucky is closing them all down by fiat with no consultation of the legislature or anyone else. so really we should look at the evidence. but the most important thing about this is science is about disputation. the same way politics is. you present your evidence on both sides and we should hear out both sides. what we are living in is a world where we censor people like myself who have contrary ideas but who look at the evidence every day. right now new york is having virtually zero deaths. and you have to say is that because they are washing their hands better or might it have something to do with the degree of immunity that their vulnerable population got? a lot of them died. but those who didn't die in the nursing homes a lot of them have antibodies now? could it be that the immunity among the vulnerable in new york is at such a state that their deaths have gone way down because their vulnerable people actually have a degree of
4:41 pm
immunity. nobody wants to talk about that. you put that on twitter and flag you as you are somehow denying science when all we want to do is debate science. >> martha: dr. fauci debated you on that as well. something i don't think we will get a good handle on until we get a grasp of how many people actually have the antibodies and how long they work for. >> intrinsically one you have the things i told dr. fauci the last time he came to our committee one of the reasons that children they have been infected by coronavirus colds. he disputed that and went out of his way to say it wasn't true. now the nih does say it's true. 43% of kids have antibodies and t cells to coronavirus that are effective against covid because they have had previous use infection with colds and also may explain why adults like myself didn't get many symptoms that maybe i had previous coronavirus colds that allowed me to have some level of immunity. >> martha: senator, thank you, and doctor rand paul good to
4:42 pm
have you here tonight. >> thank you. gretchen gretchen coming up michigan governor gretchen whitmer nut running for "time" magazine person of the year this year. charlie is from michigan and has some thoughts on who he thinks should win this year when he joins me next. ♪ (burke) deep-sea driving, i see... (customer) something like that... (burke) well, here's something else: with your farmer's policy perk, new car replacement, you can get a new one. (customer) that is something else. (burke) get a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>> martha: for nearly a century the editors of "time" magazine highlight ago person of the year a person a group or idea sometimes that, quote, for better or worse, has done the most to influence the events of the year 230e 202020 unprecedented time with so many people stepping up to influential roles some of the nominees president trump, president-elect joe biden. dr. anthony fauci who got a lot of support in the poll that they
4:47 pm
did but it's editors who pick it. governors cuomo and gretchen whitmer. stacey abrams. black lives matter activists, healthcare workers and even prince harry and meg gab markle. i'm not sure they had a huge influence on the world over the last year. that decision made december 10th. pulitzer prize winning news hour podcast which is exciting. hi, charlie. >> how are you doing martha? >> i'm doing great. >> who do you think it should this year? >> well, the way it usually works, it should be trump. i mean, that's the guy that influenced all around the world every day on trial for high crimes and misdemeanors. he caught covid. he called the election a fraud since not going to have the guts to do that stlul should be the essential workers. the nursing home attendants. it should be the cops it should the deputy us and the jail the election workers it. should be the dude at the dog food shop all the ones that
4:48 pm
didn't have to go to work. could have taken the unemployment and didn't do that they did the real work, real people. they are the real heroes and that's what this whole year has really been about. and i think it will be nuts not to give it to them because it is all about the working person buy manhattan is a whole other country and i don't think they care that's ohio would give it to. >> martha: it is a whole other country that's for sure. i like the way they do it should stick to the principle at "time" magazine of the measure of what it is. i would love to see a real lively debate around that table the greatest influence on the events of the year for better or for worse. i would say that it's inescapable that if that's the measure it has to be the virus itself. >> that's a good one, too. i guess i could go for the virus but i could go for the atom bomb. >> martha: in the past they have chosen we can put up they chose hitler in 1938, stalin in 39 and
4:49 pm
42 the villain of the year is the covid-19 virus. >> yeah. but you know what? everyone is so tired and bummed out and everything is so negative. how about we embrace each other like thank you, cop. thank you paramedic and mr. mayor can the fire department have a contract and can they get some hazard pay back. my niece, the emergency room nurse that's ohio would like to see get it. >> martha: i agree with you 100 percent and fill all of the pages with all of those people because the virus is clearly the biggest impact on the course of this year. charlie, thank you for being here. good to see you. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: coming up next, a story about what makes this country great. how this brave young woman fight the nazis, fled the to united states with nothing and never gave up in the pursuit of her dream. she became a physician and treated heroin addicts in new york. her son is someone you know pretty well from this program when we come back. ♪ ♪
4:50 pm
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♪ >> martha: a teenager when the nazis occupied her village in poland. she joined the resistance. she served as a courier fort under ground home army dodging german sniper fire unlike many others she somehow made it out alive. she would then go to london and then ireland where she received a medical degree. became a doctor, she made her way to the united states as a refugee. once she was here, people would ask her where are you from? she would respond in her thick polish accent that she never lost new york city. she died last week in the city and the country that she loved. the united states of america it age of 91 and still so beautiful as you can see in that picture. her son whom she was very proud
4:55 pm
mark thiessen joins us now. my condolences. as soon as i heard that your mom had passed at the age of 92 we need to have mark on and make sure that everyone hears the story of this remarkable american woman. so i'm sorry for your loss. and i. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: tell us a little bit about your trip to poland with your son and what your mother taught you about her life there. >> well, you know, first of all thank you for having me on. i know you write a beautiful book called unknown valor the story of your family's courage and sacrifice of a at jesus' iwt streamma. warsaw she grew up in nazi owptiond warsaw. she'll joined the resistance teenage girl 120 or 13 years old. sneak out after the night arch the curfew to paint on the walls and deliver flowers to the tombs of polish heroes which was an act of defiance she could have been killed for. later on when she was about 13 she started carrying radios across the.
4:56 pm
she was lugging radio and german soldier stopped her and thought she was going to get arrested instead he picked it up and carried it for her a few blocks. she survived that way in august of 1944 the pollock home army rose up and actually took back the capital of warsaw and held it for 63 days and she was part of the resistance there liaison girl carrying orders from one end of the city to the other and she had to at an age when most kids are going to school and playing dodge ball she was dodging german sniper fire dodging from one to the other. held the city for 63 days the west abandoned them. they never delivered weapons or supply us eventually weapons ran out and had to surrender she surrendered and brought to a pow camp 15 years old and finished out the war in a pow camp and liberated by patton's army he brought back the prisoners of war that he liberated if he
4:57 pm
hadn't done it she would have been a soviet sector and i would have had a different life. came back as a paratrooper. she lied. had you to be 16 she was only 15 she lied about her age. finished the war in london went to medical school in ireland. lindor thousand speak english and medicine at the same time made her way over here where you mentioned medical doctor and spent her life tweeting heroin addicts in the south bronx and harlem and worked until almost her 90th birthday treating heroin addicts. >> martha: i love the story of your mother so brave and such a great life lesson she is fearless and one of the reasons she was so comfortable in these clinics that she ran for heroin addicts she wasn't aphrase after her life experiences of income those neighborhoods in new york, right?
4:58 pm
>> that's right she grew up in nazi occupied so she wasn't afraid. she was always sure she was going to survive the war. when the germans first took warsaw they bombed the think and bombed her house actually and hiding in a neighbor's basement while the bombing was taking place, she told me her mother gathered all the family in the corner of basement and said we are all going to die together she said you die together and sat in another corner of the basement and said i'm not dying. she was pretty sure she was going to make it. i was very lucky to be able to take my kids the summer of 2019 for the 75th anniversary and took her and still able to travel at 91. we took her there and took all my kids and i you wanted them to learn the lesson of the warsaw uprising and grandmother's experience which is don't take freedom for granted within the lifetime of your immediate family all these things happened. your grandmother was literally being shot at by nazi snipers. these freedoms we have today
4:59 pm
could be taken away at any moment. remember refugees are a blessing not a burden. my mother was a stateless refugee after the war. she had lost her citizenship in poland. she didn't have a country and america welcomed her and if she made america better she helped people? desperate need who nobody cared about and made this country better refugees are a blessing in this country. everyone seeking freedom and opportunity and escape terror. >> martha: rest in peace. we are glad that she gave yo yo, mark. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: such a great guest on our show. love you and your family. thank you so much. >> i'm so grateful for you having me on tonight,. >> martha: likewise. that is the story of monday, november the 30th, 2020 as always the story continues. see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson is coming up next.
5:00 pm
♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." hope you had a great and relaxing thanksgiving weekend away from the endless drone of news. if you somehow managed to pull that off a few bay days of peace and happiness with the ones you loved you found it's like a spa treatment and better off for it. also wondering what happened? what did you miss over the weekend? we are here to tell you. for starters joe biden broke his foot in a couple of places sounds serious but don't worry about it. biden was just out playing with his dog as healthy vibrant adults in full commands of their faculties and not at all fragile and fading often do. it could have happened to anyone, seriously


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