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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 2, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> fox news alert, major step towards ending the pandemic, pfizer's coronavirus vaccine just approved in the uk. what it means for us here at home. >> $100 bills are missing in wisconsin. >> ballots -- i can tell you i took 24 ballots from bethpage new york, to lancaster. >> this is about republic being protected. we don't have confidence in our election. >> shocking claims from election whistleblowers who say they can no longer stay silent. there allegations of voter irregularities in a fox news exclusive. with that a busy morning. you are watching "fox and
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friends first". carley: straight to a fox news alert the uk becomes the first western country to approve pfizer's coronavirus vaccine. jillian: doses will be rolled out next week, the breaking overnight developments. >> reporter: the uk has approved emergency use of the pfizer vaccine in preparing to roll it out next week, becoming the first country in the world to do so. in a statement uk officials say the government has accepted the recommendation from the regulatory agency to approve the pfizer vaccine for use. the vaccine will be made available across the usa for next week. the uk has purchased 40 million doses of the vaccine which was shown to be 90% effective in its final trial.
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the announcement from britain coming as big decisions are made by the cdc for who will get the approval first. cdc panel announcing it will happen in stages with healthcare professionals and residentss of long-term care facilities getting its first doses was all of this hinges on emergency use approval by the fda. another us company, moderna has vaccine candidates showing 90% effectiveness in late stage trials. the cdc relaxing quarantines rules reducing the from 14 days to 7 days if the traveler received a negative test or 10 days in isolation without testing. we will hear from doctor marty mc harry from johns hopkins who is castigating them for slow walking the approval process. >> so many questions, we will try to answer all of them coming up. thank you. election whistleblowers dropping exclusive claims they say
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workers tempered with ballots and shipped them between states. >> i saw ballots with return addresses loaded on my trailer in new york and headed for pennsylvania and wondered why i was driving complete ballots from new york to pennsylvania. >> 100,000 ballots missing, only 7 or 8 were found at ums based on my previous experience, believe that to be a lot. >> reporter: whistleblowers joining sean hannity for an exclusive interview. with that and where the doj stands on all of this. >> the allegations and affidavits keep coming and william barr made clear yesterday the department of justice will continue to receive and vigorously pursue allegations of fraud but he put a pin in the president's lens
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that the election was stolen, telling the associated press, we have not seen fraud that could have affected a different outcome, that drew swift response from the legal team who said with the greatest respect to the attorney general, appeared to be without any knowledge or investigation of the substantial irregularities of systemic fraud. senate minority leader schumer had this reaction. >> in response to william barr, he is next to be fired since he now says there is no fraud, trump seems to fire anyone in that regard. >> this is 3 whistleblowers use saw in the intro of the thomas more society said they witnessed election fraud firsthand. >> i had no ballots on election day, the day after the election, a postal supervisor asked if i
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had forgotten ballots the night before and i didn't have any, ballots supposedly missing in the state of wisconsin. >> 24 ballots in bethpage, new york to lancaster. i saw that, addresses on them. >> if we don't pick the people to make decisions on our behalf, the role of government doing whatever they want to do. >> reporter: it is unclear what legal actions they plan to take next, but cybersecurity chief chris cribbs continues to maintain in a washington post op-ed the 2020 was the most secure in us history. >> we will see william barr as responsible as whistleblower allegations. a lawsuit in wisconsin claiming abuse without absentee voting
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affected 220,000 ballots, governor tony evers certified joe biden's victory after the state completed its partial recount. in georgia the secretary of state calling out fulton county for taking so long to complete its recount. >> us in our office and the rest of the state getting a little tired of always having to wait on fulton county, we seem to make it a dramatic finish. >> the deadline for state officials to answer sidney powell's lawsuit over alleged faulty dominion voting machines. molly hemingway says the lessons we learned in november are vital to preserving the integrity of our elections going forward. >> evidence of fraud across the country a system that was put in place to enable that level of fraud, they are not sick checking signature matches, destroying envelopes, not auditing logs, ballot harvesting, not allowing oversight that mail in
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balloting, not becoming a norm how we do elections going forward but the aberration from elections that have integrity and can be counted on. >> the next big elections to watch the january runoffs in georgia, state leaders are investigating voter registration groups accused of encouraging people outside georgia to vote. live look at capitol hill where there is mounting pressure on lawmakers to deliver a coronavirus relief bill. bipartisan group of senators unveil a $908 billion compromise plan that includes money for unemployment insurance and money for small businesses but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is not on board, he is pushing for the scaled-back version proposed four months ago as joe manchin fears the squad can derail any legislation that
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comes from the senate, he will be live on "fox and friends" later this morning to discuss. the stock market hitting new milestones as a historic rally and as a second month. the nasdaq in the s&p 500 jumping one% to record highs, the s&p, 11 persons, the nasdaq and without jumping 12 person, the dow's best 1-month performance since january of 1987. the justice department investigating a bribery for pardon scheme in the white house, the doj looking into two people accused of improperly securing a presidential pardon. it is unclear, where the money would have been sent since the names are redacted. documents give no indication donald trump was aware of the alleged plot, the president tweeting pardon investigation is fake news.
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over 160 jet skis and water, the group raising 10,$000 for an organization during the holiday season. the event in a stroller beating the previous record of 129, better 129 is 150. a great organization. >> it is 9 after the hour. new york city bar declared an autonomous zone now shutdown. action against the owners that has patrons protesting the police. and that is the one and only question the media asked the president-elect, joe consa sound off next. ♪ i want to thank you ♪ i want to thank you ♪ for being a friend. crest gum detoxify.
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how does your foot feel? >> good. thank you for asking. >> that was it, the one and only question joe biden took as he announced the economic team he took to build back better. should we expect the soft approach from the press for the next four years? fox news contributor joe consa, good to know his foot feels better. >> absolutely. i am thinking charming as far as soft questions just to ask about the foot and not ask mister president-elect, why when you injured your foot on saturday did the press not know about it and the country not know about it until sunday because last check a foot injury, i have injured my foot before the
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minute you take a step you know something is seriously wrong when there is broken bones. that would have been a good question. we will hear a lot of questions about major and champ, mister biden's dogs, one he was allegedly playing with when he heard his foot but we will not hear his position on trade. he supported nafta. usmc was pushed by donald trump, we will not hear his stance on education, foreign policy, law enforcement, gun policy. i could go on in terms of questions mister biden is not answer even been asked because we have a press that for the last 20 months is shown little interest in scrutinizing joe biden in terms of his worldview perspective, how is your foot? >> the question that was answered went to doctors anthony fauci on abc and this is where the kids should be in school. take a listen. >> close bars and keep the schools open is what we say.
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if you look at the data the spread among children and from children is not really very big at all not like one would have suspected. >> there was 0 coverage of this on major networks. that interview was done on abc but for months we heard people say follow the science, we have our leading specialists, infectious disease specialists saying kids are stayed in school, why are we ignoring that? >> this is for parents. i have two kids, 7 and 5-year-old where every day we are in edge waiting for the email to come waiting for the alert to come, that schools are closed because of positive tests, we have yet to shut down schools and kids are going 5 days a week and that is something that is a key thing for anthony fauci to say and
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that would be my lead story. reviewers, parents or people who know people that have kids and this is the number one issue in terms of if their kids mental health. i can tell you my kids being back in school have infinitely changed in terms of the way they conduct themselves opposed to when they are out all those months looking for things to do and only so much you can do in those situations. i expected more coverage but that means going against the narrative said for several months before that. >> what do people care about and a lot of parents care, children's safety is number one in the mind of all parents. you will be pretty busy over the next few years with compare and contrast between joe biden and donald trump coverage. are you ready for it?
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>> i hope we don't have a but trump sort of four years where if joe biden makes a mistake or something that happens it is always but trump, but biden inherited this but trump did this. i want to focus on the next president instead of focusing so much on donald trump which i know a legal process is going on. if joe biden becomes president would concentrate on the actual president instead of the person he replaced. shannon: thank you for joining us. the time is 17 after the hour, many californians had enough of their leaders hypocrisy. >> one restaurant put up this sign marking the governor's visit, the defiant owner wants to keep his people employed. he join us next.
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jillian: a california restaurant owner as a not-so-subtle response to governor gavin newsom after he was caught at a birthday dinner at an upscale restaurant. not only is the restaurant owner refusing to close up shop but his long-running diner with a temporary new look at the patio dining to mark the governor, the owner of eat at joe's alex jordan joins us now. a lot of attention for the sign you put up mocking the governor was caught with a group of people eating, the french laundry had to apologize. what is the message?
2:22 am
>> the hypocrisy to go out and be out with his friends, having dinner out and restaurants like mine i walked down. jillian: 31,000 la county restaurants infected by coronavirus restrictions. only take out drive-through delivery, wineries and breweries continue retail operation, they need the money. >> indoor dining band for months. down to 11 and they need to earn a living. jillian: you are so closely involved in the restaurant
2:23 am
industry have you heard any statistics on the coronavirus being easily transferred while sitting outside the restaurant? >> i have not. corona is a terrible. i get all that. eating outside is any more harmful, in california, los angeles county, that was the issues. >> the restaurant is pretty popular in the 60s. what are they saying about the french laundry signed? >> support has been fantastic, overwhelming. i'm inundated with emails,
2:24 am
people coming up to me wanting to give us money, been extremely busy, it has been superstrong, my employees really appreciate it. >> if you could do this safely you were right to point out everybody wants to keep people safe during the pandemic, you touched upon it at the top but also the los angeles county supervisor eating outside at a restaurant hours after she voted to ban outdoor dining. seems like an endless stream of hypocrisy coming from elected officials. >> it is unbelievable. we are being supersafe. protocols in place in the last eight month and we are being really good. they only care about their votes.
2:25 am
jillian: we hope everybody stays safe and the your diner makes it through the pandemic, thanks for coming on and telling your story. jillian: all eyes and money on georgia. the rnc planning to send $20 million ahead of the january 5th senate runoff, the committee spending -- sending 500 staffers, thousands of volunteers to each state, the committee is spending big, they raise $75 million over the past month. senator kelly leffler will debate rafael wornoff sunday. i will be there too on monday morning. whistleblowers sound off on voter irregularities involving the post office and fox news exclusive. >> i will give it to the
2:26 am
democrats, people making decisions on our behalf, we have to roll government doing whatever they want to do. jillian: william barr found no evidence of widespread fraud, and the progressive backlash after president obama's movement to defund the police on wednesday morning.
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jillian: we are back with the fox news alert, the uk grant emergency approval for pfizer's coronavirus vaccine become the first western country to do so. vaccinations begin next week. carley: the hhs and police department brief senior officials on their vaccine, once approved the cdc recommends health care workers receive the
2:30 am
first dose along with those in long-term care facilities. doctor marty mc harry says it is time for the fda to approve vaccines in the united states and joins us live in the next hour. whistleblowers from the u.s. postal service coming forward with claims of ballot irregularities in key battleground states. >> some kind of inconsistencies more than they were supposed to. >> going to give it to the democrats, this person giving a vote to joe biden where he voter voted for joe biden and the green party, we don't pick the people making the decisions on our behalf we have a rogue government doing whatever they want to do. >> those claims coming the same day william barr said the doj found no evidence of fried that could change the outcome of the election. joining us to break it down, us attorney brett homan. good morning.
2:31 am
william barr made news yesterday telling the ap we have not seen fraud on a scale that affected a different outcome, a growing tendency to use the colonel justice system as a default fix all. they don't want the department of justice to investigate, the amount of fraud to change the election yet but given the whistleblowers that have come forward do you think his opinion will change? >> almost seemed somebody shooting from the cuff and making some comments without having done any due diligence on its own. i have spoken to folks on the ground in several states talking to witnesses, looking at what has been alleged. it is hard to believe the
2:32 am
attorney general came out, i am a fan of ag william barr and followed his career for many years but this statement really stunned me. if you watch any of the hearings you know there are people expressing firsthand account of issues and irregularities that are concerning and somebody needs to get to the bottom of it. jillian: william barr made a lot of news yesterday, he appointed a special counsel to keep investigating the origins of the russia probe under the joe biden administration. it is important to note he made the appointment october 19th two weeks prior to the election, notifying the proximity to the presidential election. what do you make of the timing and could an incoming ag do anything to reverse or change this appointment?
2:33 am
>> doesn't surprise me on the timing. the attorney general is someone who does want to make decisions hoping not to affect nationally unlike jim comey, the attorney general, october 19th made the decision. as to your second part, an incoming attorney general, recall when mueller was appointed, attorney general rosenstein to rescind the appointment of mueller, there will be pressure with a new attorney general coming in but a lot more difficult now that he has been designated special counsel because there will be political pressure to finish his investigation and they will say we let mueller into it so you have to let during him. jillian: i've got to get to
2:34 am
this. william barr is using special counsel law for purpose not intended to continue a politically motivated investigation long after that, a politically motivated fashion by appointing a special counsel. the iron is quite rich. >> you can't respond to it. >> appreciates it. the new york city bar declared an autonomous zone has been shut down, for defining restriction on indoor dining, he was arrested after refusing to cooperate. he and co-owner spoke with us about the flight earlier this week. >> we can't close again. >> wise everybody allowed to cram themselves into best buy, but my establishment seems to be
2:35 am
the only place to contact corona. >> it is unclear what charges s and he will face. former president obama says political candidates lose support when using snappy slogans like defund the police. speaking in an interview obama says those who promote this could jeopardize their goals while enacting meaningful police reforms. progressives like congresswoman ilhan omar tweeting we lose people in the hands of police. it is not a slogan but a policy demand, for equitable investment in communities across the country with progress and safety. >> nancy pelosi giving pot priority over pandemic relief. the legalization push that has republicans steaming. >> a positive covid-19 test no match for this couple, the socially distant wedding vow
2:36 am
going viral next.
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back. pursuing part. nancy pelosi coming under fire for focusing on marijuana legislation instead of a coronavirus relief bill. cheryl casone joins us with those who are calling her out. >> reporter: gop lawmakers criticizing nancy pelosi for prioritizing marijuana over covid-19 relief, she plans to introduce a bill on the floor that would legalize marijuana. in spite of being legal in several states kevin mccarthy tweet this week your house democrat majority is tackling tough issues by holding a vote on legalizing pot and banning tiger ownership, just 10 of us and cats.
2:40 am
representative steve scalise said she's walking a bill to deliver paycheck protection funds to workers and small businesses but she managed to find time for a vote on pot legislation this week. they are referring to the tiger king. that has to be what it is. jillian: cannabis and cats sounds like a wild weekend. restaurant owners taking back power calling back lawmakers for hypocrisy. >> the uproar continues over a supervisor that voted to ban outdoor dining, protest was gathered, their voice and anger, mitchell and restaurant owner spoke last hour. >> i am proud of my people in the restaurants we run. it is safety, she doesn't even -- he went out and wasn't
2:41 am
scared. >> reporter: it took affect before the ban went into effect. she did it before the ban. >> a big company moving to texas. >> reporter: deep into the heart of texas. hewlett-packard announcing it is leaving the golden state for the lone star state, building a brand-new campus in houston which is a win for grosvenor greg abbott who is actively recruiting corporations to come down, the state income tax, lower real state prices, more attractive, 50, fortune 500 companies are headquartered there so there could be more. better for the employees. >> don't you move to texas. we need you here. >> reporter: i just go visit.
2:42 am
>> see you later. time to check in with steve doocy for what is coming up on "fox and friends". >> coming up on the wednesday telecast, senator joe manchin one of the leading democratic voices warning his company against the progressive push to the left when it comes to coronavirus relief, the need for bipartisanship, as congress has a big to do list breaking for the holidays. the latest on that from senator tom con, representative michael waltz, congressman dan crenshaw of texas and education secretary betsy devos and the important of getting kids back into the schoolroom which is where they are quite safe. we are joined by kathy lee gifford. it will be a great show plus imagine getting golf lessons
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>> fox news alert, the uk approving pfizer's covid-19 vaccine and could begin vaccination as soon as next week. what does this mean for the us as we await the same approval? joining the his medical contributor from john hopkins school of public health doctor
2:47 am
marty nicole: harry. good to see you here. this is good news, this is welcome news. tell me what you think. >> there's a lot of good information, europe uses a rolling review process. as the data comes in a evaluate it in real time, the approval process. >> it is taking longer for the approval process here. >> he is and it is taking an embarrassingly long time. i think the fda is dragging their feet for no good reason, there's a life-saving vaccine and 1500 people dying a day right now. at this rate there will be 27,000 americans that will die while the fda has the application on their shelf. i served on the safety monitoring board's for study. you are not interviewing patients are looking under a microscope. what you are doing is looking at statistical output.
2:48 am
they have so many steps, doing it on their own time, they walled off any political appointee, even their own director, that is completely unacceptable it is a disgrace. i can offer my statisticians at johns hopkins on my research team to do their analysis, they can do it in one hour. scientists should convene immediately within 24 hours. they schedule a meeting for december 10th for december 17th, they have the pfizer application november 20 second. it is a disgrace and congress should have hearings immediately and call on the fda to change the processes come away too slow. >> the dainty reference december tenth, 3 weeks, after they filed for it, moderna is december 17th. let's look at this. a statement from the fda commissioner on the vaccine approval process.
2:49 am
a national emergency, we can make sure scientists, we make an appropriate decision. our job to make this right and make the correct decision regarding vaccine safety and efficiency. my question is what is going on behind-the-scenes in this approval process? normally the approval process involves thousands of pages of documents and data and things that might take months or longer. >> this is exactly how it works. doctor hahn is a good guy, no control over the biologic center. they completely walled off the appointees in the name of safety, the process can be done faster. what they are doing is take the ride data and an analyst redo the analysis, the output from the application every patient that had an adverse event, tally
2:50 am
that in a long list, to take a look at. the fda was designed to be slow. the military was designed to be fast. they having credit channels of communication. the fda was designed to be slow. jillian: your opinion of why you think they are doing this as quickly as they possibly could, we have 30 seconds. >> this is the culture. and they keep saying this is our process. it was dark over thanksgiving. that is the kind of stuff that is tolerable during a health emergency. jillian: we continue to follow it, we keep our hopes up the come those dates on the tenth and seventeenth we will have an approval. thank you for joining us.
2:51 am
newly leaked documents reveal beijing's grossly underreported covid-19 cases in the early days of the pandemic, national security expert rebecca heinrich on whether china will be ever held accountable next.
2:52 am
. .
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2:54 am
jillian: can president-elect joe biden hold china available for the coronavirus pandemic. jillian: newly leaked documents on the china's miss hanged ling
2:55 am
of the outbreak. senior fellow rebecca heinrich. good to see you, thanks for being here. >> good morning. thanks for having me. jillian: a report internal documents please keep confidential. shows 50 1-9s cases only half reported publicly. this is a big deal. this is something a lot of people have been talking band speculating for months and internal documents showing just that. >> this is a smoking gun that confirms what we all knew from march and april that china was lying about the number of cases that were in china. but, also, remember, china was disappearing doctors who were trying to sound the alarm bells. censoring information from medical academics. jailing other kinds of whistleblowers. disinfected and sanitized that wet market before inspectors could come in and take samples it.
2:56 am
wouldn't give the sequence of the virus early enough to international inspectors for them to look at it and understand it better. when there was a lead sign nist a lab in shanghai who tried to do that his lab was immediately shuttered. china showed a wanton disregard for human life and definitely responsible for the pandemic and the effects of the pandemic that we're still experiencing today. carley: wow, okay. so meantime the largest newspaper in china and the official paper of the chinese communist party posted a tweet saying all available evidence suggests that covid-19 did not start in central china's wuhan but may come into china through imported frozen food products and their packaging. which raises the question, does that deserve a miss information tag that republicans are seeing on their tweets? >> i don't think so anything that comes from the chinese communist party should be taken seriously. they lie. they have a very active
2:57 am
propaganda arm. news media should not report it as though it's fact because it comes out of china. you mentioned twitter. twitter continues to censor conservative information, information that could hurt democratic candidates and then it doesn't do anything about the propaganda coming out of china. china has been launching a horrible propaganda effort against our allies the australiaians because australia continues to push to get to the bottom of the origins of the coronavirus. so, you know, these big tech companies, we need to continue to ask questions about where their loyalties are. are they acting like american companies protecting free speech and not censoring free speech it doesn't like and allowing their plot form to be used for chinese communist propaganda. jillian: if i can follow up on here about 30 seconds before we move on. files reportedly show how the region failed to manage the coronavirus huge chunk of time when this information could have been out to the world and we
2:58 am
could have saved some lives by knowing. this why is this vital that we do get to the bottom of this? >> because we need to know, one, we need to know what it knew and how it knew so something like this doesn't happen again and we need to hold the chinese government accountable. there needs to be consequences for wanton disregard for human life. this is not how a serious country that wants to be a world leader, wants to be taken seriously behaves. it's not behaving like a responsible country and you can see more of this information on the time line hudson institute remember site where my colleagues have been tracking the time line of china's miss information. carley: there are now trump critics saying well maybe some of trump's foreign policy wasn't because. four years in they are admitting that some of his policy proposals and what he has done on the foreign policy front maybe should be kept in terms of the biden administration. really quickly, what sort of
2:59 am
things has president trump done that you would like to see joe biden continue to do? >> focus on china. china is the preeminent threat based in the united states and our way of life. i don't have any confidenced that the biden administration will do that joe biden continues to be somebody who wants accommodation as late as october. he was still saying russia posed a primary threat. russia is a threat to nato. because it doesn't have the economic engine or the kind of military power that china has and china's intent to harm the united states, it's not the kind of threat. china is a threat. the other thing i would say is the trump administration has been defending israel and pushing back on iran and that's something we need to do and don't be shy about killing the heads of terrorist organizations that's something that the trump administration has been very successful at, even as it has been drawing down troop levels in the middle east. jillian: rebekah heinrichs, thank you for your time we appreciate it. >> thank you. carley: this california couple
3:00 am
isn't allowing it to stop them from getting married. the i do after testing positive for covid-19 as the groom stood on the sidewalk below. they held a 30-foot ribbon instead of holding hands. quite the romeo and juliet. carley: congrats. have a good day. >> u.k. opposed firestone's vaccine. >> roll it out next week becoming the first country in the world to do so. >> new allegations involving whistleblowers involving thousands of ballots handled by the u.s. postal service. >> i couldn't go to the grave knowing what knew and cleaning that to myself. >> after months of silence, brad parscale tells his side of the story. >> have you talked to the president lately? >> i have not. it's pretty hurtful. >> what would you say to him? >> don't give up. the country needs you. >> bill barr appointed john durham to be special counsel, meaning that his work will continue well into the next administrati.


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