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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 2, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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isn't allowing it to stop them from getting married. the i do after testing positive for covid-19 as the groom stood on the sidewalk below. they held a 30-foot ribbon instead of holding hands. quite the romeo and juliet. carley: congrats. have a good day. >> u.k. opposed firestone's vaccine. >> roll it out next week becoming the first country in the world to do so. >> new allegations involving whistleblowers involving thousands of ballots handled by the u.s. postal service. >> i couldn't go to the grave knowing what knew and cleaning that to myself. >> after months of silence, brad parscale tells his side of the story. >> have you talked to the president lately? >> i have not. it's pretty hurtful. >> what would you say to him? >> don't give up. the country needs you. >> bill barr appointed john durham to be special counsel, meaning that his work will continue well into the next administration.
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>> i would say that closing schools due to coronavirus is probably the biggest public health blunders in modern american history. >> well the rockefeller christmas tree lighting is tonight in new york city. but there are plenty of precautions if you want to see it in person. ♪ snowflakes falling two lane. red bo wreaths on the window pane. steve: good morning, everybody. red, white, and bluetiful christmas tree on 48th and sixth avenue on this wednesday, december 2nd, 2020. tis the season to wear a coat. right now outside it is 37 degrees. ainsley: it is. we need a little christmas in our lives. don't we. this has been one heck of a year. brian: right, steve i wish you had called me 3:00 in the morning. did i not wear a coat because i was under the impression yesterday was today. yesterday my hair had additional
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body to it because of the humanity and todahumidity. and today i'm freezing. my girls are very mad at me because they have my hair and it has actual body and extra waves in humidity. i will say this if you are going by 38th and sixth. can you look at our tree for six minutes and you don't have to sign up online unlike rockefeller plaza five minutes. steve: there is no time limit on our tree. you would know this if your hair was good. ainsley: all about the hair. brian: griff jenkins is alive in washington as election whistleblowers drop explosive claims that workers tampered with ballots. griff, explain. griff: that's right, brian, ainsley and steve. more allegations and affidavits coming. whistleblowers represented by the am stead project of the thomas moore society who conducted their own investigation in key battle ground states.
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these whistleblowers coming forward claiming they witnessed election fraud first hand. watch. >> i had no ballots to take on election day. the day after the election, the postal service supervisor asked me if i had forgotten ballots the night before. and i didn't have anything, 100,000 ballots were supposedly missing in the state of wisconsin. >> i took 24 pallets from new york to lancaster. i saw that like the top tulsi gabbard corners addresses on them. griff: what legal actions they intend to take next as they call on the fbi investigate. attorney general bill barr made clear yesterday that the department of justice will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud. he shot down the president's claims thus far that the election was stolen. telling the associated press, quote, to date we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have
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affected a different outcome in the election. now, that drew a swift response from the president's legal team who said, quote: with a great respect to the attorney general, his opinion appears to be without any knowledge or investigation of the substantial irregularities and evidence of systemic fraud. meanwhile, guys, the fired dhs cyber security chief sticking to his guns writing in a op-ed "the washington post" yesterday that the 2020 election was the most secure in u.s. history. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, griff. thank you very much. it's very troubling when you watch those two whistleblowers who were appearing yesterday. the fellow the one we just saw the two shot the fellow on the left side of the screen a guy guy by the name of jesse morgan a united states postal service contractor. a big rig operator. he says that on october 21st, he transported the guy on the left, he transported a trailer full of with between 144,000 to
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288,000 completed mail-in ballots. he drove them between new york and pennsylvania and the trailer disappeared after he delivered it to a lancaster, pennsylvania depot. that's troubling. somebody needs to look into that. ainsley: he didn't even vote. he said i didn't even vote. i'm not partisan. i wasn't voting for president trump or president-elect biden. and then sean was asking him so you took these ballots from new york to pennsylvania. steve: right. ainsley: isn't that odd? why would you take ballots from one state to another state? it definitely needs to be investigated. brian: interesting too in the middle of this such a busy news day in the afternoon. william barr, the attorney general said there is no evidence by the way of widespread voter fraud where jenna ellis, one. president's attorneys, fighting to find -- to bring a lot of these states -- bring a lot of the these affidavits public with
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all due respect to the attorney general, he hasn't done any of the investigation. how we know? are brett tollman weighed in as a former federal prosecutor about where the trump push to get justice in the 2020 election stands. >> i have spoken to folks that are on the ground in several of these states that have been talking to witnesses. looking at what has been alleged. it's really hard to believe that the attorney general came out and, look, i'm a fan of a.g. barr and i have followed his career for many, many years. but this statement really stunned me. because if you have watched any of the hearings you know there are people out there that are expressing their first hand account of issues and irregularities that are concerning and that somebody needs to be digging into and get to the bottom of. brian: maybe the next step rudy giuliani heads to michigan. is he going to be testifying. pennsylvania republicans are asking the u.s. supreme court to hear the mail in voting challenge. and ted cruz is among the many who are urging the supreme court
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to take up the pennsylvania election challenge. hard to keep up with wisconsin, georgia, pennsylvania and wisconsin. steve: the key to what the attorney general said was, when he talked to the associated press, we have not seen the fraud on the scale that could have affected a different outcome of the election. and, brian, to your point about rudy and jenna they came out and said well, the doj hasn't done much of an investigation that we know of. but mr. barr additionally did tell the a.p. that the department of justice looked into systemic fraud and the claim that these machines somehow could skew the vote total. he said the doj looked into that and so far they have not seen anything to substantiate that. brian: if i could add something else that william barr did say two months ago. and said it to i think it was wolf blitzer on another channel who doesn't work here because i never see him in the lunchroom. he said i have a problem with mail in voting susceptible to
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voter fraud. let same concern in the fall that the president had in june. ainsley: last night martha had a great interview brad parscale. he was in charge of president trump's campaign for a while. steve: first time. ainsley: yeah. first time he has talked sings that seen scene outside of his house in florida. we will play several sound bites from her interview and the rest of the interview is going to be on her show this afternoon or later this evening. this is her sound bite. martha asked him you could talk to the president right now, what would you say? listen to this. >> i love donald trump. i mean is he like family to me. that whole family is my family. i want nothing more than him to win. i want nothing more than this country to pro-cigarettes the way it was. the president should have won by a lookout more. he shouldn't be fighting. i actually think he might be able to full off. i give 100 percent credit to him if he pulls it off. >> martha: have you talked to the president lately. >> i have not. it's hurtful. probably as much my fault as
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his. i love that family. and i gave every inch of my life to him. every inch. >> martha: what would you say to him? >> keep fighting. i love you. don't give up. the country needs you. ainsley: brad was such a hard worker on the campaign and really believed in the president. he said that he thinks if the president had been more empathetic on covid he would have won by a land slide. very emotional. he talked about that incident outside of his house with his wife. his wife said she called police and said he was trying to harm her. she later recan'ted that. and then was worried about him harming himself. but he said they lost two children while he was on the campaign trail. steve: i didn't know that. ainsley: i didn't know that either. so emotional. when you are fighting he said i was this guy. and i was attacked by the left and the right. the media. listen to what he said about his health, his family, thank the good lord he is doing okay.
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he said he and his wife have never been better. listen. >> my wife and i are in a much better place now. my family is in a great place. it's -- we went through very stressful time for five years. we had lost two children during the election we buried. we were completely attacked by the left, the right, the media. i got to a bad place. my wife was worried about me. and she helped. and she was there every day by my side. and i love her for it. and we have never been happier. >> martha: do you feel like you are healthy now. >> i feel like i'm healthy. getting better every day. as the stress and this is the last piece of it. you know, to have history remember as it was accurate. and i appreciates being able to tell the personal people that. brian: he has been unbelievably engaging to talk. to say he featured on sixth mibs
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his strategy brought the win in 2016. engaged with social media the way we have never seen before. in charge of the first campaign ever. i know among the people very impressed with his intellect and karl rove. the president had to take over. take the entire thing over in august when this whole thing fell apart. he wasn't communicating with the rest of the staff very effectively. i know he was talking to jared regularly. there was a sense that he was doing his own thing and there is a sense that they were raising a lot of money and by the time the president took over a lot of that money was gone. i'm not saying it's in his pocket or in his house or in his cars. but there is a lot of questions there. and i don't think the president wants to engage in any argument with him. i think there is a lookout of mutual respect. but part of the reason why the campaign the wheels came off at one point and they just stopped spending is because brad was in charge and i guess people weren't happy with the direction of the campaign and they just decided to have someone else
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take over. they also mentioned that jared wasn't making many decisions on the end. i found that can't be true. i think jared was making all the decisions. steve: it is interesting. there's more to the story. and martha is going to have part two tonight. at one point she mentioned you know, when you left the campaign he said i was removed. we'll don't know exactly who fired him. was it the president? who was it. but, ainsley, you mentioned perhaps the biggest policy difference he had with the president, he said the president would have won in a land slide over covid. but, the choice was either reopen the economy or be more empathetic. and the president decided to reopen the economy. >> he said suburban families, who trump needed, were terrified of the coronavirus. and had he been more empathetic
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he could have gotten those people who did not vote for him. ainsley: i think a lot of people agree with that when i watch that interview though, we know how hard it is to be in the public eye and your life is exposed and you are attacked. if you are a conservative in this country, it's so difficult. you are attacked. and i just felt so -- i felt my heart went out to him. he gave his life for this job. and those guys in that administration, they work their tails off, in any administration. it is 24-7. it has to affect your marriage. i'm sure he -- and in burying two children. he knows these states like the back of his hand. he is so good with social media. and with campaigning. so i am so glad that he was forth right and that he came out and he spoke and i wish he and his wife the best he said i tried my best for the american people and that's what we ask of anyone in the administration.
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brian: judging the president on strategy. ainsley: down and biden doing well they said we need to make a change in the campaign. brian: his problems with the trump team you can't even say, ainsley, i don't think you are saying that that his problems with the media, whatever was happening behind the scenes at trump tower, i mean we were not privy to. and maybe we will find out tonight. steve: i hope so. brian: meanwhile, joe biden continues to stiff arm the press. almost say nothing, take any questions and making impactful hires or nominations including laying out his economic team. took one question and wasn't even about where our economy is going, arguably the most pressing issue in america today. listen to this. >> mr. president-elect, how does your foot feel? how is your foot? >> good. >> what an embarrassment, is the media going to put up with this too much longer. you don't need many reporters if
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is he going to answer one question every four weeks. steve: he was in the basement now they are able to keep people about a block away. for that to be the only question. you know, how does your foot feel? he has a broken foot. we know that does not feel good. but he did say he felt it's fine. we know it's a broken foot. ainsley: we know the answer to that question. steve: exactly. better question is, the more pressing question aside from, brian, great points about the economy and your team and, you know, some of these names are a little controversial. would be, hey, mr. president-elect, why did you wait 24 hours before you told the media that you were hurt? brian: yep. steve: you are the president-elect of the united states. that's why there is a traveling pool. we are supposed to know if something goes haywire with you. joe concha on an hour ago. he gets up early. he had this observation about the press and the softball questions. >> just to ask about the foot and not ask, mr. president-elect, why, when you injured your foot on
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saturday, did the press not know about it and the country not know about it until sunday? but we're not going to hear a lot about, you know, his position on trade. his stance on education. foreign policy. law enforcement, gun policy? i could go on and on in terms of the question that mr. biden has not answered or even been asked because we have a press that for the last 20 months has shown very little interest in scrutinizing joe biden in terms of his world view perspective in policy, guys. instead, we're get how is your foot? >> joe concha, sorry, steve, did you have anything else to say? steve: no. ainsley: this is like watching tee ball except there is a beach ball on the tee. that's how soft this is. the hypocrisy. hypocrisy 101. if this were donald trump, you saw the media attack him over the last four years. never got any softball easy questions. it was attack, attack, attack. and so, just the hypocrisy.
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steve: you know what? maybe the press has been reflective and you know what? ainsley: yeah. brian: ha ha exactly. steve: we were overboard with president trump and we have got to be more professional we will with the new guy. ainsley: went after him for four years and we got our way. they are body bags. people are dropping off body bags at republican senators houses in washington. lindsey graham, mcconnell, susan collins and there is a tag on each these body bags that says trump covid death. brian: do we have any footage of the press being reflective like staring at the ocean or a pond? is this just a sense you have. steve: more of a voice in the head with the conversation we are having. brian: maybe it's yoga. steve: anyway. as you can see we have a busy wednesday. ainsley: we do. jillian has headlines. jillian: overnight the u.k. granting emergency approval for pfizer coronavirus vaccine becoming the first country to do. so the first doses will be
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administered next week. approval is pending here in the u.s. today the hhs and defense department is expected to brief senior officials on vaccine distribution plan. the cdc recommends healthcare workers receive the first doses along with those in long-term care facilities. audio taping reveal cnn president jeff zucker urging staffers to, not, quote, normalize president trump's behavior during the election. we cannot normalize what has happened here in the last week trump with a president knows he is losing and not in trouble. is he acting erratically and desperately. we need to not normalize that. >> zucker also said the network was being too polite and needed to go after senator lindsey graham. the founder of project veritas releasing the calls saying he secretly recorded cnn's editorial meetings for months. conservative activist wanting to show its political biases. the network is threatening legal
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>> steve: the rnc ramping up efforts ahead of the early january georgia senate race. the rnc tells fox news they have committed to spending at least 20 million bucks in the peach state in support of senators kelly loeffler and david perdue. here now republican senior communications adviser for black media affairs paris den nampleted paris, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. steve: a lot of people thought after the elections, the election is over. you have twin run off going first week in january. the rnc, it's all hands on deck right now, isn't it? >> yes. it's all hands on deck. we never left georgia. we immediately sent about 100 staffers down there the night election. and we are continuing our effort about 500 staffers are there. over thousands of volunteers. even our own chairwoman ronna mcdaniel was down there last
3:25 am
week going and knocking on doors. this is an effort that we believe we can win again. and it's an effort we think is so critically important to the future of not only the country but for the agenda. we have to stop this radical left agenda from being enacted in the congress. steve: right. when you say win again, you are talking about the fact that in georgia they have got the rule where have you got over 50% and just barely missed it. >> that's correct. senator perdue, in another state would have been declared the winner and be a sitting senator right now and enacted and kelly loeffler if you look at her boat and combine doug collins vote put those two together, they win in terms of overpowering the democrat warlock. we are confident that if we can turn out our base of supporters and we know that president trump and the republican party expanded that base. steve: right. >> it does include independents and democrats who have these conservative values, we can win this election again. steve: okay.
3:26 am
so, paris, the president of the united states is going to be coming down this saturday to rally his base to get people to vote for the republicans again. but, you know, he has been very clear he feels like the election was stolen from him. that it was rigged. that there -- you know, these machines that go haywire all across the country. things like that. what about the average person in georgia and here the president saying it's rigged. i won but i lost. are they going to go if it's rigged, why should i vote again? >> well, what the president is highlighting is the fact that we have to have election integrity. and we have to have transparency. and we need to count every legal vote. our plea to every georgia voter who is a legal voter. come out and vote. the best tool, the most powerful tool you have is your vote. come out and vote and vote in big numbers so we can overtake this radical democrat rule that is trying to be established in
3:27 am
washington, d.c. through the georgia senate races. steve: final he request, that really have your core argument for the republicans is if two democrats are elected to the senate, out of state of georgia. the fire wall is gone. >> absolutely. chuck schumer has already declared if they win georgia they will take over and change the congress. that's a frightening statement when you look at what they want to do defund the police. they want to get rid of healthcare and the way we know it. and other things like the green new deal. it's going to be a radical agenda that we have to stop. we have to hold the line and have this fire wall that's up there so that we can have georgia values, america values, america first values in the united states senate. steve: all right. paris a real pleasure, even though it's 6:27 in the morning you already have a roaring fire on your tv behind you. >> got to keep it warm. bring the heat to georgia. steve: mee my tv does that too. i love that paris denard republican senior adviser for
3:28 am
black media affairs. sir, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: you bet. meanwhile, as the cdc lays out plans are to the coronavirus vaccine. local leaders are mapping out proposals and now one state is forced to adjust theirs after initially prioritizing inmates over the elderly. what? dr. nicole saphier here with her take on that coming up next. before voltaren arthritis pain gel,
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3:33 am
facilities should get the vaccines first. these are just recommendations, right? isn't it up to just each state. >> no prizes came out of yesterday. it's funny that was a little bit sensationalized we knew healthcare workers and long-term care facilities residents and their staff at this point it goes to cdc director redfield and dr. redfield will say whether he agree agrees with thr not. >> ultimately it doesn't matter it's recommendations it's up to the individual states to decide where they distribute the vaccines. ainsley: in colorado they are rolling out their plan. this was the initial plan it could change. phase one healthcare workers will get it first. phase 2 first responders, public health personnel. correctional workers, phase 3 would be long-term care facility residents. the next phase would be congregate housing residents, shelters, college students living in dorms. adults living in group homes and incarcerated and adults 65 plus. adults with co-morbidities and
3:34 am
the last phase would be the general public. the governor there has said well the aclu is having a problem with the fact that correctional or people in prison are not getting this in the first round. and the aclu saying it's unfortunate many of them are innocent, they can't afford to pay bond. they are saying that more people are dying behind bars because they can't distance themself. the colorado governor says no way colorado jails and prison also receive the covid vaccine before the people who have not committed any crime. what do you think about that? >> also, the colorado governor had to do an about face last night because his original plan -- most of the states putting forth their vaccine distribution plans over the last couple of months. they are really preparing for this. colorado's plan they did have incarcerated inmates getting the vaccine before it was offered to the general public that raised a bit of an uproar last night then you heard the governor say no, no, no, no. we will not give it continue to
3:35 am
mates before the general public because there was such backlash. need to break this down. while this can be a controversial topic, ultimately from a public health perspective our goal is to lessen the spread of the virus and make sure that our hospital systems stay open. prison systems, similar to nursing homes have tightly congregated individuals who are unable to socially distance. it really have an amplifier for infectious disease. if you look at the prison systems regarding covid we have massive outbreaks of the virus throughout the prisons in the country. texas being the worse hit. the prisoners and the guards there have 490% increased risk of transmission compared to the general population. california is bad. colorado is bad. new jersey is bad. and what happens to these prisoners when they get covid? well, 10% of the prisoners are over 50 years of age and about 40% of them actually have chronic medical conditions. so a lot of them end up requiring medical care and their medical care spills over into the local hospitals. that makes it so there are less
3:36 am
hospital beds for then the general population. so it would behoove us to make sure we contain the virus in the prison system so it's not just limit to the prison it actually effects us all as a community. that he was something each state is going to have to deal with when it comes to distribution plan. ainsley: thank you, dr. sapphire. thanks for weighing. >> in thanks, ainsley. ainsley: the house voting legalize pot and ban tiger ownership. where is the much needed coronavirus relief? congressmanning michael waltz says this is nancy pelosi swamp politics and he's going to join us live next ♪ i want to rock and roll all night ♪ and party every day
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the fox news app. we have it on our phones. trump says he will veto bill unless section 230 is terminated. get the news on your phone all day or night just open your camera and see right under brian there is that qr code. you open up your camera, you just shine it right over that little gizmo box right there. and it will take you to download the app. instantly. brian: also get you the menu of what we were serving at lunch. steve: that's if we were a restaurant. ainsley: what's with lunch. brian was talking earlier about the lunchroom here. [laughter] brian: it's true. i will talk about that a little bit later. steve: there is no in room dining here. ainsley: there is no lunchroom. it's not spring valley high school. brian: colonel mileage waltz congressman search talking about and getting bipartisan push some type of relief bill to get money out to the people who have been
3:42 am
shut down by crazy politicians who think it's a good idea to destroy businesses while hiding from the coronavirus. you say there is money left that nancy pelosi is refusing to spend how much money and how can she do that? >> >> brian, right now as we speak, as we are sitting here there is $138 billion left unspent from the cares act from the paycheck protection program sitting down the street in the treasury ready to go. ready to go tout small businesses that are struggling never compact unless they can get another loan and speaker pelosi will not authorize those businesses to take another bite at that apple. again, already spent money, already appropriated, ready to go right now yet standing on all or nothing my way or the highway $4 trillion of progressive wish list or nothing. she could bring that to the floor today to have that vote and get it signed and get it
3:43 am
tout small businesses who are struggling so badly. steve: she absolutely could. you know what she is doing. instead they will talk today about legalizing at the federal level pot and also about big cat ownership kevin mccarthy said nothing for small businesses nothing for reopening schools. nothing on battling the pandemic, just cannabis and cats, congressman. >> that's it. that's what your congress is voting on. remember, the manufactured postal crisis that she was able to bring everybody back on a saturday. yet we haven't voted on a defense bill. we haven't volted on coronavirus relief. another round of stimulus. paycheck protection to authorize business. opening schools helping with additional ppe none of that can get voted on but this stuff can. ainsley: down in florida. all of you are friends that live down there that have school aged kids are just praising the governor. he says i am not going to shut down schools. listen to this.
3:44 am
>> closing schools due to coronavirus is probably the biggest public health blunders in modern american history market remarkably clear since spring closing schools offers nothing in terms of virus mitigation but imposes huge costs on our kids, on our parents, and on our society. ainsley: lower taxes, happy people, sunshine and schools are staying in session. what's your response? steve: sounds like you are working for the chamber of commerce, ainsley. ainsley: i understand why so many people are moving down there. >> businesses are open. governor desantis deserves a ton of credit. a lot of the criticism at the time. he mandate you had particularly to our blue inner cities that you are gonna keep your schools open, period. and it was absolutely the right call. seeing in areas for example northern virginia that is locked
3:45 am
down at schools and 100 percent virtual you have 80% increase in failing grades. kids are already falling behind. now they are even falling further behind. the approach he took was families make that choice. you can either come in person. can you do a hybrid option, or you can do virtual. which was absolutely the right thing to do. and i give him, again, a lot of credit for taking the heat and doing the right thing. that's why he has street credit so to speak when he says we do need money for unemployment insurance places like disney laid off tens of thousands of people mainly because of what happened in california the governor refuses to open disney even though they showed him how in orlando. >> what makes me so mad about school lockdowns it effects blue collar workers the most. if you are a journalist or epidemiologist can you stay home with your kid. if you are a waitress or truck driver you can't. those are the people the democrats pretend to wants to protect the most.
3:46 am
it's about class and about the blue collar working families that what do they do when they have an 8-year-old in front of a computer all day long? they can't go to work? that is who is getting hurt the most. we have got to get our schools back open across the country. steve: all right, colonel. thank you very much for reporting for duty early on this wednesday morning. thank you, sir. >> i salute all of you, thank you very much. steve: we salute your service. thank you very much. janice, it's cold. janice: it is cold. as far as south as florida where we have freeze warnings in effect below freezing over the south. that's pretty incredible. so temperatures in some cases in to the 30's, 29, over parts of the mississippi river valley as well. all along the gulf coast. so, the bottom line is it feels like christmas across portions of the south. here's the radar. we did have a winter storm that is still bringing you a little bit of snow across the great lakes. the interior northeast that's going to weaken as it moves offshore.
3:47 am
next system developing across the plains. that's going to bring the potential for some heavy snow over parts of kansas and oklahoma and the panhandle of texas. so we'll continue to monitor that as well. just want to make note that fire danger across southern california high again today. we have those offshore winds, gusty conditions and dry conditions as well. so wildfire danger is extreme today over southern california. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. >> thank you, janice. good to see you. we'll talk to you later in the show. all right, seattle i has marked the host homicides in over a decade despite the fight the city plans to slash the police budget is. this going to make it worse? brian: ha ha. ainsley: i think i know the answer. brian: i think i do, too.
3:48 am
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3:51 am
jillian: good morning, back with quick headlines now. deputies in florida stop a home invasion involving three armed men. >> show me your hands. show me your hands. get down on the ground now. >> watch your back. >> the homeowner's 19-year-old daughter called 911 saying she and her 7-year-old sister were hiding and that their parents were tied up in the garage. after capturing the suspects, deputies found the little girl under a chair in her bedroom. >> we wanted to give you a
3:52 am
present for being a really strong girl tonight. we got a purple my little pony for you. jillian: deputies giving the little girl a toy. praising her bravery. authorities believe the home was targeted and an investigation is underway. scary. attorney general bill barr appoints u.s. attorney john durham as special counsel to continue investigating the origins of the russia probe under the next administration. barr made the appointment two weeks before election day. the probe was expected to wrap up this past summer. but the pandemic delayed the findings. however, durham is said to be moving full speed ahead. brian? brian: thanks, jillian. get. this seattle mayor jenny durkan is planning to sign a city budget next year that cuts police funding by 18%. this comes as the city marks 15 homicides this year. the highest number in over a decade. how about that surprising combination. and local businesses are still plagued by vandalism the few that are open. what impacted will this budget cut have on the city and law enforcement? let's pretend to be curious and
3:53 am
go to jason rantz. jason, this is like seeing a raging fire and pouring gasoline on it. how could they possibly rationalize cutting the police budget? >> they rationalize it because in seattle the counsel and mayor's office driven by. so radical activists in the community. right now they have the ear of the black lives matter movement and various antifa organizations or antifa activists who have been rioting or excuse me peacefully protesting for the last several months. so they have been putting on the pressure. they have been leaning on this counsel. they got the council to agree to 50% glass half full they didn't get to the full 50. they are committed to 50% long term they cut 18 right now. brian: jason, i'm not sure i have to tell you that they wanted 50% cut. and they plan on cutting funding for police training. the exact opposite from george floyd they wanted to modernize police training.
3:54 am
maybe extend it. got rid of overtime and eliminated dozen of positions of people who just walked off the job. in the last week or so we hear from jim clyburn, democrat, defunding the police is one of the stupidest things they could have possibly have said. barack obama yesterday defunding the police, terrible idea. i paraphrase both. but the sentiment is clear. how can they continue to rationalize this? >> when you look nationally versus the politically northwest politically speaking. very, very different beast. we are not traditionally democrats here. flight this council and this mayor pretty progressive. and socialist. we have open socialist on the seattle city council. they are not necessarily thinking about it from a democratic perspective. nor do they care about the republican perspective. they care only about play indicating the activist community because the.
3:55 am
debating how much mover more 18%. then they got to 18%. as they were debating it, two people were stabbed in seattle just near blocks away from city hall. one person was stabbed to death. another personal was stabbed at random just walking in downtown seattle. that person, thankfully, is going to be okay it. really does shine a spot line on what happens on when you defund the police. this shouldn't be shocking to anybody. we have the lowest number of deployable staff of spd since 1990. and at the exact same time we are seeing record homicides, record arson. record burglaries. again, any child could figure out exactly what's going to happen next year once we see more of these cuts. brian: here somewhat mayor said jennjennyjenny durkan laying gr. a plan seeks to ensure the seattle police department has enough officer to meet 911 response and investigate needs
3:56 am
throughout the city while acknowledging the need for disporportionate communities on color particularly black communities. good luck as those two people bleed out and homicides continue to rise. we don't know if they are democrats or republicans but i always thought safety didn't have any party or wasn't partisanship. jason, thanks so much. >> thank you so much, brian. brian: get out while you can. meanwhile, straight ahead. big show still ahead. senator tom cotton will be here live joining us at the top of the hour. plus, senator joe manchin what about this bipartisan push for aid for you and everybody else around the country have any congressman dan crenshaw on this challenge of covid-19 financing. secretary betsy devos about the need to get kids back to school and nancy grace all in the next two hours ♪ ♪ ♪ when it comes to autism,
3:57 am
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4:00 am
brian: election whistleblowers drop explosive claims workers tampered with ballots. >> i know i saw ballots with a return addresses filled out loaded on to my trailer on to new york and headed for pennsylvania. >> overnight the u.k. grawngting emergency approval for pfizer coronavirus vaccine. >> prepare to roll it out next week to become the first country in the world to do so. >> what role do you think the president could pray georgia. >> stand up to the people of georgia go vote for these senators and ask them to start immediately investigating what's happening in this country. >> >> a shot across the verbal
4:01 am
bough of the tax hike. end the special carveout known as section 230. >> kathie lee gifford is opening up about her life in a new memoir. gifford reveals personally personal moments regis philbin and her nate god. ♪ never want to stop. ainsley: i'm so excited y'all, christmas is here. have you all done any christmas shopping? i was on yesterday and the day before taking advantage. all-american christmas tree out there on fox square. like brian said earlier you can get close to it you can't in rockefeller center. can you come here and see ours it's red, white, and blue. brian: attention mayor de blasio while you are taking one of your brisk walks instead of running the city. nobody goes to see the tree to see the tree. it's an event did you go and glance at it. you don't sit there and stare at it like it's going to change. it's a big tree.
4:02 am
it's an event. you don't need to section us off and put us in pods. no one is in the city anyway to gather around and spread the virus nobody is here. go together and book a party of five. if you did something foolish 4 four kids and stayed with your wife you are in trouble. steve: they no longer just flip the switch. people singing, big entertainers. people want to see it it. brian: it only happens once. they put them on. they don't perform every day. steve: here's the big news. they are just lighting the tree tonight. we have been -- ours has been lit for two weeks. brian: and can you stare at it. ainsley: hang in there getting christmas. vaccine around the corner. steve: different kind of christmas we have got to be careful. brian: by the way you can't ask for a vaccine for christmas you they are going to decide when you are going to get it. ainsley: unless you are a healthcare worker. steve: or an inmate.
4:03 am
had they gone through in colorado how many people would get arrested so they could go into jail. brian: go outside and get a jumpsuit and find yourself and go to jail and you will be cured. steve: you have a very simple view. ainsley: brian is talking about in colorado they discussed inmates. the aclu wants inmates to get the vaccine first. more people are dying in prison they say comparative live speaking percentage wise. the governor there said heck no, that's not happening. you don't get it if you committed a crime until the fourth phase. steve: meanwhile, we have other news. griff jenkins joins us from d.c. griff, some whistleblower claims postal workers tampered with ballots. that could be troubling. griff: that's right. steve, ainsley and brian, good morning to you. more serious allegations backed up by affidavits from whistleblowers who are represented by the project investigation while these whistleblowers coming forward
4:04 am
now telling hannity they witnessed the election fraud first hand. watch. >> 100,000 ballots were supposedly missing in the state of wisconsin. >> i don't know exact number of ballots. but i can tell i took 24 pallets from bethpage, new york to lancaster. >> this is about our republic being protect you had. if we don't have confidence in our election, we don't have a nation. griff: unclear what next legal stepping that group may intend to take if they call on the fbi to investigate it. now, attorney general bill barr made it clear yesterday that the department of justice will continue to receive and vigorously pursue all specific and credible allegations of fraud. but he put a serious pin in the president's claim so far that the election was stolen telling the a.p., quote, to date we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election that drew a swift responds from the president's legal team who said with the greatest respect to the attorney general, his opinion appears to be without any
4:05 am
knowledge or investigation of the substantial irregularities in evidence of systemic fraud. on capitol hill, senate minority leader chuck schumer weighed. in. >> in response to attorney general bill barr, i guess he is the next one to be fired since he now, too says there is no fraud. trump seems to fire anyone in that regard. >> meanwhile, remember the fired dhs cyber security chief chris krebs? well, is he sticking to his guns writing an op-ed in the "the washington post" saying the 2020 election was the most secure in u.s. history. steve, ainsley, brian? ainsley: good deal. thank you so much, griff. let's bring in arkansas g.o.p. senator tom cotton a member of the senate intel committee. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning, merry christmas. ainsley: merry christmas to you too. we have been talking about some of your comments over the last few days, joe biden rolled out his advisers that are going to be with him next to his side in the white house. you said it's not about unity. tell us about this team, what you know about them.
4:06 am
>> well, it's about higher taxes and more regulation. and an economy that's going to be stuck in neutral. joe biden is nominating or appointed several of the people who helped him and barack obama starting in 2009 preside over an economy that remains stuck in neutral that didn't create the kind of jobs and higher wages that working class americans have seen under the trump administration for this pandemic knocked the economy on its back. that's one reason why it's so disappointing to see him continue to roll out these far left nominees that belie the points he has made sings the election that he wants to govern in a sense of unity or from the middle. what he's going to do is govern from the far left and that's going to be bad for working americans. brian: senator a couple people there that stand out. neera tanden talked about how she had food stamps growing up. her family hit hard times. talked about the need for social programs. you know where she stands. also, you find out, too, that she is very busy deleting a lot of the her negative comments.
4:07 am
some of which were at joe biden in particular. and many of them at republicans. she did a lot of tweeting. and when you look at janet yellen, even though wall street likes her. she is very critical of the president's tax cuts, right? >> well, the problem with neera tanden is not so much her tweets. it's her radical liberal ideas. neera tanden has no chance of being confirmed. brian: really? >> she wants congress to hold up coronavirus relief for the american people so we can give checks to illegal immigrants. there is no chance neera tanden go back to the drawing world. economy, didn't create the kind of jobs and wages that working class americans need. it's just another example of you who the joe biden is going back to the obama-biden era going to have more taxes and more regulations. not have a government that works with and stands beside the american people. but rather one that tries to
4:08 am
ride the back of the american people with one size fits all policies coming from washington. >> in washington the senate will ultimately have a say whether or not those particular choices of the president-elect are confirmed and you're a member of the senate as well. i wanted to ask you a little bit about the fact that there are these twin run-off elections. first week in january essentially the balance of power for the u.s. astronaut hanging in the balance. brad parscale, who had been the president's campaign manager until he was removed from his job a couple months ago, observed this last night with martha mccallum on what the role the president should play in the state of georgia where he will appear on saturday. listen to this, senator. >> what role do you think the president should play in georgia? >> he is a leader of the party. and he is stood up in my opinion to the people of georgia and say go vote for these senators and ask them to start immediately
4:09 am
investigating what's happening in this country. because as everyone wants to blame the president, i think it's the opposite. i think the president is exposing the problem. and that problem is this is a country that just doesn't play fair rules. and i think he just exposes it everywhere. i didn't know how much until i joined. this how much all those things are out. but like it's just -- sometimes it's a dirty world. steve: senator, what do you think about his observation? >> the president is going to be in georgia this saturday to campaign for david perdue and kelly loeffler. all hands on deck situation on down. vice president pence is going to go on friday. i have been there multiple times. many other prominent republicans have been campaigning for david perdue and kelly loeffler because control of the senate does hang in the balance. that means everything that you hold dear, whether it's holding lower taxes and holding on to more of your money, your guns, not having tax dollars go to support abortion. not having washington, d.c. turned into a state with two
4:10 am
democratic senators in perpetuity. packing the supreme court it. all hangs in the balance that's why we have to defeat trust fund jon ossoff and raphael warnock, two total radicals so we don't empower chuck schumer to run the united states senate. the president will be there. many other republicans are going. it is an all hands on deck situation. we need every georgian to turn out in the coming weeks to vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler. steve: the president will be showing up on saturday. sunday right here on the fox news channel at 6:45 eastern. special coverage of the georgia run off debated between senator kelly loeffler and raphael warnock, you see it hyatt here on the fox news channel and martha is going to be hosting that ainsley? ainsley: we are all so excited about that. wants to watch it. two important elections at the first week of january. so we'll be following that so watch on sunday. let's talk but the defense bill because the president was tweeting out is he going to veto it unless section 230 is repealed. he tweeted out he said section
4:11 am
230 which is a liability shielding gifts from the u.s. to big tech, the only companies in america that have it, corporate welfare. is a serious threat to our national security and election integrity. our country is never be safe and secure if we allow it to stand. therefore, it's very dangerous and unfair section 230 is not completely terminated as part of the national definition authorization act i will be forced to unequivocally veto the bill when sent to the very beautiful resolute desk. take back america now. thank you. ainsley: why is it that social media is so protected from liability? >> well, they shouldn't be, ainsley. section 230 dates back to the very dawn of the internet in the 1990s when these companies comps have were very small very fragile startups and we start wanted to establish america as the world leader in the internet. some of these companies are the biggest and most powerful corporations in the history of the world. they don't just control, for instance, the flow of oil the way standard oil once did. they control the flow of
4:12 am
information. look what's happening in those georgia races. some of these companies are still prohibiting election ads on their platforms now that more than a month after the last election. that's in part because they don't want republicans reaching people across the state of georgia. that's why we need to get rid of section 230. these companies can't say on the one hand they are a neutral platform and therefore they should be immune from liability but on the other hand say they get to change or edit or curate or censor content from conservatives across america. we can't allow that and we shouldn't allow it. brian: right now the problems are in action 1.5 million voter contacts a week. spend up to 20 million. you have been down there. the president is going. the vice president is going again. 500 plus paid staffers. thousands of volunteers. you have got to gets to the bottom of what reverend warnock is doing. evidently getting ballots from people, soliciting you ballots from people in new york to vote in georgia doesn't usually work. real quick, when it comes to the president of the united states going down there, what kind of
4:13 am
impact will he make? what should his message be? >> i think the president will have a very positive impact in georgia. just look across the country. 10 million more votes than did he in 2016. remarkable turnout. and that helped republicans win the senate seats that we did and helped us gain house seats against all the expectations of the democrats in the media. we had a huge election in the senate and the house and state legislative temperatures not in spite president but because of the president. is he going to go down to georgia and is he going to rally those supporters and urge then to get out to vote for good friends and allies david perdue and david loeffler one more time on january 5th. that's what is so essential if you wants to preserve everything that we hold dear about this country. not empower the democrats and let chuck schumer be in charge of the senate. that's right. it's a huge military state. you look at people like raphael warnock and jon ossoff they want to cut the military. raffaele war new york said you can't serve god and serve in the
4:14 am
military statement. that's how radical these democrats are. steve: debate will be on sunday night and we'll see the president live on the channel on saturday. senator, thank you very much for joining us on this very busy wednesday. ainsley: thank you. >> thank you all. steve: 7:13 in new york city and jillian joins us with headlines. jillian: we begin with this story we are following. a west virginia police officer is fighting for her life after being shot in the line of duty. charleston police officer cathy johnson was responding to a parking complaint when the suspect opened fire shooting her in the face. >> officer johnson was struck in what would normally be a fatal wound. she is a fighter. and i thank god every moment that she is still with us. jillian: wow. the suspect was also shot and arrested. officer johnson joined the department just last year. 40 police officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty this year. the justice department is investigating a bribery for
4:15 am
pardon scheme within the white house. the doj is looking into two people accused of improperly acting as lobbyists to secure a presidential pardon. it's unclear hot pardon would be granted for or where the money would have been sent since the names are redacted. the documents gave no indication that president trump was aware of the alleged plot. the president tweeting, quote: pardon investigation is fake news. former president obama says political candidates lose support when they use snappy slogans like defund the police. listen to this. >> i guess you can use a snappy slogan like defund the police, but you know you have lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you are actually going to get the changes you want done. jillian: but progressives like congresswoman ilhan omar disagree tweeting, quote: we lose people in the hands of police. it's not a slogan but a policy demand. and centering the demand for equitable investments and budgets for communities across the country gets us progress and safety.
4:16 am
and now to this. this california couple is not letting the pandemic stop them from getting married. the bride saying i do from her second story bedroom window after testing motive for covid-19. as the groom as you see stood on the sidewalk below. they held a 30-foot ribbon instead of holding hands. of the couple tying the not romeo and juliet style three times. steve: it's so 2020. ainsley: thanks so much, jillian. coming up a jung social media influencer turns up dead in texas. walls it murder? nancy grace is on the case next. ♪ more exercise. more water. and more fiber is the only way to manage it. is it? maybe you think... it's occasional constipation.
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4:21 am
ainsley: young sin that gram influencer found dead. elizabeth sharky was found on saturday one day after she was last seen leaving her house. her mother says she believes her daughter was killed it's so painful. someone so bright and someone having so much to offer to be snuffed out. i don't know why. ainsley: here now is fox nation host nancy grace. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. thanks for having me. she absolutely because killed. i can tell that you much right off the top. she is found completely nude on the side of the road. according to police. there wasn't much effort to even conceal the body, which tells me a lot. her body must have been askew. city worker found her because her feet were sticking out from some bushes. that tells me a lot. that her body was just dumped on
4:22 am
the side of the road. how do i know if it wasn't even dumped from a moving car? but, we also learned from police that sources say she had not been walking along that highway, along that road. so there is no reason for her to be there much less nude. so clearly this is no accident. this is not a suicide or natural causes. the mom is right. this is a mom side. ainsley: gosh, it's so sad because these influencers are getting so popular on social media for folks at home that aren't sure what that is it's when a company pays them to model their products and then they put their website on there and they hope to sell the products. she had thousands. more than had 45,000 followers. >> i have a much shorter definition for you kardashian. they hold up a soft drink it sells out in the hour. that's an influencer. ainsley: i know. >> this woman is so young and so beautiful. ainsley: 26. >> i have a problem with the timeline. here is what i have gleaned. she had a thanksgiving breakfast with her 49-year-old husband.
4:23 am
they were just married last december 2019. she is 26. he said he shared a thanksgiving meal with her that morning i'm a thanksgiving lunch person. interesting. next day that friends showed up. went to her place, nobody answered the door. so we have got a big period of time no one can account for her. and then she was found on saturday morning around 8:00 a.m. ainsley: hey, nancy, what about this pregnant mom that's missing in missouri? >> very glad you asked about that. her name is amethyst love killian. and the influencer is gorge just. though this young mom of two had a 6-year-old girl and 11-month-old little boy. mommy is not coming home and she was 5 months pregnant.
4:24 am
this woman was scheduled to have a green bean casserole bakeoff with her mom. that struck a cord because my husband and i had a turkey cookoff over thanksgiving. everything was going fine. but she didn't show up for the green bean cook off. all right. she was just walking to the qt, quick trip in their neighborhood. she was never seen again. items of hers were found strewn in a local park. she was found nearby dead, like the influencer near the side of the road. now, a we don't have a cod on the influencer alexa sharky we do according to the family believe that amethyst was stabbed dead. let me remind everybody in missouri there is the dp death penalty needle old style the gas chamber. here have you two dead bodies, a viable baby and this young mom of two. ainsley: that's right. they can get charged with two counts. all right, nancy, thank you so
4:25 am
much. your report something always so interesting and i love your personality. you can watch more. >> i will see you on fox nation. ainsley: yes, ma'am. i was just about to promote that for you. there you go, crime stories with nancy grace go on to fox and download that and watch many more of these investigative reports by nancy grace. thanks, nancy. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. 4-year-old boy with autism gets a virtual golf lesson from a pga pro. sweet story. watch. >> and goes. >> great shot. best one yet. ainsley: that boy joseph maguire joins us with inspiring story coming up next. ♪ i will fight till forever. ♪
4:26 am
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brian brian all right. here we go. imagine getting golf lessons from pga super star jordanians spieth. joseph maguire got just that masters open. jordan spieth, listen to this. watch him give a lesson to joseph maguire. >> i like your swing. it's really on plain. what's your favorite club to hit. >> probably the seven iron. >> that's my favorite to hit, too. >> what do you think i should do with the driver? what swing? >> if anything, i would try shorten it up a little bit. and goes. >> great shot. best one yet. brian: nice. just one of the kindest connections that autism speaks has arranged as part of the year of kindness. joining us nor to tell us more about magical moment joseph is his dad james maguire.
4:31 am
welcome, guys. thank you so much for joining us. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. brian: james, first off, gulf gave you and your son something special. a chance to bond together. could you describe the experience? >> it was, at first it was one of those nervous things because you are just worried about other golfers and then you forget that and just realize you are with your son and you are enjoying the day. beautiful day, what could be better than golf on long island. next thick you know we are just having fun, the two of us. it was an incredible bond. just love this kid so much that you just sit there and enjoy every moment. brian: joseph, do you like golf just as you much because, i will tell you, i want to like golf but i'm so terrible at it, golf has asked me to stop playing. [laughter] brian: ddid you like it right away. >> not right away. but i tenktsly started to get into it with my suburb.
4:32 am
brian: james, you posted how this has brought you two even closer. >> yes. brian: what did you do? >> what did i do? god, i don't even know. it's just. brian: you posted the story online how you bonded with your son and in an effort to do, what, you nominated your son for what? >> i didn't know i was nominating him for anything. i just wanted to you share a story. i just -- it was just one of those times i was just so proud. it was one of the one day that was so quick i wish i could put on repeat every day the smiles the. [laughter] we h we both didn't really play very well. and we just had the best time. the only time can you sit there and realize that you are not doing very well and still have the best time. what could be better than that? brian: jordan spieth you find out jordan spieth is going to be able to give your son a lesson.
4:33 am
they hear your story. this organization gets together with jordan who is volunteering his time. here is a little of the lesson that great golfer gave joe. let's listen. >> why do you love golf so much? >> my favorite thing about it is when i'm competing the ball is always in my hands, whatever i put in is what i'm getting out. if i worked harder than the people around me, then i felt that i was in a better position. >> really cool seeing kind of the bond between you guys and how much you love how golf kind of brings you together. brian: joseph, what was this like for you? could you describe it for people that will never have that experience? what was it like? >> i was definitely nervous at the start. did i not know what to expect. but i feel like jordan definitely calmed me down and i was expecting something like i could not be able to talk to this person because he is famous. and it was easy, actually.
4:34 am
brian: you seemed so calm. you asked him specifically about your driving, right? how did he help you. >> he definitely helped me with how to swing the club. because i really was struggling with that. and i think it will definitely help me the next time i'm able to, you know, play. >> james, are you concerned is he going to beat you now? >> without a doubt. i'm competitive and but i hope he does. i can't wait for that day. >> i know you owe a lot to the support but your relationship is ininspiring to a lot of people. what is this whole experience? what do you take away from this entire experience? >> oh, jeesh, it's just -- it goes without saying i love this kid. and i justth s just think that with this program and child with autism and we need more inclusion and kindness in this crazy world we are living. in i just think, you know. we sharing our love and the sharing flint firefighters union love of golf. i mean, it's just one step.
4:35 am
i mean other people can do other things, too. musically, everything. you will have that tape and experience forever. joseph and james maguire, thank you so much for sharing your story and i will continue to -- also living on long island, i hope to see you out there on the course. just luke out if i'm swinging. [laughter] >> thank you. brian: all right. thanks, guys. all right, to learn more how you can help create a kinder world for people with autism. go to autism meanwhile, coming up straight ahead on this show in the final 25 minutes of this hour, joe biden tapping the obama administration veterans for key economic posts. former economic adviser robert wolf and trump economic recovery task force member steve moore square off about the president's election. ♪ when it comes to autism,
4:36 am
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4:40 am
steve: joe biden's economic team under scrutiny. critics calling it the return of the obama economists. the "wall street journal" says if joe biden is trying to distinct distinguish his emerging administration from barack obama's he has not succeeded in the choice of economic advisers he rolled out monday. they are obama veterans who believe in more spending, more regulations, higher tanks and easier money. here with reaction fox news contributor and former obama economic adviser robert wolf screen left and member of the trump white house economic recovery task force stephen moore screen right. good morning to both of you guys. >> good morning, steve. >> good morning, nice thanks for having me on. steve: robert we thought you would be on the list threw are sitting in your house rather than going to delaware thank you very much. >> i couldn't be on this great show on a weekly basis if i was up there. i'm choosing.
4:41 am
steve: priorities. so, robert, what do you make of that that essential this essentially is just a rehash of bunch of people from the obama years to which people would say that would mean more of obama than biden. i don't like your repoint. they are incredibly smart and experienced and dealt with a tough economic environment no one is going to criticize her. a bunch of republicans have applauded her choice. when you look at president-elect biden's cabinet selection there is really two focuses and very different than president trump's focuses. one is on labor, which is really where a lot of them have spent their time. janet yellen, cecilia ross they have been very strong on the labor side which we still need we are still down over 10 million jobs. the second part is they are very strong with respect to climate
4:42 am
action. brian geese at black rock and jared bernstein and others focused on climate as well. definitely differential in this administration where we don't believe the trickle down economics. the choice was made and president-elect biden will be the president on january 20th. steve: now for a completely different point of view, steven? >> well, steve, first of all the reason robert wolf is not going to the administration he wants to play golf every day. that would have kept him from the golf course. no, seriously, i think robert raises an important point. that one of the highest priorities of this administration is going to be climate change. now, think about that steve. here we are in the middle of a pandemic still millions of people unemployed. schools closed down, a healthcare crisis. crime in the streets and this president says the highest priority is climate change? i mean that tells you obsession with wind mills and solar power that this incoming administration will have. the big problem with the retread
4:43 am
of the obama people and by the way i agree with robert. i think janet yellen is a highly skilled person. but the fact is that those policies, robert, that were put in place under barack obama didn't work very well. we had kind of anemic economy for 8 years. one of the reasons that donald trump won the election in the first place in 2016 i don't think the american people want a retread of those policies much higher growth under president trump. steve: robert, i know you want to answer that i want to get in one different question. and it regards the pandemic. >> i have to reply to that. steve: okay. >> president obama had more job gains higher g.d.p., better stock market, we are going to have a president leave office that has lost jobs and has had a lower g.d.p. and had a higher deficit. facts matter, steve. i know you don't want to make like the last year happened. but even before that, okay, president obama's actually 2.3 g.d.p. versus 2.5.
4:44 am
225,000 jobs. is not what you want but facts do matter. >> all right, robert, first of all the poverty rate under donald trump fell to its lowest level in the history of america. the unemployment fell to the onest level. steve: one at a time. >> greatest economic boon ever. this is a key point, steve. right now the economy is doing incredibly well. this is the swiftest recovery from a recession we have ever had. the latest indication is that the growth rate for the fourth quarter is going to be 11%, robert. 11% on touch. >> we lost more jobs last week highest month since october. come on, man. you are not serious. >> i am serious. steve: he is serious. all right. let me get to my question. steven had asked about -- had mentioned the pandemic. you know, we have only got a couple of weeks before the end of the year and a lot of people are really hurting in this country. so, robert, we are going to start with you. i know the house passed a guy began if i can relief bill
4:45 am
months ago that was so unserious according to mitch mcconnell they haven't even considered it. we are getting to the end of the year. today nancy pelosi is going to take up legalizing pout at the federal level and what to do about big cats. kevin mccarthy says she is dealing with cannabis and cats rather than covid. isn't it in the best interest of the country for the republicans and democrats to get closer on a deal? it seems like speaker pelosi is inflexible. she wants to back up the truck and get as much as she can. >> steve, that's not fully accurate. one the deal was passed by the hero's act back in may. the senate hasn't brought a deal to the floor. i'm 100 percent propony negligent of cares act 2.0. you know that i said pass the deal. find a compromise. i don't care if it's a trillion dollars. i don't care what it is, we need to pass a deal. steve: that's what i'm saying. >> pass the eviction moratorium and we definitely need to help
4:46 am
small businesses. so there is no question pass a deal. congress get back to work. steve: no kidding. all right. steven, you get the final word. >> look. another trillion-dollar debt bomb spending bill is not going to solve our problems. we have a very robust economic recovery going on right now. i don't care, you know, you talked about facts matter. we have had the biggest reduction in the unemployment rate it. took trump five months to get the unemployment rate down below 7%, robert it took obama five years to get the unemployment rate down to 7%. here is the most important point of all, steve. the stimulus that the american people economy needs right now is the vaccine. and this is one of the greatest triumphs of american policy since d-day. what donald trump has gotten this vaccine out in 10 months, nobody thought that was possible. congratulations, donald j. trump. steve: yeah. we are waiting for that all right, steven and robert. always a great discussion. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. thanks,. steve: steve you bet. meanwhile, more california
4:47 am
officials caught flouting some of their own covid restrictions. tomi lahren is going to sound off on that hypocrisy from the west coast coming up. ♪ ♪ get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home. find your nunormal with nucala. askand sweetie can coloryou just gentle with the pens. okey. okey. i know. gentle..gentle new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed.
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♪ ainsley: more california officials caught breaking their own pandemic rules. san francisco's mayor london bree, she is under fire for attending a dinner party at up scale restaurant. the same one where the governor was french laundry just one day after governor newsom attended a dinner there both had told californians to stay home at avoid social gatherings. steve: this as the mayor of san jose how apologizing for spending thanksgiving with his parents after telling people to avoid the kind of holiday gatherings they went. to say. brian: here to react to both those things west coast expert fox nation host tomi lahren. you are probably one of the few not surprised by the hypocrisy we see from the governors to these mayor's. >> this is typical california democrats doing typical democrat things. i will do something shock i will defend all of these mayors, the governor and the city council members breaking their own rules. i will go ahead and defend them. they are doing normal activities
4:52 am
that normal americans wish they could be doing. the problem is they are the ones putting the restrictions in place on the restaurants and business owners crushing them and livelihoods, but they can simply get away with an apology and it goes away. the hypocrisy and double standard is absolutely ridiculous. steve: well the san francisco's mayor press person put out a statement and said the mayor has always been cautious when she is dining out. which we all should. now with cases riding and bay area county moving back into the purple tier she is once again limiting her action and encouraging all san franciscans to do the same. obviously everybody during a global pandemic has got to be careful. the probable for her i is it is just she got caught. >> more and more california democrats being caught. think about it this way. her press person put out a
4:53 am
statement that what is shoe is able to get away with. every california business owner should be upset with this. they can't just u. just put out apology their businesses are being destroyed. legacies being destroyed. many businesses will never be reopened. crushed so badly by these restrictions, but then the mayor just puts out a statement with her press person and that's supposed to make everything okay? no i hope californians are paying attention. ainsley: brian and i were in the green room and talked about how the pandemic has affected sports. sat down with clay travis. sports journalist reflecting on the pandemic and impact on sports. watch a clip of that no interruption on fox nation and get your reaction on the other side. >> the thing i thought would unite everybody. not just in sports but around the country getting back to normal and playing sports again. >> i think they bought into the media fear porn and didn't look at the democrat tavment athletes
4:54 am
the most healthy people out there. if anything they're the people that we need to be the most active in this society they need to be back to work. they need to be back to play. they need to be back to school. all of those things need to happen. ainsley: tomi, tell us more about your interview. >> clay travis is a good friend of mine he has from the get-go been talking about how we need to get back to actual normal. the other thing he talked about episode streaming on fox nation we wish these athletes with huge platforms advocating for public school kids to go back to school and play the sports which in many case is the reason that they do well. it's the reason they go to school. it's the reason that they feel like they belong somewhere. we wish these athletes would use their platform to advocate for that because, as clay tells us in the interview, it's the private school kids. it's the kids with money. it's the kids that are able to have resources that aren't being so much affected by all of this but it's those public school kids that aren't being able to go to school or play sports that have being so badly damaged by all of this we wish those
4:55 am
athletes would step up and speak out. brian: that's going to be very important. also when it comes to sports are we going to see the ravens steelers tonight as i think more ravens have just turned up positive. they have been trying to play this game now for six days and we will see it on wednesday. tomi lahren, thanks so much. we will look forward to watching no interruption with you on fox nation. every episode is special. look forward to double clicking on that. thanks, tomi. >> thank you, guys. brian: meanwhile a big hour coming up straight ahead, betsy devos here talking more about schools. senator joe manchin is there a bipartisan deal about to hatch in washington? can we all just get along. congressman dan crenshaw will be with us and kathie lee gifford. it was hard for her being on nbc and not being able to see us. we will find out how hard ♪ - [narrator] with the ninja foodi power pitcher,
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5:00 am
>> we are battling covid-19. >> a press for the last 20 months shown very little interest in scrutinizing joe biden. >> the rockefeller christmas tree lighting is tonight in new york city but there are plenty of precautions if you want to see it in person. ♪ brian: that is our christmas tree, red, white and blue and you're allowed to see it 5 minutes plus. we don't push you along. also i found out an interesting study, guys, you want me to share it with you? i was able
5:01 am
to raise $8.5 million, thank you, everyone out there. 4 and 5 americans are desperate to be cheered up after a difficult 2020, 8 in 10 say the constant bad news is wearing on them and so we promised by the power vested in all of us to cheer you up. your goal is to make -- 46% of the public, 61%, their goal to make one person smile a day. steve: that's a nice goal. i think 100% of the people. ainsley: all feeling that way. let me cheer you up. i shopped online last night. i did. i decorated my entire christmas tree with my daughter. she had a little girl come over for a my date, the girls dedicated. really cute. that was fun, socially distanced, wearing masks, of course. but also we have a vaccine right around the corner, so this is
5:02 am
going to end shortly, about 6 more months they say before every single person in america will have a chance to get vaccine. brian: the whole country is wearing short sleeves in case today is the day you get vaccine. steve: come on, bring it on. ainsley: griff jenkins live in washington as alleged whistleblowers brought claims that workers tampered with ballots, unbelievable. griff: i'm not sure this is going to cheer anyone up. more allegations by whistleblowers. they are coming forward claiming they witnessed election fraud firsthand. listen here. >> i had no balance to take on election day. the day after the election, the postal service supervisor asked me if i had forgotten ballots the night before and i didn't
5:03 am
have any, a hundred thousand ballots were supposedly missing in the state of wisconsin. >> i took 24 pallets from new york to lancaster, i saw in the top corners, addresses on them. griff: it's unclear what legal actions they plan to take as they call on the fbi to investigate as attorney general barr makes interview which makes clear the department of justice will continue to pursue credible allegations of fraud. he knocked down the president's claim that the election was stolen. quote, today we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election. that threw a swift response from the president's legal team who said with the greatest respect to the attorney general, his opinion appears to be without any knowledge or investigation and evidence of systematic fraud. now, later today rudy giuliani will be testifying before the
5:04 am
michigan committee on allegations of fraud there. i spoke moments ago to the legal team and they point out that the allegations of the whistleblowers are separate from the ones they are making in their lawsuits but they point out that it does show that it's not just the president's team who are very concerned about the fraud they are seeing in so many states and fighting back. in michigan, however, they do not have any new lawsuits today but keeping legal options open. brian: let's bring in washington contributor. the president has a new irons in the fire and has a little bit of hope there and whistleblower and affidavits, is it enough because his attorney general isn't convinceed? >> yeah, well, his legal team obviously has to make the case and present the case and the case has to be that there were enough cases of this fraud to
5:05 am
change the outcome of the election. the frustration here is, this is not a situation where the president is complaining about this only now after the election. the president was warning about this before the election. this is the whole reason the president warned against mass mail-in voting. i remember covering elections in detroit 20 years and exact same thing was going on back then. the real frustration is that this is the kind of thing that goes on in places like detroit and pennsylvania -- philadelphia and after the fact people don't go back and do anything about it and you have few cases where people get charged with real crimes, with felonies, these are people who are literally disenfranchising voters because every case of fraud is a case where another legal. [roll call voter's vote gets canceled.
5:06 am
he has been talking about this for months before the election. steve: charlie, we wouldn't have been talking about it if the president would have won and brad pascale on with martha, he was talking about after mr. parscale removed from the campaign, before, though, when they were talking about the president's public pronouncements and how he modeled what was going on during the pandemic, he made a mistake. brad says he should show more passion, he, the president felt he should be more about the economy. here is what mr. parscale said last night and then we will get your reaction. >> it was a decision on covid to go for opening the economy versus public empathy. we had a difference on this. i thought we should have public empathy. i think people were scared. i walked around people -- watch people walk around me.
5:07 am
not like 2 years ago, walk around me because i have a mask on and they don't want to catch covid. i can see how waitresses stand further from the table. people are scared. i think if he would have been publicly empathetic he could have won, he could have leaned into it instead of run away from it. steve: that's his opinion given the fact that they had west-wing discussions about how the president should react to covid which was the biggest, you know, the biggest single topic of the campaign. >> right. no, it was a fascinating interview but i could not disagree with brad more. that's not the situation. the president realized that the only way through the crisis was to figure out how to fix it. turns out he did fix it. and all all of the situation the have now where you have the drug companies slow-walking drugs and fda slow-walking approval of the
5:08 am
drugs, the real reason that trump didn't win in a land slide is because the whole thing whether it's the insanely negative media, democrats making lies about him and mail-in voting done under the cover of covid, when president trump says that election was rigged, i don't blame him for saying that. that's what's happened here. that's what turned -- you know, you want to see meddling in an election, that's meddling in an election and that's what happened here. that's the reason president trump didn't win in a landslide and, of course, we are now seeing that not only did trump want to fix the pandemic, he actually succeeded in doing it. we are seeing the vaccines and they are being approved now. they will be as you pointed moments ago, all people that want one should be able to have one. also, by the way, the other thing about him not being empathetic, he got it, his
5:09 am
family got it. i don't know how you could have more -- you could empathize more with people than actually walking in their moccasins. ainsley: you probably saw this, he got one question, listen to what it was, he answered one, listen. >> mr. president, how does your foot feel? how is your foot? >> good. thank you for asking. ainsley: how does your foot feel? what kind of ice cream are you eating? charlie: so incredible, can you imagine president trump getting treated like that by the press in the first place and the second place could you allow him letting the press treating him like that. you know, for all of the things that the press wants to complain about the president, the guy is most transparent guy that sat in the white house. he would have run to the
5:10 am
microphones to talk about all of the things and to answer all the questions that he wants to answer and, you know, this is an entirely different deal and the -- the press is completely in cahoots with the biden team and it's a very troubling situation. our republic cannot stand without a forceful, free and active press trying to get actual answers from -- from our leaders, not how does your foot feel, sir? steve: we got an actual answer, the foot feels good? charlie: did we? did we? it was hard to hear him. it was far away. brian: appreciate it. the president with the nominating contenders walk in trump tower and not taking any questions.
5:11 am
ainsley: dinner with some of the candidates, mitt romney dinner. brian: jillian, i'm sorry to talk, i didn't notice you in the corner. what's going on in the news? jillian: good morning, just kidding, let's begin, uk granting emergency approval for pfizer's coronavirus vaccine becoming the first country to do so. the first doses will be administered next week. meanwhile approval is pending here in the u.s., a decision is expected some time this month. today hhs and defense department are to brief senior officials on vaccine distribution plans. cdc recommends healthcare workers and those in long-term care facilities receive the first doses. an american group is detained for accidentally sailing into british virgin island waters, south carolina couple and their two friends are being held in hotel room for breaking rules that ban americans from visiting during the pandemic. lynn says they only realized their mistake after sailboat had
5:12 am
traveled a mile and a half in forbidden seas. they were met by customs agents. >> we didn't bring any law, at least on purpose, we should at least be able to be heard and have somebody tell us what is going on. jillian: u.s. state department says it is providing them assistance. a california restaurant owner and ground mother springing into action when angry customer attacks her family. take a look at this, the woman throws a jug of hand sanitizer at the owner's daughter and grandson over order taking too long. that's when the owner flips over the counter and uses it to shove the angry customer right out the door. the owner says she's sharing story in hopes of finding the woman. no one was hurt. don't mess with her. send it back to you. steve: holy cow. ainsley: hand sanitizer is a weapon now. steve: so what's being done to
5:13 am
ensure that no child gets left behind, we will talk to the secretary of education betsy devos, she's next on "fox & friends". hello i'm an idaho potato farmer. you know a lot of folks think of a potato, even an idaho potato as a side dish. but does this look like a side dish to you? ...or this? ...or these? does a side dish have a dog like this? ...or a truck like this? or a good-looking, charismatic, spokesfarmer like me?
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steve: well, almost midway through the school year and research shows how much remote learning is not helping students, 83% surge in f's, failing grades from this time last year. similar research from california also found students were failing more frequently as a result of looking at a computer screen rather than an actual person in person. here with the discussion, secretary of education of the united states of america betsy devos, madame secretary, good morning to you.
5:18 am
secretary: good morning, steve. steve: this is a no-brainer, kids do better when you're in the room with an actual teacher and as we have heard from dr. fauci and other people, it's actually safer in a school room than it is a lot of people's houses and they should probably be in the school. secretary: well, that's absolutely right, steve. and we've been saying for months that kids need to be back in school in person, and the data continues to support that in every way. all of the professionals, medical professionals have pointed to this fact and yet too many kids today are having to learn remotely and it's not working for too many of them. steve: yeah. and it was about coming up 2 weeks ago, mayor de blasio told new york city schools they were going to be remote learning until, he just reversed himself, until this upcoming monday. that was not the case with new york city's private schools and the catholic schools which held
5:19 am
fast, they felt we could do this safely and so we will keep kids in school. i know during your entire tenure, you've been talking about school choice and this is one of the instances where that was really important. secretary: well, steve, we are seeing more today than ever before, that families need to be empowered with making choices that are right for their kids. families whose children are learning remotely or, in fact, in too many cases not learning remotely and don't have the resources to do something different, that's got to change and policies at the state level, policies at the federal level have to support families making those choices, now more than ever it's clear this needs to happen and those standing in the way need to get out of the way. steve: we will see if they do it at the state level going forward after the pandemic it'll be interesting. i know that you appeared at an event yesterday and you were talking a little bit about progressive politicians including elizabeth warren, senator from massachusetts yesterday was talking about loan
5:20 am
forgiveness, free college and things like that. and you were pretty blunt, you said that kind of stuff is essentially a socialist takeover. explain what you're talking about. secretary: first of all, there's nothing free. we know somewhere somebody has to pay for it and what is being suggested with fee college is essentially a government takeover of higher education, and that will end up being a socialist system rationed the quality and choices going down and going away. american higher education is the envy of the world and has to continue to be open marketplace for innovation and creativity, we are seeing now more today than ever before. that has to grow and flourish and not be taken over by government and rationed in a way that is going to really stifle the future of too many young people. steve: yeah, but you've heard what this incoming administration and advisers had said about free college and loan
5:21 am
forgiveness. they're going to try to do something. secretary: well, again, free sounds great except that somebody somewhere is going to pay for it. when you think about the fact that 2 out of 3 americans don't pursue a four-year college, why would -- why should anybody be asked any of them be asked to subsidize and pay for those who do choose it. the students that have faithfully paid student loans and have sought out value for their education, have made decisions and choices based on that, why would they be asked to also subsidize and pay for somebody else who didn't make those good judgments and choices? steve: all right, let's see what happens, betsy devos, secretary of education for america, thank you very much, madame secretary. >> thank you, steve. steve: bipartisan group of senators has introduced a covid relief package but senator joe manchin seen right there warns the squad could derail it. well, you are going to hear from
5:22 am
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brian: welcome back, everyone. 800 billion-dollar stimulus plan, money to small businesses, cities, state's unemployment insurance. our next guest fears aoc and the squad could derail any legislation coming from the senate. democratic west virginia senator joe manchin, one of the lawmakers behind the bipartisan bill that includes senator cassidy and others and mitt
5:27 am
romney. he joins us now. senator, what made you say the status quo was not okay and called 1800 republican and say let's try a deal? senator: nothing was happening, right? leadership had been in stalemate both in leadership and in the house. people are hurting in west virginia, they are hurting in every state. we are in worst pandemic as far as outbreak of the pandemic will get much worse the first quarter, we are trying to get through the difficult times than we've ever had and that's people that are losing everything as far as benefits are running out and there's more shutdown and no outside dining and inside dining has been shut down. so much that needs to be assistance here. 560 billion left over from the first cares package and that's what leader mac connell is calling the skinny package.
5:28 am
he wants to get that out the door. we put with democrats and republicans working another 48 billion makes it 908, 908 of new money. people think it's too much or not enough, our leadership will look at this in a constructive way. brian: some of the things, a lot of money. 160 billion for state and local governments, they can decide what they want to do with it? >> no, they cannot. the language is much different. we are not making the mistakes of the past. mitt romney and all my friends, bill cassidy and myself, susan collins, we are committed to making sure there's accountability. brian: democrat run cities, states, not yours, have committed a lot of the funds and pensions that are unsustainable and they asked federal government to bail them out and might use pandemic as excuse to do that in new york and
5:29 am
california. >> cannot, cannot. i can assure you with republican colleagues and the way i feel also and i spoke with governor on all sides, they cannot cure their ills. that won't happen. brian: 12 billion for community lender support, 288 for small businesses, we know hundreds of thousands of businesses are not going to reopen. 180 billion to extend benefits, even conservative florida wants to do that, 10 billion for the post office, 25 billion for nutrition and agriculture and both sides in this group, how many have checked off on this? senator: well, we had ten basically that worked on it diligently for the last weeks. more people are seeing this is something that can be doable, it's acceptable and can be passed. we need leadership to get on board. both sides of the leadership are not happy with it, some want less and some want more.
5:30 am
this is an emergency relief package. it's not a do-all end-all, brian. in mcconnell's package there's nothing for hospitals, there's nothing for nutrition, nothing for state and local, nothing for opioid treatment and nothing for broadband. these are things that need to be done to get through because the next quarter is going to be tough. if they want to do more, if president elect biden wants to do that, we can come together and see what they need. in the house and in the senate. that's unbelievable. brian: i can't tell you how many average everyday americans have said do you think they will get something done in the interim because you have to hit -- you are talking over 100,000 small businesses that are not coming back. 4 and 5 million americans will be permanently unemployed. what about the college kids graduating, nobody is hiring, they will live in their basement still wondering when their life
5:31 am
will get on track. senator: we had deferment to give them relieve. covid emergency releave framework. we are putting the language now and hoping to be done by the we. brian: democratic side said who came up defunding the police, cost you many seats in the house of representatives and maybe prevented you from getting the senate and one of the people who fired back at you was alexandria ocasio-cortez, i find it amusing when politicians try to diminish the seriousness of policy work, movement organizing and grassroots fundraising through just tweets. you said all she does is tweet to get name on legislation. begging corporate ceo's of money through wax-sealed envelopes delivered by raven. you're saying she should get
5:32 am
busy and stop tweeting and she's saying to you, i am busy and it's much more than tweeting, what do you say? senator: we just differ, we disagree. you can respectfully disagree and we do that. my people in west virginia expect me to represent them in a rational, responsible, civil manner and bipartisan, independent manner and i do that to the best of my ability. so i don't begrudge whatever she does. i'm just saying that the congresswoman has the right to do what she's doing. she represents her people. they've elected her. it's not who we are. we are not going to defund the police. there's not one senator, democrat senator that supports defunding the police. if anything, we think there should be more investments made to better -- better train, continuing education so they have the social changes and know them better as they have to deal with them. there's so much more that has to be done. defunding is not an option on the table. it might be in certain people's district but no senator, no democrat or republican i've ever
5:33 am
heard would defund the police in the senate. brian: as you said she's winning. [laughter] senator: well, she has a lot of following and i understand that and everyone has a right to do what they want on that and you can see the support, if the support is not in the legislature, in the senate or in the house, don't you think you ought to find something that you can get support that we can work towards the middle to pass? people don't run their lives from extremes, brian, they don't, they don't run businesses from extreme. we all come together and make rational decisions, that's all i'm asking them to do. we've had a divisive election and we are still split as a nation, we have to start healing and coming together. brian: right. you might have no choice because you won't get anything done without doing that. senator joe manchin,i can't thank you enough. senator: thank you, brian, happy holidays to y'all. we will get it done. we will stay here until we get it done. we are not going home to christmas and tell the people we didn't do anything.
5:34 am
brian: i hear you. thank you senator joe manchin from west virginia. first it was texas to recruit gop congressional candidates and now the sequel, congressman dan crenshaw reveals his new mission next. look at this human trying to get in shape.
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>> your mission will be to save texas. to do so you must recrew exceptional team. steve: now here is part 2, the georgia runoff edition.
5:39 am
ainsley: you just saw him in the ad. brian: the movie. ainsley: that's right, it looks more like a movie. it was fairly successful in texas, 3 out of 5 candidates won in texas. why did you want to do this in georgia too? >> this race -- this is the race of the year right now. okay, we have to hold the line in georgia. let me ask viewers something. do you remember all the crazy bills passed out of the house of representatives in the last couple of years? do you remember taxpayer funded political campaign ads, you remember job-killing minimum
5:40 am
wage? do you remember blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants? you probably don't because senate republicans protected everybody from these things, they blocked the measures. that won't be the case if democrats take the seats in georgia. everything is on the line right now. we are fully invested, we will not let this happen and we will not let chuck schumer change america fundamentally as she wants to do. we are not going to let it happen. we will hold the line. i tell you what, if you turn it up a few notches, i promise you the movie coming we will turn it up more notches. you can go to help candidates. brian: congressman, what's the message, the president lost by 10,000 after giving first time since 1986 in a presidential race. is there something about the republican message that needs to
5:41 am
be honeed? >> look, i think the republican platform is what people are looking for. i really do. people want more freedom over their lives, they don't want their schools locked down. they don't want businesses locked down. they want more freedom. they want to do what they want with their money. they want america first agenda, they want their borders secured, they want more secure over health care, these are reasonable policies. i think the democrat policy agenda was largely rejected at the polls and we are going to make sure that people remember what that is. i just listened to a few of the examples and we will be doing there fighting for it. steve: this sunday at 6:45 eastern time we will have special coverage of the georgia runoff debate between kelly loeffler and raphael warnock. meanwhile congressman, it sounds like while so many people would like to see some sort of a compromise and brian was talking
5:42 am
about this with joe manchin a moment ago, something done with coronavirus relief for the small business and the people who are hurting right now, instead nancy pelosi who came out with the heros bill months ago which was vastly expensive according to the republicans, instead of working on that, today she will take up federally legalizing pot and banning ownership of big cats. it's cannabis and cats and nothing for coronavirus. >> yeah, that's accurate. as if some high pot-smoking teenager binge-watching netflix and tiger king was making the democrat legislative agenda this week. really, that's how ridiculous this is. meanwhile thousands of businesses are being destroyed because of democrat lockdowns. the only things they propose are trillion dollar wish lists and have no intention to coming to the table on reasonable targeting relief. nancy pelosi said that nothing
5:43 am
is better than something. that's an astonishing comment to make. meanwhile there are bipartisan bills that we can put in place right now to help small businesses. they would get passed, signed into law, she refuses to do that. the mesh people, they're lost at this point. they are questioning why their representatives wouldn't do anything about this. nancy pelosi is spitting in their face and all for weed and cats. i mean, it's astonishing. ainsley: it really is. so i understand you are in pete hegseth's new book, modern warriors, tell us what your role was in his book. >> well, you just tell your story, so -- >> steve: model warrior. >> books like these are great. it's great to hear from veterans instead someone telling the stories about them. you get to hear their actual
5:44 am
story and personally from them. congrats to pete. ainsley: you fought for this country. how do you feel? how do we get through this? congressman: get through year 2020? it's almost over. we have to live with some perspective. we have to be grateful for those around us, grateful for doctors and nurses and grateful where we live in a time that we can create a vaccine in less than 12 months. it would behoove us to treat with respect. generally speaking, i think that's how we become a better country. brian: you will have a chance to have more a role in the gap, 222 to 207 with more republicans grabbing seats and more influence and that's a great ad for georgia as it was for texas. congressman dan crenshaw, thanks so much. ainsley: thank you.
5:45 am
brian: you got it. as the season of thanks moves into the season of giving, kathy lee gifford with her message in her book when you're through with powering through, it's time for theraflu hot liquid medicine. powerful relief so you can restore and recover. theraflu hot beats cold.
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powerful relief so you can restore and recover. [what's this?] oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ]
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stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. sandra: man behind the race for
5:49 am
vaccine on when approval of vaccine may be coming and who should be first in line to get it, the doctor will join us live in moments, plus latest of georgia senate runoff with big debate on senate. another california democrat partying at french landry, what are the politicians thinking, our panel takes that one up. join us live from america's newsroom, top of the hour. ♪ ♪ steve: tv host, singer, song writer, actress and now author once again, our next guest has done it all during a career that has spanned decades. ainsley: faith in god.
5:50 am
brian: how relieved are you to be able to be on our show again? >> believe me, i thought about that. you've been so kind to me. you know how those -- those networks, dramas take place. i never thought they were smart to begin with. there's room for everybody. that's a rare mentality lately. brian: why is this the right time to write this book? >> you know, i was out of work and needed the money. brian: you retired. you quit. >> there's not one person in the bible who retired. they don't retire. ainsley: you just did the movie after you left nbc. >> this has been my busiest year. a movie i had written and produced and starred with ferguson, two books this year, i'm directing those and in spite of all of this setbacks we've
5:51 am
all had, you can go forward. it's really so much about attitude. it truly is. i can wake up like everybody else and say, oh, crap it's raining or say, wow, lord, what are you going to do? we can control our own choices. steve: exactly right. we started this hour talking about how this has been a terrible year. i mean, with covid and everything else. you personally, you married off two of your kids during covid. they were less than 10 people. for the people looking in who are waking up on this wednesday, it's like, oh, no, i'm going to have to wait another 6 months for the shot or any of that stuff, i'm out of work, how do you get through the day? >> well, one second at a time as everybody does. we all have that in common no matter what our circumstances are. we all get 24 hours in each day. but the word of god says that
5:52 am
every single word of god, tender morning are fresh. he gave hebrews the mana one day at a time. i never could have been doing it with partnering with god above. i don't know if you feel the same way. the older i've gotten, the wiser i've gotten, well, a lot of them have died, i'm sorry to say, i'm down to a very manageable group of people. i want to say sometimes in a polite way to people, i'm so sorry but i think you're confusing me with somebody who cares what you think, you know. [laughter] >> in this world of social media everybody assumes that you live and die on their opinion and nothing could be further from the truth. i let god define who i am and
5:53 am
what i am and then i try to live in a loving way of every one of god's creatures. it's been a long journey for me. i wanted to be a singer and actress for a long time. billy graham, became one of my dearest friends in life, put out a movie to much criticism, billy's attitude was brilliant, really, i thought god made everything, when did we give it over. he made a movie called the restless one. i heard the lord, i'm losing my voice right now because i've been promoting so much. you can hear god's vice clearly. kathy, i love you, i love you and i want to make something beautiful out of your life and i
5:54 am
will if you'll trust me. and that was many, many decades ago and i've had my -- my fame and fortune enough to choke a person but i've had tremendous despair in my life. i go into a lot of that a lot more in the new book. i thought it was time. you write about different things and different seasons. when you feel like you have reached that season in order to be honest about. i've always been honest but i left things out in the past that were not the time, not the time for certain things. they would have caused pain or confusion or hurt. that's never my intention when i sit down to do any project ever. i mean, i'm in the construction business, not the destruction business. >> kathy, you were married to and work with two of the most famous impactful people in the country and the passing. your husband, great guy, i know that you agree with that and regis just passed away.
5:55 am
how did that help you write this book? >> you know, certain things were fun to write about, other things were really painful once again. writing about my parents' lives killed me again. such despair, such incredible odds against these two people and god was faithful. frank came from nothing, people think he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. he used to say, kathy, we didn't have spoons. he grew up in the depression and ate food and grateful for it. regis had an understanding that we were not journalists, we were entertainers at our core, same sense of humor and for 35 years we were great friends, our friendship deepened after i left the show 20 years ago. it just deepened and i was
5:56 am
blessed to see him 2 weeks before he passed and when he got out of the car when he came to my house with his wife julie, i knew it would be the last time i'd see him. we laughed our butts off. we picked up right where we were. steve: absolutely. i hear your voice and you're wrapping me up. it's never too late. it's on sale now. kathy lee, thank you very much for joining us. it's a pleasure. >> congratulations steve. ainsley: you're a dear person, a friend of all of us, we love you, we support you. >> happy, merry everything. brian: thanks so much
5:57 am
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>> sandra: the pfizer coronavirus vaccine getting the seal of approval for emergency use in the u.k. clearing the way now for the first doses to be rolled out next week. a good news note to start off on this morning, trace. good to see you. i'm sandra smith. >> trace: it is a big deal. good morning, i'm trace gallagher. the world's first approved vaccine and a major step forward in the fight against covid-19. the u.k. authorizing pfizer's vaccine for widespread use just as the country emerges from its second lockdown while here at home the cdc has decided who is in line for the fi


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