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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 2, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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happened, realav whistle-blowers are telling their story, we will bring them all to you. i know the mob and media, they have their agenda. ours is independent and telling the truth. we will continue that. let not your heart be troubled, more truth with laura ingraham as she takes over. you are always telling the truth. >> laura: hannity, i am so glad you covered that staten island>> test tonight. that's a really important sign. it's something that we talked about many times over the last -- i don't know how many years, about the need for republicans -- especially conservative republicans to have a strategy. new york has signs of life for the conservative movement. they will get a taste of what things are like under this super majority democrat in the state. they are getting a big taste of it right now. i think you are seeing signs of life. it may be starting inin and staten island. >> sean: by the way, you and your family are invited, i have a private hit him younger if you need a christmas place.
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we have a big box party a family christmas. >> laura: we will get arrested, we will do a show about it. >> sean: we could get the guy who ownswe this pub to cater us. >> laura: you know i'm income -- i am in, hannity. all the trouble makers together. thank you so much, great show. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. on monday, attorney phil klein told us that the fbi requested his findings on the hundreds of thousands of ballots that went missing. tonight, he brings us an update. by the way, at this hour right now, michigan lawmakers are holding an important bearing on questions surrounding the final vote count. people tell you everything you need to b o know peer decline is here with tha update. first, the threat of a populist progressive alliance? that's the focus of tonight's ankle. -- angle. last night, something happened on this show shouldn't of been the least bit controversial, but
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it sent certain hard-core fox hating liberals into a complete frenzy. what happened? two people from different political parties, often times who fight with each other, they actually discussed issues where we found common ground. common ground! gasp! our guest was ro khanna, a progressive democrat. the two of us disagree on almost everything. a heck of a lot, at least. we set that aside to focus on things we agree on, mainly military spending and overseas deployment.. >> let me be clear. i was for the strikes in afghanistan. if terrorists strike our country, we need to do that. i support president trump andes getting the troops out of afghanistan. i supported president trump saying we don't need their true presence in germany. there's a consensus thatsi we ae spread out too far, and this iss not in our national security. >> laura: and trump spoke to
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that coalition. now, in house, think about this. it neither the populist conservatives nor the antiwar democrats like n khanna represet a majority. together, they can form a powerful voting block to move policy and depose what may be coming down the pipe should biden assume the presidency. his foreign policy team is shaping up to be far more tp hawkish and interventionist and trump's. regarding biden's nominee for secretary of defense, michelle flournoy, khanna voice is legitimate and important concerns. >> she was for escalation in afghanistan, for iraq, for syria. these policies have cost us trillions of dollars. china hasn't been in the war since 1979. we've been in 40 wars. you view china as a biggest strategic competitor, than these policies aren'tti what's going o allow america to win and compete.
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>> laura: absolutely. america needs to focus on our own country's needs, especially the afterme the challenges of 2020, my goodness. many of us across the political spectrum believe that our party's foreign policy experts have faileder us for decades. heck, that's one of the reasons trump won. he's so popular. we are happy to find allies in our battles to stop them from selling us out once again. congressman, khanna. i wouldldga love to have you ba. i think there are a lot of issues where republicans can work with progressives, conservatives can work with progressives. we would love to have you back if this develops. >> i appreciate that, i would love the opportunity. >> laura: at that moment was enough to blow the face masks off the crazies. almost immediately, social media lit up. aaron reporter at voc tweeted, i'm not sure why any democrat would validate laura ingraham's show by going on it for a friendly interview but that's what ro khanna adjusted.
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khanna responded, please watch the interview. it's about cutting the defense budget and stopping wars. i stated my position clearly and consistently. someone on fox is willing to talk about cutting the defense budget, why not engage? he went on to note that great people like lincoln and dr. king were able to build important coalitions l in the pt and says he believes inki the possibility of overlapping consensus. the bottom line is this, the establishment both parties over 30 years have gotten some big issues wrong. iraq, syria and china, just to name a few. the issue of endless wars, liberals agree with trump's position. even if they don't want to give trump credit. >> no great nation fights endless wars. it's time to bring our combat troops home. >> don't be fooled by trump's argument that he's pulling troops out of the middle east. or ending via forever wars.
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>> they are worried that we are not going to be involved in endless wars. >> i signed a pledge to entity forever >> laura: liberals have to admit that trumps antiwar record over four years speaks for itself. it's up to the grassroots and both parties to push their leaders into a more positive direction for the regular working people. republicans did that in both elections, overwhelmingly supporting trumps america first agenda, and to growing his popularity among the voters. democrats show biden, who on key foreign policy issues actually agrees with the older g.o.p. establishment. this is where the left right coalition makes a lot of sense. here's a quick overview a boy or we can work together. number one, we can preserve trumps tariffs on steel and aluminum, which would save jobs in those key industries. a number two, we can support the ongoing antitrust investigation and push for other restraints to limit big tech.
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like repealing section 230. we can oppose the transpacific ownership or other deals not supported by workers. we can stick to all american rules forr spending. if this requires an important change in laws as it's currently written. number five, we can support a l strong infrastructure program that will create jobs for americans. yes, americans. as khanna and i discussed lastst night, we can push to bring home all troops in the middle east and reduce our military commitments thate are not directly aimed at china. this will mean insisting that europe do more to defend itself. trump is done the right thing on every one of these issues. progressives really care about working people, it would be wise to work with us to it get me shared goals. as for the media, everyone about this interview last night. i remember when they love the idea of everyone getting along. >> he believed in the green light, his green light was
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bipartisanship. >> it calls for bipartisanship come of course. >> does that still exist on issues that you talk to your colleagues across the aisle and said, let's work together on this? >> laura: they only like bipartisanship when it advances because the elites care about. it's so obvious and so cynical. smart people see through the -- this. progressives with integrity responded forcefully to the haters who attack 36 appearing on the ankle. -- the angle. they said ro khanna should go on the most popular news network. what is vox's theory of change? transmitting the same information to the same people who agree with them over and over? bingo. it's called politics. the point of politics is making people's lives better. at least it should be, which mean sometimes working with
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people you don't necessarily like.ou is the squad, aoc plus three, are they capable of solving -- shelving their trip for trump supporter's in order to improve light for their constituents? we will see. at the door is always open on this show. and that's the angle. after the narrow-minded fools at vox who want to scare all democrats away from going on our show, our next guest tweeted this take them. dem party outlets, the box video done from alliance one of the only antiwar democrats ro khanna for prioritizing crafting a anti-imperialism coalition over middle school tribal concerns over who sits at whatch unstabl. i laughed out loud at that one. glenn greenwald, independent journalist joins us now. glenn, why did the self appointed prefer absolute conformity overprotective alliances?
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>> i think that the end of your monologue referenced exactly the reason. one, who actually care about the ability to change the society and the political climate for the better to improve people's lives by doing things like bringing troops home and freeing up the billions upon billions of dollars that we spend on imperialism and deploying troops all around the world. does no good for american citizens. the very people who care aboutak making societynd better, and therefore want to form coalitions, majoritarians coalitions to effectuate that change with whoever is on board with their view on that issue, like what ro khanna did when he went on your show last night. then therech is a separate group
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of people that form a large sector of the media that don't care about using politics to change society at all. they only see it further own careerism or their ability to create branding and image about themselves with good people. what they have an interest in escaping us all in separate corners hating one another, doped upinse on fear and hatredf every other tribe so that we just constantly stay addicted to their media outlet and that nothing ever changes. that's what the people at vox and media matters alike. that's why they employ people whose only job of the world is to serve as hall monitors watching tv 24 hours a day to tattletale on any democrat or liberal, i'm sure they're doing it right now taking screen shots me talking to you. because i don't want any challenges to the ruling coalition which is the establishment wing of all parties. they want us to avoid realizing that we do have a lot of in common and critical issues. >> laura: i got hammered over the years after i kind of changed my thinking on the iraq war. i came out and said, i think i got it wrong.
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i mean i love our troops, i support our troops. i was over in iraq, i did the first national broadcast -- radio broadcast from iraq. the guys there come a lot of them were saying, this isn't working. i almost didn't want to believe them. it became very apparent that we were in a heap of trouble there. it made them uncomfortable, a lot of people were stopped talking to me. as republicans, some still haven't talked to me. i don't really care, i know you don't care. i think a lot of people -- they want to get their bills paid.i k it's easier being in the establishment. it's a lot easier. >> not only that, there a lot of people who benefit from these policies were not american citizens. one of the things i was so eye-opening for me as i watched all 14 hours of the armed services committee hearing about six month ago to f approve this massive military budget where the u.s. spends more than the next 12 countries combined.
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where did that money go? it goes to general dynamics and boeing, not to the american workers. not to the people who are suffering in the middle of the pandemic. with joblessness and rental fe fees. if you look at the people on that committee who wanted to prevent president trump from withdrawing from the longest war in american history, or withdraw troops from germany -- why are they fair in germany? the idea was to prevent incursions from the soviet union which no longer's exists. it was funded by boeing and general dynamics join with the neocons who want endless war. you have this other coalition that was trying to stop them which was congressman khanna who served in iraq and understand savagery and waste of work.
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working with people like congressman matt's, one of the most o fragrant supporters of president trump. if you are somebody who wants to stop these wars come of course you're going to find anyone that you can to put an end to these kinds of policies that run over the interest of the american people. it's all for the benefit of corporations and wall street that funds the establishment of both parties. >> laura: you get the sense, don't you, that especially the w squad, aoc is on the cover of "vogue" -- nothing wrong with that or vanity fair -- i don't know paired one of the big magazines. she's going to have to make a choice at some point. right? either be bought off by the establishment eventually, or form these alliances with people that she may be doesn't like on most issues. she truly going to be a figure for the working people and antiwar people? >> it so interesting, when congress mobley congresswoman ocasio cortez.
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one of the people who stood up and defended her most was tucker carlson on this network. there weren't very many people defending her elsewhere because governor cuomo is a popular governor.e when i interviewed her when she was running in the primaries,ul one of the things she was saying his loyalty to the democratic party prevents us from getting things done because the democratic party is not in the side of workers -- americans are on the side of wall street and she knows that. the question is, can she break out of this prison that they tried to put you inin that sens, it's better to fail and only talk to people on your side than to succeed and create coalitions. if that's what they are really trying to enforce, that's the reason why they try to ostracize anyone who talks across the aisle. >> laura: you will get trashed
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for coming on the show tonight, i promise you. we can write their tweets for them, and respond to them. glenn, thank you so much for coming on tonight. we really appreciate it. on the show, he mentioned one republican in particular, who wanted to form an >> if you view china as her biggest strategic competitor in the 21st century, than these policies aren't what's going to allow america to win and compete. this is -- gates shares this view, this is really not partisan. this is about making sure america leaves the 21st century. >> laura: congressman, how big of a coalition could you guys form on these key issues of trade, on the war stuff, other issues i mentioned, made in america, how influential could you i'll be? >> i believe the coalition will be larger in the next congress than in the last congress based on thehe influence that
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donald trump has had on the republican party and on the types of candidates that he's inspired to run for congress. remember, we are a coalition that lost in this last round of national defense authorization discussions because a pro-war democrats worked together with the neoconservative republicans and well we offered resistance to the endless wars, we did not prevail in that endeavor. i figure, laura, it took the establishment of both parties to get us in this war and multiple wars, why not work together across the aisle to get out of them? i think there's a generational piece here. young people are wary of these wars. they've been going on almost all of our adult lives. i think perhaps generationally, we may be able to bridge some of those divides. >> laura: they have no problem with bipartisanship when it advances their interests or
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their views. m boy, they don't want you to work with khanna or heaven forbid any members of the squad. i mean, they hate crime, they hate me. fine, okay, we disagree on everything. but so what? you have to work with people to get anything done if you don't have the numbers. you don't get to stay near the corner mentality, that's idiotic. >> we have to remember that donald trump won by challenging the establishment and both parties.rt not just the democratic party, and now it appears that joe biden wants to serve as the valley for the establishment and both parties. glenn touched on it, but there needs to be a seventh item on your bipartisan populist agenda from your monologue. we need to defang the packs and special interestur in washington, d.c., who own congress, or none of this will change grade on the only republican in the whole congress who won't take any pac money from anybody. i invite my republicans to join me. ro khanna was one of the people who inspired me to do it because he did on the left. it's very liberating to not have
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too run around washington, d.c., doing the bidding of lobbyists. that gives you more time to work together onas the issues that cn move the country forward. >> laura: how fun would that be to draft that up and work to get progressives and trim conservatives together on these issues that president trump frankly is responsible for moving the public on. that 74 million people who voted for him, for goodness sake. >> we absolutelyy need to do it. if you look at the type of people that joe biden wants to put in the cabinet for l a country, it's a reversion back to the establishment. he acts like he's reaching for republicans, but he's reaching in all the wrong places. t those have been rejected, i think it's more important than ever for populists on the right
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and populists on the left to fight against the establishment when they want to invade every country, invite every illegal alien across our borders. it's greets americans. >> laura: i hope you continue working together and thank you for sharing this on the show tonight. we appreciate it. attorney phil klein that she has a critical update on voter regularity data that the fbi requested from him. what's new on that, plus a race separated by 12 votes, 55 ballots mysteriously appeared a month after the election. republican claudia tenney is at risk of having her seats taken, and is here next to react. o it's down to the wire,
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the team's been working around the clock. we've had to rethink our whole approach. we're going to give togetherness. logistically, it's been a nightmare. i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening.
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>> laura: of course democrats and their media poodles are dismissing any evidence of voter fraud in the 20/20 election. even after the continued testimony of whistle-blowers like this.ny >> i had a conversation with a different usps employee name to rachel. she admitted employees were ordered to backdate ballots received it too late to be lawfully counted. >> i know i saw ballots with return addresses filled out.
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thousands of them loaded them onto my trailer in new york and headed for w pennsylvania. what i observed was a forensically destructive process. involved mail-in ballots, drop box ballots, electronic usb v card vote uploads. >> laura: joining me now is phil klein, former attorney general and director of the project. philip, we have seen a lot of this evidence. are we supposed to believe all of these people are signing affidavits and just applying fop -- lying for the fun of it? >> i think people believe they're telling telling the truth. we voted either that a quarter of a million pennsylvanians take a vacation in november in new york, and mail in their ballots from new york on the same day. or we have massive voter fraud. what we saw here is that jesse morgan, he delivers ballots or mail all the time.
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bethpage, new york down to harrisburg. they load his truck with 280,000 ballots thatat are completed, return addresses, and stacked accordion style in those units of the united states postal service. from a facility that can't accept mail. it doesn't have the processing equipment. he drives down to harrisburg, and everybody freaks out when he gets there. his trailers locked, no one wants to open it. a postal supervisor orders him to lancaster, pennsylvania. the next day, his trailers needgone. it disappeared, never found. then we have a whistle-blower in the postn office. they tell hima as a subcontractor, he forgot to bring ballots. he said, that'sbr a lie. they said, no, where rounding up a hundred thousand ballots that people forgot. then in the early morning hoursg
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november 4th, a whistle-blower pennsylvania saw these stacks in plastic bulks mail units the sae way stacked in there, pennsylvania ballots that jesse had on his trailers suddenly showing up to be counted on november 4th. nobody wants to investigate it? >> laura: i mean, who can blame -- the president today in a video that frankly the media just wants to ignore, we aream posting the entire thing on, people should watch it. he expressed his legitimate frustrations over the inability to verify the ballots authenticity. watch. >> it is b a travesty that in te year 2020 we do not have any means of verifying the eligibility of those who cast ballots in an election or determining who they are, whether they live in the state,
11:29 pm
or whether they are even american citizens. >> laura: phil, are reforms enough to solve this problem? i mean, you here if everyone proposing this or that, but i was just allowed to happen?e >> we have corruption. it's remarkable. it the united states aid for -- the agency for international development requires foreign elections to be transparent, inclusive, and accountable. we don't do that in her own elections anymore.o people were shut out of the counting room, a billionaire paid the people who worked within the counting room. we have ballots that -- there's no love regarding these absentee ballots inal the drop boxes -- o pick them up, how they got there. we have midnight drop-offs, we have work stoppages -- that happens in third world countries where suddenly votes for one person come in the door, and now we have hundreds of thousands of ballots from new york across
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stateline, ready to be counted into pennsylvania. and then counted? nobody is trying to change things or investigate? >> laura: imagine if this it happened to the democrats. it would be wall-to-wall on every network. wall-to-wall. >> if the koch brothers put $400 million into an election, or the nra, or anything like that laura, you're absolutely correct. i'll tell you what, it indicates people more concerned about power than there democratic process. i actually had a reporter tell me today, how can you criticize the process that's antidemocratic?me >> laura: that's cute. there's no corruption anywhere, and when someone cast a vote illegally, it cancels out illegal vote for the other party. you have to remember that. we have to go, because we got claudia tenney on, which is another problem in new york
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which we know you're following. thank you for the important update. we will stay on it. 12 votes. all that's keeping claudia tenney from flipping new york's congressional seat back to her from democratic control.yo she used to have this seat, but she lost in 2018. now, four weeks after the election, 55 new ballots miraculously popped up out of the blue. attorney alan gordon said these ballots were mislaid and never counted. they weren't just never counted, 20% are from nonregistered voters. americans are just going,is youe got to be kidding me. what's going on here? republican claudia tenney joins me know. claudia, you almost can't believe it, it's like a nightmare, a bad dream, what have election officials told you? >> this is hard to explain. i don't want to give too much blame to these election officials. i think the real blame should
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fall squarely on cuomo for executive orders made in august of this year after the debacle of the june primary. in new york. in those executive orders, the governor created a mess. he changed election law, promised to provide resources to the boards of elections throughout the county. he did not do that. he madee an online portal where people could order and get an absentee ballot without any verification. he simply needed to have the name, the date of birth, and the address and an absentee ballot would be sent out. and no verification or proof that this person was actually the person getting the ballot. that's what caused an influx, avalanche of absentee voters. w normally these boards would handle an entire group congressional district may be seven to 8,000 ballots. now, they're being forced to process over 70,000 ballots, and also for the first time running three elections. early voting for nine days before election day, the election, and also the count of
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absentees and provisional ballots. the burden o is squarely on governor cuomo. >> laura: we don't have time to play back what you said in august, but you captured it. this is all way too convenient. you held the seat before. you are a congresswoman for the 22nd district, he lost in 2018. you came back in a year that a lot of people thought republicans weren't going to have any chance to do much in the house. what you think is going to happen now?ou you're up to 12, 55 votes, do we know the breakdown of the eligible votes? >> here's the issue, i lost by one of the narrowest margins in the nation. one of the last race was called in 2018 because of election in your religion can layer it he's. -- irregularities. the ballot harvesting that takes place in new york, very similar to california.
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at the rules changed. instead of having to get your ballot in the day before election day, cuomo made it election day. people just turned in ballots like crazy, showed up to vote. it's funny, because it shouldn't be a surprise i to republicans. the democrats when they took over theau house of representatives in 2017, their signature legislation, their premier legislation,la the first thing they put out. before the people act is a telegraph of the major overhaul with elections that is going on now. they couldn't get it passed in the senate they did it to governor cuomo and governors across the nation initiating almost identical to what was in hr one. they did it through governors so they didn't have to pass it in the house. >> laura: this is a warning for people all across the country. claudia, we will check back in with you. we hope the 12 vote majority that you have holds. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> laura: coming up, the media savage.ot the first lady of christmas again.
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biden calls for musicals, raymond arroyo is here, seen and unseen, next. ♪
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the number on your screen. coventry direct, redefining insurance. ♪ >> laura: it's ♪ >> laura: it's time for seen and unseen where we expose the stories behind the headlines. we will return to the author of the best selling "spider who saved christmas." raymond arroyo, biden held another zoom meeting. please tell me he did not talk about the economy this time. donald trump's fantastic economy during covid,e what could he possibly say? >> it's curious why the biden folks are allowing him to continue these virtual meetings. i guess it's so he has something to do while they decide who will populate potential administration. for much of this meeting, he was flipping through his folder trying to o figure out who was talking in what he had to say next. then he offered this health advice.
11:41 pm
>> i have this mask on, it's a patriotic thing to do. it really is. i hear all of this about, it's great sacrifice of my freedom. tell that to all the people who went to world war i and gave their lives and world war ii in the korean war. come on! >> those men gave their lives to protect our constitutional rights, not to consign us to being captives to some bureaucrats hell-bent on limiting our freedoms no matter justification. i thought those a bit outra lifg threatened to wearing a mask. >> laura: you can flip it around and say, 75 years ago they were storming the beaches of normandy. now, you are on the beach and people are throwing themselves to the other side of the sand because you don't have a mask on when you are 30 feet away. i guess we could say that, too.
11:42 pm
it makes no sense. >> biden was similarly confused as he introduced his economic team. this is an intro you probably didn't see anywhere else. >> respect across, being looked at by their neighbors and being respected, it matters a lot. respected across party lines. this will be the first woman of color from south asia -- excuse me from south asia. i think that -- we have another woman who is vice president of the united states of america. >> we have another one of those over here. >> laura: i liked at. when he introduced janet yellen as treasury secretary take, biden had a song in his heart. >> we might have to ask lynn manwell miranda's who wrote the musical about the first
11:43 pm
secretary of state hamilton to write another musical about the first woman secretary treasury yelling. if that's what i'm working on right now. become glad he's working on that. not only does he not want to be president, he wants to be cameron mcintosh. i didn't is not content to hype the historicity threatened to wearing a mask. >> laura: you can flip it around and say, 75 years ago they were storming the beaches of normandy. now, you are on the beach and people are throwing themselves to the other side of the sand because you don't have a mask on when you are 30 feet away. i guess we could say that, too. it makes no sense. what else? >> biden was similarly confused as he introduced his economic team. this is an intro you probably didn't see anywhere else. >> respect across, being looked at by their neighbors and being respected, it matters a lot. respected across party lines. this will be the first woman of color from south asia -- excuse me from south asia. i think twcn like so many things in biden world, this is just defaulting to the obama playbook, where it there were concerts every other week and the white house became a broadway show case. i can't wait for kamala at the musical. will get youalal a front row ticket to that. >> laura: i guess because we have no broadway until anthony found she says we can have broadway, they are stuck back in 2016 -- when was hamilton? can we update our references? that's all we have. it's the only musical we can never reference. >> the last one that hit globally.. >> laura: at least democratic women get respect.
11:44 pm
first melania trump unveiled the white house christmas decor america theec beautiful video as they have nearest past, cnn trashed her for it. >> this is one of the traditional parts of the job. it's something they're expected to enjoy. he clearly feels under siege inr the white house, don't forget the red christmas trees, right? they compare to the handmaid's tale. at the all-white christmas decorations -- the videos showing her walking around what looks like a perfume ad. it just wasn't warm. >> laura: it's these are hateful people. hateful people. >> why would melania trump feel under siege i wonder? why would she not be warm or complained to friends who secretly recorded her about christmas decorations? here's what the media covered on multiple christmases past. >> this is what the east colony looks like today. the white house says these are topiary trees, others are
11:45 pm
calling them the murder forest. >> it looks like christmas in. milani said, exactly. >> unlike the shining, when you peek out through your fingers, the red trees are still there. >> it's ideological warfare and ideological hatred from the beginning to now. it it's unrelenting. even christmas decorations are not immune. we really have never seen anything like this. >> laura: michelle obama could throw a pinecone on the floor and they would drop to their knees. they would say, oh, my god, the brilliance of the artistry. it's barren, yet it's meaningful. raymond, thank you so much. >> jumping jacks became a prime time special. we want to push ups with ellen! most famous researchers had his book about covid myths explode in europe's. he's here to tell us why they got masks, lockdowns, and social
11:46 pm
distancing wrong. stay there.
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>> laura: in june of this year a book titled "corona, false alarm." exploded in germany as a
11:51 pm
best seller. it asked the question, is covid panic worse than the disease? the coauthor of this book joins us now. award winning researcher, retired microbiologist, dr. thank you for getting up early for all of us for all of these policies, lockdowns, social distancing. which in your view has been the most injurious to the public, and not suited to the science? >> the vaccination. >> laura: so the vaccination? on the issue of the vaccination, we will to that t on a moment. the social distancing and the masks, just focusing on that for a moment, which of those two in your research and work has been the mostt displaced? >> both. we want to both have? not at all backed up by the science? >> zero science.
11:52 pm
>> laura: so why are they pushing this if there is a zero science? they will show videos of people coughing through masks and without masks, it's terrifying for people in this country. >> this is something that we,th and when i say we, hundreds of thousands of people standing up to say, please, all of you, sit down and think about this, read up on this, and to the make up your own mind. don't believe things that people are telling you. think for yourself and come to your own conclusions. thishat is why we wrote the book because of the arguments saying and telling you why what you are doing is absolutely nonsense. that's in that book. there's no question that is left open to you. all you have to do is go and read and think.
11:53 pm
>> laura: doctor, on the issue of the vaccine, tonight anthony fauci on this network actuallyt said that 75% of americans are going to have to get vaccinated to reach what they call, herd immunity. do you buy that? >> that's utter nonsense. i note dr. fauci is a renowned immunologist.r what he says has to be wrong. we have taken great lengths to explain in the book. you know, someone who says this has not the slightest inkling of the basics of immunology. this is surprising of someone of dr. fauci'she standing. i would dare to defy him
11:54 pm
anywhere in the world at any time. i cannot do this in 2 minutes. >> laura: so you believe that the covid vaccine is not necessary? >> i think it's downright dangerous. i warn you, if you go along these lines, you are going to go to your doom. it's so, so unnecessary. >> laura: you're right, we cannot do this in 3 minutes. we will have you back, this is too important not to. the tyranny of cable. the tyranny of cable, stay with us.
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are you worried about staying sharp and alert? forebrain, from the harvard-educated experts at force factor, contains key ingredients to help boost memory, learning, clarity, focus, and more! rush to walmart and find forebrain, our #1 brain booster, in the vitamin aisle. >> i'm begging the governor to call the legislature back in session. when it comes to verifying signatures, >> and picking the government
12:00 am
call the legislature back in session, major when it comes to verifying signatures on mail in ballots it is bipartisan. if you do that you will probably see the for rent. do perform a lot of fraud. >> the intermingle going to georgia where i will host a live townhall to answer that question and discuss the all-important senate runoff election joined by governor kemp, senator but you and so many others. do not miss tonight's show where all the action is in the senate and the future of this country. shannon: cannot wait to see a show, should be very interesting. safe travel. from lansing to staten island skeptics of unilateral government lockdowns are not done fighting back, we will take you live, report on the latest omhe


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