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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 3, 2020 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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county statute that specifically said the role of services is assigned to the registrar when it comes to election matters. and so that statute for clark county, which is the only place that uses this machine -- >> jesse: hello, everyone. i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld, martha maccallu martha maccallum, it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ the trump campaign contesting the presidential election results in the state of nevada in a courtroom in carson city as we speak. we are going to monitor that for any breaking news and bring you the latest. in the meantime, president trump is not backing down in this fight. he's expressing frustration with what he claims is a lack of action by attorney general bill barr. >> they haven't looked very hard, which is a disappointment,
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to be honest. whether you g go to wisconsin, where we just filed a case, or michigan or you look at what's happening in georgia as an example, or pennsylvania. if you look at nevada, this is probably the most fraudulent election that anyone has ever seen. >> do you still have confidence in bill barr? >> asked me that in a number of weeks from now. they should be looking at all of this fraud. this is not civil, this is criminal stuff. this is very bad criminal stuff. >> jesse: one of the things i think bill barr should look at is this new video that's come out of georgia. going to play it for you right now. it looks like some people taking full workers out and then dragging out boxes from under a table and counting them. watch. >> according to the witnesses, republican observers, there is a
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lady who comes out to announce, we are going to stop counting, everyone go home. and in fact, we see that. what happens i is a very clear that including the republican observers and the press about four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night from that point, which is going to be about 10:25 when they all clear out, or 10:30. they will continue counting unobserved, unsupervised, not in public view, as your statute requires, until about one in the morning. >> jesse: do you think the attorney general is going to be looking into that? >> martha: obviously that sounds very suspicious and it's something that would absolutely need to be looked into. one of the problems here is that there wasn't enough preemptive work that was laid down and established on both sides about exactly how this is going to go. it's an absolutely unprecedented
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situation to have 41% of the country vote by mail an mail-int in the middle of this pandemic is so -- and democrats seem to have gamed it much more effectively than republicans did and i think that the lawyers that we heard about that are going to be engaged, at one point there was outrage over that but the fact of the matter is if what you just showed is accurate and if that happened, it is absolutely reprehensible and both sides should have said no, if we leave everyone is going to leave but there was no one who was effectively in charge of that and both sides weren't able to sign off and observe in the way that they should have been there is absolutely a good reason. investigate on all of it. >> jesse: moore is coming out this week. what really keeps it alive is
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when you see the testimony with your own eyes. listen to the side of michigan and you can react to that. >> i was standing behind the tabulating machines and i could tell right away that most of these people did not know what to do when a ballot gets jammed. >> i did see double counting on the jambs. i saw that several times. they would take the ballots that were just scanned and just rescan them again. >> jesse: we have seen multiple witnesses testified of the fact they were scanning ballots over and over and over again and that's just illegal. >> it is of course straight up illegal and for weeks, you and i and others have been hearing where's the evidence? no evidence of massive, widespread fraud and now evidence is coming out like an avalanche. as martha alluded to, you have to ask a question, was there an opportunity for fraud? of course it was, unprecedented with covid-19 in the mail in ballots no one was prepared for.
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then was there a created opportunity for fraud? that is where you go to unprecedented stopping of the count in the middle of the night. there is no precedent for that in american history. that happens in third world dictatorships! you stop it, show everyone out, then bring in the ballots. this testimony to that. ignoring signature requirements, we don't have any voter i.d. then what is their motive? i've heard you talk about all week the justification the left has had because of how evil they deemed donald trump to be. anything's on the table as a result. these are democrat-run cities from atlanta to philly. you don't need massive fraud in every state, you just needed in the right places in this as evidence. who was that lady in georgia? who was she? why was she there? why did she and the other three people stay there? what was in those suitcases? we deserve answers to that. that takes time and that is with
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the trump team has been saying. i just need time to gather affidavits and they have a lot of them. >> jesse: at the democrats given us a reason to trust them over the last four years? >> greg: they have been given us reason to trust them over the summer. we don't even have to go for years because remember, these are people that completely dismissed violence in the streets, who politicians actually bailed out, looters and sex offenders, while talking about defunding the police. we can't trust them. but i want to go back to these whistle-blowers because i think this is really important. there is a whistle-blower's paradox, the more authentic and human you are, the more likely the media will dismiss you because you aren't coached, you aren't airbrushed, you aren't lawyerly, you aren't professional. if you remember the witnesses of the justice kavanaugh travesty and how the media fell over each other for every single person,
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even the worst charlatans were taken seriously. meanwhile, the media completely ignored these witnesses and some might even make fun of them because maybe sometimes they might have an opinion or they might exaggerate or maybe they are not sure, but look at it with the media takes seriously as their whistle-blowers. people that they consider jokes until they have something on trump. secure magic, michael cohen, omarosa, all jokes who could not be taken seriously until of course they were worth something to the media. they now gain more respect than the regular citizens who have signed sworn affidavits. they actually have some skin in the game. if they lie they can get in trouble. i want to hear them out, i want to know, we spent two years on the molar probe. we can get this process a month and we should! this isn't about 2020! this is about 2024. this is about democracy.
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if we don't blow this whistle, the democrats are going to blow the whistle on themselves and i say this again, it wouldn't blow the whistle's on the mostly peaceful demonstrations, we have to do this. >> jesse: geraldo, we had you on the show when you were skeptical, i think is the word, but some of these allegations. now that you have seen with your own eyes people testifying in real time, it's some pretty credible allegations. have you changed your opinion a little bit? >> geraldo: i think you are giving false hope to our audience that there is enough here to overturn the election of the president. >> jesse: no, i'm just reporting what the -- >> geraldo: let me finish. greg was filibustering there for 5 minutes. i think i get 30 seconds. bill barr is the best lawyer in washington, d.c. he's a two-time attorney general. he is the most effective, high-functioning person in the trump administration. he had the president's back when
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than anyone else in washington. greg mentioned russia, russia, russia. who debunked russia? who made it clear that the president of the united states was hounded and mercilessly pursued with lies and exaggeration, et cetera? it was william barr. the attorney general of the united states has said there is no evidence that he can see of systemic, categorical errors here. has he seen video out of michigan? >> greg: you're not addressing the testimony! you're just pointing to barr! you're not answering what we are asking! >> geraldo: if someone like the person in nevada reportedly went with the same ballot and went again and again and again, that's a crime, that person can be arrested, that person can be charged. that's the level of that offense. this is not the kind of broad,
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systemic. if you can challenge mail-in balloting for example on constitutional grounds, you have a chance of getting to the high court. you have a chance of affecting the outcome here, but these retail wrongs are outrageous -- >> greg: uni -- >> jesse: it's not a retail wrong when it's 50,000 ballots over and over and over. he >> greg: her geraldo is dismissing the point! we are talking about specific, crucial counties where you don't need widespread -- and nobody is claiming widespread. we are talking specific, targeted -- >> martha: let me say one thing. okay -- look. keep an eye on this nevada hearing because this is the first time it has been in a courtroom under oath, these witnesses and this testimony in nevada. nevada is a place where the
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difference of 35,000 votes, the trump campaign claims they can prove 100,000 of them are fraudulent. let them have it, let them go at it. this is a very important thing to keep an eye on because this is the first courtroom appearance -- >> geraldo: there is no way a judge is going to overturn -- >> martha: it is a matter, let the process play out. >> jesse: we will see we can get a fair hearing in nevada. >> martha: that's what they're doing right now. we will see what happens. >> jesse: coming up next, major backlash in new york city after officials arrested our bar owner. ♪ research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance
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♪ [ whispering ] what's this? oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here.
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yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes. ♪ >> martha: we covered this last night life as it started
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happening, hundreds of outraged protesters showed up outside of a pub in staten island. [all chanting "open up"] >> martha: a bar owner was taken out in handcuffs this week after he stayed open in defiance of coronavirus rules. slamming officials for their heavy-handed response. >> i thought there were serious rights being infringed on and every day that passes now, even hour to hour, it seems as though this city and state have no regard for any of the rules or systems in place. >> jesse: on the other side of the country, california governor gavin newsom is showing in a stay at home order link to ic capacity in his state. watch this. >> region where the icu capacity is falling below 15%, we are now mandating that we are implementing a stay at stay-at-home orator for three
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weeks. >> martha: greg, let's start with you. your thoughts on what we saw last night in staten island and also, the new restrictions. a really in california. >> greg: is hard for me not to get emotional about what i saw last night because as somebody who's neighborhood, and i've talked about it before, was alluded freely because under de blasio he had handcuffed the police rather than the criminals. i see this action is being switched. they are arresting these people, which is what they didn't do when these small businesses were looted and that so pisses me off. we can no longer rely on politicians, media, or the experts on this topic. what you're saying last night our people, people are going to be taking the lead based on common sense because so many things have changed from people believing that the travel ban was xenophobic. that kids shouldn't be going to school, that this might have come from a wuhan lab and were not even sure about that
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anymore. science keeps changing. we have to start living our lives or we are going to start losing our livelihoods. >> martha: is a great point. the more we have worn masks and locks things down around the country, it continues to rage. the highest hospitalization rate we have seen, so it raises this very basic question about what we know about the virus and whether or not these measures actually work. >> jesse: right now we've gone from about 750 average daily deaths today in october 2 now about 1700, so we have doubled the daily death count in about a month and a half, which is not good, so thank god warp speed is just around the corner. can't come soon enough. but as someone who loves the bars, more than anybody, it really hurts my soul to see a bar owner treated like this. and it really inspires me to see the neighborhood come out and
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support like that. you can't have politicians whose salaries are paid for by the taxpayer, paid for by that bar owner, shut down small business owners and not give them any sort of stimulus relief. you can't do that and then you can't have those politicians go into fancy restaurants and going to vacations not wearing masks and breaking all the rules they establish themselves. politicians should be fine for breaking those rules just the way they find restaurants or businesses for breaking these guidelines. they should dock the pay of politicians. >> martha: geraldo? >> geraldo: i think that the finding of the businesses is the key, rather than sending a squad of sheriff's deputies into close a bar in front of a crowd of several hundred people. what purpose is served by that? by that show of force? what are we dealing with here?
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if somebody is violating the rule, the ordinance, the order of the mayor or the governor, whatever the appropriate agency is, then you give them a ticket. you don't feed the emotion. we are, as jesse said come on the cusp of a vaccine. i want the fda to get working! work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. get this damn vaccine. we are the governor of ohio say an hour ago that by december 15th, people in ohio will be getting the vaccine. if everybody could just cool their jets, we almost there, let's get this vaccine out into the people, protect the population, and then the silly stuff will go away. but i also have to honor greg's point about the way we pay more attention to these violations, more than we do violations and
2:21 pm
anarchy. >> martha: these are good guys trying to run a business, try to pay the bills in the treatment of them i think was reprehensible. >> they are entrepreneurs who want the right to succeed in this country. one person who was there at the protest has divide lockdown orders this entire time. he's had 70,000 people come to the gym, they've remained open. zero covid cases because he respects people coming and understands how to be cautious about doing so but he understands these governors and mayors are drunk on power, in this case in staten island, on the other side of the railway track is the yellow zone where you can be wide open as a business, a quarter-mile on the other side, so he is close? that's arbitrary, there is no common sense. good on him, people need to keep defying it if they want to keep their freedom. >> martha: he doesn't know we live around the corner. thanks. coming up, a nice moment a few
2:22 pm
moments ago. president trump and the first lady making an appearance at the national christmas tree lighting. let's take a look. >> we will start with five, four, three, two, one. ♪ >> martha: that's nice. good timing, right? christmas is coming. coming up next, the big guns get ready to battle it out in georgia while control of the senate hangs in the balance when we come back. ♪ ♪ smooth driving pays off you never been in better hands allstate click or call for a quote today
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♪ >> geraldo: welcome back, everybody. the stakes could not be higher in the two georgia runoffs and now some political heavyweights from both sides of the aisle getting into the action.
2:27 pm
president trump of course is headed there this saturday and former president obama will join a virtual reality with one of the democrats. reverend raphael warnock, the other democrat has boosted the turnout there. here is john kennedy on what is at stake for the g.o.p. >> unless you have the iq of a root vegetable, you know how important this election is. if we lose in georgia, senator schumer, senator bernie sanders, alexandria ocasio-cortez are in charge. this is america, they are entitled to their opinions but in my opinion, their ideas are barking mad. >> geraldo: barking mad, the democrats are, but what about this republican focus on the election? should they not be focused on the runoffs rather than the presidential election? can you do both?
2:28 pm
don't you see the president's legacy is tied to the runoffs election? >> jesse: perhaps, but we will be covering the rally the president will be delivering on saturday night, live at 8:00. we can hash out the conversation there. i usdon't you think the senator sounds like someone who will challenge you to a dual? that is the vibe i'm getting and i love it. absolutely right. a baby faced trust fund socialist and warnick is a gun grabber. neither of those guys should win this race but with the situation as it is in georgia, anything could happen and you saw that with the tape that was played up top at the a block so they should have sheriff's they are enforcing the ability of poll watchers to watch the ballots. they flood the zone with all of these paper ballots. it's a limited amount of time,
2:29 pm
the advantage is what it used to be, i expect purdue to win and i love saying those names as opposed to warnock, yet >> geraldo: jesse has strong feelings about who should win in georgia but don't you think in all honesty that the president should cool it, or should at least on saturday focus on the runoff election for senate rather than his own grievances about the election? >> martha: let me put it this way, yesterday we watched lynwood and sidney powell come out and blast the operating system in georgia, the vote system in georgia and basically tell people that they shouldn't vote, that it was rigged not to vote. we saw something interesting happened after that. trump team folk started to say
2:30 pm
don't listen to them, ignore what they are saying, newt gingrich came out and go after these two attorneys and say don't listen to them. if they allow people to sort of allow that oxygen to grow with what they are peddling in georgia right now, i think that republicans will be in trouble. the margins are going to be tight, so it's very incumbent on the president if he wants his side of the equation to win to go out there and focus on that like a laser. absolutely get out and vote. even democrats in georgia are starting to seize on this. they are spending money to put billboards up that say ride and president trump for senate, don't vote for purdue. celebrities on social media thing don't vote for kelly loeffler because she's a woman. trying to gum up the gears and just loving the sentiment that has been created over the presidential election. so i think president trump wants his side to win, needs to be on getting out the vote just like you needed to be in the national
2:31 pm
election as well. >> geraldo: i totally agree but don't you think with lynwood and sidney powell, shouldn't they stand down? they are not helping the runoff when they are undermining the electoral process, greg. >> greg: i'm more interested in talking about how important this election is because under trump for four years, the democrats reported every single event, everyday event is apocalyptic. if you turned on cnn, every day, if a squirrel farted he would say it's worse than watergate. everything is worse than watergate, so now it's our turn. if democrats get control of the senate under the current state of their party, it is over for this country. it is the end of our republic. you cannot hand the keys to this country to a teenager drunk on idiocy because if the democrats get the senate and have the
2:32 pm
house in the oval office, then so does the tech platforms, the media, they are all together and they all support the same thing, elimination of speech, violent people, cancel culture, destruction of public property, confiscation through taxation. if these people are in charge, it's nice knowing you, america. what i'm saying is you got to go, you got to vote, stay away from the sideshows because this is as important as the election a month ago. >> geraldo: major pete, don't you think anyone who is thinking of not voting to protest the flaws in the electoral process are hurting themselves and their party and the future of the country? >> of course, focus on getting out the vote. absolute radicals that hate this country, they have to be better focused. this is a preview of 2024 on
2:33 pm
poll watchers, on lawyers. there are even going to be plumbers on standby in case the water breaks in the middle of the night and they've got to shut everything down. they need everything lined up and ready to go to challenge this, otherwise, getting out the vote as a matter. a lot of people think that the first go round about a month ago wasn't fair. if that's the case then they won't win. >> geraldo: there is so much more to say about george and i'm sure we will. coming up, alexandria ocasio-cortez accused of being out of touch by selling inexpensive "tax the rich" sweatshirt. next. kids, what do you want for lunch? pizza. tacos. pizza! what about subway? it's a good call and everyone loves it. we raised our kids on it. so it stopped the bickering? (mocking tone) "mom, jj's copying me!" grow up. mom! knock it off! try the new subway buffalo chicken or bbq chicken.
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♪ >> another example of democrats
2:38 pm
being out of touch, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez, carmine cortes is selling into a sweatshirt is on her official website there too many people cannot afford. it comes with a price tag of $58. right now it is sold out and then there's this green new deal hoodie which will run you a cool $65. conrad cortez is defending the price of her merchandising they are made in the usa. is she an america-first capitalist now and are you on board? >> greg: i can't believe housing a phobic she is that it's a selling point that it's made in the usa, she's obviously racist. who knew a communist could be so capitalistic? she's selling slogans that go against the very thing she's doing. she should be giving these away for free, is what she should be doing. she should be taking a loss. who cares if she makes a profit?
2:39 pm
she didn't care about the thousands of jobs in new york city that she kills because amazon chose not to come here and she becomes a business person leslie. would he think is buying these shirts? not working class kids. it's rich white liberal college kids desperately seeking a virtue signal. she's just praying on them. >> did you get the latest sweatshirt? that's what everyone's asking. you can also pick up a drink water and don't be racist teacher for $27, and abolish i.c.e. cap. >> jesse: now i know what to get juan for christmas. i had to do this but i'm not going to go after aoc. $58 for a domestically manufactured sweatshirt is what it calls. i checked with my buddy was in the business and that's what it costs. when donald trump sells his make america great again hats, those are made in america and those
2:40 pm
are $25 and that's just a hat. that's not a whole sweatshirt. she's not selling these to make cash on the side. she is selling these as campaign donations, so that's fine. the only thing i would do differently, i wouldn't say tax the rich. i would have a sweatshirt for her that says thank you, rich. because greg gutfeld taxes alone pretty much cover every single programminprogram in aoc's dist. you're welcome. >> greg: not true. >> jesse: this week, joe biden made the admission that he feels the democratic party has forgotten much of middle america. do slogans like this -- t-shirts. is this the recognition that there slogans are a reflection of priorities? >> martha: i forgot to mention that he would look at this whole program and say this is exactly the kind of stuff that doesn't resonate with rural people across the country, and i think joe biden understands that his party has abandoned a group of
2:41 pm
people across the country for a long, long time and he's trying to get them back. this would be sort of an eye roll situation and i think to greg's point, she should ask a lot of her big donors to buy boatloads of the sweatshirts and hand them out to people who cannot afford to buy them. speak i will let you be the decision-maker here. she now capitalist? is this a fair price? does this even matter? >> geraldo: i'm not going to play along, aoc suffered a devastating loss in this election. progressives were routed from the democratic party came to the realization that they no longer represent a huge swaths of the american working class. i think the g.o.p. now is poised. one of the reasons the legacy of the president is so important, georgia is so important, the g.o.p. is poised now to really reach out and take hold, these working-class people and say they are all republicans.
2:42 pm
>> you can also get a tote bag and a mug. mugs are $27. that seems a little bit pricey. i'm going to check it in the break but "the fastest seven" is next. ♪ ♪ limu emu and doug. and if we win, we get to tell you how liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. isn't that what you just did? service! ♪ stand back, i'm gonna show ya ♪ ♪ how doug and limu roll, ya ♪ ♪ you know you got to live it ♪ ♪ if you wanna wi... [ music stops ] time out! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> greg: welcome back. time for "the fastest seven." no more kids, peacocks, or ponies on your next flight. the transportation department ruling that dogs are the only service animals allowed to fly, putting an end to all other emotional support animals he would like to bring on board. in 13 states i am considered a therapy pet. i have my own carrier. >> jesse: when i go on a plane i don't want that to look like noah's ark. i just want to sit down and have my cocktail. if you need a monkey to make you feel safe to fly, you shouldn't be flying anywhere. you should be staying at home. >> greg: i think often these are people who are trying to get around storing their pet, probably. they went online and they got
2:47 pm
these passes and stuff that were pretty easy to get. >> it's true but this means that one point someone was able to say i have an emotional support peacock, turkey, or spider, which are examples. i've lost my emotional support spider, someone told the flight attendant. it's a rare return to normalcy. as a cat guy i feel cats should get an introduction as well. >> jesse: you are a cat guy? well! >> oh, yeah. >> greg: not only a cat guy, he is a scented candle guy. >> martha: that i believe. >> jesse: it's true. if you walk by his office -- >> greg: it's like you're in that weird bath bedding store that nobody likes to go into because you start sneezing. i can't remember the name of it. >> one time, greg. >> greg: anyway, where am i, martha? because people started abusing a
2:48 pm
lot. people always try to game the system. >> martha: when i saw this headline i had to read it twice. it gives me hope. this gives me hope because when you think that there is no way of putting these crazy genies back into the bottle, some of the stuff that has happened in this country that is allowable, i just would love to know how this got through so relatively easily because i thought, this gives me hope. >> greg: geraldo, i think your mustache could qualify as a therapy pet. >> geraldo: me too. i fought for the rights of people with disabilities my whole working life, over half a century now and nothing irks me more than to see people abuse or exploit a bill or an ordinance that was passed for righteous reasons. this is really, really terrible. this is people trying to beat the fair that you pay when you bring your dog and have to bring
2:49 pm
him in transportation. it's awful, awful, and get rid of it. >> greg: now we can say when pigs fly come all the time, because they will never fly. next up, san francisco banning smoking cigarettes inside of apartment buildings, but lighting up a joint is still allowed. martha, you are a pothead. i think this is good news for you when you are in san francisco? >> martha: i am not here but i think we will have all the people in separate the from moving to new jersey because we just made pot legal in new jersey but as far as i know, people are still allowed to smoke in their houses. i think perhaps the taxes are high, which people should consider when they make this change but both things are allowed in the privacy of your own home. >> greg: taxes are the only things high in new jersey new jersey appeared geraldo. >> geraldo: this is what happens when ideology clashes with real life. the band's cigarette smoke but they said they would give pot a pass. it's because that is the
2:50 pm
reality, everyone is getting high in san francisco. >> greg: they haven't made any call on scented candle so you are safe. >> you're right, i was called out for having a scented candle that was too smelly in the office and you had to come in and tell me about it. people complained. admit it was a manly scent. >> greg: people complained about it and i had to go ahead and break the news to him and i did. >> greg gutfeld knocked on my door and said these people are complaining about your candle. listen, i think you should be able to smoke in restaurants or bars of the restaurant allows you to. >> geraldo: that's gross. >> jesse: i think pete was using the scented candle to mask the smell of something else, right, pete? >> no comment. no comment. >> greg: finally, good news for robots. pennsylvania illegally classifying autonomous delivery bath as pedestrians as the new law allows them to be used in roadways and sideways but they still have to yield the
2:51 pm
right-of-way to actual human pedestrians and cyclists. this is the first step to consciousness! >> that's all i was going to say. more validation for greg gutfeld theory that robots will rule the world. what happens if you ask them to move on the sidewalk? they short-circuit and it all goes haywire. >> greg: they will define themselves as human beings and then they will have rights. >> martha: and they go 12 miles an hour which apparently, according to the bike people, that is too fast and they are where they will be knocking people off the sidewalk so i think robots are taking over the world. >> geraldo: looks affordable to me. >> martha: it's a very fast, so be careful. you never have to look for a bathroom. >> geraldo: all those bombs, the problem would be solved. a robot makes a great sense. >> martha: no thanks, not on
2:52 pm
the sidewalk. all i would say is any guy aged about 8 to 30 come if they see a robot running around in the neighborhood they are going to steal it. or they're going to knock it over or shoot a sling shot at it. guys are going to be guys. >> greg: that is going to be an abuse of robot rights. jesse watters on robotics. >> jesse: among other things. >> greg: writes. "one more thing" is up next. ♪ - [announcer] meet the ninja foodi air fry oven.
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2:57 pm
together and this is what you've got. look at this bush baby. it's like a professional hockey goalie. it stops with its back foot then its front foot. look at that concentration. oh, they are so adorable. >> you can't bring them on a plane, though. >> you can hide them. but i'll stop there. >> please stop, greg. new-product alert. this is a kfc-scented log. that is right, you can put this on your fireplace or stove or campfire, and it will smell like the 11 herbs and spices. >> i can smell it right now, it is not even burning. starving right now. go to walmart, and it will be available. pete, you are up next. >> jesse, i am firing that up in my office sometime soon. i want to give a huge shout out of thanks to the fox news team and the amazing patriots out there who this week made my new book "modern warriors" a
2:58 pm
"new york times" best seller, debuted at number six, and if you consider the source, it would have been higher. i have proof of that. it came out number three on "the wall street journal" was behind barack obama and matthew mcconaughey. i want to thank everybody who picked it up. there is still time for christmas. to all of the 15 warriors we highlighted in the book, they are the reason it is so good. you are going to love their stories. it was a blessing to put this project together, thank you to everyone who picked it up. still got time. "modern warriors." >> and everybody buy that book so he beats obama, because obama would not like to be beaten by a fox news book. >> i want to congratulate the legendary football coach of notre dame university, today awarded the presidential medal of freedom by president trump, and it was beautiful moment to watch. during it, he is a really good joker and funny, and here's what he set about his early days coaching at notre dame. >> when i went to notre dame they had a policy, the head
2:59 pm
football coach was not allowed to make more than the president of notre dame. the president of notre dame -- [laughter] >> that is luke, and visit his wife, beth, who passed away recently. their love story is amazing and she was the love of his life. congratulations, and we are so glad he got over his bout with covid so he could have been amazing moment today at the white house. geraldo? >> we had over a foot of snow here, martha, in cleveland. which is beautiful. it's so serene on your soul. the problem is we have three little dogs. my daughter, isabella, after testing and quarantining, came to visit from d.c. and she had her little dog, a brand-new dog, a miniature doxen named pippen after the character in "lord of the rings." we have two multi-foods, and they are so little, the dog's legs are little, they can't -- that is our spread for thanksgiving. >> you made the dog's food!
3:00 pm
>> here they are, our trio. ricky, lucy, and pippen. >> beautiful. >> geraldo is going sledding, everybody, so wish him luck out there. that is it for us. "special report" is up next with mike emanuel. >> mike: thank you, jesse, and welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel info bret baier. breaking tonight, a record number of deaths in the u.s. coronavirus pandemic. the country recorded more than 3100 fatalities wednesday, obliterating the record from last spring. the number of hospitalized americans has eclipsed 100,000 for the first time, and new cases are now topping 200,000 per day. more restrictions are in effect, and more are on the way, with a lockdown living in california and a household stay-at-home advisory in delaware going into effect december 14th for 3 weeks. there are also more charges of hypocrisy against many of the people in charge. we have fox team coverage, william la jeunesse in los angeles, where the mayor has


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