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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 3, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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provisional ballots and absentee ballots to be ordered online. >> tucker: not surprising. former member of congress, probably the most conservative in new york. good luck. >> thank you. thanks so much. >> tucker: sean hannity right now. >> sean: claudia is right. she won by 12 votes. this week, they magically find 55 ballots more to count. 55. wow. do you have faith in that system? i don't. >> tucker: know, no. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity tonight." we are tracking multiple stories. serious allegations all across the country tonight. a lot of news tonight. in georgia, look at this new surveillance footage we will be showing you. mysterious suitcases potentially filled, we believe with ballots rolled out from under a table after partisan election observers are asked to leave the room. we watch more depositions today. if they have now chronicled
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130,000 votes that they believe were cast illegally in that state. also, at the reno indian colony, we now have uncovered videos showing by didn't gear offering a visa gift cards, jewelry, and other swag to native american voters. you can show you voted. coming up, we will bring you the latest allegations. several of whistle-blowers join us tonight. we will have updated legal challenges, a big supreme court case in wisconsin. we are following the pennsylvania case. that is a very strong constitutional argument. and once again, unlike the mob and the media, we will follow our own independent path. we will follow the facts. they don't do their job. we will do it for them. we will bring you the serious allegations.
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we won't censor evidence. the brave americans are coming forward publicly under the penalty of perjury. they deserve to be heard. we need to hear from them. their claims deserve to all be investigated. we owe every single american. we better get this right or we will lose the country. and today at the white house, president trump had this to say about this new avalanche of evidence around fraud and abuse. take a look. >> its massive fraud, whether you go to wisconsin or michigan, or if you look at what's happening in georgia as an example, pennsylvania. if you look at nevada, which is moving along very rapidly, we found massive fraud. and in other states also, this is probably one of the most fraudulent elections that anybody has ever seen. if you want the president, he has every right to be concerned as we are watching this evidence
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unfold every day. hearing on election irregularities between numerous pasts, real whistle-blowers, they claimed that it continued even after voters were forced to leave the room. >> according to the witnesses, the republican observers, there was a lady who had blonde braids who comes out to announce we are going to stop counting. everyone go home. and in fact, we see that. what happens is everyone clears out including the republican observers in the press. but four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night. from that point, which is going to be about ten: 25 when they all clear out or 10:30. and they will continue counting unobserved, unsupervised, not in public view as your statute requires until about one in the morning. >> sean: all right, look
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closely at your screen. now, witnesses testifying that they were eyewitnesses backed up by the newly-released surveillance footage shortly after observers, they were asked to leave the room. several large mysterious suitcases. yeah, they believe filled with ballots, were rolled out from u. watch for yourself. >> let me roll this back and show it to you. there you go. so now they are going to start pulling these ballots out from under the table. this table, the black one, was placed there by the lady with the blonde braids at about eight: 22:00 a.m. in the morning. so she put that table there at the right hand, the gentleman in the red. so he just pulled one out. what is that doing their separate from all the other ballots and why are they clearing the place out with no witnesses? that's the question. >> sean: let me break it down.
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what you are looking at, the video showing observers, that shouldn't happen as a matter of law. look at the right hand corner of this video. it shows certain poll workers just hanging out, staying behind. now look at the spot shadow on that video. look at it right there. the same workers who stayed behind are now wheeling out the suitcases that were under that rectangular table. so the obvious question is, well, why were the suitcases hidden under the table and ballots, why did they kick people out of the room? why were they brought out after the observers were asked to leave? at the very least, you would think that would be worthy of a criminal investigation. and coming up, the person you just heard from will joining us live. and keep in mind, that's only one allegation from one person in georgia today. we also heard compelling claims about illegally-registered
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voters and people casting ballots from beyond the grave. we heard it all today. take a look. >> i have never seen such poor handling of not only the machinery, but the chain of custody from the very beginning that was so flawed. all the ballot suitcases were sealed and they were just stacked in the corner of the warehouse. for me, i thought, this is just not secure. someone could just wheel these out. i could will them out to my car. i could have wheeled them to the loading dock. i could have done anything. >> i was wearing my badge and presented mind to the poll manager. she denied me entry. >> i voted in person. everything went fine after that. the next day, my mom called the voter center and was told that somebody voted absentee on my name on october 7th.
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>> sean: so, keep in mind that less than 50,000 votes, if you look at arizona and georgia and wisconsin, it's only 44,000 votes total, all three states. nevada, margin of error. today we heard brand-new testimony from the state, including some incredibly shocking, very serious allegations. real people, real affidavits under, well, threat of perjury, if you will. penalty of perjury according to sworn depositions. over 130,000 ballots in nevada were illegally cast. now they identify with 42,000 people who actually voted twice. 23,000 people that were mailed to people out of the state. that would be an ineligible voter. nonexistent or commercial addresses. nonexistent. and over 1500 votes from people who are not alive.
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they are dead. take a look. >> there is a large number of sometimes outright fraud and sometimes these irregularities. many ballots that were improperly counted which means many were disenfranchised. 19,218 votes were not on the ballot. that's particularly striking. >> sean: now, when we say that like in the russia case,'s secret empires came out in 2019. we began the deep investigation in ukraine and china expanded to
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ukraine, chinese nationals, under $1.5 billion. zero experience hunter. yeah, the media let all that go. they all lied to the mob about a russian conspiracy that never occurred. we were proven right. we spent three years on it. we were independent. we forged our own path. we do the job and nobody seems to want to do. this is important. this is about our constitution. this is about free fair elections that we come to you, the people should have confidence in. the judge in nevada announced that he will review the evidence before making a decision. these could be game-changing allegations. they should be. what you just saw came from sworn depositions under perjury. 100,000 tainted ballots, 130 easily sway an election. but there's a lot more. also out of nevada, the "washington examiner"'s of
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supporters from reno indian colony were essentially bribing native americans to go vote. we can show you voted. we promise you are going to go vote. we'll give you av is a gift card. some jewelry it was all captured on footage. take a look. >> make sure you get out here and get some biden campaign swag masks. we have masks, t-shirts, signs, stickers, all kinds of stuff. hand sanitizer. i also want to mention that if you voted early, we are having a virtual raffle. we are going to have some more t-shirts to raffle off. we have $25 gift cards to raffle off. that's a lot of money. we have also $4100 gift cards to
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give away. so again, you want to make sure you get out here to vote. >> sean: let me be clear in case you didn't know. i assuming most of you do. if you offer anything of value to voters while actively supporting joe biden, yeah, that could be a serious violation of the law. 597, to be specific. you are not allowed to bribe people for their vote. we have yet to hear back. the media, the democrats, and everybody. there is no evidence of widespread election irregularities. we have been telling you about all the affidavits. we told you partisan observers couldn't observe and now we are getting to the mountain of evidence. we hear directly from the witnesses. that's called evidence. state after state, real claims. real live witnesses putting
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their reputations on the line. come forward and tell the truth. we have the affidavits on the penalty of perjury. now the funny thing is, i thought whistle-blowers like this, eye witnesses like this were considered patriotic and heroic and needed praise because the one hearsay whistle-blower that led to an impeachment. democrats praised whistle-blowers then. now the mob and the media, and now the democrats, they have gone silent. they don't support whistle-blowers anymore. we have even more major updates. let's look at wisconsin tonight. the supreme court in that state refused to hear, immediately hear the trump campaign's case but there's a lot more to the story. the rest of the story surrounding early voting issues. a statute that requires that it must first go through a circuit board. that's what the statute says. in what could be a preview of coming attractions, three of the
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justices actually praised the case. the chief court justice said, "our denials signals that the allegations are either false or not serious." nothing could be further from the truth. meanwhile, in pennsylvania, g.o.p. lawmakers has made a phenomenal case. they blocked the certification of the results there. pennsylvania's constitution allows only two methods of voting. that was circumvented illegally unconstitutionally i believe by state lawmakers without amending the state's constitution first. what see daisy. now if you look at the law and the constitution, the true meaning, yeah, that means that's out, dominic.
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outlaw, don, which means they weren't allowed to do it. we will have more on these critical cases. first joining us now, jackie, a trump campaign volunteer testified about the mysterious suitcases full of ballots in georgia to whistle-blowers. the testified today. good to see you. all right jackie, let's start with you with this video. i want to play it and i want to play it slowly. you did a good job nara rating. you are not making this claim alone. there are other people that are backing up your claim, again, with sworn affidavits. correct? >> correct. yes. 2 witnesses. two republicans for that particular location. >> sean: yeah, okay, so tell us what we are looking at. observers were asked to leave
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the room. walk us through what we are looking at here. >> so, what happened was our observers were there, the witnesses. and they said things were normal up until about ten: 25 or ten:30. they say the lady with the blond braids, so you can see who that was. there was a blue apron. she came out and yelled to everyone, we are stopping the counting. we are stopping work. we will see you all in the morning at 8:30. it so that meant that all the people left. you can see on the video over time within 10 minutes. that included the republican monitors, who have a right under the georgia statutes to be present. what happened was four people did not leave. they stayed. and from there, you see the videos that you showed earlier were slowly but surely, they pulled 4 suitcases out from under a table. they have been working for aboud doors.
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>> sean: and we believed they would carry those ballots that they brought with the suitcases. isn't that what the believe it is? >> that's what it shows on the video. we don't have a lot of details and specifics. they came into possession of the video late last night. so we haven't had time to actually talk to these people. ask the obvious questions. but from the looks of it, i can tell you that whenever you eject public, which includes the press and the opposing party or any party, monitors, you are acting outside the law all by itself regardless of whatever else is going on, whatever else will unfold. this will be part of the president's that he filed today. the president only has to show that there are illegal ballots or votes or those that are cast in doubt. to overcome the margin of
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victory. that is his only burden. certainly, we can believe in this amount of time, there are enough votes there to acquit the margin of victory. >> sean: it's obscene. never mind the signature. grace, i found your testimony very compelling today. you also, you are a young woman and you filed an affidavit under penalty of perjury. that's a little scary. tell us what you saw. >> so i went to vote in person on october 23rd for early voting and i was told that there was an absentee ballot already out for me. but this was of course not true. i never requested an absentee ballot. i always vote in person. so i signed an affidavit saying this was not me and i voted in person. after that, my mom called the
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voter center and they found out that someone requested and submitted in the same day an absentee ballot in my name. and this was also really strange because you can't do that. you're supposed to go through the mail and it is supposed to be verified. >> sean: we always want other people to vote. you are putting in an effort to do this. that can't happen. let me go to you, ethan, because you are a young person yourself. what happened to you in michigan questioned mark how are you treated? >> so first i would like to say thank you for having me on the show. as a challenger, i was an independent so i wasn't really a republican or a democrat challenger. but from my standpoint, it was, i was treated just as badly as most of the republican challengers. if i got anywhere near a table,
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even further than 6 feet away, people would come up to me and tell me i needed to back up, which i didn't need to. whenever i would try to challenge, i would get ignored. i would get slandered. or i would be threatened to be kicked out. republican and independent challengers were kicked out. it was kind of frightening to see that percentage of the workers and the supervisors clapping and cheering as people are being kicked out doing their duties. and even when i first arrived, they weren't letting challengers in anymore. they were saying this is due to covid. but it was really scary. blocking up windows. there is really nothing to hide, then i don't know why they felt the need to block up the windows. >> sean: we have a video of that. by the way, can you see anything from 6 feet away? did you see anything? >> no, you cannot. it's very hard to do your job, especially when they will get mad at you. they will come up to you and block you or they will purposely
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move their arms and their bodies to obstruct your view from seeing the ballots that they are doing. >> sean: jackie, i want to go back to and i want to go back to the video that they are showing tonight. and this is, again, though observers are asked to leave. the counting continues. how long did it go on? >> for about two hours. so they cleared everyone out around 10:30. starting about 11:01, you see the suitcases come out and they get right to work. and this continues up until about 1:00. we know this because republican monitors actually got word from the press that the counting continued after they had left. and so they went back to the arena to confirm that. when they got there at 1:00 in the morning, the security guards and other people there said they just left 5 minutes ago. we can actually see our monitors coming back to state farm.
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>> sean: by the way, there are other people signing affidavits that are a green 100% with what you are saying, correct? >> yeah, we have about 100 affidavits. there was one in the morning, obviously. not a lot of people hanging out. they were already kicked out. most of the affidavits, it's actually more common. a very common story. >> sean: yeah, well i really appreciate you telling us and the other 99 people. i am particularly sorry with what you guys went through. you care about your country. you spent the time and it shouldn't happen to either one of you. thank you for sharing your story. appreciate it. now, thank you for that and when
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we come back, we are going to hear from trump's legal team about the latest developments in this fight. mayor rudy giuliani will be here. plus, an undercover video. yep, exposing brand-new video tonight on fake news cnn exclusively right here. ♪ it's down to the wire,
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the team's been working around the clock.
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we've had to rethink our whole approach. we're going to give togetherness. logistically, it's been a nightmare. i'm not sure it's going to work. it'll work. i didn't know you were listening.
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♪ >> sean: earlier today, the georgia state senate judiciary committee held an explosive hearing on election improprieties where the trump campaign presented more eviden evidence. thousands of felons apparently have voted illegally on thousands of underaged voters, dead voters. here is a small sample from today's hearing. take a look. >> another table had an 8-10-inch stack that are purely for biden. not a single trump vote. >> there is no question in my mind something is very wrong and now you've got video proof. >> i noticed that none of the people there had credentials on. they said many of them don't have. that's my problem right there. the one that was doing the voting for someone else. the one here with reaction,
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kayleigh mcenany it's with us. 15,700 voted. 10,315 dead people may have voted. and then you've got felons voting, nonregistered voting. po box ballots. after the deadline. do we count those votes too? >> yeah, that's exactly right. that's why when they say we are no longer interested in signature match. we are going to be steamrolled by the radical left and have others come into our state across the nation, this is what happens. and it's very hard to unravel in the aftermath. but as you can quite evidently see from across the nation, mass
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mail-in voting system led to exactly what you are watching. >> sean: a lot went on in the state of nevada tonight. i've got to be honest, because we were supposed to come as i understood, and maybe if i'm wrong, correct me, hear from witnesses today. i did watch the president's attorneys and did a pretty powerful presentation out there. but we have identified according to testimony of individuals and experts that have analyzed what they have been able to get their hands on. votes were illegal. they mailed ballots to everybody on the voter role. by the way, you have declaration of somebody witnessing attempts to steal. whistle-blowing a mail carrier
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acquiring a super virus. don't return as undeliverable. a deceased ballot. witnesses declaring they had never been registered to vote. correct me if i'm wrong. now we say he's going to read the deposition from witnesses and not hear from them? >> yes. he's going to review the 8,000 pages of deficits because they are comprehensive. likely rule on this tomorrow either a motion to dismiss or he will rule on the side of the campaign. they do feel that those are comprehensive enough where if the judge reads them even without hearing from the witnesses, let me be clear, these individuals sat across from -- they were scrutinized. 8,000 pages will show that.
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they will also show another individual who said i left the room. when i came back the next day, the vote tally had changed despite the fact -- another was found in front of a biden-harris bus. a group of people were marking them, stealing them, and presumably mailing them in. those depositions should really -- >> sean: okay, last question for you. and thank you again. let's talk a little bit about the pennsylvania case. the pennsylvania constitution does not allow for all the mail-in ballots. legislature decided they were going to ignore. i believe that is up to the u.s. supreme court. that is a constitutional issue. you cannot just violate a state constitution.
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it is in direct conflict. there is no ambiguity there. >> that's exactly right. there is zero ambiguity here. ted cruz has been on. the supreme court needs to take this on. what did they say? they didn't say you were wrong. they didn't say what they did was constitutional. they said, sorry, you just brought this a little late. that's not an argument. our elections matter. our constitutions matter. this should get a hearing in the supreme court of the united states. i think it will. they will have the decision as to whether the full court can take it but we will see what if that happens. >> sean: thank you for being with us. while the state supreme court was going to hear the latest election lawsuit as a matter of procedure only, yeah, three of the justices made very clear the
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seriousness of the issues raised but ruled that the campaign has to first go to the circuit. separate lawsuit in nevada. team trump delivered their opening statements, laying all of their examples out. 130,000 illegal votes that were cast. double voting. people that are dead voting. evidence of outright ballot stuffing and much more evidence and more whistle-blowers. they are all willing to testify. and the judge who might be able to hear the evidence. frankly, if we want any chance of restoring confidence, we need to have a full accounting of when it actually happened. let's go to what the judges in wisconsin on the supreme court out there said today because i found this pretty extraordinary. yeah, they said it's got to go to the circuit first. but they said occasionally members of the public seem to
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believe the denial of our acceptance of case signals the petitioner's allegations are either false or not. here it is. nothing can be further from the truth. wow. that to me is a powerful statement. >> while, it wasn't a loss as much as it was a chance for the trump lawyers to really lead. what they did was exact what you said. they went to the supreme court first to see if the court would take what's called original jurisdiction. in other words, let's skip all the other steps and go right to the supreme court. bring our case they are. and they almost got it done. but there really saw that they had three judges that were really, i think impressed with the argument that the trump campaign were making. the member, this is a different kind of case. this is a case about whether or
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not clerks should be able to circumvent state law, create their own system of early voting iin the state that doesn't allow early voting. so these are based on real statutes. the thing about the statutes in wisconsin, they are unequivocal. in other words, there is no way around the statutes. you can't violate. what the trump campaign did tonight if they filed the of the supreme court's order, they filed their cases in milwaukee in dane county. dane county is where madison is. they denied a plaintiff, a judge to that case. the supreme court stepped back in and appointed a new judge for that case to two different counties and they are moving forward likely tomorrow or the next day with a scheduling order and they will likely be back in the supreme court in about 5-6 days. >> sean: the supreme court, they seem pretty clear that they
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are actually excited about the case. in other words, how many ballots are we talking about? ignore the voting and if you do, you have to go through a process and there is a signature required and all that. but that never happened. how many ballots are we talking about? >> over 200,000. the democrats are saying, wait a minute. they signed the envelope. but the statute is very clear. if they want to run the law, the statute says that the absentee ballot request form application has to be stored in the municipal clerks office and the envelopes are stored at the county. so the envelope can't be the application. the other thing that is crazy about it is that the signing of the envelope after you already get the ballot, that can't be the application. in other words, there is your ballot. put it in the envelope.
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now sign up and that is your application. that is not what the law says. >> sean: great job. and you were telling me for a long time that this was going to be a big case. you were right. you were out there in the courtroom in nevada. we may not hear from witnesses now. why? >> sean, don't be upset about that. the judge has been very transparent in the process. but this is the same law firm that brought us the dirty dossier. it said that we didn't have a case and we shouldn't have any depositions. but actually, i think the case is compelling. we spent this time. the legal team has compiled this evidence for the first time in the country that we have had the chance in court to go through tens of thousands of illegal ballots in the count. as you said in your opening, in your monologue, it's three or four times the amount we would have to prove to change the results. you name the category, we have
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thousands of listed votes in the account. you name the dirty tactic, the biden allies undertook it all throughout the selection process. what i find interesting is two things. there are no claims leveled by the other side against team trump with illegal activities. zero. all the illegalities and all the proof of this through all these whistle-blowers is on th the bin side. number two, why is the biden team fighting the trump team for transparency if they did nothing wrong? it's very strange. if joe biden thinks he won this race fair and square, why is he fighting every step of the way for more transparency on the records question right because as you said in your monologue, it is thousands enough to switch the results in nevada and these other states. >> sean: keep us up to speed. great work that's going on out there and we really appreciate it. you've done an amazing job in keeping us informed and what is a really strong case in
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wisconsin. thank you. now, as we told you earlier, down in georgia we have more explosive revelations laying out what appears to be extensive law violations including the bombshell video and suspicious counting. rudy giuliani presented specific irregularities. take a look. >> 200,000 ballots. you had a rejection rating of 6.4%. and now you have 1.3 million ballots. you have almost no rejection rate. two tenths of a percentage is almost statistically insignificant. that alone raises suspicion of fraud. these votes are too legitimate to certify. either too illegitimate to certify or you can look through them and figure out whatever way you feel is right. but this is your power. your obligation. >> sean: here to explain, the president's attorney, the former mayor, rudy giuliani.
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you are kind of a hard man. you were scheduled to be on last night and we are simultaneously showing you live. you just landed in a plane. we throw you in any studio. here is what is fascinating. while, i'm watching all of this. i watched georgia. then we got the case of wisconsin. and then we got the case in nevada. and then the constitutional arguments of pennsylvania. we have a real constitutional shot in my opinion. >> real good shot. i mean, today's video was really explosive because whole it puts the lie to the fact that there is no evidence. there are about 5,000 affidavits. it's pretty evident. we have presented about 100 witnesses. and today, in addition to very many compelling witnesses
6:41 pm
showing about 100,000 or more illegal ballots in the state of georgia, we presented 4 videotapes from 4 security cameras showing the democrats, showing the republicans, claiming there was a break, which was a lie. once the republicans left, they took ballots out from under a table where they had it hidden. it looks like thousands and thousands of ballots. while republicans weren't there, all night, counted the ballots. i want you to watch. it proves everything we've been saying, everything the president has been saying. see that? that is what is going on in 6 other places. it's going on in pennsylvania. it's going on in pittsburgh. it's going on in wisconsin. it's going on in detroit, michigan. it's going on in phoenix, arizona. and atlanta, georgia. >> sean: sorry.
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and you know, it's funny. i felt bad for you the day at the press conference. i felt sorry for you. by the way, i haven't tried it yet but i probably needed. but you were telling everybody, and i kept putting other people on and they were holding up the affidavits. with the affidavits were real people under penalty of perjury that you are a former prosecut prosecutor. where i grow up, we call that evidence. >> yeah, but that's an eyewitness testimony. he put about six or seven eyewitnesses. they watched ballots being changed. they watched ballots being forged. they watched the name biden being written in. we put in evidence that they would put in the machine a biden ballot ten times and a trump ballot one time. that's why they are missing ballots in pennsylvania. here, there are 96,000 ballots
6:43 pm
that will return for which there is no application, no record, no return of record. just a ballot counting. that has to be among the phony ballots you are seeing there. you don't count ballots in the middle of the night. you do that because you are committing a crime. >> there's got to be, from the moment, that's why these dopey drop boxes are a bad idea. we only have about a minute and a half. there are some people that don't understand why we have faith confidence and integrity, there is nobody i know looking at this that is happy that thinks this is fair. >> and i think when you watch that tape, you realize what i'm saying is true. in the middle of the night, you
6:44 pm
pull out thousands of ballots. all of the statistics show that. the tapes show that. he said it's the obligation of the legislature to take this on. our founding fathers in a situation like this gave the state legislature the power to decide on who properly won the election. there is no question they improved 5 different ways that he won the election in georgia. i think they have the courage to do it. >> outraged. you can see smoke coming out of their ears. there's a tape showing what we are doing. >> we send our best. i'm actually running odds whether or not we will actually be able to get you, but we know you are trying. listen, you've been in, let's see, arizona, nevada, michigan, georgia.
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you have been busy but important work. thank you, mr. mayor for sharing. coming up, releasing brand-new tapes tonight. yes, further exposing fake news cnn. we break it all down, next. stay with us for that exclusive tape. ♪
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♪ >> sean: al all right, tonight even more tapes from inside fake news cnn exposing just how depraved, deceitful, dishonest they are. jeff zucker and his team of stenographers are really fixated on all things fox news and "hannity" shamelessly coming up, the democratic party exposed with ar. they pretend to be news. they are not. just listen to mr. potato head actually attacking america's mayor and lying to his staff part of a disinformation campaign. so much for letting us report. you decide. all caught on tape. >> there's a term for what rudy giuliani is, which is a useful idiot. and then on the rudy giuliani story, this is a really important story. it gets tied to the hunter biden misinformation campaign. that's the way we do this.
6:52 pm
i know washington is working on putting that altogether. from america's speech 132 useful idiot. >> sean: member of the fbi, the dni all agree hunter biden emails were not russian disinformation. they were all recipients of th the -- they got the whole russia conspiracy thing wrong, lied to the american people for years, and yeah, humpty dumpty's network was cnn, they don't care. they buried the story because of bad for joe and zero experience hunter. we've been investigating hunter, and joe biden corruption in ukraine since 2018 in the book "secret empires." but it couldn't be more clear. fake news cnn has flat out lied to the american people and say they are news. they lied about the russian
6:53 pm
hoax. they lied about the dirty dossier. they never did the fives abuse story. they are the propaganda arm. they are blatantly biased and abusively so and hypocritical to the poor. here with reaction, ceo, james o'keefe. anymore word from their attorneys? may have valid dell my violated law, law enforcement? >> we haven't heard from anybo anybody. >> sean: james, that's not going anywhere. >> people don't know they are being lied to but these tape show a top-down approach to media. they show him telling people what to cover, what not to cover. calling him a useful idiot there. telling them for political reasons, don't cover certain stories. if you go one direction, you lose your conscience. another direction, you lose your livelihood. but there are brave people like
6:54 pm
the person we worked with who are willing to be citizen journalists, willing to expose these sorts of things. in george orwell's book, he talks about the last man, winston. we need an army of these people reporting on our media. because cnn and places like cnn may have more power than all three branches of government if they are working with google and facebook if they are working to propagandize the masses. >> sean: we can't even get to all of this. he released other tapes today. >> i mean yeah, we have tapes on hundred biden. we have tapes on rudy giuliani. there is a tape where they are talking about how the nfl can run the government better than this current administration. and what's shocking about all of these tapes, and we are going to start releasing the raw, that's the full raw tape of each phone call starting tomorrow december 4th all the way up until christmas. again like an advent calendar, two tapes a day each day. what you see is total submission
6:55 pm
by suppose a journalists, the vice president, to what zuker's will is. he just says we are not going to cover this. this guy is an idiot. don't cover the hunter-biden story. do what i say. total submission whe. that's not what you are seeing here. you are seeing how the media actually works. >> sean: thanks for sharing. if you want to look at the raw footage, we will have more tapes as they become available in the days to come. you can expose and do news. we don't like them. they don't like us and we don't like them. more "hannity" right after this. ♪
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>> sean: ivanka trump spent five hours democratic d.a. being questioned about the rates in 2016 inauguration trump hotel. she released an email from december 2016. go and negotiate, fair market rates. wow. let not your heart be troubled. ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" tonight, we come to you from atlanta, georgia. in many ways, the fate of our country hangs in the balance. it has been four weeks if you can believe it since the presidential election and four weeks from now, voters here will determine whether republicans retain control of the senate. now, to runoff elections will be held on january 5th. by the way, one pits far left jon ossoff against david perdue and the other has radical re