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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  December 6, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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that are in place, like in pennsylvania, like in these other states. that is exactly what this fight is about and that is exactly why the presidents fighting it and that's exactly why i support him and you should too. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ steve: a huge weekend in georgia on the presidents rally last night in the debate tonight and in the moment my message to mitch mcconnell on the senate races and election fraud, huge weekend for the lockdown backlash as a los angeles restaurant owner powerfully exposes the cruelty and stupidity of democrat lockdown leaders. she joins us exclusively live tonight. good evening and welcome to the next revolution i'm steve hilton and this is the home of the resistance, pro- worker, profamily, pro- community and pro- america, positive populism and antiestablishment. tonight we take on the astonishment over the election cover up and there lockdown of
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power grab and their pathetic fawning over biden. tammy bruce is here, janelle king is here and joining us later, dr. scott atlas who just left to the white house this week. he is here to respond to my message to the lockdown leaders. but first, a message to mitch mcconnell about georgia and the election. there is nothing mcconnell wants more to keep his job as senate majority leader. what he wants perfectly is what were publicans want politically. it also happens to be what the country needs as a president made clear last night. >> now they are trying to steal these two important senate seats from georgia. these seeds are the last line of defense to save america and protect all that we have accomplished. steve: if mcconnell wants every voter to get behind the probably can candidate in the senate races he needs to do more than take out ads on tv saying how important they are. america is the home of people
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power and the rule of law. that is what the constitution is all about. the people's power comes through their vote so we should want the greatest possible number of legal votes and the smallest possible number of illegal votes. no one can say we have that in america today. everyone can see that our electoral system has fallen into total disrepute, not by accident but by design. this year we saw a massive latest changes to the system, none of it was necessary to cope with the virus but all of it was pushed by democrats years before the virus and you can read it in nancy pelosi's notorious hr one early voting, laid voting, mass mail in voting, instant registration complaint state voter id laws, corrupt practices like ballot harvesting. it was deliberate vandalism by the democrats for their own part is in a vantage. we don't know how many votes were affected so it is ludicrous
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and offensive for the establishment to state, without evidence and without a full investigation that outcomes weren't affected. they all parrot the same mantr mantra,. >> baseless claims of voter fraud. >> baseless claims of voter fraud. >> baseless claims of voter fraud. >> baseless claims of voter fraud. steve: how do they know? they don't know for they are just as saying it anyway. listen to this from npr. >> president repeatedly claimed falsely that voting by mail was susceptible to fraud and abuse. steve: claimed falsely that election expert rick carson said voter fraud occurs through absentee ballots but bipartisan commission on federal election reform chaired by jimmy carter and james baker said quote, absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud. over and over again this year "the wall street journal", take
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one example, warned that mail-in voting would lead to disaster. in 2016 there was a problem with 1.2% of mail-in votes and this year we have 65 million double the amount and with that massive overnight increase you would expect more problems, not fewer. but now no one wants to no, shut up and move on. this establishment arrogance is dangerous for our democracy and we have to get to the bottom of this. it is outrageous that the trump campaign is fighting on its own. everything one of those pompous establishment pontificate tours sanctimoniously lecturing everyone about trust in our democracy should join the fight for election integrity. as usual, the truth is the direct opposite of what they say. it's a total lack of curiosity about what just happened that was really destroying trust in our democracy. republicans are angry and rightfully so and here is what it means for georgia. if mitch mcconnell wants to state majority leader he had
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better pledge as quickly as possible to hold a full senate investigation into the 2020 election, into mail-in voting and what needs to be done to restore faith in our election system. you can tell which mcconnell yourself by following us at steve hilton x and share this message when we posted. joining me now fox news contributor and president of independent women's voice, tammy bruce and cofounder of the speak georgia janelle king. great to see you both. tammy, your thoughts on my suggested message to mitch mcconnell there. >> very appropriate and very good and yet this really shows us that nothing much has changed with the mentality from four years ago. it was the system against a donald trump and against the forgotten man and woman then and they are trying to revert back to that same dynamic. they wrongly think that donald trump's power was just onto
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himself and that we are all going to assimilate back in. the fact is what they have mistaken is that it wasn't donald trump's power but it was our power that he represented which is exactly what the founders wanted in an active presidents. this is where once again it is this bubble they like but the major mistake will be in thinking and it has been in thinking, that donald trump was the key. in fact, he is to a point of being able to lift us all up but we have his back and we are going nowhere. donald trump and his family is going nowhere and this is like letting the dragon out and it is out of the cave and there is no chain on it and then you thank you will just chain it and tell it to go back into the cave. we are not going back into the cave. they have to understand that whether you are a coalminer or a bank worker or a restaurant owner or a tv critic or whatever it is you do, on mom, a, a
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housewife, a stay-at-home dad, a lawyer, whoever you are, we have all been forgotten by these people and that is changed four years ago and is unlocked and will not go back and mcconnell will have to face that fact and behave accordingly. steve: exactly, you've written it so well put. you've always understood this movement and the power of it that was absolutely great britain reminded me of something i just read today in "the new york times" of all places, never trump critic of the president, conservative but made an interesting point and set for those on the left and in the establishment who think this is a handful of conspiracy theory minded people putting crazy things on facebook but no, he was pointing out that the number of people that you would not expect to have come up to him with concerns about the election and no measure the caricature of the people in the establishment attacks is striking and you got
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to take it seriously. do not, i want to move on if i could to the georgia aspect of this and you been involved in politics there so just before i get your response i want to play you some from the debate tonight and i think this could be put in a category of things kelly loeffler, i think we got the message. have a look. >> radical, liberal raphael warnock, radical liberal raphael warnock. radical liberal raphael warnock, radical liberal raphael warnock. [laughter] steve: to my account she said that about 14 times and i stepped out for a few minutes. janelle, is that the right message and what you think about this question of the election and people's skepticism about the votes and how we can get that trump movement fully behind these two candidates? >> first, i do think that that was the message. i think she drilled it home. here is the thing. she's not there to entertain everyone but they are to inform you and that's what she did.
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she wanted you to see who the real raphael warnock is. he is the one walking around and having this commercial with puppies and these things but there's so much that comes with him and with his message that he said. i think it's important that the state of georgia understands that we are the state that will decide the future of this country. no matter what side of the aisle you are on this is a very pivotal moment and that is what she was highlighting and i think she did a great job at doing that. i don't think raphael warnock defended himself well at all. i think he just showed us that everything she said about him was true because he had no defense for any of it. i look forward to seeing what turns out as it relates to this but i think she did a great job. steve: quickly, to think the trump base will turn out for these candidates? >> absolutely. i absolutely think they will turn out and the reason why i say that is because they understand what is on the line and then you can have one side
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over the other and if you are whether a trump or republican no one can win without the other but you have to show up. i think they will. steve: alright, thank you both. still ahead tonight, my message to the lockdown leaders, scott atlas reacts and angelo marsden who who made a powerful video about california's cruel lockdown rule joins us live. don't go away. ♪
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♪ steve: welcome back. this week scott ellis left his position of white house coronavirus advisor paid for years he was a senior member of stanford university's department of medicine. i know stanford well and taught there when i first moved to america in 2012 and of always been grateful for the opportunity they gave me but on november 20 the university equity senate condemned dr. atlas and said his actions quote, contradict medical science and claimed he misrepresented knowledge and opinion regarding the management of the pandemic showing disdain for establishment knowledge and alleged he violated stanford's core values and high ethical standards. high ethical standards but interesting. earlier in the year three current members of stanford medical faculty epidemiologist,
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jay and aaron published a study that completely offended what we thought we knew about the virus and by testing antibodies where standard is based the doctors establish that coronavirus is much more infectious but much less deadly and then we have been told for this finding called into question the entire strategy of our leaders blocking everyone down to try to stop anyone being infected. if the virus was as infectious as the stanford doctors showed there was no point in showing on the economy because that would not stop the virus and if it's much less deadly than for most people it doesn't matter because they will have zero symptoms if they get infected. the right policy would be to protect the vulnerable while letting everyone else get on with their lives. this was hugely significant because on the show we were the first to criticize the lockdowns and to say the cure is worse than the disease. we brought you the stanford doctors findings as soon as they were available, the doctor joined us on april 12.
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what was the reaction from stanford? this man lloyd minor is head of stanford medicine and instead of supporting his colleagues groundbreaking work he tried to silence them and using the pretext of a manufactured whistleblower complaint he ordered an investigation for six months the doctors were threatened with retribution, hounded by stanford lawyers, prevented from speaking out and even subjected to smear campaigns in the press. yet, their pioneering findings have since been confirmed by multiple other studies in this one conducted in july and published in september and another more recently from the cdc itself after six months the doctors were completely exonerated and able to speak freely again. the doctor became a founder of the great barrington declaration which argues against lockdowns and in favor of what they call focused protection for the vulnerable. it is then signed by over 12000 medical and public all
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scientists around the world. everything from the stanford doctors said in april was true. dr. scott atlas shared their analysis and was a vocal advocate of the focused protection approach and that is why the president hired him so, why did stanford try to silence its own doctors? why did it smear dr. atlas because of this person . sarah cody clancy cara who ordered the nations first lockdown and fanatics and here is the queen of corona misinformation, msnbc rachel maddow. >> doctor cody and the health officers in the same for cisco bay erica acted faster and more decisively than anyone else in the country and i don't know that stay-at-home orders were within the public health toolk toolkit. how prepared were you, how did you all know to think about these things as options?
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steve: good question. here is the answer. the lockdown plan sarah cody ordered has been infected so to speak the whole country but wasn't formulated in response to the coronavirus but wasn't off the shelf plan that she and former colleagues have prepared after 911 as a response to potential bioterrorism attack or a theoretical pandemic, not on the data or the science of this pandemic. still, sarah cody shot down santa clara county and then the bay area followed and then all of california and then across the country. we are constantly told we have the best public health system in the world and this week data was published showing that the virus was circulating in mid- decembey this year doctor anthony fauci was telling us there was nothing to worry about and the virus was here three months before sarah cody's lockdown and it was not going to contain it, even at the
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time the stanford antibody studied literally conducted in sarah cody's county prove that lockdowns were never going to contain it. yet, preposterously given the data sarah cody was still talking into this year about quote, full containment. what has this got to do with stanford and dr. atlas? guess who sarah cody's husband is? a professor of medicine at stanford and so they close ranks to protect their own. this is led by stanford medicine's boss lloyd minor and how dare anyone question the lockdown that was ordered by the wife of our colleague. this is how the groupthink started. the stanford study was the first scientific challenge to the lockdown policy so naturally, it had to be destroyed. the dissenting doctors had to be attacked, smeared in silence and universities, science, the whole point is to be open to gather
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evidence and to debate. stanford did the exact opposite and they attempted a cover-up and it is grotesque and a total disgrace. meanwhile, the rest of us had to live with the consequences and the lockdown group think spread from stanford to the medical establishment to the media to the bureaucrats and the democrats with utterly cynical bad face realizing the weakness of their own positions and they accused anyone against lockdown of wanting people to die. of course, people died despite the lockdowns and thousands more died because of the lockdown. we brought you the toll week after week and the establishments cruel, destructive lockdowns failed and yet here we are again about to repeat them. none of it is based on science or data and big business or small business closed but it is all capricious, pseudoscientific nonsense and look at biden with its pathetic statement about masking in his first hundred
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days but it is pure bs. it's plucked out of thin air by some pr idiots and everything biden says about the virus is for politics, not public health. he has zero credibility. lockdown leaders know the rules make no sense or they wouldn't break them all the time. every day there is a new democrat lockdown hypocrite. what moral authority to they have two impose lockdowns on anyone anywhere? they are exploiting this virus to micromanage our lives and we have had enough of it. this lockdown groupthink is as wrong as the establishment groupthink that gave us endless war in the middle east and a 50 year suck up to china. this is worse then both because the costs are higher. lockdowns are the biggest public policy mistake in history and we have to fight them. be responsible, protect the vulnerable, live your life. help us fight back by following us at steve hilton x and it next
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rev fnc and share this when we post it. scott atlas, i'm delighted to say is here to respond. >> thank you for having me, steve. steve: dr. atlas, i just want to ask you straightforwardly to respond to what i laid out the there. >> you covered a lot of territory but i'm not in a position to comment on an individual university but i would say a couple of things. first of all, you know, we really need to make sure that universities in general allow the free exchange of ideas because if we don't have that free exchange of ideas even when many people may disagree with them we will never arrive at the scientific truth that we need to solve crises like a pandemic or any other crisis. in fact, if you don't allow the free exchange of ideas i'm not sure what kind of country we are living in. we are really at a very
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dangerous point in time and that kind of basically groupthink, as you put it or censorship of free exchange of ideas, is going to lead us into making massive tragic mistakes. steve: really well put. i think that is one of the biggest lessons of all of this great let's turn to the specifics of the lockdowns. we are seeing them back right here in california where i am right now and just lay out for us but constructive positive alternative. as i said they are, those of us who are skeptics and i just want people to die but it's ridiculous and unfair and i would love you to lay out your thoughts on the lockdown strategy and what we should be doing instead in order to protect people while allowing or avoiding the costs of the lockdowns. >> sure, first we could comment on the lockdowns themselves but one of my colleagues oxford
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epidemiologists said it very clearly, lockdowns are a luxury of the ridge. the elites do not get impacted by working at home and by hiring another tutor because schools are closed but working-class people and the poor are destroyed by lockdowns. moreover, the lockdowns are killing people because people are afraid because of the fear instilled to seek medical care and there are such logical, damage that one out of four adults ages 18 through 24 thought of killing themselves during the month of june and depressed symptoms have tripled and there is economic devastation that translates into things like more social, more spousal abuse, child abuse has skyrocketing and suicide hotlines are skyrocketing in terms of calls so we have to be very cognizant of the fact that there is a reason why in the classic pandemic papers lockdowns were never considered as a potential solution.
6:25 pm
we have to also be aware of this. the public faces of public health and they say we are not for lockdowns but the lockdowns are what they are pushing in the policies that are restricting and closing businesses and of preventing kids from being in person schools or restricting person to person businesses and by telling families they can't see each other, this is lockdown. the alternative in the appropriate policy that i had been advising the president on was always very, very significant protection of the high-risk people and we did that at the white house. we push that with increased protective equipment with tens of millions of new tests to senior citizens and new alert systems of seniors living outside and we want to increase the protection of the high-risk people but we cannot confine healthy people to their homes. it's creating a disaster. this targeted protection but careful opening of the schools, of businesses, opening of normal
6:26 pm
lives with protection as much as possible of high-risk people. i think people in your viewership should do this, they should try to figure out what is the endgame for people who keep pushing lockdowns? went to get back to normal? exactly what is the plan of public officials to get back to normal because we are entering now a phase of a continuous cycle of lockdowns with no end in his sight and we see all over europe and all over the states in the u.s. lockdowns do not get rid of the virus. the virus is there and you can slow things down by delaying things as, unfortunately, was done and part of the reason why we are seeing so many cases is because of the lockdowns delaying things into winter months, colder weather where vcu cannot socially distance with elderly family members. i think the public health officials need to do something
6:27 pm
essential which is been missing. they have to consider the impact of the virus and have to consider the impact of the policy itself. this is what public policy is supposed to do print that has been saying it and that's one of the things i try to do at the white house. steve: dr. atlas, that's fantastic and clear pit i appreciate it and i'm sorry to say that because i thought this madness would've been in the rearview mirror but i think we will have to have you back on to talk about it because i see these lockdowns coming back and you have such a strong voice on it it would be appreciated. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. steve: after the break we will be joined live by los angeles restaurant owner angela marsden who made that video about the outrageous cruelty as we discovered with california's lockdown rules. ♪
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6:32 pm
help. we need somebody to do something about this. steve: joining me now is the owner of pineapple hill saloon and grill in sherman oaks, california, angela marsden bird thank you for being with us but most of all for that incredible video. i've got to tell you i never watched anything related to a story in the news that had a greater emotional impact on me than watching your video. for those that have not seen it just tell us your story. >> i mean, the day that i did that video basically they started the lockdown well, they closed outdoor dining two days before thanks giving without any notice so our last night was the night before thanks giving and i had to tell my staff that i would like to stay open for takeout but i lose so much money doing it that if i did that i may not be able to ever reopen again so i had to shut down. that friday i was coming in to give last paychex and we had
6:33 pm
taken what food would go bad and put in grocery bags for the staff. i also had decided, ironically, the week before that i was not going to be afraid and going to start speaking out so i was trying to plan a protest and i came in to my parking lot and there were my, you know, when i come in the back it was very surreal because or shocking i have my patio that i have spent, i'm living off loan money, sitting there shuttered and then right there in the same parking lot within 20 steps was the same exact -. steve: where showing that right now. >> yeah, the same set up for a movie crew to eat lunch and stuff catering trucks and, a tent for two hunter people it seemed like to me and i don't know but and i was in shock. i went in to my restaurant and
6:34 pm
was like trying to stay focused to get things together and i just broke down crying and then i got angry and said i have to tell the truth. i mean, as business owners we are afraid to say anything because we are afraid to be taken like we don't care about people if we stay open or we are just worried about us but you know, i have ten people working for me but i had to tell they have no job right before christmas with no notice. i just said to my friends who were there that i've got to fill this and let the world see it. i got people have to know the hypocrisy of what is going on and it makes no sense. steve: exactly. none of it makes sense and the other point is this, just like so many small businesses you have been responsible and you put in the investment so that you could be open without door dining and do it in a safe manner and you've done all the things we would want people to
6:35 pm
do and still they crush you. it's so an rating. angela, i saw the mayor eric cassidy put out a statement saying he's heart goes out to you but he still going to keep you shut down. what is your response and what you want to say to him? >> you know, i mean, what i want to say to him is that as business owners we have done everything you wanted and we will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe. we know covid is out there but you are living in lala land if you think the rest of us, the middle class and the lower middle-class can actually stay at home. we are -- i have a single mom with a child who can't pay her rent. i've got another new hire because we got busy in october with the patio and it looked like things would turn around who is couch surfing because she no longer has an apartment and are on a plum and has run out. it is ridiculous and as politicians or a mayor of the city it is your job to look at
6:36 pm
risk assessment and to do, the gentleman you just had on was brilliant. could he talk to mayor garcetti? the decisions that are being made make no sense and everly hill their council voted to keep it, pasadena open and the sheriff what a wonderful sheriff to say he would not enforce it but you know, they are 13 intake license and health permits away if we defy it in open so what are we supposed to do? how are we going to eat? how will we keep a roof over our heads? like you said, the suicide rate, you know, the single mom with the child can't pay her rent and i said i would do everything i can to see if i can find to work and she said angela, all i know how to do is bartend or wait tables and i said what have you been doing and she's like well it's disgusting. >> she said she's been on
6:37 pm
antidepressants but she doesn't need pill, she needs a job. steve: this is so outrageous on as they prayed i got to say thank you, angela for speaking out. i want to stay in touch with you because you're such a powerful voice and you are really leading the resistance to all of this. we've got to fight back against this because their rules make no sense and their ridiculous and they're not based on science and it's completely unacceptable and we should not accept it. i'm sorry but we got to go now angela but i want to thank you for what you are doing and let's stay in touch and followed the campaign for it we are right behind you. thank you so much. >> thank you. steve: what a powerful and brave woman and we will follow that. coming up, tammy and janelle are back with their thoughts on the lockdown. don't go away. ♪ a national or hometown charity. and subaru and our retailers would proudly make a donation. but now, in times like these,
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and janelle talking about the lockdowns backlash. you had scott atlas powerfully setting up the arguments in that powerful personal testimony from angela. your thoughts. >> you know, scott atlas has been, it's been common sense. it's been what the average american also has been thinking and arguing in great he's a doctor and i'm sure that it forms part of his decision-making but a lot of this is just about life. you know, humanity has been able to function without democrats micromanaging all of our lives. we do it. it is because we too are concerned about her families in the power of that woman, entrepreneur, business owner, look, she's middle-class and i can tell you with this lockdown with gavin newsom entertainment industry workers are considered essential workers, not restaurant people, not waiters, nobody else, entertainment industry people are considered
6:43 pm
an essential industry. why is that? because they give big money to the politicians. struggling restaurant owners don't have the money to give away like bribes and we are dealing with the biggest sort of graft in the world. this is about, this is not a free society where you will get locked down unless you give in cash to a politician and then of course all the licensing and all of that exists for specific like this where they can shut you down if you do not behave. that is what life is about. her action is this radicalizing of the forgotten man and woman that began and it is continuing this other burst of awareness and will continue the radicalization that will continue this reformation and trump will still be in front of it. steve: that is why, janelle, i
6:44 pm
really -- i want to see a lockdown rebellion prayed i want people like angela and business owners all over the country to rise up together and where are the voices and where are there trade unions and associations and so on? we got to push this now we can't accept this any longer, janelle. >> absolutely. when i was listening to your guests i had to hold back the motions because i felt her. i understand. we hear about economic downturn in the economic heard but what that means is that there are people and business owners who have to decide between which employee to keep and who to let go and where -- difficult, difficult decisions prayed for many of the small business owners their entire lives are wrapped up in these businesses and you are telling them that in a shoe port months they have to throw away everything they put their heart and soul into and every dime they have. that is hurtful and impactful. it really shows that you're completely disconnected from the real world because this is a
6:45 pm
real thing and these lockdowns are not helping anyone. until the vaccine is on the show we are having to deal with the herd immunity, whether for it or against it. that is what we have and that is how you fight it but we are fighters. that's what we've been doing for our entire lives and that is how we sustained this long. steve: that's exactly right. we got to fight it. we got to get together and fight it. i would go further and not just say the lockdowns aren't helping but hurting her take that example of the outside dining. what does that mean if you shutdown outside dining? tonight we go inside and that's their lockdowns are causing the spike that they are now complaining about. it's so stupid and it's, the people doing this, gavin newsom, i know gavin newsom while he consider him a friend and he's a good person and not an evil bad person but what he's doing here is evil in the way that is hurting people and not even advancing the goal he wants. it's got to be overturned and we've got to fight back and i
6:46 pm
thank you both for that. we will stay on this and have angela back and really push this. the media fawning over biden hit a new low this week. we play you the tapes after the break. ♪ ♪ and you're still the one applebee's 2 for $20. now that's eating good in the neighborhood. intronew advil dual action. the world of pain relief: advil targets pain at the source. acetaminophen blocks pain signals. new advil dual action with acetaminophen. for bathroom odors that linger try febreze small spaces. just press firmly and it continuously eliminates odors in the air and on soft surfaces. for 45 days. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple was on a camping trip... ...when their windshield got a chip.
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steve: welcome back. the media's fawning over biden has sunk to a new low as jake tapper's obsequious interview with biden and harris and him yakking it up with don lemon afterward tapper totally gave the game away and look us into this. >> there was certainly a lot of the right answers. steve: that is the corrupt establishment right there. biden gave the right answers according to cnn. tapper was not just fawning over biden but spinning for him and here is what biden is set according tapper about his family's business dealings. >> nobody will do anything in terms of business deals that will create even the appearance of impropriety. steve: except that is not what biden said. >> my son, my family will not be involved in any business, any enterprise that is in conflict with or appears to be in conflict whether appropriate distance from the presidency and
6:51 pm
government. steve: a conflict is much lower standard than impropriety. no doubt one of the reasons it jake tapper like all of the rest of them is falling over biden is because he wants a job in the white house but he's already acting as biden's spokesman even while he still at cnn for janelle, this fawning, is it going to continue, do you think? >> unfortunately, i do think it will continue. the appropriate distance, what is that? does that mean you just put a whole different layer or middleman in the process when it comes to your family or businesses or talking about an individual in a family who has not worked in the private sector pretty much their entire life for the last 50 years in government work and "making money" from being in the government. i'm interested to see what his family will do and how they will become even more successful during this administration should he get in. steve: exactly, tammy, tony
6:52 pm
think that crystallized it when tapper said he gave a lot of the right answers. i thought that was so revealing. >> you know, we've discussed sometimes the revolving door between media and politicians in congress. jake tapper started as a democratic operative at the hilton house of representatives. that is who he is just like george stephanopoulos. there are some people now who don't realize what their background is, nothing has changed. at this point both senator harris and joe biden will have to start wearing open toed sandals so that their toes can be licked directly. this is absolutely absurd -- i know, it's not something you want to think about but really. this is what is going on. the good news is that it is happening immediately, they are not even trying to make a transition from what happened during trump's time and this just confirms what they've done
6:53 pm
is destroy their industry and when we think about the phrase fake news on the president attacked her say they were enemy of the people and yet, when your job is to elucidate issues and bring information to people but instead your propagandists, of course you have abandoned your job and become a problem and the republic itself and for democracy itself. steve: exactly prayed very well put. i don't want to think about that image you raised. let's not keep that in mind -- >> it's a problem. steve: exactly right. we will have more with tammy and janelle straight after the break. don't go away. ♪ from liberty mutual! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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how did you know? mom...that was taken at the farm. it was in this small little village. in connemara? right! connemara it is. honestly, we went there- oh, oh look at that! look at that. : : .
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: : . welcome back. on tuesday san francisco officials voted to ban tobacco smoking in apartment building
6:58 pm
but there's a twist which is captured in this headline. they are becoming smoking inside apartments but pot smoking is okay. tammy, the problem with this is it's in san francisco and could spread across the country. loony left. >> it is. there's a rule where you can't be smoking pot outside so they want to make sure nobody gets in trouble so there allowing them to stay inside and smoke pot all of which sounds great if you are high and that's all i have to say. [laughter] >> janelle it's just hilarious. they have no problem with all these restrictions on your behavior. it's this now they're interfering with what you do inside your apartment. i think it's unbelievable. i couldn't believe it when i read it.
6:59 pm
>> while eileen a little libertarian when it comes to the conversation around marijuana, i think there is a lot of weirdness around these restrictions. i don't understand why they switch it up but do we really know where these restrictions come from? i don't know tammy, i want to go back to the lockdown thing. it's such a big story. do you think working to see the kind of momentum really behind the resistance of the lockdown from these stupid rules. >> i hope so. california is a state that recalled the governor because of driver's license for illegal aliens. that was part of that effort, the southwest are cowboys and independent at same time. everybody's likelihoods are wrapped up in this, but i would think that just like in new york, the schools open out of pressure, i think california can manage it and i think they should stand up for
7:00 pm
themselves. >> there you go. it's time. >> great way to end it. thank you all very much. thanks for joining us and do please join us again next sunday night when "the next revolution" will be televised. it is so great to be with all of you and finally feeling the christmas spirit. with everything going on in our world, so many of us are looking for cheer right now. fox nation has you covered. >> tonight were going to give you an exclusive sneak peek at the all new and original specials focus on faith, family and family traditions and history, but the big thing you want to stay tuned for is the second annual lighting of our red, white and blue christmas


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