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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 7, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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warnock facing off on the debate stage, less than one month from the elections that could change the course of america. and rudy giuliani says he's feeling fine after his coronavirus diagnosis. the president's attorney laying out the possible path to victory in an exclusive fox news interview. and california under lockdown. the restrictions ahead of the vaccine rollout. "fox & friends first" continues right now. ♪ it's my life. ♪ it's now or never. ♪ well, i ain't going to live forever. ♪ i just want to live while i'm alive. todd: good morning. you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday morning. i'm todd piro. jillian: welcome back, todd. it's good to see you. i'm jillian mele live from atlanta, georgia where the senate runoff debate between kelly loeffler and raphael warnock wrapped up hours ago. that's where we begin. after last night it's clear what the candidates think of one another. kelly loeffler hammered home the
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fact that she thinks raphael warnock is a radical liberal. he pointed out his view of her, that she is rich and out of touch. they they stuck to their expected talking points and they pointed their finger at each other's past controversies. >> my opponent, radical liberal raphael warnock called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullyings and a threat to our children. when i gave him the chance to apologize, he declined. he also said you can't serve god and the military. he's used the bible to justify these types of attacks and make other divisive statements. >> when you receive the private briefing regarding the coronavirus pandemic, you dumped millions of dollars on stock in order to protect your own investments and then weeks later when there came an opportunity to give ordinary georgians an extra $600 of relief, you said you saw no need and called it
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counter-productive. jillian: there are also questions that remain unanswered, specifically about a growing riff between president trump and georgia governor brian kemp and whether democrats will pack the supreme court. >> do you support expanding the supreme court? >> i'm really not focused on it. and i think that too often the politics in washington has been about the politicians. i'm a pastor. >> president trump has attacked your closest political ally, governor kemp. was the president wrong? >> i appreciate the president's support of me and i appreciate the governor's support of me. >> can you tell us where your loyalty lies? >> with governor kemp or president trump? >> lisa, my loyalties are with georgia. jillian: and georgia voters watched not one but two debates yesterday, although in the first debate of the night, john ossoff went up against an empty podium as david perdue declined the
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invitation. ossoff used this as an opportunity to attack his opponent. >> if the senator were not too much of a coward to debate in public, he is not here because he's afraid he would incriminate himself. jillian: david perdue's campaign manager said tonight we witnessed something we didn't think was possible, a candidate lost a debate against himself, an epic failure. here's what at stake, if democrats take both seats there would be a 50/50 split with kamala harris as the tie-breaking vote. if that happens they would control the house, the senate and the white house. todd, a lot of people from across the country may be wondering why should i be so focused on what's going on in georgia, that's exactly why. the outcome of the senate runoffs could impact the entire country. todd: elections often come down to one key theme. one thing that i think needs to be followed is your first sound bite, that sound bite where
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kelly loeffler attacks raphael warnock for the military comment. georgia is a huge military state. it's going to be fascinating to see how much of that resonates with so many voters. you could go to some other states, you don't have as many military members. georgia, the military is front and center. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. jillian: we're going to have joey jones later this hour. we'll get him to react on that. he is from georgia, he lives here. he also served our country. he will give great insight on that point. todd: another military guy lost an eye in combat, texas congressman dan crenshaw getting to the point about what's at stake in the runoff races. >> there's a message for everyone. if you don't want socialism in the country, you have you to vote for perdue and loeffler. if you're mad about the presidential election, the best way to get back at them is to make sure they don't gain any more power. get out and vote. it's the best way to keep your freedoms and your rights and prosperity. get out and vote in georgia.
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todd: the deadline to register to vote for the runoff races is today. early voting for the runoff starts december 14th. president trump's personal attorney, rudy giuliani, says he's feeling good after testing positive for covid-19. prior to his diagnosis, the former new york city mayor updated fox news on the status of the campaign's legal fights. jillian: griff jenkins is live in washington as former top officials say it's time for the president to move on. griff? >> reporter: good morning, jillian and todd. the president's not going anywhere, he's fightin fighting. the president announced the positive covid test, tweeting this, saying rudy giuliani, by far the greatest mayor in the history of new york city, and who has been working tirelessly exposing the most corrupt election by far in the history of the usa tested positive for the china virus. get better soon, rudy. we will carry on. giuliani tweeting an update, saying thank you to all my friends and followers for the
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prayers and kind wishes. i'm feeling good, recovering quickly and keeping up with everything. this as giuliani outlined a path to victory with active litigation in multiple states in the hopes of triggering movement in state legislatures. >> georgia also has numerous situations where ballots weren't inspected, ballots were back-dated, dead people voting, people from out-of-state voting, illegal immigrants voting. michigan is considering the same thing and they're not quite as far along but they're drafting something right now and so is arizona. so those three are three in which they could very well end up in front of the legislature to decide who the electors are. >> reporter: a judge in michigan ordered the forensic examination of 22 dominion voting machines ahead of the safe harbor deadline, prohibiting further legal challenges yo a week frome
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electoral college meeting. no judge has ruled in favor of the president. chris kreb says it's time to move on. >> i don't know if it's intentional or if it's willful blindness, but the result of the 2020 election is clear. this race is over. we've got to get ready for january 20th and the next administration. >> reporter: that wasn't the tune that the president was singing as saturday night's south georgia rally which many thought might be his last but axios this morning reporting the president could be planning an owe posing rally -- opposing rally during biden's inauguration. that would be something. jillian, todd. jillian: that would be interesting. griff, thank you. todd: tammy bruce said president trump reminded americans that congress works for the people and that won't go away with joe biden in office. >> much has changed with the mentality from four years ago. it was the system against donald trump and against the forgotten
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man and woman then and they're trying to he revert back to that same dynamic. they wrongly think that donald trump's power was just unto himself and that we're all going to assimilate back in. the fact is, what they've mistaken, is that it wasn't donald trump's power. it was our power that he represented which is exactly what the founders wanted in an active president. todd: president-elect joe biden continues to build his cabinet. he's expected to meet with the naacp tomorrow about adding more diversity to his administration. jillian: a manhunt is underway in new jersey for this detainee who escaped. he was arrested in march. it's unclear how he got out of the facility on friday. court records show he has felony charges for burglary and assault and had previously been deported in 2019. nearly 85% of california residents are waking up to new
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stay-at-home orders as capacity in opt icu units hit dangerous levels. the new measures include business closures, limits on store capacity and banning dining at restaurants. travel is banned for nonessential visits. in new york city, school districts are reopening in phases. a firm co-owned by congresswoman ilhan omar's husband is getting half a million dollars in bailout. they received nearly $134,000 in ppp funds and $500 million in economic disaster loans on top of the money they got from omar's campaign. all of the payments were made before omar cut ties last month. things heating up in the nfl. the chiefs getting in late to beat the broncos. the packers crewed past a --
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crewecruised past a struggling s team. aaron rodgers became the fastest player to reach a mai milestone. the lions mounted a comeback to hand the bears their sixth straight loss. the backup quarterback helped the saints become the first team to clinch a playoff spot beating the falcons. and in seattle, russell wilson of the seahawks went down to the giants. >> wilson trying to buy time. he's going to launch it up there. jillian: the giants pulling off a big upset with seattle taking the lead in the nfc east. i think they had me read the football highlights on purpose. my team is awful.
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our quarterback is benched. todd: at first i was upset that she had the read. i was like after all the success the eagles have and whatever the giants have done the last four years, i'm kind of glad you had to read that one. i have no idea what's going on. they're good, i guess. who knew. jillian: i don't know. i took one for the team. todd: thank you, mele, as always. time now, 11 minutes after the hour. a warehouse full of fireworks explodes. more on the wild video and where it happened. plus -- >> we have to make sure that georgians trust the process because of what's at stake in this election. todd: francie hakes is live with jillian in atlanta, her take on senator loeffler's thoughts on the presidential election, next. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪
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anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ♪ sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪ >> the president has every right to every legal resource and that's what's taking place. it's very clear that there were issues in this election. we have to make sure that
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georgians trust this process because of what's at stake in this election. jillian: senator kelly loeffler confronted with questions on president trump's election fraud claims during last night's senate runoff debate. so how did sheehan del the heat? here -- she handle the heat. what do you think of how she handled herself last night and how she responded to those questions? >> i'm not sure she could have said anything else. i think as a disinterested observer, looking at it, it does look here in my home state of georgia there were issues. there may have been some fraud, there may have been some what people are calling widespread fraud, i think are voting irregularities, might have been problems. i think it looks to me like there's widespread fraud. i don't think senator loeffler had any choice, but to say that there may have been problems, at the president should pursue that, so the next election we don't have those problems of, i don't think she should have called it widespread fraud
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because that isn't proven yet. jillian: time is winding down untiuntil inauguration day. what do you think happens next with where we are overall? >> i'm disappointed. because i've been promised that the results will be biblical, that there's all this proof that will overturn the election i feel like a month after the election, it just hasn't happened yet. i'm not sure it's going to. i do agree that the president and his team should pursue every legal avenue to make sure that there were no illegal votes cast. but i suspect that when all is said and done, joe biden will be inaugurated in january. jillian: now, let let's talk at this. joe biden signaled support for a bill that would help felons vote. we can pull up information on the screen so that people at home can understand what we're talking about. this is for the people act, this
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passed in the house in 2018. as you can see, this addresses concerns of federal control of the national elections, extends voting rights to disen franchised felons. your thoughts on this and if this is something that is actually put into enactment. >> i don't think it's constitutional 678 i thin. i think some of those provisions are unconstitutional. the constitution says that the states are in charge of federal elections. what that means is the states decide who gets to vote, the states decide who a resident is, the state decides whether they have identification requirements. georgia's voter id requirement has gone up to the supreme court and has been affirmed as being constitutional. so i think this is the federal government overstepping or at least trying to overstep. jillian: do you think this is something joe biden would go forward with? look, i mean, there are a lot of conversations right now about in-party disagreements, if you will, with the left portion, the
2:18 am
socialist portion of the democrat party, with those who claim to be more moderate. do you think this is something he would actually do? >> well, it's interesting. i think he might. what you have here, though, is a fundamental difference between the parties. you've got one party who thinks that the state should decide most issues and one party who thinks that the federal government should mandate lots of things. and i think that's a fundamental difference. i think within his own party joe biden is going to face that problem. jillian: john ratcliffe urges john durham to issue an interim report as his team investigates the origins of the russia probe. do you see that as something that is necessary? >> well, i think if we want to see a report from durham, it may only be possible under this administration. because remember, under the new special counsel rules, it is up to the attorney general of the united states whether or not the special counsel's report ultimately becomes public. remember, the pressure on bill barr to release the mueller
2:19 am
report, how he wanted to look at it for a few days, how he wanted to see what was in it, make sure that anything that needed to be redacted for national security was redacted or of grand jury material, but then he released it. will we see the same push for a durham report when durham finishes the investigation when the shoe is on the other foot or will they want to bury it? >> jillian: interesting question, one we will not have answers to at this point. francie hicks, good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> good to be here. todd: california's attorney general tapped for joe biden's cabinet but not for the doj. the role he's going to play if he gets through the senate. and a young man makes sure that first responders who care for us are taken care of too. his way of thanking frontline heroes when "fox & friends first" on a monday rolls along. ♪ i feel. >glorious, glorious.♪
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motive. todd: president-elect joe biden preparing to take on the challenges of covid-19 as he begins to name health officials. jillian: cheryl casone from our sister network, fox business, joins us. cheryl: good morning. joe biden's choice for health and human services secretary is a signal that saving obamacare will a be a top priority. this is xavier becerra, he's a defender of the affordable care act. he will play a key role in leading the coronavirus response. biden choosing dr. rochell walensky, a harvard infection disease expert. she's expected to head the centers for disease control and prevention. becerra, if he's confirmed by
2:25 am
the senate, he will be the first latino to run the agency. a formal agency could come as soon as tomorrow. todd: a lawyer in a job that involves medicine. cheryl, you've been warning us about a mass exodus from new york city for years now. looks like goldman sachs could be looking at florida? >> cheryl: could be a huge blow to new york city, financially and really just because of the culture in new york city. the exodus might be getting bigger, goldman sachs looking to move one of the key divisions down to florida. the asset management division brings in $8 billion in revenue. that could be headed to palm beach county or fort lauderdale. there are multiple reports that this may happen. manhattan office space is as empty as it was after 9/11, if you can believe it. and the security and trading industry overall contributes 6% of new york city taxes. just that industry, 6% for the city. and they're not the only large
2:26 am
company that's looking to maybe leave as well. todd: it is a sad state of affairs here in the big apple. cheryl: unbelievable. todd: cheryl, thank you. jillian: now to this story, an 11-year-old is putting together care packages for first responders. charlie started kids who care to help those working hard during the pandemic. he's setting up events, offering catered meals and gift bags to first responders. he held a toy drive with the department. he will join "fox & friends" later this morning. todd: still ahead, democrats want to cancel student loan debt. our next guest says nothing is free and middle class is going to end up paying the price. joel griffith from the heritage foundation explains next. plus. >> the industry when trump was voted in four years ago, they were in denial that it was real. todd: matthew mcconaughey appearing to call out the
2:27 am
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jillian: good monday morning. welcome back. red flag warnings issued for major areas of california as the santa ana winds make their return. gusts could reach up to 70 miles per hour. todd: this comes as firefighters battle the bond fire in orange county. evacuation orders have been downgraded to warnings as the blaze is 55% contained covering more than 7,000 acres. janice dean tracking the winds for us. janice, how's it looking? >> unfortunately, another day of red flag warnings as you mentioned, not only for southern california but moving up towards the middle part of california, and northern california. unfortunately, this will be an ongoing situation today and tome row as the san -- tomorrow as the santa ana winds go through
2:31 am
the valleys and canyons, speed up and an elevated fire danger for these regions. it's been a tough year for the santa ana winds and no moisture in the foreseeable future. along the east coast, we have what's left of the storm system that brought strong winds and heavy rainfall and severe weather, the tail end of it across florida, parts of the mid-atlantic, seeing snow on the backside of this. that will exit the east coast today and a quieter forecast for the rest of the country. we'll still watch southern california where the breezy, windy, awful conditions will be ongoing throughout the day today and tomorrow. but the rest of the country once we get this storm system off the east coast looks pretty quiet. so there's the good news. welcome back, my friend, todd piro. congratulations to you. todd: thank you, thank you. >> amazing. you as macing feat for you and your wonderful wife, new baby girl. todd: i always said i had the greatest job doing this and now i have the two best jobs because
2:32 am
as you know, raising kids, it's awesome, exhausting, but also it's a blast. thanks, jd. appreciate it why wonderful. consistent grat. todd: thank you, thank you. >> hi, jillian. jillian: hi, janice. todd: good stuff. all right. we've got to get back to the brass tax of news, jd. dr. jill biden reportedly pushing for debt-free community college as first lady at a time when student loan debt tops 1 point of 6 trillion, that's with a t, dollars. progressives are hoping to cancel up to 50 grand per borrower. joel griffith joins me live. i like so many of our viewers have paid off my student lent debt, took me 14 years to do so. when should i expect my check in the mail to reimburse me? >> you won't get a reimbursement check. what we know is that these proposals to forgive student loans, this is inherently unfair to the many people such as
2:33 am
yourself that have already repaid that debt or for the majority of americans who actually never went to college. we are forcing those americans, the vast majority of whom never even went to higher education, to pay for the higher education of many highly paid americans such as lawyers, doctors, and engineers. it's unfair. but second of all, that's going of to have negative economic consequences longer term because debt is both an asset and liability. if we pay off someone who owes that debt, that means the taxpayer is going to -- that owns the debt now is not going to see the revenue coming in from the interest and repayment, meaning there's less money available to invest into business development into the future. so it's unfair and it's economically harmful. todd: it's not just jill biden's idea, other top democrats say we should cancel $50,000 in student debt per borrower. i look at this and i think okay,
2:34 am
at 18 years old, some guy or girl decides i'm going to be a plumber, they make that business decision, they don't go to college. they work 16 hour days to then subsidize the anthropology major who is playing bee beer pong, r? >> the focus should be how do we reduce college costs, making college free doesn't actually make that college free. it just shifts the cost. really, it hides the cost. so we're still going to be paying for it. you might not realize you're paying for it. that means all of the taxpayers are paying for it. when you make it less transparent, you make it more pricey. that's one of the reasons why college education skyrocketed far beyond the general cost of inflation, because the government is already so involved, hiding the cost just makes it worse. todd: nancy pelosi now ready for a smaller coronavirus bill, shocking that she's now ready. not my words, let's listen to why pelosi says she's ready now.
2:35 am
>> this has simplicity. it's what we had in our bills. it's for a shorter period of time. but that's okay now because we have a new president. let me tell you something, don't characterize what we did before as a mistake. that was not a mistake. it was a decision. todd: i mean, she said it. we have a new president. how is this anything other than politics. >> she admitted it's politics. she wants it to be the first in a larger series of spending packages. the harshly ironic thing is, that even the $908 billion proposal is a massive amount of government spending, talking about $10,000 more per family. we know the economy is recovering ayou cross muc -- ach of the country. in some places it's fully recovered, nebraska and missouri, for instance.
2:36 am
this is a recession caused by government forces businesses to shut. it's sathe way out is a continud reopening, following the lead of places like georgia and florida. todd: we appreciate your insight on these topics. have a great day. jillian, over to you. jillian: still ahead, a fed up restaurant owner frustration boils over. >> business owners, we have done everything you wanted. we will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe. jillian: her pleas to the political left to rethink lockdowns, next. ♪
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jillian: welcome back. millions of california residents are waking up to new coronavirus restrictions as elementary
2:40 am
schools plan to reopen today in new york city. todd: carley shimkus joins us live with a warning from experts. carley. carley: good morning. tens of millions of californians waking up under strict stay-at-home orders this morning that will stay in effect through the christmas holiday. the new measures were triggered as hospital icu capacity dropped below 15%. restaurants will be opened for take-out and pick-up only while hair salons and movie theaters and bars forced to shut down. roughly 33 million californians or 85% of the state population now under restrictions. but some residents are fighting back. a protest at the california state capitol over the lockdown orders turned violent over the week. sacramento police say protesters and counter protesters threw objects at each other, several pro-trump protesters report their tires being slashed and car windows shattered. meantime, it's back to school again in new york city as some preschool and elementary schools
2:41 am
reopen for in-person learning today. all students must have a covid-19 testing consent form from their parents to be allowed into classrooms. and dr. deborah birx out with a chilling warning over just how bad this current surge will be. >> this is not just the worst public health event. this is the worst event that this country will face, not just from a public health side. yet, we know what behaviors spread the virus and we know how to change those behaviors. carley: the fda will meet on thursday to consider sn pfizer's emergency use authorization request. the u.k. begins their immunization program tomorrow with 800,000 vaccine doses expected to be administered. todd, jill january. todd: carley shimkus, thank you. a california restaurant owner calling out the state's shutdown double standard after a film set
2:42 am
creates an outdoor dining space next to her shuttered bar. >> i'm losing everything. everything i own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. todd: angela marsen speaking out on the next revolution with a message for la mayor, eric garcetti. >> we have done everything you wanted. we will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe. we know covid's out there. but you're living in la la land if you think the rest of us, the middle class and the lower middle class can actually stay at home. i have a single mom with a child who can't pay her rent. i've got another new hire who is couch surfing because she no longer has an apartment and her unemployment has run out. it is ridiculous. todd: mayor garcetti responding to her, saying his heart goes out to her. jillian: wow. still ahead, combat veteran and
2:43 am
georgia native joey jones is here with me live in atlanta to grade last night's high stakes senate debate. he, as you can see, is next. - the world is in turmoil. been turned on it's head. of a possible recession.. - american cities are experiencing a devastating surge.. - hello, i'm michael youssef. lately, we are hearing so many conflicting voices and i don't blame you if you are anxious and worried and troubled. but if i told you that there's only one voice that you can absolutely trust. after all, he wants nothing from you and wants to give you everything. i'm talking about the lord jesus christ, who said, " come unto me, all who are carrying heavy burdens and worry and anxiety. and i will give you rest. " he's the only one who can give you true rest and peace. will you come to him? - [female voice] are you waiting to find a trustworthy voice
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many areas. humana has a large network of doctors and hospitals, and telehealth coverage with a $0 copay. so call or go online today, and get your free decision guide. discover how an all-in-one humana medicare advantage plan could save you money. humana, a more human way to healthcare. >> big night last night in georgia with kelly loeffler and raphael warnock facing off on the debate stage. we'll bring you highlights and get reaction from the former house speaker, newt gingrich. and senator rick scott will be here live, he's marshalling the effort to keep republican red and alex azar said a lot of exciting things yesterday. he's predicting in four days we could have a vaccine approved in the u.s. take your time, fda. we're not in a rush or anything. ben domenech is on deck, he'll
2:47 am
weigh in on what was gained and what was lost. miranda divine on the insane lockdowns destroying businesses while the virus does the rest. and meet an 11-year-old who is doing his part to give back to first responders serving his community. very impressive. that story coming your way in 13 minutes when jillian is done. hey, jillian. jillian.>> my opponent, radical raphael warnock, said you can't serve god and the military. >> i was preaching that day from a very familiar matthew text that says you can't serve god and maman, a sermon about a moral foundation for everything we do. when you have everything in order, that makes you a better soldier. it also makes you a better senator. jillian: senate hopeful raphael warnock trying to clarify the couldn't versie around a past sermon that offended many for what he said about the military.
2:48 am
joey jones is a georgia native and he made serious sacrifices on the battlefield. he joins us live this morning. good to see you this morning. >> i know it's a little cold, but i think we'll get through it. jillian: being from the northeast, i'm used to it a little bit. let's talk about what you heard raphael warnock say about his past sermons, many view it as controversial. your personal opinion, having served our country, having made sacrifices, has what he said was enough. >> he explained it already. what i took from it, he really was kind of arguing against what is american, what is capitalism, what is this country and everything we wake up in the morning and get excite todd goeo and saying you can't do that and i guess be a good christian, i'm not sure. at the end of the day, that's not the way kelly loeffler beats raphael warnock. she has charisma and ideas. if she keeps true to her ideas and conservative principles, i
2:49 am
think the people in georgia will reward her for it. jillian: big military presence here in georgia. do you think that voters in georgia would be satisfied with his response? >> i think voters in georgia know who they're going to vote for and it really comes down to who shows up on election day. i think that president trump brings out a lot of voters for him and he brings out a lot of voters against him. that's not going to be on the ticket this time. i think kelly loeffler, she wasn't my pick. i wanted dolin doug collins to . i think he represents georgians. she's done a great job representing president trump's policies. i think that's what voters in georgia want. jillian: senator bernie sanders says winning georgia races will make the goal of making joe biden the most progressive president in american history much easier. let's listen to what he had to say. >> your goal is to get joe biden elected and to make him the most progressive president in the history of the united states. that job becomes easier if you
2:50 am
don't have republicans controlling the senate. >> absolutely. we're all working as hard as we can to make sure that the two democratic candidates are winning georgia. jillian: now, do you think that georgia voters want the most progressive president in history? i ask that, also keeping in mind that joe biden has taken georgia in the presidential election. i mean, the recounts were just certified i think two days ago. so what do you think people here actually want? >> i think that you talk about who won the election, i think stacy abrams did a big job of getting people registered, mail-in voting. i think that's why joe biden carried the votes so far. what georgia voters want, we want our schools open, police funded, we want our troops home, our taxes low, and our senators to identify with us, not a radical from vermont or millennial from new york. i think tha that's what gop pols
2:51 am
do, what georgia is looking for. i hope they can show up. david perdue didn't show up to the debate. jillian: what do you think about that? >> i don't think john ossoff did himself any favors. he looked a little bit unprepared. i would like to see my senators show up and debate and answer questions. jillian: i think that's a fair response. before we let you go, we have to talk about this, the anniversary of the attacks on pearl harbor. which you had told me actually before the segment in the commercial break we were talking about that you used to be stationed in pearl harbor. i didn't realize that. tell me what this day means to you. >> marines don't often get stationed at pearl harbor but it was something else for me to be there and to wake up every morning, sometimes looking over the water at the missouri and arizona. it's just an amazing thing that this one event took american lives but then put us in a war and they say that 9/11 was our pearl harbor. so i feel connected to those men and women that acfife -- sacrifd
2:52 am
that day and went on to serve the military and win a war. and through everything that's going on this year, with negotiations with taliban, we could say we won a war. so far, we can't. i can understand what the country is going through. i feel like we went through something like that with 9/11. i think about what this means for my generation and you how of big it must have been for theirs. jillian: joey, thank you for joining us. good to see you in person. as always, thank you for everything you've done for our country. todd. todd: great stuff. still ahead, teachers in san diego forced to attend white privilege training. fox nation host david webb reacts, next. ♪ because i really fell for you. ♪ oh, i swear to you. ♪ i'll be there for you. ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough.
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todd: day' unified school describ playing den of a a while much today they are rayist. here to rack host of fox nation
2:57 am
being taught to the system was racist. this is the next step. and it's time for parents in california and in other areas around the country to realize that the teacher's union ease ideological activists that have inserted themselves into your children's school curriculum are not on your side. they want us to stay in the debate. i'm telling you at this point i think the parents need to consider that why their kids may have to go to those schools home school them and find another alternative because many parents can't or can't afford. to say you have to take on the task of teach your children at home what is real and educating them on what is not. because they will pay the price in the future and they are the ones that are going to be raised and taught the wrong message to survive in an america that is
2:58 am
certainly advanced quite a bit. todd: here is the response from the district et report includes inaccurate statements about a successful professional development session offered to teachers on a voluntary basis. we provided teachers with voluntary trainings from the racial healing hand book. training not mandatory. hundreds of teachers participated voluntarily so there you have it. matthew mcconaughey slamming hollywood hypocrisy over the 2020 election results. take a listener. >> the far left that would go, well, who do, there is a lot on that i will literal left that con descend patronize air gant toward that other 50%. for that industry trump was voted in four years ago. they were in denial that was real. todd: david, what do you make of those comments? >> well, look, i think matthew is trying to walk the line, right? there has been rumors of political future. what he wants. i think this is more of a little
2:59 am
bit of the texan in him to an extent. he is trying to walk that line saying look you did this to trump and now you expect trump supporters to saidenly acquiesce and say that biden is all that you promised america. the fact is that hollywood hypocrisy is not new. he stayed in the obvious and easy. i think it's good. i listened to most of the podcast. i think it's a good series of interviews for him. sounds a little bit like a pr campaign. and in hollywood, if he doesn't walk that line by the way and i grew up with a lot of these guys in hollywood, and a lot in the industry, he will pay the price like many of my friends have done when they get shut out of hollywood. todd: going to be interesting to see if he gets any push back even for those comments with the folks there in hollywood, don't forget to watch "reality check" on fox nation with the great david webb. we appreciate it as always. as we bring jillian in here for a moment, i think it's important for both david and i to remind
3:00 am
jillian the new york giants are in first place. jillian: i deserve that it's fine. congrats. todd: thank you. jillian: more coverage on the georgia senate debate coming up right now on "fox & friends." make sure you don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ president trump falsely claiming he won georgia. do you stand by his narrative? >> president trump has every right to use every legal recourse. >> he has done nothing to provide the ordinary people. >> can you tell us where your loyalty lies. >> my loyalties are with georgia. >> perdue decline to participate in this debate. this is why david perdue is not here today. he can't defend the indefensible. >> state of georgia is going to decide the future of this country. >> most of california heading to a strict new coronavirus lockdown. >> business owners, we have done everything you wanted, but you are living in la la land if you think the rest of us can actually stay at home. >>ou


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