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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 7, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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for both david and i to remind jillian the new york giants are in first place. jillian: i deserve that it's fine. congrats. todd: thank you. jillian: more coverage on the georgia senate debate coming up right now on "fox & friends." make sure you don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪ president trump falsely claiming he won georgia. do you stand by his narrative? >> president trump has every right to use every legal recourse. >> he has done nothing to provide the ordinary people. >> can you tell us where your loyalty lies. >> my loyalties are with georgia. >> perdue decline to participate in this debate. this is why david perdue is not here today. he can't defend the indefensible. >> state of georgia is going to decide the future of this country. >> most of california heading to a strict new coronavirus lockdown. >> business owners, we have done everything you wanted, but you are living in la la land if you think the rest of us can actually stay at home. >> house speaker pelosi says
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progress is being made on a coronavirus relief. >> so this has for a shorter period of time. that's okay now because we have a new president. >> he takes in for a touchdown. >> fall in love with me this christmas ♪ steve: well, they officially lit the christmas tree last night on tv. you are looking at it live on 48th and sixth avenue it. is freezing outside. 32 degrees here in new york city on this december 7th 2020, 70 years ago today the attack on pearl harbor. ainsley: yes, it was. thank you to all of you who served our you great country. this weekend saturday night was the rally. president trump was in georgia and then last night was the debate. so lots of politics over the weekend, brian. brian: i taped it all and,
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again, length me his vcr. steve: it's a beta max. brian: my bad. i feel really prepared for the show for a incorporate challenge. jillian mele is live in atlanta as the georgia senate candidates take the stage ahead of georgia's run off elections. jillian, you don't look cold. jillian: i'm freezing. some of us actually stayed to watch it, brian and did not need the vhs. kelly loeffler and her challenger raphael warnock went head to head in atlanta overnight for first and possibly only debate. senator loeffler slamming warnock for allegedly wanting to defund the police. >> my opponent radical liberal raphael warnock has called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to our children. >> my opponent is going to work really hard trying to push a narrative about me. i actually brought together the law enforcement officers here in this city. >> meanwhile the senator was repeatedly pressed to answer if
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president trump lost his election. >> the president has every right to every legal recourse. >> president trump has attacked your closest political ally governor kemp. was the president wrong. >> i appreciate the president's support of me and i appreciate the governor's support of me. >> can you tell us where your loyalty lies? >> with governor kemp or president trump? >> my loyalties are with georgia. >> and the first debate of the night was pretty interesting as jon ossoff went up empty podium. after david perdue declined his invitation. they debated twice ossoff claimed his absence because perdue felt entitled to his senate seat. >> if the senator were not too much of a coward to debate in public and he is not here because he is afraid he may incriminate himself think is why david perdue is not here today. he can't defend the indefensible. >> david perdue's campaign manager saying, quote: tonight
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we witnessed something we didn't know was possible. a candidate lost a debate against himself an epic failure. and at this point it is up to voters here in georgia if democrats take both seats that would mean 50/50 sprit with kamala harris as the tiebreaking vote. if that happens as you guys know they would control the house and the senate and the white house. this has implications for the entire country. not just here in georgia. back to you. steve: all right. >> jillian mele live in atlanta, georgia where it is cold like it is here in new york city. there were plenty of disagreements but one thing that the two candidates warnock and loeffler did agree on, they both said that when given the chance they would both take the coronavirus vaccine. meanwhile, according to the atlanta journal constitution, she referred to him at least 12 times as that radical liberal raphael warnock. she also described him as anti-police. antimilitary, anti-israel. he wants to defund law enforcement. the question is would he pack
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the courts and he would not answer. listen. >> i'm really not focused on it. and i think that too often the politics in washington has been about the politicians. i'm a pastor. and so i think about these issues i think about the people i have had to stand with in the critical care units while their loved one was dying or between life and death and not only are they concerned about the sickness. they are wondering how in the world they are going to pay for it. >> he also distracting from the fact that he would pack the supreme court. that's outrageous, justice ginsburg herself said nine justices is the right number. he would pack the court with radical justices that would ledges late from the bench to fundamentally override the constitution and our laws in this country and georgians need to know that is wrong for georgia and our country. steve: okay. so he wouldn't answer the pack the court thing.
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but he did several times attack her wealth. meanwhile, she said she would put ordinary people ahead anybody else. ainsley: then she said i worked my way through college. i didn't grow up with anything. i worked really hard for this. that's called capitalism and that's what america is all about. you can have the american dream. is he very charismatic he has a lot of experience at the pulpit. master at ebenezer baptist church. he was comfortable behind the debate podium. she really was hitting him on his progressive record and some of the sermons that he has talked about and like in 2015 he has this sermon about anti-police rhetoric. in 2018 he attacked israel's handling of palestinian protesters. and in 2016 he even attacked trump supporters. he said that trump supporters need to repent, that america needs to repent for its worship of whiteness and in 2014 he criticized the assessment. and then he also was -- she brought up the fact last night of his sermon about military.
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you can't serve in military and the god. he defended himself with that. brian: i never saw a debate where i actually know less after a debate than before that's last night. neither one were talking to each other and engaged. even though the format allowed them to ask each other questions. they weren't answering each other's questions. steve: or the moderator's question. brian: warnock never answered about stacey abrams not conceding. if you are mad at the president answer that military and god never answered. keep talking about matthew. relationship with jeremy wright needs to be defined. we still haven't done that i don't know why senator loeffler didn't press harder on that don's not denounce socialism or abortion. goes into detail on it. she is in an impossible situation because the governor who endorsed her and president who now supports her are in a huge fight. somehow she has got to negotiate i did not feel did i have empathy for her because she can't alien nate.
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ainsley: thanked both of them for helping her. brian: again, she is in an impossible situation because the president basically called out the governor the day before. ainsley: right. brian: never clearly answered the question about her stock trades. sheets was exonerated when immediately poll numbers dropped. do an investigation comes out and says she did not trade stocks on information that she got from the pandemic was about to hit. okay. tell us that. if you are exonerated, which you were, explain that. meanwhile, chuck schumer let everybody know about three weeks ago what's at stake with this election because if the democrats win, the country loses. listen. >> now we take georgia, and then we change the world. >> yeah. >> i'm sorry, could you repeat that mr. schumer? >> now we take georgia, and then we change america. >> good job, chuck. meanwhile that left warnock with a tough situation. key explain how america is going to be changed?
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>> the democrats wants to fundamentally change america and the agent of change is my opponent, radical liberal raffaele neraphael warnock. somebody who has agreed to raise taxes on hard-working georgians as much at $2,000 per family off the bat. >> it's clear to me that my opponent is going to work really hard spending millions of dollars of her own money trying to push a narrative about me. because she has clearly decided that she does not have a case to be made for why she should stay in that seat. i have worked my whole life to pull people together. i have been working on criminal justice reform. i have worked alongside law enforcement officers to do that work. brian: right. he has been in service but so has she. if you were rich and you want to give back to the countries, that's why you run for office because you are supposed to be almost donated service. this was the idea the founding
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fathers has in mind. don't united states salary and go from one island to the next and have this great cushy life, instead she wants to travel between two separate states take a lot of derision and bust her butt to be senator. i don't think that's a negative for her. i don't think what senator david perdue sitting out. he won by 88,000. why give your opponent free air time to beat you up. ainsley: that's how aoc won. she ran against the guy in new york who didn't show up for the debates. brian: absolutely. steve: we will know in a couple weeks whether that was a good strategy. thought california, a lockdown of sorts started at midnight. one of the things in l.a. cut because it's one of the hot spots is they have stopped all inn. person dining. you can still go ahead and order takeout. but, still, for the, you know, the businesses have been shut down two different times there. there was a video that went viral. you may have seen it. it's from a woman who was so frustrated. she took to twitter.
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her name is angela morris. the owner of the pineapple saloon and grill in l.a. county. there she is. she walks out in the back. and shows the $80,000 tent that she put up for catering. and then she points at and she says look, this has been closed. but look over there right there. that's the tent for the nbc crime show good girls. they are wide open. watch. >> i walked into my parking lot and obviously mayor garcetti has approved this. has approved this being set up for a movie company. everything i own is being taken away from me. and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. tell me this is dangerous but right next to me is a slap in my
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face that's safe? this is safe? steve: how crazy is that? so that is dangerous and that, that looks just like it is absolutely fine. apparently the governor's office said look, film shoots are stricter than restaurants because it is limited only to the film crew and everybody under goes covid tests. meanwhile the mayor of l.a. said this to the "new york times," my heart goes out to ms. marson and the works at pineapple saloon who who have to comply with restrictions that close outdoor dining. no one likes these restrictions but i do support them as our hospital icu fill capacity and cases have increased by 500 percent we must stop this virus before it kills thousands
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more angelenos. 11 counties are part of l.a. county. l.a. county has 25% of the entire state's population and yet orange county is being punished, essentially, according to orange county businesses for what's going on in l.a. county. because it's not the same. ainsley: it's so unfair. imagine if that were your business, your restaurants, your paycheck. steve: that's dangerous but that's not dangerous? ainsley: her point was, too. the hollywood tent they're catering food to all of the cast people. they are serving food out doors. her tents next door she can't serve food to the restaurants who keep that town alive. and in new york, i remember when they said no more indoor dining. the restaurants would take over the sidewalk in many cases if they had that space available. and it was actually everyone here was like okay, look, we have to do it and do it safely. but we are so glad our restaurants are staying hope. for them to shut down indoor and outdoor when the experts are
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saying outdoor suspects really hard to get covid. it just makes no sense. she can't afford to pay her staff, losing jobs. steve: she spent 80,000 to do so put that tent up. ainsley: one lady a single mom she can't pay her mortgage and she said another lady is now sleeping on friend's. brian: they call it couch surfs. weighed in last night with steve hilton again she followed up and said this is ridiculous what is happening. i hope what happened to her is what happened to new jersey health club and staten island bar. go public because they have the guts to do it and local government cracks down. ainsley: still not open. people aren't coming to her restaurant. brian: let's see if there is any retribution. here she. >> business owners we have done everything you you wanted and do everything it takes to keep people safe. we know covid is out there. but you are living in la la land if you think the rest of us, the middle class and the lower middle class can actually stay
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at home. we are going -- you know, i have a single mom with a child who can't pay her rent. i have got another new hire because we actually got busy in october with the patio and it looked like things were going to turn around, who is couch surfing because she no longer has an apartment and her unemployment has run out. it is ridiculous. and as politicians or mayor of a city, it is your job to look at risk assessment. brian: by the way, in germany, they cracked down like crazy. the cases barely bundle. they thought they would be fine by christmas. nothing has changed. in israel, the same situation. and then this woman sits up and says by the way, steve, you just brought up a good point. all those people in the movie set, they get tested. well, by me there is like four of those pediatric places. 15 minute test. there is no lines. and if new york has 15-minute tests. if you told her given this much investment on 15 minute test
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maybe they could build it into the menu. you sit there for 15 minutes, you get swabsd. johnson family you are ready every once in a while someone will slip through. for the most part they will do whatever you ask but you just took them down. i have the best analogy which i hope makes sense. pete rose is going through divorce in the 1970s, brutal on the front pages of every headline. they said pete you are hitting 360 going through this public divorce. it's brutal. i would rather go through a divorce hitting 360 than 260. that's just it. we know how bad the virus is why are you making it worse on people that just want to be able to survive while we wait for a vaccine which is right in front of us. steve: it's just the hypocrisy. when you look at the hypocrisy, that tent is dangerous. that tent is fine. ainsley: you stay at home meanwhile i'm going to travel for thanksgiving. you don't go to that restaurant and sit inside. i'm going to that expensive restaurant. steve: no doubt the coronavirus is widespread in california right now.
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and they have got to do something about it. the big question is this the right thing to do. email us we are also on facebook and brian is on parler we heard last week. brian: i'm staying on parler. all weekend people were noticing. this i'm very excited about this new social media aspect. yeah, parler. yes. what did i say it wrong? okay. i'm getting yelled at in my ear. carley shimkus never yells at me that i know of. go ahead and tell us what's happening in the news. carley: so sorry you are getting yelled at. begin your headlines with a big story here. rudy giuliani is reportedly in the hospitals after testing positive for covid-19. president trump's personal attorney tweeting, quote: thank you to all my friends and followers for all the prayers and kind wishes. i'm getting great care and feeling good recovering quickly. and keeping up with everything. the president initially announcing the positive covid test tweeting in part, quote: get better soon, rudy. we will carry on.
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now, to extreme weather. new england getting buried in the first nor'easter of the winter. >> check that out. the storm slamming the region with snow and 40 mile-per-hour winds. that brutal combo knocked out power to nearly 300,000 people. parts of massachusetts getting more than a foot while maine's care basset alley saw a whopping 18 inches. no world war ii veteran will attend today's ceremony. coronavirus restrictions keeping them away for the 79th anniversary of the attack that plunged the u.s. into world war ii. flags across the nation will be at half-staff. and remembrance of the lives lost that day. an important day of remembrance. guys, back to you. steve: you always think about it when you hear the date december 7th. that is today. all right, carley.
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thank you very much. straight ahead on this monday after stalling for months on coronavirus aid, speaker nancy pelosi now says she is ready to make a deal. now the sudden change? new york columnist miranda devine has th she is calling it shameless. aging is a journey. you can't always know what's ahead. since 1995, seniors have opened their doors to right at home for personalized care. to be their guide. to steer them through uncharted territory. and when it comes right down to it, to keep them safe at home. after all, home is the best place to be. right at home. navigating what's to come. ♪
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>> on board with this [inaudible] >> perhaps you missed what i said earlier, joe biden committed to ending and questioning the virus. what was then before was not more of this. this is -- has simplicity. it's what we have had in our
3:24 am
bill. it's for a shorter period of time. but that's okay now because we have a new president. brian: right. again, you challenge her and she loses her temper. after months of negotiations house speaker nancy pelosi is ready for a smaller coronavirus bill all because joe biden heading to the white house really while americans and business owners struggle does this mean it was about politics all along. miranda devine what does it tell you on the precipices of opening a $900 billion package when she would not approve anything under 2 trillion. >> it just shows you how cynical nancy pelosi is and the fact that thee sets cranky when she is challenged on it shows it's a soft spot for her. and she is under pressure from her own people because she had such disastrous showing in the election. the democrats went back wards when everybody predicted that that they were going to win states for the republicans and
3:25 am
therey no blue wave there was a red wave. a lot of that you can put down to her shameless hack steering on the stimulus bills. you know, smuggling in pet projects like marijuana, weed dispensary legislation. and, you know, diversity for corporations none of it. she didn't care about people actually suffering out there. the republicans were trying to just give stimulus money direct to suffering people. she was playing politics with it. and i think the only reason that she was negative before about things twice as big as this one and okay now is because she wanted people to suffer. because she calculated, cold bloodedly that that was going to play better for the democrats in the election and it was going to damage donald trump. and, in fact, she is the one who has really been damaged. brian: miranda, i think she is jarred to the core. 222 to 2111 and they are still
3:26 am
gaining? probably going to gain additional seats because of the way these things are being recounted. and no one predicted. this so this is a rebuke of her and her leadership. and now the masses on the democratic side in the house are going to pressure her. yet alone the left side going to pressure her. she is sitting on top of a volcano. when this 900 billion-dollar gets passed this is a punch to her solar plexus. it? >> sure is and she will try to put a face on it but her days are numbered. i think it's basically a referendum on what an awful job she has done as speaker. she has been the most divisive person in washington, d.c. all she is focused on is her hatred of donald trump as if that is everything in this country. and, you know, that me, the lasting memory of her is going to be that state of the union address when she stood behind the president and ripped up his speech. that was disgusting. and it showed that there is
3:27 am
something not quite right with nancy pelosi. she is so eaten up with hatred. but it's affecting the way she behaves. brian: with all other her yeah, power, look at the state of san francisco today. look at her district. it could not be worse. the lockdown could not be more strict. and the virus could not be raging any greater. and that's what she is presiding over. instead of saying why is her district so great and given special attention. we see what her policies do. and she has to step over homeless to get into her private jet to get to washington on a regular basis. or she can stay home in her multiple refrigerators and eat ice cream. at least the american public is not buying it anymore. miranda, thanks so much. great column as usual in the "new york post." >> thanks brian. brian: loss on the campaign trail with a brand new mission to give back to our brave servicemen and women lieutenant colonel daniel gabe on the fight he's taking to washington next ♪ young american ♪ he was a young american
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i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. ainsley: one republican candidate is rebounding from senate loss by focusing on the men and women who serve our nation. as an army veteran himself our next guest is launching packets aimed at issues and candidates. >> heading to georgia to help republican candidates in the january runoff here with more is former virginia senate candidate lieutenant colonel daniel gabe. >> good morning. great be here. ainsley: sorry about your loss. i know it's heart breaking as you candidates work so hard. going forward, how are you using this to benefit veterans. >> i woke up in november 4th on the greatest country in earth and going back to work to fight for our slals.
3:33 am
new mission and foe using can on veterans and getting better and friendly candidates elected. our first mission is we are going to take some money and take some activity down to georgia. if you are one of georgia's 640,000 veterans or you want to help in the georgia senate races, go to our website and check it out. and then in 2021, i'm going to work on winning back the house of delegates in virginia by helping veteran and conservative candidates right here in virginia. ainsley: what is the track record for veterans when it comes to voting in elections? >> well, veterans vote actually in a little bit lower rate than you would expect, and a lot lower rate than they should. because they know what it means to sacrifice. they know what it means to serve. they have already had an oath to the constitution. and so those are the people we wants in office and those are the people that i think that we really should target and help get out the vote. ainsley: tell us what happened in 2006. i know you were in iraq and lost
3:34 am
your leg. tell us what happened. >> yeah. serves company commanders of a tank company west of baghdad in a place called ramadi and got hit by a room. it was the second time i got wounded and ended up losing my right level leg or giving my right leg at the hip. spent a year in the hospital. and stayed in the army on active duty for another 13 years. ultimately teaching at west point and getting a ph.d. it was great. ainsley: how do you get through something like that? >> well, think hard work and grill. we don't know each other. but i have a very hard head. and so i'm somebody who is just always going to do -- always just going to keep working hard. and i just decided ifsdz going to thrive. i have a wife and i have got now three kids. at the time i only had one. and i just decided that i had to be this sort of person who could still provide for my family and still do all of that hard work. and so i did. and i hope that i can an inspiration to her veterans and other americans as they look at our servicemen and women. today is pearl harbor day.
3:35 am
as people look at our servicemen and women i hope they see stories of resiliency and grit. i'm happy to be one of those. ainsley: all right. daniel, we wish you all the best. thank you for serving our country. god bless you. >> thank you so much. new mission thank you so much. ainsley: great deal. thank you. new york city is supposed to be the financial capital of the hill. why with s. one financial power house moving out? charles payne on the big apple exodus next ♪ ♪ when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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3:40 am
taken away from me. and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. tell me that this is dangerous but right next to me as as a slap in my face, that's safe? this is safe? brian: unbelievably concerning to say the least. steve: so visual. brian: charles payne host of making money on fox business. the fear did not allude you, the lock down did not escape you. no as emblematic in your faces a what we are witnessing in los angeles right now. what's your reaction? >> you know, when i saw the video over the weekend and i'm watching it first of all part of me is hoping it's not even real, right? but she juxtaposes the tents and can you heart heart break. i mean, can you hear her heart break. you understand exactly what she is talking about. so many people can relate with
3:41 am
her. particularly in a place like california. where the hypocrisy, particularly amongst this elected officials and their friends, flight nbc gets to put this amazing elaborate tent right feet away from hers. ainsley: for catering. >> for catering and, you know, this is just after we see, you know, the gavin newsom french laundry obviously much more upscale restaurants than hers where the meals cost $450 a person where willie brown said he heard that the wine tab alone for that newsom meal is $12,000. all of that is thron thrown in r face by being thrown in her face it was thrown in our faces. steve: charles, how about this? california lockdowns started last night. down in florida they have been wide open for the most part for months. everything is open. people are trying to, you know, there are various restrictions, social distancing. things like that.
3:42 am
>> yeah. steve: supposed to have a mask everywhere. nonetheless, snrorld wide open. then there is this story today about how goldman sachs is thinking about relocatin relocam new york stock exchange where the taxes are through the roof to either palm beach county or fort lauderdale or maybe even dallas, texas because of a variety of reasons. why are they onto the right track? >> they are allowing people to use their own -- their own judgment. they are saying we don't need to make this pandemic worse by putting people out of business. by making people desperate. you know, it's really just absolutely amazing what florida is allowing people to do which, by the way, is what set america apart in the first place, right? it's about our freedoms. i don't care what anyone says. you can brag all you want about how china is doing and japan. those are different cultures. our cultures and ethos are steeped in individual rights. we'll do the right thing. we're not going to harm
3:43 am
ourselves or our family deliberately. let us live our lives. we'll don't want to be dependent on the government. we don't want to hope that nancy pelosi turns around and sends another check. we don't want that particularly as americans. goldman sachs looking to move a big chunk of their business out you have new york. let me tell if you it happens it's going to open the flood gates. steve: absolutely. ainsley: gosh. i know. we are going to lose a lot of revenue in new york and then our tax also go up. steve: they will go up anyway. brian: they deserve it. charles: yeah. ainsley: so, schumer and warren, they wrote this op-ed that says why we, elizabeth warren and chuck schumer, believe the biden-harris administration should cancel up to 50,000 in student debt on day one. and then it goes on to say this is econ 101. the best way to jump start our economy is broad cancellation of student debt would give millions of americans 200 to 300 more to spend and save each month.
3:44 am
also means they won't have to worry about a student debt time bomb exploding when the suspension ends. do you agree with that? the kids will spend more money because their debt is paid for? >> the jig is up, okay? this is the real deal what's going on here. first, let's look at the facts. 56% of outstanding college debt is held by folks with professional degrees. that 20%, master's degrees are 36%. by the way up from just 27% a few years ago. thee theist are the highest earners in america. they make more money than anyone else. 44% of people living under the median income are people with high school degrees or less. you are talking about bailing out for the most part rich white woke folks who, by the way, were promised amazing things for getting a college degree and since they don't, this is a way to appease them so maybe they don't start looking at a populist regime. maybe so turned off by the promise if i can get a master's
3:45 am
degree i'm on my way. this is what you are doing. you do fund the guise of helping the working person. you do it under the guise of helping blacks and hispanics. they are selling this on the pain and suffering of other people. the reality is this income redistribution for the richest people in this country. that's the ironic part about this. it's people need to devil into the number --delve into the num. not sales pitch which is a lie. brian: wouldn't mind cutting interest rates a little bit they did abuse that a lot and also a kick in the teeth, charles, to people actually paid off their loan 35 years old. feel good about it and now feel like suckers. really if i just waited long enough i could have got it all forgiven? thanks. >> absolutely. here's the thing. you have this tidal wave of folks who went to college because of the wink, wink. that was a lot of under the obama-biden administration. we will find a way to forgive this loan.
3:46 am
so you had a mad rush of 160% increase. i just mentioned master's degrees and another 35% from higher tuitions no. way in the world should americans be bailing out colleges. no way in the world should our government be bailing out these college grads who are going to end up making a million dollars more, $1 million more on average than a person that didn't get a college degree. brian: go get them, charles, thanks so much. >> you got it. brian: watch making money i'm sure everyone else is at 2:00 on fox business. there is no dress code. steve: janice dean joins us on this chilly morning in new york city. >> yes. absolutely. and, of course, we this that nor'easter over the weekend that brought epic snow to new england. we got kind of part 2 of what is happening across the east coast today. a look at those temperatures. so cold over parts of the southeast and the gulf coast. we're going to warm things up over the plains today. here is part 2 of this system. this next system moving over
3:47 am
florida and the southeast. the worst of it is going to romaine offshore. but we could see the potential for some snow on the back side of this system. and as we get into the afternoon, things will start to settle down. also wants to point out that we have red flag warnings up again for parts of california. we have critical to elevated fire danger santa ana winds, offshore winds once again in place that's going to cause some problems. high fire danger throughout the day and the central u.s. remains calm. watch this system off the east coast and high fire danger once again for california. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. steve: thanks j.d. ainsley: thank thank you janice. operation warp speed kicking into gear with a w. a vaccine expected ton distributed within days. dr. marc siegel on the development next. repair your enamel with pronamel repair. our most advanced formula helps you brush in vital minerals
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carley: good morning, back with headlines. john ratcliffe is calling for the release of the interim report investigating the origins of the russia probe. >> chairman schiff has indicated that he thinks that the durham investigation should end which is why an interim report would be appropriate it. would show whether or not there is a good faith basis to
3:52 am
continue. carley: meanwhile former cia director john brennan tells fox news chris wallace quote there was no spying on donald trump's campaign. despite the ig reports and russia probe showing otherwise. the u.s. supreme court moves up a key deadline for pennsylvania officials to respond to a congressman's bid to decertify the state's election rules. representative mike kelly argues the state's vote by mail law is unconstitutional. he believes every mail-in ballot should be thrown out. the wednesday deadline has been moved up to tomorrow morning, which is the safe harbor cut off date for states to resolve election disputes. steve? steve: thank you. hhs secretary alex azar offering a positive outlook on the rollout of the pfizer coronavirus vaccine. listen. >> if the panel approves on december 10th how soon might the vaccine be out for people? >> really within days, chris, within 24 hours of fda green
3:53 am
lighting with authorization we will ship to all of the states and territories that we work with and within hours they can be vaccinating. steve: that sounds good here to discuss is fox news medical contributor and author of that book covid police cars of fear and the power of science. dr. marc siegel. >> hi, steve how are you today? steve: i'm good. we heard from pfizer this was 90% effective over a month ago. what's taking the government so long warp speed not so warp speedy? >> well, it's been slowed down at the fda level. i'm concerned about that steve. the data safety monitoring board on the pfizer vaccine, for example, has been looking at the data all along. the fda is saying okay, now they have to sit down and go over this one sitting and then it will be approved. obviously, by the end of this week. there is no question about it. but, in the united kingdom. they approved it faster because they paid attention to that drips and drabs of data come in.
3:54 am
i think we could have had this approved by now. steve: let me ask you this as well. 100 million votes probably going to be 50 million. i read this morning it might be 40 million. they say there are bottlenecks with production and supply chain things. but, you know what in the average person who needs it doesn't care about that. hurry. >> yeah. steve. i agree with you on that. i want to point out something. i look glass half full. because, when you talk about the cold chain with the pfizer vaccine it has got to be kept below zero and got to be on dry ice. steve: absolutely. >> so you have the military involved and mckesson involved with syringes and needles. and then have you pfizer itself involved. then you have a computer program. so i think if pfizer manages to distribute 20 million -- if 20 million people end up getting the pfizer or moderna vaccine by the end of the year and live in nursing homes and healthcare
3:55 am
workers we have done good for the month of december. steve: gotten it to the market this quickly we need to widely distributed. it's tough to inknock could you late a whole population. something that happened at midnight last night, mark, california issued their stay-at-home orders taking effect where essentially the governor has divided the state into five parts. if you are hospital icu capacity drops below 15%, you are on that lockdown thing. right now they have locked down l.a. county and huge portions of southern california when you look at these lockdowns, weigh the cost of business interruption versus the impact in slowing the spread. >> well, i'm very concerned about that. you just leader charles payne on that very eloquent little and passionately. let's not forget the california attorney general is about to become the head of the health and human services. i'm very concerned about the
3:56 am
math here and about the way politicians make these decisions we found out recently outdoor restaurants in l.a. have almost no cases linked to them and yet they get shut down. the tremendous cost here. a study that came out of japan by the way where they actually have not locked down japan. get, this just because of all the businesses closing, steve, in the month of october, there were more suicides in japan than the people died from the pandemic from march all the way to october. the amount of damage in terms of depression, anxiety, all of the other medical problems is huge. steve: no kidding. all right. dr. siegel, thank you very much. >> thanks, steve. steve: you bet. we will step aside. newt gingrich comes up on the other side of a brief time-out. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪
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sofi made it so easy to pay off my student loan debt. (chime) choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪ >> radical liberal rafael warnock has called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullies, and a threat to our children. >> my opponent trying to push a narrative about me. she does not have a case to be made for why she should stay in that seat. brian: nancy pelosi is finally ready for a smaller coronavirus bill all because joe biden is headed to the white house. >> she didn't care about people who were actually suffering out there. she was playing politics. >> director of national intelligence john ratcliffe is calling for the release of john durham wants interim report. >> i would like to see an interim report that has not only the intelligence community document i have but the law enforcement document that shows that there was no proper
4:01 am
predicate for crossfire hurricane. >> hhs secretary alex azar break down the timeline for vaccine distribution. >> within 24 hours of fda green lighting with authorization we'll ship to all the states and within hours they can be vac sin natal. >> don't worry the grinch won't be able to ruin crismsz this year. [siren] >> we got you grinch, put down the tree. >> kids we should save christmas. ♪ steve: grinch, stay away from our tree. ainsley: look at that all-american christmas tree fox square. there is music playing out there. merry christmas, everyone. brian: merry christmas everybody. good news about the grinch looks very agile i will say this. could have been very ugly. the president of the united states is going to be awarding the medal of freedom to deign able today the best wrestle
4:02 am
every. people debate about michael jordan and babe ruth. no debate best wrestler ever, unbelievable coach. steve: indeed he is and has been welcome aboard hour two of "fox & friends." brian: you grew up in the wrestling business. steve: i did. i was a wrestler in high school. 6'1 and i was wrestling at 112. [laughter] brian: were were your parents going to be brought up on charges? did you eat at all? ing. steve: i was the tallest 118 in the state of kansas. i won about half of my matches. brian: did you have any carbs at all? any joke food? steve: not until i discovered beer in cleaning. just saying. welcome aboard, folks. hour two, jillian is not here with us in new york city. she is down in atlanta, georgia because of last night's big debate. jillian? jillian: i just learned so much.
4:03 am
good morning, begin with this. all eyes on georgia as senator kellkelly levy remember and rafl warnock went head to head for first and maybe only debate. stuck to their points with senator loeffler blaming warnock for allegedly wanting to defund the police. >> my opponent radical liberal rafael warnock has called police officers gangsters, thugs, bullies and a threat to our children. >> my opponent is going to work really hard trying to push a narrative about me. i actually brought together the law enforcement officers here in this city. jillian: meanwhile the senator was repeatedly pressed to answer if the senator lost his election. >> the president has every right to every legal recourse. >> president trump has attacked your closest political ally, governor kemp. was the president wrong. >> look, i appreciate the president's support of me and i appreciate the governor's support of me. >> can you tell us where your
4:04 am
loyalty lies with governor kemp or president trump? >> my loyalties are with georgia. >> meantime, democrat jon ossoff went up against an empty podium during his debate. after senator david perdue declined his invitation to attend. so ossoff took that opportunities to slam his opponent. >> your senator is refusing to answer questions and debate his opponent because he believes he shouldn't have to. he believes the senate seat belongs to him. the senate seat belongs to the people. >> david perdue's campaign manager said quote tonight we witnessed something we didn't know was possible. a candidate lost a debate against himself, an epic failure. from this point on up to the voter here in georgia if democrats take both seats there would be a 50/50 split with kamala harris as the tiebreaking vote. if that would happen that would mean they would control the house, the senate and the white house. last time to vote is today with early inperson voting beginning
4:05 am
in georgia on december 14th. ainsley: great job. let's bring in newt gingrich. fox news contributor former speaker of the house and author of trump and the american future along with many others. good to see you. >> good to see you quivment a weekend. ainsley: right. we had the rally in your home state on saturday and debate last night all tuning in. that state has really changed it. walls so red when i was growing up in south carolina. now i know your area that was so red when you ran now it's half and half. what did you think of the debate last night and what are your predictions? >> i thought that senator loeffler did a great job. i thought that the back and forth several times when she was able communicate with warnock stood for. i think she obviously has talked about this a lot and i thought did a pretty good job. baptist preacher. his entire life has been in the pulpit. giving speeches. he is a natural. this was not her natural area.
4:06 am
and i thought given that shy got every single message across about his radicalism, position against the police, against the military. i thought she was -- position in favor of abortion and for higher taxes. i think on balance she did very well. this election is going to come down to turnout. the objective fact is i believe trump probably did actually carry georgia. i believe that the election process is a mess. i really wish the governor would call a special session to clean it up. and republicans simply have to turn out more votes than stacey abrams can steal. it's a very straightforward thing. i think they will probably keep both seats republican. but it's going to be person worried about the future of the country from a conservative standpoint has to go vote. and that's the number one challenge not the debate or the arguments getting people to vote
4:07 am
in this runoff. brian: and republicans have got to get on the same page. newt, what advice would you give her being that she is an impossible situation. the president is brawling with the governor. the governor endorse he had her. the president endorsed her shoe. she is being asked or and never again side with the governor who said this election is decided or decide with the president? sooner other later she is going to have to answer that question. both of these leaders. >> first of all, i thought she did a great job in the very clip you just showed. when she was asked. you represent trump or do you represent kemp shoe is he said i represent georgia. i work for georgia. second, the governors for her the president is for her she doesn't have to get involved in any of this. all she has to say is compared to letting chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and kamala harris run the country she is vastly better for every republican and the governor by the way has come out now and said he really
4:08 am
tsialas should be a recount. he thinks. brian: we have had enough recounts, it's signature verification they need. >> that's right. he has come out for that the state legislature is coming out for that i think ultimately this is going to be different than it look round 1. steve: right. >> i thought her position, kelly loeffler represents georgia. she doesn't have to choose between the two and i thought she was very disciplined. look, i have done that a lot in my career that is a hard thing. in the, the panel was against her. i mean notice how hostile the questions to her was and what their tone was like and she sailed right through it. steve: newt, a two-part question something you said a moment ago. how is stacey abrams going to steal votes and the second part is the people of georgia are confused on saturday night you had the president there saying that the election was rigged. it was stolen from him and i was reading in the atlanta journal
4:09 am
constitution this morning they have got a big article about people who live there and they go i don't know what to believe because the president says it was rigged. why why vote because it's not going to count? >> well, they need to vote because the key to a republican victory is to have more votes than the left can steal. steve: how are they going to steal them. >> steal a couple ways. first of all 1,200,000 unverified absentee ballots. now, in 2018, 3.5% of the absentee ballots were thrown out. this year was 0.3, the difference is three times biden's margin. and nobody can explain it. the agreement the secretary of state made with stacey abrams was crazy. they have their back now once again with these boxes where can you drop off ballots which are an invitation to going out and gathering up votes, which is illegal under georgia law. and i can tell you the republicans have learned they
4:10 am
are spending an enormous amount of energy monitoring every one ever these drop box. they're also looking very hard at what's happening. by the way. the county governments will not allow republicans in to see who they are sending the ballots to. so the only time you can verify signature that matters is on the way out. which the counties won't let republicans watch. when the ballots come back in, under the disagreement the secretary of state made, you are not allowed to verify them. and the result has been at least three times as many votes would have been ruled out as biden's entire margin. that doesn't count other problems. which we have seen. you know, the video on the security camera of the person who happened to have an entire batch of extra ballots. a lot of things that went on that are, you know, i spent a lot of time in georgia politics. i have never seen an election that was this blatantly disorganized and blatantly in
4:11 am
favor of being stolen. ainsley: newt, i know the democrats sued earlier in the year so that he this would have a different signature system if you mailed in the votes. you didn't have to have an i.d. you weren't showing up in person. so there are two different ways if you mailed in, you didn't have to show your id. if you went in person, you had to show your id. so it worked for them. so many people had these mail-in ballots. republicans are really worried go they don't change this system come the beginning of january the same thing is going to happen again. what are they doing to prevent that? >> i think they are working on it right now. part of the reasonable why the governor should be calling a special session. ainsley: why isn't he? >> dick morris did an analysis. if it was the balance you were describing they were 3 to 1 it for biden. if they were the normal ballots they were about 54-46 for biden. people showed up to vote they were overwhelm leg for trump. you vdged had this massive number of votes for biden and in
4:12 am
a number of states it turns out there are thousands of ballots where they don't vote for the senator. they don't vote for the congress, they don't vote for the county government. they only have one vote for biden. now, you might think that's because if you are trying to steal votes it's more efficient to just mark one for biden and i think in state after state we are seeing examples of this kind of basically old fashioned blatt boballot box stuffing but done n a scale we have never seen before. brian: going through the legal process the secretary of state said yesterday about the signature verification if you filled out a paper application sent back a signature we matched it. i'm the first secretary of state to ever stand up on online portal for absentee ballot applications which connects us with photo i.d. so that's what people are wrestling with they hear a republican secretary of state say this and they see the republican president and other people say that meanwhile, i want to bring to you another
4:13 am
area of your expertise, that's being speaker of the house. have you ever seen something as blatantly political as. this this is speaker pelosi who is leaving credibility for the moment talking about why she is going to okay suddenly a relief package when she wouldn't take less than 2 trillion three weeks ago. listen. >> that is a total game changer. a new president and a vac sign. what was then before was not more of this there has simplicity. what we have had in our bill for a shorter period ever time. but that's okay now because we have a new president. don't characterize what we did before as a mistake as a preface to your question. you want an answer that was not a mistake. it was a decision and it has taken us to a place where we can do the right thing without other, shall we say considerations in the legislation that we don't want. brian: right.
4:14 am
little short-tempered when people ask her a follow-up question. have you ever heard anything like that in your life because joe biden wins i will accept less? >> what she basically just said was hundreds of thousands of americans have suffered because nancy pelosi said no. but by the way if you are going to talk about the speaker, i'm very worried that they are going to try to steal both the new york congressional seat and an iowa congressional seat straight out theft. brian: tell us how. >> i think because they are taking those two races instead of going to court. they are now going to bring them into the house where they have a majority, i lived through this in 1984-85 when they stole indiana 8 it was literally a theft. there was no question that they went out and the democrats in the house stole the seat. and in fact deeply imbittered the republicans. i think, kevin mccarthy ought to have a battle cry of thou shall not steal. brian: right away. >> if they can't win in the state courts they should not be
4:15 am
allowed to change the outcome. brian: he should be on every show every hour. you can't do that there is a problem with that state and all of a sudden you are going to nationalize it? that's nuts. >> it is. that's what she intends to do. she intends to steal two seats. steve: let's see what happens. newt, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> good to be with you, thanks. steve: 7:15 in new york city and carley is with us today with the headlines. carley: that's right. good morning. rudy giuliani is reportedly in the hospital after testing positive for covid-19. president trump's personal attorney tweeting, quote: thank you to all my friends and followers for all the prayers and kind wishes i'm getting great care and feeling good. recovering quickly and keeping up with everything the president initially announcing the positive covid test tweeting in part, quote: get better soon, rudy, we will carry on. prosecutors drop a felony riot charge against a privileged 20-year-old. clara corroborator was busted in new york city after protesters
4:16 am
torched cannot prove she is guilty of felony charges yard. she took a plea deal for a misdemeanor graffiti charge which could go away if she stays out of trouble for six months. today most of california is waking up under strict stay-at-home orders as icu beds fill up past governor gavin newsom's emergency threshold. but with businesses shut down once again. some local leaders are pushing back mayor bill wells joined "fox & friends first" earlier to react. >> the who has said the lockdowns don't work we have been doing this now for 10 months. and it seems like it's really going to destroy not only our economy, but it is hurting people. carley: the state's regional stay-at-home orders restricts travel and limits retail operation to 20% capacity and
4:17 am
bars indoor and outdoor dining. a d.j. hero who led 900 men during the battle of normandy has died. local media reports sergeant major robert lat nic died over the weekend. the texas veteran previously said he landed on omaha beach. he tried to keep him and his men moving which saved his life. he died at the age of 100. what an amazing man. those are your headlines. ainsley: thank you so much. car limit we have as millions are going under lock down in california. one business owner says he is considering moving out of the state to prevent from going under. ♪ brian: don't blame him ♪ should i stay or should i go now ♪ i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to
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good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter] that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works.
4:22 am
♪ brian: california governor gavin newsom locks down his state once again. some business owners are closing their doors and leaving the state for good. next guest is considering doing the exact same thing. joining us now matchless it in long beach. nic, you don't depend on walk-ins. you depend on other businesses thriving so you can use your expertise. how has this affected your business? >> you are absolutely right and thank you for having me this morning. we serve almost every other business in the industry ones being affected by the lockdowns. how this effects us is i think a great example of what is going to happen with our economy coming is trickle down effect as they get hit and they lose tricks over to us. it's been very, did he difficu difficult. brian: locked down your entire state 33 million people basically say stay home and we
4:23 am
are not going to supply any type of supplies or paychecks for example sal pay grounds, zoos, museums, shut down. retail store capacity 20%. travel and leisure use of hotels are banned. catering band. the governor is looking out for you. isn't that reassuring? >> i don't necessarily know that they're looking out for us you will actions speak louder than words. they don't believe in heir own edigits. and it's so it's going to be increasingly difficult. frankly, i don't know any businesses are going to be able to survive another intense lockdown like we are in right now. brian: we know this two thirds of this country living paycheck to paycheck. nic, take that paycheck away. >> it's already been done, unfortunately we come out of money put away for years. it's been increasingly difficult
4:24 am
every single week have to start looking at other options. brian: nic, do you have a lease. >> we have a lease that lease is up in about three months. brian: right. they need to get paid they owe the bank money a lot of times bank needs to get back. governors still gets paid and legislators get paid. your own good, we are going to stop everyone from working. just stay home at stare at the wall. that will keep you safe. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. sheila cool outdoor dining most dangerous thing you can do vote down to shut down outdoor dining and immediately goes to dinner afterwards. none of it makes any sense that is the mostest from frustrating part for people not only does it not make sense i'm not getting paid at the same time and i can't go to work and go out and visit friends the virus isn't regional the pick and choose policies that the politicians put out are regional.
4:25 am
brian: what's going to be left? you are killing us in order to save us. and meanwhile they say lockdowns don't work. w.h.o. don't work and dr. fauci lockdowns don't work. they lock us down and use different names for it. nice try. we are in the same hell you are here in new york nic, keep fighting and speaking out. >> thank you so much for having me. brian: absolutely. appreciate you coming forward. coming up straight ahead. bernie sanders make the joe biden the most progressive. the race in georgia will make the difference. feel good about that. rick scott is here to tell bernie sanders is right but he will stop him ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:26 am
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4:29 am
♪ steve: our big story georgia's senate runoff is less than a month away and senator bernie sanders is banking on democratic victories so he can push joe biden way left. >> since you left the presidential race your goal is to get joe biden elected and make him the most progressive president in the history of the united states. that job becomes a lot easier if you at least don't have republicans controlling the senate. >> absolutely. and i, you know, and we are all
4:30 am
working as hard as we can to make sure the two democrat candidates win in georgia. steve: all right. joining us now to react is the incoming chair of the national republican senatorial committee rick scott who joins us from florida. good morning, senator. >> bernie sanders is right. if they can win in georgia that his idea of socialism the democrats idea of pack the supreme court. reverse the first and second amendment right. ruin medicare. have all healthcare insurance run by the government. green new deal $100 trillion. socialism. socialism. i don't believe that's going to happen i don't believe so that's where georgia or the florida or the country is this is what they want. they want complete control. steve: you mentioned florida, which is where you are sitting right now.
4:31 am
donald trump won florida in the general election last month you wrote an op-ed at talktalks about how his victory there has important lessons for republicans nationwide. like what? >> i think it's real simple democrats want to control your life. what they said what kamala harris said she wants everyone to have the exact same outcome. that means you have no opportunity. this is what fidel castro and hugo chavez would say oh everybody should have the same thing what that means nobody has any opportunity. republicans want to give you a life. republican goes out and talk to everybody, it doesn't matter the color of your skin or your religion. go talk to everybody more opportunity, less regulation. better schools. supporting law enforcement. when you have the example you have what happened i won my three race races two for
4:32 am
governor and u.s. senate. donald trump had a big win a month and a half ago. if that's what republicans do, we win. steve: one of the things about florida in addition to the beautiful weather have you there no state tax. one of the most prominent financial sources companies in the world goldman sachs which is based here in new york city is thinking about moving asset management, that division to palm beach or fort lauderdale or texas. dallas. why do you think they are doing that? >> i at a thank you to cuomo and de blasio all the time. for taxes and regulation and attitude against business has driven so many companies to florida in the last 10 years why do people come here lower taxes and better weather. we have the number one higher education system in the country
4:33 am
and 49 year low in our crime rate. so, your choice is to pay high taxes and get what when you live in new york city or new york? if you could leave, you are leaving. what this pandemic has shown is there is no research even if you are in financial supervisors you don't need to be in new york anymore. so we have had so many businesses that have been coming down here. so goldman sachs getting in line. better hurry because we are running out of office space. steve: big question though, senator, is after the pandemic. you know, i have so many friends who are teleworking from florida right now because they can do it from anywhere. the big question is going to say to their bosses you know what? i can do my job from here in palm beach or in naples or wherr i'm not going back to new york boston, chicago. >> first of off the bosses want to come down.
4:34 am
everybody wants to come down here. you why not? you don't pay the taxes. you don't have the commute. you have the weather. i mean you have better schools. you have lower crime. i mean, why would anybody go back after this pandemic? they are not going to. steve: i do a morning show i love dinner 4:00 in the afternoon. senator, thanks for joining us from naples. good luck traveling back to d.c. >> see you. steve: we do. we go to dinner at 4:00. just saying. that's what happens when you get up at 2:00 this the morning. meanwhile, straight ahead. operation warp speed kicking into high gear with the vaccine expected to be distributed in a couple of days. an update on the rollout from the guy in charge hhs secretary alex azar next. ay dirt and oil. so you're ready for the day with a clean shave and a clean face.
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>> we have been telling you about operation warp speed kicking into high gear as covid vaccine could be distributed in a couple of days. ainsley: health and human services secretary alex azar. [cough] excuse me got choked up. good morning, mr. secretary. >> good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: does that mean we are going to see rollouts on friday and saturday. >> getting ready for rollout within days that's why tomorrow ank president trump is hosting a vaccine distribution summit with many of our governors, our retail pharmacy chains and our distributers like mckesson, fedex and u.p.s. to be very strands parent and show the world how comprehensibly we have planned out every aspect of this distribution. and we hope that if everything goes well. we could being seeing the pfizer vaccine within days and moderna distributed within days after their hearing a week from thursday. brian: mr. secretary, i understand you need two hits. within three weeks of each other
4:40 am
to totally mirror the study, so, when you say something 20 million vaccines are out. are you saying mr. jones dr. jones he guess one but he has to get the second one within three weeks or just become ineffective, correct? out of that 20 million, how many are first hits and how many are second hits? >> we will actually have 40 million doses of the moderna and pfizer. we will use 20 million we will hold back and reserve the second dose people will need to get. 21 or 28 days that's the target. want it get people right around that point for second vaccination. get a vaccine card to remind them like your doctor's appointment reminder cawr card and hospital and pharmacy to remind to you come back in to get the second dotes. steve: in the beginning we
4:41 am
didn't know what we didn't know. over the last month or two the projections on the number of vaccine doses available was optimistic. since then there have been bottlenecks in production and supply chain problems. and now, according to the "the washington post." sounds like they are going to be a lot fewer vaccine doses. for the average person watching, the average person not a first responder or somebody with co-more 3weud at this. when can they expect to get the vaccine. >> let me clarify on the number of doses available. it's historic achievement talking about 10 months from hitting our shores that we have possibly two 95% effective vaccines and tens of millions of doses. steve: that is fast, absolutely. >> we always said the goal was by the end of december to have in the tens of millions of doses of vaccine we will have
4:42 am
40 million immediately releasable and comparable amounts still going through quality control. what he said to the average american aren't prioritized groups march and april as more vaccine becomes available these two and we hope astrazeneca and johnson and johnson jansen. as those become available more and more will become vaccinated to the point by the second quarter of next year every american who wants a vaccine should be able to get one. ainsley: story in california all these restraint owners furious and upset they can't pay and not getting any stimulus money. this lady her name is angela she owns a restaurant the pineapple saloon and grill. they shut down indoor and outdoor dining. i want you to talk about that first listen to her soundbite. set it up for the audience $60,000? steve: $80,000. ainsley: $80,000 for the tent in back parking lot trying to do it
4:43 am
safely. hollywood couples in and showing an nbc show and catering for all their staff and crew members. me are allowed to open and feed their crew she is not allowed to feed the public. watch this. >> i walk into my parking lot and obviously mayor garcetti has approved this. has approved this being set up for a media company. everything i own is being taken away from me and they set up a movie company right next to my outdoor patio. tell me that this is dangerous but right next to me i as a slap in my face, that's safe? this is safe? ainsley: mr. secretary, what are the facts? we are hearing it's hard to get if you are outside is that true and do you agree with these restaurants not allow people to
4:44 am
serve outside? >> well, you know, it's really important that as our state and local leaders engage in community mitigation efforts that those enforce be based in science and evidence. what do we know? we know overcrowded indoor dining and indoor bars settings where we let our guard down and don't practice social distance and wear a mask all the time. but, outdoor settings can be safer. and we are going to lose the willingness of people to comply with these things if we don't take steps based in data and science. k through 12. universities flying on airplanes. going to work these are not major factors in disease transmission. i eat outside. i practice it safely. i keep social distancing. i wear my face covering when i'm not actually eating science and evidence, everything should be based on that. brian: it's not. hard to believe what's happening around the country and world. major crackdowns in germany aren't effective barely
4:45 am
effective. israel one of the most disciplined societies around they are having more problems again. the world does not have a hold of this virus let alone us. one thing that really bothers me. how is the heck is the u.k. getting an american vaccine before america? fda taking weekends off? why don't they move heaven and earth to take a look at this material they had access to before we actually turn it over to them. i'm all for the fire wall i'm not for laziness. >> i appreciate your verb and vigor wanting to get that vaccine as soon as possible so does the wit president. i'm sure the u.k. separate regulatory says safe and secure confidence. the fda does look under the hood. it looks at all the underlying data not summary data from the companies. they are running their process. important to run that so we can inspire vaccine confidence. i hope this week we could be
4:46 am
seeing approval if everything remains on track. brian: mr. secretary, you are not upset with the speed in which they are doing this? they could be efficient but they could be quicker. they didn't have to wait and take up days in order to look at this. unnecessary delays. don't you agree? >> i want the speed. i'm the architect of warp speed. you can be sure i want warp speed but i also want to make in my commitment to the american people that the running through the regular order process of fda's global gold standard because i want people to feel confident that they can take these vaccines. politics has no role in the vaccine. steve: fda says it's safe after careful review a lot of people will take it. ainsley: hard to believe this is the week. most people will get it friday or saturday. steve: mr. secretary, thank you so much. >> my pleasure. steve: go back to operation warp
4:47 am
speed. meanwhile, operation warp weather with janice dean the cold weather machine. janice: yes, you know what? across the central u.s. start to warm up 20 to 25 degrees above average. even though it's feeling cold across portions of the south things will start to warm up over the next couple of days relatively speaking for december. certainly cold across areas from the southeast towards the gulf coast we are dealing with florida, southeast, up towards the atlantic. it will exit later on today a little bit of moisture with this system but most of it will be offshore. we could see some snow on the back side of it. and then we will watch our next few systems developing across the northwest spreading across the plain states. sunday and quite a bit of measurable snow for the northwest. not enough for california. red flag warnings are in effect. elevated to critical fire danger
4:48 am
again today. back to you steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: thank you, janice. come up one sheriff fighting back why he says his at the deps will not enforce the order. first fox nation getting into the christmas spirit. a preview of must see specials coming up next. ♪ a beautiful sight ♪ is happening tonight ♪ walking in the winter wonderland ♪ (vo) (sigh...) dear 2020, you had your time. now, it's our time. time to get away to a place where we can finally be free. free from boundaries... ...limitations. even virtual backgrounds. today, we break free. ready to break free? plan your future getaway with norwegian cruise line.
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ainsley: fox nation getting you into the christmas spirit featuring new episodes each week featuring one of the biggest fans. >> people call me crazy christmas lady. this messiah happy place. >> some people say i'm insane. some people say i'm completed devoted. >> i used to kind of hide it but i just let my christmas flag fly now. ainsley: a craze called christmas streaming on fox nation and more releases coming this week. here with a preview kacie mcdonnell. hey, casey. that's one i had to watch but that looks really funny. >> it is so stinkin' cute.
4:53 am
thank you so much. a craze called christmas. it's a three-part series. original fox nation. you have to watch it. i stayed up late last night to watch it truth be told. it follows three folks who live, breathe, eat, sleep, christmas. it's all they do all year around heather, shane, frank who changed his name santa claus. his son was born on christmas day. santa barbecue kay temperaturing. sarah johnson son along for the ride. instagram she posts every day. this series follow them every day leading up to christmas. this week is fabulous. ainsley: so funny. they are owning it. good for them. christmas on the coast is another one. watch the clip and get to you explain on the other side. >> excuse me, sir hi. you took the last bag of march marshmallows. >> oh. i didn't. >> this is my bag of marshmallows, i came here specifically for that bag of
4:54 am
marshmallows. ainsley: okay. what is that one about. >> christmas on the coast is -- it's following drew, who is a romance novelist. and she is hitting this writer's block. she writes about analeine and falls for the same guys and ruts. not living life. under this pressure to write this best selling novel in a matter of months. she goes home to south carolina. you are a south carolina girl. and she draws inspiration from her mom and her high school best friend. there might be a little love happening down there but she really evolves as a person and finds out what she wants in life might have a good book come out of it too. super cute original movie. ainsley: great. family friendly movies. appreciate it. watch part one of a craze called christmas. it's now on fox nation and mark your calendars for christmas on the coast. that's going to be available on wednesday. straight ahead, lockdowns for thee but thought for me. a famous comedian going viral for her message to all those
4:55 am
hollywood elites. the federalist ben domenech on the growing backlash over the double standards coming up. ♪ ♪
4:56 am
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4:59 am
>> president trump falsely claiming he won georgia, do you standby his narrative? >> president trump has every right to use every legal recourse. >> can you tell us where your loyalty lies? >> my loyalties are with georgia >> this is why david perdue is not here today, he can't defend the indefensible. >> we have done everything that you wanted but you're living in lala land if you think the rest of us can actually stay at home. >> it's about our freedom. let us live our lives. >> joe biden's choice health and human secretary bacerra is a signal that saving obamacare would be a top priority. >> young man making sure that first responders who care for us are taken care of too. >> putting together care packages for first responders.
5:00 am
♪ ♪ brian: well, everybody. totally makes sense. also important to make up a few things on december 7th, 1941 when the japanese bombed pearl harbor. they are in their 90's or a little bit older. you also think about this, 40 years to the day, john lennon was shot and we look back at what happened here in new york city and that echoed around the world and lastly, it's going to be a big day at the white house because the best coach ever dan gabel will be getting the medal of freedom medal. he also represents hard work in
5:01 am
the midwest. steve: in the state of iowa, his homeland. welcome of hour 3 of "fox & friends" december 7th. ainsley: good morning to you. because it is pearl harbor, my grandfather was on the pacific on a ship and plane was coming ship, he had a conscious and realized, i don't know. my grand father always told the story to us. my mom was born after that. brian: you wouldn't be here. life would not be the same. are you kidding? ainsley: thanks to everyone who served. both of my grandfathers and your family members, god bless you all who are serving our great country. jillian mele live in atlanta as
5:02 am
georgia senate candidates take statement ahead of runoff elections. jillian: we are so glad that you're here, ainsley. senator loeffler slamming warnock for wanting to defund the police. >> has called police officers gangs, thugs and bullies. >> my opponent is going to work really hard trying to push a narrative about me. i actually brought together the law enforcement officers here in this city. jillian: senator repeatedly pressed to answer if president trump lost his election. >> the president has every right to every legal recourse. >> president trump has attacked your closest political ally governor kemp, was the president wrong? >> i appreciate the president's support of me and i appreciate
5:03 am
the governor's support of me. >> can you tell us where your loyalty lies with governor kemp or president trump? >> my loyalties are with georgia. jillian: democrat john ossoff went on empty podium. >> if the senator were not too much of a coward to debate in public and he's not here because he's afraid he may incriminate himself. this is why david perdue is not here today. he can't defend the indefensible. jillian: tonight we witnessed something that we didn't know was possible, candidate lost debate against himself, epic failure. as of this point forward, up to voters right here in georgia if democrats take both seats there would be 50-50 split with kamala harris. if that happened democrats would
5:04 am
control the white house, house. brian, steve, ainsley. brian: we have to see what will happen with signature verification or we will indicate up in another mess. ossoff has 32 million. so i hope he knows what he's doing for his sake. warnock and loeffler, warnock raised 27 million, loeffler 28 million. she has her own money too. money will be pouring into the area. ainsley: all over the country. brian: all over the country. think at what is at stake, they expect the president to drag them across the finish line but the president has not done fighting for his election but chuck schumer i think helped republicans in a way that could never pay for, better than 30-second ad. remember this. >> now we take georgia and then
5:05 am
we take the world. now we take georgia and we change america. brian: changing america by getting the majority of the senate. steve: that's why kelly loeffler and reverend warnock debated that a number of times last night. if you missed it, here is some of it. >> someone who has attacked police from the pulpit, someone has attacked our military and agreed to raise taxes on hard-working georgians as much as $2,000 per family off the bat. >> it's clear to me that my opponent is going to work really hard spending millions of dollars of our own money trying to push a narrative about me
5:06 am
because she's clearly decided that she does not have a case to be made as to why she should stay in the seat. i have worked my whole life to pull people together. i've been working on criminal justice reform. i've worked along side law enforcement officers to do that work. steve: you heard part of sound bite where he attacked her wealth. she's got a lot of money in the bank and he has made it the campaign issue. ainsley: i think she's worth $165 million. steve: that seems like real money. ainsley: her husband -- owns s&p -- steve: stock exchange guys. you have loeffler knew what she wanted to do given to the fact that warnock we wanted to get to the senate and help chuck schumer change america. referring to him as radical
5:07 am
liberal, raphael warnock. and he was antipolice and antimilitary and antiisrael and he wants to defund law enforcement. well, somebody who knows all about the state is georgia native newt gingrich, here he is talking about the difference between warnock and loeffler and socialism. watch this. >> senator loeffler did a great job, i thought that the back and forth several times that she was able to really communicate with warnock stood for. she got every single message across about radicalism, position against the police, against the military, i think she did really welcome paid to letting chuck schumer and nancy pelosi and kamala harris run the country. she's vastly better for every
5:08 am
republican. steve: so she was on, you know, when was the last time we had a state race, you know, on our channel live? it's because of the significance of the race, the balance of power, the senate hangs on georgia. that's also one of the reasons why she showed up at the donald trump event the night before. the problem for a lot of problems is they say this is a base election, they have to get everybody to show up. on saturday night in addition to president trump supporting perdue and loeffler, he also talked about how the election was stolen from him, how it was rigged and that causes the problem that if the average georgia voter, well, it's rigged, why bother voting and that's the pickle they are in right now. ainsley: it's important for people to get out to vote. if you're a republican, you're worried about the balance of power and making sure the voice is heard and doesn't go in the wrong direction.
5:09 am
i think a lot of republicans would not take that advice that we have heard from folks down there to not stay home. steve: there's a story in atlanta journal constitution this morning about a woman, trump supporter she said she's furious she wants all the candidates and all the republicans to support trump and she said she's considering not voting in the senate race because she wants to teach the governor a lesson. she realizes that that will come back -- the democrats will win, so she says, you know, i'm torn but she's angry. ainsley: people are angry. when you look at the evidence and you see what's happening and you know that some people are stories or hundreds of people have the stories and the affidavits are signed and nothing is being done about it and republican governor who is not having the special session, people are angry, they want something done because when we want to go to the ballots we want to make sure our vote is safe. i did think it was interesting, he was asked if you're going to pack the court and he said, i'm not going to focus on that.
5:10 am
everyone is focusing on that, you need to give us an answer on this. brian: back to your original point, i think the president will get blamed if they lose one seat because this is the republicans to lose and the president is a rock star there even though the numbers say he lost by 10,000 votes, yeah, redo for a lot of people to go down and galvanize behind two people, if we can motivate base -- in 2022 it's going to be harder to hold the senate for republicans and the president wants to run in 2024 which which will make official soon, this would be a great thing to run on. ainsley: they have to fix the signature thing before the beginning of january so people field confident in the vote. brian: they have to show up anyway and find a way to overcome it and the republican secretary of state and republican governor got to work this out. usually it's done behind the scenes. meanwhile what's actually worse as bad as the coronavirus is and raging across the country and around the world, the lockdowns
5:11 am
were even worse, the w.h.o. and others have come to the conclusion including anthony fauci that lockdowns don't work and lockdowns have ramification effect that don't make it worth it in so many ways and now people begin to rise up as these lockdowns under another name are beginning to stand out whether it's staten island, bar shut down one block away one is open or in los angeles county where they are shutting down all restaurants but they're allowing filming to go on. here is angela, gate restaurant there that's got to shut down, listen to her. >> as business owners we have done everything that you wanted an we will do whatever it takes to keep our people safe. we know covid is out there but you're living in lala land if you think the rest of us and the lower middle class can actually stay at home, we are going -- i have a single mom with a child
5:12 am
who can't pay her rent. i have another -- a any hire because we got busy in october with the patio and looked like things were going to turn around who is couch surfing, it is ridiculous and as politicians or mayor of the city it is your job to look at risk assessment. brian: she made news because over the weekend she got on camera and she said i want to explain what is happening. they are opening up movie set in my same parking lot with outdoor dining, how dare? the virus kills people. we know the people that are most susceptible, we absolutely, 170 countries are dealing with and so is poverty and so is livelihoods, it does kill people, suicide rates are going through the roof. that kills people according to reports. i would add this, two-thirds of people living paycheck to paycheck before the virus, can
5:13 am
you imagine now. cancel everything, remember that from the idiot major that they have, garcetti, cancel everything, he is still getting paid. you can cancel everything but she just wants the right to work 70 hours a week, that's all she's asking for. steve: so many small businesses have had two shutdowns in california and this would be the third. the business interruption thing is just killing them. this time the governor out there gavin newsom, the reason they are going to do this is because, remember, the first time it was all about flattening the curve so we did not overwhelm the hospitals but right now out in california, they are at critical 15% away from 0 beds available and that's why they shut down southern california. charles payne watch that video where she goes, you just saw right there the woman, but angela says, that's the
5:14 am
80,000-dollar tent patio i worked on. take a look at that right there. that's where nbc doing cop show and why is my dangerous and why is that okay with the state. charles payne said that is hypocrisy 101. >> so many people can relate to her particularly in a place like california where hypocrisy among elected officials and their friends, nbc gets to put this amazing elaborate tent feet away from hers, hers is no good and theirs is good for catering and, you know, this is after we see gavin newsom goes to french landry, much more scale restaurant all of that is thrown in her face and being thrown in her face it was thrown in our faces. steve: that was so embarrassing for elected officials in
5:15 am
california, well, you know standard is different for film crews because the only people eating are the people from the film crew and they are regularly tested for covid. ainsley: ridiculous. steve: silver lining for her, somebody set up for her a goo fund me page and as of yesterday morning she had about $85,000 worth of donations but she's already out 80,000 she said for tent and patio. ainsley: all restaurant owners that we talked to, we didn't want to be famous, they get fed up and she saw the tent being set up, catering tent for the show, the nbc show and she sees her spent -- tent that she spent $80,000 -- they are sticking up to their people and loyal to their employees because employees have been loyal to
5:16 am
them. brian: a lot of politicians taking it out on them like cuomo going after staten staten islan. everyone wants to stay home and amazon delivery people and nannies, you're rich, you could stay home, it's the working class that pay the price with their jobs and can't afford to. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead as we have been telling you millions of people under lockdown in rafael but not just there but not everyone thinks the golden state's rules should be followed, we will speak to sheriff refusing to adhere to governor's orders. ♪ ♪
5:17 am
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[what's this?] oh, are we kicking karly out? we live with at&t. it was a lapse in judgment. at&t, we called this house meeting because you advertise gig-speed internet, but we can't sign up for that here. yeah, but i'm just like warming up to those speeds. you've lived here two years. the personal attacks aren't helping, karly. don't you have like a hot pilates class to get to or something? [ muffled scream ] stop living with at&t. xfinity can deliver gig to the most homes.
5:21 am
brian: latest stay-at-home order is in effect and sparking fury among golden state residents, deputies will not enforce the shutdown. matter of personal responsibility. not law enforcement and now not law enforcement saying his actions are in line with the constitution, that sheriff joins us now. sheriff, what brought you to this conclusion? >> well, there's so many factors that go into it but it's been a long year for everybody. we know that. it's been very impactful upon all of the businesses and residents of orange county and california. but i just don't think that it's something that falls in line with law enforcement priority. we have many other responsibilities that we are dealing with, many responsibilities really aren't ours that we are dealing,
5:22 am
homelessness, substance use disorder, it's not only unfair to law enforcement but i don't think it's fair and stands the constitutional test. brian: i don't know how it's like in your county, when i run in restaurant, i see plexiglass, social distancing, tables separating, voluntary less capacity. these owners want to comply. are you noticing the same thing? >> we are noticing exactly that. every one of the businesses that are operating have met expectations of the state. the state has come out and said that if you need to -- if you want to continue operating as a business you have to do these things. it's like the gold -- goal posts keeps moving week by week.
5:23 am
i heard the story that you mentioned earlier about in los angeles where a lady had a tent and operating in parking lot and they can operate and she cannot. i don't know how you can have disparaged rules and expect people to follow them. if they follow those, they are in essence putting themselves out of business, their likelihood is gone. >> what bothers me of people in your profession, you are going through enough, the cops are the bad guy and it's your fault and you have to go to law abiding citizens and tell them they can't earn a living, the timing couldn't be worse, not only the mission. >> that's part of the issue. when you look at this year for law enforcement after minneapolis and the california legislature made its mission to defund the police, change the rules to come out with new legislation and restrict way we can do our job. on the one hand, we want you to stop doing things to result in
5:24 am
actions for the community but not this time, rules are different and go out and arrest people. i'm not sure that we want to be in a position that law enforcement operating with that mission in mind to go out and arrest lawful residents of the county who are trying to make ends meet and are doing so by following the rules. the rules can't change week by week and it's been difficult for our constituents in orange county, throughout the state and the nation quite honestly to keep redefining the way we operate. brian: sheriff, no doubt about it. hopefully no retribution from sacramento. sheriff, thank you and have a great holiday. >> thank you so much. brian: we reached out to governor newsom for statement and he was at the french landry dinner. why she says america's kids are going -- are become the
5:25 am
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steve: about 8:30 in the east, gun sales have hit all-time record high as we head into biden administration. grady trembel with sister network fox business live with a look at who is buying guns, grady, there you are with a mask in the gun store. >> good morning, steve. we still have a month to go. we are at tee firearms in illinois. jeff is the owner. so tell me after the election and with the holidays coming up, what have sales been like, pretty crazy?
5:30 am
>> sales have been on the move. we have been selling firearms and training and ammunition since the election, black friday sales have been up 300% since our normal fridays, cybermondays about 150%. >> and we know president trump has vowed for more gun control. one of the stats that stood out, 40% of new firearm sales have been among people who haven't bought a gun before. has that been your experience and what are people telling you that are buying guns for the first time. >> there's people that are new to firearms, they want to protect their families, their homes, their propertyies, their selves as well. they want to be train and ready for anything that needs -- >> lastly, do you expect this to continue all the way to inauguration day and beyond? >> yes, we do with the shortage in industry with firearms and demand that we have seen across the board we expect this to continue for the foreseeable future.
5:31 am
>> thanks, jeff, you heard there, steve, a shortage in some respects, some stores don't have as much inventory they normally would because so many people are buying right now. steve: look at that. thank you for live report in illinois. ainsley: parents across america are taking a stand to get their children back into classroom. one oregon mother has become a vocal opponent of school closures after watching her third-grade daughter with down syndrome struggle with distance learning, mother of 3 says kids are now the sacrifices and she joins us now, good morning to y, jennifer. i'm so sorry that zooming is difficult and you have 3 kids, is that right? >> we have 3 kids, grade, second, third and seventh. ainsley: how is this affecting your children specifically? >> i'm glad that you asked because a couple of our kids are doing very well in online environment and one of our
5:32 am
students has significant challenges. she has down din -- syndrome and has a ability that makes it hard to access school and i mean, between age and people here at home and myself and it really prevented her from participating in school and being with her peers. ainsley: wow. i know that you took a video of your daughter when she was having a tough time, right, you sent it to the school, tell us about that. >> we did. we did that multiple times actually. you know, our frustration in september really grew because the school, everybody was doing everything they could, so this wasn't teachers, the administrators, we were all working really hard but it's a really difficult platform to overcome with a student with disabilities and the plans were
5:33 am
made to go remote without really considering some of the unique things of some of the learners and so we sent videos, yeah, we sent videos everywhere, lawmakers, superintendents, anybody that would listen. ainsley: i know that you told our staff that you were thinking about private schools because many of them are staying open, why can't they do it but public schools can't seem to do it safely? >> in oregon -- well, that's a great question actually. that's what a lot of parents are asking, how can schools -- how can private schools, why can schools in other states, schools in europe can reopen and here in oregon, keeping our school buildings close to in-person learning, in-person activities and in-person sports, some are very antikids policy but we are wondering why can't we be given the chance to try this and,
5:34 am
sure, you know, we are a family that supports our public education system. it's really fundamental to the functioning of our community and our friends and their family, but at some point we have to do what's best for our family and we have been considering a private school for my son because they're in person. ainsley: right, right. all of my friends have said every kid is different in front of zoom and for lizzie it's not working out. tell us about lizzie. we saw some pictures. >> bless your heart, thank you. lizzie is 9, she's an early reader. she's in third grade, she loves her friends. the other day we -- we did manage to get about 10 minutes with her on the zoom classroom and those are moments that are just -- i don't know how to describe it. she got on, she could see and two adults here at home side by side helping her log in to the
5:35 am
zoom classroom and, you know, as soon as she saw her friends, several of them just shouted out, oh, my gosh, that's lizzie, she's back. it's heart warming because this is what she needs, she follows what her peers do in class. they help her cut a piece of paper when she can and help a read new word when she can't do it and in the remote environment that's not happening. ainsley: the teachers are trained to teach our children. our children are essentially losing a year if they are staying at home. more than a dozen schools, states that are either partially locked down or fully locked down but in oregon, if y'all are listening, get lizzie back in the classroom. she needs it and we owe that to her. god bless you, thank you so much for being on with us. >> thanks, ainsley. thanks so much. ainsley: merry christmas. still ahead a georgia democrat taking a page from the biden-harris playbook by dodging a question of packing the supreme court. why can't democrats answer the
5:36 am
question? we ask the federalist ben domenech.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> i'm really not focused on it and i think that too often the politics in washington has been about the politicians. i'm a pastor. >> he also is distracting from the fact that he would pack the supreme court. that's outrageous. justice ginsburg said that 9 justices is the right number. he would pack the court with radical justices that would legislate from the bench to fundamentally override the constitution in our laws in the
5:41 am
country and georgians need to know that's wrong for georgia and our country. steve: the two people that would like to be senators, one is from georgia. >> if someone asks you if you pack the court, you say no. i mean, even if you actually want to do it, you say no, it's fairly easy to say no. the other democrat running in georgia, jon ossoff has said no. ainsley: he's a preacher, he can't lie. [laughter] ben: that's a great answer. that explains the whole thing. no, seriously. this guy -- when it came to this issue and when it came to
5:42 am
answers on questions about abortion, you know, they just really kind of set this message of radicalism. i called my uncle rick who is a georgia voter, very engaged in politician and asked him what he thought of the debate and he felt that the questions that were being put to reverend warnock, how do you balance liking kittens and puppies at the same time, and it really was softball after softball and yet he managed to come across on the cultural questions as being someone who seems pretty radical and that's something that i think is definitely going to be a factor in this election. ainsley: if you look at the polls real clear politics have them neck and neck and if you look at what happened at the beginning of november, they said this was big blue wave and there wasn't, you had an uptick for republicans, democrats lost seats. so do you think when you look at the two seats, what is it really going to look like the next day after the election?
5:43 am
ben: i have so little trust in polls. a handful of them got it right. we have to say that there's so many different like systematic problems with this industry that still need to be resolved and i'm not sure how much faith we can put in this. these are close elections neck and neck and it's about motivations. i think the president made a very good case for coming out to vote for both senator perdue and loeffler and if you want to see trump agenda this is the kind of person that you need to vote for in the instance. i'm not sure that's what we want to hear from washington republicans, revert to the way everything because before president trump. i think that will be a problem for both of these candidates to navigate over the coming weeks. brian: i did see in washington post that they did informal poll, 25 reporters asked republican if they believed the president lost and they said no and basically they would not
5:44 am
comment. so they are still united behind him or afraid to cross him. if it is job, becomes president on january 20th, they made another selection announced last night. the -- the attorney general of california xavier becerra would be the health secretary. what does that tell you about the type of president that he would be? ben: unity stuff is garbage, he's extreme on the issue. someone who tried to force all sorts of different christian nonprofits to advertise in favor of abortion in his own state. he's someone who is absolutely a radical and so naming him to a position like hhs, something that he hadn't been considered on the short list for is really a shot across the ballot, anybody who thought this was an administration that backed off the culture war pressure on so
5:45 am
many things, nuns are back on the menu, my friends, we will get in legal troubles. steve: i saw you on time doing analysis and i saw a woman named angela in la and she was going, you're not going to believe this, they close med down and i've got a tent that looks like nbc has in the parking lot and it's legal, what do you make of this hypocrisy? >> in california movie are essential businesses and it's hypocrisy and insulting and offensive. honestly i feel so sad for the small businesswoman and everyone else who is being affected by this in such ineach ways. this is ridiculous. we have to get away from the hand-handed approach.
5:46 am
it isn't based on science but who has got the bigger lobbyist and who has more access to throw at politicians to get what they want. it's absurd. i have to tell you, steve, i'm in pretty good mood after this week because i accomplished something which was a home repair project, one trip to the home depot which i did not existed. steve: amazing. what did you do? ben: megan -- some blinds fell in the nursery and we needed to put in curtains, and so turning that around is rapidly as it was, i don't know, i felt good about this weekend. i tried to focus on that. brian: i would have had to take classes first. steve: ben, thank you very much. congratulations. ben: great to be with you. brian: ben could do something on the side. ainsley: could work for mike
5:47 am
rowe. 8:46 on the east coast. one 11-year-old is finding his own way to spread the cheer. he's going to join us with his mission to help the heros.
5:48 am
the usual gifts are just not going to cut it.
5:49 am
we have to find something else. good luck! what does that mean? we are doomed. [laughter]
5:50 am
that's it. i figured it out! we're going to give togetherness. that sounds dumb. we're going to take all those family moments and package them. hmm. [laughing] that works. ainsley: christmas tree sales
5:51 am
are booming as people look for holiday cheer. jeff flock from sister network joins us live in illinois how americans are keeping holiday spirit alive. jeff: ainsley, i wish you were here, if you take 360-degree look out here in richardson tree farm, trees as far as you can see although george richardson has sold 7,000 trees already, that's the whole crop for this year, right? >> it's been a fantastic year. great weather and lots and lots of happy people. jeff: the sales, if you look at the numbers, ainsley, up 29%, it's covid related, people just want to have this experience. >> christmas trees have had resurgence of interest, farm grown, renewable, sustainable crop, all those is resonating with people more and more nowadays and then with covid also, we are home more, let's make christmas tree.
5:52 am
jeff: look at this. so many have been cut already and he's only got short trees left. this is where people have come and cut and they come, great experience to come and bring the family out, in fact, i want to leave you with a picture. i got this out of my archive, my daughter when she was 3, she's now 33, still remembers and tells stories about the time we got the fresh christmas tree and tied on the roof of the car, she still remembers that. this is a memorable year, we hope for a lot of people as well. for a good reason. ainsley: maybe i will do that next year with my daughter. i would love for her to have that memory. thank you so much. you got your flannel shirt. steve: that's right, thank you, jeff. it's been a challenging year for everybody especially america's frontline workers, one 11-year-old from new jersey is on a mission to bring our heros extra help and happiness this year. in march charlie latic founded the nonprofit kids who care to
5:53 am
deliver care packages to families and first responders in need and since then has sent hundreds of packages filled with items and, you know, nonperishable food, cleaning supplies, you name it. charlie pictured right there joins us live along with his mom jill, good morning to both of you. charlie, where did you get this idea? >> so i saw this boy on tv in maryland and he was given care packages so he couldn't risk people going to the stores and getting covid, so i wanted to help but little did we know that he was going to start giving us packages so we can help make our own stuff. steve: that's fantastic. jill, it's such a great project. it must warm your heart that your son is doing for so many people that you will never know. >> it's really been an amazing trip for the whole family, great journey. steve: indeed.
5:54 am
charlie, what do you put in each bag? >> so we've had a sponsor brought towels, they brought in 1,000 towels rolls and cleaning supplies. steve: what you put in each package depends on the donations that you receive at the time? >> yeah. steve: very good. in the beginning you were just going to do for frontline workers but, jill, now you've expanded to families that need it as well and your family has been hit by the pandemic. i understand you and your husband have both been furlough ed? >> yes, yes. steve: what kind of pressure is that putting on your family? >> it has been really difficult for both of us to not be working but it has opened up a great opportunity for us to be able to help charlie with kids who care and really dedicate all of our time to helping him grow this
5:55 am
and be part of our community, so it's been good and bad, financially it's tough, but there's more to life than money. we are learning that. steve: that's important. a lot of people are learning that during this pandemic. charlie, how does it make you feel to do? >> i like seeing everyone's faces and how happy they get when i give them the care packages or gift cards like we did last week, and it makes me feel happy just seeing them be happy. steve: yeah, especially if you wind up with the bounty towels because those are hard to come by these days. charlie, i read somewhere, you're only 11 year's old, i read somewhere that when you grow up, you want to be a baseball player and a policeman. >> yeah. steve: how do you do that at the same time? do you walk the beat in the morning and then in the late afternoon you go to the baseball stadium, how is that going to work for you? >> probably --
5:56 am
[laughter] steve: a kid can dream and this is a great thing that you are doing. for people who you would like to donate, go to for more information. and jill and charlie laticce, we thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having us. steve: we will step aside. more in a minute. ♪ ♪ oh humans.
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>> we had so much fun. can't wait to see you tomorrow. join us again and we'll show you the all american christmas tree. >> of course, watch me on the radio on fox nation. >> listen to radio. >> they need to come out for david perdue and myself for what's at stake in this direction. >> you can't tell the difference between washington back rooms and corporate boardrooms. my opponent represents the worst of that kind of problem. >> sandra: the battle for control of the senate taking center stage in atlanta last night. republican senator kelly loeffler facing off against raphael warnock in their first and potentially only debate ahead of january's georgia senate runoff. the nation's future is at stake.


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