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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  December 8, 2020 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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scared. >> harris: [overlapping talking]. have you ever heard a governor tell a representative he was not welcome in his state? >> no, this is fascism. we have our right to do unsafe things. it's part of being an american. i love every aspect of it. >> harris: the "daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: president trump set to speak at an operation warp speed summit to be held at the white house. we will take you there as soon as it starts. i am dana perino and this is the "daily briefing." >> dana: the president's remarks come as the u.k. administers the
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first doses of the vaccine. it's safe and effective. data reviews showed that everyone had strong protection from the virus. an exciting day. that has been a tough year. we begin with john roberts live on the north lawn to give us a preview of what we expect to hear in the next hour. >> the summit should begin soon. we will see in the president talks just about the vaccine or wanders into the election of 2020. one thing the president will do is sign an executive order which ensures that the government prioritizes getting the vaccine to americans before any vaccine is made in the united states is shipped overseas to countries. here's the chief vaccine
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negotiator talking about this. >> the president put america first. today he will sign an executive order ensuring that americans are first in line for any of the vaccines that we manufactured and we have procured. >> the president is signing that executive order as the white house is pushing back against claims it passed on an offer from pfizer in the summer to lock in more doses of the vaccine. pfizer said it may not be able to provide more vaccine to the u.s. market until next summer. the white house is other officials tell fox news that back on july 21st of this year, hhs contracted with pfizer for 100 million doses in an official vaccine with an option for 500 million more doses. in october as data came in that showed that the pfizer vaccine appeared to provoke an immune
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respon response, pfizer could not commit to a timeline nor an amount. negotiations are under way. the government is confident that pfizer will be able to deliver 100 million doses sometime between april and june of next year. at the same time, there are going to be all of these other vaccines coming on line including moderna which could be just a couple of weeks behind the pfizer vaccine. just in case there is any notion that any vaccine company is trying to use this health emergency to gain leverage and gain market share, paul said if we feel we are being treated unfairly by any vaccine manufacturer, the president and hhs secretary will not hesitate to use everything necessary to make sure the american people are treated ecquitably."
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on the summit there is a feeling of anticipation. they found the pfizer vaccine safe and effective. when the advisory committee meets on thursday they may give swift approval for emergency use. this weekend we could start inoculating people across the country who are in the highest risk category. that would be something. >> dana: let's get going on that. waiting for the president. is the president arrive something [silence]. we don't have him yet. >> he's gone from the white house over there. >> dana: yes, we will have that soon. over in the u.k. today, a 90-year-old grandmother in the u.k. is making history as britain's government begins delivering the first shots of
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the pfizer covid-19 vaccine. greg is live near a hospital in london. there is an exciting day. i loved her holiday t-shirt. >> very exciting and very hopeful. officials here hope this is the beginning of a fight back against coronavirus. we are here at the hospital in the southern part of london. and we saw a visit today from the u.k. prime minister boris johnson. the u.k. is the first country to use this. it needs to be stored at minus 100 degrees fahrenheit. but it's effective around 95%.
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today front line health workers and some folks over 80 including 90-year-old magie keenan. take a listen to what she said. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i said, if i can do it, so can you. >> if i can do it, so can you. very, very smart words there. the fda maybe later this week could be approving this pfizer vaccine. they could putting it to use in the united states next week. that's why the u.s. is looking very closely at the early days of how this is going in the u.k. back to you. >> dana: greg, thank you. now we do have president trump approaching the podium at the operation warp speed summit. >> state and local leaders to
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our historic operation warp speed vaccine summit. it's been some journey for all of us. it's been an incredible success. we are grateful to be joined by vice-president pence who has done an incredible job on the coronavirus task force. mike, thank you. stand up. >> [applauding]. >> we are here to discuss a monumental national achievement from the instant the coronavirus invaded our shores, we raced into action to develop a safe skesktive vaccine at break neck speed. it would normally take 5 to 7 years.and effective vaccine at break neck speed. it would normally take 5 to 7 years. we harnessed scientific minds to save millions of lives all over
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the world. we are daying from authorization from the fda and we are pushing them hard. we will begin mass distribution. before operation warp speed the typical time frame for development and approval could be infinity. we were very, very happy that we were able to get things done at a level nobody has ever seen before. the gold standard vaccine has been done in less than 9 months. i want to thank everyone here today who has been involved in this extraordinary american initiative. i want to recognize members of my administration who have worked tirelessly in this effort. alex azar. thank you. >> [applauding]. >> great job. >> monchef, where are you? great job. >> [applauding]. >> a man that will be very
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important. general gus perna. jared kushner worked so hard. wherever you may be. >> [applauding]. >> thank you. dr. birx, thank you very much. admiral bret. great job you have been doing. surgeon general jerome adams. thank you very much. dr. robert redfield. thank you very much. appreciate it. and verbala. dr. peter marks thank you. paul mangeo and brad smith.
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thank you very much very much. incredible job and many others also. many, many others. we are grateful to be joined by governors greg abbott. where is greg? bill lee. thank you. ron desantis. thank you, and john bell edwards and thank you very much. and john who say fantastic doctor also. >> [applauding]. >> when i needed info i call up john. thank you very much. senator steve dans congratulations on a great win. >> [applauding]. >> that was easier than you thought it turned out. a little easier than you
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thought. we are proud of you. congressman greg walleden. thank you very much. and congressman brad winstrop. thank you. and many, many others. my administration provided a total of 14 billion dollars to accelerate vaccine development and manufacture all of the top candidates in advance. long in advance. as a result of this unprecedented investment, we are proud that both pfizer and moderna have announced their vaccine are 95% effective. that's a number nobody expected to get to. far exceeding what anybody thought. doctors concluded that would be incredible. we have other candidates. we have big ones we will be
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announcing soon. we is great companies out there. johnson and johnson and others. they are all coming in quickly. we expect news on that shortly. we have worked very well the companies. if we have any problems, we will be instituting the defense production act and make sure we don't have any problems. two companies astrazeneca and johnson and johnson. johnson and johnson is a one dose vaccine. we will see how that works. that would be very helpful if that comes out and i think it will. also tremendous promise all of them. we are very hopeful that the fda will authorize the pfizer vaccine within days. we is to get it moving and moderna vaccine almost immediately there after. large numbers of tests and
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samples have been done. hopefully that will go very quickly. if authorized tens of millions of vaccine doses will be available this month. we will get it distributed quickly and hundreds of millions more will follow. every american who wants the vaccine will be able to get the vaccine. we think by spring we will be in a position nobody would have believed possible just a few months ago. >> [applauding]. >> really amazing. >> [applauding]. >> they say it's a miracle. i think that's true. the plan prioritizes the elderly and patients with underlying conditions and healthcare workers and first responders. the ultimate decision rests with the governors of the various states. i hope the governors make wise decisions to decide who gets them first. we urge the governors to put
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american seniors first and those who work with seniors. obviously you have to do that. they have to go together. and doctors and nurses and first responders. this will quickly and dramatically reduce deaths and hospitalizations. within a short period of time, i think we want to get back of normal. that's a standard phrase. get back to where we were a little more than 9 months ago. we are still doing incredibly with the stock markets hitting new highs. we have finalized a partnership with walgreens and cvs whose executives join us today. we appreciate it very much. >> [applauding]. >> they will deliver vaccines to nursing homes as soon as the states request they do so. later today senator gus perna will outline the plan to distribute the vaccine to every
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state, territory and describe. -- and tribe. states have over 50 sites that will receive the vaccine. we had good relationships with the governors. i think all of the governors, at least in conference calls that are somewhat secret, unless the press breaking news in. >> [laughing]. >> this is fine too. you leave those rooms and 10 seconds later, there wasn't even time for a leak. they were on the call. that's all right. you assume that. you always assume that. they will be going through pharmacies and healthcare provideser. ups and fed-ex will help doses to the sites. we are joined by representatives of great american companies. they have worked with us and they have been incredible to work with. thank you all for being here. thank you very much.
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>> [applauding]. >> as i stated all along and as you saw vividly, i heard about what they were going to show prior to my coming. very few people thought this was possible. now they will say we always told you it was so. we have them saying a little bit different. it has been incredible. it will end the pandemic. as you see looking at your screen to get the vaccines out to other nations. that's very important. we are working with the world. we have great companies and we are working with the world. in a few minutes i will sign an executive order to ensure that the united states government prioritizes the goth out of the vaccine to american citizens before sending it to other
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nations. if necessary, we will invoke the defense production act. we don't think it will be necessary. if it's, it's a very powerful act. we have used it very, very successfully. while we begin to swiftly deploy the vaccine we will expand the new therapies. we have reduced the mortality rate by 85%. >> [applauding]. >> that's an incredible number. i delivered on my solemn promise to make the antibodies treatment, they are brilliant and highly successful, available to every american. we are doing that free of cost. totally free of cost. we are making them available. they are available now. if somebody gets sick, it works where they go and get treatment if that's what the doctors are
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prescribing. it's been incredible. the success. when you hear 85% that's some number. that's a number that goes along with anything else including the vaccines when you thinkabout a it. other countries are having tremendous difficulties in europe and all over the world. this will vanquish the problem, this horrible scourge. the china virus because that's where it came from. the virus has been looked at and studied all over the world. our scientists and economic mobilization has been like nobody else in the world could have done. it's important we share that with other nations. you invoked the defense production act over 100 times to
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manufacture essential supplies in the united states. 8 months ago the media said it was impossible. you saw that a little bit. i could give you 2 hours worth of it. they said it will never happen. can you never do it. it was a pipe dream. we did something that nobody thought was possible. we did it where no american who needed a ventilator has been denied a ventilator. when this first came out, nobody was equipped for. that now we are making ventilators. we have all we need and we are sending them to countries all over the world. making thousands of ventilators a month. the hawse the largest most advanced and testing program in the world by far. we conducted over 200 million
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techts. more than all for the european union combined, not each close.. more than all for the european union combined, not each close. when american is faced with a challenge we come through to surmount every obstacle. you will see that over the next few months. the numbers should sky rocket downward. we are the most exceptional nation in the history of the world. today we are on the verge of another medical miracle. that's what people are saying. people who are not big fans of donald trump, saying whether you like him or not this is one of the greatest miracles in the history of modern-day medicine or any other age. american countries were the first to produce a safe and effective vaccine. together we will defeat the virus and end the pandemic. we will save millions and
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millions of lives in our country and all over the world. we have already started. thank you again to every person here today and the incredible achievements you have done. you are going to be very proud of this day and period of time. nobody thought this muches possible. -- this was possible.was possible. -- this was possible. during a period of 9 months. we took a lot of heat when we said this is our goal. we were not using the numbers we used. we far exceeded what we thought. if we said next year, people would have said that would be great. that would be a miracle. we did it long before sometime next year. i want to ask several leaders who have been crucial in this effort to join me on stage as i sign the executive order to ensure that american citizens have first priority to receive
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american vaccine vaccines. then we will be working with other countries all over the world immediately. we have millions of doses coming in. thank you very much. it's a great honor. >> [applauding]. >> [silence]. dane we have just begun the white house summit on operation warp speed. the president of the united states has a lot to celebrate today bringing operation warp speed to fruition here.
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brian, there are other speakers that will talk about vaccine distribution and the cooperation necessary to get to this point. your thoughts about this moment. >> the president of the united states, man is he upbeat. he knew where he was going. instinctive and no prompter. and saying what it will need to bring it to the next of the way. >> dana: let's listen again. >> [applauding]. >> thank you all. any questions? yes, please? >> [inaudible question].
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what is your message to the american people giving all of the increasing cases right now given what they can do over christmas. >> the cdc puts out their important guidelines. i think that the vaccine was our goal. that was number 1. that was the way it ends. plus you have an immunity over a period of time. we are close to 15%. i am hearing that. that's terrific. a powerful vaccine in itself. and tremendous progress has been made. i said this a long time. one reason we have so many cases is because we have 200 million tests. and india is in second place with a fractions of that number. we are many times greater than the second country and india has
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1.4 million people. we are coming out with new tests that will make the process even easier. you won't need doctors to do the test. incredible tests coming out in a short period of time. >> many officials in this room have encouraged americans not to travel during the holidays. you have been holding holiday parties with hundreds not wearing masks. why are you modelling different behavior to the american people? >> they are christmas parties. we reduced the number and i see a lot of people wearing masks. that's a good thing. yes, please? over here. >> the next administration will implement a lot of the distribution of this vaccine and will oversee much of the future
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of the way operation warp speed goes forward. why not include members of the biden transition team as parts of this summit? >> we will have to see who the next administration is. we won and the swing states, there was terrible things that went on. we will have to see who the next administration is. which ever the next administration is will benefit from this. the work that has been done is incredible and hopefully the next administration will be the trump administration. you can't steal hundreds of thousands of votes, you can't have fraud and deception and slightly win a swing state. look at the numbers and on tape and the corruption. hopefully the next
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administration will be the trump administration in continuation which led us to the highest stock market we ever and the best employment numbers and a rebuilt military. if you look at the tax reductions, they are the greatest in history. it leads us to space force which nobody thought was possible. all of the things we have done. we were rewarded with a victory. let's see whether or not somebody has the courage whether it's legislatures or a justice of the supreme court or a number of justices of the supreme court. let's see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right. i received almost 75 million votes. the highest number of votes in the history of our country for a sitting president. 12 million more than the 63 million we received 4 years ago. president obama received 3 million less in his second term
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and won easily. i received 12 million more which is a record. 12 million more. they say that when the numbers came out and the numbers came through machines, all of those ballots were taken away, all you have to do is turn on your local television set and you will see what happened with thousands of ballots coming out from under tables and the terrible things you saw. take a look. if somebody has the courage, i know who the next administration will be. i will tell you what: life will be much easier for this country because of what we have done right now and because of a lot of people in this room, the job you have done on the vaccine together with a lot of others has been a modern-day miracle. it's been acknowledged as such. i want to thank you and give you my love and give you my thanks. you are very special people. now good luck. you distribute that and set records just like we have been
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doing for 4 years. thank you very much, everybody. >> [applauding]. >> [silence]. >> [applauding]. >> dana: president trump finishing taking a few questions there. brian, i still have you. this is an important moment for him to have a chance to talk about one the accomplishments and saying to the people in the room which he was very generous and doing. >> and 3 hostile questions. what about your holiday parties and you are modelling bad
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behavior we were not invited too. the other networks did not take the president of the united states speaking about a vaccine that will save the lives of millions of american. they have took a surgeon general nominee over the president of the united states taking questions. you talked about the marriage between the public and private sector. walgreens talking about how to put shots into people arms. we will talk about the warehouses where all of these vaccines will arrive and how they will be distributed. there will be states that are organized and others disorganized. we will hear from ups and fed-ex coming together to distribute the vaccine. that will be a great american story. there should be stories every
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day about lives being said. i spent most of the day watching pressure television with that 90-year-old -- british television with the 90-year-old getting the vaccine. there is elation there. it's because of this program here. first pfizer and then moderna and then astrazeneca and johnson and johnson. we will be able to stop for a vaccine. who is wearing masks at the president's small christmas party is hostility to a sitting president? >> dana: and the other thing you have here, is many governors. the federal government and the states have to work together to figure out a way. the challenges are fascinating. a point in terms of patriotic
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pride. what you saw today in the u.k. and seeing her today. there is something to be said about that pride in this moment. >> yeah. there is a lot of that. there is a big secret that will be hold within a year or two when politics get out of this. there is no preventing this virus from spreading. we had lockdowns. we had sweden now locking down. now we are in the winter and the lockdowns continue. as you see around the world, we are struggling with this. the president knows that. the way out of this is a vaccine and therapeutics. behavior can only keep things at a bay for a certain amount of time. dr. fauci talking about dark days ahead and joe biden talking about how disorganized operation warp speed is and it will be
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a dark winter. if it's president biden, i hope they know what they voted for. it's 2 different mind set. the americans mind set is optimistic by trade. >> dana: biden at his event announcing his healthcare team said it will get worse before it gets better. for the next few weeks that could be true. we are seeing that. it's hard to stop the spread of this. the hospitals are under strain. he said that he will ask for people to do masking for 100 days and he said he will try to get 100 million americans vaccinated. he will inherit this program. you would think there would be a little grace and gratitude for this work even if 3 doesn't thank the president personally. >> the fda is supposed to approve to thursday. that's what joe biden is briefed on tuesday.
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-- thursday. why be negative about it? the election should be over. the president is going to battle it out in 4 or 5 states with texas deciding today to challenge some of the battleground states. you saw the wink he gave the governor of texas saying i know what you did. they are upset about things that changed at the last-minute with the mail-in ballots. it could be a time to come together and get on the same page. the president is saying, what do you say to the american people? he said the american people know. we heard the same thing. wash your hands. keep the distance and wear a mask. i won't tell the american people how to handle christmas. if they have an 85-year-old coming off cancer surgery, you know stay away. what the president is saying, i could say anything but i choose to let the american people make the choice. i understand the mind set of the average american. we will see two dramatic
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changes. what is the 100? does he get a prize? like the people who say we will put you in an orange zone by zip code as if the virus knows zip code. i have no idea about the catch phrases. >> dana: actually the media created that first 100 days. day 1 will be the busiest day. thank you very much. with your optimism. i want to bring in dr. marks. let's step back and give us the bigger picture about the speed at when operation warp speed was able to get this done. mumps vaccine took your tears.
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-- 4 years. here we are in just a few short months. >> let's talk about the life cycle of a vaccine. we start with the development. then we go into manufacturing and into the distribution. we do it in sequence. it can take years. here it was done together. that's why we were able to accelerate the process. the challenge is in the logistics. getting it to the public in a way it can bee effective and accountable. >> dana: the next process is getting people vaccinated. the president believes those shots should go first to the most vulnerable, the eldery who those who take care of them. >> the cdc marches up with that. when we talk about our front
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line workers, we need to take care of them.tches up with that. when we talk about our front line workers, we need to take care of them. there is a discussion about nursing homes. if you are vaccinating healthcare providers taking care of them and over 40% of those who died were older, that will decrease the surge capacity. that's a good starting point. >> dana: brian said we have a difficult time stopping the spread. a lot of people are wearing masks and trying to do the right thing. yet this virus seems to be just able to get in there and spread across the country. >> this virus is tenacious. it knows no borders. the challenge we have is people have to be consistent. i know we are months into this
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and let down our inquired -- guard. the basic public health measures masks, social distancing and washing your hands is effective. you need to do it consistently. that's the big challenge. the vaccine is one of our tools but you can't give up the other tools. >> dana: thank you very much. now back to the summit at the white house. operation warp speed. this doctor is giving comments now. >> that one is not working. sorry about that. today i am summarize the development of the covid-19 vaccine. how come we have been so fast? why i believe it's important that americans and people around the globe trust the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine.
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of course i want to acknowledge and thank the many participants from the private sector and the volunteers in the clinical trials and tens of thousands ever people across various industries that made possible where we are today. over the past 7 months, what we have done is to say let's select a portfolio of vaccine rather than bet on 1 or 2. we thought we could have 8. let's do this as safely and securely as possible. we selected platform technology. i will explain that more in a second. and decided to take 2 examples
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of each platform technology to increase our chances to succeed. failure is the normal life of research and development. success is rare. success in this case not only meant that we would have a vaccine, but that we would have a vaccine on time and that we would have a vaccine that can be manufactured in tens of millions and then quickly hundreds of millions of doses. these were all enormous challenges. as we said today, we are beginning to have some successes. two of the vaccines using one platform technology have demonstrated exceptionally efficacy, 95% on average against disease. importantly they have both 100%
11:41 am
efficacy against severe disease and effective in people over the age of 65 and in the diverse population that constitutes our nation. i think there are very important achievements. these 2 vacuation -- vaccines, one by pfizer and one by moderna gave similar results even though they were developed independently and competitively. these 2 will be reviewed by december seventh for pfizer and december 17th for the moderna vaccine. i read the comments from the fda that are encouraging that the vaccines are likely to be approved and made available into several tens of millions of doses very quickly to the u.s.
11:42 am
population. 2 other vaccines from the portfolio using a different platform technology, virus unable to replicate so it can't infect you but delivers in the vaccine are in advanced stage 3 trials. johnson and johnson already recruiting 35 subjects in phase 3 and that's a one shot vaccine which in the context of a pandemic is a major advantage. people can achieve protection quickly after receiving one dose and we don't have do rely on them coming back for a second dose. i am not saying 2 dose is bad but one dose is even better. that vaccine will complete its trial probably early in the month of january and hopefully with emergency use authorization
11:43 am
late in january or early in february. that's important because we are likely to have a third vaccine in february. hopefully if the appropriate safety profiles are achieved. there is a second vaccine using a similar platform by astrazeneca. that vaccine is also being tested in a phase 3 trial in the united states. 17,000 plus subjects have been recounted. we project that efficacy may be achieved in january or early february and maybe by late february or early march that could be become available if approved by the fda to increase the number of vaccine doses we have to immunize the nation and the world. we have 2 more vaccines uses a third platform technology which is classical with proteins. it's made by a bio-tech company
11:44 am
in the united states and 2 charge companies put their efforts together. they are in phase-2 trial and should start phase-3 in the next few weeks or days. if proven efficacy they may apply for emergency use authorization and add to our menu of vaccines with various advantages in cold storage and other features. in summary, i would say we have 2 in the hand substantally. the 2 rna vaccines. 2 close by. and 2 to come. we plan to manufacture enough of
11:45 am
these vaccines to immunize about 20 million of our citizens before the end of this year. 30 million in the month of january. and about 50 million in the month of february. those would require 2 doses of vaccine. we hope to either have more vaccine doses of the messenger rna vaccine or from the other portfolio vaccine to complete the immunization of of the rest of our population which could be done by the month of june. if everybody accepts, which we hope, to be vaccinated. how come we have developed so many vaccine so quickly? well, really this is what the operation has achieved. there was a visionary, i think,
11:46 am
decision to put together the academic sciences, the industry experience, biotech or pharmaceutical. the u.s. government entities in terms of the human services agency and the department of defense. the logistics. the capabilities, the project management, the deep science and the industrial experience were all put together, financed, freed from bureaucracy and empowered to make decisions. i have to say it has work remarkably well. yet, that was i think the necessary context in which speed was able to be achieved. specifically, why were we so fast? three main reasons. the first reason is we were able to cut the front part of the
11:47 am
discovery and development process of a vaccine from years to literally weeks thanks to the use of platform technologies. it's like if you have imagined a cassette player can play classic music with a classic tape or rock 'n roll with a rock 'n roll tape. 99% of the cassette players are the same. only the tape changes. you have a very different outcome. it's the same with vaccines. platform technologies are a means to produce the right immune response and you put a different cassette in for a different vaccine against a different vaccine. we knew in the industry what the virus that causes covid-19 is and its sequence, companies were able to take that sequence and plug it in the cassette player and be in the clinic within 2
11:48 am
months from the discovery of the virus. this is where we cut most of the time. they have been in the clinic with other vaccine and for industrial manufacturing. the toxicology and safety measures were described want we did not cut corners. we used what was known and built on it. that's important for everybody to understand. the second thing that allowed us to accelerate. we took every possible operation and financial risk. we planned everything. we spent all of the money before we knew things would work. we planned phase 1, 2 and 3 trials. we only progressed when the fda
11:49 am
said it's safe to progress. we selected hundreds of siteses for clinical trials before we knew we could run the trials. that's not what you do normally. that cost a billion dollars those clinical trials. we invested enormous amounts of money to build and equip and scale out the manufacturing process for these vaccines. even hired people and trained them. no industry has idle manufacturing capabilities waiting for the next pandemic to happen. the bigger challenge was to find manufacturing capabilities, source the raw federals. my colleagues have done an unbelievable job in enabelling the access to the raw materials to the equipment and the engineers and whatever it was
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needed to drive the speed of manufacturing. that's how we were able to have millions of doses of vaccine before the vaccines are improved. that's never how it works in real life. the third reason it went very fast was that we ran very large trials -- >> dana: you are listening to the white house operation warp spe speed. that doctor is giving an update. we will go back to the summit but i want to bring in this congressman. you have an important part not just in operation warp speed but in the meantime, we know that on capitol hill, there is this debate that is raging about a coronavirus relief bill. do you think everybody is on the same page? that a bill should be done before congress goes to recess? >> well, dana, we have been working for months on this.
11:51 am
this should have come to the house floor back in september. we had agreement between most democrats and republicans. speaker pelosi refused to bring it to the floor. as we are looking at this, this revolution break through in operation warp speed because of president trump's leadership we are about to have a vaccine. but in the first cares act we put billion dollars of funding in place to fund the development of a vaccine as well as the wide distribution. the president used that to put the best minds in the world together working with the best drug companies in the world. i am encouraged by what has happened. never before in the history of our country have we gone one year from a disease no one new about to a vaccine about to be distributed widely and approved by the fda. we are trying to finalize the differences we have.
11:52 am
speaker pelosi is trying to give hundreds of billion dollars to states unrelated to covid. we are trying to get relief for small businesses. that's where there is universal agreement. that is where it stands right now. >> dana: senator mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader said this a moment ago. listen. >> what i recommend is we set aside state and local and pass those things we can agree on, knowing full well, we will be back at this after the first of the year. >> dana: congressman, he has been an advocate for liability protections for small
11:53 am
businesses. he mentioned what you talked about. money for state and local governments that it is democrats have been focussed on. i think there could be some light at theeb of the tunnel for people that are suffering. especially those not able to work through no fault of their own am that's the issue of direct payment like we did in the spring. do you think direct payments will go to americans in the next 6 weeks? >> that's come on the table as a new victim. i think it is encouraging those two items, i wish we could get the liability protection going back to the cares act. the democrats didn't want that. they wanted the state and local. by senator mitch mitchell saying they will be set as, it is encouraging it shows in the senate they will try to work through the things we have agreement on. there are a number.
11:54 am
the most important is the relief to small businesses and the millions of jobs as more and more small businesses are crushed every day. we want them to stay afloat and those jobs to stay afloat. >> dana: we absolutely do. congressman, thanks for joining us today. keep in touch and let us know how that bill develops. >> will do. >> dana: we will head back to the white house summit now on operation warp speed. >> when the trial is complete you will have a chance if you received the placebo to get the vaccination immediately. please continue to participate and continue to help am we are continuing to drive as fastly and safely as we can the development and manufacturing of this vaccine. i know they are working hard to ensure they make it to the
11:55 am
location where you will be able to be immunized. thank you. >> [applauding]. >> can everyone hear me all right? great. it's a great honor to be here and co-lead this effort with this doctor and scientists and a personal friend and somebody that helped me grow personally and professionally over the last 6 or 7 months. again doctor, thank you very much. >> [applauding]. >> i am not a scientist. i am a soldier. i am very proud to be a soldier. serve under second mccarthy and
11:56 am
the chief of the staff of the army. i feel obligateed to say it is an honor to serve our country and our nation as a soldier. thanks to all of the servicemen and women out there every day sacrificing. >> [applauding]. >> i was appointed as a co-leader of this task force and every waking moment is about one purpose. the doctor and i have this purpose together. it is about saving american lives. there is nothing else that has our focus but saving american lives. we are doing that by delivering safe and effective vaccine to the american people. how did this come to fruition? because of our approach.
11:57 am
our approach being a whole of america effort led by secretary azar and miller of the department of defense. it's been supported by our great industry partners represented here today. i will call some out in the future. we could not do it without them. then it's been contributed to great academia. conversations about innovations adapting to covid and achieve success. if this collaboration and effort i can't express enough how important this was. future problems facing us need to always have this type of
11:58 am
collaboration to ensure success. it's been a herculean effort. we have focussed and built brick and mortar capacity and expanded capacity that existed to ensure we have vaccines when they were approved. we have prioritized materials from around the world into our industry partners. we have prioritized medical equipment to achieve the success we are talking about today. initial doses in the hundreds of millions -- excuse me in the tens of millions in december. we will expand every week, every month that goes by until we have enough vaccine for all for the american people. that was our mission. safe and effective vaccines to the american people. now we are at a stage, we are ready to have vaccines approved.
11:59 am
what is next? we don't want to get out in front of ourselves. as my father used to say, you can only spike the football when you are in the end zone. the end zone is shots in arms. we want to make sure we have a distribution plan that is capable of taking the vaccines that are available on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and ensuring a distribution to the american people. how do we do that. three cornerstones. first we went to the credits. experts. experts in managing vaccine and distribution to the american people. we collaborated and partnereded with them. led by dr. butler and led by dr. redfield and provided
12:00 pm
leadership through dr. butler and hundreds of others that are true professionals in how to manage and second, we went to private industry. why? because private industry knows how to do this. they do it every day. they do it quietly. they do it professionally. they do it with expertise. vaccines and medicines flowing throughout our country every single day. who is doing it? private industry. we went to them. we collaborated with them. we took their good ideas,we put them in our plan. the cdc integrated, synchronized their capabilities and capacity of industry to ensure that we have a well-nested plan for distribution.


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