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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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david, i appreciate that you're telling us what happened to you and informing of us of that. >> thank you. >> tucker: we're out of time. that was fast. we'll be back tomorrow night 8 p.m. here's sean hannity. >> hannity: you're not surprised. nor am i. nor are you. nor is the audience. huge breaking news. the united states supreme court just ordered a response to the legal challenge that was filed by the state of texas where officials there are now contesting the election results in georgia, wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. this is the blockbuster suit we told you was likely coming. we began to discuss it. the deadline for the response is thursday by 3:00 p.m. this challenge has now officially survived outright
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dismissal, contrary to what many experts who are predicting today could be a game changer. we will lay out the case and have exclusive reaction from the person who brought that suit, if texas attorney general, ken paxton. we begin with first tonight though you need to know about this critical new challenge. all you need to know. the mob, the media, they will all dismiss it. this is a well written case. it was well thought out and it was well delivered and apparently received well enough that they want to hear arguments. first and foremost, article iii are our u.s. constitution. this is really not complicated. stay with us. requires the case be filed directly at the u.s. supreme court, which has what's called original jurisdiction in disputes against multiple states. if the supreme court decides to take up the case, the justices will be tasked with deciding whether or not these states, georgia, wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, whether, in fact,
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they violated the u.s. constitution in a variety of ways that is all laid out here in this suit brought by texas. it includes article ii of our constitution, which clearly articulates the following. each state shall appoint in such manner as the legislature thereof may direct a number of electors. in other words, it is constitutionally up to state legislatures to decide election policy. for example, in pennsylvania, we already all know this was clearly violated when the mail-in ballot deadline was pushed back without approval. article ii was likely violate thered the state of georgia with that idiotic consent decree which relaxed signature verification requirements in mail-in ballots creating what was an unequal system. this policy was once again done without lawmaker approval.
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it was a consent agreement with the secretary of state of georgia and constitutionally, as we pointed out, it is the legislature of georgia that should have decided any such thing. welsh remember, that lawsuit was brought by the georgia democratic party. the democratic senatorial campaign committee and the democratic congressional campaign commit teus. this was a consent agreement just with the secretary of state not with the state legislature. that's not all. this new texas suit also alleges multiple violations of what is known as the equal protection clause and relies on very compelling court precedent. chris kobach had a great interview with me on radio today, pointed in a terrific op ed in the land mark case you heard of it bush v. gore. the supreme court agreed it violated the amendment when one florida county treated ballots one way and another county treated ballots a whole different way.
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we saw clear examples of all of this unequal treatment among counties in state after state. that includes vastly different policy force election observers, poll workers and county procedures. in michigan, we know some of the counties denied access to any partisan observers which the statutory language calls for, and other counties forced observers back at a distance of six feet. others 20 feet, away from the vote counting process, which prevented them from doing what they were legally allowed to do and, frankly, was written into the law. other counties decided to allow full access to partisan observers. ask yourself, how is that unequal application of the law? make no mistake. this case deserves to be heard. it has merit and precedent and the american people deserve their day in court. if laws are violated in one state, voters feel the consequences. that would be, let's say,
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disenfranchising their honest and legal votes. that's why according to the suit, quote, a dark cloud hangs over the 2020 presidential election. this new gallop poll 89% of americans have serious doubts about this election process. 57% of republicans don't want the president to concede. today the president called on lawmakers, the supreme court to do what is right. take a look. >> hopefully, the next administration will be the trump administration because you can't steal hundreds of thousands of votes. you can't have fraud and deception and all of the things that they did and then slightly win a swing state and you just have to look at the numbers, look at what's been on tape, look at all the corruption and we'll see. you can't win an election like that. let's see whether or not somebody has the courage, whether it's a legislator or legislatures or whether it's a
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justice of the supreme court or a number of justices of the supreme court. let's see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right. >> hannity: tonight, like always, we will continue our own independent path. we don't follow the mob, the media, any other show. we do our own thing here. lawsuit from texas is a very serious legal challenge at the very least. it has a right to be heard. the country deserves it. you deserve it. we, the people, deserve it. i don't know what the justices are going to do, but the american people deserve answers. we need to have confidence in both the integrity and the results of every state's election in the process because we have millions of innocent americans in states where the law, the constitution were followed. they are then disenfranchised in a corrupt process. it's not okay that partisan observers are blocked from performing what they are legally allowed and the law calls for them to do. their critical duties.
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it's not okay the chain of custody gets lost. it's not okay election laws are changed by politicians at a whim in the middle or after the game's been played without any legislative approval. it's not okay that mail-in ballots have different signature verification requirements and in person ballots as the texas suit perfectly describes, our country stands at an important crossroads. either the constitution matters and must be followed, even when some officials consider it inconvenient or out of date or simply a piece of parchment on display at the national archives. we ask the court to choose the former. in the coming days the u.s. supreme court will send an important message, make no mistake, whatever happens this will have serious long lasting implications, ramifications for every single election to come. that's why tonight every decent republican attorney general with a brain needs to get busy working on their briefs to
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support this texas suit. here with more now is the texas attorney general ken paxton. first of all, look, i have got it all right here, highlighted all of it, read it cover to cover. well done. i really, first of all, why you decided to engage in this. tell us the law and the constitutional principles that are at stake here. >> first of all, you did a fantastic describe describing our lawsuit. it's really important to my state that my voters be represented. and if other states don't follow the constitution, and if their state legislature isn't responsible for overseeing their elections and we have other people who are not under the constitution supposed to be doing this, it affects my state. and so our job is to make sure the constitution is followed and every vote counts. in this case, i'm not sure that every vote was counted, not in the right way.
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>> let's go to the heart of this. number one, let's start at the beginning. article iii of the constitution listed a very small number of categories of cases that the supreme court has original jurisdiction. in other words, this does not have to start at a lower court. explain that in the context of now their response to your suit earlier tonight. >> so it's really an important point that you bring up. in a state on state suit, the only place to go is the u.s. supreme court. other lawsuits start at the district court level and they have a right to be heard at least once, whether they have a good case or bad case. our request is we want to be heard. the only place we can go is the u.s. supreme court. so we're pleading with the supreme court, please hear our case. give us a chance, at least, to argue what we think is right. we want to argue the constitution. >> hannity: okay. now, the supreme court has opined in the past that it may
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decline to accept the case. as we watch all of this unfold today, look. we had a different possible outcome today. that is, you know, we were waiting to see if the court would or would not hear the case and now we have a briefing scheduled. correct? >> no, that's a good sign. i appreciate the court has asked the other states to respond so we have a chance, hopefully after they respond, to go to the court and make our arguments on both sides and at least let the supreme court make a decision on what is the law in this case? a question they've never answered as it relates to the facts that we're presenting. >> hannity: this is the point. this is where you go into very specific detail about article ii of the constitution and how they violated what we call the electors clause when executive or judicial officials in states changed the rules of elections
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or governing elections. that is constitutionally as clear as unambiguous asny in the constitution, that there is one body that has that constitution constitutional authority and that would be the state legislatures. >> it is the responsibility of state legislatures, per the constitution, to set the rules for election of electors. in this case, those were overwritten in the four states we're talking about, were overridden by other official, whether they were judges or other governmental officials. that's not the way our constitution works. that's the challenge we have in front of the court. can this be overridden by people who are not responsible for doing this? >> hannity: mr. attorney general, can you explain how the electors clause in georgia, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin were violated? >> yeah. in all of the cases that we have states that allowed mail-in ballots in cases they were not supposed to. they allowed for nonsignature
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verification, which is really important. so when you request a mail-in ballot, you have to sign for that application and then they'll verify when you send your ballot in on a sleeve of the ballot, usually they'll verify that signature to ensure those two signatures match. if you just waived those requirements, you have no way to verify that the person that requested the application is the person voting. that's a pretty important thing when in pennsylvania you go from 233,000 mail-in ballots to 2.5 million and a difference in the election was only 81,000. that's a very important issue to ignore. >> hannity: what's fascinating about this suit is that at no point do you even have to go to the area of proving fraud, which i think was proven in a lot of these states. that's separate and apart. those cases run independently in a lot of the cases we're talking about. let's talk about the second constitutional violation you point out. you rely on the land mark case
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of bush v. gore where the supreme court held it violated the equal protection clause and the 14th amendment and when one florida county treated ballots one way, that was chad, swinging, hanging, pimpled and di dimpled and voters had the right to have all ballots in the state of florida treated equally count toy county. explain how that comes into play in this suit. >> that explains the wisdom of the constitution. requiring a state wide body of legislators make the rules instead of allowing county by county distinctions where people are treated differently in different states. that was part of the genius of what the founders put in place. making sure that everybody in the state was at least treated the same. in this case, in all four states, we have county by county distinctions that treated voters differently. we, therefore, have unreliable
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results. that's a problem. >> hannity: you also talk about remedy in the lawsuit. you're asking the supreme court to remand the appointment of electors in these four states back to the state legislators and even the mcpherson blackard case of 1892 that i would argue is probably precedent setting in this regard as well. am i right about that? >> you're absolutely right. this was traditional in our country. it was not uncommon for a legislative body to elect their electors. we're saying, hey, look. the results here, we can't go back and let the genie back in the bottle. we don't know how to match up signatures because they were separated. if we can't do that, we want to go back to the legislature and let them make a decision since they were elected by the people of their state. >> hannity: all right. mr. attorney general, fascinating. it will be an interesting week to walk. hope they have the courage. breaking today another almost
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unbelievable development out of upstate new york. you can't make this up. we've had a couple districts in upstate new york that have been problematic. one race, republican leads by a whopping 12 votes. that's claudia penny's seat. another 12 uncounted votes mysteriously appeared yesterday, after last week they just mysteriously found 55 other uncounted votes turning up. now to join us with an update is keleigh mcenany. we're finding votes but only when needed. oh, we found thousands in georgia weeks after the election. >> yep. that's right. multiple locations. you can't make this up. vote separation in the election you just mentioned is 12. they find 12 ballots. you have to ask questions here. it's quite peculiar. every ballot should be counted
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on election day, sean. i want to under score everything you said. everything the attorney general just said. that document that you have before you, that case, texas v. commonwealth of pennsylvania, this is the single most important document of the 2020 election. everything you and i have discussed over the last few weeks. the case here in pennsylvania, the case here in wisconsin, this is all combined in a very well sourced foot noted document where you have supreme court barred attorneys going before the supreme court saying these are the facts. these are the truths. we separated fact from fiction and here it is. i would encourage everyone to read this document. it is big. >> hannity: i pointed out how strong i thought the pennsylvania case was because the state legislator literally bypassed their own state constitution that has very specific language in it as it relates to mail-in ballots and the limits they put on it and the court just said, no, they're
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not taking it. the fact this was taken up tells us what? >> the fact that this was taken up tells us that the supreme court could be taking a very hard look at this. as this case says, either the cons taotitution matters or it' just a piece of paper. i would encourage everyone to read this paragraph. we know there is a mass influx of mail in ballots. in georgia for instance, 94% of increase of mail in ballots. you would expect the rejection rate to be higher this time around than 2016 with all these new voter. instead of being higher, it was 17 times lower. statistical analysis done here by an expert shows if you had the same rejection rate as in 2016 in georgia, we'd expect to see higher. but if you just had the same, that would be a net gain of 25, 587 votes for president trump more than double the margin he would need in georgia. this is a concise history of how
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democrats changed the laws, eliminated the safe guards, mass mailed out ballots to change the electoral system in a massive national experience. >> hannity: i had no idea biden was that popular. i'm having a hard tile getting over he got 15 million votes more than barack obama. i'm kind of suspicious. i'm suspicious he got 15 million more than hillary, too. i don't know. he couldn't get 1,000 people for his virtual thanksgiving message to sign up. nobody on the campaign trail would go to any event that he did. of course, in every major city, except for atlanta, milwaukee, detroit, philadelphia, nevada, it seems joe biden underperformed with minority voters, but overperformed in these very, well, how conveniently happening cities i mentioned. >> that's right. you are pointing out the atphapllys that happened in this election because this is a never
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before type of election with the mail in voting. this lawsuit looks at those anomalies. it finds the chances of biden coming from as far behind as he was at 3 a.m. on election night, the chances of that are 1 in 1quadrillion. that's prevailing in one state. prevailing in all four of the states where he was so far behind are 1 in a quadrilion to the fourth power. this is outlined in this lawsuit. >> hannity: people want to know what a quadrilion is, god forbid it's biden, aoc, bernie, kamala. you'll learn a lot more about the word by the time they're done with their give aways, free everything. we're gonna watch this closely. you are right. we both obviously have a copy of it right here, i'll put it in front of the camera, in front of us, is pivotal. this is a key moment at a key
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time. thank you, kayleigh. when we come back, we have more on team trump's fight to have every legal vote counted. ronna mcdaniel, corey lewandowski. new information, hunter biden conflicts of interest and how they compromise national security. how they represented an extortion threat and why a special counsel is needed. yeah, we've been doing this story since 2018 and the mob, of course, put biden in the candidate protection program. we will not be silenced. ken buck will join us, and jim jordan, straight ahead. my name is trisha. i'm 70 and i live in mill valley, california. my biggest passion is gardening. i love to be outdoors. i have jaybirds that come when i call. i know how important it is to feed your body good nutrition. i heard about prevagen and i heard about the research behind it. taking prevagen, i have noticed that i can think clearly. my memory is better.
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>> hannity: all tonight more major developments in the state of georgia. the rnc filed a lawsuit demanding the lawsuit watchers are guaranteed meaningful access to observe the january 5th senate runoff. this is critical, in addition more oversight of the so called drop box, rife for fraud. the new york times thought so, even the carter and baker commission thought so in 2005. unfortunately, despite all the problems, that governor, brian kemp, has not called the special session that he alone has the
6:27 pm
power to call to ensure that georgia's election integrity, especially when it comes to laws with the state's two tiered significant verification process, one standard if you vote by mail, another if you vote in person. one for voting in person, far more stringent, and the other, well, far less stringent. now the president called out the governor earlier today tweeting, quote, governor kemp is down 18 points in a recent poll. don't believe it. must be more. now that does not let the people of georgia off the hook, unfortunately, as the president rightly points out, to ensure the integrity of these upcoming runoffs it's critical to the president's success and his family, what would end up being never ending, endless investigations of the president and his family. i just want to say this to republicans in georgia. yeah, i understand your frustration with your governor and your secretary of state, and
6:28 pm
i share it. he's still, really, the country needs you to turn out and preserve the president's progress, save the trump agenda in the senate. we don't have the luxury to sit out those important senate race because you have incompetent local officials that don't do their job, or make consent agreements that i frankly believe were unconstitutional to begin with. republicans today blocked a resolution recognizing joe biden as president-elect, as the president is continuing his fight to restore fairness in elections that poll after poll is showing 60% to 80% plus people see as, welsh let's just say rigged and was not accurate, was not fair and that so many irregularities now, people see with their own eyes and can't believe what they see. here with reaction the rnc chair woman ronna mcdaniel, also the
6:29 pm
author of trump, america first. good to see you both in action. i know you both recovered from covid. thank god. by god, good word from andrew giuliani tonight. his father is doing much much better and our prayers are with everybody in this country that gets this china virus. ronna, let's talk about your suit. this was constant in every state. that is law allows for partisan observers to watch the counting from start to finish. it happened nowhere. it happened with varying standards. >> yeah. what i'll say, sean, first of all, i'm so happy about this texas lawsuit. every illegal vote stealing from a valid vote and every state that conducted their election fraudulently is stealing with states that conducted their elections fairly. the georgia rnc and georgia gop are saying to the state, suing the state and secretary of state saying actually follow your law.
6:30 pm
allow poll observers to observe, to watch, before the ballots are separated from the envelope. we can look at the signature and monitor the drop boxes. we're filing a lawsuit for them to actually follow the law that's on the books that they didn't follow in november. we want to make sure we get this done before the runoff in january. >> hannity: how do you ever have confident, corey, if the law allows, statutory language is clear for partisan observers to watch vote counting. with all due respect, i can't see six feet in front of me on anything but it was six feet one place, 20 feet another place, not allowed in the building in other places. i mean, it's such an important part of the integrity of the outcome so people would have, like most states, confidence in the results. and now these polls with massive majorities of americans who don't have confidence in the
6:31 pm
outcome here. >> sean, what we've seen is states trying to hide the results don't let the poll watchers in. i witnessed it firsthand in pennsylvania, specifically in philadelphia, where pam bondi and i had a court order that allowed us to go in and they refused to let news. if the state has nothing to hide, i don't understand what they're afraid of, of having partisan poll watchers observing. the most important part is when they separate the ballots from the outside envelopes so verification of the signature. georgia has to allow this to happen. the leadership is critical for our success. >> hannity: i watched corey that day. you were with pam and you were with mayor giuliani. then we played the video of the guy that wasn't even allowed -- had a credentialed poll watcher observer and they didn't even let him in the building in one
6:32 pm
case, until much later. dave? >> i just want to say thanks to ronna. her leadership has been tremendous through the last four years. what she's doing right now in georgia is tremendous. she's forcing the secretary of state and the governor to follow their own law, which she shouldn't have to be in the position to do that in the first place. i was getting phone calls from family members telling me that we're going to be observers. they're kicking us out. they're not allowing us in. originally, i didn't believe this was possible. now we see all of the problems that were going on across the state of georgia. ronna's suit, the rnc and state of georgia, republican party of georgia suit, it's so imperative that we fix this broken system so the people of georgia get a true result on election day in january. it is vital for the future of
6:33 pm
america. the trump agenda is on the ballot in georgia in january. >> hannity: i share the frustration. i lived in georgia for awhile, as you know, ronna. people are saying, why should we bother? the president, his accomplishments are directly connected to the outcome of these two senate seats. whether or not the harassment that's been never ending for four years of him and his family continues with the likes of andrew weissman, mueller's pit bull. look what they did to ivanka last week. that is at stake here. so the people of georgia can stop this power grab in both the house and the senate by voting in this election. it's critical. >> absolutely. i agree with dave. the president's agenda and what he's accomplished is on the
6:34 pm
ballot in georgia. you're right, sean. if we send two senators to the senate, they will change every election law we know in this country if they get control of the senate and change the filibuster. we send leffler and purdue to the senate, we will have a senate that will change election laws to ensure election integrity so this never happens again. that is why the voters of georgia have to get out. protect president trump and his legacy and make sure we get election reform in the united states of america. so this election never repeats itself. >> the president was down at the rally in georgia on saturday. he implored the people of georgia. he said for people who stand by and don't vote, you are allowing socialism to be elected. you are allowing socialists to represent you from georgia. you are allowing chuck shumer's
6:35 pm
new york city values to represent georgia. that is not what georgians want. i got to tell you, i think they're going to fully reject them in january. >> i would think they want that, corey. how do you see it playing out at this point? early voting starts a week from tonight. a week from today. >> it does, sean. look, the rnc has done a good job down there, but what i see, what's at stake in this election is the future of our republic. if the democrats win both those seats, they're going to pack the supreme court. we know it's been part of their agenda. they will pass gun control legislation. they will take away our civil rights. they will defund our military. they will defund our police. that's what's at stake in this election. we have two candidates in both kelly loffler and kelly perdue. they're both successful business executives. we need that business sense in washington to control the out of
6:36 pm
control taxes that joe biden wants to bring to the american people. >> hannity: glad you're feeling better, dave, and especially you, corey. tough time for awhile. thank you, all. also developing tonight, republican congressman ken buck, he is calling for a special counsel to investigate, yep, we started this story and our coverage in 2018. peter schweitzer writes the best selling book "secret empire." talks all about zero experienced hunter biden, all the nefarious overseas dealing, the explosive e-mails, of course released in october. those were the ones that the big tech companies were preventing people from reading, all tied to all things biden. ron johnson's senate committee uncovering hunter biden caught taking in millions from america's adversaries, all while his father is vp. by the way, imagine if the name was donald trump jr., or eric trump or ivanka trump?
6:37 pm
if any of them did it, it would be nonstop, never ending mob media coverage 24/7 on a loop. so we can begin in 2013 as peter schweitzer pointed out in his 2018 book "secret empires." hunter, zero experience, with his dad aboard air force two on that trip to china. days later inks a billion, later to become a $1.5 billion sweetheart deal with a chinese state backed investment fund, the bank of china. we haven't been able to find next experience or qualifications there. we learn from ron johnson and chuck grassley hunter biden opened up a joint account with a chinese national connected to chinese communist party. that same bank account would fund a family shopping spree for hunter and his family in february 2014, zero experience hunter got a whopping $3.5
6:38 pm
million wire transfer from a corrupt russian oligar, wife of the ex-mayor of moscow, known as the first lady of moscow. again, play a little game. replace the name hunter biden with donald trump jr. or any trump kid and what do you have? do you think democrat, the mob, the media, big tech, they would censor? put the trumps in the protection program? it wasn't just china or russia. in april 2014, we know according to johnson, grassley, a 140 grand to hunter biden's firm. what was it ear marked for? a brand new pretty darn expensive car. hunter, zero experience in kazakhstan. then he began receiving massive monthly payouts from a ukraine
6:39 pm
energy company. company was knowned by a pro russian government oligard. russia, no experience in ukraine, no experience in oil, energy, gas, but gets paid millions of dollars. gma, do you have any experience? no. why do you think you got it? i don't know. maybe because your dad is in charge of ukrainian money and ukrainian policy, at the time joe biden was obama's point man on all things ukraine. we have overwhelming evidence that biden has been lying all along, well aware of his son's dealings. the e-mails sent from a ukrainian executive in april of 2015 thanking zero experience hunter for the quote opportunity to meet your father and, of course, biden himself bragging on tape about, well, you got six hours, fire the prosecutor or you're not getting $1 billion taxpayer. that would be a quid and pro and quo by joe.
6:40 pm
so that prosecutor was investigating hunter and barisma. he got fired six hours later, son of a b, they did it. now the call for this investigation into the biden business bureau, way past time for real accountability, it is time for real answers about just how much joe biden was willing to sell access to the vice presidentsy and his son and his family cashed in big time. here with more jim jordan and ken buck. ken, let's talk about what you're fighting for and asking for here. >> absolutely, sean. what i'm asking for is the attorney general of the united states to appoint a special counsel to look into the very facts that you just pointed out. there's ra serious pattern of corruption that hunter biden has engaged in with joe biden's knowledge. it was just two days after a board member bet with joe biden that hunter biden goes on the board of baresma and gets $83,000 a month in payments. just 12 days after hunter biden
6:41 pm
is on a plane with his dad, air force two, going to china, that all of a sudden this investment company is created. there is this pattern of behavior, if the vice president of the united states is willing to do it, there's no reason to believe the president of the united states won't do the same thing. >> hannity: jim jordan, i'm going to tell you how people feel, and when i talk to people are telling me. is there anything we reported on the trump russia 2016 collusion hoax that was wrong, anything about the dirty dossier that we reported that was wrong? anything about premeditated fraud on the fisa court that we were wrong? >> no. the way you framed it up is why a special counsel is needed. for four years the democrats say president trump colluded with russia. turns out that whole time it was the biden family who was enriching themselves with foreign deals.
6:42 pm
oh, what did we learn today? today we learned -- people who a accused him of that were cozying up with a chinese spy. of course we need what ken calls for, to get to the bottom of this. >> hannity: you were there. the word's been out there after the horowitz report corroborated everything you had said and our cast here has said. where are the indictments? why didn't anything happen? is anything gonna happen? >> sean, i don't know. it is as frustrating for me and you, but more importantly for the whole country. let's hope so. again, last week the attorney general told us he's given the designation to mr. durham. let's hope he does the same thing for what ken is calling for in the hunter biden issue. but we'll have to wait and see. i remind people all the time. all we can do is draw attention to the facts. you've done that, we've done that, ken's done that.
6:43 pm
at some point the justice diplomat department has to do the investigation. >> hannity: you were fight on the facts, the merits. all three of us know, if the last name was trump we'd have a very different reaction in the media, different reaction from democrats, different reaction from big tech companies. they wouldn't be censoring it. but i guess that's just the corrupt world we have to accept exists? >> sean, i think this story and the story you just dealt with with ronna and dave and corey are related. our great leader on the judiciary committee, jim jordan, as the ranking member, has been asking for investigations into this issue in congress and they haven't come up. if we don't win the senate, if we lose georgia, we won't get that back stop we need so badly. i imphror the people of georgia to vote. >> hannity: jim, what do you say
6:44 pm
to georgia? >> get out there and vote for our senators. we got to win the seats. to preserve the legacy, the great work that president trump has done in his first term. >> hannity: all right. we're not gonna stop. when we come back, yep, biden opened his mouth. what came out again, yeah, i think kind of emphasizes everything i have been warning you about the guy. we'll play the tape. joe concha is back.
6:45 pm
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>> hannity: yes, joe biden had another tough day with a teleprompter and actually speaking botching the introduction of his, quote, health and human services secretary nominee that he wants. take a look. >> i'm grateful to the members of my covid team that i'd like to introduce to you now who will lead the way. i'm proud of this group. for secretary of health and education i nominate xavier beccera. beccera, excuse me. >> hannity: joe, department of health and human services not the department of health and education services. i guess you can imagine president trump made a pause like that, you'd never hear the
6:51 pm
end of it. hear with reaction, leo terrell, 2.0, fox contributor. what's up with you disappearing act that you pulled on us? what's up with the i'm not available every night that i hear from you? what happened? you mad at us? >> who is he talking to? joe, he's talking to you. i'm always available. >> hannity: joe always says yes. he comes on. >> i'm always here. hey, i love fox. i love the sean hannity show. can i jump on this? i don't have to be a doctor. there is something seriously wrong with joe biden's inability to remember the name or to pronounce the name of a cabinet position or his appointee and he's not even in office yet. this is a dangerous sign to everyone that this man may not be able to make it four years. it's not tired joe or sleepy joe, there's no energy there whatsoever.
6:52 pm
what gives me greater concern is waiting in the wings is the most progressive left wing socialist. it's like, who do you choose? kamala harris or joe biden? >> hannity: we already have that with this guy. >> go ahead. >> hannity: joe, here's my point. i said this. democrats, be careful what you wish for. he was in the candidate protection program. imagine, they get what they want. he's heiden biden. then you got president trump in exile. okay. who's going to be more interesting? not going to be joe hiding. then it's going to be clear to the american people that everybody knew and they hid it. right or wrong? >> sean, i'll give you the number of numbers, okay. joe biden, the guy you just saw, in terms of introducing one of his cabinet members, or somebody at least he's nominating, got 25
6:53 pm
million more votes than ronald reagan in 1984 when he won 49 states. think about that for a moment. that's a pretty incredible number. wait until saturday night live gets ahold of that material. oh, that's right, they won't. bottom line is, you're going to have, in his first term, if inaugurated. i know there's legal processes going on, that's why i give an if. you're going to have joe biden in his 80s in his first term. if he goes to a second term, you're talking about a joe biden 86 compared to the 78 version you're seeing now. that should give you pause. that's why joe biden depends on a staffer in terms of a predetermined list of reporters to call on so he stays in his safe space. this is something that should really concern everybody. it's not like we're cherry picking one flub that joe biden
6:54 pm
had. this is something that happens often and something that really should give everybody pause in terms of this could be the next leader of the free world. >> hannity: leo, last 20 seconds. >> it's frightening because when you compare how slow and just unable to move forward joe biden is and you look at the energy with donald trump, the man who works 24/7, it is a scary situation. joe biden, if he gets elected, hopefully, will only be a one-term president. he just doesn't have the energy of president trump. >> hannity: if it happened, how long would he survive? more next.
6:55 pm
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♪ >> sean: all right, that is all the time we have left this evening. please set your dvr so you never
7:00 pm
miss an episode of "hannity," and we will remain independent. we will do the job the mob will never do. we will continue to fight for what is right. it's important what is going on down in georgia. georgia, your fellow countrymen need you. let not your heart be troubled. lower income's next. do you know what troubled my heart? i watch the interview with the restaurant owner you had last night, i felt so bad for her. >> laura: sean, this scene is being repeated all across the country, even in states like texas, where some of the most incredible restaurateurs of landmark establishments are finally going through their balance sheet at the end of the year, and they are finding they are down 70%, 50%, 40%. >> sean: they can't afford to do it. >> laura: no! they are all going to go out of business. >> sean: losing everything. california shutdown. new york about to shut down. >> laura: and you know it the biggest lie is? that